Germany Cracks Down With Border Controls: “Papers Please” for Refugees

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    The weight of the Syrian migrant crisis, flooding Europe in recent weeks, has been testing its humanitarian limits.

    With more than one million refugees believed to be headed for Germany borders, its leaders are cracking down with strict new border controls that some see as harkening back to a more, well, authoritarian time. AFP reports:

    “Can I see your passports, please?” a federal police officer asked, halting the men in their tracks at Freilassing, a key land crossing for travellers between the Salzburg region and the southern German region of Bavaria.

    The trio were told to remain on the side of the road to await the police’s decision on their fate.

    “We have been walking through Europe for 22 days… We thought that Germany was the only country that would treat us like human beings,” the asylum seeker said.

    Unbeknownst to them, they had arrived in German territory just as Berlin announced it was reintroducing border controls after admitting the country could no longer cope with a record inflow of refugees.

    Hungary has been caught between the proverbial rock-and-a-hard-place, with so many desperate migrants hitting its cities and attempting to catch trains for Western Europe, that it has been forced to use a police state to control it.

    To have a heart or not? Either way, the wave of refugees has been simply overwhelming for the Eastern European nation.

    Now, a similar reaction is taking hold in Germany.

    Joshua Krause of the Daily Sheeple wrote:

    While the German government was previously willing to welcome hundreds of thousands of Middle-Eastern refugees with open arms, it seems that even they are buckling under the pressure of the migrant crisis. Over the weekend, Germany reinstated identity checks along their border and cut off railways that led into the country from Austria. Their decision marks a temporary end to the passport-free travel to Germany that is enjoyed by EU citizens.

    Their decision arrived a day before EU ministers were supposed to meet and figure out what to do with the thousands of refugees that are already in Europe. The magnitude of the crisis grows by the day, as Germany’s Vice Chancelor reassessed the number of migrants that are heading for their borders. “There are many signs that Germany this year will take in not 800,000 refugees, as forecast by the interior ministry, but one million.”

    Germany isn’t alone in their decision to clamp down on their formerly open borders. Austria, Slovakia, and the Netherlands have all instated new border checks, and Denmark has announced that they will no longer accept any more refugees. The Prime Minister of Hungary has even ordered the construction of a 108 mile barbed wire fence along his nation’s border, as well as the criminal prosecution of any illegal immigrants. “Illegal border crossings will no longer be misdemeanors but felonies punishable with prison terms or bans.” One by one, the nations of Europe are locking down their borders in the face of the migrant crisis.

    Just as in World War II, the harsh conditions of conflict have displaced huge numbers of people.

    Only, this time, media coverage and the perception of war in Syria has been so distorted and so removed from the minds of the average people in America and the Western world, that most have been caught off guard by the “sudden” refugee crisis, without a clue as to why it is happening, and how much blood is on the hands of American and NATO leaders.

    At least in WWII, in the days when Casablanca was made, people were in touch with reality enough to know the stakes:

    There are no easy answers here. Though there are clearly elements of manipulating this crisis, those refugees truly fleeing a war torn nation under siege can hardly be blamed for seeking a better life. Likewise, the countries of Europe, concerned with the burden of millions of more people coming to their countries, can hardly be blamed for seeking to control the situation and limit their share of the burden.

    As many already know, there are several key nations conspicuously close to the crisis which have not accepted responsibility and refused to take in these desperate migrants.

    Instead, the sovereignty of Europe, already eroding away under historically unprecedented migration and cultural clashes, will further deteriorate. What would you do in this situation if you were Merkel or other heads of state?

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    While Refugee Crisis Explodes, Elite Burrow Into Bunkers: “They Want More Refugees to Distract”

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    9/11 Fourteen Years Later: Attack Was “Catalyst for Refugees Now Over-Running Europe”

    German Schools Order Girls Not To Wear Short Skirts To Avoid Offending Muslim Migrants


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      1. And still the mass swarms of ECONOMIC Muslim migrants manage to break into Europe.
        GO HOME.

