Forced Economic Free Fall the Precursor to Collapse: “The World Is About To Enter A Global Depression Unlike Anything Seen Before”

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    Almost every society that has collapsed has seen such a fall heralded by severe economic turmoil.  We are seeing such turmoil in the freefall of the U.S. economy and, from a bigger picture, the world economy.  The world is about to enter into a period of global depression unlike anything seen before, and the necessary element to cement such a depression will soon be present: the element of war.  With that element present the final link will have arrived in Obama’s grand plan to enslave the citizenry completely and destroy the U.S.

    Warfare is necessary to provide the justification needed for the administration to declare martial law.  Little by little Obama has been chipping away at every cornerstone of the foundations of American society.  He originally had both houses of Congress, and now he’s down to just one; however, his actions have not abated.  If anything they’ve increased, especially in rapidity as he has (we hope!) only a year left.

    Just the other day, the administration announced that it was giving $1.5 billion back to the Iranians for interest owed during the time that Iranian assets and accounts were frozen.  In essence, the administration is using the public funds to do this.  The administration has also won a hiatus with the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of permitting citizenship to be conferred “temporarily” on “anchor babies,” that is those children born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents.

    The case will not be heard until the election, and this affects (rather temporarily pardons) at least 5 million illegal aliens.  In the meantime, they stay: complete with green cards, they’ll be part of the public dole.  Cloward and Piven strategy at its best.  Everything…from the phony jobs numbers to the amount of first-time jobless claims… all of the numbers are being manipulated.  Soon the question of the Syrian “refugees” will be front and center, and from the look of things Congress is not going to be able to prevent the incursion (even if they indeed did want to prevent it).

    As of this writ, the price of crude oil has fallen below $28 per barrel and the BDI is at 363.  We have no true domestic manufacturing base and domestically even the consumer marketing-based businesses are suffering.  Wal-Mart recently announced the closings of 154 stores domestically; the closures are slated for January 17 through January 28, and affects more than 10,000 employees.  Other big-box and department stores are suffering: Target, JC Penney, Macy’s…all are purging themselves both of employees and facilities.

    All of this is forced: direct or indirect results of the administration’s actions or policies.  We are at the twilight of our nation’s existence.  The corporate interests and their oligarchs, the administration, the congress, the media, and foreign interests are all bringing the country to its knees.  We are seeing the abolition of the middle class and the slow, inexorable grab of private property by the federal government.  Surely there is not much time before all of it comes to a screeching halt.

    What is your opinion?  There are some very well-versed individuals who comment on this site (DK, and Kevin2 to mention a couple).  What do you think we will see before the bottom drops out completely?  What is your take on the BDI, and the price of crude…how will transportation be affected? [keep in mind a great piece Mac wrote about when the trucking in the U.S. stops] Give some of your thoughts on what will happen with shipping of durable and nondurable goods.  Tie it in to the world economy.  Your opinions and input are both welcomed and valued, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. Will it all crash at once or will there be a small window of opportunity for the US people to make one last big grab of stuff like max out a high limit charge card and set your self up to be mega wealthy shtf stuff

        • As Hemingway said when asked how he went bankrupt, ‘Slowly at first and then all of a sudden’. We have been watching the ‘slowly at first’ for decades. Perhaps since Nixon pulled us off the gold standard? Or when Johnson removed silver from our coins? Since the beginning of the fed? Whatever. The ‘all of a sudden’ part will be here shortly and will leave the whole world stunned. It’s not going to come ‘someday’ in 5 or 10 years or in our childrens’ lifetime. No, it will happen before we know it. Go read Bill Holter’s thoughts on jsmineset.

          • FDR pulled us off the gold standard, not Nixon. FDR was the big commie, Nixon served on the McCarthy committee investigating commies. We need him now, commies everywhere, including many posters on this board.

            Lead is the PM.

            • The gold window was closed by Nixon in August of 1971. Up until then, countries could trade dollars for physical gold. I have read that France was doing a lot of that.

              All FDR did was screw some ignorant people. He called for gold to be turned in for paper at one rate and then immediately devalued the paper. Those who kept their gold weren’t affected negatively by the devaluation.

              • That pic’s so close to reality. A quick step left or right and the guy’d be just fine. Instead, he’s cowering doom approaches, sure in his fate instead of choosing another. Typical of too many in society me thinks.

              • Here we are…arguing with each other over which asshat did what…Who gives s#&t…your falling for the old divide and conquer…Empires and asshats like obummer, come and go, there plans ALWAYS FAIL…

              • I traded dollars for physical Silver last month. Hey it still works for now. Only buy Silver in stamped 1-Oz rounds ,999 pure. They will work best in a collapse. Scrap metal like pre 65 coins are not pure and pretty useless when the currency is declared dead or outlawed.

                • @WhoKnewIt….

                  Pre-65 silver coins (dimes, quarters, half-dollars) would most likely be perfectly fine. They are easily recognized and despite the fact that they are only 90% silver, their value would be without question. So what if they are not .999 pure? They are still 90% silver.

                  What will tend to be more suspect are “off brand” silver rounds and bars for which there is no standard for determining authenticity. I’ve seen all sizes and weights on these things.

                  For this reason, you are probably better off with 1 oz. silver Eagles or Maple Leafs. These coins have a specific weight an dimension. All that is necessary to authenticate a coin like that is an accurate scale and set of calipers. Since every element has a unique specific gravity, if you have a coin that matches the specs, you can be nearly certain that it is authentic.

                • You may want to rethink your position on US Treasury constitutional silver. Pre 65 dimes and quarters. First of all, it IS the most recognized silver in the world. It will trade easier than any other silver because it will be less prone to counterfeit and much smaller denominations.
                  I feel you advise takes people in a direction that will not serve them well.

                  • You’re absolutely right.
                    In the case of any hyperinflationary scenario, silver will go stratospheric. Having dimes (2.2 grams of pure silver) and quarters (5.625 grams of pure silver) will be beneficial.
                    If silver reaches thousands of dollars an ounce (research the price of silver in 1923 Germany) you won’t necessarily want to have to trade a full ounce. Grams will be very usable.

                  • Prepsomemore is correct. Coins are better recognized and harder to counterfeit than generic rounds.

                    • x2

                • The gold/silver/PM market is a scam. You pay a premium well over its value when you buy, and take a loss under value when you sell. Unless you buy/sell with a private party; never through a PM dealer.

                  Buy preps, supplies, ammo, land, etc, pay off debts, learn new trades and skills (not in college – that’s yet another series of scams), before wasting your money on PMs.

                  • @Nobama says: I do not know where you are ‘paying a premium’ for silver bullion. I purchase mine at spot price. Try shopping around at Scottsdale or APMEX. There can be shipping Insurance charge, but I want that insurance so I don’t mind.

                  • No, you’re missing the whole point here completely! Not only did you miss the bull’s eye, you didn’t even get on the target!! PM are NOT for trading back and forth with the hope that you will be able to somehow time the markets properly to make a profit on your trades! Unless you are an insider who knows the exact minute to buy or sell. PM are for HOLDING ON TO for the day when the world wide fiat paper currency/electronic bookkeeping entry financial system scam collapses! Hold all of the fiat financial paper you may care to, just don’t expect for it to be useful for much besides wiping your back side or lighting a camp fire when all of the ATMs are closed down due to the collapse of the economy and loss of electricity. Savvy?

                • Pre-65 are “scrap metal?” Wow, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Okay, so obviously you think little of 90% Silver coins, so my advice to you is to invest in AMMUNITION. My hunch is that you will always be fed if you can trade common rounds of ammo.

                • I did electroplating and had a couple grand of silver rounds I bought at the normal $5.00 an ounce. I got rid of all of it. If you think it (or gold) is going to spend when SHTF, think again. Gold and silver don’t fall under the “necessaries” category of food, clothing and shelter. To the majority of people it may as well be brass or lead. If people are hungry, do you really think someone with a few chickens will give you eggs or meat for a piece of metal?
                  Knowledge, tools, and energy sources will be vastly more valuable to the average person than gold or silver. Aside from that (should be obvious) fact, I think that the gov’t,the media and their shills and all the psyOps people are setting the American people up for a huge fall. I think they are getting people who actually have money and are looking for someplace “safe” to put it, to “spend” (deplete their resources further) it. Then,like FDR did, confiscate the gold,making it illegal for citizens to use for currency. Just my 2 cents.

                  • For posterity’s sake, and as if it matters, I say to you, TJ Houston,

                    How did paper thin sheets of gold work out for the Hmong hill people in Vietnam for hundreds of years before the fall of Saigon? And, after?

                    How well does the empire control the availability of drugs or tobacco in America today? Especially in prisons.

                    I find your lack of faith in The Force disturbing.

                    FDR didn’t confiscate All the gold from The People. Do some research.

                    Also, 5000+ years of history suggests the answer to this question is, “Yes!”

                    “If people are hungry, do you really think someone with a few chickens will give you eggs or meat for a piece of metal?”

              • In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt ended Americans’ right to surrender paper dollars for gold and even to own gold bullion. Step two came in 1971 when President Richard Nixon “closed the gold window to foreign governments” and denied the right to turn in paper dollars for gold. The “gold window” had already been closed to the American citizen in 1933.

                After 1933 the American citizen could not redeem our paper money, be that paper as gold certificates, silver certificates or federal reserve notes for gold even at FDRs inflated rate of $35.00 the ounce as the commie FDR pegged it to gold in 1933. That $35.00 the ounce applied to foreign governments who could still trade their U.S. paper for gold, but the American citizen could not.

                Nixon then closed the “gold window,” to foreign governments who could no longer trade their paper for gold and Nixon did that in 1971.

