Florida Sheriff Will Check For Warrants At FL Hurricane Shelters

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 51 comments

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    If you have a warrant out for your arrest and manage to safely make it to a Florida hurricane shelter while Hurricane Irma barrels down on the state, a Florida sheriff will make sure you’re escorted right to jail.

    As Hurricane Irma approaches his state, a county sheriff in Florida said that law enforcement authorities would check the identities of people who turn up at shelters and take to jail anyone found to have an active arrest warrant. On Wednesday, Grady Judd, the sheriff in Polk County, announced the maneuver in a series of messages on Twitter.

    “We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders & predators,” the sheriff said, adding law enforcement officers would be posted at shelters to check IDs. “If you have a warrant, turn yourself into the jail — it’s a secure shelter.”

    A spokeswoman for the sheriff, Carrie E. Horstman, said that the authorities hoped the effort would encourage turnout at shelters if county residents know they are safe. Horstman said, “We hope it actually leads to more people turning themselves in.”  In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Ms. Horstman said that officers are obligated to take a person into custody if there is a warrant for their arrest and that in some misdemeanor cases a person can be released on bond immediately before they even go to a shelter.

    “Our hope even before they reach a shelter is that they will turn themselves into law enforcement prior to that,” she said. “It is normal protocol to have an accountability log and to know the names of each person going in,” she said. “We need to know who is in there.”

    But not everyone was thrilled with the Sheriff’s announcement, however.


    The Polk County sheriff’s announcement that the authorities would use the hurricane as an opportunity for arrests drew widespread criticism online, leading some to question just how far the checks would go, such as whether Sheriff Judd would jail those wanted on traffic or drug charges, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

    The backlash over this announcement was swift and more appear to be against the arrests at the shelters than for them. These announcements also come as word of police turning away volunteers bringing supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas are turned away and yelled at for trying to help others.

    The sheriff’s office made these announcements as residents of the state of Florida stocked up on supplies or made preparations to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. Making arrests a top priority over human lives appears callous to Florida residents, especially in the wake of the damage currently being inflicted by Irma on the Caribbean.

    The massive hurricane, which battered the northeast Caribbean on Wednesday is now moving on to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. According to a majority of the latest projections, the Category 5 hurricane could make landfall in Florida by Sunday, although it was unclear where exactly that might happen. But the state is already bracing for impact. On Wednesday, Governor Rick Scott activated the state National Guard and declared a state of emergency across the state.

    Polk County boasts a population of over 600,000 people, and none of the hurricane shelters have begun accepting evacuees just yet.


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      1. Ha, this guy has some balls, doesn’t he guys??

        • yeah the nerve of him, upholding the law and all that.

          Personally, I wouldn’t have announced it, but I would have made sure to scoop up anyone with a warrant for a violent felony, wanted child molesters etc. Leave the parking ticket warrants and the pot possession BS for another day.

          • agree 100%

            • And lock them in the closest jail to the center of the storm track,,, preferrably lower elevation than the projected high water mark

          • Yeah, the nerve of this jackbooted idiot using a public emergency to implement the ‘papers please’ policy.

            And what’s your take for those that weren’t able to grab an ID before fleeing? Should they be booted, incarcerated, or just shot on sight?

            Why are conservatives as big a bunch of imbeciles as leftards!?

            • So tel me. If you don’t have ID, you get to stay out in the hurricane?

          • Strict on the plebs (extra money in the coffer!) but let the elite commit murder/ do whatever the f– they want.

            • He says it is to keep Paedos away from children in shelters, all well and good but we all know that is not true, it is to catch ordinary Jo public who hasn’t paid a traffic violation fine, or stolen a loaf of bread to survive, heartless public “servant”

        • that is how they got bundy, at the airport

      2. Sounds like a great idea…Very efficient use of tax payers resources.

      3. That’s why I vote for Sheriff Grady Judd every election. Aside from the fact that he is an NRA Life Member and a huge advocate for lawfully armed citizenry, his moral compass in the right place. I’ll guarantee the liberal idiot scum “Alt_Dept of Labor” who replied to the Sheriff is not a Polk County Florida resident. More Sheriffs like Grady Judd and needed.

