Financial Analyst Warns: “What We’re Looking At Is An Event You’re Not Going To Be Able To Recover From”

by | May 7, 2016 | Headline News | 139 comments

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    “Things are breaking down, something big is happening,” according to leading alternative news web site SGT Report.

    Citing the recent emergency meeting between the Federal Reserve and President Obama, America’s explicit warning to other countries not to devalue their currencies against the dollar, and scores of other global indicators, SGT Report’s latest interview with Bill Holter may be your last chance to get ready for the next wave.

    What we’re looking at is an event that you’re not going to be able to recover from… If this market snaps and the markets close and you’re not in position, you’re out for the rest of your life.

    (Watch At Youtube)

    That an economic catastrophe is imminent should be at the very forefront of mainstream news. But instead of heeding the warnings, the propaganda has gone so deep that even President Obama says that those who say there is something wrong are peddling fiction.

    But the reality is that even they know what’s coming.

    The following exchange between SGT and guest Bill Holter is all you really need to know:

    SGT Report: This is a big one. This is General Mark Milley. He’s the U.S. Army Chief of Staff and he was giving the keynote address to the ROTC Centennial Symposium on April 22nd, 2016.

    [plays clip]

    “You’re going to be leading the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in that world. You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’ll be dealing with national leaders and local leaders.”

    I want your impression of what he just said… This is General Mark Milley, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff!

    Hybrid armies? And tribes? And terrorism?

    That sounds like economic collapse and the total breakdown of U.S. society as we know it.

    Bill Holter: It does make you think… what exactly is he talking about? What does he know that we don’t? Obviously he has information that we don’t have.

    For him to throw that list out, that opens up all kinds of potentials and it tells me they know.

    They know it’s coming.

    … You can see it from a financial standpoint… you need to make a leap from the financial standpoint.. when that collapses what happens?

    Once the financial markets collapse, it’s every man for himself and our way of life is gone and will never return in our lifetime.

    The warnings are everywhere and the U.S. Army Chief of Staff just gave us another one. The government has been simulating economic collapse and civil unrest scenarios for nearly a decade. They started immediately following the Collapse of 2008.


    Because they know it’s unfixable.

    Time is running short and the time to prepare is now. Because as Bill Holter warns in the interview above, once it happens you may be out for the rest of your life.

    For more interviews and daily news like this visit SGT Report.

    You can follow Bill Holter at JS Mineset.

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      1. I am never going to put no trust in the people who been in USA government for decades who have robbed even their own kids of freedom because they will get harm done to them by the terrorists just as fast as the average Joe

        • I call bullshit on this article. The General lost credibility when he said “little green men”.

          Aliens? Really?

          Also, I think everybody would agree that World War II wasd the biggest SHTF moment in modern history.

          Every country in that war recovered just fine.

          This article was just more grand standing.

          • John, I have to agree. Total BS just like all of Holters ramblings. He makes no sense most of the time and when he does, it’s sounds like something I already heard from someone else.

            • I could’ve sworn I just saw another Snyder article. [SARCASM]

              • This article brought to you by SILVER!!

          • “little green men” …

            I believe is a euphemism for things unimaginable in a world gone mad…

            WE are in uncharted territory…

            • Most assuredly my friend.

            • Jerrybg;
              You are correct. By the way, Bill Holter is the last person I would think of as a crackpot. He simply states pretty factual info on the fucked up status of the financial status of the USA and the rest of the world. I guess his other terrible fault is that he sells and believes in pm’s. Last time I looked something like one percent of people in the US own them. Those who hate metal do not have to buy it but Holter has written for Miles Franklin blog for a long time and he is a sensible guy who doesn’t preach doom and gloom that is not warranted.
              He is now writing along with, I beleive it is Jim Sinclair but they charge for membership and I’m not willing to go that route. Will still read his articles when they are published outside of that forum.

              • I encourage everyone to follow this link and listen to the ENTIRE video, as some of the best stuff is at the end. It will change your perspective about the End Times and America’s role in them.


                The Anti Christ is a MUSLIM who takes over Europe ( Islamic Prophecy) and returns to Jerusalem and makes it his capitol because Mecca and Medina are destroyed.

                It will blow your mid. 🙂

                • Thank you, DK

                  • Kim, I’ve seen this video before. That stinking member of the ‘tribe’ needs to be watching her six.

                • Thanks for info. Europe is about to fall under Islamic control. Article on Brietbart news today: glory to Allah sign on London buses. No freedom of speech over there, laws against self protection, leaders pushing multiculturalism are pro Islamic agenda all the way. It’s too late for the E.U. they have sold out. Mayhem and civil war ahead.

