Georgia To Seize Dormant Bank Accounts: “Government is Going to Grab it”

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Headline News | 255 comments

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    You’re probably thinking that inflationary devaluation of your savings or paying negative interest rates on cash deposits is about as far as government is willing to go in its efforts to keep funding its debt-laden endeavors. They certainly wouldn’t consider touching the bank accounts of hard working Americans. Only the Europeans have the audacity to go after the savings of the average depositor.

    Well, the Europeans and apparently now the Georgians, too. And we’re not talking about the western backed country that went to war with Russia in recent years.

    We’re talking about the U.S. state that claims “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation” as its motto.

    According to Simon Black at Sovereign Man, the State of Georgia has taken the unprecedented step of lowering the threshold on inactive or dormant bank accounts to just twelve months. What that means to average Georgians is that if you fail to utilize your account within one year your deposited funds will be confiscated by the state.

    Though all 50 states have regulations pertaining to dormant bank accounts, Black says that Georgia takes the grand prize in how swiftly they’re prepared to go after your money.

    Georgia’s Disposition of Unclaimed Properties Act sets the threshold as low as one year.

    In other words, if you have a checking account in Georgia that you haven’t touched in twelve months, the state government is going to grab it.

    So much for setting aside money for a rainy day and having the discipline to never touch it.

    If you’ve locked away money for your children’s savings or unforeseen emergencies, your government might be sharpening its knives ready to dig in.

    And just like central bank policies punish savers with interest rates that don’t come close to keeping up with inflation, these policies provide disincentives for people to be responsible and save money.

    It’s just another example of how the entire system is rigged against the individual… and all the more reason to divorce oneself from it. Physical gold, anyone?

    Full report at Sovereign Man via Zero Hedge

    In 2013 Australia passed similar legislation, but their threshold was set at three years.

    “In the last 12-months since the legislation was passed,” says Simon Black, “the Australian government has seized a whopping 80,000 accounts totaling A$360 million.” The implications of the new law are staggering. In that single year Australia confiscated more money than in the previous five decades combined.

    Governments on the local, state and federal level are getting desperate amid underfunded retirement plans and bloated budgets. Going forward they’ll have no choice but to get more and more creative at how they “generate” revenue.

    We hope you’re keeping an eye on that IRA. You haven’t really touched that for twelve months either, have you? Congress has already held hearings on whether or not they should reappropriate retirement savings and pool them into a government run investment fund. You know, kind of like Obamacare.

    Or how about that parcel of land you own out on the countryside for weekend camping trips and hunting? You haven’t been out there for a while, nor have you really built anything on it, which must mean you’re not using it anymore…

    There is historical evidence that suggests that government, when left with no way to pay for their massive budgets and spending, will resort to extraordinary methods to ensure the money keeps coming in to State coffers.

    As the Roman empire was collapsing because of unfunded pension liabilities for its military the government devalued its currency by removing 90% of the silver content from its coins. Roosevelt confiscated gold during the Great Depression and imposed stiff penalties for those who didn’t comply. Struggling to keep up with its massive budget deficits, last year France passed their “millionaire tax,” which authorized the government to levy a 75% tax on companies that pay out more than €1 million in salaries.

    Devising innovative ways to separate the citizenry from its money is business as usual within legislative institutions.

    Georgians who haven’t touched their accounts since last year should either withdraw their money or, as government officials and banks would prefer, go spend it on something and put that cash to work. Otherwise you face the real possibility of having those assets seized.

    As for the residents of the other forty-nine states, keep an eye on what your respective state legislators are doing.

    Chances are a lot of light bulbs in Capital cities around the country just popped on.



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      1. Dang. They’re just doing it right out in the open now aren’t they?

        • Doing it out in the open in Aussie anonymous. Our Gubbermint just “acquired” $360 mill by grabbing all the money in any account that hasn’t been used for 3 years.

          There are bigger thieves in Government than there have ever been on the streets.


          • Well, heck.

            Why not do it out in the open?

            There are plenty of people who would love to justify their government job no matter how immoral and unlawful, as opposed to illegal, a rule or law like this is. After handing it over to these government agencies, the politicians can do what they always do.

            Blame the whole thing on “unintended consequences.”

            • Goodbye all.

              • Thanks Mac and all who keep me informed…
                Keep learning and sharing.
                On that note… THEY JUST RESET THE LIMITS or am I just imagining things??!

                Nuclear Fallout must be off the charts since they shut down parts of the system here in Virginia…look at how many locations are OFFLINE and all have been reset.

                WHAT the F?
                God bless the Good!
                Heads down, Chins Up! Don’t Go Out In The Rain!

                  • Some of these readings were at 200- 500. I have this site favorited in and have watched it regularly. Normal backgroung radation is 30. I guess the government wanted the readings to conform with that. Thanks for pointing it out MADATCHEW. This is absolute bullshit.

                    We are getting slammed with radiation right now. Extention level event – Thanks government agency for being asswipes. I hope your children are the first to die. Thank God for your house and new car but you aren’t just killing yourself, you are killing us all. That’s called murder. Good luck – you just sold out – and God is coming soon. Have you been naughty or nice?
                    He’s going to harvest the tares and burn them before he harvests the wheat(that would be us). I love you all.


                  • Unclaimed Money from the Government


                    National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)


           is officially endorsed by NAUPA and the participating states and provinces. Our site will assist you in thoroughly searching all participating states to find your family’s missing, lost, and unclaimed property, money and assets.


                • I guess there is no winning any more. They keep out-pacing us at every turn!

                • HAHA Corona (California, Los Angeles) is radioactive. Well, demographically it always was anyway. Now it’s just official.

                  Holy crap look at Pittsburgh. High 252. How long’s it been like that? Know some people there… that’s a problem isn’t it?

          • Exclusive: Rand Paul throws weight behind immigration reform effort
            // @drudgereportapp

            So… Remind me again how voting works out well for us?

            • make that “voting in the right candidates”

              • I have two problems with voting. Well, I have many, but these are the top two.

                1. The votes are often electrically counted with no paper trail to verify

                2. “The lesser of two evils” concept. It seems the choice is always between the gallows and the guillotine. Not much of a choice in my opinion. I like option “C”. You can just guess as to my meaning.

                But hey, what do I know? I’m just an angry, gun toting, whiskey drinking, chain smoking, bitter veteran.

                • Bank accounts are simply not safe. I was talking to some total retard the other day about having your money in a bank, and this idiot said it was the safest place because the government backs it up if the bank fails. I asked the cretin what about when the government fails, blank stare then the statement the government is the strongest in the world and will never fail. Asked simple simon about the ballooning super debt. Response, there has always been a debt and their is no limit to how much the government can borrow. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!, how can anyone reach this level of ignorance??????????

                  This is the naiveness and “dullardism” of the public and how dangerous it is that the masses are mind controlled by the government. The masses “THINK” that precious metals are crazy and that storing up food and supplies is ridiculous. Got an asinine comment the other day from someone that said storing up food and supplies went out with the fears of the cold war. I just can’t believe how stupid people have become. I mention regular emergencies to people how they can lose power for weeks, and people say too often that is what FEMA and Red Cross is for. They wonder why so many of us that prepare feel that most of humanity is doomed based on the sole fact that people have shifted into the gear DUMB SH$%.

                  • BI.

                    Just how much people are damn stupid.

                    Two people in Florida, stopped and got out of their cars to, “Shoo” a Eastern Diamond Back rattler and a Coral Snake off the road. With their hands! Both were bitten.

                    Warning! The snakes are out there.

                  • Delayed, from HR 2847, FATCA will go into effect July 1, 2014. This will make it nearly impossible for Americans to protect savings accounts.

                    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

                    48 Nations Embrace FATCA To Reveal U.S. Depositors
                    “FATCA is four years old but it is still being ramped up for its big worldwide rollout July 1, 2014. Foreign banks must hand over the DETAILS of American account holders … or face serious repercussions.”

                    “With disclosures, prosecutions and summonses, the IRS is getting quicker, better and more complete information than ever.”

                    “After foreign institutions identify U.S. account holders, FATCA requires the institutions to impose a 30% tax on payments or transfers to any who refuse to step up and get into full U.S. compliance.

                    At first, Foreign financial institutions (FFIs) must report account numbers, balances, names, addresses, and U.S. taxpayer identification numbers. For U.S.-owned foreign entities, they must report the name, address, and U.S. TIN of each substantial U.S. owner.”

                    Are You Ready to be an Unpaid Government Spy
                    “In addition to requiring yet more disclosures for US taxpayers who have foreign accounts, FATCA also mandates every foreign financial institution on the planet to share customer information with the IRS.”

                    “…if a foreign bank or business does NOT comply with FATCA requirements, then everyone else in the financial system MUST WITHHOLD a 30% PENALTY on ANY PAYMENT TO THAT BANK OR BUSINESS.”

                  • @ slingshot. ;). Makes you wonder when someone gets that close to a rattlesnake that can be 8 foot long and a bite distance, at least 1/2 the lenghth of the snake’s body, of at least 4 feet and a coral snake just how much of their brain is working. Not too many people are bitten by a snake with a neurotoxin the coral snake and a hemotoxin the rattlesnake. Stupid is as stupid does and the population is radidly growing that have lost all common sense. This should get a jack ass award of some sort.