        • a MONKEY can join the NRA….many DO.

          • Doom, no organization is perfect. As a life member of the NRA myself I felt the need to join a well established organization that actually had the political clout to resist the progressive gun grabbers. Yes, there are other pro Second Amendment groups out there, but Sheriff Grady Judd and I chose the NRA.

            Did you know recently the NRA helped Jamaican gun owners to implement the very first Carry Concealed Weapon program in Jamaica with the full support of the Jamaican government? Where were the other gun organizations? None of them lifted a finger to help except NRA. Now crime is in decline and many credit the CCW program for helping to make that possible.

            True, the NRA is far from perfect; but any organization that Liberals consider a threat is in good standing with me.

            • My NRA is helping Jamaica ? And you are pleased with that ? Perhaps they should be using their resources to fight the gun-grabbing tyranny in California, New York State, Washington D.C. and other communist enclaves.

              Damn….freakin’ Amerikan CON-servatives are morons ! You are a perfect example.

            • i was thinking of the possibilities that even if a sheriff is anti-gun….it looks a LOT better to the pro-gun people if he belongs to the NRA…..i bet he still takes guns from law-abiding citizens, violating their constitutional RIGHT to protect themselves with a gun…..happens all over america…PROBABLY EVERY DAY.

          • The NRA is to gun owners what the GOP establishment is to republican voters.

      4. I think there are more important things to deal with as IRMA hits. Him using sex offenders is a load of BS. IMHO, the centers will be full and nothing is going to happen.

        Better the cops are out helping people and stopping looters.

        • I seem to recall people upset about conditions in shelters during Katrina. The Superdome springs to mind. Maybe he can post a couple deputies to watch out for sexual offenders and wanted murders, and in their spare time they can keep the toilets clean.

          • Long ago, I told my wife I would die before I’d go to ANY government run shelter. This reinforces that decision.
            A fishing expedition. They’ll be checking papers on EVERYONE who enters. Nobody leaves until .gov says they can.

        • Im fine with this, I’d rather he protect those that are staying at the shelters rather than having some criminal element trying to figure out how to F me over while im waiting the storm out,, or even some pedophile raping my daughter ,, so if this is how he catches some of the rats out there .. its all good

          • MW, repeat after me:

        • SD, agreed. On the surface it sounds good but me thinks there’s something corrupt about it. I can guarantee those cops won’t be out there HELPING people but HURTING them instead. It’s been well-established by the federal and state supreme courts that police have no obligation to protect any citizens. Not their job nor their intention. They’re just govt. employees; glorified revenue collectors. And with civil asset forfeiture law enforcement and the courts are more corrupt than ever. NEVER TRUST ANYONE WITH A BADGE OR A LAW DEGREE. Cops don’t even care about the public. When you get into a situation with someone, you’re on your own and have to become your own first responder.

          • Always be polite, but NEVER answer questions to a cop. If they’re going to arrest you, they will. But for Gods sake, don’t hand them all the evidence they need on a Silver platter.

            And yes. Plenty of SCOTUS rulings that cops don’t have to do jack chit to help you.

            • SD, I have relatives who used to be cops and they themselves told me all of the things I’ve ever posted about LE on this site. They left because of all the dishonesty they saw, the anti-public attitudes, civil asset forfeiture, the militarization of LE, etc. They said they never signed up for any of that BS. Since cops don’t owe us anything we don’t owe them anything either.

              • When you hear it’s for public safety look out. Like the red light cameras, TSA molestation, spy net that is closing in. Yep. Those chips in the hand or forehead will be for safety too.

