Former Barrick Gold President: “A Big Move Has Begun… There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy”

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    There are few people as knowledgeable about  global commodities markets, fundamentals, cycles and the effects of investor sentiment on price movements as Jim Gowans. He is the former Co-President of mega-mining company Barrick Gold, the former President of De Beers Canada, and currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of mineral exploration firm Arizona Mining.

    In a recent interview with SGT Report Gowans warns that economic and monetary fundamentals suggest we have some deep rooted problems with no resolution in sight. Having personally witnessed the effects of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation , Gowans notes that when currencies around the world finally collapse from the weight of unlimited quantitative easing, paper money as we know it today will no longer be a viable mechanism for trade. When that inevitable day comes for the U.S. dollar, the general populace will have no choice but to replace it with “in-kind” commodities like gold that will be used for trading for essential goods.

    I was living in Africa, in Botswana, and looking over across the border into Zimbabwe watching hyperinflation to the point where people were collecting million dollar bills that were worth nothing… ZimDollars they called it… I had a few friends of mine in Zimbabwe that were trillionaires…

    In Zimbabwe they went to the U.S. dollar… in other places they’ll go to in-kind commodities like gold. 

    Watch the full interview with Arizon Mining’s Jim Gowans:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Gowans says that mining is simply not sustainable for the companies who produce gold if the price is $1100 per ounce or lower, which explains why we’ve see a powerful up-trend in precious metals since the start of 2016:

    You just look at the world economies and you know that the fundamentals are there for a significant change in gold price… it wasn’t sustainable at around $1100 or $1150… It doesn’t surprise me at all… I think you’re going to see gold start to rise again because of the fundamentals in the world economy.

    I think a move has begun… When you have bonds at negative interest rates you know there’s something fundamentally wrong with the economy. That’s a statement of the relative safeness of currencies… when people actually feel they can buy that bond and pay money to keep it in that bond just because it’s a safer haven than other investments then that’s pretty bad.

    Deep pocketed global investors and Wall Street institutions have certainly taken notice of the impending meltdown of global currencies and economies. That’s why people like George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller and Carl Icahn are rapidly shifting capital into precious metals.

    That’s telling us people are concerned about currencies… When you see gold and silver equities, and those are just proxies for the metal, it’s a much more convenient way to invest than owning physical… They see gold and silver as a much more reliable investment than bonds from all the central banks and the like… that’s what’s been driving gold and silver equities. 

    Keeping in mind that absolutely nothing has changed for the better since the Crash of 2008 and that the Federal Reserve has hinted at even more large-scale central bank intervention, we can reasonably conclude that the situation is about to get even worse.

    That, of course, can mean only one thing: the price of commodities, especially safe haven assets like gold and silver, will continue to rise.

    Click here to learn more about Jim Gowans and Arizona Mining.

    For more interview like the one you just watched visit SGT Report.


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      1. Someone slammed gold and silver this week. I read on Zero Hedge something like one billion dollars in contracts were dumped on the market. The manipulation is definitely still going on. But it can’t go too much lower than it is now like was said in this post. Under $1000 for gold and around under $15 for silver and mines start closing, supplies dry up and prices go higher. basic supply and demand. Soros said a bubble would form in gold before this is all over. I hope so.

        • Soros is a chess master on Brzezinski’s grand chessboard. His tentacles are every where. If you saw the email leak you know he plays on a much higher level than we may be able to imagine. He says he’s buying gold, but is he really? He does have his hand on the pulse on a lot of these market manipulations so he probably sees what’s about to happen, in which case gold isn’t a bad bet.

          • Does anyone know if there is a mirror of the dcleaks site? I didn’t finish copying the Soros material. All of this evidence needs to be preserved. I checked the Wayback Machine, but they don’t have the files, just the main pages with broken links.

            • Archivist; If you have TOR, then everything that exists a copy of it is extant somewhere in TOR. As for the DC_LEAKS_SITE there are (at least) two “dependable” ones. (Right now TOR is being upgraded so I cannot give you the 16 digit *.onion address cuz it won’t open the bookmarks). There are now other ‘endings’ for sites of ‘extreme’ interest via TOR, or so “they” say? Check it out for reading without having to read between the lines to extract the real story being exposed.

              You can find them using the search-engine that is on the TOR page (– TOR has “true copies”, full-of-lies copies, and Martian-Invasion-After-Niburu Copies. Take yur pick.

        • Its all Soros.
          The greatest of all puppet masters.

          • Always makes me wonder what the hell is Soros hoping to gain, worldly-wise, from putting all these bucks into ONE END.

            Don’t make sense. Is murderous. Is Dangerous. Is Insane. Wants everyone disarmed, and is “all for” a handful of nuts running the entire globe as they see fit, and of course he’s one of those nuts wanting to run things. Buy your way into politics and see your dreams become reality? That’s The Clinton Foundation in a nutshell, which is why they won’t print it (too many lawsuits).

            What amazes me is how much is going on in the world yet you’d think, by watching Fox News, that nothing but the election is taking place (otherwise, nothing worthy of mention …saved for the back pages). Sad state of affairs we are in…

        • James Wesley Rawles has described the “Redoubt movement” as “anti-racist” and said like-minded folks of all races are welcome.


          • Look on the JWR’s Survival bog site, The BS banner says they “Stand with Israel.” You know, the Tribe currently destroying America… He is a sell out traitor to America, He lost all credibility with me, with that banner. And WHO The F- buys a BOL next to the Yellowstone Super Volcano? lol

            Caveat emptor – Buyer beware. Know thy enemy.


          • Who gives a flying shit if the redoubt movement is racist.

            Preppers are not concerned with public opinion.

            Political correctness bullshit like this is why our country is falling apart.

            Screw James Wesley Rawles and the horse he rode in on.

            • I will have no kneegrows, no j%&^$s, no muslims, no thought police, no PC morons, no cops, no agents, no idiots, at my redoubt lol. Racist??? Naaah, I don’t watch nascar 🙂

              • “Racist??? ”

                Yaaah, no matter what you tell yourself.

            • John Steiner, it is obvious the Tribe has infiltrated Survival Blog or bought off JW Rawles and Redoubt, now starting up this Politically correct BS, about not being racist, and its a big tent, etc.

