Food Prices To SOAR Thanks To The Trade War’s Tariffs

by | May 9, 2019 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    The perhaps unintended consequences of the Trump Administration’s trade war on China and other countries will be rising food prices for the American consumer. Food could also become scarcer as it becomes more expensive to move it around globally.

    For example, fresh tomatoes imported from Mexico are about to become scarcer and pricier thanks to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Tomato Suspension Agreement with Mexico. But the real problem is the imposition of a 17.5 percent tariff (tax on the American consumer) on fresh Mexican tomatoes, according to researchers at Arizona State University, as reported by the Brownsville Herald. 

    The Border Trade Alliance, a cross-border trade advocacy group, cites the ASU study in decrying the U.S. Commerce Department’s formal withdrawal from the pact and imposition of tariffs. BTA President Britton Clarke said in a statement that the organization regrets the Commerce Department’s withdrawal from the agreement, created in 1996 and last updated in 2013, that has regulated the U.S.-Mexico tomato trade for decades. –Brownsville Herald. 

    It’s a move that hits shoppers in the wallet,” Clarke said. “As a result of this decision and the establishment of tariffs on fresh tomato imports from Mexico, U.S. consumers will face higher prices on popular tomato varieties.” This is all a part of the upcoming food crisis problem we’ve been warning everyone about from the beginning.  Facing bankruptcies and flooding, U.S. farmers are going to have to way to keep up with the demand. The only logical result: those who can afford to eat will get to. All of these costs will be passed on to the American public; 78% of which already live paycheck to paycheck.

    The ASU study predicts that because of the added tariff, depending on tomato variety and time of year, consumers could end up paying between 40 percent to 85 percent more for Mexican tomatoes as a result of the administration’s actions. “We take the department at its word that negotiations over a possible revised agreement will continue,” Clarke said. “They must continue with urgency, or we risk inflicting lasting damage on the U.S. economy.”

    Tomato imports alone account for more than 30,000 U.S. jobs and support a supply chain that generates almost $3 billion in U.S. Gross Domestic Product, according to the ASU study. These tariffs will damage the U.S. economy even more so than before, impoverish Americans trying to feed their families, and could result in the loss of jobs and lead to a financial recession that’s coupled with a scarcity of food.

    “First, steel and aluminum on Canada and Mexico, now tomatoes, and soon ($200 billion in tariffs) on China, and a president trying to have us believe that all will be paid by Mexico and China,” said Antonio Garza, the former U.S. ambassador to Mexico and now counsel to White & Case in Mexico City. “Anyone who’s old enough to have paid the tobacco or liquor taxes when returning from Matamoros to Brownsville knows exactly who pays those taxes, and it’s not Mexico.”


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      1. Once again this is the end as we know it. I guess we will just have to turn into cannibals in order to survive. Then yellow stone will erupt and an asteroid will hit and our wages will not keep up with inflation. Lordy, Lordy what we gonna do. Mac I have been waiting for the end but we just seem to linger on. At this rate I will die of old age in a nursing home. OMG that is much worse.

        • We’re going to linger until we all wish we were dead. If life’s taught me anything it’s this.

        • Great comment. I totally agree with you. It would be great if companies would have used americans to produce american product, including veggies (frozen, canned, fresh etc). The big companies of all kinds are so obsessed with making profit they don’t consider the average workers who need jobs and a fair livable wage.

        • “For example, fresh tomatoes imported from Mexico are about to become scarcer and pricier thanks to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Tomato Suspension Agreement with Mexico.”

          America doesn’t need any fucking tomatos from Mexico, anymore than we need 30 million fucking tomato pickers. Americans can grow all of the fucking tomatos they need on their patio or balcony.

          ASU / Tempe has become a liberal enclave puching Globalism, BIG government, free bus rides, and free tuition for foreign fucking “Dreamers”.

          Consider the source and its AGENDA everytime you read an article of any kind. 🙂

          • “They must continue with urgency, or we risk inflicting lasting damage on the U.S. economy.”

            “Tomato imports alone account for more than 30,000 U.S. jobs and support a supply chain that generates almost $3 billion in U.S. Gross Domestic Product, according to the ASU study. These tariffs will damage the U.S. economy even more so than before, impoverish Americans trying to feed their families, and could result in the loss of jobs and lead to a financial recession that’s coupled with a scarcity of food.

            LMFAO !!! Complete bullshit !!! 🙂

            Impoverish Americans trying to feed their families ??? Over fucking Mexican tomatos ??? LMFAO !!!