                Americans could no longer trade their paper for gold at the peg of $20.00 the ounce prior to FDR, 1933 and $35.00 the ounce for gold.

                FDR, stalins buddy, did more than just “screw some ignorant people” he began the relentless march to modern socialism, the progressive and now communism.

                The only thing now backing the fiat paper is the confiscation, by the government, of all goods, natural resources and services. And the faith of commies.

                Lot of commies on this board.

                f ’em

            • Semper Fi, y’al

              Gold was officially pegged to the USD at $35 an ounce after FDR confiscated US civilian gold in 1933 at $20 an ounce and then devalued the USD. It was used to make the USD “as good as gold” in international transactions as everyone wanted dollars. The USD was codified in the Bretton Woods Agreement to be the post war reserve currency largely replacing the Pound Sterling of the UK. The US took advantage of that and created money out of proportion to its gold reserves as early as the very late 1950s. Creative accounting and just plain, “forgetaboutit”, held nations at bay that were still recovering from WWII. France decided to add and subtract in 1969 and wanted gold not paper dollars and in August 1971 the USD / Gold convertibility ended.

              • My take on the Baltic Dry Index is that it reflects the drop in global economic activity to recession levels, having fallen below 2008 lows.

                It will go lower. 🙁

                • DK

                  The BDI is the cost to ship as opposed to the quantity shipped.

                  I don’t know the specific contribution of excess shipping capacity lowering cost verses the lower cost of fuel to power the sea going vessel. I assume we have a significant contribution of both.

                  I’ll agree, the world is certainly in a recession. How deep? How long? Time will tell.

                  • It’s not going to get any better until the world rounds up those responsible and hangs them.

                    • AMEN to THAT there, Sixpack!! And I just so happen to have lots of rope to donate to such a worthy cause, and I can always get more, too if needed!! A simple slip knot tied around one ankle with their head just touching the ground so anybody walking by can give them a nice kick or two and the feral dogs can piss on their face is what they deserve!!

                  • Yes K2, but those “costs” reflect expenses and profit. Profit margins can go lower. Expenses can be shaved by fewer hands or less experienced sailors.

                    It is better to break even with an operating ship than have sit idle. At least then you have market share and can increase profits as shipping volumes increase.

                    There is the direct relationship between shipping volumes and the BDI costs. Those BDI costs are not computed in a vacuum. The BDI will go lower. 🙂

                    • So we can we say that a 50% drop in BDI is not necessarily a 50% drop in actual shipping? Is there a “rule of thumb” percentage of goods actually shipped and the BDI?

                    • K2: I do not have a clue as to what percentage change in one would show about the percentage drop in the other since the variables I mentioned are not public knowledge, and each case would be different.

                      Nor do I care. I just know that shipping activity is likely to decline further, and some ship owners would rather have market share and a ship in the ocean, rather that in port.

                      The BDI IS going lower. How much lower? For how long? I dunno. 🙂

              • My take on the price of crude is that, left to its own devices, without dramatic intervention by the Russians or Saudis themselves, that the price will go much lower, perhaps below $10 /bbl as the Iranians enter the market again.

                I don’t believe the Russians could live with that world price for an extended period of time, even if its oil & gas is produced in rubles. 🙁

                • With all these foreign oil tankers anchored offshore, one of them may be a decoy, and really containing a Nuke to fire, causing an EMP over the US. Obama is fiddling talking Urbonics to his stopped sheep while the EMP threat lurks.

                  • I see the anchored tankers as an interesting strategic move. The one major thing any war effort needs is fuel for the machines. Basically there is a strategic reserve residing off our coast waiting to be tapped should the need arise and I don’t see it being used for the benefit of US citizens.

                • Blah blah blah, the queen of the parrots regurgitating whatever pundits opinion he read recently which is contrary to the person DK is currently arguing. I used to love this site but if DicK really is being recognized as one of the experts here then TEOTWAWKI really must be right around the corner because the world has gone insane at every level!!!

              • My take on the American markets is that they too will fall further, to sustainable levels. Sustainable means as a reasonable, historical multiple of earnings per share.

                Thats a big drop, where they will remain “choppy” for another year or two.

                I do not see the “bottom dropping out (of the economy or the markets) completely” without war, pole shift, EMP, or massive earth changes.

                There is a threshold at which the economy will continue to operate even in a full blown depression, and a “black, hidden, economy” which will function on Main Street regardless of what happens on Wall Street.

                There are a number of social safety nets to begin with and the two tier economy has 100 million people without gainful employment already. These people have adapted and will not likely be progressively affected by additional negative economic news, to my mind. However there will be a significant number of new arrivals to the perpetual underclass in a full blown depression.

                Global events are another thing altogether. 🙁

              • Global events are another thing altogether. China is going down and going down hard as I have mentioned here many times.

                First, there are fundamental, systemic flaws in the Chinese financial system. Second, I don’t believe that the CCP will manage additional disruptions any better than they have these past problems. Third, you don’t threaten the hegemony of the FED who built you, without paying the price. They are paying the price despite outward appearances and perceptions to the contrary.

                How China manages these coming, additional, systemic crisis is the wild card. I don’t have much confidence in Chinese leadership ability, still clouded and grounded in Communism.

                I believe that this lack of capable management leads to war, or revolution, or both in Asia within a couple of years.

                The economic consequences of war are well known. 🙁

              • Europe is a basket case: economically and politically. I said as much more than two years ago here when I warned this community that a global economic meltdown was more likely to originate in Europe or China than in the USA.

                I took a lot of heat for that ridiculous statement. 🙂

                The problems in Europe are also systemic. It has one currency and 28 central banks. That is not a formula for success. Layer on top of that the invasion of Europe by Islam and you have a civilization in crisis, again without any leaders capable of making good judgements on behalf of the people that chose them to represent THEM.

                We know the eventual outcome in Europe, so MASSIVE change is coming to Europe as a result of the current and coming chaos. Those massive changes changes cannot have positive financial consequences. Any that are would be isolated.

                Nature and politics love a vacuum. In nature it allows for new life to develop. In politics it allows for dramatic new leadership, previously unacceptable. Classic Cloward – Pivens strategy to pave the way for the Anti Christ.

                America must use the eight years under a Trump Administration and a new burst of freedom to consolidate the nation and renew our strengths for the real fight to come.

                United under God, we are invincible. 🙂

                • “Layer on top of that the invasion of Europe by Islam and you have a civilization in crisis, again without any leaders capable of making good judgements on behalf of the people that chose them to represent THEM.”
                  Fair Dinkum DK…….come in mate!!

                  How about a better, more truthful observation: “Ever since Amercia PHUCKED over its own people during 911, then set upon a muderous, pathological rampage and pillage across the Middle East, with over 1.5 million innocent people dead…….we can layer on top of this an invasion of Europe by a massive move of displaced Islamic people, thereby giving a civilisation in crisis.” That sounds better to me…….putting the blame where it belongs……with the PHUCKING BASTARD GOVERNMENT OF THE US.

                  Why has this author of this article felt the need to suck the dicks of DK and K2?

                  All I see from DK here (don’t get me wrong……I have a strong level of respect for his views, not all, but many), is that……”the world is PHUCKED, but, ya know, America is MIGHTY, and, and, you know……no one can phuck with us…..and everything will be rosier here than anywhere else on the planet when the SHTF……because, because… know…..we are mighty America”

                  That to me, is madness.

                  Firstly……”the Mighty Fed”: The Might Fed is the cancer on the planet……and the planet knows it.
                  If DK thinks that the cancer is going to survive (that is, keep humanity wedged forever), he is wrong. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
                  FACT: The cancer will be rooted out. Whether that means that a nation like Russia or China IS FORCED TO NUKE the USA into a zinging glass carlark (hopefully not), or whether the US people stop “talking” about their 2nd Ammmendment rights and actually pick up their guns and remove the cancer themselves……IT WILL BE REMOVED.
                  China was around 4000 years before the USA, so to say that the Fed created them is ridiculous……China will NEVER, EVER…..EVER become or remain a vassal state of the USA, a nation in complete decay (again, sadly, for her people don’t deserve such decay, but is is what it is.)
                  In the absence of either of these two situations I outline above playing themselves out, things will get progressively worse for all people, right across the planet, whilst at the selfsame moment, the probability of a nuke or a revolution get closer every single day.
                  Please, DK…….I urge you to take of the rose coloured glasses regarding the fate of the US over then next 5 years. The US is in more trouble than ANY other nation, because her fall will be the largest……and what a massive fall it will be.
                  For prepped people, like DK and K2……and all here on this site, at least you will prevail longer than the average imbecile watching the footy or reality TV.

                  Peace and best wishes to ALL as we move I to this final stretch of the struggle.

                  Nuke em Duke

                  East Coast, Australlia.

                  • Hey Duke!: If you have followed my comments here for any period of time (I have been commenting here for five years) then you should know that I recognize that the FED is a cancer and parasite on the American People and the world in general; and should be removed.

                    I have proposed that the FED buy ALL US Debt before we shut them down. I just don’t see anything on the horizon that will change that reality (FED status) anytime soon; with the exception of nuclear war, massive earth changes, EMP, or pole shift. Thats reality. Undesirable reality perhaps, but reality nonetheless.

                    The USA is mighty and that is the reason that you are reading and writing in English instead of Japanese. You are welcome mate !!! 🙂

                    Things here in the USA will be bad, but not as bad as elsewhere. Things should be pretty good in Australia too, because I think it is still possible to live off the land down under without government intervention. With all of the various federal, state, and local police forces in America, that freedom is not possible for more than a small number of people, and only in the remotest locations.