            • I read that “Little Green Men” was a nickname given
              to Russian soldiers from the Ukrainian crisis.?

          • Andrea Mitchel Married to Allen Greenspan was Interviewing Bill Krystal, about Trump. Of course Trump does not play to the ZOG Agenda, so Trump is evil in Kystols mind.

            Trump supporter destroys Bill Krystol
            and Bill Krystol takes it like a chump and smiles.

            You know the 28 pages from the 911 commission Trump wants released to the American Public. Hell yeah we need the truth… Expose all the fraud and those who profited from it. The Bush Family is F*cked, and why, Jeb ran from the primary like a beaten f-dog. GW Bush Admin hid the 28 page report from the public. Its is an Indictment between the Bush family and Saudi financial ties.

            SO Look Parasital Tribe, Krystol, etc, No True Americans Give a Rats Ass what you ZOG Shill SOB’s say, or your BS propaganda, to what ever is Pro Israel or Jew agenda driven, elitists scammers, So Love America or get the F-Out. You are ALL toast. Go F- yourselves. I want to see Trump Bust this Airwaves, Monopoly Lock on Information flow and Airwaves domination out of the Shills, which the airwaves, are suppose to be Free Press, and a Publicly owned domain product. Right now, 5- M-fers control the message on 95% of the Media stations out there. WTF? Boom!!! Bust them up!! We need to get back to truth radio, TV, and Real news. Not AP BS propaganda.

            ~WWTI… I bet Trump can cut the national debt in half in 8 years. back to only $10 Trillion. Maybe down to $8 or $7 Trillion. Trump loves success, and his ego will fight for every dollar to make America Great Again. There is a hell of a lot of slop and fat to cut off the beast. Lots of Knives. Lots of knives.


            • Who,
              I agree the powers that have led this country for many years now have ALL been corrupt and MOST of the others just stood by and watched them do it, so they ALL need to go! IF we don’t get a whole NEW group of people in DC ( which i doubt will happen ) then this country is screwed, and only question is how much longer before something big happens, i think it will be around election time (before)and it will be BIG!

            • Now this is an interesting canary in a coal mine.

              Watch this one.

              Here’s what I suspect will happen. If Trump gets in and goes to release those 28 pages he’s going to stop and think… shit. If I fuck the Saudis I fuck the entire American economy and the poor die in pools of their own vomit. Guess I better not release it.

              If that happens then (as I suspect) we may be on a road with no turns.

            • Trump loves DEBT, haven’t you been reading his statements?

              I love debt I love debt Mmmm debt yummy.

              He’s also said you can’t go bankrupt when you own the printing press.

              SOUND FAMILIAR?

              Shit son, hyperinflation here we come.

              (Still better than Hillary).

          • This Video is packed with info I have said here for years. Including the Kennedy killing and who was responsible. Hey, All about the Bull Silver market and Pricing we will see shortly including the Slingshot of silver.

            ~WWTI…Pass this Article on to family and friends. Spot On.

          • “Little green men” are SOF, not “aliens”.

          • We are looking at a rough go. We will be fighting living with no power like we are used to for a while, our own government thugs will be out to get us too, along with foreign troops, islamic savages, scum illegal gangs, gangs of sheeple that are desperate and starving, so on and so on. I left out a multitude of other dangers. Clinging to my Bible first and I’ll do the best I can with my gun. Some peace in your hearts will make it more bearable for you and your family.

            • Mezzo, I must agree and indeed you ARE ‘putting it lightly’, as there are many more facets of emerging dangers that haven’t been remotely mentioned (yet), but WILL become prominent dangers should this all go to hell in a handbasket …and the way Obambam is setting us up does nothing but ‘shore up’ my belief that he is all but finished “setting up America” for one hell of a surprise (and partial or full collapse).

              As Mezzo did not state, if we are suddenly plunged into a world of NO electricity/COMMO/etc …things will indeed be hard. The less rural you are the harder and more dangerous the scenarios one will run into. However, man has lived longer without electricity than WITH it, and so in the long run we’ll be fine (just as soon as our present government has been returned to a Constitutional status, and was first intended). To “take any other route” would lead to an overthrow of this nation (meaning we’d lose it to Putin or whomever attacked).

              Bottom line: One EMP would put THE USA approximately 30 years behind the rest of the world. That would be more than enough time for all countries (developed) to surpass us in every technology, leaving us in a 3rd world, immigrant-filled shithole of a country.