                  • BI, I’m putting out a RETARD ALERT!

                  • BI, this goes back to a conversation with a lawn maintenance man I had last year. We shortly talked of the economy and he ended with “I don’t know why the government just doesn’t print more money to pay off the debt. I didn’t even try on that one. I just politely said goodbye. This shit is all around us now. We are doomed.

                  • @ Gonetoolong and braveheart. I have once or twice actually pulled out some of my hair with the shear stupidity of the “fellow” humans we walk amoungst us. For someone to say print more money to pay off the debt is as incredible as it sounds, quite popular an asinine view with many. There is an idea out there for the government to print about 18 one trillion dollar BO coins that the government would use to pay off the debt. IF this ever happens everyone that has precious metals will be very happy that they invested in them. Those with food and other supplies even happier. Reminds me of those cartoon characters with that sh#$ all smile on their faces and glazed over eyes to anyone that would even contemplate happily printing up money to pay off something. Like Al Bundy said to idiot Peg Bundy, sending your husband rocketing to the poor house.

                  • Thank you for understanding that like in the movie matrix, The Sheeples as nice as they can be become their own enemy simply because they are brain washed.
                    And they also become the enemy of the awakened ones, Talking to them about Gold and Silver, they will respond by you can not eat Gold. I came to the conclusion that you can wake up one who is sleeping but you can not wake up one who pretends to be asleep, one should be self motivated, and should want to learn from History otherwise a free advise is treated ask worthless.meanwhile Hold on to your physical Gold in a safe place.

                  • These “people” are not just stupid, they’re dangerous. These types have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and the present hand that feeds them. They WILL turn into blood thirty beasts when their hunger pains them, and will find safety amongst the other brainless masses.

                    They will mutate into one large mass of totalitarian, globalist BLOB of hatred, anger, destruction and provide undying service for the system that feeds them.

                    In other words, have LOTS of ammo and reloading supplies, and melee back-up weapons.

                    Watch your 6

                • John T. Flynn’s eight points considered to be the main marks of the fascist state.

                  Point 1. The government is totalitarian because it acknowledges no restraint on its powers.

                  Point 2. Government is a de facto dictatorship based on the leadership principle.

                  Point 3. Government administers a capitalist system with an immense bureaucracy.

                  Point 4. Producers are organized into cartels in the way of syndicalism.

                  Point 5. Economic planning is based on the principle of autarky

                  Point6. Government sustains economic life through spending and borrowing.

                  Point 7. Militarism is a mainstay of government spending.

                  Point 8. Military spending has imperialist aims.

                  It sure sounds like a familiar tune to me.

                  • There also has to be an alliance between business and government. We certainly see a revolving door between the federal government, the big banks, and the Federal Reserve.

                  • Barn Cat says:

                    “We certainly see a revolving door between the federal government, the big banks, and the Federal Reserve.”

                    We do indeed, and it’s called “crony capitalism,” aka, “Fascism.”

                    And unfortunately, we have people out there who say things like this: “The mechanisms of the FED are essential to facilitating that national and global commerce.” ~ the durango kidd

                    The individual quoted isn’t ignorant of the plain truth, he simply supports a fascist State.

                  • Barn Cat says:

                    “We certainly see a revolving door between the federal government, the big banks, and the Federal Reserve.”

                    We do indeed, and it’s called “crony capitalism,” aka, “Fascism.”

                    And unfortunately, we have people out there who say things like this: “The mechanisms of the FED are essential to facilitating that national and global commerce.” ~ the durango kidd

                    The individual quoted isn’t ignorant of the plain truth, he simply supports a fascist State.

                  • As I see it, IMNTBHO (in my never to be humble opinion, The USA has been and is a fascist state. It has been happening slowly over the decades, until the final overthrow of the government and the constitution with the election of antichrist Obama. The Republic that once was the USA is dead. And the irony of it all is that it was a reply of what happened in 1930’s Germany.
                    It is now only a question of when “the government” attacks its own citizens as enemies of the state. If you will not submit to their rule over you, they will kill you.
                    Here is a very unsettling thought for all you: is it possible that the “greatest generation” that suffered, sacrificed so much, came home wounded or died to stop the Nazis did so in vain? That every thing they did was for nothing. The “greatest generation” produced the worst generation ever, as the baby boomers rejected it all.
                    “If any question why we died, tell them because our fathers lied.” -Kipling.

                  • @Point 4

                    Syndicalism means economic control by the producers. Capitalism is different. It places by virtue of market structures all control in the hands of the consumers. In the good ‘ole US of A, we’ve seen the giant banks, pharmaceutical firms, insurers, car companies, Wall Street banks and brokerage houses, and quasi-private mortgage companies enjoying vast privileges at the expense of “we the people.” They have all joined with the State in living a parasitical existence at our expense. This is Fascism.

                  • YMWW, I hear that same tune all the time.

                  • YMWW, BTW, “Fascism…is the merger of the state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini, “IL DUCE” himself admitted to it.

                  • Sometimes it’s hard to stay anonymous!

                • I would stand by you before i would even listen to them…

              • It’s only a matter of time my friends. They are broke and will steal from every pot imaginable. They’ve been doing it for years, only more clandestine and out of sight. As the honey pot gets emptier and the dollar scheme dies they will grab everything in sight, right in front of us. What’s next? $15 Trillion in private pensions and retirement accounts:


                • Oh, wow, we fooled them! My husband’s company no longer “invests” in pensions and hasn’t since 2004. They didn’t tell us for several years which was wrong, but looks like we would have lost it anyway. I won’t have a pension, so it’s back to Appalachia for us.

                • It will first come down to fricking taxation of things that you never thought possible. As I said before, get as much shit off the books as you can.

            • Rand Paul will lose the presidency in 2016 with his ability to so easily ‘compromise’ and ‘tolerate’.

              • JayJay: for Real honest truth and facts on how every Tea party darling like rubio, chaz, paul et al have totally sold out tea party voters and are screwing us as bad if not worse then the dems do…Go visit a webiste at

                Realjewnews dot com Many articles are there, very Recent ones also. That fully expose in full details most everything these swindlers have been doing After they won the Cash and votes of tea party patriots.

                Even for folks who do not like to read more than fast one liners like a bumper sticker slogan answer…The Photos that go with said articles alone are a great example of “A Picture speaks a thousand words”

                One 2 sec look at various photos of rand paul and rubio, or chaze’s wife with her VP job at goldman sachs banksters and the many nation wrecker swindlers included in some of those photos will fully show just how corrupt they all have gotten once elected.

                And at website of newswithviews There are several great expose articles of how some of the many tea party branches such as TPP aka tea party patriots, not sure which state thats in?….But these articles fully expose how a small few folks have overtaken said tea party orgs and are now Paying their Huge salarys from donated cash.

                That TPP org if I recall it correct has a woman and her husband that lost the house to foreclosure, went totally bankrupt, and basically owed tons of debt to a bunch of credit card debts….Took command of that particular tea party groups org and Now have been Paying that women and her husband EACH like $12,000 PER MONTH Salarys!

                Thats from donated cash for better elections etc! Plus several of tea party orgs have small leader boards that are makeing the major decisions.

                I other words some tea party orgs acrocc america have been Hyjacked by nefarious folks scamming the other members…Those articles fully Name them, and name which states tea party org. And cite a whole lots of other documented facts on the many scams ongoing.

                What could have been a very great thing has been swindled and hyjacked as usual..Its amazeing how so many folks can still keep falling for these scams again and again eh.

                • TEA Party means Taxed Enough Already….very easy to understand. It’s about the economy stupid. I don’t care if you are a Jew or whatever we are TEA!!!!I am sick and tired of BILLIONS of dollars going overseas for crap I don’t agree with !!!! The national debt is not mine, it belongs to the people in Washington who have been spending the money. I take no ownership of their bad decisions!! Our government has been hijacked by thieves and liars. There is very little honor left in our Country. Just selfish adolescent behavior by the psychopaths in charge.

          • Knowing the Australian penchant for wagers, is there a national pool on how fast they spend their new money instead of lower taxes?

        • Immediately Move all your Bank Business to your LOCAL CREDIT UNION. All car loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc. Your dollar deposits in a Credit Union are shares owned in that credit union. Banks are predator lenders hell bent to crush your wealth in bogus fees, ATM charges, negative wealth growth. NEVER Purchase a safety Deposit Box in a Bank. You are just asking to be a victim as they will steal your Box assets when they decide to, and your contents will then belong to them. And you will have to prove what you had in your Box. Yeah right.

        • Oy …….vey

          all your banks belong to us

          & your money toooooooo

          • This article only gives one example of bank accounts. I have worked for a companys that from time to time has money on the books that needs to be returned to customers. Sometimes it takes 5+ years to turn the money over to the state and every state is different.

            California is the most strict and have very unique approach to this matter. You basically give them the funds and they contact the party advising them to contact you.

            I see this as a way to help keep companies in line and either give the money back to the correct party or give it to the state.

            Again, not everything is a conspiracy and the fearporn sometimes gets old.