                    China is a great civilization and has remained so for 5,000 years, yet there have been many periods in Chinese history that have not been so great. I am merely pointing out the real systemic challenges that exist in China today with a hybrid system: politically communist (fascist actually) and economically quasi capitalist.

                    The US did not avoid similar excesses in the 20’s that exist in China today, which led to the Great Depression. Why should I believe that China will not suffer a similar fate? Sources on the ground in China have told me many stories about the (crony) capitalism and corruption that has run amok there. The multiple re-hypothecation of metals is just a smidgen of what is happening there.

                    America is in the strongest position militarily and economically of any nation. Once the kenyon has been removed from office I expect Trump to move quickly to restore American Constitutional Values to the political life of the nation, bolstered by a massive outpouring by the American people, to roll back the New World Order who is the real enemy of free people everywhere.

                    Lets say there is “TOTAL GLOBAL COLLAPSE” including in the USA for sake of argument. A new president could put people to work in a number of different ways as did FDR, reviving the gold mining industry for SMALL MINERS.

                    A new president could also pegged the price of all oil & gas PRODUCED & USED within the United States at say, $50, or 60, or $70 per bbl, whatever is the optimal price to become TOTALLY SELF SUFFICIENT in energy production. That is possible in the USA today, with enough O&G for more than 300 years, at current rates of consumption. And in Australia too.

                    If I am an optimist about the future of America, and a rebirth of freedom spreading over the land with the vast majority of the American People strongly behind President Trump; I concede: it is a flaw in my character. 🙂

                    • Duke: My faith in the IDEAL that is America is bolstered by my faith in Almighty God and Washington’s Vision. Here is a link to his Vision.


                      No disrespect intended, but Australia was founded by convicts looking for a “get out of jail free card”. And that’s ok too because the Lord works His wonders in ways we do not always comprehend. 🙂

                    • DK

                      People aren’t supporting Trump, their giving the system the finger. He is the outsider or perceived as being so; time will tell. His ignorance of the strategic nuclear triad would have taken him out of the race in the past. No one cares what he knows or doesn’t know because all they believe is that he is genuine. Trump in my opinion has never read the Constitution and I don’t think he believes it should rein him in. His distain for Ed Snowden saying, “He should be shot” pretty much establishes the above. Of course his contemporaries with the exception of Rand Paul just give the Constitution lip service.

                      Its sad but considering what is out there he is probably our best choice; God help us that its came to this.

                    • Hi DK,
                      Your thoughts in your reply are noted, and I do agree with a lot of what you say.
                      You know, I was going to reply with a long winded retort, but, it’s such a beautiful sunny summer’s day here, I don’t see the point.
                      However, just three things:
                      1) I respect you, and believe that ultimately, we are on the same side, so there is no use in me firing off nasty torpedoes at your point of view.
                      2) regarding WW2…..yep, agree that in the Battle of The Coral Sea, the US Navy did repel a Japanese invasion……we are grateful for that and we don’t forget. However……that remembrance does not come with a “we shall agree with all US Foreign Policy Forever Card”……no sir.
                      We reserve the right to point out that the US of the 1940’s was a far more noble nation than what we currently observe today, and we also reserve the right to point out that “US Foreign Policy” is not automatically “the agreed fate of the nations of the world”
                      3) You are a proud American…..and rightly so. I am a proud Aussie, and rightly so.
                      It is true that our nation was started as a penal colony… argument.
                      That said, it is true that those that came here in 1788 were given little to zero chance of lasting 10 years, in a harsh, almost alien land to “the mother country”.
                      Many convicts served their sentences out, and were granted lands by the Governor so as to build the colony along further.
                      What has resulted from “convicts to be looked down upon” has transformed into a nation, which in the eyes of many, is the envy of the Earth. Google our national anthem…….it says it all really…….and not a mention of a bomb bursting in the air either!!
                      We are BY NO MEANS perfect mind you…..we still require leadership that detaches itself from US hegemony, and a mature way to work out how to defeat the NWO, The Banksters and The Bastards. A long, tough slog to be sure, but we will get there, I have eternal hope.
                      Tuesday is Australia Day DK……26th of January. Please join me across the miles with a frosty beer and a toast to both our nations…….that we may get out of this mess stronger, better friends and above all, better citizens, better custodians, of this amazing and precious planet.

                      Nuke em Duke
                      East Coast, Australia

                    • DK: your thoughts in your reply are noted, and I agree with almost all you have said…..and well said, sir.
                      I was going to write out a long winded reply, but it is SUCH a beautiful summers day here today, I don’t see the point. However, there are three things to say.
                      1) I see no point in raising my sword to you, and firing off a nasty reply, as I believe, from looking at the body of your statements here over the years, that you and I, ultimately, are on the same side.
                      2) Regarding the Battle of The Coral Sea in WW2. Yes……agree that the US Navy did repel a fleet of Japanese ships looking to invade Australia. Thank you USA….you have our gratitude and we do not forget…..EVER.
                      HOWEVER……that act of assistance does not give the USA an “Australia MUST ALWAYS agree with US Foreign Policy Card”. No sir. We reserve the right to be critical, fiercely at times, of US Foreign Policy, where AWAKENED MINDS see fit. Moreover, we reject the notion that US Foreign Policy IS AUTOMATICALLY THE FATE OF THE NATIONS by decree of “The Exceptional Nation” Outright reject it…..always will.
                      3) regarding the origins of Australia. You are a proud American, and rightly so……I am aproud Aussie, and rightly so.
                      It is true that this nation was started as a penal colony… argument there. It is worth noting that in 1788, the opinion at the time was that the fledgling NSW colony had “little to zero” chance of lasting ten years. The land the original settlers found was as harsh and alien as could be, when compared to the “mother land”. But last it did, and eventually, as convicts served out their periods of sentence, they were granted tracts of lands by the governor…….theirs to maintain and farm, with a view to free men expanding the colony further.
                      What was once a rag tag colony, flung and virtually left for dead into the loneliest corner of the world has grown to become, what many will say, is a magnificent nation among the nations.
                      Google and have a read of the words of our National Anthem…….it is all pretty well laid out there…..and not a mention of a “bomb bursting in the air”.
                      We are far from perfect over here mind you: we are still to free our “leadership” from the tether of “US Global Hegemony”, and we “awakened people” like others in all nations, like you DK, scratch our heads in frustration at how we will find a way to defeat the NWO…..The Fed…..The Banskers and The Outright Bastards of Humanity. But we will find a way……I have eternal hope 🙂
                      Tuesday 26th Jan is Australia Day, DK. I hope you will raise a frosty beer across the miles, as I will to you, and look forward to better days than these…….when both our nations……ALL NATIONS, will work to remove that which divides us, and thus become better custodians of each other and this magnificent, precious planet.

                      Nuke em Duke
                      East Coast, Australia

                    • K2: “People aren’t supporting Trump, their giving the system the finger. ”

                      A rose by any other name …. 🙂

                    • Agreed Duke. Sydney Cove was no picnic. Only a very hardy group of souls could have survived and thrived in such an environment. Many of these individuals were probably in debtors prison in London during this period anyway, with little hope of escape.

                      Air in hades would have been fresher. 🙂

                      Most Americans do not agree with current or the previous foreign policy under GWB. The NWO/MIC/CIA National Security Apparatus controls our government and has since GHW Bush was elected President in 1988. It s been downhill since.

                      Maybe Trump ….. may be Trump. 🙂

                    • RE: “HOWEVER……that act of assistance does not give the USA an “Australia MUST ALWAYS agree with US Foreign Policy Card”.”

                      It kind of seems like you sooo don’t understand American Exceptionalism. Of course you must submit. Just ask any Christian Imperialist, like DK. You’re naive if you think otherwise. They think they own you, just like any other American helot or any entity in the world that gets in their way. Be mindful, of course people like him recognize that the FED is a cancer, however; as J. Whitehead has recently written: opposition to the establishment, is Not a defense of freedom.
                      Keep that in mind.

                      Anyway, I always thought the reason that you are reading and writing in English instead of Japanese is because of God, not because of the might of men. Jmho. The trust in so-called leaders, or nations, or soldiers, over that of God, is kind of bizarre to me. Especially when people simultaneously clamor for price controls (like they have in Venezuela, or have in, I dunno, every failed and murderous dictatorship in history) you have to raise an eyebrow to that kind of approach or outlook if you have any sense about you. Again, Jmho. Take it, or leave it.

                      RE: “America must use the eight years under a Trump Administration and a new burst of freedom to consolidate the nation and renew our strengths for the real fight to come.”

                      So, I guess this means he’s revamping his original expectation of things going south at the beginning of 2015 like he said in the archives? Eight more years, eh? This time will be different, eh? New boss, is not the same as the old boss? I wonder if any people took his advise awhile back to buy real estate in Az. and if they feel like they bought at the Peak of Echo Bubble 2.0? A.k.a. rip-off city per thehousingbubbleblog.

                      It’s amazing to me that people think the American markets will fall further – to sustainable levels – while The Fed is propping up said markets. But, whatever. I’m just a simple man. A person our soldiers are supposedly fighting for. I don’t have the benefits of being told how to think, like our self-proclaimed and college educated (brainwashed) betters do.

                      RE: “There is a threshold at which the economy will continue to operate […] There are a number of social safety nets”

                      What? Like Social Security? Psft. That’s set to get cut this Fall no matter who gets elected and there’s seemingly no limit to how far an empire can crack down on its subjects. Just ask a Ukrainian for grandma’s stories of life under Stalin.

                      Lets reorganize some thoughts a bit and see if a picture formulates:

                      “America is in the strongest position militarily and economically of any nation.”

                      “United under God, we are invincible.”

                      “With all of the various federal, state, and local police forces in America […] freedom is not possible for more than a small number of people, and only in the remotest locations.”

