Gaza Clashes: Dozens Killed Before US Embassy Opens In Jerusalem

by | May 14, 2018 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    Photo Credit: Associated Free Press

    At least 41 Palestinians have died in clashes with Israel ahead of the United States embassy opening in Jerusalem.  Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem has been a controversial decision from the get-go, and the situation is becoming increasingly violent.

    Palestinians have seen the opening of a new embassy and declaration of Jerusalem as the Capitol as clear US backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, whose eastern part Palestinians lay claim to. Top US officials, including President Donald Trump’s daughter and her husband, are attending Monday’s event, which the leader of Hamas has said is a war declaration.

    Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said in a speech in Gaza City on Thursday that President Donald Trump‘s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has “killed” the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. “This decision has killed the peace process, has killed the Oslo [accord], has killed the settlement process,” he said. “The US decision is an aggression, a declaration of war on us, on the best Muslim and Christian shrines in the heart of Palestine, Jerusalem. We should work on launching an intifada in the face of the Zionist enemy,” Haniya said. –SHTFPlan

    An “intifada” is an uprising, and it looks as though Haniya was not bluffing, but neither was Donald Trump, as the dedication ceremony is currently underway [at the time of this writing]. “Today we open the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel,” U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said at the inaugural ceremony, attended by a U.S. delegation from Washington and Israeli leaders.

    Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist rulers, have led mass protests in what has been dubbed the “Great March of Return” for the past six weeks and Israel now says demonstrators are trying to breach the border fence.

    According to the Hamas-run health ministry, and as reported by the BBC, children were among those killed in clashes on Monday. The health officials also said 900 Palestinians were wounded, about 450 of them by live bullets. Palestinians threw rocks and firebombs, while the Israeli military used snipers as toxic black smoke poured from burning tires.

    Israel’s army alleged that 35,000 Palestinians were taking part in “violent riots” along the security fence and that its troops were operating “in accordance with standard procedures.”

    Hamas, which is in a state of conflict with the nation of Israel, has said it would step up protests in the lead-up to Tuesday, the official Nakba commemoration. Hamas also says it wants to draw attention to what Palestinians insist is their right to return to ancestral homes in what became Israel following the foundation of the Israeli state on May 14, 1948 – exactly 70 years ago to this day. 

    “Today is the big day when we will cross the fence and tell Israel and the world we will not accept being occupied forever,” a science teacher in Gaza, Ali, told Reuters news agency.


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      1. What did they expect when they attack someone else’s country? You play with fire you’re going to get your stupid ass burned.

          • Exactly John:

            Palestinians will always lose because while Isreal fights with bombs, Palestinians fight with rocks.

            Gaza is a concentration camp for Palestinians who have been driven out of their homes by terrorist Isreal. Palestinians are being murdered and the world watches.

            _ Isreal is a Rothschild banker stronghold. Rothschild owns Isreal.

            _ Goldman Sachs is Rothschild/Isreal in the USA

            _ Criminals rule over us.


          • Braveheart and John, looks like you two have pissed off the anti Israel goat humpers, GOOD JOB!!!! Please keep up the good work!!!

        • Hey Dep BH. What will you do when a thief breaks into your house and sits on your couch and put his feet up on your table? Feed him, and give him your guns and build em an embassy? Or give em lead? Just wondering?

          Wanna know what happens to Trespassers that break on my property? Dead Meat for the wood chipper.

      2. One of the Gazans claimed they won’t accept being occupied forever? BS with capital BS. Israel withdrew all of its civilians and military from Gaza in 2005. Hamas kicked out the PA in a civil war in 2007. Countries under Muslim rule are just more third-world hellholes. Hamas takes every dollar of international aid given to Gaza to use in their fight against Israel. The people in Gaza are suffering because of Hamas, NOT Israel.

        • Ever notice Israehell does not get along with anybody. OK maybe ISIS…

          • Funny how Saudi Arabia agrees with Israel on this embassy move. I guess they do get along after all.

        • Israehell takes every welfare dollar ($38 Billion) the US gives them, and creates chaos, terrorism and genocide across the globe. Israehell is a terrorist state. Fact!!

          Israehell and Saudi= Co- Conspirators of the 911 Attacks. 5 dancing Mossad agents and the eemolition of the towers and the Saudi hijackers.

          Both ememies of the American people.

      3. There is no such thing as a Palestinian, just as there is no such thing as a Confederate any longer. Why does the West play along with such nonsense? It only gives then cover.
        Whatever the reason, there are 41 less of the miserable heathen trash today. That’s a start.

        • I say, as I’ve done before, that we repatriate all of Israel to Italy since once Rome controlled that land. I swear, this actually could be the fuse finally really being lit on the powder-room. Let those miserable zealots – either/or both side you wish to choose – wipe each other out.

        • There is no Confederate because there are no men with the guts to fight the same Federal tyrant. Enjoy your chains.

          • I guess I need to remove my bumper sticker that says, “I’m a Rebel”

      4. All a bunch of sand-fleas – they so deserve each other…kill each other you 1/2 human apes you.

        • Stuart and CC, agreed. That’s truly all they are.