            • Right. California takes the money and contacts the owner of the gift card. You don’t really believe they do that, do you?

              • I may have mis stated. California notifies the person they have unclaimed funds from our business and gives them a window to contact us to claim or it will be turned over to the state.


                I just see the first “notification” of operation “CHOKE POINT” in my job today. That is no joke

              • BTW these aren’t gift cards. I deal with high dollar accounts in a fortune 1000 company.

        • Let them eat bullets

          • FP, if they want to take anything from me, I’ll give them “lead nutrients”.

          • Yea,
            I have bullets i havent touched in 3 years, they can have em 1 at a time!

        • Government’s been stealing our money little by little forever.

        • They’ve gotten away with everything so long that they probably feel there’s no point in being sneaky any longer. Plus, there’s all of these new illegals for us to support and apparently, they don’t want to just print more money out of nothing. Did anyone else read Biden’s comment about our need for a “constant streaming of immigrants” to keep the U.S. strong? I feel that several dozen of these immigrants should be housed with Obama, Biden, Reid and Nancy the Pig, particularly those with scabies and pink eye. We’ll see how enthusiastic they are after that.

        • In other words, old people, who can’t see well enough to get on the Internet and are perhaps a little senile, and can no longer work– they will have their retirement funds stolen by the bastards at the top of the food chain, who already have billons… what a great government we have!

        • That dang Cuz of mine has done all that tough talk about how he’s going to leave all those dead bodies on the porch, and how he’s stocking up here at our house in North Georgia and Now Cuz look what you’ve done. You’ve brought the heat down on us here in Georgia, so please stay in Memphis, you little sugar bear. I Love You Man. One last thing, to that other guy, I don’t think my Cuz is a pervert.

          • NGIC, I hope that no confrontation ever takes place between me and people who haven’t prepped, but the way things are shaping up, I’m afraid one day it will. It will be either me or them and I’m not letting it be me. I’m not just talk. I can and will back up my words.

        • If it ain’t on you or in your possession it’s not yours. Dodd- Frank basically made your deposits a loan to the bank and NOT your property.

        • interesting that it is the states which the right wingers want to limit the power of government too, better to fuck over the poor and savers.

      2. yep. and the moron sheeple will let them take it ALL too.

        • Once burned, twice shy.

          The old timers from the Great Depression era
          that lost their money and farms to the banks
          never trusted them again.

          Since then, time has erased those tragic events
          of yesteryear from the minds of modern man.

          These folks that think the old days were only
          relevant to the old people who lived back then,
          are destined to become the new story tellers of
          the hard times and tragedy that are about to
          befall them. As it once was, so it is now.

        • We need to have a Moron-o-thon.

          I like the one where this man is dancing in the street an gets hit by an Ice Cream truck.

          Raised my beer and said, “This ones for you”. Hahahaha!

          • Slingshot, I’m issuing a RETARD ALERT for your earlier post about the morons in FL approaching live snakes. If they live, it would be interesting to see what they say about it.

        • Amend brother ….. and say how did we know …

      3. But what else can I do? If I take it out I lose all that interest.0.17 % pr year. Why on $100.00 that’s almost 20 Cents per year.

        • Plus, the banks will ask us what we need the money for. That makes us feel guilty.

          • I wouldn’t know about that–DD followed by early morning leaving $17 for Netflix every month. 🙂

          • When we take out a large withdrawal, 1000 or more, we just give ém a wink and tell ém we’re heading for the neighborhood NA casino — they just smile and say, “Good luck!!!” Never any other questions asked.

          • I wouldn’t feel guilty, just more impotent rage. Does the government realize it’s dangerous to push the people to this point? Although maybe it will be dangerous only for us. I expect to see armed government people at the banks, not for our protection, but for theirs.

        • Yeah, and it’s taxable, too. Our bank interest earned came up to $2.47 last year, and our tax preparer said it had to be rounded up to $10.00. So we paid taxes on $7.53 that we didn’t even make. Know the amount is small, but it’s the principle of the thing.

          • Vicky,
            I’d hate to give you misinformation but an accountant once told me that any interest under $10 is considered non reportable or optional reportable.
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • I don’t know what idiot tax preparer you go to but there is no requirement to round up interest to $10. You round to the nearest dollar or put in the exact amount. Your choice was either $2.00 or $2.47. At $2.00 you would owe about 50 cents based on what you wrote above. Your tax preparer owes you $7.00.

        • Para, know whats funny? I guess it’s because this article is about Georgia, anywho this stupid thing that pops up on the side of this comment column has a Georgia Bulldogs Piggy Bank for sale, which would hold several years worth of interest. But you would have to have 10,000 dollars in the bank and draw a years worth of interest to buy the Piggy Bank. Trekker Out. Go Figure!

          • I’d use the piggy bank to deposit silver coinage rather than the subway tokens and IOUs the government is manufacturing.

      4. Not surprising the U.S. is following ancient Rome’s pattern of decline, then collapse. When in Rome, do as the Romans did. It’s been 50 years now since our coinage was reduced from 90 percent silver to worthless metal clad slugs. Our money had a healthy nice ring to it, now it sounds and spends like our debased American financial outlook.

      5. Folks still have their savings in banks? Who knew!

        I opened up a second ‘interest bearing’ checking account yesterday at my bank and laughed out loud when she told me I’d be getting .01% interest. Even she started giggling when I couldn’t hold back. They know. They don’t care.

        Fixed easily; prep’s, PM’s and cash at home only.

        Don’t forget to max out your W4; no reason to give them your money on free loan that you may never get back….

        • Great point about maxing the W4. Work it right and you can have no fed tax taken out and still break even or even get a refund. Use their system against them.

        • @ Really!!! –

          Leaving ‘excess’ funds sitting around in a bank checking/savings account is NEVER a good idea. Not that many of us still have any $ left that we can consider to be ‘excess’.

          Buying larger quantities of nonperishable items that your family regularly uses will usually get them for you at a lower initial acquisition cost, + you will avoid the price increases sure to be there a month or so later.

          It isn’t any disgrace to be poor ….. just damned inconvenient! You have to be VERY creative in order just to get bye in this day and age.

          • @really–read JayJay post above..:-)

        • I didn’t think of the W-4….good idea…take it now, while I still can.

      6. My Theory… If you don’t have any money, the assholes can’t take it.

        • That seems to be our plan, although not what we had planned originally.

      7. Just stop using banks for your savings, buy “Physical” silver or gold, farm land, food, guns, ammo, at least they will hold their value, most likely will increase in value.

      8. It is my understanding that Georgia has huge numbers of illegal aliens working in the chicken plants, as well as equally high numbers of American citizen welfare recipients.

        The standard for many years has been that no activity in a checking account for three years results in closure of the account and dispersal of all funds to the account holder at the address of record.

        This is unusual, to be sure.

        Have to wonder if it has anything to do with the illegals, although typically they do not and can not have bank accounts due to their illegal status and concurrent inability to provide the identification required since the advent of the Patriot Act.

        Georgia is generally a conservative state, apart from the welfare roles.

        This is interesting to say the least.

        • I live in Georgia and I am shocked to read this. I can’t believe Georgia would be doing this. Accounts that are still open when a person is deceased and settlements that have not be cleared are at risk. Sometimes it takes over a year for this to happen. SHOCKED IN GEORGIA!

        • Being bank-naive…didn’t it use to be that if a bank had depositors, they could loan out a percentage of that deposit money to other customers? If that is the case, doesn’t that confiscation impact a bank’s ability to lend (not that they are anyway currently)?

          Things must be seriously bad.

          • As a matter of fact, I understand that banks can legally lend out 900% (yes, you read that right) of the funds they have on deposit based on 10% fractional-reserve lending. That is to say, they only need to have 10% of the money they’ve lent out on hand as “reserve”. The ramifications of this are enormous. Basically, it means that when banks lend money, most of what they lend out is created from thin air. There was actually a court case in Minnesota where a guy was taken to court in foreclosure and he convinced the judge that based on fractional-reserve lending that there was actually no “consideration” for the house and therefore he was under no obligation to repay the bank “loan”. This was based on testimony from the banker himself who said under oath that the money they lent the buyer didn’t previously exist. Google it. The case was buried, of course, so that the people wouldn’t catch on…

        • Illegals cash their checks and don’t use banks.

          I doubt if the new law is aimed at illegals, the state just wants the money sooner than before.

        • Anonymous–you are so wrong!!
          About the year 2000, in Springfield, Tn., I was witness to illegals doing business with Bank of A.; they even had an interpreter at the damn door!!
          I got up from my seat, left, and opened an account elsewhere.

          • They also got charge cards from BANK OF America.

      9. Off topic
        —— WARNING ——
        Whenever in the town of Arlington Mass. Never show your firearms information to anyone. You risk gun confiscation, loss of self-defense privileges and revocation of F.I.D. card.
        Take Care
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • Give me a sane reason to be in Massachusetts at all.


      10. I wonder what ‘activity’ is defined as.

        So if J6P simply deposit’s or withdraws one lone single worthless dollar does that constitute ‘activity’. If so, then withdraw it one day, deposit it the next day and you’re good to go.