              • Grady Judd is one of the good guys. This is not my county but part of the bay area. He is in the news all of the time. My facts might not be perfect but close. One time the Polk county sheriff office took out a real bad guy and he got shot 68 times. The news said how come so many bullets and Judd said because we ran out of bullets. He does a sting at least twice a year on sexual predators and gets 30 – 50 every time. He post all of their pictures on the news. The criminals hate him. The residents love him. I wish every sheriff had his attitude. Look him up on line before yall knock him down. I guarantee he is on their a bunch.

      5. I know who this Sheriff Judd is. I live in a neighboring county. He’s a showboat, addicted to being in the news. Questionable at all turns. In this case, he once more got what he most desires…… the attention of the press. Regardless of his arguments, all people in the path of this Irma should be able to gain shelter. The ‘bad guys’ included. The joke down here in these parts, “Polk County, where the men are men and the sheep run scared”. Ya’ll figure it out; and, come back now ya hear?”

      6. Personally I hate that ahole, always on the boob tube spouting his insanity with fake police state supporting news. Drama queen like. Him and the other ahole former cop Reginald Roundtree. To serve themselves and protect themselves. Cannabis is the devils weed and where’s my bazooka type BS. Big pharma guppies.

        • I do like Judd but I agree that he is against weed and I am not but I don’t live in Polk county anyways. He might be a showboat but I think it is for all the right reasons in this case. We quit watching Reginald not to long after Dick Fletcher past. We really don’t like Reginald.

          • If either marijuana or alcohol should be legal, it should be pot.
            But we can’t allow people to grow something in their back yard (for free) that might cause them to stop buying beer or liquor, now, could we?

      7. Hey, I smell marijuana, I’ll have to do a cavity search. Take your clothes off and bend over while my deputy plants some weed in your vehicle. A few hundred bucks in your pocket, I’ll take that too and you can kiss it goodbye punk. That is where present police justice stands.

        • There’s the every popular “root matter outside your home” too.

          The only thing they’re good for is raising revenue for the state and harassment of regular citizens. I’ve NEVER once had cops be there to assist in any meaningful way when I’ve had vehicles stolen, vehicles broken into, my home vandalized, or any of it.

          But they’re sure as shiz there every time I’m jaywalking (true story), going 5 over the artificially reduced speed limits or shooting off bottle rockets.

          F the po-leece.

          • NB, in 2015 when my home was burglarized and 2 safes, one with 5 handguns in it, were taken, I only had to wait THREE HOURS for a cop to show up and take a stolen weapons report. Under TN law I HAD to file that report to protect myself from any liability if those weapons are ever used in any crime. The first cop that showed up was actually respectful and helpful but the others that came along later were nonchalant. I had gone home that morning to get something I forgot when I discovered my front and back doors open. That’s how I discovered the burglary; IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Had I been at home when the scum showed up there would’ve been a couple of corpses on the ground in their own blood. The worst part was that one of the handguns stolen was a NEW one I had just bought a week before and didn’t even have a chance to test it at the range yet. The only first responders I have any respect for are firefighters and EMTs. They always help people and really care about the public. Not the same with cops. I have to avoid cops just like I avoid Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, Antifas, etc. Cops are useless.

      8. They have so much room in the jails why not leave one section for folks left homeless due to storm,thay already have gaurds/cops what ever there.

      9. I have to agree with the Guy.

        If the stupid shits would have went to court on their court date or wouldn’t have done something stupid/wrong to start with, there wouldn’t be a warrant.

        It’s Hurricane Karma (not IRMA) and she always catches up with you.


        • Hope they don’t arrest people for missing court for a little weed or going over the speed limit. But you wouldn’t see that as a problem.

      10. Florida is not a stop and identify state.

        No reasonable suspicion or probable cause to I.D. refugees from the storm. 4th amendment,6th amendment and 11th amendment getting trampled again.

        He’s a prick.

        …he needs an Irma enema…..BA.

        • BA,

          That scumbag sheriff deserves a rope around his neck.

          “Your papers, bitte. Sieg Heil !”