      2. We will take them all! Free money for everyone. Print those greenbacks. We will all be rich. Party like it’s 1999 Just sign hare:)

      3. These people are bugging out. To end up being refugees this is why the bugging out shit isn’t for me. I would fight to the death to stay put. Never had any intentions to leave my home. America has been inundated with vagrants so why should I feel bad about Europe getting its fair share of vagrants. I’m sure the Europeans are not sitting home feeling bad for us over here. Besides what does feeling bad do for anyone really. Let Germany take them in. I’d send them home it’s that simple they need to fight for their land it just how it is. Everybody is looking to flee from war. Why wait till there is nowhere left to go to fight Isis. How’s Islam for these people now. Seems everybody is afraid of Isis. Who will stand up. Looks like only Russia they are the police of the world.


          Null. Scratch. Zilch. Nada. Rien.




          THATS FOR YOU.



          Why are we run by fucktards? The Roman Senate was fucking great.

      4. These people are not running from Assad but ISIS and yet our government bombs Assad in Syria and leaves ISIS alone and then get upset because Russia is going after these western backed terrorists.

        I see mass immigration pushing down wages as these people become slaves for large corporations and end up working as cleaners for the NHS and false flags going off all over Europe so the government can take more control of the internet to reduce our freedom of speech.

        Gee, thanks Uncle Sam but will you now go home, WWII is over and we don’t need you hanging around for 70 years to see if you can start another one in Europe

        • Yeah, papers please, really funny, NOT! Should be a barrel of a gun pointing at them and the message is GTFO Invaders. Yet, the West created this problem and now Europe will be taking the brunt of this mess. Still though, these idiots need to get over their WWII guilt and send these people packing. What you are witnessing is the end of a civilized Europe, the final liquidation of the Caucasians and the rebirth of the coming Dark Ages.

          • These people are not running from anything they are running to get welfare benefits and Germany pays the best. They were safe in Turkey, yet they left. So is it about safety and fear or is it about receiving public benefits

            • Notice how none of these muslims are fleeing to any muslim countries such as Kuwait or Saudi Arabia?

              Also notice how 70% to 80% of them are military age males? Look at how every other mass refugee event in history is comprised of mostly elderly, women, and children, and this event has very few of those typical refugee types. Isis has said that they would infiltrate Europe….

              • It’s called Hijra. It’s the way they conquer new lands, written about in the Quran. The third great migration signals the return of Muhammad. Estimates are 10% are ISIS and al Qaeda militants. World is fucked if we don’t stop them.

            • Centurion ;
              Right on. I wonder what percentage of these “refugees” are well educated, or highly skilled tradesmen, or for that matter families. My guess is that the western press searches out the occaisonal child for a photo op. Those muslim countries would probably fight to keep any citizens that had anything to offer.

          • Exactly right…

          • Joe,

            The “West” didn’t create this problem, Islam did.

            If there were no western involvement there would still be a problem with Islamic violence and refugees (who are mostly invaders, but that’s another discussion), if there were no Islam there would be no problem.

            • Right on, if the Sunni/Shia’a schism doesn’t ring a bell, how about mass killings of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, and other minorities?

              Islam has been doing this for centuries.

              In the Islamic world, ‘democracy’ is just a meaningless phrase used to propel the Islamists to power, then watch out for the killing to begin.

          • And yet this crisis was brought about by the USSA purposely destabilizing the Middle East with Europe playing along. That’s what happens when people are fleeing an area that is in the grips of War, ISIS, drone bombings, blown up buildings etc.

            So I don’t feel any sympathy for Germany or the rest of Europe. The Evil Empire started this mess and now Europe has to deal with the consequences.

            There was a recent article that blamed the migrant problem on climate change, which is pure bullshit. People want to live and raise their families in peace and tranquility but the USSA will have none of that. It’s all about divide and conquer, death, chaos, violence and destruction.

            Is it any wonder the USSA was voted #1 as the single greatest threat to World Peace?

            • Clearly this is a mess; but simply asking for papers at a border is in order as ANY country has the right and obligation to monitor and regulate the traffic coming into the country. That is what a ‘border’ is all about.