        • AFAIK “activity” can just be having a valid address on file for them to send statements to. You don’t have to be adding to or withdrawing from the account. The writer is making a mountain out of a molehill.

      11. What happened in Cyprus and Greece stealing 50% of citizens accounts coming here.I remember talking with folks explaining how dangerous and wrong that was and they just said they did not care as it wouldn’t happen here,in denial/stupid people.You have the extra dollars keep prepping and spending on solid goods/products.

        • 10% what that wasn’t scary enough for you. Had to make shit up. Doomporn at its finest

      12. The Russians have pulled 85% of their assets in American Banks out and out of the country, That is something like $25 Billion in one month moved out of US banks. The Dollar is collapsing folks. Spend all your Dollar Cash on Ammo and long Term food preps now. Pay off all your debts asap, Cash out your 401K money and pay your house off and the rest of your debts. This is going to get really ugly fast. Be smart. Who cares if you have a 15% Tax Penalty on cashing out your 401K if the value becomes worthless as inflation takes off Food costs are already up like 19% this year. Do NOT be the Last Man holding a pile of Worthless paper. Read this: Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”

      13. You leave money in the banks YOUR LOSS!

        River Rat at the ready!!! (Be Watchful my Friends)

      14. Bank at home. Buy gold and silver and bury it in the backyard.

        • Or if you’re a packrat like I am and have a basement, you have plenty of places to hide those tiny 1/10 ounce gold coins.

          • Don’t lose your list where those hidey holes are.

        • Great idea. When they make owning gold or silver illegal, how are you going to trade any of it for things you need?

          They will, you know. Roosevelt did it, and made it stick, too.

      15. your leaders and corporations have robbed the country of its wealth, now they have no choice but to take all that you have under the guise of keeping things going for the country, when in fact the stolen wealth of americans have gone into the pocketbooks of the rich, corporations, bankers and politicians.

      16. Seems to me they are really trying to push people out of the banking system.


      17. how is this for “Activity”

        I’ll F-ing take it ALL OUT!

        oh but in other news you will be branded a terrorist or a flag on the IRS or FBI’s list if you remove more than a few hundred dollars from any account at any one time or even an accumulative amount that they “dont like”

        F you bankers!

      18. This practice is nothing new. It is called “Escheated Estate” and has been practiced for many years by almost all states. Now if the Estate once escheated goes to the Fed’s Vs state itself then that’s something new.

        • Yah, it’s nothing new, but the panic-mongers are counting on public ignorance and stupidity to help them sell gold/silver that will be made illegal to own by government fiat whenTSHTF, or sell overpriced “prepper supplies”, or whatever.

      19. Let’s face the truth: In every way that matters this country has turned into a giant, corrupt, depraved, shit-heap.

        But wait, there’s good news: we’re getting tens of thousands of Central and South American children streaming across the border. I guess that’s the universe laughing at us. Maybe we shouldn’t have aborted 50 million of our own.

      20. Some states are also taking unused gift cards from businesses. It used to be that a place like Best Buy had to write off unused gift cards to income and be taxed on it but no, now some states just take all the money. As of December, 2011 30 states had laws regarding unused gift cards.

      21. Jack…

      22. A very wise person stated to only have enough money in the bank to pay your bills, no more.
        First it will be the dormant accounts then they will start charging or taxing you for having money in your savings account.
        If you can put your money in Gold and Silver if you can.
        Don’t forget food, water, Ammo, weapons, medical supplies, The basic survival stuff! You know what I mean.

        • It is wiser to store your wealth in things that can’t be snatched easily. Gold, silver, precious metals, stored food, ammo etc. – all of that can be snatched by the government and they have the laws to make it right. By choosing obviously materialistic wealth storage mechanisms, you are showing your American cultural bias and are also being gormless and a sucker in the eyes of the state. Why don’t you just buy a Lamborghini and stick it out on the street in South Central LA: that’s basically what you are doing.

          Learn from people who live in failed states. They know a vast array of tricks to store wealth in a way that does not seem obvious and is not easy to snatch.

          • Frank
            They will have one hell of a fight on their hands if they try to take my stuff.
            I know that the are a lot of folks here that feel the same way!

            • Good day, Sarge. If they come to my place with such intentions, I will serve them “lead and brass refreshments.”

              • RBH

              • Hey Mac Slavo, have you succumbed to censorship on your site now? Well, I guess it was inevitable that opposition to your favorite pet posters would be deleted.

                • We’re not ‘censoring’ your comments in the traditional sense. We’re just deleting them because you post the same thing, attacking the same person on a daily basis and often times with 10 – 20 comments in a row. Thus, for the sake of open discourse and ease of readability of our comments area we’ve made the decision to trashcan those. Comments of actual substance should still be appearing.

                  • Call it what you like, it’s censorship just the same. I’ll point out the person I’m attacking also posts the same things day in and day out,and I’ve never seen any of those comments deleted for ” ease of readability. And why do you let ” Them Guys” proceed with the same daily rants of hatred without ” trash canning ” them? Do you consider his anti Jewish rants to be of ” actual substance?”.

                  • Well Mac, this is EXACTLY the type of response that I assumed I’d be getting in return. I asked you a straight man to man question and hear nothing but crickets chirping. Also, in future, it might be better to let the party in question you were referring to fight his own battles. It makes him look like a big pussy when you have step in and do it for him instead.

          • The government can’t snatch what they don’t know about or can’t find.

      23. This is why I have long thought all the traditional wealth storage strategies are deeply flawed: all based on the premise the state will keep its grubby hands off your land, money and investment assets. But I am afraid this is mistaken and ignores two things: one, historical precedent: in British common law and Napoleonic Code: both have always allowed for the state in a crisis to grab whatever resources it needs to ensure its survival; two, the current state-mindset at present: both the US and the UK have been on war footing since 2001. This means all sorts of legislation was passed that gives the government extraordinary powers. Mostly, they have gone softly-softly but as the crisis deepens, and the fact they will need to go to a Total War footing in order to tackle the multiple threats of Russia, China and the Middle East (al-Qaeda is only growing in power), this means ALL wealth is fair game and the best pluckings will come from the upper middle class: the professor with two houses, the mid-level investment bank dude, the successful lawyer, the doctor and dentist, the corporate dude, the school principal, etc.

        And another monkey in the works is new technology: the state has never before been able to so closely watch the population, so don’t think you will be able to hide your summer cottage from the tax man. They have already beta tested using drones to map properties and to ferret out any property that is not being taxed. Nope: you best get some Vaseline and do some Yoga: you are going to need the flexibility.

        • When I was working for the census bureau, they had aircraft looking for housing units that didn’t show up on public records. You can be sure they are using drones now.

          They have all the newest technology to spy on us, but they are using a system for veteran wait lists that dates back to the DOS era — 1980’s

        • I have a number of buildings on my property that have never shown up in aerial photos. Drones would have to come down low enough for me to hit them with a stick to be able to see what I have.

          • Yes it’s supprising what don’t show up on some of this high Tech stuff. I bought a lot and had a house built on it and 2 years later helped put up a large building less than a mile away, and then I happened to be looking at Google Earth and there is my empty lot and the building we put up shows on the photo. Also I’ve had more than one family come to visit and they said we have a GPS so we can find your house, ends up they always have to call for directions. I don’t know what point I’m trying to making, but Technology does fail. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

            • Speaking of Techonolgy, MRAP’s and Tanks are pretty awesome, but if you’ve never seen a Pack Horse Race you should check one out. It shows how quickly people can break camp and make a get away. If your not at the Full Auto shoot at Casper this weekend there is a pack horse race in Dubois. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • Friend up in Michigan built a “house” that was 95% “basement”, having only a 20×20 foot structure above ground. Perfectly legal at the time, since the assessment code did not consider the value of below-ground structures at all. Wonder if it’s still like that?

        • check out “Executive Order 13603” – they already have given themselves extraordinary power to snatch anything they want – land, money, goods, food, money, labor – you name it.

          • RRNot,

            The Thief-in-Chief can issue whatever Executive Orders he wants.

            What we the zeks need to know is an unconstitutional law, no matter how freighted with the trappings of “legitimacy” is null and void. Has no authority unless the Constitution expressly delegates it. It doesn’t matter what a supine Congress gave him along the way if it contradicts the Constitution.

            That applies to the Thief-in-Chief too.

            Of course, the final defense against arbitrary government “authority” is a free man or woman owning the means of asserting his liberty and having the backbone to do so.

        • lol…the local tax bureau here simply uses google earth to find structures not on tax rolls. Yes, they told me this is what they do.

          They no longer have to get off their fat asses to find that little addition you added to the back of the house without a permit.

          Google is NSA “junior”.

          All y’all’s muppets ya see.

        • Whatever happened to finding all those over-seas tax haven accounts? I heard awhile back that some bank/country was charged with hiding those accounts but never heard what happened afterwards.

      24. SHTF in Baghdad…


        “Iraqi forces sought to check the rapid advance of Islamist militants who had seized major cities, as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responded to the greatest threat to his government since taking power.”

        Bloomberg dot com

          • Heard a rational explanation for why the Urkel Adminstration isn’t going to provide air support. The 400 Stinger missiles they gave away at Benghazi would be used against us.