                      Get the picture?

                    • Helot: “So, I guess this means he’s revamping his original expectation of things going south at the beginning of 2015 like he said in the archives?”

                      I never said things would “go south at the beginning of 2015”. (That is typical of you Clark). I said, in 2012 that SHTF would happen in 2015.

                      American markets have lost $14 trillion during 2015. China’s experiment with capitalism is in free fall. Europe is under siege from Jihadists and its Euro Zone banks are on the brink of collapse, with sovereign defaults in Greece. Potugal, Spain, and Italy are not far behind. The Middle East is ablaze, again. The BRIC’s are toast. Obama Care is in disarray and health insurance premiums have tripled for those who can pay them.

                      All of that happened in 2015. I think those things qualify as SHTF. Your definition of SHTF is probably hyperinflation; or “dollar collapse”, but that isn’t going to happen. No need to “revamp” anything. 🙂

                  • I like a lot of what DK has to say, not all, but a lot. However, as I have commented several times in the past, the author of this article is a fraud. I don’t know what it’s going to take or when the people in this forum realize this. If you go back and read this article again, there are inconsistencies that lead me to believe that the author does not know what he’s talking about and is full of shit. I don’t believe he was in any special operations unit in any other capacity going to cook, mailman or supply personnel.

                    • DK’s ghost writer probably wrote it that’s why it’s so unorganized drivel. DK reads the news to us and then tries to claim it as his own predictions. Seriously check the archives. Bwhahaha..

                  • This whole thing is a hoax. I’m qualified to say I understand the ego but DK almost wins the cake in the ego department.

                    • I have a healthy sense of self worth and self confidence from being on my own from the age of 17 and a senior in high school. No one gave me jack shit. No “white privilege” here. No “christian imperialism”.

                      My faith in Jesus Christ is based upon my personal relationship with Him; not any denomination, or doctrine. If you do not have a personal relationship with your Creator, just like you would with your best friend, if you have never taken the time to go within to discover yourself, and your purpose in this world, then it is no wonder that you envy me because I have.

                      I grew up on the very edge of the ghetto. Much of my self confidence comes from a childhood immersed in sports, where I excelled. I made my own way and paid for my own education. That’s the American Way.

                      I don’t owe my success to anyone or anything except my own competence and hard work: often two jobs, even while in college.

                      That’s why I have little sympathy for pissers, moaners, whiners, and criers. 🙂

                    • What a typical example of the Imperial Christin perspective which ignores the role of a higher power in their life:

                      “I don’t owe my success to anyone or anything except my own competence and hard work”

                      With that, much of the focus of an Imperial Christian is on maintaining an empire, identifying with an empire, and subjugating The People. For example, price controls, or any other kind of people control.

                      DK wrote, “I never said things would “go south at the beginning of 2015″.”

                      It seemed to me at the time he did.
                      It sure would be easier for him to verify what he said, when he did, if he had his own website. Maybe then, he could be swayed from being an Imperial Christian?
                      That would be a good thing.

                      Don’t you all think DK needs to start his own website?
                      I mean, if he really is All Knowing, he might owe it to posterity if he was so inclined?

                    • “That’s why I have little sympathy for pissers, moaners, whiners, and criers.”

                      That fits in nicely with, “Love your enemies”. Doesn’t it?
                      Or, “Love the poor” or whatever.

                      Sympathy is so unbecomming of an Imperial Christian, eh?

                      “Boot to the head!”

                  • Mate, U rock,my family (google Reese family fast and furious scapegoat ?) beenat war 4 1/2 years w/us gubmint. No help nra, they are bought and paid for in dc. God guts and guns made USA, and we are loosing oil pressure fast, like the Trinity, the three G’s are all or none.

                    God bless
                    Your friends in New Messko,
                    The Reese’s ( New Deal Shooting Sports) {murdered by Obola’s DoJ}

                • There is no magic hopey wishey God in the sky DK, that’s why we are F@cked today. Hope and prayer is for stooped sheep who are too damn lazy to make real change themself. Your economic rants are already news, and in fact old news. And are wrong most of the time of your own predictions. Check the archives. That’s a fact. You still believe the Yuan is pegged to the Dollar? How many economic CD’s you sell this month? Bwhahahaha…


                  • I have been out of the body. I have seen the Lord face to face and spoken with Him. I have heard His voice. I know who He is. I have been physically healed by the Lord a number of times in my life (Its in my medical record.) My name is in the Bible Code.

                    Is yours? Probably not.

                    Those who the Lord has called, those He fore knew. Those who know Him love Him. He loves US as a lover who yearns for their beloved.

                    With respect to my economic “drivel” in the archives, I challenge you, like I did Brandon, to dig out a specific error and we can debate it.

                    He hasn’t. You can’t. 🙂

                    • And there you go people, do you really need to hear anymore from this idiot DK? I wish I had the link to one of his many singles website profiles to put the cap on it for you. This guys picture is under definition of “moms little basement dweller” in the urban legends dictionary

                    • He roars: “I challenge you, like I did Brandon, to dig out a specific error and we can debate it.”

                      No man, the work is your own challenge, dig up your quote and post it.

                      Or, better yet, make your own website, complete with links, or,… are you uable to do that?

                    • Ha! a spelling error, “uable”.

                      Too feeble?
                      Too lazy?

                      Uable DK, quit saying, “It’s, “in the archives” and just post your own comment. Maybe even, on your own website, tell us what you’re doing to be free, so that we may learn.

                  • So that mighty arm of GOD that is talked about in the Bible is pure fiction then?

                  • I’m with ya on half, to 3/4 of that, WhoKnewIt.
                    No need to whip out and go all-out full blown atheist on us.
                    However; I see where you’re coming from. Maybe, you’re just a little broad stroking the brush, there.

                  • There are two types in a foxhole, men praying tod God, and babies crying for their mommies…..

                    Id rather pray then cry…

                  • WhoKnewIt,
                    The reality is that things are what they are now **because** there is a God. He has foretold these events. Check the ‘archives’.
                    And your desire to ‘be your own man’ is exactly why things are what they are. The rejection of God’s plan for mankind is exactly why Satan has the ear of those who run roughshod over their ‘subjects’. Have you ever heard what the rich and famous say about the ‘turning points’ in their lives. They always have to do with a key decision to bow to the one who asked them to ‘Bow down and worship me, and I will give you….’.
                    Jesus was asked the same thing. But He would not bow as they all have.
                    I think the US is in big trouble. The murder of 50 to 70 million babies in the womb requires judgment. Just look at the reaction today to the name Hitler. And he didn’t come close to these murderers in number or brutality.
                    DK sees things going well in the US by comparison, with this caveat. Barring “war, pole shift, EMP, or massive earth changes”. And that is exactly what is coming here. All of the above. Civil war and from externals.
                    At least that is the way I see it.
                    Jesus is truly our **only** hope.

                  • BTW dumbshit, the yuan is STILL pegged to the dollar. It is the Chinese government through its central bank which makes the adjustments to the rate every day, and sets that rate.

                    Changes are NOT set by market forces; ie the buying and selling of yuan in the open market. How fucking dumb are you anyway ???

                    Do just a little fucking research, won’t you ??? 🙂

                • Yes, just as I took a lot of heat for my paper What is Money? back in 1996, wherein I exposed the fraudulent nature of fiat paper currencies and fictitious electronic bookkeeping entries. People I knew mocked me for what I said and predicted, all because they couldn’t confront the facts right before their own eyes, and now it’s here on our doorsteps!! So who’s laughing now??
                  Nature ABHORS a vacuum, that’s why they always get filled up!!

                  • Randy said, “Yes, just as I took a lot of heat for my paper What is Money? back in 1996”

                    That seems cool. Maybe even heroic, something about speaking truth in a time of deceit.

                • Durango Kidd

                  You took no flak from me, per your assessment (see European sit-rep statements)in the archives. Your analysis was spot on for the most part…ditto, tonight’s!!!

                  That said, I venture an addendum to your analysis:

                  1.)’re gonna see “civil war / violent-armed revolution” in Europe…soon!!!
                  Co-incidentally w/ economic-banking collapse (watch German banks!!!)!!!

                  2.) France/Italy & the UK especially, per civil war. Next up, follow Sweden, Austria, Denmark…and of all places Finland!!!

                  3.) ..and watch the Balkan-states, namely Serbia & to a lessor extent Croatia, per the muslim menace…Hungary too!!!
                  It’s gonna be bloody & violent!!!

                  4.) ..sooner or later, amid a collapse/civil-war/revolution environment..the fucking “turks” will shuttle Mohammedan/Wahhabi indoctrinated shit-skins up thru the devastated Balkan region(their doing it NOW)…& into the underbelly of Europe.
                  There’s a coming blood bath there also…& sooner or later..the Russian Bear is gonna march “WEST”, amid the chaos!


         willing to bet a “franklin-note of Yellen script”..that I’m right!!!! -(grin)-


                  5.) ..and per your (current example of the) USA(!)…just watch pal, we’re gonna be vigorously occupied, in our own version of Rev.2.0…as the elite ain’t gonna go quietly.

                  They’re gonna attack & draw 1st blood(again), for the umpteenth time…’cept when they do(this time)…its “GAME ON”!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Irregardless, if they had skin-in-the-game…right or wrong DK…too many folks are sick & tired of the goddamn feds!!!

                  ..and in my opinion, its the ultimate irony…that real Americans will adopt your penultimate / patented phrase(by you)..

                  ..that being:



                  Unfortunately, It’ll probably be several days before Mac’s KGB type censors allow this post/response to you…onto this as to insure few read it—-(deep sigh)—!!!

                  BTW…Happy Birthday DK (whenever it is) & may GOD BLESS you!!!