          • ” Little green men ” is an euphemism for the Russian troops that went into Crimea several years ago, due to the fact that they had green uniforms and no identification patches. Paying attention to world events is important, as it prevents ignorant outbursts.

          • I think he should have said “little brown men” instead.

            • Nobama.. Yes, I was thinking more like Little Brown or Yellow Men in Blue helmets, speaking Manderin, invading our shores, that WE have to fight. I’m ready.. Come and take it. Locals in my area, talk more about using Wood chippers for Gator Chum. No trace, no face.

              ~WWTI… Let er’ Rip!!

          • It was a joke dude. It is common in speeches to introduce a little levity.Lighten up guys.

          • Even Hillary Clinton has admitted there are files that we would find hard to believe. There is 100% chance we are not the only form of life in the universe. A universe that goes on for trillions of lightyears and billions of planets.

          • Little green men and hybrid armies have nothing to do with aliens. These are slang code words the army used for the unmarked uniforms that Russian soldiers used in the Ukraine when they committed their illegal acts of war against civilians (little green men). Hybrid armies refers to groups such as Isis who have no ties to any particular nation but who’s members consist of fighters from several different countries.


          50% OF LONDON IS NON-WHITE!!!

          ISN’T THAT GREAT???




          • There are Muslim Mayors in the USA. More will be elected to office. The president is Closet Muslim.

            • Muslims voting for muslims in their own little circles

              • We watched in America what happens when a Black runs for president, wow who would have guessed 99% of Blacks voted for Obama and moved an election.

                Does any idiot think Muslims in America won’t vote 100% for a Muslim candidate if given the opportunity? If the rest of voters vote on non issues, and feel good issues, the Muslim will win just like Obama did, and anyone who dissents from their political goals will be branded Islamiphobic.

                We are done, Obama via immigration of refugees from the instability he created in the Middle East, shifts the Ametican Vote.

                • Plan twice;
                  Good points. There are blacks that could have made good presidents but they would probably not brought out the votes like the present potus. It really does stink that the only politicians who can be publicly criticised are white. I don’t think that should stop, just include the non whites in the mix.
                  Not unfairly, just the same treatment. Same with religious groups.

                • The weak and Lazy vote for Socialist Commies, so they can continue their free loading on benefits. Here is what happens:

                  Food stamp fraud on the rise in Tampa Bay costing tax payers millions
                  State agents raid local grocer

                  Jackie Callaway
                  6:22 PM, Apr 29, 2016
                  6:58 PM, Apr 29, 2016

                  HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – One in every six Floridians receives food stamps also known as EBT cards to feed their families.

                  In Tampa Bay alone, EBT spending added up to $2.5 billion tax payer dollars between 2013 and 2015.

                  The I-Team rode along with with state agents this week and uncovered the food stamp fraud taking place here and across the state.

                  We found food stamps for sale and the money spent on anything but groceries.

                  State agents with the Division of Insurance Fraud spent seven months conducting surveillance on the popular Food Town Meat Market on Busch Blvd.

                  Fraud detectives raided the store then arrested two of the three brothers who own the market.

                  Investigators tell us they caught both Omar Ghanem and Baelal Ghanem paying cash for cards from willing customers. At the time of his arrest, police found over $1600 in Omar’s pocket.

                  The state says the meat market cashed in $200,000 in food stamps a month, about the same as an average size Publix.

                  Carrie Clark told me she uses her food stamps to do her monthly grocery shopping here. The bust came as a surprise.

                  The USDA estimates 11 thousand stores just like this one take food stamps. These smaller markets make up 80 percent of food stamp fraud. The good news, this past session lawmakers gave the green light to hire five more fraud investigators to fight this crime.

                  The Ghanem brothers face three felony fraud charges each.

                  Both were taken to the Hillsborough County Jail.

                  The third suspect, a customer, remains at large.

                  ht tp://www

            • …the door of Obama’s muslim closet is not shut very tight.

              • Net Ranger.

                You can bet that if Obama could install Sharia Law by Exec. Order, he would.



            thank the bankers they are behind this after all where do you think the government gets the MONEY to pay for this crap & endless middle east warfare.

            • Da Yaper:

              The ZioNWO Banksters are behind 99.99 per cent of the problems in the last hundred years and about 50 per cent of the problems of the last 500 years and about 25 per cent of the problems of the last 2,000 years and about 10 per cent of the problems in the last 6,000 years. So you see, things are getting worse as we go along. If we don’t handle this problem soon, we have a 100 per cent chance of getting screwed by them in the near future.