      11. We have Constitutional rights against requiring people to provide identification without probable cause. We are not required to carry ID unless we’re driving a vehicle on a public road. So, the Sheriff has no legal right to ask for ID without probable cause. How did this article miss this basic fact?

        • “probable cause” has been replaced with “reasonable suspicion” by our utterly idiotic and failed war on drugs.

          Conservatives are the same big govt imbeciles that dumbocrats are.

      12. So. The cops arrest someone with a warrant. What do they do? Lock them in the car. Out in the 185 mile an hour winds? Drive them to the prison. In 185 mile an hour winds? Leave them locked up in the shelter and have to keep an eye on them? When the storm is kicking the shit out of the building.

        I put keeping people alive over dealing with a warrant.

        • No, you wouldn’t Sierra Dave. Not if you had to stay there and had nowhere else to go and were trapped and couldn’t leave due to the high winds.

          All you need is one criminal or asshole to cause a problem or tragedy. I am not talking about an unpaid parking ticket or similar. I am referring to criminals; assault & battery charges, B&E, theft, shoplifting, sex offenders, people who fail to appear in court without valid reason, etc.

          People who think they’re above the law and the rules don’t apply to them are troublemakers in these kinds of forced settings. Also some of the evacuees are parents with children and don’t need that shit going on in front of the kids.

          Shelters and chaotic, crisis situations are a criminals’ playground. The law-abiding need to be protected from the non law-abiding criminals. Anything else falls under the category of negligence. This FL Sheriff is just doing his job.

        • NO government officials on the road past 45 MPH sustained winds. You are on your own.

      13. Not a good time to use limited resources.

      14. there are no based police… they are zogbots pure and simple – totally corrupt from the top down.
        the zog is the greatest threat humanity has collectively ever faced, but their enforcers are the greatest threat to individual life and liberty in the day to day sense…
        that having been said, i dont have a ton of pity for anyone who intends to rely on a govt. sanctioned shelter (or who relies on uncle sugar for anything actually). real men handle their shit themselves…

      15. Earlier GOV Scott said “Anyone that needs assistance from the storm will receive it.” Again, just now, Florida GOV. Rick Scott said on TV, Verbatim: “I want to keep every citizen in my state safe” If so then allow all registrants shelter across the state!

        But if you are a convicted drug dealer, armed robber, murderer or convicted of a DUI (Over 10,000 people were killed by drunk drivers last year) come on in. We welcome you.

        And what go’s around comes around. Karma can hit hard. Who knows, maybe the storm Irma will wipe out Sheriff Judd’s house and maybe him with it. He has violated his oath of office and should be terminated.

        Any holocaust survivor may find an eerie similarity with these new “holocaust laws” in the USA.

      16. i don’t want ANY fucking criminal types being housed with me & mine – if they got a warrant they belong with their own types locked in jail – what the warrant pertains to is between you and the court system …

        public shelters are for citizens and paid & provided by taxpayers – take your bogus act elsewhere azzhole ….

      17. Illini Warrior–
        Wouldn’t want to shelter with sheeple like you anyway.

        The average American commits 3 felonies a day. EVERYTHING is a crime.

      18. Look a little country bumpkin sheriff getting his 15 minutes of fame.

      19. This is the purpose of “shelters”. They’re concentration camps for civilization-dependents to be herded for “processing”. When people get their loved ones shipped off to separate camps and never see them again, they’ll see the unwise reliance on government for “help”. Government governs (terrorizes) at gunpoint. It’s not about helping anyone except keeping in power those who are in power over the masses. People help themselves by not being dependent on civilization and its traps.

      20. I live in Florida and you have to have a picture ID and papers for your pets to even get into one of these shelters. The shelters are doing background checks before letting people in. Thousands of people standing in line in the hot sun not knowing whether they will even be able to get in. Just to get to the news that they are full and will have to go to another shelter where the process begins again. meanwhile the storms getting closer and your running out of options. These shelters fill up before you even get a chance to get there. With people sleeping in there cars all night just waiting for the shelter to open just to be turned away and sent to another shelter.

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