FLU OUTBREAK: Now Impacting 46 States, Epidemic is ‘Widespread’

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 30 comments

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    This year’s strain of the flu is now widespread, spanning 46 states, and can make you fatally sick.  Coupled with how fast the flu has struck, an ineffective vaccine, and how early it hit, this year is shaping up to be one of the worst ones yet for the flu virus.

    The strain responsible for the outbreak is H3N2, a particularly deadly variety of influenza and the number of cases have spiked, with 46 states now reporting widespread activity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. The CDC also claims that at least 13 children have died from the flu since October when the season began to really get into full swing.

    California has been particularly hard hit, with at least 27 deaths of people under 65 attributed to the flu, according to reports. As the number of cases continues to climb there, hospitals are beginning to run out of Tamiflu, the anti-viral medication used to treat the illness.

    The most identified strain of the virus is influenza A (H3N2). According to a CDC emergency health advisory released December 27, 83 percent of reported cases were N3N2, a strain associated with more hospitalizations and deaths in those over 65 years of age and in young children compared to other age groups.

    During this year’s flu season in Australia, the vaccine was only 10 percent effective. The CDC still says you should get the flu shot because it will lessen the suffering from symptoms should you contract the flu, even though it will make you sicker in later years. 

    “How well the vaccine works can depend in part on the match between the vaccine virus used to produce the vaccine and the circulating viruses that season,” the CDC notes. “It’s not possible to predict what viruses will be most predominant during the upcoming season.” The agency also noted that the vaccine is ineffective due to the mutative nature of this year’s flu strain.

    The CDC recommends that all people over the age of five get the shot to reduce the symptoms of the virus.  “It’s not too late to get a flu vaccine — as long as flu is spreading vaccination should continue,” the CDC’s Kristen Nordlund told weather.com. “It’s important to know that it takes about two weeks for protection to set in.”

    *This is not to say you should or should not get the flu shot.  You should, however, do some research, and know the risks, side effects, and possible complications down the line should you chose to get or not get this year’s flu shot. This should help you come to the right conclusion for yourself.


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      1. Christ, one more thing – does it ever stop?

        • Not until we’re all in prison camps. Then they won’t need a flu virus to kill us off. Just line us up behind the barbed wire fences and mow us down.

        • Bioweapon.

      2. No, it never stops. This is life. Disease and death. But we get sex, so there you go. LOL

        • Stormy – You’re right, this is life; but, the last remark of your’s…. gotta ask —- (and not sure of your gender, so…) “she/he got a single sister who can cook?”. LOL

      3. Forget about a flu shot. The vaccine is useless.

        • DB, “This is not to say you should or should not get the flu shot. You should, however, do some research, and know the risks, side effects, and possible complications down the line should you chose to get or not get this year’s flu shot. This should help you come to the right conclusion for yourself.”

          If that isn’t a fluff non-answer then none exist ! Sounded like a CNN or CNBC or FOX answer to me.

          There is a very simple solution to colds and all flus and many other maladies. Simply maintain a strong immune system, and use some basic common sense regarding your overall health and fitness and you will rarely be sick from anything. For those who do not realize your fitness and mindset are part of the mix, you simply do not understand how to be truly healthy. And that is most likely because you are still being led around by the nose by doctors and the current supposed health care system. It is just a serious bad joke on you !

          And if you do get infected there are numerous natural remedies unlike the meds, like vaccines that cause all manner of side affects and don’t work in the first place. So the meds are a double whammy negative because if you do get infected your body will develop antibodies all by itself if you let it ? And with a strong immune system the infection will be lesser in the first place. So the doctors are doing it all exactly basckasswards as the drug companies get richer and the doctor goes on another vacation to Europe on your grief !

          I have not had a cold or flu in longer than I can remember and there is a simple reason for that. Earlier this winter a Mexican kid sneezed on me in Walmart and I felt the spray. I bitched out his mom and him and went to the store entry and got some hand wipes and cleaned myself immediately and when I got home took a shower and disinfected myself in the face area where I got sneezed on. I tried to get sick and felt bad for about a week but never got fully engulfed in it and was fine. In a way that kid inoculated me right in public by not covering his mouth when sneezing and that always pisses me off no matter who does it, to no end, thus the bitch out they both sorely deserved ! There are some natural remedies that work very well and can kill the virus even if you are directly inoculated like I was. So how many people did that kid and his family infect ? who knows, but I guarantee these illegal aliens are a part of the undermining and downgrading of Americans health today and not just the flu and colds. Beyond that fact, most Americans have a seriously weak immune system because they are not healthy in the first place or have a clue how to have a strong immune system and it is their own stupidity at fault. Anybody can avoid the doctor junk. The rest takes a bit of effort so most are victims of their own stupid or laziness. This issue of infecting people by illegal aliens and others with seriously weakened immune systems, like drug addicts and alcoholics, will only get far worse going forward. So a good idea to be healthy and learn how to maintain a strong immune system from the get go and enjoy it all everyday in many ways ! Why would anybody do otherwise ? No rocket science or magic involved at all.



        • This year’s flu shot is 10% effective to be specific!

      4. Whenever you see a person during the flu season coughing and gagging…

        Stone him/her.


      5. Better yet run for the hills

      6. Quote “How well the vaccine works can depend in part on the match between the vaccine virus used to produce the vaccine and the circulating viruses that season,” the CDC notes. “It’s not possible to predict what viruses will be most predominant during the upcoming season.” The agency also noted that the vaccine is ineffective due to the mutative nature of this year’s flu strain.

