French Mayors Panic As Migrants Overwhelm Cities, Beg Macron For Help

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    Percentage of immigrants in total population

    Mayors from seven major French cities overwhelmed by the flow of migrants have written a joint letter to Paris published in LeMonde on Saturday, begging the government to step in and help.

    According to the letter, the cities of Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulousa and Nantes are taking in “several thousand” refugees per month, which the mayors say is causing a social emergency as they are “backed up against a wall” and “completely saturated” by a seemingly endless flood of asylum seekers.

    The year 2017 ends with a massive rise in the demand for asylum and the arrival of newcomers puts extreme tension – particularly with the onset of the cold wave – of the classic public and institutional policies. In a proportion never before known, the mechanisms allocated to housing asylum seekers, led by the State, often with the support of our communities, are indeed completely saturated, despite the steady increase the number of places … The evidence is there, before our eyes, in our streets, in homes and shelters: there is urgency.

    Every month, several thousand people arrive in our cities. Integrating those recognized as refugees and helping those who have lost their right of asylum who still remain in our territory is a major issue. –Le Monde (translated)

    The mayors point to a lack of shelters, and call on Paris to establish a “solidarity network” between the cities of France dedicated to addressing the flow of migrants, as well as an “enlarged meeting with the state at the highest level,” which the mayors say must act quickly by assuming its sovereign powers to “finance these developed actions and propose a clarified framework of work with the communities for a real plan of reception of the migrants.”

    In other words – Paris needs to step up and dedicate more money and housing towards the migrant crisis.

    In response to the letter, the French Interior Ministry proposed a resettlement scheme which would result in the relocation of some 20,000 housing units, “broken down regionally” to ensure “distribution balanced” refugees and mobilization of donors, reports AFP.

    In addition, the authorities asked the prefects to establish “mobile teams” responsible for the identification of migrants in emergency accommodation, much to the chagrin of the associations. (Midecins du  Monde, Emmaus, …) who denounce a logic of “census,  labeling and  triage”. –AFP (translated)

    As anyone who listened to the French Presidential debates gathered, France knows it’s got a massive problem with migrants. In October, after a 29 year old undocumented Tunisian man stabbed two women to death in the Southern city of Marseille, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed a new policy whereby illegal immigrants who commit crimes in France will face deportation.

    “Even without new legislation we can take tougher measures and expel illegal immigrants if they commit a crime, whatever it may be,” Macron said.

    France has been heavily affected by the migrant crisis. After an October 2016 relocation of some 6,000 migrants from the Calais “Jungle” camp across Europe, new asylum seekers continue to pour into the country and set up makeshift camps. Many migrants are sleeping on the streets of Paris, begging for money and angering local residents and sparking sanitary concerns. Last week, a group of Parisian protesters threatened to go on a hunger strike if police didn’t relocate approximately 100 Syrian and Afghan migrants from a northern Paris neighborhood.


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      1. migrants are better than french so it will be a big improvment if the mooslimbs take it over.

      2. Its a little late, the French had their chance with Marine LePen and they blew it. Had she been elected no doubt she would have dealt with the problem, Macron just looks the other way.

        • this is just legal invasion just like our “dream act” so any patriots who try to stop it can be legaly arrested or label a bigot racist hahaha stupid tools

          • Gandhi – correct you are.

            The Death of America was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law of 1965.

            “Ethnic conflict is of obvious importance for understanding critical aspects of American history, and not only for understanding black/white ethnic conflict or the fate of Native Americans.

            Immigration policy is a paradigmatic example of conflict of interest between ethnic groups because immigration policy influences the future demographic composition of the nation.

            Ethnic groups unable to influence immigration policy in their own interests will eventually be displaced or reduced in relative numbers by groups able to accomplish this goal.”

            Kevin MacDonald, J3wish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review.

            Before 1965, the immigration policy of America was to admit primarily white Europeans in order to keep the U.S. population homogeneous. Up until 1965, most Americans did not have to lock their doors.

            • ” Up until 1965, most Americans did not have to lock their doors.” I grew up within biking distance of Watts.
              We locked up everything. Guns were readily accessible by all in the house. I carried a switchblade knife from 6th grade on.
              I don’t know what America you were raised in, but my “diverse” world was dangerous.

              • I didn’t grow up in a “diverse” environment, it was very much white – like pure snow. ツ

              • rellik

                “my “diverse” world was dangerous”

                I experienced the same. I was “diversified” with those on the fast track to the Big House, not MIT.

        • Tahini, agreed. Macron is a globalist so he supports all that shit just like his predecessors. I feel bad for the French people.

        • Europe is gone because the Euro citizens allowed this invasion. Soon to be slaves and executed, women will be forced into marriages and concubines. Mass destruction into a third world hell hole under sharia law.

      3. Tahini, righto! The French must rise up and hang their so called leaders.

        • interesting line near top of story…”DEMAND for asylum”.

          • BCOD, anyone who makes any kind of demands of me can go f#$% themselves.

            • Anytime someone else’s rights require money out of my pocket to fund them, it is not rights, but entitlements. I reserve the right to say enough, get your hands out of my pockets. We are surrounded by thieves and vipers.

        • I think the guillotine was more in use in France! SCHLUNK! THUD! YES! HE, HE, HE!

        • What a wonderful business start-up idea. Guillotines for sale, erected on-site. Hell, make ’em with ceramic blades and process the remains through chippers for mulch. I figure it’d only take about a week or so to rid that country of its liberal political class and make some real inroads into its Muslim problem.

        • “Leaders” have learned to use media to sissify the boys and men and empower girls and women so… that will NEVER happen.

          Instead, these weeklings will be slaughtered in the name of the Devil Cult Islam

          • True Grit: I believe the EU males have been gelded, turned into cowards, and wear lace underwear.