              Since when are patriotic Americans posting Banners on their website about “We stand with Israel now and forever” Like WTF is that BS about? Maybe the tribe has hacked into Rawles personal doings and is black mailing him. I would like a full explanation from JW Rawles, to fully explain himself on this issue Israeli banner add.

              It make no sense from any person understanding GEO politics, and hijacking of our country and government by this tribe. If he is doing this for profit or other, he is a sellout to all the people in his Redoubt area. As it will soon become another 3rd world shithole.


              • The Name of course – JW RAWLES

              • WWTI: Look Very Close at Most so called ALT News sites.

                Most all either have such support banner signs, or many article writers that all always proclaim such unquestioned defense and support.

                Thats reason they are so popular with so many folks!

                Because even today with a huge vast wealth of free and very fast to obtain factual truth info on every possible issue, especially issues of WWII and nazis and jewry and state of israel…For some baffeling reason, the vast Majority of usa folks still do NOT yet Get it!

                I think its more of a they just refuse to ever even consider it is all. Lifelong PC+ whitey guilt+apostate faslhood pastors= Todays refuseniks in very Deep Denials.

                Just check every Major webiste called “ALT” sites…WND-Brietbart-Drudge! Geez Drudge is a jewdeofag! Think his site shall ever write or allow truth?

                SHTF and a few other sites are the only ones that Dare allow comments we read here.

                Incogman and realzionistnews aka Brother Kapner and Duke and several others are all that are true free speech zones.

                The rest all Fear anybody that Dares mention anything about the Big Taboo issue of all time. And one day every such website is going to Lose all credibility due to this.

        • Don’t believe a damn thing what the Media or Wallstreet clan says about Gold and Silver, do the opposite of what they say and stand firm for the long haul.

          Massive manipulation, Just look at this chart that just opened today Sunday at 6pm EST in NY. ht tp://
          As soon as it opens up in NY they slam Gold and Silver with Paper shorting. It is mass manipulation.

          HOW TO BEAT IT. BUY PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER ON THESE DIPS. They are trying to keep the US Phony dollar propped up. They will be crushed. You will prosper.

          I may go buy more Physical Silver tomorrow at about noontime, when the California Mkts open.

          Holding physical precious metals are better than holding phony soon to be worthless dollars any day. I see a massive rise in PM’s after Sept 30th. So get in while you can. This is your last opportunity. And I have read a lot of these phony Metals articles in the last few days, and shorters, and manipulators, its all BS Lies. They want you to think it is worthless to hold metals to prop up their phony dollars. They too are buying massive quantities of the physical metals to preserve their wealth too. They buy in physical tons of gold and silver.

          I will never lie to you. I’m getting just too old and too smart to know BS when I see it.

          Keep Stacking on these DIPS. You can thank me later.


        • Only 50% of Germans want Merkel gone.

          My ethnic homeland is fucked for all time.

          • Acid,
            the polls are probably wrong just her in the states!!

            • hear, NOT her! sorry

        • Since my other comment hasn’t posted yet, I wanted to follow up with this. When I say do the opposite of what the media or Wallstreet says regarding buying Gold or Silver. This article posted today Monday, confirms what I said.

          Norway’s Bank Brings Home Gold- but that’s not our business

          Norwegian Central Bank Files to Have Almost $1BB in U.S. Miners Not Disclosed to the Public

          – Soren K.

          Central Banks are Buying Gold and Don’t Want you to Know

          If you are wondering what an institution really does when it is in the process of loading up on something, wonder no more. When real buyers buy, they only talk about it after they’re filled and want to talk the position up. Remember that when you hear any player state their opinion on a Stock or Commodity. Players move markets and have to be careful of what they say, even if they are not trying to misinform listeners. And especially when you hear Banks come out and aggressively upgrade or downgrade Gold. Their public face is not necessarily a reflection of their private dealings. Case in point:

          Norges Bank Files Redacted 13F for 2016

          Louis Cammarosano of Smauld- Norway’s Central Bank, Norges Bank has filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) a request that its Form 13F* for the period ended June 30, 2016, be given confidential treatment. The Norges Bank filed its 13F** with the list of its security holdings redacted. A note on the cover page of the Norge Bank 13F filing reads:

          “Norges Bank has submitted its Form 13F to the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to a request for confidential treatment. This action is consistent with discussions between Norges Bank and the Staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission to coordinate the reporting required under Section 13(f) with the extensive public disclosure requirements under Norwegian law applying to Norges Bank.”

          Bank Holds $600MM in Franco, Agnico and Newmont Alone

          On August 12, 2016, Norges Bank filed their Form 13F with a request for confidential treatment that included a blank information table. On the same date, the Norges Bank also filed an Amended Form 13 F for the period ended June 30, 2015. This Amended Form 13F contained a list of equity securities held by the Norges Bank at then end of the second quarter of last year.

          From reviewing the Norge Bank SEC filings, it appears that the Norwegian Central Bank has been requesting confidential treatment of its Forms 13F as far back as 2011. It also appears that the SEC has granted these requests and allowed them to file amended Forms 13F that include an information table on a delayed basis.- Smauld

          What Does it Mean?

          Implications of their attempt to redact their holdings are minimal as they have been trying since 2011. It probably means nothing in terms of their next portfolio move. It does mean that Central Banks are not transparent despite what they would have us believe. But, Norway does hold a special place in my heart, so we can give them a pass no?

          link: ht tp://

          ~WWTI… So if they say Gold is Going to $1000 or Silver to $15, it just means they are Buying this on the Dips, and being smart I follow suit and back up the truck on physical too. And those who wait for $15 silver will never see it. You missed the boat. $25 Silver is a coming, just hold on, as all the chaos and markets unwind in a month Sept 30th, 2008 all over again,. The Fed may jack interests rates up and fool everybody Pre-election, since they acquired their positions. They need to fool the majority to make money. Yes it all manipulated, liars all of them.

        • Anybody who thinks gambling in Mining stocks now, this late in the game is a sucker. Who would go long now, as many of these stocks already are up 1000%. And can fall just as hard.. Anybody in paper, stocks, currency, etc, needs to hit the exit doors now, and buy all in physical.

          I was trying to find this one quote from a Paper Gold Seller I read over the weekend, saying, “If you want to preserve your wealth, buy Gold and keep in safe in a vault in a foreign country so the Government can’t get at it.” I LMFAO~~~!!!