        • From the article…

          “There were conflicting reports from Baiji, a town north of Baghdad that’s home to the nation’s largest refinery. Output at the 310,000 barrel a day plant stopped after militants seized the facility overnight, according to a police statement today.”

          Gas prices have certainly JUMPED here.

          Gas prices have jumped over .30 a gallon here in the past 2 days.

          $3.55 gallon – Tuesday

          $3.89 gallon – today

          I recommend keeping your gas tank full. Higher gas prices will cause the price of EVERYTHING in the stores to rise.

        • KYM
          Thanks for the info:
          Really who cares if these two kill each other. They have been fighting for along time (around 900 years). There is nothing we can do about it. SO I SAY LET THEM DO EACH OTHER IN. That just means a bunch less for me and mine to have to take out when the time comes.
          You know it is coming!

          • Hopefully a large band of angry negroes take out ” you and your’n” too saarjint. You know it’s coming!



        Washington Watches Disaster Unfold…

        ‘Mass beheadings’ by al-Qaeda forces in Mosul and Tikrit…

        PM Asks USA for Strikes…

        Secret Request Rebuffed…

        Governemt on brink of collapse…

        Militants Sweeping Toward Baghdad…

        currently posted on Drudge Report

        • Yep, saw this info yesterday. Soon IRAQ will be back in the hands of it’s people and the U.S. and the banksters will be working on a plan to put the country back on the U.S. Dollar (it’s only a matter of time when the banks will be tossed out of Iraq just like what happened in 1979 in Iran). War is coming to this world of ours….it’s going to be very, very bad. Nuclear war anyone?

          • Somehow I don’t think that the medieval-minded monsters of ISIS are representative of the real Iraqi people.

            Are you being paid by ISIS to blog on US boards?

            War is a constant condition so long as evil exists, and what is there in the world that is more evil than Islam?

        • It will be seen as both the last days of South Vietnam (remember all the chaos that unleashed – refugees up the whazoo, a defeated and demoralized US military, economic mayhem etc.) and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, only this time it is the Fall of the US Dollar Hegemony Empire: Part One.

      26. Cashed out my 401K in 2007. I knew the bank crash was coming in 2008. I recently closed out my IRA. All cash converted to “Tangible Assets”. What good is an IRA that “earns” 0.35% a year? It’s better to invest in PM’s, food, guns, land, etc. I never keep more than a hundred bucks in my checking account now so the loss will be minimal when the economy collapses.

        I talked to several people the other day about all that is going on and every one of them looked at me like I was nuts. Not one of them had any idea of what is going on in the world. One of them asked me “How do you know all this?” That tells me that many people still watch the propaganda outlets called “News” and believe what they are being fed.

        Prepare folks, it’s coming.

        • It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? At least one of them showed some curiosity – the people I talk to tend to get angry or tell me I worry too much. I tell them they don’t need to worry, there are things they can do to make things easier for themselves when it happens, and they don’t even want to hear the suggestions!

          • I don’t say anything to anybody. There is great danger that they will remember where they heard it. Am sorry for the frequent posts today. I can’t recall when I’ve ever been this angry over anything. And what can we do? I will certainly not call my sorry-ass senator or representative (right…as if he represents anything we want.)So what can we do except hide? Voting is out.

            • Voting is for those who believe in the legitimacy of a ruling class (aka government).

              Consent of the governed… don’t consent.

              Voluntary compliance… don’t volunteer.

              Constitutional basis for government… the US Constitution is NO Authority (it’s just four pieces of paper written by a bunch of dead white guys who never even signed it. Read “No Treason: Constitution of No Authority” by Lysander Spooner).

              Don’t play by their rules. In fact, don’t play their game: it’s set up to make you think you have a say (representation) and have relative control (a vote), but you don’t… it’s all a grand illusion.

              If we stop playing the game, then we take away their power. If enough people just IGNORED the psychopaths calling themselves “government”, then it’s GAME OVER. Their numbers are so small in comparison to the population at-large, that they don’t have the ability to force the masses to play the game.


      27. So what I want to know is when are all you keyboard warriors going to start the revolution? They’re openly stealing our money from us now. They can take our land if they claim they have a good purpose for it. They have drones flying over our heads all day every day. Our law enforcement agencies are supplied like the military now. They are openly letting illegal immigrants across the border by the tens of thousands now without any fear of repercussion. Half of the country is on the government dole. They have already named you and me as terrorist threats.

        So all you people with your big loud words of revolution and “molon labe” and prepping- when will it be time to step up? When will it be time to stop boasting on the Internet and actually stand up for something?

        • So how do you plan to stop what’s going on?

          • I don’t plan to stop it.

            Obama is the worst president in the history of the country, and I disagree with every one of his policies, but the one thing that can be said on his behalf is that he was elected by a majority of Americans.
            I agree with democratic-style elections.

            If we ever have a revolution in America, what do you think would happen to elections? They would be gone. They would be extinct. Revolution would mean the end of our style of government, which is the greatest the world has ever seen.

            If we have a revolution, and if the government happened to be overthrown, the winners would then be in control. You could say goodbye to America as we have always known it.
            I’m against that.

            • With what type of system would you replace what we currently have?
              The system we have now is the best there is. If you want the system changed, then work within it for change.

              All this talk of “revolution” is ridiculous. All anyone on this website wants is a soapbox. No one here is willing to take even the first step toward a revolution.

              • Hey Leverage,

                You can shut up and leave now. FYI Molon Labe mean “Come Take it” Not revolution

            • Aahh, didn’t our form of government grow out of a revolution?

        • Leverage,

          Lead the way oh heroic one. Does being an agent provocateur pay well?

          Unless we are seen to occupy the moral high ground, simple random violence, a la Las Vegas, does nothing that threatens the power elite.

          Passive non-compliance amounting to denying their legitimacy is what they fear more than a few broken bank windows.

          But since you are so eager to “do something” for its own sake show us the way.

          Will be watching for you on the news.

          • @Vealgell…you make my entire point for me. No one here is willing to get out there and actually revolt. You’re all waiting for someone else to do it.

            Even then most, if not all, of you will hide at home till it’s safe to come out.

            • Voting is for those who believe in the legitimacy of a ruling class (aka government).

              Don’t play by their rules. In fact, don’t play their game: it’s set up to make you think you have a say (representation) and have relative control (a vote), but you don’t… it’s all a grand illusion.

              If we stop playing the game, then we take away their power. If enough people just IGNORED the psychopaths calling themselves “government” then it’s GAME OVER. Their numbers are so small in comparison to the population at-large, that they don’t have the ability to force the masses to play the game.

              The government can declare war upon the people, but a war machine is only as strong as its supply-lines. STARVE the beast ($$$) while INCREASING its workload (trying to collect $$$ and regaining voluntary compliance) and it will collapse (the parasites in DC and State Capitols rely upon their “enforcers”, and their enforcers won’t work for free very long)!

              STOP paying for and voting for your own enslavement!!!


      28. regarding the situation in Iraq
        here is a post from Seahorse over on Silent Country

        “This is PO. If you all will remember, in 1998 Colin Campbell wrote a book The Coming Oil Crisis (I think that was the title). He stated the world was intentionally forbidding the development and sale of Iraqi oil to allow their fields to rest as a world PO reserve. He said at some point in time a “crisis” would ensue to open those fields up to development. About that same timeCheney and his crew formed the PRoject for a New American Century to make this century the American century and specifically stated a “Pearl Harbor” type of event was needed. Once in office they formed an energy commission of private interests headed by Cheney. Though lawsuits were filed to find out who and what this commission was doing, The courts protected Cheney from disclosure citing “executive privilege.” A few documents that were released showed they were focused on Iraqi oil fields. Just a few years later, 911 was the Peal Harbor event used to justify the Iraq invasion, even though there was no link between Sadam’s and 911. So this Iraq conflict was and is about the last remaining oil. We’ve seen several other oil crisis events since that time in Libya, Georgia, Ukraine, Now the South China sea”

        PO=peak oil

        I think his post sums things up nicely

        the question is
        will the US start air strikes as the Iraqi government has requested?

        will we send troops back in

        the world has to have that oil

        • Why doesn’t “our government” just ask their good allies, the Saudis, to stop funding and arming the Sunnis in Iraq? Why would we send aircraft to bomb the guys the Saudis back? The Saudis want the Shiites to die. Saddam had the radicals under control. So did Assad in Syria. So did Gaddafi in Libya. Our foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa seems to be the policy of whatever the Saudis want. I used to think it was the Israelis that controlled our foreign policy, but it seems there are more players than just the Jews. We, the Americans, don’t seem to have a voice in the matter.

        • Colin Campbell…there’s a name I haven’t heard for a while.

          A good documentary to watch that lays all this out is “A Crude Awakening…The Oil Crash”. It features Campbell and former congressman Roscoe Bartlett (often featured in SHTFplan articles) among other commentators. It was made in 2006 but is relevant to what is happening now.

          I would say it’s on YouTube somewhere and if you have Link teevee, they often run it on there.

        • I read that the other day. Scary shit

        • That event’s been common knowledge for decades. You just learned about it now?