      5. Dont forget,Paraguay said it will move its embassy to Jerusalem, too. Will they riot over that?

      6. As far as I am concerned fuck the Palestinians and the Jews equally.

      7. Countries with a strong nuclear arsenal have something that goes with it and that is the temptation to solve your problems with them. Right now the Israelis are probably discussing this very option. Destroy Damascus and the areas with a high concentration of Alawites and no more Assad. All World War III needs to get started is for someone to seriously miscalculate.

      8. Jerusalem has been the true Capital of Israel for well over 2500 years and it’s time that a Super Power had the backbone to acknowledge it. President Trump your the Man! Trekker Out

        • Mt Trekk. Ignorant F@cker. Oh yeah grandapa Rothchilds teethy DNA were found right at the site of the US embassy. Amazing find fir sure.

          Israheell is a sham TERRORIST government propped up to create global chaos. The evil devil indeed. THEY DESERVE COMPLETE ANNIALATION AND WIPED OFF THE PLANET FOR GOOD.


          Anybody with a half of brain can see the clear difference.

          • Thank you TharSheBlows, once again you have shown you have half a brain. Trekker Out

      9. Those clowns have been fighting for 1000’s years what is new. Just let them keep it over there and not here.

      10. Isreal celebrates seventy years of occupation of Palestine. Go 666. Blood sacrifice.


        2,000 Palestinians injured. The death toll rises.


        Demonstrations in the streets play right into the hands of Isreal.


      11. Israel is squatting on Palestinian land. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. The occupiers of Palestine are the most evil nation on planet Earth, America’s downfall is directly tied to Israel who control every aspect of the US, the banks, the military, Hollywood and all US politicians while sending America into a quickly evolving shithole status. Bethlehem is in Palestine where Jesus was born. The Israeli controllers are not Christians, making so called US Christians support of Israel absurd. The US government has become the enemy of mankind throughout the world with the slaughter of innocent human beings. All for Israel and the control by Cain.

      12. Israel is essentially owned by the Rothchilds. They maybe the only actual Jews in Israel instead of the Kazars who serve the World Bankers.Who do all their dirty work.

        BTW it’s a Rothchild oil company which is pumping all of Syria’s oil out of the Golan.

        • All 10 barrels a day?
          Yeh.. Right

        • Harbard. You are correct, follow the money. Dickhead Chenney, Rupert Murdock who own FOX News and Rothchilds have plans to pump stolen Syrian oil, once the government is destroyed. Golan Heights is Syrian Territory but invaded and occupied by the parasite squattets who fly the 6 sided star of evil. Golan Heights has some of the largest oil reserves on planet earth. I bet half the ignorant morons in this site commenting could not find these countries on a map if they tried.

      13. Notice the outrage against Trump and the US, vocalized by
        Hamas leader Ismail Haniya (Hamas, far out) who demonizes the US but – and a big BUT – not one mention of Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman’s on-point comment to basically, ‘accept the deal or shut up’.

        Easy to declare jihad or intifada or whatever when dealing with the Big Satan, but they poop their pants when getting slapped down by the Sauds.

        Link to The Palestine Chronicle article:

        • Interesting article. Thanks.

      14. Only 41 in that target rich environment? IDF needs more target practice.

        • What was the IDF sniper shirt?

          One shot, two kills (RE shooting a pregnant Palestinian woman)

      15. These sand monkeys need to be buldozed into he sea.
        What have they or will they do to enhance humanity -NOTHING
        They need to go bak into their rat holes

        • I got to tell my kids what a “sling” was after we watched the news, which led to a teaching moment about David and Goliath.

          So…. The Palestinians are worth something.

        • The invading squatters took a page out of American history and doing the same thing as the Invading Europeans did to the American Native Indians. Its systematic genocide and land theft any way you look at it..

          Israel never earns anything. The parasite locusts just steal it, take it and squat on it. They been kicked out of 100 countries before, as history proves.

          Hitler wad 100% Correct. The KKK was 100% Correct. Just look what American Government has turned into. A parasite.

      16. Well their “holy”book is full of massacres and genocide
        of any poor fools living in the land they conquered. Jehovah also takes credit for killed every living on the
        planet except for some boat people.

        Next he’s going to kill everything with fire. More effective then just shooting their heads off with hollow points.

      17. Until the Palestinians utilize non-violent protest they will continue to be marginalized.

      18. The Palestinian people are the useful idiots here, inflamed and told what to do like sheep, Palestinian leader’s best financial interests is to never have peace. Enjoy your Malibu style homes on the beach in Gaza turrds. Wouldn’t wanna lose the millions in aid coming in. Ps your victim complex has not worked for 60 years now lol. There was never a country called Palestine, and your all Jews lol

      19. fag animals killing pederast animals. God is good God is Great

      20. Let’s get something straight here: they are not “Palestinians”. That is a word created by the British not all that long ago. They are Philistines, always have been, and never had any claim or history in Jerusalem until the last century or so. Throughout their history, they considered the place part of the ancient ruins of the Jews, and had no desire to be part of it.
        The current country of Jordan was created for these people. Let them “go home” there.