            • All under the guise of the “war on terror”

            • the middle east has been filled with regional wars, refugees, and persecution of one Muslim sect by another for thousands of years. The US’s imperialist wars of the last 15 years are a drop in the bucket. Even if the US didn’t exist at all, Sunnis would be killing Shiites, Shiites would be killing Sunnis, and sub-Saharan Africans would be killed by both, all of which will continue to push refugees about. Nowadays, they just know to go to Europe because of the standard of living versus moving from cave to cave. (by the way… Its funny how western civilization is no longer “Satan” when you want a place to live that’s safe…)

      5. Did anyone hear about this breaking update:

        Secretary John Kerry and friends have managed what can only be called a brilliant double suicide. The September 2014 deal with Saudi Arabia to crash oil prices, then at $103 a barrel for US WTI grade crude oil, not only has managed to bring the US shale oil industry—Washington’s new strategic card allowing the US to essentially abandon her Saudi and Gulf Arab allies–to the brink of bankruptcy and collapse. The oil price collapse, ironically, also gave Russian oil beautiful profits and forced the companies to turn east for far larger and more lucrative new markets. Team Russia-Saudi Arabia: 2 to 0 for Team USA-Canada.

        At the present rate of developments, with oil prices frantically being pushed up by derivative trades only to crash back the next day, today hovering at $47 a barrel for the benchmark US West Texas Intermediate or WTI, I would estimate that a major share of USA shale companies will be forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy before year-end or into the first quarter of 2016.

        By now the story is well-reported. In September 2014 US Secretary of State John Kerry made a trip to Saudi Arabia to meet the dying King Abdullah, his Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi and others. Kerry was armed with a proposal believed to have generated from one of the many Washington policy think-tanks. He proposed to the King that the world’s largest oil producer crash the world oil price. For Kerry it was a seemingly brilliant way to deal a devastating blow to Russia’s oil-reliant economy and the state budget revenues, heavily dependent on oil and gas.

        For neo-cons such as Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary responsible for waging war on Russia, it was orgasmic. Only one problem. It’s backfired colossally.

      6. All this with the immigrants whether it be here in the states or in Europe, is not by chance. It is a deliberate, methodical paring down of civilization (and economies). Here in the states we see and read of the taking of life with a shrug of the shoulders. We have been conditioned for all that is still yet to come.

      7. They arent refugees and they are not migrants.
        They are alien invaders looking move the caliphate into europe .
        Just the way it is.

        • Exactly! ISIS said they would do it and that is what they are doing. Flood in the Muslims and overwhelm the host countries.

          • It ties in with psychological warfare and the principals of radicalizing and recruiting, chase them out of their homes with violence, then they herd them to a different location, once the tide overwhelms the new area the locals get pissy and the friction between the migrants and the locals begins, when the migrants have lost so much its really easy to rewire their thinking, voila, you have a new batch of islamist ripe for turning to radical islam, look at how this is starting in our country with the mexicans, think about how this will work with the islamist, the only variable that is not able to be completely influenced is free will. So that said it is just as good a chance that the migrants could say hey this can work lets give it a go, as there is that they will become radicalized,
            Many of the mexicans are just grooving along, yea they are sucking up the jobs etc but that is also a symptom of our lack of drive within our society, kids and parents are different than the 50s ??60s ? 70s? So to a degree the mexicans fill a void, groups like la raza instigate discord, gangs instigate discord, otherwise these folks would pretty much just cruise along doing their own thing, to want to hang on to your cultural heritage is normal and fine, same as the Irish, or the other European cultures that ended up here. So cant fault anyone for that.
            Think back to the days when the Italian crime mobs ruled the big cities, was the same mechanism as radicalizing young islamist, or Mexicans, or Asians, just a different color.
            The bigger problem rather than the mass exodos of people is why are they moving and who is doing the radicalizing, those are the elements that need to be eliminated, its like your liberal buddies who say dont let a crisis go to waste

        • Hammerhead,

          You hit the nail on the head. There may also be a supply and demand side to this as businesses are willing to give up their sovereignty to get cheap labor. You can also count on ISIS and their ilk to exploit this opportunity to islamasize Europe even more. Heck, the Saudis are willing to fund the building of hundreds of new mosques! Weren’t the Europeans the ones who hailed Obama as their new messiah and awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize? Those poor refugees should be heading up further to Norway! I have heard they are fascinated by the Scandinavian and Russian types. Perhaps we should be grateful that our hords are mostly from south of the border and we don’t need to build mosques!? Our dreamers here will gladly warm the pews that have been empty for so long!