            Lead to a financial recession because Americans can grow their own fucking tomatos ??? Hysterical !!!

            Food scarcity ??? GMAFB !!! Yellow journalism !!! The Border Trade Alliance, is a cross-border trade advocacy group with a VESTED financial interest in selling Americans, Mexican tomatos when Americans can grow their own fucking tomatos !!! Do they think we are stupid ???

            Remember the asshat trying to push digital currency on this community less than a month ago ??? Now its fucking Mexican tomatos !!! 🙁

          • Right? It wasn’t THAT long ago that we didn’t HAVE all the vegetables all year round. Foods grow in cycles. That’s how we should be eating them. We shouldn’t be able to eat apples in the summer. They grow in the Fall. So we have to go back to only getting fruits and vegetables during the season they are supposed to be available. That’s so much better for us. They’d be fresher, with more nutrients in them. Tastier because you wouldn’t have to pick them weeks before they ripen so they don’t go bad before getting you the consumer. There would be less waste, less carbon emissions from hauling them all over the world… Don’t think of this as a bad thing. Think of it as a good thing. America will survive this. We don’t need tomatoes from Mexico and we certainly don’t need a ton of Crap from China.

      2. I don’t care about Mexican tomatoes, I get tomatoes local grown either by me or other local sources year round. What confuses me is, are fresh tomatoes, a fruit, that essential, a part of our day to day diets? Also the floods are affecting about 2-3% of farmland in America, I don’t think that will devastate the food supply, although I understand it is devastating, to the people’s lives affected by the flooding.
        I don’t like tariffs, but lay the blame on Democrat Congress critters, all Tariffs must be laws passed by Congress. Trump is just exercising a power given to him by an act of Congress.
        My food prices are artificially inflated by about 25% due to an act of Congress called the Jones act, and nobody on the mainland complains about that. Forgive me if I don’t give a rip about your tomato problems next winter.

        • ???
          Most people are oblivious to the unintended consequences of their own actions, this all has very little to do with POTUS DJT and a whole lot to do with NAFTA and other similar agreements,
          IMHO, tose affected the most will be urbanites,
          And yall know who the bulk of urbanites are, yep, dummocrats,
          So who cares if their food cost ten times more,,,,,,,

          • Automobile parts will go up……..are any still made in the USA?

          • and thats it. fix the lopsided trade agreements and the tariffs go away. fixed!

        • Those tomatoes coming out of Mexico are picked green and gassed to make them turn red, therefore they are tasteless anyway. Who wants to eat those? Grow your own and can until next season. I don’t and won’t buy a damn thing from China, a country that slaves, tortures, and kills its people for organ transplants. We need to put the screws to China to the hilt. I would even be willing to do the same to Mexico. The USA should be self reliant in every way…… how do you think the USA existed in the early 19th century?

          • I have been doing that for the last 3 years. I am harvesting so many tomatoes from my garden that I give them away by the dozens.

      3. No sauce for me pizza…no juice for me Bloody Mary. And my canned Raviolis. I don’t know what to do. Spaghetti noodles with no sauce. Hot dogs with no ketchup. Wings with no barbecue sauce.

        I’m devastated. Wait…I have all kinds of juice, sauce, and stewed tomatoes in jars in the cellar. OK .Close call though. Maybe I can gouge some people who don’t have any.

        • Whole Foods sells tomato sauce from Italy……but then you’re buying from that liberal Bezo.

        • Whew! Gotta have my Chesapeake Bloody Mary (has Old Bay around the rim of the glass) with my eggs and bacon.

      4. Mac; I get tired of listening about how bad Trump is. Could Hillary be doing any better? I hardly think so…

      5. Why would anyone want any food from Mexico? If its from Mexico I don’t buy it. They basically have no law dealing with pesticides.

        American foods should get cheaper here soon.

      6. Has already happened:
        Shut down Free speech.
        Silence the opposition on the Internet.
        Ban, delist, make payments/donations impossible or difficult.
        Control on National media OWNED by foriegners, SAUDI.
        Political Correctness to control the conversation.

        – Food Control: Now it will be control the food supply. FOOD is one of the most effective population control measures.
        – No Free Speech: Then False Flag situation to justify further shutdown of free speech and any opposition voices to war.
        – War: War will occur, likely because of false flag/false narrative.
        – Gun Confiscation: Then they find event to steal your guns. As the muslim boot lickers of New Zealand government did.
        – Target Population: 5g surviel and Kill, military grade weapon will be online and operational.
        – Open warfare against the civilian population by the government. While In military service, many times you are asked, “Would you fire on American civillians?” Anyone who says “NO”, will not be promoted.

