Forced Euthanization Of Birds Due To “Bird Flu”

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    As if we didn’t have enough problems with the food supply chain, the rulers are making sure animals meant for food are executed to prevent them from getting “bird flu.”

    It’s becoming difficult to believe all of this is just a coincidence. In South Dakota, 85,000 birds were euthanized because of an “avian flu outbreak,” the first the state has seen since 2015. What uncanny timing.

    “I think the response is going well and the industry has done a great job of stepping up and trying to prevent it,” said Dr. Mendel Miller, the assistant state veterinarian.n”They’re doing everything they can, but you know, there’s just some things that are out of their control, and we just have to deal with it when it happens,” he added according to state propaganda outlet, South Dakota Public Broadcasting. 

    Nearly 2.8 Million Birds Have Died In The First Month Of America’s Raging New Bird Flu Pandemic

    Because we are already experiencing a ridiculous price spike of the cost of food and shortages, it’s important to note that this could only add to the chaos. Be prepared, because this is going to get insane if we allow these rulers to continue to impoverish and starve us:

    About 10 South Dakota farms saw avian flu outbreaks in 2015, Miller said. The outbreak impacted 50 million birds in 15 states. It cost the federal government nearly $1 billion and caused egg prices to spike. –South Dakota Public Broadcasting

    The outbreaks were detected in turkeys at two concentrated animal feeding operations in Charles Mix County, in the southeast part of the state. But other kinds of poultry in close contact with the turkeys were euthanized as well. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been reporting avian flu in wild birds, commercial facilities, and backyard coops in multiple states since January. The first South Dakota case was reported on March 6. Unfortunately, this means that the ruling class masters could tell other slaves who own birds to kill them. We had better decide now what we are going to do. Just be prepared if you own birds for meat or eggs, or even as pets.

    The current outbreak involves “the highly pathogenic avian influenza,” according to the Department of Game, Fish, and Parks. “The current strain appeared in both Canada geese and snow geese and other waterfowl in January in the eastern U.S and Canada,” GF&P senior waterfowl biologist Rocco Murano said in a news release. “Detections have now been found throughout the Atlantic, Central, and Mississippi flyways.”

    Prepare. This is the perfect storm for an increase in food prices and shortages at the grocery store. Make sure you have what you need and know how to grow and store your own food. This is getting ugly and it has the potential to cause major chaos once the public begins to realize what’s being done.



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      1. We’ll, it’s just one thing after another isn’t it?
        Just another thing on my to-do list for the week. Here’s some basic info if you are looking to preserve eggs for what’s coming:
        If you have FARM FRESH eggs you can glass your eggs and they will keep up to 18 months.
        STORE BOUGHT EGGS can be frozen. Lightly whisk and store in freezer bags or seal using your food saver. Mark on bag how many eggs you used in bag and date. Good for up to one year.
        Scramble COOKED EGGS and freeze/ date bag. Good for up to 6 months. Add in a couple strips of cooked bacon and you’ve got yourself a nice meal.
        Many different options, but preserving eggs for baking and eating is important in your preps.

        • Some folks lightly scramble a raw egg and then place it into an ice cube tray, one egg per cube, then freeze the tray and put the egg cubes into a zip lock and store in the freezer. Easy to exactly portion the eggs, one cube equals one egg.

        • Pickled eggs are a delicacy, easy to make, ready to eat and have a long storage life.

        • Even reasonably fresh store-bought eggs can be preserved. Rather than “glass,” I use refined organic coconut oil. Yes, refined, so it will stay liquid at low temperatures.

          Test each egg once you get the package home. Put it in a jar with enough water to see if it will float or sink. If it sinks, it’s fresh enough to (gently) dry off and then coat with the coconut oil.

          I use a small bowl, just big enough for some oil, one egg and my hands (to turn the egg and pick it up after coating). Make sure all parts are soaked initially. Then put them back in the carton or however you store eggs. Coated this way, they will keep fresh for months.

          The oil prevents oxygen from entering the egg and allowing decomposition to occur, just like “glass” (a.k.a. “waterglass”) does. The advantage is knowing that the coconut oil is organic and safe for use on food. Also, if you use your eggshells as food for your chickens or other livestock, you’ll know they’re just as safe to consume as if they were not coated.

      2. Pressure can some chicken…bones and all. 3 legs and 3 thighs per quart jar.

      3. Put 1 small can of peaches in light syrup in a quart jar, add 2 sweet cinnamon sticks, fill with vodka or shine, age 1 week. You have a nice drinky poo!

      4. I’ll bet those birds weren’t even sick.

        As in, a fraudulent positive, not just asymptomatic.

        • I overheard Big Bird talking about depopulating the birds of the world with Tweety, Donald Duck, and the Road Runner. I think they must be working with George Soros. Bastards!

      5. Were the birds coughing
        and sneezing???

        • I heard they got cancer from the windmills ?

      6. Soon, swine flu. Kill the sows. Foot and mouth disease, kill the cows and remaining livestock. No fertiliser available, so reduced crops. Hyperinflation. War. Its all looking like an agenda driven program of action. Aim: to kill off 8 out of 10 of us over next 3-5 years

        • You’re an idiot.

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