          • They certainly do like the blonde ladies, judging from the reported rapes in Northern Europe. Ironically, they will eventually overwhelm the very thing they crave: there won’t be any blonde women left for them to chase in 20 years plus. Just obese women in burkhas wandering around the streets.

            • With hundreds of thousands of healthy young Islamic men and almost no women, combined with a religious belief that raping the women of other religions is acceptable -under Sharia- you can expect a continuing rape epidemic. England has been experiencing this for some time now (Rotherham) as has Sweden (Malmo).

              With the strict political correctness in European authorities that denies there is anything objectionable with Islam you can also expect it to be almost ignored in the press and government circles.

              Violence by Muslims against anything non Islamic and between Islamic clans will be handled similarly.

            • For sure. They’ll fuck the blue eyed blonde haired scandanavian traits right out of the gene pool.

              • If only it would be the case of plain old Viking-style reproduction (meet blonde woman, rape blonde woman, have kid and raise mixed race kid) but sadly this is not how they will do it. Instead, it will be to bankrupt the society so blonde women will never be able to afford to have a family and instead the Muslim man will rape when he gets horny but when he wants to reproduce he will get a Burkha heffer and have her pump out about five kids and then find another two or three other women to do the same. He won’t pay for their upkeep and instead the obese baby factories will live on welfare while ‘hubby’ hangs out with his friends smoking shisha and talking BS about the caliphate. This is what they do.

      8. Merkel’s mistake will not just bring 1 million to Europe but 100 million in the first phase. The reasons is the message has already gone out to the turd world and anybody with a few dollars and mobile phone is going to be heading for Europe. In total, in 5 years’ time, we will see 300 million coming to Europe before the low-hanging fruit of footloose migrants slows.

        The only option European countries have now is to call out the troops and harden borders pronto. There is just a week or two to get it done before they will find their domestic populations overwhelmed and outnumbered. The financial costs of providing welfare and public services to these ‘new Europeans’ from Africa and the Middle East will cripple economies. Economies that are already heading down the toilet.

        This is all by design and is about bringing down Europe and all of America’s competitors.

      9. Take note US..the same is coming to our door step. We can’t control our southern border and dear leader is bringing in muslims in ungodly numbers. Time for fortress America.

        • Jim in Va.

          We COULD control our southern border.

          Our politicians have made a deliberate decision to allow our southern border to remain open to what amounts to nothing less than an invasion.

          • Amen!

          • Point taken!

        • Jim in Va.

          I agree. I do not think we can stop it. The border will not be secured and the SOB in the White House is flying refugee’s into this country in record numbers.
          The indications are, if we are shooting at policemen and people are committing heinous crime in the name of religion now. Imagine when refugee’s who will not assimilate into our society want to impose their will on others here. Listen to what is happening in Europe.

          When the rapes, killings and bombings start in this country. I do not want to hear all the whining, crying, bitching , moaning and yelling about what happen to their family. You could have done something about it now.
          Prepare as if your life depends on it. Cause it does.

          What will you do when you have thousands of Arabs, Blacks and Latino’s rioting in the streets.

          • None of this would be happening…. period…. if GWB had heeded his Daddys advice and stayed the hell outta Iraq. ISIL grew from the prisons there filled with the troublemakers we couldn’t/wouldn’t deal with. Soooo…
            Blame everyone but THE ones, Bush and Ceney.

      10. I would take them to an island paradise and give them a couple of fishing poles and some bait. Also a few good sandwiches from TOGOS here in California.

