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    Fully Vaccinated Bill Gates Tests Positive For COVID

    Mac Slavo
    May 12th, 2022
    Comments (25)

    Fully vaccinated and boosted Bill Gates has tested positive for COVID-19. Media outlets claim he’s experiencing “mild symptoms.”

    The Microsoft co-founder announced his condition on Twitter, saying that he is “experiencing mild symptoms and am following the experts’ advice by isolating until I’m healthy again.”

    “I’m fortunate to be vaccinated and boosted and have access to testing and great medical care,” he added in a separate tweet.

    Bill Gates Helps Create A Vaccine That Will Help Prevent Polio Caused By Vaccines

    This announcement comes on the heels of Gates claiming the worst is still yet to come:

    Bill Gates Warns: “We’ve Not Seen The Worst Of COVID”

    Gates, speaking on CNN, discussed how COVID-19 has led to an explosion of digital services, helping people and companies connect and interact with each other without having to be nearby. He believes that the increased use of digital tools will not subside after the COVID-19 pandemic, and will instead be permanent.

    “I think that is a very positive thing,” Gates said during the interview. “And the software involved is going to get a lot better. I wouldn’t underestimate that accelerated digitization including in health and education substantially.” –Yahoo News


    So this means the “vaccine” is working, right? Several shots in and Gates still gets COVID with symptoms. A few media outlets have also been sharing discretely that the deaths of the fully “vaccinated” have been climbing.  According to a report by WXYZ Detroit an ABC News affiliate, federal data shows that during the height of the delta wave, almost 19% of COVID-19 deaths were among the vaccinated. That number jumped to 40% in February, when cases were surging because of omicron.

    If this is somehow supposed to convince people to get “vaccinated” with the mRNA cocktail that’s been proven to cause severe side effects and reactions, then only the most gullible could possibly fall for it.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: May 12th, 2022

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      1. Frank Thoughts says:

        To be fair they never said the vaccine would stop you from getting Covid or spreading Covid; they only said it would significantly improve your chances of survival if you have a compromised immune system.

        You have really two choices: one is to get to a healthy body weight, eat lots of veggies, take Vitamin D, and not get the vaccine (and take your chances with Covid), or, get the vaccine and stay the fat, lazy, junk food eating slob that you are right now.

      2. CA Rebel says:

        Ha ha ha! His lies just bit him in the butt. Ha ha ha!

      3. Go Away says:

        Hopefully, he’ll continue
        to isolate…..forever.

      4. If only says:

        Love that photo of Bill
        surrounded by fire. I only
        wish it wasn’t just a photo.

      5. hmm... says:

        Funny how all of these
        (allegedly) “vaccinated”
        elitists are testing positive
        for the phantom menace, yet
        the rest of us unjabbed folks
        are just fine. Perhaps there
        is a common denominator
        in those who “get covid”.
        Gee, I wonder what those
        who test positive have
        in common???

      6. Exactly!!! says:

        “then only the most gullible could possibly fall for it”.

        Well said. There is a
        pandemic in this country
        alright but it is a pandemic
        of gullibility and stupidity.

      7. Brockland A.T. says:

        He probably got a placebo saline shot.

      8. Darth Skippy says:

        If I was going to give up on some hopelessly lost reprobate with one, single, end-all-be-all statement, I would say that someone ruling via controlled chaos can only possibly live life as a comedy of errors. The pundits and cynics, forever riding on his coattails, will never be without intellectual material, if without materiel like water, food, transportation, and shelter.

      9. Reprint says:

        Details Of The Who
        Pandemic Treaty And
        War On Humanity:

      10. Spider25 says:

        Sorry bill but pushers never get high on there own supply. GTFO I do not believe for second the gates of poison took the real shots.
        Nice try farmer gates! SDASTFU we are sick of hearing from your computer coding ass!

      11. Wonderful, even Satan’s friends get covid. Piss of Wild Bill.

      12. alfie says:

        Poor baby, My heart bleeds purple piss ( so to speak ) for this clown

      13. May he be the first case of Covid who’s head falls off in a cactus patch

      14. Indeed says:

        So Kill Gates tested positive
        for phony 19 ? Now if only
        there was a way to test him
        for humanity and empathy
        towards others. I’m sure
        this satanic guy would test
        NEGATIVE on that one!

      15. Carrol says:

        Let’s hope Gates dies choking on his own turd.

      16. Go Away says:

        This guy gives
        garbage a bad name.

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