      29. so Obama is into enslaving our kids? but but he said otherwise/…. but his actions show the truth

        Sept 2012 “When a boy is kidnapped, turned into a child soldier, forced to kill or be killed, that’s slavery.” – B. Hussein O’Bama…

        Oh really? Is that why POtUS has waved America’s child soldier act, allowing America to arm foreign children with American weaponry? Libya, Chad, Sudan, Yemen all receive American military aid and arms while engaged in using child as warriors.

        Only in today’s America. Children warriors paid for and armed with your tax dollar. Thank you, President B. Hussien O’Bama….

        • A child army? Worked for Pol Pot. I often wonder if that is the impetus for the orchestrated invasion of Hondurans? Maybe some of those kids will become part of that civilian security force, just as stron and just as well funded. And angry about those cold burritos!!

        • You’re still funding the US Government? Shame on you (blood is on your hands for which you’ll have to account to Yahweh GOD).



      30. You’re right; Israel has never “controlled” our foreign policy.

        Does anyone here see any correlation between the greatness of America in the past and our unswerving support of Israel?

        How about a correlation between all the troubles of America recently and the wavering of our support for Israel?

        Israel will soon be invaded. When America fails to come to Israel’s aid, that will be the end of America.

        • Grafique,

          Your post reminds me of this.

          Facing the consequences of turning against Israel
          “It goes right back to Genesis and God’s pledge to bless those who bless the children of Israel and curse those who curse them.”

        • Grafique,

          I believe if you want to understand prophecy, keep your eye on Israel and study your Bible.

          God’s promise to Abraham, the patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel.

          “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.”
          Genesis 12:2-3

          • KY Mom, you’re exactly right. It’s all going to come down to Israel in the end.

            • Yeah the quicker Iran wipes Israel off the map for good, the quicker America is less a target for Terrorism. Israel is a Cancer on America like rotting flesh. .

              • Iran – and America – will be gone before Israel. The Bible prophesies that once the Jews have returned to Israel they will never leave again. It is an everlasting kingdom, and in the future will be ruled by Jesus Christ from his throne in the Temple.

                • Correct, Leverage.

                  • @WWTI –
                    You sound like you don’t care to defeat terrorism. Instead, you just want to be left alone by terrorism.

                • 85% of all Jews today have no blood lines from the land called Israel. Most Jews today originate from the land of and the country of Georgia. This is the biggest lie out there about JEWS who think that land of Palestine belongs to them. You can’t fool everyone.

              • Oh, yeah, all those Muslim terrorists in Southeast Asia who don’t even know the name Israel will just lay down their arms and take up ping-pong if Israel is destroyed.

          • KY Mom:

            After studying that verse go to the other verses and list them for us so we can see all the blessings the Lord God promised and heaped on Israel. Then tell me, out of all those blessings just which ones have came true for that little country Israel and the jewish religion that denies Jesus Christ, or are all those blessings still waiting to happen in the future?

            God does not lie, KY Mom, and all those blessings HAVE NOT HAPPENED TO DATE TO that little country Israel.

            Seems to me those blessings were heaped mostly on America and all of those blessings have been fulfilled, on Gods Israel, countries whose people were mostly Christians. No religion can deny Jesus Christ and have all those blessings given to them.

            • FOOD FOR THOUGHT…

              Yahweh GOD divorced Israel. Jeremiah 3:8.

              Israel/the Jews rejected and then conspired to kill and constructively did kill the Messiah/Christ. “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ.” Acts 2:36.

              Jesus warned us about the tares being planted by the enemy (Satan). Matthew 13:24-30.

              For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel. Romans 9:6.

              Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Revelation 3:9.

              Yahweh’s has a new Israel (a spiritual Israel) upon the Earth, the same is the “Ecclesia of GOD” with Christ as it’s cornerstone and Head.


        • Biblically correct, but I have no power or influence.

        • Grafique …..”Israel has never “controlled” our foreign policy”?????? You remind me of a GEICO commercial with some cave man living under rocks.

          • Anonymous – and you remind me of a lobotomy patient.

            • Does your “pious” post about name calling further on down the page not also apply to you, Grafique?

              You probably have more two liner name calling posts than any other poster here.

              • And you remind me of the Westboro Baptist Church, POG.

                • And the KKK.

                  • And Adolf Hitler.

                  • And Hussein Obama.

                  • All of whom claimed Christianity yet denied it by their fruits.

            • Grafique…..Subjects like you are the most dangerous ones. You use your believes incorrectly to support the satanic planners. At some point you stop being perceived as a useful idiot by your tribal masters or you must join them. Either way I pray to God for you to see the lights and stop ignoring the crimes by your masters or you and folks like you will be eliminated by the law of nature.

              • Anonymous, Isaiah correctly prophesied about you.

                Isaiah 5:20 –
                Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

                • The relationship between America an Israel is best describes as a Host and a Parasite. And no disrespect intended to parasites.

            • The Tares= Jews and the Chaff=phony jewdeo christian israel/jew firster traitors.

              in Todays modern day wordings one can also say it as the Swine and their shabozz goyim Goats.

        • Grafique: Cue Them Guys hate rant…..


          • PKLL It would be nice if they could give it a rest. Whats the old saying “let a sleeping dog lay” it seems their are agitators on both sides, very tiring. Trekker Out.

            • Mountain Trekker, just so you know, I don’t start any of these little internet arguments. But I’m not going to let unprovoked attacks on God’s Chosen go without a response.

              • God’s Chosen? So destroying lives through financial crimes is justified by your chosen master? You and subjects like you are no different than those satanic muslims who behead woman and children for their satanic believes. btw, soon the responses won’t be via comments only….just check the latest news in Europe if you even have the IQ high enough to understand the truth. Oh wait …… You can not handle the truth because you don’t even believe in God.

                • Since you know all about me, there’s no point in my responding to your outlandish claims.

                  • Typical COP OUT by the Shabozz Goyim. Never provide valid proof or answer. Always Weazel Out of answering or proveing any statements by claiming Victim status. Same as done by all them always a victim jews does eh Graf alinsky.

              • Since when is a parasite the chosen one? Oh you wrote that down then read it. You believe everything you read huh? Must be true it was posted on the Internet too. LoL

          • jewish virtual library dot org
            source/anti semitism/Jews for Jesus


            “Jews for Jesus maintains that a Jew can keep THEIR religious identity, even after converting to Christianity. Jews for Jesus preach a combination of Judaism and Cheistianity.


            THE TORAH DOES NOT TEACH that humans are born with sin — In other words, Jews do not believe that one person, NAMELY JESUS, is capable of repenting for all of humanities sins THROUGH HIS DEATH.

            The MOST IMPORTANT argument against Jews for Jesus is the fact that Jews do NOT believe that the Messiah has arrived. ACCORDING TO THE TORAH, the Messiah must be a decendent of King David. Jews do NOT consider Jesus a direct descendent. Most importantly the Messiah is supposed to bring peace to all humanity. Isaih 2:4 “and all nations shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore”. Jesus’ coming did not bring about peace, and therefore, Jews CANNOT accept Him as the Messiah.

            In response, Jews for Jesus might refer to the 2nd coming of Jesus. The Gospels predict that Jesus will ascend earth again to fulfill his messianic prophesies. OF COURSE, THERE IS NO MENTION OF A SECOND COMING IN THE TORAH. THEREFORE, Jews for Jesus is UNABLE to use Jewish textual evidence to prove Jesus is the Messiah and will come again.

            Many jews are infuriated by Jews for Jesus. In response Jews have created several organizations to combat Jews for Jesus. Jews for Judiasm and Outreach Judiasm fight against missionaries and cults who are seeking to convert Jews.

            MOST IMPORTANTLY THE ISRAELI SUPREME COURT also made clear its feelings for Jews for Jesus as it applies to eligibility for ALIYAH. While Jews are eligible to receive Isreli citizenship, the Supreme Court determined Jews for Jesus ARE NOT ACTUALLY JEWS, AS BELIEF IN JESUS AS THE MESSIAH IS NOT A JEWISH VALUE. Rather they said, “Jews for Jesus marks the clear seperation between Judiasm and Christianity” (1993 final decision).”

            My thoughts:

            Go back through this article and study once again what their Torah argues against “the Judeo-Christian continuance”. Then ask yourself why Bible believing Christians are having the Judeo-Christian bs shoved down our throats when the Jews own bible, the Torah argues against such an intermingling.

            If you cannot be a Christ-believing Christian and be a citizen of Israel according to their supreme court decision (1993), ask yourself what the dual-citizens that are your congressman and senators believe. They cannot believe in Jesus Christ and retain their citizenship. That SHOULD make you aware why a huge percent of your congress could care less about your belief in Jesus Christ and your Christianity. It goes a long way in explaining what is wrong in America and why Jesus Christ is being erased off the face of America.

            Jewish Virtual Library is a site written for Jews and their history. Well worth your time to peruse some of the articles. Be sure and read how ministers like Hagee, Robertson, etc. got caught up in the Judeo-Christian bs and the money they have funneled to support it (your money).

            • POG, I suppose you believe that God’s plans for Israel were thwarted beyond his ability to control?

              For God to make promises to Israel, then change his mind because of Israel’s behavior, means that God had no idea what was going to happen when he made those promises.