        • Also I would send some lesbian nuns to pray with them. I’m sure most of them are virgins.

          • its take a virgin to know a virgin right virgin, seriously buy a dildo and go crazy preferably in another galaxy virgin

      11. pray harder

      12. smelly dirty vagrants that want your jobs for less $ draw off your community resources. We need a war really to solve these problems. It will settle shit once and for all. Let’s do it.

      13. Send them to ISRAEL ….. The land that preaches WE must engage in TOLERANCE, INCLUSION, DIVERSITY.

      14. how nazi of you germany, will you idiots ever learn fools

      15. Jade Helm has ended. Neither Texas nor any other state was taken over.

        Told ya so.

        Libertarian conspiracy-theorists are idiots.

        • Yes, there were all sorts of people predicting tens of thousands being rounded up and put in FEMA camps in converted WalMarts.

          Yet, AFIK, less than a thousand were secretly rounded up and they weren’t put in camps, they were just disappeared if anything.

          • Post the names of the missing thousand.

            • You fail to comprehend the concepts of “less than”, “secretly” and “disappeared”.

              You need to learn to read what was written in place of what you want to think was written.

              • I understand the meaning of the words, quite clearly.

                Again, post the names of the less than one thousand people who disappeared.

                It can’t be too much of a secret if you can post it on the internet, now, can it?

                Back up what you posted. You’re trying to backpedal by claiming what you posted isn’t what you posted. That’s bullshit.

                • OK here they are:

                  If you take issue with that then post the names of over a thousand who disappeared, that’s the only refutation you have to my statement that less than a thousand have.

        • Be interesting to see what sort of explanation is given from places like D Hodges or ANP, most likely none and another bunch of BS on the next “crisis” doomers, they fit into the stereotype well

          • Yeah, what is alex jonestien going to slather over now?

        • Just because they say JH ended , did it really or did it go underground, was it even a thing to worry about anyways?

          be careful trusting what they told you,, just because they told you JH ended .. doesnt mean shit , just as what they told you JH was , could you even trust that ?

          they been telling us everything is fine for the past 4 decades ,, and we flat know that to be a lie

      16. In one flea market you can hear Spanish, French, Tagala,
        Chinese, Russian/Romanian and Arabic being spoken.
        Oh, and English too.

        • On the flip side of the whole line in the sands debate about where people should live, if humans had wings and could fly and land anyplace they wished like birds, there would be no borders.

          • Even birds are territorial.

      17. The gold is here, the gold is here. Your all aunt seen s my thing yet. Texas will get its first mass migration crisis of illegal Americans crossing the northern border of Texas to get to the new American real public of my lenders that I do business with the her locally told me of a real estate property investors called him up, buys a house cash, then tell him that he is leaving California in 2 weeks, literally hauling ass, and not even cares about his 1 million dollar house foreclosing. The he Cashed out his bank account in the millions, with cashier checks in the millions, and is heading to Texas right now, the california investor told him that he an others are leaving California to Texas right now. What could have caused the sudden urgency. Was it the water shortages?.. from what be told my lender friend is that California is finished and they are leaving while they can still leave. My friend Texas Hammer was on the phone with me when I was to about the gold. And he called me up yesterday after reading the response to my comments mentioning that they they think this is a joke. When in fact our source is real. Interestingly both of those investors were from Texas before they moved to California.



        I ain’t no prophet, and I do deliver results..

        • HCKS

          Well, I’m not going nowhere. Like Harry Randall Truman at Mt. St. Helen’s did. Staying put and fighting it out.
          It is good for Texas to repatriate its gold but that is only part of the puzzle and by the looks of it, Texas has a lot to do to get things right.

        • Fools gold!

        • Hicks, Fouck you, Nibiru, the gold, Texas, your agency suck-ass buddies that chase you, your scientist, AND THE HORSE YOU ROAD IN ON.

          • rode.

          • I surmise you will be “PO’d” at yourself when this info goes public. When Nibiru is more visible in the sky, this info will be reflected upon anybody who knows about it.