        There are specific rules of service for all commercial DOT drivers. There is specific “exemption” if you are transporting dead bodies. Look this up. I dare you.

        Now explain “why would a government that was for the people put in such a clause?” Because They are three steps ahead of you. They have indicated their evil future intentions.

        Why are cartels importing enough fentenoyl to wipe out American cities? Is La Raza already killing Americans?
        Why do feds REFUSE to DEFEND our border?

        Trump is a FRAUD. Where is the declaration of a National Emergency to STOP China Intelligence operatives coming into USA? OUR BORDER IS OPEN!!

        Why were internal USA checkpoints disbanded for the convienence of La Raza and drug cartels?

        Why does FBI allow fentenoyl and drug cartels to run amuck.
        Cartels RUN all of New Mexico, Most of south Texas. Why does FBI allow drug cartels to bribe politicians? While FBI targets our ELECTED president, Targets Americans defending USA border, Targets rich soccer moms who bribe thier spoiled kids into college.

        Why can’t FBI focus on NATIONAL SECURITY intead of hollywood soccer moms?

        doubt you will see this post. CENSORSHIP. Political correct insanity.

        What about WAR? Troops and vehicles in motion NOW!

      7. Project for homeschool.
        Purchase heirloom tomato seeds.

        Put the seeds into a wet paper towel and then into a plastic bag. Put the bag into your cupboard for a week or two until the seeds sprout.

        Buy potting soil. Save egg cartons. Use the egg cartons to start growing the plants. Put the plants in a sunny spot by a window and water every day with a spray bottle.

        After the plants get a little bigger in a week or two put them into a small pot, then into a larger pot and put them outside.

        Remove the potted plants and put them into the ground, in soil that has been turned and enriched with compost and earthworms. Add ladybugs to your garden. Water once a week or as needed.

        Harvest the tomatoes. Make sauce and preserve in jars.

        Remove the seeds from the tomatoes which are in the liquid part of the tomato fruit before cooking them.

        Rinse off the seeds, then leave them out to dry.

        Repeat the process next time with these seeds.


        • OMG
          Thats like work!
          NO way!

      8. Great way to distract from what weather is doing to planting crops here. Along with what weather around the world has been doing to food production. This article focused mainly on tomatoes which people will not starve to death if it is only tomatoes they cannot afford to buy.

      9. I call BS on this article. If one should consider eating something grown outside of the USA then one can accept the consequences including higher prices along with all the sickness that can potentially come too.

        Seriously, apart from bananas, some tomatoes and avocados does anyone buy any food from out of the USA? Dangerous to say the least.

        • MG, does that question include Grey Poupon? LOL But seriously, coffee. That’s my weakness. And we don’t grow much here at all. To hell with things like tomatoes, avocados and bananas (all of which happen to grow here in Florida just fine) I just want to be sure my coffee is hot and black in the morning.

          • Heartless,
            Two words; Kona coffee.
            Hawaii is the only place in America where coffee
            is grown and produced. It is good.
            When I drank coffee, Seattle’s best was my favorite,
            but Kona blends are far better. My next door neighbor
            grows, roasts, and grinds his own coffee.
            My SHFT plan is to stay where I am.
            Plus I have bananas, some tomatoes, avocados
            et al, growing on my land.

            • There are countless, temperate places in this country, where tropical food could be growing, were it not for mercantilism and middlemen.

              • Good point.

              • Oh no there isn’t Clown. Otherwise we would be growing it there.


                  Avocados grow in Temecula-Murrietta (greater San Diego area), or wherever oranges and olives can be grown.

                  Where there are now busy streets in Hollywood, fields of pineapples once grew. Yes, really.

                  There are plentiful areas without frost, or microclimates can be made with a fair amount of effort.

                  This is the fake shortage of a basic living need, and you feeling dependent — not independent.

                  This is how countries are enslaved, who cannot provide for themselves.

                  Then, an entangling alliance is made, to provide you with the commodity.

                  No serious efforts have been undertaken, to make us resilient to being pressured, by the use of food as a weapon.

                  You celebrate that tea was thrown in the Boston Harbor. Then, why wouldn’t tomatoes go in the Rio Grande, according to the same logic.

