FLU OUTBREAK: Dallas County Flu Deaths On The Rise, Now At 18

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 26 comments

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    This year was projected to be a rather tough year for the flu. Coupled with this year’s ineffective vaccine, this season’s flu outbreak is shaping up to be one of the worst.

    All of the patients who have succumbed to the flu in Dallas County have had other health conditions that complicated their body’s ability to fight off the virus. But that doesn’t change the fact that 18 people have now died. And it isn’t just Dallas that has struggled to fight this year’s flu. California is experiencing a medication shortage while the outbreak is taking lives in Oregon and Idaho as well.

    “Older adults, individuals with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, young children and infants are more vulnerable to flu illness,” said Dr. Christopher Perkins, DCHHS health authority/medical director. “With influenza activity on the rise, individuals in these groups should take special precaution as we continue throughout the season.”

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the flu season nationwide is far worse than what they saw last year at this time. The virus is also affecting areas of Great Britain and Australia, which is complicating the outbreak when considering global travel.

    Because of the number of patients with flu-like symptoms, Methodist Dallas Medical Center started rerouting some ambulance patients so it can care for those in emergency situations. “This measure is so we can still take care of emergency patients such as trauma, stroke and sexual assault,” the hospital said in a written statement Monday, noting that it is at critical capacity but not turning away patients.

    MedStar, the ambulance provider that serves Fort Worth and 14 other Tarrant County cities, has taken more than 300 people likely suffering from the flu to area hospitals from November through January 5, spokesman Matt Zavadsky said.

    Even though the flu shot doesn’t always prevent the flu, and can make one sicker in subsequent years, health and government officials still want you to pay for ineffective vaccine this year.

    “As flu season escalates it’s important that all individuals take precautions to prevent and reduce the severity of the flu,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. “Prevention is truly the best medicine and it’s not too late to get your flu shot. If you have flu-like symptoms, please help protect yourself and others by staying home from work or school and calling your doctor as soon as possible to discuss anti-viral medication.”


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      1. Oh this again…. back to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZ

        • G
          the best thing for the Flu/cold is ZZZZZZZZ.

      2. Just stay away from people. If you dont you may catch their flu bug or worse their bull shit bug. Dont drink kool aid made with pee and wash your hands and most of all stay away from people. .common sense if you dont swing the hammer you wont smash your thumb

        • That’s what I keep telling the damned snowbirds that come here every year!!! Stay the hell away from me and mine. Snotty nawthuners gasping out their vile innards, clogging the arteries of commerce and polluting the land.

      3. Who would have seen this coming? Especially when they were hawking flu vaccines in July? Not me.

      4. At my yearly VA physical look over,
        this was the first year they
        did not ask me if I wanted a flu shot.
        I always say no. They must have finally
        figured out flu shots are useless.

        • They ALWAYS ask me at the VA if I want a flu shot. I always tell them, I LOVE MY HEALTH (what I have left of it), no thanks.

        • Just went for my VA 6 month check-up today. The Nurse asked me if I wanted my flu shot. Told her no, they’re only 10% effective anyway. She agreed and told me I should tell those in charge because they make the staff get the shot. She was not in favor of getting it. Went in to see my doctor (a resident). He asked me if I wanted my flu shot. Told him the same thing. He spouts the party line (30% effective) then tells me he was working the clinic at Parkland the other day (Parkland is the county hospital). Saw a patient with the flu in the clinic. Patient died the next day. Still not getting a flu shot.

          He also gave me the pitch about statins (required to since my cholesterol was a little high). His magic computer said I was at 10% risk for a heart attack in the next 10 years (I’m almost 63). Taking statins lowers the risk all the way to 7.6%. Not happening. I figure if I get sick it will be from going to the VA today. Probably would have been better to stay home.

      5. Hey Marge, pass me sum more of that there new fangled fake diet sugar stuff…What did ye call it, agin?

        Sweet kiss of death

      6. SO what do all these deaths have in common besides “other health problems”?

        Probably the worthless Flu vaccinations because they were SCARED to DEATH into getting them. but the news would NEVER tell that truth. NOT a single news report covering the deaths already connects the dead to their being vaccinated. I wonder why, because the measles epidemics and mumps and all the other vaccinations do jack bone for all the miseries the college students have already on top of being the largest populations afflicted by vaccinated diseases because , god help them, vaccinations are REQUIRED for college.

        Tell us why again, we NEED “Higher Education”?

      7. i guess all those doctors and hospitals put out of bidness due to oboingo care twernt such a stellar i dear.