          OK throw your money away to come foreign country, and how will you ever collect your gold even if you wanted to, from some foreign country in their vault? Ain’t happening. Keep in mind when you store your Gold in someone else’s vault, Your Gold is on their balance sheet, not yours. It is renting out, leased out, borrowed against, and sold many times over, its called Rehypothification. There are over 500 paper owners of Gold for every 1 in actual physical Gold. Paper Silver is about 17 to 1 in physical.

          So when the music stops and there is “ONE Chair” and 500 gold paper holders looking for a seat, do you think you are ever going to see your gold again or your money back? I think not. That company just files bankruptcy.

          Its like renting the same house out to 500 people, and when they all show up to the house on moving day, its madness and chaos, and everybody is waving their signed lease in the air, claiming the house. And the landlord is far away in the Bahamas, on his yacht drinking martini’s, served by strippers.

          ~WWTI… If its not in your hand, you don’t own it. That’s why you also don’t keep any substantial amount of money in the bank either, or rent a safety deposit box for your valuables. Install a floor safe, or bury it, or hide it well, in the walls or some place else safer than a bank or someone else’s vault.

          • Excellent post, good info. thanks

      2. time to get my money out of the bank? they are going to Cyprus us aren’t they?

        • Anonymous, yes, it’s probably safer in your hands as long as you have a real safe place to store it.
          I’ve been taking out $500-600 every 3 weeks or so for a couple of years now and more to follow.
          Be aware your bank will likely file an SAR, “suspicious activity report” if you take out several thousand at a time.
          Screw ’em before they do it to you.
          One guy a ZH took out $3000. and they got a mgr. to ask what for and he told them he needs to buy a motorized wheelchair for his disabled mom. That shut them up.

          • “at” zero hedge.
            Mac needs an edit button.

          • An even easier method, is if they question
            the withdrawal, tell them you have changed your
            mind and want to close the account. XYZ
            bank/credit union down the road aren’t a$$ holes
            like you.

          • “I’m going on vacation” works pretty good too.

        • If you haven’t started already your lagging,negative interest??? DTA
          Maniac –out

          • Something else to watch for. Sure Gold and silver retreated some but nothing keeps going strait up forever without some correction periods. So we will see normal ebbs and flows back and forth up and down.

            But what we really need to pay attention to, is when there are no longer paper shorters and this PM takes off to the moon, like $4 to $5 in a few days. What I mean by this, is not just the PM skyrocketing, but this is a red flag, that there may be a False Flag coming, just like when the Israeli’s Broke their lease in the World trade center just one month before 9-11.

            Quote from this article: Case in point.
            The World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st Floor Israeli Art Student Project
            Starting in the late 1990’s, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council got space in one of the Trade Center’s towers to provide studio space for artists. In return, the artists would showcase their works throughout the buildings, perform concerts during lunchtime, and even have free dance routines in the Plaza. Source
            In early 2000, a group of 4 Austrian artists, Gelitin , were in this studio space and erected a “club house” skinned with cardboard boxes. Inside this now secluded space, they created a one person “balcony”, and on a Sunday morning in March 2000, removed a window, slid the balcony out, and took a series of photos from a adjacent hotel and also a rented helicopter, then 19 minutes later, removed the balcony and replaced the window. They waited over a year (August, 2001) to release a book about the event, for fear that they would be deported if they told anyone.
            Now to the link above. It is purporting that the Austrians were Israeli’s, and the cardboard box “skin” was actually boxes stacked floor to ceiling with accessories for “fuse holders” because a number stamped on the top of the box(in 1999-2000) almost corresponds to a current part number(if you add in a “-” that the company itself doesn’t in their literature) for electrical 3-phase fuse holders. In addition, because they removed the ceiling tiles to secure their safety lines to water pipes/beams, the obvious conclusion is that they were planting “fuses” on the beams for some reason at floor 91 when the planes impacted at floors 93-98.

            The Israelies did break their rental lease floor 91 at the wtc about a month before the 9/11 events.
            You have to agree that zionists have been historically known as moneylenders selfish and egotistical but they have never had a reputation for being stupid.

            ~WWTI… Eyes wide open for Zionist Odd ball activities. Like the Zionist DHS buying a lot of Radiation detectors, which they probably are supplying and distributing to all their Jew Zionist organizations. The rest of the population you get none.

            I’d like to see the exact tracking of exactly where each and every one of these radiation detectors are going and to Who exactly gets them Names and addresses, at this is all at the US Tax Payers expense. We have a right to know. That is a RED Flag to look out for. Dirty false flag bomb my ass.


      3. “there’s something fundamentally wrong with the economy”

        Ya, The Fed.

        End that and prosperity will return.

        • A massive move has begun here to as there was something fundamentally wrong with my burrito 😮

      4. So much for $10 bills in #10 cans.

        • May Mushroom Rest in Peace

      5. Brass and lead is better than gold and silver.

        • Interestingly, Jim Gowans specifically covered brass (and the zinc that goes into it) in the interview.

          • And a whole hell of a lot of Silver goes into the production of Solar Panels. That is a world demand for off the grid energy and living that is unstoppable for decades.


        • Well, as for me, I’m of the mind that you’d have to be downright retarded to want to trade ammo in an environment where it’s likely you’re going to be using it so SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

          • I have no problem with trading some lead for a bit of silver. I don’t really care if the bullet is lead or silver, and neither will what I hit with either metal right? …wondering if I can melt silver with my propane-fired rig for melting lead “cranked” to 10! bwaahahahaha! (Maybe with MAPP Gas)…

            The silver would run me more bucks, but would leave less shit to scrape off the Landings I suppose. They worked for The Lone Ranger.

      6. This is a little off topic but I just wanted to say I read the commentary for this website on a regular basic and find most of it content very informative. I’m a black male who doesn’t fall for the left, right, black, white mumbo jumbo from the msm or alternative media….. I like think for myself. With that said, I curios to see if this website traffic starts to pick up due to the comments made by Hillary and msm. Even tho I find the comment section to be very lively and full of smart and bright individuals, there is a segment that I do find to be a little on the extreme when it comes to race issues. I’m not advocating for censorship or anything like that, all I’m saying is the world the media and new viewers are watching us….. it’s time for us to win them over with truth and wisdom.

        • MoonSeed, thank you for your comment and for your regular visits.