            • Coffee is grown here also rellik.
              And it’s part of America, sort of. 🙂
              We don’t care for the taste of it, though. It’s ok, but not like you have.
              And, we have that damn Jones Act, too.

              • You could also grow pot and trade it for any veggie you like. I avoid foreign foods as much as I can anyway. Anything from china is toxic as hell. The farmers markets here are always full of stuff. And as nailbanger says, let the democrats pay out the wazoo, I could care less.

              • Ketch,
                I spent 16 Mos or so on Guam which has the same legal status as PR. Most my friends here on Hawaii are Guam people so I know the drill. Guam is sort of America. One nice thing about Guam is they have more “gun rights” than Hawaiians do!
                Jones act really screws Guam up also.
                It seems that America doesn’t really care much for it’s non-continental possessions.

            • Thank rellik. I’d forgotten Hawaii grew coffee. Be a long paddle SHTF for me though to get some – I’m in Florida!! But I stand corrected. And I’ve tried Kona before, it is darned good.

            • “kona blends” are marketing gimmicks. It allows the seller to cash in on the quality of the Kona name whilst only using a small amount of it in the coffee blend. mostly its %90 crap coffee with a dash of kona. Hawaiians should be pissed. Its like McDonalds calling their frozen garbage a “milkshake” before dairy farmers sued them

      10. Maybe this is just what is needed to remind the country that we shouldn’t outsource food production. Its a strategic resource even more critical than steel or oil.

        On the other hand, why the upset over tomatoes and other produce? I thought most folks on this board were unapologetic carnivores who turn their noses up at vegetables.

      11. As prices continue to soar, you will need decent optics to keep accurate track. I recently went through my preps and discovered that I ONLY had one pairs of decent/good binoculars. So I decided to buy an inexpensive monocular and was really pleased with the quality at ONLY a $24.99 price. I just bought 2 more at only $16.99.

        You don’t have to spend much to get more than adequate binoculars and/or monoculars.

        Do you potentially have kids/teens and the elderly as part of your prepper group/community? Well make these people more productive with inexpensive optics and comms (think whistles). These groups can provide addition security without arming them. Just a thought on making everyone in your group more productive.

        • I’m confused, what the hell does this have to do with tomatoes from Mexico?

      12. There is no physically-coordinated person on Earth, who can do long math with a pencil, and believes in the staff of quota cases at a big box grocer. Please don’t tell me they are good civic nationalists.

      13. Justice,
        Anymore info than price?
        All my binoculars grow crap on the inside.
        I have one monocular that has survived nearly 20 years
        of Hawaii, but it is a Zeiss optic and a lot more than
        I’m probably going to pick up a Bushnell marine binocular for $190( 7X50) I don’t have a boat anymore but am close enough to the ocean to need a marine quality optic.

        • Rellik, the monocular that I’ve already received and tried out is by Kaiyu and is 12 x 50 BAK 4 Prism. I know something about optics and this is a good buy! It’s 29.00 with 5% off.

          Monocular Telescope, 12X50 High Power HD Monocular with Smartphone Holder & Tripod – [2019 Newest] Waterproof Monocular with Durable and Clear FMC BAK4 Prism

          h ttps://

          I also bout a 10×50 pair of binoculars (Amazon Choice for 10×50) BAK 4 Prism lenses for ONLY 21.00. I have not received them yet, so I cannot offer an opinion.

          h ttps://

          • It’s Waterproof IPX7. Protected against immersion in water. Immersion for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter.

            • I found the exact one on ebay for 21.38 with free shipping. Looks cool and I don’t support amazon. Have to get me one!

              ht tps://

              • Always check ebay for better deals than amazon first. Thanks for the tip Justice!

                • 19.49 here…

                  ht tps://

                  • Thanks for the link. I think I’ll get another one at that price!

        • Rellik
          Get a Vortex,
          Their warranty is the best in the industry next to Leupold,
          I have a bunch of their stuff and have never been disappointed,
          One of my rifles went for a swim and the scope came out fine.
          Highly recommend their product especially the higher end

          • Nailbanger, ALL my scopes are Vortex and I love them. But you cannot beat the value and performance of these cheap monoculars. Vortex optics are really high now (I’m glad I already have all the scopes I need).

            Buy one of these for 1/4 of the price of the Vortex Monocular and you will be a beleiver. I AM REALLY IMPRESSED! The difference is NOT worth the price. If you want one optic that you use all the time maybe but you WILL be surprise by the quality of the lenses and build of these cheap nock-offs.