            • Riiiiiight………And don’t forget the skittle shitting unicorns cartwheeling across the sky.

        • Ok hcks,

          Please explain something to me because I’m confused. Your good buddy USASECURITYGAURD , whom you have identified as being the ” real deal” in your own words, has posted several times here that people NEED to move up north as far as they can or they’ll be scorched to death by radiation when some kind of polar shift occurs, and of course, according to him, this will occur ” shortly”. Yeah, right, it always is shortly , isn’t it? Now YOU are saying that everybody need to move to Texas NOW before it’s too late, because Texas is somehow going to be the only economic safe zone in the US. Those who don’t heed your advice are of course, screwed.

          Now here’s the question, which one of you is right? Even you have to admit you BOTH can’t be correct, salvation is either in Texas or way up in the great white north, according to your friend, as far north as you can get. So here is where the trouble occurs, some people can actually remember a post back from 2 weeks, and by your own words he’s the ” real deal” so now we’ve actually caught you in a direct contradiction, either YOU are full of shit or HE is full of shit, can’t have it both ways. Most people here already know the answer to this question, and there are more catching on each day. I’m amazed you’ve been able to get away with your total bullshit as long as you have, it really is funny, your faithful idiots don’t ever hold you to account on anything whenever your predictions don’t happen, and naturally you’re not interested in explaining anything either because every other day it’s always a ” new” breaking story which you can ” never” say anything more about ” right now” because it MUST be confirmed by your mysterious ” insider” friends.

          Whenever somebody asks you for more details, you ALWAYS reply that it has to be ” later”, you can’t possibly risk saying anything more right now. And of course, 2 days go by and we are treated to a brand new bullshit story with brand new ” secret” inside sources who must forever remain nameless. I’m sure you’ve gotten a good laugh at all the idiots who still refuse to admit to themselves they’re being played for fools, but now it’s becoming apparent more and more people by the day are seeing through your gag, soon you’ll be down to about 3 regular idiots who believe all your drivel.

          • Shut UP Dred Lokc!!! U a stoopit poopy head!! THTS RITE I SAID IT!!!!
            Yu donT no nuffin!!!! I am bidness man and I gotz a BIDNESS !!!!!!
            I m smert!!! I. M A Preapperer!!! I gotz Secwet (shhhhh) super spy fwends!!!! We got Secwet clubhouse !!!! Your not never INVITED!!!! No orange pop or corn chips for you so nanny nanny boo boo!!!!
            When I see u in persun I do you like I do to spretnatz Rushins and KEEYAAA!!! In duh face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            IMA TARDED

        • his brothers sisters uncle heard about this guy…. again…

        • The only thing you have produced is entertainment.
          Just thinking off the top of my head for examples. First there were the 100,000 chicom soldiers that were amassing in Mexico and they were going to use JH15 as cover to invade the US. Didn’t happen yet. And the US military was moving equipment around so they could abandon it and let the Chinese just waltz in and take it. Didn’t happen either.
          Then your scientist friend told you that you needed to move to the mountains because TX was going to be under 15 feet of water. So you were getting ready to move to Colorado. Now not so much?
          Nibiru was supposed to get here in October. Must have had to slow down for a while. That’s okay, scientists often get their math wrong.
          You say come to TX but the person you use so often as verification usasecurity says go as far north as you can. And if Nibiru isn’t supposed to show up until spring why is it that usasecurity said a few weeks ago that elite were running for their bunkers and he was going to be on lockdown? Too man contradictions.
          Good for TX for creating their own gold depository, but this is not brand new. Do a google search. The request for TX’s gold was made some time ago. Them controlling their own gold doesn’t mean that they are exiting the union. No more than north dakota having their own state bank means they have similar plans. What will the feds do with all the military installations, ports?
          No you have delivered nothing.
          In fact the most accurate poster to date has been Rich99. Like it or not it’s true. I have been around here for years, going back to DPS, Facebook page and Nina O ranting against each other until nina posted a picture of FB’s home. Epic. When Daisy Luther was living up in Canada and a poster here before having her own blog. I have seen people here advise others to give up their homes to foreclosure and buy an RV because the world was coming to an end. One thing I learned the hard way, have a plan for a collapse and have a plan for if the collapse doesn’t happen.