          “Extreme” is almost an understatement. Race is a very hot button issue these days, and there are no shortages of some extremely denigrating comments on those types of articles. We try our best to keep it civil, and especially to eliminate comments that serve no purpose except to disparage an entire group of people for no other reason than the color of one’s skin… It can be a challenge to catch everything.

          We try to walk that fine line of “censorship.” My intention is never to stifle speech, only to remove those comments that contribute nothing to the community discussion and only aim to attack, oftentimes to the detriment of the site.

          However, depending on the subject matter, sometimes we do let certain comments fly even if they are extremely controversial or rude, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we support what is being said.

          Thanks again,


          • Moonseed. Welcome aboard. Trust me, Mac has not printed some of my off color comments and rightly so. But I will say this, anybody here who speaks the truth, no BS, just tells it like it is, in a civil manner, from any ones perspective is welcome. He encourages lively debate. And trust me, after I wrote something various times in passion, after I hit the submit button, I cringe, and think like wow, did I just say that.. Ouch!!

            The bigger picture, We as a Country are in one hell of a mess right now, deceived from both parties, and I will say Trump seems to be a pretty stand up guy. He has employed tens of thousands of people, and I have not heard anything negative about him, from any employee out there who works for him, as Trump being any racist of any sort.

            Can you say that about Obama, or Hillary who incites racism, and demoralized Cops? Its race baiting.

            If you type a comment on here and did not say what your skin color was, would we know the difference? Truth has no color. Just saying.


          • Mac,

            The growth of the white supremacist or “alt right” movement is an obvious consequence of multiculturalism. Pretty much any place on Earth where you have multiracialism the political parties will exist to serve racial identity politics as opposed to matters at hand, and not much progress is made in state affairs. Tribalism is an innate characteristic of the human experience; to deny it is pure silliness. I learned a great deal by studying the Guyanas, some of the most diverse countries in the world. They have become a sort of a negative template for civilization building in my worldview.

            If you subscribe to the paint job theory, if you believe there are no quantifiable differences between the races, if you truly believe that race doesn’t matter, then send your children to live in Suriname, Detroit, or Mogadishu.

            You’re being astronomically disingenuous here.

            You know full well racism isn’t based on skin color. Nobody could give a damn about people’s skin color.

            No, racism springs from the data of IQ vs. race and criminality vs. race. How often do you hear hardcore racists weigh invective against Asians?

            I’ve traveled more, and know more about anthropology than just about anybody. There’s a solid rationale behind my rants.

            “Racism” is just some bullshit word to denote the strong in-group biological preference every animal on planet Earth is born with.

            Voting demographics are crystal clear. You will not maintain traditional American culture; all the values you hold dear, if whites are not the majority. Period. We’ve given immigration decades. It’s time we recognized the truth.

            Disclaimer: I’ve had sex with several non-white girls and I liked it.

          • @mac….PERFECT!

        • You will never win over people with extremist views. Being nice or professional never works.

          Just like it did not work in Iraq and Afghanistan where the American Government spent BILLIONS trying to win over the “hearts and minds” of those people.

          If you don’t like racist comments, don’t read them. The supreme court said on free speech that you should overt your eyes rather than restrict free speech.

          Get some Black Lives Matters racist thugs on this site and see what kind of racist hate speech they spew.

          • John,

            I would disagree with that. I know a guy, we’ll call him “Crazy Joe”, he has no patience with people. His entire world is about prepping (even though he is bad about it) and all about the “illegal wars, poison shots, poison food, economic collapse and the golden horde”. I’m one of those people that see the good in everyone even if they annoy the crap out of me. Anyways, Crazy Joe “accosts” people in public. Pisses them off, almost to the point that they’re telling him to STFU and walking away. I’ve seen multiple people come back later saying that Crazy Joe wasn’t as crazy as they thought because even though they got pissed at him, they still started looking around.

            But, we all have to choose our tactics. I prefer to ask questions that make people squirm. You can use Cognitive Dissonance and Normalcy Bias against one another to end up with a win.

        • Thanks for your input.
          Remember we all bleed red!
          I may something bad about a group like BLM ,but that is a social and political issue ,not racial!
          I may be redneck not ignorant! Welcome to the conversation.
          Maniac –out

          • “If you don’t like racist comments, don’t read them.”
            How do you know they’re racist without reading?

        • ‘Racism’ has always been used by communists to wipe out any standing in the way of communist objectives. ‘Racism’ is communist propaganda designed explicitly for creating hate & discontent. ‘Racism’ was used by Leon Trotsky, founder of the Red Army to discredit & silence all opposed to the goals of world communism.

          The communist left in America labels anyone who opposes their objectives a racist. Creating hatred among races is an essential element of communist overthrow of capitalism.

          REgressives would be a more accurate term for these tyrants that want civilization to return to serfdom under feudalism. They use race as a means of placing blame elsewhere, whipping up support among malcontents and creating “class warfare” to divide and conquer.

          Using the race card is a subterfuge, a gimmick, to elicit guilt on one side and hatred on another. The word ‘racist’ was made up to brow beat all dissidents. Race baiting is used by REgressives of all races as a means of whipping up support among minorities, even used by the Kenyan’s husband Michael, who said: “I wake up each day in a house built by slaves”.

          Playing the race card is also a common mslm strategy to seek false legitimacy in order to get concessions and special treatments before conquering lands – happening in America today! The next step is to put everyone, including non-mslms, under shariah law.

          True Americans will understand their brotherhood and unite – race, creed, color, together – to stop the tyranny of the globalist/communist agenda. Divided, America falls!

          • Moonseed,race/ethnicity what have you is being used as it has for a long time to divide folks and not see the real enemy.Warchilds world is simple,I do not care about your ethnicity/religion/education/monied status/sexuality what have you,in my world you are either a cool person or a douche,all of the afore mentioned have both groups.

            You use any of the afore mentioned to get special status and try and cram it down me throat,you are a douche,otherwise,none of me business.

            • Moon,forgot to add,look at La. storm help efforts,Cajun navy and army made up of all sorts of ethnicities and yet helped any who needed it,times like that make me proud to be a American.

          • Well said Sarge. Thank you.

          • Sarge…. Well said, and thanks for the responds, and I agree with you 100%.But honestly most of the hate and bigotry comes for my own race(black) when I talk about my support for Trump(being called “Coin”, “Uncle Tom” etc). I’ve hardy ever received that type treatment from the right, even when criticizing them on a particular issue.