                  • Hunter: Thanks for your support. I think TRUMP will be elected which will temper revolution for a period of time in America; which is why I said that we need to consolidate those gains while he is in office.

                    First we need to create new political structures around the Silent Majority/Reagan Coalition/ and Patriots (VPAC).

                    Second we need to organize our Militias, which are currently in disarray and run by brain dead, hotheads who have a heart for this Nation but without intelligent leadership.

                    Third, we need to educate the masses, particularly the next generation, about America: the US Constitution & Bill of Rights. We also need to educate them about money and the monetary system in the USA, as the next generation is woefully uneducated about both American money and American politics.

                    10 years from now, when TRUMP is long gone, the Globalists will re-emerge to start the same bullshit all over again. Patriots must be well armed, well educated, and well organized: multiplying their power (and firepower) in a network of organizations like the liberals have, using taxpayer money to push their Agenda.

                    Patriots must push, and taxpayers must fund, an American Agenda in a solid front to confront and confound the globalists.

                    The US Constitution is our most powerful weapon and the penalty for treason is death !!! Once a few of these globalist traitors have been executed for “high crimes and misdemeanors”, the Leftists will move back to Europe, from where they came. 🙂

                  • RE: “It’ll probably be several days before Mac’s KGB type censors allow this post/response to you”

                    Man, That’s pretty downright ignorant.
                    Have you no concept of private property?
                    Also, ‘it’ did get posted, it’s a far, far bit away from the KGB and censoring.
                    But, maybe you don’t read much?

                    Ignorance: don’t be it’s victim.

              • @Kevin2…

                Yep. That’s why the only thing backing the U.S. dollar is the “full faith and credit of the United States”.

                That really inspires confidence these days, doesn’t it?

                This is why I’ve said repeatedly that at some point, the world will become willing to admit that “the emperor has no clothes”, and when they do, the dollar will fall to its true intrinsic value….which is the paper upon which it’s printed. In such a case, toilet paper will have more real value, since it will perform a needed service more effectively than dollars.

                The argument is made that the world still looks to the dollar as a safe haven. That is only because it’s the best looking horse in the glue factory. Most, if not all of the currencies of the world are fiat. And when TSHTF, the entire world economy will collapse. The USA may be the last to go down, but that’s small consolation. That’s like saying “I’ll be the last one in the water” when the Titanic sank.

                After the dust settles, a medium of exchange will still be required for people to obtain goods and services. Historically, it has been silver and gold. I see no reason for it to be any different this time.

                • TPTB need the US military to enforce their global rule. They have a vested interest in MIC surviving sufficiently armed and staffed to achieve their goals. 75% of US currency is held overseas. I suspect in the event of a mass exodus from the USD that a new currency will immediately appear. The $10,000 cash rule across the border is a currency control ostensibly adopted for the illegal narcotics trade. It will work handily limiting all of those dollars from coming back into the US. The banks are not just in cahoots but active players and will stop foreign money coming back via technology. The strategy is similar to script being reissued around US military bases in war zones to limit the black market. The result is very limited to no foreign goods. Thats uncomfortable but survivable. The defense contractors still get what they want and some measure of political stability is maintained because of sufficient food and fuel.

                  The above would not be done (but touted as such) that its for the American People. Its for MIC and the power elite.

              • Kevin2, please see my post above.

                After 1933 the American citizen could no longer trade paper for gold at any bank. In this matter the citizens’ window was closed.

                Silver was still specie, however, but not now.

            • “Commies” are the hated group of the day? I wish we had smaller problems now. The commies post brought back memories.

            • Correct Semper Fi. Nixon was the second half of the equation. He closed the gold window because LBJ had spent so much money on Guns and Butter that “even the river Jordon had dollars afloating.” Foreign governments, fearing the dollar collapse, made a run on the US gold reserve. Nixon stopped it.

              FDR wanted to remove gold from the hands of citizens so they wouldn’t undercut the inflated fed notes he was about to create to support his planned, and unnecessary, war in Europe, and that against Japan. Japan foolishly took FDR’s bait.

              • Very good, Black Heart. Thanks.

                Semper Fi
                Keep your K Bar sharp

            • FDR confiscated gold during the Great Depression, it was Nixon who closed the Gokd window around 1971-72 timeframe.

          • Run on Italy’s Third Largest Bank? Capital Controls or Bail-Ins Next?
            “The CEO of Monte dei Paschi, Italy’s third largest bank, and the oldest surviving bank in the world, admits Customers Pulling Deposits as share prices sink.”

            “Italian bank shares have lost 24 percent since the beginning of 2016 as investors, already rattled about global economic growth, have sold out of a sector with low profitability and about 200 billion euros ($218 billion) of loans that are unlikely to be repaid.”

            “Share prices of Monte dei Paschi are down over 50%, the worst of any major Italian bank. Deposits are leaving, and the only statement we have is that withdrawals are “limited”.”

            “Bail-ins have already hit other Italian banks.

            In December, bail-ins at smaller Italian banks wiped out subordinate bondholders.”

            Europe Fears Bail-Ins: Capital Flight Intensifies in Italy, France, Spain

          • Bill Holter – “We’ll go to bed one night and wake the next morning and our world will have changed overnight.”

          • “Slowly at first…”, began in 1913; thank Woodrow Wilson for selling the United States out. Thank the “greatest generation”, for handing the United States to the marxists within. Thank LBJ for sealing America’s fate.

            Not just the United States is going down, all of Western Civilization is going too. White people had better grow brains and spines. Do the math, it don’t look good…

          • Slap Happy, yes l the line in the Forest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”

          • “JJ”

            Just curious, sir…are you familiar w/ J.F.A.Davidson?

        • we ALREADY DID THAT, back in 2004-2005…we maxed out our home’s equity line and spent it on made in china JUNK….no, it will be the slow-motion train-wreck that it HAS been for the last 10 years plus…it was to be chiseled in stone back in 03 even…but now the gubmint has tried sooo hard, and they couldn’t fix it…that DAMN MATH, you know…it’s the LAW, after all….but now it will be so MUCH WORSE than it would have been if we had just taken out those bad banks….THAT’s what you been preppin’ for all these years, and it’s coming soon…whether you open yer eyes or NOT!…you can ignore politics, but they won’t ignore YOU!

          • You are right !
            I have aways said the same , slow motion decline into socialism and poverty.
            There will be no “event” .
            That is unless we get nuked , but the plan is to incrementally (or progressively ) drop our standards of living and morals to a point where we accept anything we are allowed to have .IMHO

        • G S,
          their is a real possibility of doing that BUT be aware there will be records from the CC companies and things do not work out, they will figure out how to come after you to pay your bill.

          • Who are “they” gonna send to retrieve said bill? The bill collector who is at home with his/her family? Many bill collectors I’ve spoken too usually have a thick Indian accent. Also it would be kinda hard to outsource physical bill collection to India.

            • Lots of people will be looking for jobs and they will get paid on commission. Good luck if you owe money.

              • the job market is already a train wreck and the average salary is complete bozo style to go along with it. . . . .

          • Apache54 …..yeaaaaaah man! Since there will “little to no law on the streets” they will instantly divert to antics like receiving a FIRST NOTICE LETTER that you are in arrears and it would be unfortunate if anything were to happen to your family, such as a child, and for you to be homeless? Please pay immediately!

            This is an attempt to collect a debt that will lead to loss of life for non-compliance.

            Feed’em lead and lots of it…

        • Most economic crashes/failures are slow motion affairs.

          They will come after you. And when they see what it is you bought, because you drew attention to yourself, they will turn you in.

          They long ago changed the bankruptcy laws, so you can’t really get out of debt anymore. Bankruptcy laws favor corporations over citizens.

          I really recommend people be as debt free as possible. Don’t give anyone leverage over you in a disaster.

        • Go back and read this article again. Jeremiah Johnson knows as much about economics as he does about special operations. There are several inconsistencies in this article. Jeremiah Johnson is a fraud.

          • “inconsistencies”??? How does that equal FRAUD? Why don’t YOU just tell us all how it really is then, since YOU know so much that you can confidently call others a fraud.

            C’mon Mr. Expert, tell us all the way it is – or just shut up with the criticism. The adults are trying to have a discussion here.

            • Six pack, it’s not just this article. Since I started reading Mr. Johnson’s writings and having the background that I do, is the reason why I say he’s a fraud. I take it very personal when someone says they’re something that they really aren’t, especially in this capacity. Personally, I don’t like talking about my “past” because I don’t want the attention. I did pose some questions to him in which his answers were evasive, leading me to believe that he isn’t genuine. I do not like seeing people being deceived because someone’s ego needs to be satisfied. So, I apologize if I offended you but isn’t this the way it’s supposed to work? And whether I’m an “expert” or not really doesn’t matter, you can bet your ass I was part of a crew that got done what needed done.

              • RE: “the reason why I say he’s a fraud.”

                Get some facts, Jack.

                And, show em.

                Otherwise; you’re just so much wind.

                Anyway, RE: “you can bet your ass I was part of a crew that got done what needed done.”

                What, really needed to be done? I mean, have you ever heard of General Smedly Butler? Or, read what he wrote?

          • i just went back and re-read the story, and for the life of me, i just cant figger what the hell yer talkin’ about, jackass? i can’t find a single thing here that i haven’t read somewhere else, numerous times before….by ALL MEANS, point to which statements were erronous….i’ll wait. it’s just gettin’ tooo easy to spot a troll.

        • My grandfather made all sorts of money during the great depression by buying tractors and farm equipment from International Harvester then renting it out. International harvester and JP morgan went after anyone and anybody who owed them money and took whatever they could to reclaim the money that they had loaned to people. Equipment, homes, land. Whatever. They were known to take homes from people who owed a little as $50.
          Expect something like this when SHTF. Better to not have that Credit card debt. The big guys never go away.