      18. Fourth Turning: Crisis Of Trust, Part 1
        “September 2015 marks the seventh anniversary of this Fourth Turning Crisis. The economic, social, cultural, ecological, political, and military distress propagates by the minute as the globe is besieged by economic turmoil, increased human suffering, and endemic corruption of the political and ruling classes.

        The Federal Reserve/Wall Street created global economic implosion was the spark which catalyzed this fourth Crisis period in U.S. history in September 2008.”

        Fourth Turning: Crisis Of Trust, Part 2
        “The world is becoming increasingly chaotic and the American people are seeking a leader who can bring order, make tough decisions, and capture the zeitgeist of this moment in history.

        They are in search of a prophet generation (Boomer) Grey Champion, whose arrival marks the moment of darkness, adversity and peril as the Fourth Turning careens towards its climax. The Grey Champion doesn’t necessarily have to be a good person, but they must lead and display tremendous confidence in their cause and path.

        Franklin, Lincoln, and FDR have many detractors, but during their Fourth Turnings, they most certainly led, casting aside obstacles (sometimes illegally) and enduring dark days and bleak prospects for success. Is there someone of that stature ready to lead the American people now?”

      19. Don’t worry Europe will send them all here since the democrats needs more votes…

      20. I find it interesting how people complain about our borders being wide open then chop at Germany for trying to control theirs,,,,
        Bunch of hipocrates, make up your minds, whitch is it,
        Ive had enough of diversity and integration thanks

        • ^^^ exactly. I was scratching my head at this article. secure the border.

      21. This is what happens when you take away a persons ability to defend themselves.

      22. @everyone…you need to see this if you haven’t yet. it is by dr. bill warner. “why we are afraid. the 1400 year secret.” it is about 40 minutes but the guy has graffics and facts in his presentation. the most shocking is how fast the muslims took over the mediteranian area. Please, Please, Please watch and spread the word.

        • Excellent video.

        • This guy is full of shit. The muslimes did NOT do 9/11. It was a false flag so the bankers can steal more resources around the world under the flag of 9/11. Don’t get me wrong, the slimes have got to go along with the niggers, gun grabbing liberals, etc. but the whole concept of the Muslims doing 9/11 is WAYYYY off. It is amazing that NO ONE wants to go there, and I have no doubt that this researcher doesn’t know EXACTLY who did 9/11. Hypocrite. 9/11 is the litmus test to all who spew their shit. IF they cant come clean on that, they suck.

      23. Islam is a disease. When they get here, along with BLM and who ever else, lawlessness will grip the country, and the shooting will start. This is what Obullshit wants. Get ready, its coming here.

        • @toolmaker rex…its already here. the American redout is going to be accepting these sand apes. Baltimore, Detroit, Louisana,etc are getting them now.

          The whole point is to destroy Christianity. We are headed for a spiritual war. Plan accordingly. Lock and load.

        • According to one website, in 1952 there were 20 mosques in the US. In 2015, there are over 1700 and more being built EVERY DAY. California, Florida and Texas (yes, TEXAS) have the most. Both hubby and I believe Muslim radicals make up much of the wave of refugees pouring into Europe and Great Britain. We sure as hell don’t want their trail of trash in our beautiful state. Of course, most West Virginians are armed to the hilt, and believe me, we don’t cotton to outsiders messing with our homes, our schools, our churches and our families.

      24. get this

        ht tp://

        • Muslim invasion of the USA via Mexico… Way to go Achmed!

        • I talked to my sister in Houston yesterday and asked if she were worried about the illegal immigrants/refugees pouring across the Mexico border. Her reply (and I quote): “Oh, I don’t follow politics that much. Besides, we’re safe here – it’s not like we live downtown.” YIKES!!!! Thank goodness her husband is a bit more on the ball – he’s made several trips to Pa. this year, repairing and maintaining his parents’ old farmhouse, aka bug-out location. As Dear Abby used to say, “Wake up and smell the coffee!”