            I also noticed… No one tip toed or sugar coated their responds, keep it up. This racism coming from BLM, liberals, or any other group need to be destroyed with truth and ideas before it gets to where we have no choice but to enage it in armed conflict

            • to see who the REAL rayciss folks are, just look at some trump rally videos of hillary supporters disrupting things and beating people….i know MANY blacks that command my respect, and i know some that are ALL about playing the race-baiting card…and fully DESERVE to be hated. i tip my hat to you, moonseed….personally, yes, i do “judge” ANY person i am in contact with, but have a flexible opinion….when facts present themselves, my opinion WILL change…i have had very good friends that i didn’t like much when i first met them….and one from my closest circle is someone i KNOW i can rely on…..i hope y’all remember, it won’t be a race-war….it will be the haves against the have-nots…..job ONE will be to have an open mind.

          • Great post Sarge; you explained it perfectly! Thank you.

        • MoonSeed

          Welcome aboard. Have you read Nat Turner’s posts?

      7. I just want to jump up and down and scream!
        Money is not wealth! It is a means to transfer
        wealth from one entity to another.
        Gold is not wealth.
        Silver has many industrial uses and
        so is useful, but sitting in a drawer
        is not wealth.
        Paper money is not wealth.
        My bank account entries in a computer
        data base is not wealth.

        Land, food production, trade,
        tools, water, natural resources
        energy, et al is wealth.
        Buy all the gold you can, I don’t give a
        shit. If it goes to 100 million dollars
        an ounce great for you.
        I’ll invest in real wealth.
        If the day were to come, when you ask me
        to sell you 10 pounds of hamburger, and you offer
        me you 100 million in gold, don’t be surprised if
        I ask for something I need in exchange, like
        a months worth of your labor chopping some
        of my trees up. I’ll supply the tools.
        Prep on and Aloha.

        • Good points. I am a big believer in bar soap, liquid soap, grains, rice beans, strike anywhere matches, rocket stoves, tooth paste, .22 LR etc for barter rather than PMs although I have some.

          A year round spring is worth it’s weight in gold out here in the west where everyone pumps their water.

          • Don’t forget deodorant. Can you imagine going without your regularly used deodorant? or toothpaste, or medicine….

            Stock up why you can.

          • Clorox for disinfecting after the zombies or other dead democrat voters contaminate your property.
            Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and colloidal silver for personal use.

        • 10 lbs of hamburger….are they bonsai trees?

        • Rellik,if you jump up and down and scream will you at least put up a video of it?!

          Offering food for labor post collapse is a great thing,tis a job,i.e. a alt/new economy springs up

          • Is it any different than the man holding the sign:

            “WILL WORK FOR FOOD”


        • To Rellick,
          You’re message is basically “you can’t eat gold”, which is true, obviously, but you fail to understand that some people have more wealth than can be easily stored up in the form of edibles, tools, ammo, etc. These people can buy a football stadium and fill it with food/ammo/bandaids/etc. and still have left over wealth. It is for these people that gold is important because gold is a way to hold wealth in a highly concentrated and easily transported way versus transporting that same amount of wealth in the form of a football stadium’s worth of food/ammo/etc.

          • If anybody says to you, “YOU Can’t Eat Gold or Silver.” Just send them this article below, which was part of the Video in this article. I Google’d it and cut and pasted it for future reference.

            Big Events Coming & 1 Oz Silver Buys 6 Months Of Food In Venezuela
            by SRSrocco
            Aug 4, 2016 1:13 PM

            By the SRSrocco Report,
            During the Precious Metals Webinar, Tom Cloud discussed how one ounce of silver will now buy six months of food in Venezuela. This is a perfect example how precious metals become the best stores of wealth during a currency collapse and hyperinflation.

            Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud also shared three big upcoming events in the precious metals market and their impact on gold and silver.

            Tom discusses how he has seen more Financial Advisors buying precious metals for the clients in the past six months than he has ever seen in his 40 years experience. He explains why many more Financial Advisors are now realizing the importance of precious metals ownership for their clients.

            ht tp://

            ~WWTI… I have enough silver to feed me for 360+ years.

            • I do Not believe anyone anywheres today can buy six months of foods for an ounce silver. Thats what aprox $20 in silver us dollar values? NO nation or store on earth sells six months food for that amount period.

              Maybe and Only if its done by some bleeder heart church org or group so they can feel good or entice more converts to be christians maybe.

              Many do so with Ham sandwhiches and free bottle water, then return to their weekly TV preacher shows on TBN stations and brag how “last saturday me and Joey here convinced 672 African starved peoples to become a jesus believer!! Yeah! Clap Clap Clap goes the TV audience!

              But who starving wont accept Jesus belief or any other type belief if some fat ass bald guy preacher is standing at side of road holding a Ham sanwhich high for all to see right?

              He can hold up a Photo of Trotsky or Lennin or his tiny house doggie and tell starved africans “Wanna free sandwhich? Ok and Say do ya also believe in Fido? or Lennin? or Trotsky?….100% of starved afrcians will not even ask whom are them guys?…They all will say Oh yes now gimme that free sandwhich!

              But That is the only way I can believe in six months food for one ounce silver period. When Others Pre buy it at far greater costs and give it away later or for a small “fee” like an ounce silver.

        • if i have GOLD, then it stands to reason, i ALREADY got all that OTHER stuff…..why would i need YOURS?…gold is a store of wealth….and you dont buy it until all yer OTHER bases are covered….just sayin’….BTW….gold IS used in manufacturing.

        • rellik, depends on the post shtf scenario. Personally, I think it’s too much of a risk to let on that you’ll trade food for labor, or even take PM’s, bullets, etc. in trade for food.
          Because once your back is turned, watch out. Or your wife or kid is taken for ransom, you end up with nothing.
          Again, depends of the post shtf situation. OPSEC.
          Wishing everyone good luck.

      8. Former Barrick Gold President: “A Big Move Has Begun… There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy”</b.

        Everything is RIGGED!!!

        Don't matter if Gold is $5,000 an ounce & Silver jumped up to $1,500 an ounce … they are just numbers … doesn't mean that is what you are going to receive … when the the whole system collapses!