            • I thought they were Nitrogen filled but cannot find that in the description. That should be something to look for if your optics tend to grow stuff in them.

              I have not had them long, so I don’t know how well they will withstand the elements. But as far as lens clarity, all the way around, and build quality they are really good.

          • Nail,
            I need a scope for my 7mm Rem Mag. It is an inherited rifle and had an old cheapie scope that did not hold up to Hawaii. Suggestions? You know what works here. Very few people here have guns that can do an accurate 1,000 meters.
            I wish we had some of your deer on my island.

            • Zeiss,Night Force, Smidt&Bender,Steiner to name a few.

            • relik, you would love an SWFA SS (super sniper) scope! Very rugged built and 1/10 milrad adjustments with a great patented reticle system. I have them on ALL my long range rifles. Get the swfa mounts also (they have 6 screws per mount) and are tough! I have dropped my rifle on the hard ground (slid off the truck) and it didn’t throw it off one bit! Don’t let the price fool you, these are great scopes just not quite as clear as a leupold but every bit as accurate.

              ht tps://×42-tactical-30mm-riflescope-3.html?___SID=U

              • Don’t take my word for it… read the reviews!

                • “The glass is crystal clear and images are sharp in all light conditions. The rear focus is perfect for my shooting style (a lefty with a right hand bolt gun). The MIL Quad and MIL adjustments are excellent for LR shooting. The tracking on this scope is by far the best I have had my hands on and is dead on precise. The turret knobs adjust with solid clicks and zero sloppiness in between adjustment clicks. There is a ton of adjustment travel for elevation and windage. For me, less gadgets to adjust means more concentration on the shot so I chose a fixed power of 16x for mile long shots and under. I have not regretted my choice one bit as the mirage issues my shooting buddies complain about with their variable higher magnification glass has not been a big problem for me. The 16x is the lowest power I would recommend for that distance. I do not feel under glassed by any means and the field of view is very good for target acquisition compared to higher magnification optics my friends use.”

                  • ” Tough As Nails
                    By Gh0sT3D on 3/26/2018

                    I bought this scope for a Remington 700 in 308 that I planned on shooting exclusively at 300+ yards. The scope performs perfectly, allowing me to accurately dial in shots past 1,000 yards in the mountains without issue. While I never did a tracking test on paper, this scope never has any problem dialing in large corrections and then coming right back to zero. The scope is tough as nails and deadly reliable. I went on to purchase 5 more SWFA scopes after my experience with this one.

                    P.S. The mil-quad is SO much easier to mil with than standard mil dots. This includes all the features you need for a long-range scope with none that you do not. I highly recommend for any precision rifle.”

                    • If your shooting over 500 yards then you know that 1/4 moa and 1/8 moa adjustment scopes are a joke right? Milrads are easy to use and once you make a ballistic card for your rifle you can hit your target without even adjusting the scope by using the quad mil reticle. Makes it fast and easy accurate as hell! If you don’t agree I will buy it from you for your full purchase price! I also use the reticle level to make sure my windage is perfect everytime.

                    • From a review of the 12×42 (The one I have on my 06).

                      “I will not buy any other scope. and I have never had one negative comment or reaction from anyone looking through it.
                      Great value and quality. just bought another 10x 42 mill and the 1x4x24.
                      I have junked my Nikon, Vortex, Bushnell for these scopes.
                      Is it a Chromatic lens for $2,000.00, no.
                      will this combination compete out to 1000 yards, all day long. and that is what quality and value represents.”

              • Gen,
                URL no workie.

                • Gen,
                  You mean this one?
                  ht tps://

            • If its a nice rifle i would go with Leupold, they are pretty much the standard for American hunting rifles and hold up to the recoil. Check the specs on the different models, Midway USA is where i buy almost everything of that sort, fast shipping, excellent service and selection. A friend of mine has a 7mm with Leupold and its dead on all the time.
              I would send that baby to a gunsmith to get a brake put on it, that way you still have a shoulder after firing it!
              The deer are all over, i hear them barking at night one lot over from us, they have a runway through there and come through all the time,

              • Beater rem 700.
                But all my guns are working guns and well worn.
                My My Chi-com M14 clone has had over 5,000 rounds run through it. Headspace is still good.