          • Very true.

          • @Ed…

            Being able to collect a debt requires some kind of rule of law.

            When a society collapses completely, that goes out the window.

            As bad as the Great Depression was, there was still rule of law.

            I don’t think much gets done in the way of “collections” when the only law is that of the jungle.

            Think Bosnia in the 1990’s for frame of reference.

            • It really has nothing to do with, “rule of law”.

              I mean, do you regularly slap your momma?

              Is it, “rule of law” that stops you from doing that?

          • Ill get back with you on that

        • Lets see, JC Penny now back selling household appliances. Retail clothing is dead. About time they adapted.

          Red Cruz.. Father is off the boat Cuban, and Red was born in Canada. Disqualified for Pres. McCain is a Panamanian and closet Jewww.

          Ronald Reagan is the Father of Terrorism as we know it today when he traded 5 Billion in Iranian frozen assets for the 52 Hostages, undermining Pres Carter. Setting a bad presedence by negotiating with terorists and paying randsome.

          Oh our Country has problems all right. Mostly politically self-inflicted. Know the facts and know the history. The rest is BS.


        • Yap prep heavy on car parts like like oil filters, windshield wipers, car fuses, extra tires, oil, fluids, brakes, tail lights, serpintine belts, winter air for your tires, head light fluid and muffler bearings. You get the point. Replace your car battery now and use the current battery as a back up w-inverter power backup. Just in time supply will fail. Nothing will come fast anymore in SHTF accept bullets flying.


        • Mate…..respectfully…..
          If you go and “max out” on a credit binge, and then THE BIG CRASH comes, unless you have paid off that credit, you won’t own a single phucking part of what you borrowed to “set yourself up”.
          It’s simple mathematics………you owe……you don’t own.
          You don’t owe… own.


          Nuke em Duke
          East Coast,

        • Ive read a few sources that some people were fortunate in that, they did just that before the Weimar Republic’s currency collapsed and fared better than most during the lean years.

          • Dang, ToneBone. It’s too bad you didn’t post a link to that.
            I’ve never come across such.

        • My same question. I’m spending everything to pay off debt before it hits, but dont want to deplete my stores. If it came fast and hard, I’d spend that on more stores, like a woodstove, but as is, trying to prep and pay off debts.

      2. Well it looks the a return to happy days are here again. Dow is up, oil is up, and skittle shitting unicorns are prancing about.

        • Po’d,
          even though the dow is UP LOOK at the VOLUME and that will tell you what is really happening in the stocks, either the BIG boys are playing or the fed is dumping cash into it to shore it up, don’t be misled it is NOT good! ( i am sure you know that )

          • Your exactly correct. Oil reserves goes from 2 mil barrels to 4 mil and the price goes up. Bullshit.

          • Maddog summed it up as to how I felt in my post a54. It was definitely T-I-C. Right now I’m watching the snow fly here in the Mid Atlantic. The wind has picked up here quite rapidly. My family is prepared. I did go into three different stores today and they all have been picked clean. The level of it was one I haven’t seen for a long time. My folks and sister (Tenn.), have had some bad weather from the same system but have come through as I’m sure we will. Our Governor stated as I heard one lady in a store repeat, “Our citizens need to be prepared for at least a week”.
            I almost laughed out loud when I heard her.

            • BTW its 3:25p.m. EST.

          • RE: “the dow is UP LOOK”

            Ain’t that what they call a Dead Cat Bounce?

            “Look, it’s Alive!” … “It jumped!”

      3. Like buy all ammo at Wal mart or all the can goods and dried goods beans rice on the shelf ($10,000) worth

      4. A Country Boy will Survive!!!!
        Thank God I’m a country boy.


      5. Skittles are OK they don’t taste bad but I refuse to put my mouth on the unicorns ass just to get some

          • h tps://

            This is why my shit don’t stink.

          • Sweet, friggin amazin.

      6. It’s all manipulated, of course. They can perform their magic tricks for just so long. Even jugglers’ arms eventually get tired and then it all comes crashing down.

        Their attempts at rallies will not last long. Someone somewhere will push the wrong button and skew everything up and it’ll all be over. Or once they get a war started to blame things on they might crash it on purpose. We don’t know what will actually happen, but it’ll be horrific.

      7. There are still so many tricks they can pull to keep things going. I could not even list them all on here. This rally today may last till Feb. Then reality will set in on the losses. Till then they will spout correction, and so on.

      8. The big storm is bearing down. I already had all the preps I needed.

        I did make a quick trip for some wine and cheese. I do recommend a nice red wine that is best served at room temp, so you needn’t open the refrigerator if the power goes out. Cheese also can be left out.

        I also like those boxes of Lipton dried chicken noodle soup, add a 1/8 tsp of white pepper, a quarter tsp of chives and in the last minute of cooking two lightly beaten eggs, stirred in gently. Yummy, warm, plus energy to shovel snow with.

        • I set my 30 pack out side the door and try to drink it before it freezes . lol
          No room temp beer here !

      9. Strange stuff. The USGS showed a 6.6 quake in SW Mexico this AM. Only 10 kilometers deep. Now the quake is erased off the map. Something blow up?

        • Be I? That you? Thanks for keepin’ an eye out.

          • Probably just Honduras setting off their first nuclear device to defend themselves against North Korea. 🙂

      10. Our debt based economy is being exposed for the fraud that it is. The petrodollar is being dismantled by the BRICS nations. We are being lied to by the corporate propaganda media on a daily basis. 70% of the populace does not trust the government, who desperately wants to disarm us. More and more people are awakening every day to the fraud that has been presented to them as reality, the matrix. We are reaching that point in history where the train comes off the tracks and all hell breaks loose. This is our breaking point. All of the actions of our ‘leaders’, the failure of God’s church to call evil what it is, the complacency of the populace, has led us to this. It will either be our finest hour, or the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind. Since 99% of the people don’t have a clue what is required to maintain self-sustanance and believe that “someone” is going to save them when it all falls apart, I can only forecast chaos and death. is a honest evaluation of where we are headed and quite frankly is very reserved in it’s conclusions. I believe things are going to be MUCH worse. May God have mercy on us all.

        • I hate to say it, but the truth is that this god damned place deserves to fail and fail hard!!!!

      11. Don’t underestimate the ruling elites ability to stretch things out. The masses will continue to be placated with bread and circuses, EBT and television is the modern day equivalent, while the fed will continue to print with impunity. Freedoms will continue to be taken and most wont notice or care since it’s in the name of security.

        The government will increase the propaganda and most aren’t educated well enough to see through the lies. The masses will remain fat, dumb, and placated and the few that realize the middle class is sliding slowly into oblivion won’t be enough to stop it. The decline in living standards will continue to be at least partially masked by technological advances; most will continue to enjoy their cell phone and cable tv.

        The sideshow that is politics will continue in an authoritarian direction because the people will continue to demand it. The problem is the people WANT social security, Medicare, EBT, and so on and will continue to vote for the dictator that promises the most stuff at someone else’s expense. The worse things get economically the more they will demand the government do something. They have intentionally numbed their brains to the fact that it’s at their grandchildren’s expense and won’t ever vote for pain and sacrifice now for the benefit of the future.

        It’s depressing how long this will continue and how much worse it will get over the next few decades . . . I’m going to go have a drink now.

        • “Don’t underestimate the ruling elites ability to stretch things out.”

          Roger that. Every rabbit they pull out of their hat amazes me. They are very very good at being very very bad.

          “The government will increase the propaganda and most aren’t educated well enough to see through the lies.”

          QE was sold as, “An INVESTMENT in the future”, not borrowing to pay the bills. I heard hard core Obama supporters repeat a new word they learned and mispronounced, “(stim-a-lis)”, stimulus, with zero idea of what it is. All that is needed is a catchy chant and the right orator to dispense it, “If the glove don’t fit, you cannot convict”.

        • Yep, methinks you are correct. They will drag this out with manipulations for quite some time. Just the talk of EU money printing and the market is up 200 pts today. They can fuck with the rates and buy more treasuries, etc. to play this out for quite a while. Not panicked here.

        • “Four legs good — two legs BETTER!”

          baaaa….. baaa…. baaa….

      12. It seems as soon as the naysayers trumpet too loudly and especially in unison, the money-printers break out their checkbooks and go on a buying spree. Sooner of later the naysayers will have it right, but how many more booms and swoons are in the cards before it happens? That’s the billion-dollar question. I’m thinking there’s one more rally in the banksters’ back pockets – one more effort to lure in the sheep for the shearing. And when the dust settles, the banksters will own that much more of the world. Hard goods for paper backed by promises the plebes will do more work. Quite a feat!

        • That’s similar to what AnneMarie said. You are both on target. This game is almost up and when it’s least expected.

      13. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And since we are talking about BASIC lessons the fascist left STILL hasn’t learned from 150 years ago, let’s also recall Charles Mackay (March 27 1814 – December 24 1889), in his famed book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841:)“

        “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one…”

        Herds? Think the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters. Y’know…. those same students who now collectively owe $1.1 freaking TRILLION, all to pay for a degree in 18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology from Pisgy State Univ.

      14. Dk and Kevin2 get honorable mention, way to go guys.

        • After five years, you think Mac would at least send me a birthday card ….. but nooooooo !!! 🙂

          • Limp of coal, maybe.

      15. Kind of off topic, kind of not…

        Google, startpage, bing or dogpile this:

        “Weather as a force multiplier” (quotes optional in google and startpage search engines, not sure of the others)

        Note the address of the first link to come up then go read the paper that was written way back in the ’90’s.