              FYI, POG, there are many prophecies in the Bible which haven’t yet been fulfilled.
              Do you believe that God has changed his mind about all those too?

              • For you to write “for God had no idea what was going to happen” is a ludicrous statement.

                Dont know whose god you are referring to, but my God, Jesus Christ is all knowing and all seeing.

                • You have a reading-comprehension problem.

                  • Hate to tell you religious gullibles, but religions main intent was population control. To dupe the ignorant into killing each other for no good reason as the 2 argue over falacies and superstition which leads to war and death. It all seems to be unfolding quite well these days. As in the end only preppers and the meek shall inherit the earth. For the rest it will be TEOTWAYKI. End of the world as you knew it.

                  • Reading Problem?: You are a Hipocryte Graf alinsky, since You believe every place biblically You see the word of “Israel” means “jew” and you believe both words are interchangable as both mean the same thing!

                    The very word of Jew is NOT even mentioned in the bible untill aprox 500 Pages after page One of genesis…IE first mention of the word “jew” is in 2nd book of Kings chapter 16 and either verse 6 or 12 if i recall it correct.

                    Abraham, Moses, Jacob Issac and a whole bunch of named persons in the bible were NOT a jew. The word jew at time of Christ days meant BOTH a tribe of judah member AND ANYBODY a resident of jeruselem CITY.

                    Christ and all His apostles came from Gallilee only Judas was from, IN jeruselem! That figures eh! a stinkin Traitor jew Judas!

                    You as well as PKLL and several others here simply reject ALL and EVERY piece of info, facts, truths that many here have provided to refute most all You folks have stated as “facts or truths” on jews or jew isues and state of israel.

                    And Most of these facts we provided to You folks Came or comes FROM jews! FROM jews themselves! Like Grannys jew virtual info website is Jews info from jews and for jews.

                    So which is it?…You are in vast denial of facts that are unrefutable from jews themselves, and jews oughtta know of themselves eh…OR….You are calling the Very jews You so worship and unquestionably Defend all LIARS?

                    Why would you folks so defend LIARS?!!…Or is rather it is YOU folks that are so damn delusioanl?…Why should anyone else trust or believe Anything such deluded fools state as You do?

                    Get a Grip already…Stop Misinterpreting the bible so badly…STOP use of that vile falsehood bible called “Cyrus Scofields version” as Thats what has created so many false interpretations the past 100 yrs since a Son of the Rothchilds Bankster founder Published it For Scofield in order to cause such subversive false beliefs amoung christians…Which fools like You and pkll so prove has occured!

                    Being stuborn when wrong is NOT a virtue you know.

                    Ignoring every factual documented proof, and theres More such documented factual proofs available than You Two both can ever possibly Read in three lifetimes, only proves the abject idiocy and how gulible folks like you really are.

                    PROVE Your Case! Provide One single bible verse that states “God said Bless Jews”….There is NO such bible verse so get Over it and your phony jew worship of self chozen frauds aka the Khazar ashanazi jew. Jew by Talmudic conversions ONLY get it…That dont make them any more of a true decendant of ancient israel 12 tribes than my neighbors Cat is!

                    Hows about trying to Act like a White man and women for a change eh! Bible facts acording to them Bap-Duhs!

          • PKLL:

            For starters you might ask Braveheart about Themguys “hateful rant”. Braveheart bothered himself to check out Themguys links and found out Themguys is posting truth. You might try doing the same PKLL; you might just learn you are on the wrong side of the issues.

            Hard to step up to the plate and comprehend the evil that has permeated this world. Even harder to tell the truth. Thanks Braveheart, you are one brave soul, and I want you to know you are my hero for telling the truth about what you found.

          • Patience. He’s downloading it off the Al Queda web site, but the Web is slow today.

          • All you Nation-Wrecking Khazar Jews and Bolsheviks; Israel-Firsters and HasbaRAT Jews; braindead FOX Kwans and MSNBC Multicult Libtards; sicko Sodomites and Lezbos; perverted Pedophile Molesters; freaky Gender-Benders of all sort; greasy Illegal Alien Mestizos; cocaine-crazed, criminal and militant blacks — or whatever bizarre combination of the above — all of you worthless scumbags had better beware your comments may end up in my SPAMblinka concentration camp!

            See how many You fit so swell PKLL.

        • Why not cruise through the internet, calll up AIPAC, look at all the quotes and boasts, and then try to convince yourself and all of us here that Israel does not control our foreign policy.

          You are a “shill” and you care not for the truth. Shameful….

          • Come on, POG…name-calling? Can we not have a calm, mature discussion without reverting to third-grade playground tactics?

            Let’s see if you can respond while keeping your temper in check?

            • Grafique …….show us one IDF assassin who was killed in Iraq and Afganistan? Just one….You can’t because all of the blood came from the young Americans who have been used and abused to protect the imperial goals of your tribal masters. Th only good news is the Americans are awakening and are discovering who the real criminals are.

              • Anonymous –
                I dispute your entire conspiracy-theorist premise.

                • Then PROVE it Graf Alinsky! PROVE the crap You post as facts….You are the name caller here always. Then like typical alinsky lib kommies and jews do…You project Your guilt on others!

                  Every False claim you make of jews and israel state are that. False. Thats why you never provide Proof to anything you state. Instead you whine and cry like a stuck swine-jew of how “You would provide proof, but not now after this or that poster called you a fraud liar” or whatever they called you….Talk of a Piss Poor excuse to weazel Out of provideing an valid prrof answer eh!

                  In todays era of ready available facts and truth to every possible issue or subject known to mankind, it is unthinkable that we still seem to have so many abject delusional “christians” that keep believing whatever some fraud phony preacher told them to, and they reject all such evidence and easy to retrieve facts.

                  This is the major reason for americas demise folks…50 Milion mainly white “christians” so Blinded to real truth, so unable to ever admit they are so wrong on jew issues that they are assisting the Very nation wrecking jews and state of israel to finalize the end destruction of america and of the white folks who discovered, invented, built and Paid for the creation of the greatest ever civilization and nation that contains it.

                  They rather keep foaming at mouth and drooling at every mention of jews or israel, and continue their Unquestioned defense regardless how much solid proof and valid documentations provided to them exist. Even Facts From jewish sources that some of us here keep posting has zero bearing. They all but name such jew info sources as LIARS, yet in same breath maintain unquestioned defense of said Liars!

                  You just cannot make this stuff Up folks! Now watch for tons of red thumbs as proof how many are fools in deep denial and so hatefull of such Truths as I and several others here post!

                  As if Hatred of factual truth is somehow going to make it all just disapear and go away folks!

                  I wonder if some of these so delusional ones are actually Teens? Very Young adults? Or just more elderly brainwashed by false preacher types?

                  STILL waiting for that bible proof to Bless any jews eh..

                  Cue jepordy Tune music while we await amazeing bible verses that say Bless jews!…PKLL is sure to have a few huh? Maybe PKLL is too busy always demanding proofs to ever provide Any herself eh?…BINGO!

        • America was the great country even prior to Israel becoming a nation in 1948. We have given them billions of dollars in aid (tribute) each year and it seems like God is cursing us. Why is that Grafi? Should we giving them more money? Have we not buried enough soldiers to help fight their wars? So no, I do not see your “correlation.”

          • Mqg25,
            God does not curse anyone. Christ took all punishment for sins on himself.
            Yes, we should advance the causes of Zionism and National Jewish Israel to the utmost of our ability.
            We haven’t fought any of Israel’s wars.

            • God doesnt curse anyone? Did your Bible study stop before Revelation?

              Or did it even start with Genesis? If God didn’t curse Satan and his seed, Cain, then you dont know what a curse is.

              Jesus will not take on the sins of the sinner who will continue to deny He is the Messiah and that he will be coming back at his second advent.

              Tell me, Grafique, just who are all those people in Revelation that Jesus Christ and his mighty army are coming back to erradicate off the face of the earth forever?

              And if you dont believe there are accursed people read John 8:44.

              • POG,
                So when the Bible says, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world”, you think it actually says, “part of the world”?

                You really do have a reading-comprehension problem.

                • Your posts remind me of the attacts and lies that Jesus put up with when he was here on earth. Your ‘chosen’ killed him for telling the truth. You are following in their footsteps, blindly trying to ‘kill’ truth to protect the ‘enemies’ of Christ.

                  You will be no hero in the end, Grafique. You will be a zero. Hope you like it where it is warm…….

                  • Are you judging me?

      31. I just keep a checking account, and if the govt. wants it, they can have it, it’s usually damn close to being overdrawn anyway. As for the rest, welllll, there is no rest, thanks to ballooning prices and fees, taxes, and surcharges, I can’t even afford to pay attention anymore!!! My hats off to the morons running this country right into the ground, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams!

      32. Wow. What a s**t storm the world is in.

        -Iraq Update: Kurds Take Kirkuk, Al Qaeda Surges Toward Baghdad

        -Iraq lost to Islamic Militants. Who also captured some US Blackhawks and other military equipment.

        -Firefight Underway As Russian “Rebels” Cross Border Into Ukraine

        -POS of the United States ‘trades’ Army deserter for 5 imprisoned Taliban killers.