                • relik, that is one of the models. If you look on that site you will find the same one with rear focus for 100 less. They have 10… 12… 16… 20 power units

          • “Get a Vortex”
            good god, no.
            They have a good warranty because they need it. I sent two strike eagles back to them after trying to use them on run-n-guns, and invariably they fogged inside. went with a Steiner P4Xi, and never looked back. My rifles go for mud drenched “swims” regularly and get the shit knocked out o them. spend the 6 bills on the P4xi, its worth twice as much

            • People tend to put way too much stock in warranties..
              A warranty is only valid for as long as the company remains in business.

              • Totally agree. Even if the company remains solvent, its an expense to send them back and youre without an optic for weeks.

                Not to mention if the shtf, you may as well use the warranty paperwork for TP…..

        • Got one of those cheap Serbian m59 monoculars. It’s not a rifle scope but a 4x range finder with a yellow filter lense and a nice leather case. Scope has a dovetail mount on it. Supposedly it’s made to go on a panserfaust or a mg42 machine gun. It’s rugged and worth $35 I paid. Made by Zrak optics. The range finder is in meters. Got an old pair of Nikon binos too. Cheap rifle scopes don’t do it for me.

        • Rellik, last thing. I am really liking Monoculars over Binoculars.

          They say if you are going to be looking through them for long periods of time use Binoculars, otherwise use Monoculars.

          Finally, I am loving the phone attachment. I can watch an area without having to keep my eye pressed up against the eye piece.

          • Justice,
            Binoculars are on order.

            • Me again lol. Here are some must have accessories for long range shooting…

              ht tps://

              ht tps://

              • I just compared a 2500 dollar Vortex to the SWFA (300.00) and the vortex is a 1/4 moa! So it has spectacularly clear optics so you can easily see that every click of the turret moves your bullet 6 feet at long range lol. Oh but it has illuminated reticle and locking turrets! So you can repeat your crappy shot in low light and wonder why you suck ha ha ha. You gotta be fuckin KIDDING ME!

                • oops forgot the link to it…

                  ht tps://×50-razor-hd-amg-30mm-rifle-scope-140534.html?___SID=U

                • The swfa is rated for a .50 BMG rifle. But if all your doing is 200 yard hunting I suppose any decent 1/4 moa scope will work.

      14. Meh,,,,,
        I can pretty much grow what i need, can hunt whenever right above my house for deer, we have no season,

        • Nail,
          Wow! I thought only pigs were year round. Lucky you.

          • Rellik
            The deer are considered a nuisance, no limits on public land other than the before and after dark thing but on private land is whatever goes,,
            At night with AR, Blitz Kings, and ATN night scope

      15. Grow your own.

      16. I just wish I could get MY tomatoes in the ground. Been really chilly and rainy this week. The starter plants look great though, and I have two nice garden plots all tilled up and ready to go. It hailed yesterday, and broke all the onion tops and gave the flowers a beat-down.

      17. This has been a terrible year for global and American agriculture. Food prices have been rising faster than most Americans have realized and this year will be even worse. The Democrats are going to try to blame it all on Trump’s trade policies but it’s simply not the case. The media will support them and a lot of Americans will swallow the lie.

      18. [last week] Piss and moan when prices fall and the farmers go bankrupt.

        [this week] Piss and moan when prices rise so the farmer can earn a profit.

        Ought to rename this site:
        Piss and Moan Plan, by Mad Saliva

      19. How quickly we move from whining about trade woes and tariffs on imports to promoting Chinese (Vortex) and other imported optics. This is especially ironic considering Leupold & Stevens makes some of the finest products of its kind right here at home.

        What a bunch of hypocrites. (buying Vortex over Leupold demonstrates rank stupidity also)

        • Stew,
          Didn’t know Leupold was American made. I assumed it was European. I’ll review Nailbangers suggestion.

        • agreed!
          I love my Steiners. and made in the usa.

      20. Rellic,what is the Jones Act?

      21. Someone tell me what the Jones Act is.

      22. What is the best,and affordable scope for an AR 15? Shooting at 100 yards

      23. comments censored.
        this is a no thinking allowed zone.
        compare this current site to a few years ago.
        so how do you like your sanitized censored site?

        i don’t?

        where is HCKS?

      24. Is it ALL trade war or is some of it due to animal plagues, floods,weather and the ability of not being able to plant food?

      25. Are we still worshiping Trump around here?

      26. Mexico is playing games I don’t care if we have thier cheap produce. Let’s see if how much they value thier socialist ideals over money.

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