        You'll get … what they (bankers) think they owe you and nothing more. Overall – Metals is the place to be for a return for something … paper money = nothing.

        • buy gold and silver to preserve your wealth through the money collapse.

          Don’t plan on using them for trade though. The average joe doesn’t recognize the value of junk silver or silver rounds or gold ounces. They know exactly how much milk, butter and bread are.

          • The problem with gold and silver is everyone is used to valuing it in dollars. Well, that screws the whole thing up. The price doesn’t go up. The price of gold is that same as it has always been, or about so. At the turn of the century, only could buy a high quality revolver for an ounce of gold. A similar revolver can be had for an ounce of gold today.

            The price of gas, for instance, has not gone up much. One gallon used to be a silver dime’s worth. Same today, that silver dime will buy you a gallon. Sure, prices vary here and there, but, they’re about the same. What has suffered is what the fat cats pay us.

            In 1964 the minimum wage was $1.25 and hour. That was 5 silver quarters. 5 silver quarters are worth about $20 now. Have you got it yet?

            People wonder why the economy sucks so bad. Well, I’ll tell you why it sucks so bad: they should be paying $15 minimum wage, at least. …and all the other wages should be twice as much too.

      9. Jim Gowans is a little bit off target in his assessment. In order for physical cash to no longer be a viable mode of exchange, that unlimited QE he mentions MUST MANIFEST ITSELF IN THE FORM OF PHYSICAL CASH. That has not happened with any previous rounds of QE, and it’s not going to happen with any future rounds of QE. All QE has been actuarial money that only exists on computer screens, and it’s going to continue to be that way in the future. The Fed already knows it can re-animate a zombie bank in this manner with only a few clicks of a mouse. They also know they can pump as much “money/liquidity” into the financial system without causing inflation because they know none of this computer screen money is ever going to physically see the light of day.

        In such an environment, metals are a good backup to physical cash. First and foremost, you want physical cash because it’s going to allow you to get the job done immediately after the collapse. Anything that only exists on a computer screen is going to go “poof”; maybe it will be brought back to life through later QE/pseudo-EBT cards/worthless stock shares following a bail-in, maybe it won’t.

        The disadvantage of metals is you need a commodity called information if you’re going to use them as a mode of exchange. My own belief is that when the collapse happens, information is going to be a very hard commodity to come by, and that’s because we’ll most likely see some sort of pre-planned event that is going to severely restrict the flow of information. The oligarchy in Washington knows you need reliable price information for a parallel economy based on metals to take root, and the most effective way to prevent that is to make getting such information a very difficult process.

        Consequently, cash is going to be king. The numbers on physical US dollars in circulation back it up. $1.4T in physical dollars circulating world-wide; $11T+ in depositor accounts carried on banks’ books. That’s a ratio of about 8 electronic dollars for every physical dollar. That ratio is even wider when you consider only the physical dollars circulating within the US; it’s more likely between 16:1 and 24:1. Those numbers tell me that you’re going to be able to pick up unheard-of amounts of physical assets with those physical dollars.

        • Peter, excellent points. Jim makes the same assessment in the interview above wherein he notes that hyperinflation begins when all of this ‘printed’ money makes its way back to the United States.

          • Keep in mind, hyperinflation only occurs when a country is highly depend upon imports for basics like food, basic necessities, energy and their currency gets devalued. America is very capable of being totally independent as we produce more than we need of everything, (assuming you throttle Democrats).

            • good point

            • rellik

              Those dollars held overseas, once having no demand, will raise prices here regardless unless export controls are enacted. Wheat for instance might bring X per ton in the US but due to the massive quantity of USDs overseas it might bring 5X in price. Where do you think its going to be sold? The same is true for all goods in the US. This assumes that the current political establishment (business interests), regardless of political party, remains in power. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to vacate.

              • First go the manufacturing. Then go the jobs associated with it. Then go the USD Reserve Currency status. Then go US domestic commodities to the market with the most $$$.

          • Yeah, like propping up Wall Street with worthless fiat IOU’s. And now many other Nations and banks are moving to Blockchain international clearing houses for their transactions circumventing US banks and the Petro Dollar. The Gig is up. And it is crashing fast. Look out below, and stock up on necessities as they may disappear like in Russia when the Berlin Wall fell.

            ~WWTI… TIM-Berrrrrr….

          • But Only “If” money comes back to usa and Then is Passed Out To the Peoples at Large to Spend freely.

            What is writ in stone that says the NY Fed Bank or us treasury dept wont simply toss excess us dollar bills into that same huge Furnace they burn Millions of old dollars in EACH Day now?

            NO hyper inflate event can happen unless the cash is spent BY Many many folks at same time to cause it.

            Its main reason QE massive amounts so far has not created a hyper inflate event at all in ANY Nation.

            Amercia if real collapse occures is going to suffer huge DEflation of phys Cash dollars held by citizens at large.

            Then folks desperate to get us dollars for food etc are going to Part with aka Sell You a nice costly Car or fifth wheel trailer or Boat or House or property for Pennys on dollar values.

            Its what happened in great depression era and will again once folks Cash on Hand drys up.

            And whos going to have tons dollars to Buy Your gold then eh? None will…Maybe a few wealthy guys will…But avg folk will buy Food or pay elec bills and only if they scroung up real curreny dollars to pay with then.

            it seems most every so caled “expert” and metals sellers has it all Bacwards eh?

            Maybe Thats reason they keep telling you folks to “Send ME those Soon to be valuless worthless us dolalrs Now today and I shall send You an ounce gold now owrth $1300 and Soon to be worth $10,000!!”

            Now please…Why would ANY Sane person trade gold for any form paper cash if they really believe what They Tells You to believe eh?

            What if the Local Ford new car dealer near You ran TV ads telling folks..”New Cars/Trucks today on Sale for $30,000 so Hurry to buy several cars as very Soon every us dollar You now have is going to be totally worthless like toilet paper! and THEN each Car is going to shoot to moon value of $250,000 each car”

            okay so tell me Why on earth would he now sell cars for soon worthless dollars when his LOT full of cars at $30,000 acording to Him soon be worrth $250,000 each car?

            YOU would sell ONE car for now cash on hand and current bills to pay and save every remaining Car for that Very Soon rise to quarter million Car value and Then sell em all on Sale for a small bit less to sell fast and retire for life filthy rich to boot.