      25. last comment went to moderation. I’ve posted here before and it’s saying it doesn’t recognize my email or ip address. Is is because of the subject matter of my link?

        • I still have one in moderation for over two days…And I’ve been here for over 2 years.

      26. Migration is a weapon. We are not going to get 10,000 Syrians as the MSM says. We’re going to get over a million. Historically, we get 7 of every 10 migrants that make it to Europe. This is truly the end of the West. Change the demographics and end the West. That is the plan. That has always been the plan. Using deadly force is a legitimate response to the genocide of our people. Even the UN recognizes that a deliberate change of demographics is a form of genocide. That is the reason why the US government has refused to sign the Genocide Treaty.

        • Spot on P.

      27. The part that makes me the saddest and the angriest is how easily real need could be met by the Saudis. I mean, they have 100,000 empty tents that have kitchens, bathrooms and plumbing sitting empty for all but 5 days of the year. They could EASILY accommodate a huge number of the refugees in relative comfort with an existing infrastructure if they pulled their heads out of the selfish rears. But, Islam is not known for its compassion — even to its own people.

      28. Moderation?

      29. ok now i see, mack has software kicking back keywords for moderation… see you all later.. this place is done.. I will NOT be back here. Mack has flipped to the dark side. Goodbye all.. was fun.. 0hedge

        • Stay.

      30. Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comment.
        that is a fvking lie. asashole.. you are moderating keywords and I just proved it.

        fuck you
        good by

        • goodbye.

      31. N S A you all are being set up

      32. What really cracks me up is that on any given weekend, especially Holidays, you can have 40 to 50 shootings with many injuries and some fatalities in major cities.
        And life goes on.

        So even if you take into account the frequency of these crimes, it don’t mean shit.

        Only memorials and candles and they talk about it on the news. A few riots and the preachers and Mad Dads express their future involvement with the community. And it is all Bullshit. Two weeks later and another incident is again on the news and it starts all over again.
        Can’t wait till the Muslims do their thing.

        • True: just look at the levels of violence in the black community and nobody does anything about it. Society can tolerate a lot of violence as long as it does not directly threaten the state. So, if Muslims limit themselves to just killing infidels as they see it, then the government will just try and cover it up or normalize it. But if they went after the politicians and the heads of the military, then that is another story (like they do in other countries).

          • Also, the black guy that killed the Kentucky police officer, was a Ferguson activist. You won’t see that on CNN. You will see it on Conservative Treehouse blog.

            • The Prophet.

              Don’t ask me to fix a problem and then put restrictions on me. And especially after the job is done, you criticize me on how I went about eliminating the problem when you also agreed to it.

              It’s coming Prophet and I am not going to tolerate the wishy washy type of behavior.

              • I’m confused, again.

                • I should have said. People should not ask, “Me” to fix a problem…..

                  Sorry. I did not mean you.

      33. We will reach critical mass very soon. What you will begin witnessing is the so called “lone wolves” attacks. The beltway snipers, movie theatre shooter, and Ft. Hood was a prelude of what to expect, but on a mass scale. You say it wont happen here.? I say its already started. The execution of police officers is the opening salvo. The horrors are at hand, and the devil is loose.!!!!

      34. Here is a novel idea, don’t let them out of their countries so they can fight for change or die. I hate to be callous but they are not our problem. Let the UN go setup camps in their own countries instead of pushing them on us. Isn’t that the UN’s function?? I mean hell, FEMA’s setting up camps for us!!

      35. Germany should be asking for their papers. They are not citizens and they have that right. You see that they are smarter again than we are.

        If I was living in Germany or other nation I would be stocking up on everything, and mainly AMMO. My daughters would be armed. Those muslime bastards believe it is their right to rape an infidel.

        Europe!!! AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!


      36. Europe should be just like USA. They need to let in anyone who comes.europe and America need help spending our extra money. ( sarcasm off)

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