Fully “Vaccinated” Texas Governor Tests Positive For COVID-19

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who infamously said he’s going to “allow” Texans to be free after locking them down, has tested positive for COVID-19. Abbott is fully “vaccinated” with the experimental gene therapy and has what the mainstream media is calling a “breakthrough” infection.

    “The Governor has been testing daily, and today was the first positive test result,” communications director Mark Miner said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that Abbott is currently “in good health and experiencing no symptoms” from the virus.

    This seems like a psychological operation designed to convince those on the right who somehow still support this tyrant to get the third shot (the booster.) Or, it could be to set up another lockdown.  It’s hard to tell. All we know is no one sits on the throne unless they were put there and willing to roll out the New World Order.

    Miner also noted that Abbott would receive Regeneron – a monoclonal antibody treatment, or special lab-created proteins which mimic the immune response to harmful pathogens, like viruses, according to a report by RT. Though the governor is asymptomatic, such treatments can help to reduce the chance of severe illness with Covid-19, according to the FDA.

    Why does this feel like a psyop?

    Last Friday, Abbott unveiled a plan to establish nine monoclonal antibody infusion sites across Texas in an effort to take pressure off of hospitals. As of Monday, more than 11,500 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in the state, while the number of ICU beds available had dwindled to 322.

    The governor also recently called in 2,500 out-of-state healthcare workers to support hospitals and “mitigate the surge of Covid-19 cases in Texas, while urging medical facilities to postpone elective procedures to clear space for coronavirus patients.

    The spike in infections has been attributed to the more contagious Delta variant, which was first observed in India but has since swept the US and a number of other countries. While daily cases and deaths in Texas have yet to reach their peak seen last January, hospitalizations in the state now mirror the worst days of its outbreak. –RT

    Texas has also almost reached a 50% full “vaccination” rate. It has administered nearly 29 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, fully immunizing more than 13 million people or about 47% of the state’s population.

    What do we know? We know the vaccine is not a vaccine, it’s an experimental gene therapy. We know the tests Abbott took to find COVID-19, which hasn’t been isolated, pick up the common cold. We also know the common cold is synonymous, by the CDC’s own admission, (meaning it’s the same thing) with COVID-19. We know the flu has disappeared since they started reporting about COIVD 24/7. We know COVID-19 hasn’t been isolated.

    So what’s Abbott trying to pull here? More shots? More lockdowns? Both? Critical thinking skills are going to be much needed in the coming days, and I have said this for months.  Now that’s it’s becoming obvious that they are all in this together, we need to get even better at finding these psyops. There is so much wrong with this story that it’s getting easy for most of us, now, which is a good thing.

    Also, it’s important to remember that the only source of “data” on the un”vaccinated” being in the hospital is coming from the mouths of the ruling class, and its puppets in the mainstream media.  Nowhere can that information be verified.  It’s being spewed out of the mouths of known liars and propagandists. Just another important bit to think about.

    Stay prepared.  Stay aware. It’s all we can do right now.



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      1. As you correctly mentioned
        this all feels like a psyop.
        Just to put this entire covid
        hoax into some kind of perspective I would pose the following question to anyone out there who may still believe all of this nonsense:
        Have any of you ever had a cold or a flu which lasted for a year and a half????

      2. ” Abbott is currently “in good health and experiencing no symptoms” from the virus.”

        So this brings a question to my mind:

        If he was fully vaccinated and has no symptoms, why was he being tested to see if he had it?

        Does he not believe the vaccine works and protects him?

      3. All the numbers and information we get comes from the very ones who need
        a reason to lock us down and strip away even more of our freedoms but I suppose they wouldn’t “alter” the data to fit their agendas would they?
        These people wouldn’t just
        make up the numbers would they? Nah, they’d never do
        something like that .?

      4. Would anyone have even noticed he had tested positive for the phantom menace had they not announced it. Nope.
        The very fact they announced it publicly means it’s all part of the neverending “vaccine” push agenda.

      5. Vaxxed for nothin’,and blood clots for free
        Get your Vax for nothin’,and your blood clots for free
        Vaxxed for nothin’,blood clots for free
        Get your Vax for nothin’,blood clots for free
        Vaxxed for nothin’,blood clots for free
        Vaxxed for nothin’, blood clots for free
        Get your Vax for nothin’,and your blood clots for free

      6. Looks like the governor may have received the equivalent of a ‘warning shot’. Notice he’s not receiving ivermectin; they possibly put his sample through a few extra centrifuge cycles trying to find something, anything.

        On the other hand, he’s another example of someone being just fine with COVID, assuming this was confirmed as SARS Cov-2 in the lab and not a common cold coronavirus.

        He isn’t locking down, just going through the motions of COVID-1984 without enforcement. That’s something. Banning vaccination requirements would be preferable but he’s leaving it up to employers.

        The realistic alternatives to Governor Abbot are…? Republican or Democrat, and its up to the party faithful to keep their ballot choice honest from the start.

        Vitamins D,C, K and zinc folks.

      7. “The Governor has been testing on a daily basis”
        Uh,why? If the “vaccine” works then why the need for constant testing? These people are such liars.
        Also , who the fuck gets tested everyday for a cold??

      8. He’s getting the same antibody treatment that Trump got in Walter Reed.

        You know…the treatment that has only emergency approval, The one that costs $1300 a dose and is not available to the everyday joe six pack. Only available to swamp creatures.

      9. Do you really think these nimrods got the vaccine? If you do I have ocean front property in AZ I can sell ya cheap.

        They got a placebo, a shot of sugar water…and now the chickens have come home to roost for the Lord God is exposing their lies and hypocrisy…

        • How much for that Arizona Ocean Front Property?

          I have myself some good credit – $200 in my wallet – got 5 diamonds and 7 rubies in my safe.

          In my eternal safe I have the ultimate jebus statue that nobody ever seen. It’s Jebus with his joystick in hand … shoving it into the devils’s face.

          This item is priceless – who in their damn mind would not want such a thing? – this is like pure fucking gold!

          Step right up … get your Jebus and pedophile Priest and Pastor Tablet right now … Jebus be shooting these pedophile priest and pastors and its up to us to finish it for him

          Thank you Jebus – A — fk’n Men

      10. This article is about Abbott, then why is Bush’s picture on the front page?

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