      21. Jim Trafficant told the truth before he died. Our government are whores for Israel. The msm tore into his statements when he appeared on news programs, he was then railroaded into prison. None today have the guts to tell the truth. This is no longer the American peoples government.

        • Israelis are the testing grounds for American Military.

          The get all our new tech and new weapons. Try it out on the mooslims, then we fix the hick-ups.

          Win Win.

          And Jim Trafficant was a piece of shit too. Another corrupt ass wipe from Illinois.

        • I tell the truth good or bad. And so should everybody else. A few brain washed dolts on here supporting the parasites. Like john SteinerBergGoldmanRothchild.

          Wilber Ross, Trumps Commerce Sec is really Wilber Rothchild. You see the 3ews like to disguise their evil names and heritage.

          Like Jack Ruby who killed Oswald. His real name was Jack Rubenstein. Same cloth, all evil to the core.

          Wilber Ross bailed Trump out when he went bankrupt in the 1980’s. So payback is giving this Z-i-o-n-i-s-t 3ew a Sec of commerce position. Our Govnt is F@cked bigtime and hijacked by the Cabal. Wake up sheep!! Trump is a puppet tool for Israehell sadly. Trump may have had good intentions but he is just a blackmailed pawn for the Cabal.

      22. Since we are on this topic, I wanted to take a moment to note that Mitt Romney is a piece of shit.

        That asshole actually criticized the pastor that lead the opening prayer of the embassy, calling him a bigot.

        Fuck Mitt Romney and his fake Utah residency.

        • Mitt Romney told the truth. Poor sad little 3ew Jonnyboy Stiner cant handle the truth. Too bad cockroach. Truth is your biggest enemy.

          Israehells biggest enemy’s is not the Palestinians, but the Truth is their biggest enemy. The fight the truth daily. Just like the HoloHoax big lie. We nees a real Holocaust, then really give the few left sumthin to talk about.

          Karma will eat the 3ews alive.

      23. Israel…I am ashamed of your shooters…I am 71 with poor eyesight and I bet I could have dropped more than 58 sand rats…

      24. The Golan Heights are believed to have oil reserves greater than the Saudis’. The Genie Oil Company is doing exploratory drilling to check it all out. Rothschild, Cheney, and Murdoch are the major figures in the Advisory Board and probably owners as well. (Cheney isn’t there for his shooting skills at duck hunting.) To go into full-scale oil pumping, they have to deal with Syria and Assad. (It’s hard to pump oil in a war zone.)

        Chapter 17 of Isaiah contains a prophecy of Damascus being a “heap of ruins”. It speaks of widespread devastation in Syria and Northern Israel. Would the Israelis be crazy enough to nuke Damascus? Chapter 38 & 39 of Isaiah speaks of a coalition of many nations (primarily Muslim) invading Israel. This would be a consequence of nuking Damascus. Everyday it seems to be falling into place. We’ve had times like this before and everything settles down (like a volcano). Hopefully, this too shall pass.

        • I imagine the religious fairy tale you tell will be used to manouver events on the ground to the eventual goal you mention: oil and gas. Israel can just taste it, it is so close: Imagine the economic gain if a modern, Westernized society (Israel) were to be playing with the same or more cash than the backward, desert apes who got all the oil and gas money after WWII?

          One of the big screw-ups for Israel when it was founded was the lack of resources to extract. Because of this, Israel had to build an economy that actually more or less earned its keep with agriculture, technology and science. But imagine if they could add the free money tree to it of oil and gas revenue? This is the game-changer and Bibi knows it. Israel, if they can just hold their nerve, will be on the cusp of becoming not only the wealthiest country in the Middle East, but potentially in the world. Everything to play for …

      25. If the Genie Oil Company finds that the oil find in the Golan Heights is as big as they first thought, it will mean tens of billions of dollars for Israel. Israel would have oil for decades. Together with the gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, Israel could develop a military that would be unbeatable(even better than they now have). The Muslims know this. At the same time, you have what is happening in Jerusalem and in Gaza. It feels like it did shortly before the Six Days War.

        With everything going on in the Israeli economy, the future of Israel looks very promising except for Assad and his Iranian support.

        • Agree: Israel just needs to get through this tricky phase. On the plus side, the Muslims and Arabs are being bated into doing the dumb thing: attacking Israel outright. When they do that, the US will jump into the fight and it will be clean up time. Just as in both World Wars, the allies will sweep in to the region and re-draw the map. But this time, Israel is going to get the bulk of the land and this time Israel will get to enjoy the windfall cash from the oil and gas, not the sand apes who just spent the money on stoking anti-Western Islamic terrorism.

          The Middle East in 10 years’ time is going to be a very different place. You will still have the wealthy Emirate cities but by far the biggest and wealthiest country will be Israel. As for the Arabs, there will be far fewer of them because the resources and wealth will not be there for them to multiply like they did.

          Israel will be a global tech powerhouse and also a top vacation spot. What were Iraq, Syria etc. will be broken up into various statelets under international mandate, policed by corrupt UN peacekeepers who will enjoy the upgrade to a better quality p#ssy they were getting in Africa. And so the world turns …

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