      8. we need a block chain for fear porn. how about MSMcoin

      9. Rellik, agreed about flu shots. I never take any kind of vaccine for anything because they’re all useless. So far I’ve been lucky and not caught the bug at all.

      10. And One hundred years ago we had the 1918 flu pandemic also know as the Spanish Flu.It infected 500 million people around the world, and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world’s population).

        Just think where things can spread to in this modern Jet Age….

      11. The 1918 flu epidemic coincided with both aspirin and vaccination programs creating the perfect storm of sickness and death. Yet mainstream medicine continue along that path. An MD famously stated that he had never seen Cancer in an unvaccinated individual.


        • Nice catch on the Flu connection to aspirin, it would be the 1960’s before the medical community realized that taking aspirin with the Flu caused Rye syndrome.

          The real heartbreak of the 1918 epidemic was its coincidence with WWI, July 1914 to November 1918. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers living in horrible conditions, close quarters, exposed to the elements, in open trenches they started coming down with the Flu, and dying. The Flu epidemic really was the reason the war ended. Had not the leaders settled and sent soldiers home, the death toll would have been even more devastating.

          If exactly the same Flu hit today with easily available food, central heat, and helpful Internet health info, I think the death toll would have been a fraction of what it was in 1918.

      12. At one of the places I used to work, the nurse’s station used to keep a brown glass jug of castor oil. I’d heard a lot about it growing up though I never did try it. One time when I was working night shift I grabbed a small paper cup (shot glass size) and tried it. It was some of the foulest liquid that I ever ingested. Fast forward to several years ago I picked up a small bottle of castor oil to put in the preps room. I was feeling a little run down and picked up the bottle of castor oil and took about a tablespoon full then picked up a ball glass of “shine” and took a shot glass full to chase down the castor oil. A couple days later I felt back to my old self and went on. It’s what I take now everytime I feel the “poorlies” coming on.

        • My grandmother would grab that shit and give me or my brother a tablespoon anytime we ever complained of feeling bad. We learned real quick that although we might be on death’s door, all grandma heard was “I’m fine – why”.

          She was also a believer in Geratol – probably because she thought it was the replacement for Hadacol which she had great results with 🙂

          • And I bet she watched “Lawrence Welk” too. Geratol was advertised every time his show came on.

        • When I was little, my father asked the doctor about castor oil. The doctor told him that the only thing it was good for was greasing boat motors. So I never had to take any.

      13. PO’d, my parents and grandparents used to watch that show. I used to go outside every time that show came on. Not my kind of music.

      14. Why do you guys do this (meaning you Mac Slavo)?

        An epidemic is 10,000 infected in a week. 5,000 dead the second week, with another 50,000 infected. And the doctors and hospitals have run out of flu medicine. And the flu vaccine is actually creating a flu epidemic.

        For crying out loud. The world has over 7.5-billion people. You have to have a lot of people dying and a lot more infected for there to be an epidemic.

        An epidemic just doesn’t cut it anymore. Come back when 10-percent of the worlds population is dead and you have a full-fledged pandemic on you hands.

      15. Did any of you pick up on the fact there is a special flu vaccine for seniors? I believe it is 3 times stronger than the regular vaccine. I had an adverse reaction to a flu shot about 7 years ago so I don’t take anything now. But sure would not take one that is 3 times stronger. I wonder if most doctors just give it to their senior patients without asking. Could be one reason more seniors are dying. Stay healthy…..there is too much other stuff to prepare for.

      16. Now they are pushing the pneumonia vaccine on seniors. Anyone over age 65 who has Medicare is pressured into getting a pneumonia vaccine.

      17. My 10yr old son and I have it now ,it’s over rated had worse before .staying on fluids acetaminophen ibuprofen and rest ,every time we got the shot we still got the flu ! figured this out years ago the only thing we do is accept we will get it and quit watching corporate fake news also advised my parents to stay away from us! A little whiskey helps also but the kid gets mouthy!

      18. Excellent videos on the history of vaccines by Patrick Jordan. You watch his videos and you will never step into a hospital or see a conventional doctor again, plus never get another vaccine. The news is just one of many factions of our fake world they give us. Health is another. Vaccines are bioweapons…have nothing to do with protecting us from disease.

        Patrick Jordan | The History of Weaponized Vaccines, Militarized Medicine, & Serum Sickness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmwd-UAKKm4

        Biology of Aggression NATO experiments

        Patrick Jordan…..Vaccines harm, maim and kill

        Chimera: Who in Hell do you think YOU are?

        Henrietta Lacks: at your Cervix

        Serum Sickness

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