        (Linked directly for you lazy bastids that just take what everyone on the innerwebs says for granted without checking for yourself. 🙂 )

        Denial? It’s not just a river in Egypt ya know…

        • Lol this is old and I actually have the page that is omitted. All the internet and Google searches have been filtered head over to check out chemtrails conspiracy user 2giveup post.. paid trolls beg for links to filter and preach contrails science to debunk yet what they won’t say is their explanation is only a possible. Plus the article you reference says in theory.Lol aerosol spray ing exists. And in the 2giveup post they admit being paid to hide it. I can predict the rain with these trails on a clear day heavy spraying causes clouds when the sun is setting you get beautiful cloud colors next morning rain rain rain lol spread the word

          • ActivistPost has some very detailed info about geo-engineering. Check it out.

            I find it odd how the biggest windbags on these threads never mention chemtrails when they defend the empire and their love for it. Maybe they just want to be the ones in control of it?

      16. I learned something from Obama. Develop some nuclear material, send some nutty terrorists to bomb US citizens abroad, and kidnap innocent Americans, and you get a reward of a 1.5 billion profit, your captured terrorists back, all from the US.

        Now if the rest of the world does this, there won’t be a global recession, and a good practice to make money.(sarc button on)

      17. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) tracks the shipment of raw materials (oil, coal, iron ore, copper, etc) around the world. The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index tracks finished goods (TV, cars, etc). Both are reporting record low levels everywhere. I agree that Europe will collapse first, then Japan, followed by the United States. The mass migration of muslims will accelerated the collapse. I think that the elites made a mistake in assuming that they are immune from the social upheaval that is coming.

        • My favorite Italian coffee brand can’t be found anywhere. Used to be in all the shops, but no more: Italy is definitely in trouble.

          Muslims are definitely the catalyst to bring it all down. The pre-planted, advance force to economically and socially destroy the West. Europe is falling apart faster and faster: never seen anything like it in my life. There are vicious running battles right at the edge of the tunnel to Britain happening right now: thousands of Africans and Muslims trying to break through, attacking people. It is bedlam.

          The irony is Obama’s strongest supporters in Europe, the Germans, are getting the big screw over.

          The collapse of Europe will bring down China and Japan. Money is going to flood into the US as people panic. This will keep the US on life support for another few years but not without wars to fight. Iran will probably pre-emptively strike Saudi Arabia (ISIS – which is run by Saudi Arabia – just called for killing of all Shias: that is a call for genocide). Iran will not sit back and just let it happen.

        • Europe will collapse through migrant invasion. This is their year:’17 will be ours. ’18 is anyone’s guess.

        • Texasgator;
          I was just responding to a post attributed to you about immigrants running and gunning their way into the European/British tunnel.By the time I got ready to post my questions the post was gone. Wtf?

          • Sorry Gator;
            Just looked back and it was frank thoughts that made the statement about the tunnel to Britian bieng under siege by immgrants. I wonder if there is documentation of same?

        • Perhaps their very first intentions are to drive everyone into appreciating (and working for) poverty wages and living in ‘sustainable shelters’. (Your alternative is the street, unless you’re a country boy that’s not an alternative at all for ‘the many’. It is genocide).

      18. Jeremiah Johnson, thanks for the kind words, I’m honored.

        To start off let me repeat a quote from Winston Churchill during the Battle Of Briton. “Its not the end, its not the beginning of the end, it is however, the end of the beginning”.

        The above being said, I don’t think by itself, the decline we’re seeing, is insurmountable for the central banks to over come PROVIDED that the USD maintains its reserve currency status. As long as they have the means to create money, and that money is accepted at value, deflation poses a problem that can be addressed. Addressing it, the cure, may result in inflation that has the capacity to get sufficiently out of hand to jeopardize the USD reserve currency status above. At that point the problem can snowball and become too rapid and large to contain. I suspect that would be a catalyst for WWIII.

        I haven’t analyzed the BDI and with my self taught level of education I don’t think my analysis would be something to bank on. My feeling is that because the BDI measures the cost of shipping not the quantity shipped its use to measure the global economy is not completely accurate. I’m assuming the major component of shipping is fuel cost. With fuel cost reducing by 50% or so certainly the BTI will reflect this in lower costs. I don’t think its an either /or. That drop alone is not sufficient to reflect the BTI today. The global economy has slowed, but I have learned over the last decade or so that governments around the world are not forthcoming with bad news. Watching China, another non pillar of integrity regarding their economy would be a good indication. Its difficult to hide effects upon that many people without leaving a reasonable trail of dots that one can connect to find the truth. Its my gut feeling that we’re in a significant global recession. Once again I’m waiting for QE4 under some different name to appear.

        “Give some of your thoughts on what will happen with shipping of durable and nondurable goods”.

        Nothing as long as the world accepts our money. If we loose that receiver currency status (as Vince Lombardi said, “its the only thing”) look out, chaos, war, riots and marshall law all come de-facto.

        My two bits.

        • Damn auto spell

          “that receiver currency status” should be “that reserve currency status”

      19. The economy will rise and fall in spurts but inexorably in a downward trend until anything that is supporting it gone; then at the end what’s left will collapse. There is no way right now the economy will or even can collapse. The only people who believe that the present economy can collapse immediately are those who don’t have an understanding how natural laws of economics
        work, or they are just naive people with personality types that like dramatic things to happen (which fit most people who write posts on this site).
        This process will drag out for a long time even though we read constantly about the BDI, or national debt, oil prices, or massive corruption, or whatever. These items, though bad, do not mean the end. TPTB, who actually control events are still amassing and concentrating vast power and wealth, they control the speed and direction of things for their benefit, not ours.
        When the end does come it, it won’t affect them negatively; but everyone else will live in general poverty for at least a few generations. It took a long time to get in this mess, it will take a long time to get out of it.
        Prepping is a good thing to do, but don’t just prep with canned food, bullets, etc., this is silly. Even better is seeds, some farm land, teaching your children lifelong skills, and develop resources (natural and man-made).

        • The economy can’t collapse overnight? Because the law of economics says it can’t? Would’t be so sure about that one.

      20. Its gonna be a mess all over this planet and lotsa people are gonna die because of it. Our politicians are responsible for it and should be hunted down and suffer for it.

        • Jim, I really hope you are right. But we must remember that politicians are just puppets of the real evil, The Money Interests.

          It’s not Christian of me, but I hope they pay for what they are doing to us just to feed their greed and vanity.

          The article said, “We are at the twilight of our nation’s existence”. The nation state has been slated for execution. The PTB are “moving past” the nations state. Our Founding Father were wise to warn us of internal threats.

          Why do you think “Patriots” are considered terrorists, because we are a threat to their NWO plans!

          • we are a BIG frigging threat to such plans, and just counting ‘able’ veterans …we have 50 million ‘boots on the ground’ when needed. Add (at least) 5 million for NRA members plus the other 160 million that don’t admit to having a damn thing. lol…
            I think there’s a very good chance we’ll ruin their party ….I intend to do just that, or die trying. (Took an Oath for just that in 1973).
            It is getting to a point that if we do NOT take steps against our government (by exercising our 2nd Amendment Rights), then other governments (Russia and China) could easily pool resources and inflict considerable damage in a last ditch effort to stop “our loons” from crashing them further into the abyss …followed by an exchange of unknown proportions. Talk about genocide…

      21. Total collapse first, then, one world currency to the rescue.

      22. JJ: excellent article and good questions.

        In many ways the decline of the US reminds me of the fall of Rome. As a classics / philosophy major I was able to listen to a number of lectures on this topic as a student and have continued to learn about ancient Rome over the years. Rome had a slow-motion collapse. It wasn’t a single event which caused Rome to fade away. It was more that those events piled up over time.

        I have heard arguments that lead-lined pipes caused Romans to become sick (this is happening as I write this to people in Flint, Michigan). The coins were diluted. At the end silver coins were 97% base metal and only 3% silver. Taxation increased to the point where farmers walked away from their fields rather than plant crops. Why? It was not worth it for them to farm because the rate of taxation was so high.

        Recent history in Europe, specifically Cyprus, Greece, and Venezuela show what the banks and governments will do in order to maintain the status quo. In Cyprus there was a bank holiday and there was a bail-in. What is a bail-in? Basically it means if you had $100 in the bank on Friday when the bank closed the next time the bank opens you have $60. In Greece, last year, they enacted capital controls. Capital controls means that you can only get a certain amount of money out of your bank account on a daily / weekly basis. Removing cash from your own bank account is limited and restricted by both the bank and the government, in collusion, together. Venezuala has a communist government. Zerohedge has had a number of articles (along with videos) and last year I remember one where a crowd of people was inside a store with empty shelves while plastic bags of powdered milk were thrown out into the crowd. People were stampeding for powdered milk they were so desperate.

        Recently, on the Pete Santelli show, retired Union pensioners woke up to the reality of their pension payments being reduced by 50%. Apparently their pension funds were not properly managed. I expect this to happen on a large scale with regard to 401Ks and other retirement funds. Those funds will be seized by the government and / or banks and reallocated based on a formula reached by the government and / or banks. People will simply wake up one day and be told there are new rules.

        In Venezuala hyperinflation and empty store shelves for basic goods are part of daily life. People in the US have not experienced deprivation since the Great Depression and, more recently, since WWII when certain items were rationed. During the Great Depression most people lived in rural areas and most people had kitchen gardens and grew and processed much of their own food. That is no longer true. Once the shelves in the US are empty or the cost of goods is beyond their ability to pay people will be told to show up to feeding stations for daily rations. Or weekly rations. In other places this usually means long lines and feeding stations guarded by the police or military or both.