        There you go….

        I would contribute to a GoFund if a microbiologist would examine these ‘mutating’ flu strains …. for bio- manipulation…. hell, they probably find a government patent number stamped on the virus’ ass.

        • And the best place to get a sample of a virus with a patent on it is probably in the vaccine. When was the H3N2 the strain going around? Last year, the year before that? what do you bet they have a patent on making it sleep in you for a year or two? So the dumb asses get the shot(loaded with aluminum) and the virus sits there for a couple years. then you come down with the strain from a few years ago this year. get your shot every year and you will be loaded up with all the strains in a couple years.

      7. hmph….some pandemic….where is the THOUSANDS DYING?


        every freaking year the dying and dead had other complicating health issues and got vaccinated..and most swam in filthy bug infested cesspools that are schools and hospitals because of vaccinations and general stupidity of exposing themselves to the bio agents where they are most concentrated.

        its not ricket science…live unhealthy die easily..good riddance.

      8. hard to have empathy for people easily pushed into obessions over dying from a common malady because they just cant seem to understand the world outside of their cushy metropolitan technology handicapped lives.

        a hardy people have real life strughles that make them stronger and resilient….what we have instead is a pathetic excusr of a lazy species that frets over transexual pronouns and feelings rather than real problems.

        • MWK , another example of the sham of what we call health care. The vaccine thing is simply a guess and a ruse and nothing more at all. It would be interesting to know how many died or got seriously sick from the vaccine, but that will be covered up for sure !

          My cousin got the shot and got sick from it about two months ago, so I imagine many did as well. You would think people would see it all for what it is , but nope, they go back like a herd of sheep for more suffering !

          All of it is completely avoidable rather easily, just gotta knowhow and get on with it.

        • NJ , completely agree on all points, how harsh and heartless hey ? HA HA HA, but the opposite of stupid !

      9. The Flu/Cold is a “B”. I had it for about 10 days. Felt like SHITTTTTT. Two weeks now still have a cough at night when I lay down.

        If you get it rest drink fluids and keep warm.


        • Sgt. Dale, you have a very weak immune system or none of that would be happening for more than few days at best, Your choice as always .

        • Sgt. I am 6 days into the flu and it sucks. Dic told the shot would have been useless this year they got it wrong. Not that I have ever gotten a flu shot. Doc also said type A and B are almost identical this year? Couldn’t been bio engineered now could it??

          But on the real side of things I am ok and starting to feel better. Chest feels like an 800 lb gorilla has been beating on it. And still got that cough you mentioned. But all and all I fell blessed I made through it.

          • D84
            Sounds like what I had.
            Good luck and I hope you recover soon.

            • Thanks

      10. So there were horrible fires in CA for a month and now for the first few weeks of 2018 it’s been incredibly cold and everyone is sick? maybe all the ash, smoke, chemicals dropped on the fires and into the atmophere has something to do with the weather and/or peoples health

      11. Has anyone read of “defensins”? They are supposed to be key components of the body’s defense against viruses. The more vitamin d you consume/produce, the more defensins. The magic number is 5,000 units. That seems like a lot. 50,000 units is known to be toxic. If I am in the middle of a pandemic, I’ll try it. The problem is that you can’t believe most of what you read.

      12. Mac, This phrase is unclear to me: “even though it will make you sicker in later years.” It’s in the 5th paragraph.

        Does this mean it will make you sicker if you are a senior citizen? That’s often the case already.

        Does this mean if you are younger you’re okay but when you get older the vaccine will have left remnants that will make you sicker when contracting the flu in a decade or so?

        Does this mean the virus has residual effects that will attack when you get older?

        Not trying to be picky; just want to get the facts clarified for all the readers here.


        PS As a tech writer/editor by trade, I analyze the written word so it’s all habit.

      13. It isn’t the flu, good people are getting sick of the media and the TRIGGERS surrounding them.

      14. Beans, beans, and more beans. Don’t take showers or use anti-perspirant. If people can’t stand to get near you, you will be safer. Garlic doesn’t just keep vampires away; it keeps everyone away.

      15. According to wiki, H3N2 is a subtype of swine flu that is also the canine flu starting to go around dogs in Ontario. So how are humans getting it?

      16. I just stay away from family members and their children and crowds. That’s who spreads catchable flu to me the most. Another two cold fronts coming said to bottom out around 30 degrees which is damn cold in Florida.

      17. I said a couple times that the 1918 flu epidemic would have killed far fewer people had it spread in modern times. With automatic central heat, refrigeration, modern cars and stores. You can really have optimum conditions for recovery and survival.

        That’s assuming you aren’t one of the homeless living on the street. One of Obama’s great legacies is the largest homeless population in our lifetimes.

        God forbid anyone is living on the street and gets the Flu. The mortality rate is much higher for the homeless. The homeless live in slightly better conditions than WWI soldiers who were living in trenches in 1918. Many homeless have mental health, physical disabilities or drug abuse issues, none of which improve their health outlook.

        There was a story the other day of a homeless guy that went into a hospital, his clothing was so infested with lice, and bed bugs the hospital burned them as hazardous waste. In a day or two he was stabilized and forcefully released in the only clothing he has, socks and a hospital gown! Temperatures were freezing. Sucks to be homeless.

      18. The CDC says that between 3,000 and 49,000 people in the U.S. die of the flu each year. Do you believe those statistics? I sure don’t.

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