            These seller guys aint fools or stupid right? but most they say sure is.

            • Them Guys:

              I don’t know if it’s going to be hyperinflation or deflation but since you have, as previously stated, 40 acres and a mule; plant as much food producing perennials, flowers, shrubs, and trees. I don’t know what grows in your area, but avocado is great because it is the only tree that stores it’s fruit once ripe and provides essential fats which are so important to the brain, which is made mostly of fat. Coconut oil is the good fat that your brain needs. Apple seeds and apricot seeds fight Cancer. Apricots have a pit. Break the pit and eat the seed. It’s bitter. Wrap the flesh of the apricot around the seed. Start with one a day. Go up to about 12. There is cyanide in the seeds. Only Cancer cells open the cyanide which kills the cell. Some people eat more but I wouldn’t eat more than 20. Too much is toxic. Unless your Naturopathic Physician tells you otherwise.

              If I had Cancer, I would go to Dr. Theodore Brezynsky in Texas, probably. I have his phone number. It’s on my contact list on the phone I’m using. I like a lot of the Natural approaches. I don’t need his help. Years ago, someone close to me had a kid with Cancer. After talking with a doctor who was not using chemo, just natural treatments; I gave him the person’s phone number without asking permission to do so. Damn, this person went ape shit crazy. I realized then and there that it is very hard to change a person’s beliefs. Additionally, I knew it also meant they had subjected the child to tortuous treatments for which the parents agreed and actively participated. Now some doc tells them it is harmful and unnecessary. That is a bitter pill to swallow. Remind you of another belief people are so invested in that they won’t even listen to provable facts that contradict their notion of reality. Not trying to force my own beliefs on anyone but just putting in my two cents.


        • You contradict yourself at least 3 times in your rant. Just an FYI.

      10. Unfortunately, I have been reading these types of articles for at least 5 years. It is just another “warning” put out by people who manage a mining company or some type of company associated with precious metals commodities, etc. Basically, what they all are saying is paper assets are going to fail, but before you lose all your money, invest it in “something safe” like precious metal commodities or shares in a gold or silver mining company. We have been reading gold is on the rebound for the last 3 to 4 years but it hasn’t – yet.
        It’s true the precious metals markets are being hugely manipulated; money can be created over and over again out of thin air for every ounce of gold or silver refined into a finished product; until the financial markets collapse this will continue. And this can and probably will continue for a few years yet.
        I have bought more than a little of gold and silver, and have always gotten it at a great price. I don’t know what the bottom is or when it will be but do observe and analyze as best as I can. Most people who study these markets will see it when it comes and act accordingly.
        If there is ultimately a financial/ economic collapse the wisest people will invest in tillable farm land with access to water before then.

      11. I would really like to hear Durango Kid’s thoughts on this because of his mining experience.

        I remember when gold was close to $2,000 an ounce and everyone said there was place but up to go. It then crashed to a little over 1,000 an ounce and has never fully recovered.

        • Yes, Gold will go up.

          Just how long it will take is the guessing game.

      12. The price of gold has been artificially held down for many years. So has silver been kept affordable. While we were losing jobs, becoming homeless, or barely holding onto our homes and jobs; those other people have been buying up the gold and silver. When the price soars they’ll say, “I told you so”. If you have managed to buy a little, hide it. Put it somewhere the bastards would never look. They confiscated food and grain from the people during the holodomar. But, they also took their gold. And Rosevelt took from Americans. Only he was nicer about it. If TSHTF big time. We could be up against a group of people as vicious as the Stalinists and Trotskeyites.


        • ” Holodomar” Was visited upon Ukrainians by the Russians. The people were disarmed and thus unable to defend themselves, so they died by the millions. If they tried that today in my neck of the woods, I could easily kill 5 cops a day and drive on down the road,
          never to be caught. Multiply me across America by a million. I don’t particularly care about city people and I suspect most cops and military will be tied up dealing with them. No Holodomar here.
          Cloward–Piven strategy also works against government cops.

        • Stalinists and Trotskeyites are now good guys thanks to revisionist liberal history.

          • John: Correct and proof is that barely one person in a thousand today know or realize both them kommies were also jewish. of that 1,000 folks unaware of truth at least 999 will still refuse to believe it even when shown vast amounts of solid proof or vetted documented proofs.

            And The Only real reason I believe this is so Important for folks to know of is that, Todays usa entire fed govnt and mass medias and banks and most all else has been hyjacked and run and owned by the Same peoples that did that back then in ukraine and russia etc.

            Histroy proves that whenever every former “Host” nation has been infiltrated, it only takes from an avg of between 1% of gen POP to at Most 2 or 2.5% general population of that ethnic group to be inside the Host nation…For its worst curses and worst kommie evils to happen. Its why a prior 109 Nations have all gave said peoples the big Boot out. Because they and their agendas never changes period.

            Todays america has become Host nation to just over the entire Half or more of all of that group. It is now rated at aprox 1.7% of gen total POP in usa…

            So to state LOOK OUT USA! is an Understatement!

        • “Liquidate the Kulaks (rich people)” they cried!

          Nailed their intestines to trees and watched them disembowel themselves as they tried to run away.

          That’s how the socialist’s jealousy runs.

      13. NOW what the capital FUCK is this?

        Mac, your may want to post this article. Get this, I can’t even put down damn phone or computer for a few hrs, or no, 26 dead in shitcago, another dred lock insurgency.. jump on now Houston TX, yes my town, the army is running a dirty bomb attack senario for Houston for the possibility of a real event .. False flag or drill?

        You be the judge.. now instead of getting my ass shot up by Russians jihadist and chi-coms, now I am going to my ass vaporized in a nuclear SHTF AND GAME. So if bullets didn’t kill me it’s radiation and blue, yellow, red and green soars, all over my body, my balls fall off and then with the hair on my head and my fucking teeth falling out.

        Future recent history, or is my ass really phucking dead?

        Think I need meds, take a look for yourself this date of my death questionable?

        It appears that I am really dead as fuck, sometime in the very distance or near future..


        • “blue,yellow, red, green sores…. hair falling out…. teeth falling out…. sounds like a getting old bomm to me lol. Stay safe my man, a dirty bomm has very limited range so don’t worry too much. A few blocks probably.