        • Nothing much surprises me these days but the term “feeding station” was unsettling. I know people get what they deserve but the thought and reality of people being herded at gunpoint is horrific. And that won’t be the worst of it.

        • Philosopher,
          I’m wondering if the lead in the water has contaminated the ground from people watering gardens or maybe lawns. Cilantro and other greens are good for heavy metal poisoning. Even growing certain crops can help remove lead from soil.

          • Anon: the contamination in Flint has happened due to old pipes and corrosion and the addition of water from the river that is toxic and laced with heavy metals. The problem is due to the lead in the pipes (similar to what happened in Ancient Rome). When people realize that they have been drinking water from poisoned pipes for 100 years they will be upset. Flint is the tip of the iceberg. My guess is that every major city in the US has the same problem based on the age of the pipes and when they were installed.

            I apologize for being so direct in my analysis. Feeding stations will probably be called another name.

            The larger concern for me is glyphosate. That product is used in the suburbs and on farms and is highly toxic. I doubt there is any water source in the US that is not laced with glyphosate unless the water comes from a deep aquifer.

      23. It’s obvious to those that are awake that we are not living in the America we once were and that disaster awaits. One of the most telling signs for me comes from the U.N. Agenda 2030. The 10th Goal states their will be equality among the countries of the world. Knowing that it is impossible to bring all countries up to the current standard of living in the U.S. leaves only one alternative that would make all countries more equal and that is to bring the U.S. down to a much lower level making her no more than a third world nation. I firmly believe that we are witnessing the early stages of this downward move. I’m hoping for rebellion and revolution in an attempt to take back this country from the Oligarchs now in charge. I leave you good people with a poetic verse whose title is “Horatius”. Then out spake brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate: To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods. Thomas Babington Macaulay

        • Amen, brother, amen!

      24. It will be a stone age existence for those who do survive. A true survival of the fittest.


        NO MORE ships are transporting ANY goods between Europe and the U.S. and vice versa because it now costs more than any profit could make them.

        Stock up everything we’ve ever talked about, including medications.

        Pray, prep, pray, keep head on a swivel.

        Don’t know yet if this snow storm is from Mother Nature or HAARP.

        But I’m sure we’ll find out. soon. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

        – the Lone Ranger

        • True – BDI at record low. True – Chinese economy has weakened. However – that all trade has ceased on the high seas is complete BS. Activity has slowed slightly, that is all. Tanker market is good. Box ship market down but not bad. Problem in bulk carrier market is a 50% oversupply of vessels – the result of ship owner speculation in the mid-2000s. I know. I am in the shipping industry with 200 plus clients worldwide. Just back from China. Sorry, but the economy there has not collapsed – only slowed. GDP has dropped to 6.4% – much better than USA. I sell to vessel owners. Business was up 30% in 2015. January sales are good. Many bulk carrier opeators are laying up vessels, and probably 30 percent will not survive 2016. A lot of tonnage will disappear from the market next couple of years – and rates will inch back up. This BS story about no ships trading came from an idiot blogger – then was picked up by Zero Hedge. THe blogger mis-read some marine traffic websites.

          • Thanks Ralpieboy…

            I also found the same info at the OFW blog.

            We need to research the info a little more…

          • Yeah yeah, Ralphieboy. There’s some truth to your words. Mish backs a lot of that up. How-freaking-ever; man, I live close to some serious railroad traffic and let me tell you, those noisy bas… ‘er, loud horns they blow every night, it’s become almost non-existent. Like a pin drop, it is.

            It’s so quiet, it’s eerie.

            From it I can tell a drop in trade (or is that commodity/demand?) more-so than any BDI index. It’s off the rails, dead.

      26. I read a lot of blaming recipients of welfare and EBT food cards as the blame. They are the symptom. The evisceration of the middle class wealth producing manufacturing via various “Free Trade” agreements is the primary cause. Dishonorable note must include the deregulation of the Financial Sector making that which was felony illegal merely unethical today. This de-facto casino investment allocation of wealth coupled with industrial evisceration guarantees real decline. Complete divorcing of normalized governmental financing complements of The Federal Reserve sees to it that what cannot be financially maintained is.

        Its bad enough that TPTB set forth globalization policies that have reduced the middle class but they’re also stealing as much of what remains as possible.

      27. A motor carrier around here was shut down by fmcsa. They were not up to date on drug testing their drivers and I heard drivers paychecks bounced. When paychecks bounce drivers will stay home. No food making it to market it will rot on the dock. Drivers will never strike they don’t have the balls but they won’t work for free either.

        • Asshat

          I suspect grassroots organized labor to spring up in the absence of real (and now rare) formal labor unions. Ad hock wildcat strikes will be frequent thus putting sand into the gears of the transportation network.

      28. Life goes on….people adapt…people survive…necessity is the mother of invention…there will be barter, there will be people helping each other…there will be people being kind…on and on…

      29. More millionaires being made right now on currency exchange ..easy to do and understand get out of the dollar. tr most of you missed the boat but those who did are smiling 30% in one year that’s a return.
        The elite made there move stepped up the timeline lol there is no way the dollar should be this strong. All shipping of goods is down 30+% China sea empty all food few products ..good luck all well for water hand pump check. Ton of rice and beans check … honey check electrolytes check to mention a few and enough TP for the shtf.

      30. There will be people killing for what you have to start. The underprepared or all together unprepared will panic. Yes, barter will establish itself but only after chaos subsides. How long that lasts is anyone’s guess. Millions and millions will suddenly realize that the dollars they are holding should be used as toilet paper and the toilet paper in the cupboard is a lot more valuable as trade material. Where does this lead? Not to unifying communities, rest assured. Especially not in urban areas. Pray your preparations and networking are enough.

      31. “…Obama’s grand plan to enslave the citizenry completely and destroy the U.S.”

        Yep, it’s all Obama. Things were perfect before he hatched his devious plan to destroy America and enslave us all by winning two terms as President and acting like a mainstream Democrat. How did we not see this coming? I guess we’re all just racist tiny-minded morons so desperate to be on the winning team, we’ll believe ANYTHING, no matter how fucking laughably ludicrous.

        Between the greed and murderous disregard of the one percenters who run the world and the abject idiocy of the legions of average dumbasses, the end must be mercifully near. Calgon, take me away!

        • R.U.Kidding? No doubt.

          How people don’t see that the two parties are just two wings on the same bird of prey, I will likely never understand.

      32. When dis goes down peeps be runnin around actin dumb cuzz………. But I be watchin…….. Yeah……… I be watchin. Find me in the crapper droppin dat deuce deuce cuzz. Holla at y’all

      33. Where my hoes at!!!!!???

      34. Perhaps “crash” or “collapse” are too strong of phrases. Fed injections of electronic money to over ride market forces have proven, and will continue to prove, overwhelming to the predictive abilities of those calling for a crash or collapse around every corner every coming year since marketers set their sights on making big bucks on emergency prep sites since 2008. High volatility yes. Crash no. Although, it’s always wise to be prepared for crappy weather.

      35. You’re no different than the government! Make some comments that don’t support your position and they’re banned. It’s all about supporting your sponsors, not an open discussion. The Feds control this game and will continue to do so long into the future. For how long have we been hearing ‘all hell is about to break loose?’ Yeah right! Anyway, be sure to support (y)our sponsors. It’s our business.

        • RE: “For how long have we been hearing ‘all hell is about to break loose?’”

          Good point, how-freaking-ever; hell has been breaking loose for awhile now, in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s just been leaking out, here, and there. I mean, ask the couple who got carjacked if they expected it, or, ask the woman who got ganged raped if she expected it. Or, ask the guys who lost their jobs they’ve had for the last twenty or thirty years if they think all hell has broken loose?

          Maybe it’s a matter of perspective,… and who or where you are,… for now? …Tune in Next Week.

      36. Obama is not down to one…they both have republican majorities…though one would never know it. One party oligarchy.

      37. It’s COMING because if they can put in an illegal negro and a sodomite your “president” then they can do anything.

        If they can kill 25-50 million of the unborn with hardly a complaint then they can do anything.

        If they can make sodomite abomination a legal entity then they can do anything.

        So you don’t think they will take your guns or round you up??? Put Chinese and Russian troops on your soil??

        Think again!

        • Your comment and nic kind of seem sick to me, but I’ll take a stab at your question, “So you don’t think they will take your guns or round you up???”

          Do you mean like how they control illegal speeding on roadways, now?

          Do you mean like how they control illegal immigration, now?

          Do you mean like how they control illegal drugs, now?

          Do you mean like how they control illegal driving without license or insurance, now?

          Do you mean like how they control illegal drugs or weapons in Maximum Security prisons, now?

          Do you mean like how they control illegal renting of rooms in homes, via ‘airbed’, ‘er whatever it’s called, now?

          Do you mean like how they control the illegal use of fireworks on The Fourth of July, now?

          I’m not in favor of any of those tyrannical controls, they’re found nowhere in The Constitution, and all I can add at the moment is, for lack of a better expression: I Find Your Lack of Faith in The Force, Disturbing.

          • Oh, and I forgot the finest of examples:

            Do you mean like how they control the afghan sheepherders?

            Do you mean like how they control the Iraqi deserts?

            I mean, “Mission Accomplished”, eh?

            As if the American Freedomista wouldn’t stand a chance?

            Get real. The only way the Power Elite are gonna rope in those hogs is by choice, that’s why they use healthcare they way they do and dangle cash-free economies. Didn’t you read the latest at Washington’s Blog?

            If The People get snared, it won’t be with a boom, it’ll be with a whimper and a Millennial ‘want’ via the hogs of the Ochabogie swamp.

      38. Stay Focused! Trekker Out.

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