        -Summer Gas Prices Highest Since 2011 As Oil Hits 9-Month Highs

        -and *now* the government openly STEALS money that belongs to others. They don’t even care to hide their true intentions any longer, folks. It’s in your face, in the open for all to see, yet some still cannot. Simply beyond belief.

        Many thanks to KY mom for posting the Potato Tower links the other day. Make sure you know how to *store* potatoes for long term storage as well, very important!

        A large wooden crate works well as does a super large Rubber made storage bin. You fill either one with CLEAN & DRY ‘wash sand’ This is basically sand box sand that has no organic matter or other materials to break down.
        You bury the potatoes in the container layering them in the sand, not touching each other if possible. If you have a cool dark basement that will work, but a root cellar would be best. That way, you can have fresh potatoes all winter until spring, when you can dig some out of the sand to replant!

        • Socrates,

          Thank you!

          This may seem like a stupid question.

          If using a rubber maid container, is it better to put the cover on the storage bin?

          • Socrates,

            It has been a long day.

            To clarify that last post…when storing potatoes for long term in a Rubbermaid storage bin with sand, should the cover be placed on the rubber maid storage bin?

            I have never stored potatoes for longer than a month. In the winter I have always stored potatoes in a room (we shut the heat vents) that is cold.

            My husband is building a storage area on the north side of a hill near the house. So, hopefully we will be able to store potatoes now on a long term basis.

      33. Is there a disconnect here or is it just me?

        If the collapse comes out federal reserve note become the equivalent of toilet paper. So since that is probably the case, does it really matter if the state or fed govts. really take it? Perhaps this is a rhetorical question, I’m not sure.

        I’ve been trying to either spend what I can while its still got value. I’ve pulled the rest out out, except for just enough to cover the minimum requirement for the account. If the state confiscates it tomorrow, I’ve already written it off as a loss the convenience of using bill-pay.

      34. Interesting, is it not, how these little known tidbits are codified and put away for a rainy day, finding their way out into the open only for special occasions. Now, what IS that special occasion this time? Check your own states. Thanks for the heads-up.


        Pretty damning evidence is you ask me..
        also go down and listen to the Fox lady reporter and her story..

        if this slides thru this admin..and no one big and high up swings for this, than our rule of law fo everyone is subject, and as far as im concerned its time to “let it roll”

        We the subjected will not lay down for this, we also will not be falsely prosecuted for showing this , or for forcing our laws upon those that think they do not apply to them..its time to change this way of doing buiz..its time they are ALL held accountable ..they have sworn testimony that is making them all liers and perjury on the stand ..treason has got to be delt with even if this country is falling apart, and no time like the present

        • Since at least 90+% of the culprits charged will be jewish perp criminals, be sure you have NO that is ZERO jewdeo christian idiots like grafalinsky or pkll on any Juries at comming Neurenburg trials II.

          Because if you are looking for Convictions of said perp criminals and Traitors….These jewdeo christo jew firsters will always claim they are totally Innocent of ALL charges bar none!

          If he were still alive, and you put Leon Trotsky, jew birth name Lev Bronstien, ON Trail for the over TEN Million White Christians he mass murdered back in the russian revlot aka jewish revolution against christian russians in 1918…Once these type jewdeo christian oxymorons discovered Trotskys jewish…They in unisone will scream out “NOT GUILTY”! thinking they are blessing a jew!!

          No matter how bad the crime, how vile the evils done, how abjectly wrong these crimes were and are…Any jewish perps charged will be set free by these delusional jewdeo christian Oxymoron folks.

          Then they will await mass blessings from the sky due to their form of bless them jews no matter what jews do wrong.

          As if a Righteous and Just God would ever bless such phony false beliefs or actions eh. It all only works out like that if you ignore 99% of the entire new testement and new covenant of christianity and Christ. Which is exactly how these deluded fools function.

      36. How The US Is Arming Both Sides Of The Iraqi Conflict

        Obama Responds To Iraq Request For “Kinetic Support”, Says Ready To Take Military Action

        “So the US is about to unleash hell against the same Al Qaeda extremists it was arming across the border in Syria? Score one more for US foreign policy. Meanwhile, the one person who benefits the most from rising crude prices, that would be Putin for those who still don’t get it, is laughing all the way to the bank.”

        good luck figuring out this mess

        ONE thing if for certain
        oil production and export is the main objective

        • If they support Paul who just tried to compromise with immigration reform officials–yep.

        • VRF
          Did he use protection or was he … errrr…. ah…. the other way around?

      37. Just for everybody’s information: even the offshore tax-havens have gotten into the act! Of course, even offshore tax-havens’ governments are badly managed and short of money… I have written about this theme on my blog on several occasions – most recently, earlier this month, on privatisation. Other posts are easily found in the blog’s Archives; the titles usually identify the theme.

        Here is a link to our Monetary Authority’s website (we don’t have a Central Bank, being a British colony). Note the second paragraph, which says “… the Governor in Cabinet can declare any other type of financial institution to be an account provider if he deems that to be in the national interest.”

      38. Not so many years back post great depression there was a legitimate distrust of banks.

        This should hold true for today……….

        Screw the banks….were you really getting interest income anyhow?

        Buy a decent safe, rebar and concrete. Become your own banker.

      39. Will they take a check?

      40. of course I vehemently disagree with this ridiculously presumptuous policy, but if it’s your account, simply set up one payment per year minimum (or perhaps more preferably, a monthly payment) for something like your auto insurance policy, to be electronically withdrawn from your account. Presto. You’re done.

      41. Yet, even more change you can believe in.

      42. Close all bank accounts ASAP….

        • If you collect Social Security or VA disability you have
          to have a bank account so that your funds can be direct
          deposited ! They have you by the “hang downs” !

      43. Uh new news? Texas 35 years ago. I worked for a couple that lost life savings for not touching old account. 7 years back then.
        If you think this is something new – sorry to wake you. Even in the peoples republic of California. Think your state is the exception ? Sorry again its all 50 states. Think I,m talking out of my Obama, read your checking , savings , or CD account legalize.
        You may not have read it all. You signed it. Now don’t that give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over?

      44. Just to clarify, if this is to operate like dormant accounts schemes elsewhere, the bank in question will write to you at your last known address asking you if you want to keep the account open. If you reply in the affirmative, then the dormant accounts procedure does not kick in. Even if you don’t reply, it does not mean you have permanently forfeited when the account is considered dormant. You retain a legal claim to the funds that may be exercised by you or your heirs at any time. So government will at most be borrowing your money, not thieving it outright.

        • This was 35 years ago. What I remember was they left no forwarding address and the bank said sorry. If my understanding of this was incorrect / my apologies. Not a politico. I admit any errors. Sadly they were old 35 years ago and the man later died of cancer so no contact is possible.
          It seams that my political dreams are screwed. Damn honesty.

      45. Ever notice Israel never fights in any wars. Just sits back and once in a while takes swinging sucker punches at the weak and innocent, then runs off to hide.

        • WWT’kit
          And yet they can’t understand why the whole world hates them.

        • 1948 War

          Yum Kippur War

          Six Day War

          I forget the rest….

      46. This has just happened in Australia. They stole $385 million dollars from ordinary people.

      47. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

        • Of course, the phrase ‘due process of law’, is the key. The confiscations are in accord with the law, so we can go whistle for it.

        • Well, with all these property confiscations that are “justified’ by the “Drug War”, I guess we can assume that “Due Process” now means “We Want It”.

      48. ALL 50 states steal bank accounts, treasuries, safe deposit boxes, etc…California was getting so bad at it that a court actually stepped in and told them that they had to send a letter to the person whom they were getting ready to rob first. As of right now that is the only state that is required to send out a notification. Sad thing how people don’t learn anything from history or they have selective amnesia or they have Oslo syndrome.

      49. One of these days it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The people of this country will just snap and start shooting these thieves (and deservedly so).

        I don’t know if it will be more sad or funny as they all face a firing squad with shocked expressions saying: “what, what did I do?” I really do wonder if all politicians are evil or all of them are mentally retarded. Those are the only 2 explanations for their behavior.

        • The people will never snap, only a few that can be controlled and dealt with very easily. The people will continue to put up with what ever the gov does and with whatever restrictions they put on them. Socialism and Communism are coming and there’s not much you can do about it.
          Only about 15% of the conservative voters even vote so it’s no wonder this is going to happen. The only way to stop it is if the majority non voting population get out and vote, otherwise, you just need to get you and your family used to living under social comunism.

      50. Given the craptastical so called interest rates these days… you add this and Bank of Sealy is looking more and more attractive…

      51. Totally illegal!

      52. In 1984 I lived in Georgia and became aware of this, and at the time it was 5 years before these bank accounts, etc., were considered abandoned property and turned over to the state revenue dept. At that time, if you were the owner of one of these accounts, and you had some kind of documentation (such as old bank statements, etc. – it varied according to the circumstances of each case, how much money was involved, etc.) you could get it back fairly easily by filling out a form and filing it with the Unclaimed Property Office, which was part of the revenue dept. It would take about 2-3 weeks and they would send you a check for it. The main thing was that you did not get paid any interest on it during the time the state had it.

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