        • sure .I know a guy who’d sell em back a few rifles from WW2 .never fired..dropped once.the chance to deal with the immigrant situation has past..sadly.proper vetting..deportation for any crime requiring incarceration of 3 months or longer etc.these are a couple of ideas that if implemented at the onset of this mass influx…ah who the hell am I kidding…

      4. It’s an invasion by other means.

        Military invasions involve armies. But armies are just one possible form in which invasions can occur. In this case the populations of foreign nations are themselves invading. This is the same war that has been going on between the West and the Middle East, and other countries, for more than a thousand years.

        An invasion is what it is. The idea that it is somehow a humanitarian issue involving refugees is simply a deception that is being used to overcome resistant. Look up the word ‘insidious’ in a good dictionary. This is an example of insidious action on the part of the populations of those foreign territories.

        The invaded countries are taking no effective action, don’t even recognize the true purpose and nature of the action. At some point, if they do not act to prevent it, they will cease to exist.

        And that is the enemy’s objective, pure and simple.

        • Civilization Jihad

      5. I always get attacked for saying this. But I forgot to mention that the Christian religion is playing a major role in the destruction of these European nations, as well as in the destruction of our own nation, which was established by the descendants of those same European nations that are now being invaded by alien peoples. They are being destroyed, and the tenets of Christian belief are assisting in this. You can say this over and over and Christian believers have thousands of ways of denying it. In the end the denial will have no positive effect, and the Christian principles will still work against Christian nations and the people of those nations.

        • RRRR, a false version of Christianity is involved but not TRUE Christianity.

          • B’heart: agree, most all religions and their social club/money grabbing 501c3 churches are apostate w. apostate clergy incl Baptists, other protestants. Home church or mee/ w. small groups for Bible study, etc. off gov. radar. I go to small group B study once a month, as people in group have to travel two hrs to meetings and I take 30 min. to get to it.

      6. Europe is hosed

      7. Bet this would never had happened if the Germans still occupied France, just sayin…

        • Yep.

        • Maybe so. The thought of NAZI’s having control is frightening. If Stalin took France the same could be said.

        • Im a mixture of swede and german. My relatives had to fight in the Pacific during WWII because if they had been sent to Europe they would have switched sides and joined the cousins. The often lamented that Hitler lost. And maybe things would be better now if we all where speaking german? And germand did not declare war on the USA. Jxx Roosevelt declared war on Germany because Japan bombed pearl harbor. Roosevelt was itching to get into the war with Germany. So they let the bombing happen at pearl harbor. They knew it was coming. The fleet was aged and they needed new ships anyhow.

      8. Macron is just another socialist yahoo,
        Most of these mayors are also highly likely socialist, so enjoy the fruits of your immigration policies

      9. They are not refugees. This is weaponized migration. Not just Europe, but here and now.

      10. In case you weren’t paying attention, the US has taken in 80 million migrants over the last 35 years. 80 million. Let that sink in for a minute. China has taken in 1450 people recently. If you’re not Han Chinese, you don’t get into China. Period. I wonder which country and culture will still be in existence in 30 years? Theirs or ours?

      11. I see a PURGE coming. Europe will be burning ion the next few years.

        Now that is what I would call Global Warming.


      12. It’s called the Kalergi plan.

      13. Jasper.
        Please explain. I’ve never heard of this.

        • In simple terms …

          Kalergi Plan – for the extinction of the white race with a world wide J3wish Zionist government

        • Realization of Kalergi Plan: the invasion of immigrants to Europe

          [In 2015] the invasion of the immigrants is just going on already and was established deliberately by new economic standards and by the globalization. The governments have not the intention to stop this invasion of immigrants which is provoked by the lots of crisis. And at the same time the mestizo’s culture is supported to exterminate the white race.

          This aim counts for all countries with a white population. It does not affect the Asian countries nor the African countries where no invasion of immigrants is happening, but it only affects the countries with a white population.

          This invasion is camouflaged with words like progress, mercy, humanism, fraternity, social justice, equality etc. But principally it’s a criminal and brutal merciless plan to destroy the Europeans.

          • FTW

      14. Boo Hoo I really don’t give a hoot. My give a durn is broken.

      15. This is here in the US also. W have been brain washed in accepting these animals here. Look t what is happening not only in France but also all over Europe and Britain. Australia and Canada are getting clobbered also. America has been brain washed.

      16. Same is happening in US cities as well.

      17. I can tell you without a doubt – ole Hellery would be carrying out the Obammy agenda and taking 100,000s of the crudest & scummiest bunch off France’s hands …

        shipping them direct to Smalltown Mid USA located between the two coastlines – don’t have a reason to be a Sanctuary City? – we’ll turn you into a Chocolate City ….

      18. France wanted cannon fodder for their Foreign Legion who’s real purpose was to be the enforcer for French multi national corporations. The French in their wisdom took in many Islamics from Algeria and other colonies as “Legionnaires”. After 25 years of service they got French citizenship and a pension. So far so good until they started retiring and sponsoring their extended family’s. Their numbers are about 10% in France today (the US is .5%). One has to look at the root cause. It was FRENCH FOREIGN BUSINESS INTERESTS not French security.

      19. Well,now that the Syrian war is winding down,the Syrians can be sent back. Same with the Iraqis.Accept no more refugees from these two countries and send those in France,Germany,and Sweeden home.

      20. Better to help them in their own country then to be drowned with them in your own country.

        When the alligator that was wounded by the other alligators and in need of help was well again it ate the woman who helped it.

        It was still an alligator!

      21. The biggest problem with France is their population is sorely lacking when it comes to fighting history has proven time and again want to conquer a country pick France. Another thing lacking is rednecks.
        Cry havoc and loose the dogs and rednecks!!

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