          • Hcks,have seen for 5 days blackhawks going to and leaving Boston(working this area at moment),not much on news but saying training with Boston PD for overseas missions,didn’t know Boston PD was going overseas!many night videos of helo’s hovering over some of largest buildings roof tops,probably practicing rope drops,getting more interesting by the day.

            • saw LOTS of military gear and containers on my trip home from albuquerkee this weekend….lots of gear on the move…might be normal for that area, i don’t know…but we DO know war is getting closer by the day.

      14. Relik if we produce stuff why does everything say made in China. Just sayin you gotta pay an arm and a leg for a pair of workbooks that are made in America. What are you sayin the $250 boots that are made in America will be $500 boots after hyperinflation. That is not affordable for family’s. I will take make in China over made in America. I’d be broke trying to be loyal. There is no loyalty when it cums to$.

        • Asshat,cheap boots a bad investment excepting for really messy jobs that make em almost disposable,.I spent well over 200 last year on boots,can hike em 20 iles no problem,work all day no problem,occasionally wash/oil em and look presentable as daily wear,going to get a second pair when they finally need resoling as they are my daily carry boots,won’t do without em!

        • Cadillac CTS’s are now MADE IN CHINA. I know. My wife drives one and I was shocked to discover that, when I did. Better it than a Saturn though.

          Today, when it says contents may have settled due to packaging, if it’s a USA potato chip bag it will be empty. That’s the American Way right?

          • Equorial: Corvettes and vette Z-06’s!! are Both still Made only in Bowling Green KY by usa work force.

            And even a used Low very Low miles vette, say a 2009 or 2008 Loaded options Vette coupe or convert top with like 4,000 orig miles can be got for around #30,000 or Less!

            Same year same Low miles Z-06 is more but still great value…Aprox $50 to $55,000 used same years z’s.

            And a total Bunch of constant pure FUN to drive!

            Of all vehicles I ever yet owned or drove includeing every type 1960’s and 70’s Mussle cars I never yet had as much pure enjoyment fun as driveing the Z-06 Vette.

            Its handeling is akin to and Equal to much higher priced ferraries and porches and Aston Martins and most every “super car” avail today. Even a New Z-06 costs Half or Less than all them other super cars.

            Plus entire Main frame and sub frame is extruded Aluminum with entire rest of car/Body is Fibergalss and carbon Fiber Mix…Not mixed together! but some body fibergalss and for instance the Z-06 Fr Fenders and Hood etc are all carbon Fiber. So..ZERO Rust EVER!

            And values remain or exceed price you paid usually after a few yrs as long as too many miles aint driven.

            Check one out you shall love it I am certain.

      15. As some of you will know gold can also go down like it has done most of the time during the past four years.

        This put us about six year away from the next big payout in a fixed market but if a few bits of copper droping out of the one army bandit has you convinced that your about to hit the jack-pot then don’t let me stop you and just click the adverts at the top of this page, such nice people wanting to share there wealth with you all.

        $12oz silver anyone 🙂

        • They’re selling paper gold and silver to make up the supply. It will fall apart at some point. Its the Abe Lincoln statement regarding falling people.

      16. I guess the bankers and politicians who are trying to collapse the dollar never considered the fact that a lot of us God fearing Americans have already been exchanging our dollars for precious metals. A can of .308 will be worth a lot more than a pound of gold when SHTF. Just something these parasites should consider.

        • Knot Jammin, Jr

          The USD was history August 1971. If they have been doing anything its to prop up the USD when it inherently has no support. Its manifested itself to the point of using military force to maintain the scam.

      17. Clemson University Administrator Stops Man From Praying on Campus “This isn’t a free speech area.” (VIDEO)

        “A man was stopped by a Clemson University administrator for praying on campus, telling him and a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) activist that “this is not a designated free speech area,” and asking them to leave the area.”

        “The administrator, Shawn Jones who is the assistant director for client services, also called their praying “solicitation,” and demanded that they would need to fill out paperwork to continue.”

        ht tp://

        • thanks, mom!

        • Ky Mom, that is pathetically sad.
          I hope the backlash is tremendous.

          • Them that cannot Pray at that college. Should switch gears.

            And return to do a protest with signs that read “We demand White lives matters! We also Demand the Kikes gets booted out and for every negroe a kike stuffs into his suitcase to take with gets a free $100 bill bonus!”

            Maybe that school admin guy will prefere that type protest eh?

            protests signs that read “STOP! Israels Aparthide against Innocent Palestinians of Both Christian and Muslim type Now”! Can also make a big statement!

      18. If it goes to nuke radiation ect where to flee me myself am not one to just accept and lay down and die or say oh theres no hope cus where there is a will there is a way so canada far north west in the mountains or S America in the mountains of Columbia or Brazil or where ???? Feasable possability please. They make vehicle’s and boats for a reason

        • Godsoldier, a guy I knew years ago suggested hiding down a manhole cover to buy some time.
          You want distance or mass between you and radiation.
          It was part of many plans I had in mind in the smaller cities we lived in.
          But not knowing what’s down there, how long they run for, etc., so it was just a last ditch idea. You can’t just use a big pry bar and lift one up and check it out without law enforcement showing up unless you had help, spotters, etc.

          Maybe Mac can do some digging and write an article about the idea…you know, “prepping”…the reason we’re here.

          • You will never emerge from the manhole. Either the lid will weld to the rim from the heat or debris will cover it and trap you inside.

            • depends on how far away the blast is, obviously. Better than a wood frame house with cheap sheetrock, and I’m talking fallout mainly.

      19. MoonSeed, welcome to the board. You are of the evolved African Americans in this country. You might get trolls on your ass now that you out of the closet. In my area, blacks don’t like Democratic government crap, they work for a living.



      20. Im not talking about immediate nuke that fries ya but fall out contamination ect and getting out of dodge and where to go in order to be relatively safe air food water ect if its bad enough to put yourself down a man hole your just pre burried before death. Im talking grab you some shit and go be gone in like 15 minutes then play it by ear to get there cash gun 3-4 day food bug out bag do what you gotta do to get where you going steal kill survive scenario . Last ditch effort to live cus you know the writing on the wall and whats gonna come of all the sheeple staying in their home as directed by fema ect.

      21. Canada would get jet stream fall out from Russia so S America? ?? Go to Houston pick up hicks then go to Corpus Christi steal a boat and hope for the best or drive down through Mexico? ??? Columbia Argentina

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