              • It wasn’t jew bankers that killed Christ, it was everyday jews who Jesus told were sons of their father Satan in John 8:44.

          • Acid:

            It ain’t.

          • Well I’ll be gawd-damned!!!! ..(who woulda thunk it)???

            You know a-retch, I’ve been among your harshest critics thru the past years…been sitting on the “bench” lately…largely due to purgatory assignment & permanent regulation by Mac’s moderation team to such…

            ..but I digress (to some extent)!!! …deep sigh!!!


            Dude..I dunno whatever has caused yer near 180 degree pivot of late, per recognizing relevant truths…

            ..but whatever your ingesting (sans certain specific DNA proteins)…that said, keep it up!!!

            ..and your posted “truth commentary” is a needed prescription(RX) to ears waiting to hear such.



            That said: …you may want to chill a little bit…per shouting in “ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS” when posting…as such is the hallmark akin to some, energetic sweating Holy-roller preacher type….bounding back & forth and up & down the rows of pews shouting “AMEN…I told ya so”…..!!!!


            Hint>>>>> ..the smart ones here get it, dude!!!

            …the “REAL QUESTION” is: …have the rest of the readers bothered to chase down & confirm “WHO” is responsible for facilitating / financing & indeed orchestrating / managing…this ongoing fiasco?????

            ..and…have you?????????????

          • I do believe that the general idea is to kill off every last white person on the earth. Whites are already outnumbered in most every nation (except Australia, for one).

            • And Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovak Republic, etc ….

              Don’t give up hope so easily.

          • It’s actually 57%

        • AND IT BEGINS






          • Dammit!!!!

            There ya go again A-retch…!!!

            …shittin’ in yer own mess-kit!!!!

            ..blame the old-timers again…

            …just when I thought you were possibly redeemable…you wander-off the straight-n-narrow…and pull a “progressive” …squat, grunt-dump & vacate maneuver!!!!!


            …you’re really enamored & fixated w/ all things fecal, aren’t you???!!!???


            ..toilet?? ..turd?? ..past (see archives folks!) comments.

            I rest my case…asshole(lover)!

          • Obama and his Administration have already seen to The Division of people …and that is why the media is not allowed to cover any of what is taking place “in the real news.”

            We are being duped, lied to, and being led down dead-end roads. Obama and Hillary can’t open their mouths without spewing lies. Neither have any business being anywhere near DC. I am amazed they haven’t taken a bullet, yet The New World Order would be more likely to “lead up Trump” than anything else I suppose. (They’ve far too much to lose should Trump “go all the way” …and so at some moment this is all going to “go straight to hell” (in some mannner), and then we’ll finally see what the hell IS going on (with no more supposition).

          • It’s too bad you are too big for the toilet acid or somebody could have flushed your useless ass a long time ago.

          • Acid, you mean SHEEPLE are irredeemable and dumber than a turd in the toilet. NOT us boomers. You make good points on other issues but stop blaming us boomers for all this shit. You know damned well TPTB are the ones responsible and they know what they’re doing.

          • Acid, I agree about Kerry being full of shit, but you can go f#$% off yourself.

          • Acid Etch, I never agree with Kerry. I’m one of many baby boomers that had nothing to do with this mess. I vote, my candidates & issues lose, I push for intelligent and limited Federal Government, and my issues and causes don’t win the day. What did you expect the boomers to do? Many of us tried to do the right things, sometimes we failed but we didn’t steer the ship of state into the rocks.

        • Dusty, Its all Greed, they create World chaos, to get fat Governments contracts for War Toys. MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia. Add up the 24,000 Obama Killer Drone strikes costs to American Tax payers, besides the blow back and loss of freedoms, to fight their boogie-man. It is a perpetual Chaos War Toy Order form for profit. They laugh as they sit on their Yachts, drinking bourbon with strippers. And what did the average American get from all of that, besides High Gas Prices for decades. The Biggest Rape on Mass Population ever.

          Go look at all the Multi-Billion defense contracts flying out the door right now, before Obama leaves office. Its the last fleecing opportunity, before the end of the year. It is rape and pillage on our Treasury. Trump will not put up with that chit.


      2. Just read the articles title,if we can’t recover what ever they have to say no point in reading it!

        • Just place your bets against it….

          • Thanks Mac.
            For a place to vent…

        • I predict, those with 1-Oz .999 Silver rounds will get along just fine after a collapse. Buying Gas, Food, and all other necessities. The Business Merchants will gladly take them for trade. Fiat Money will be worthless. Silver is real shit mon. They keep referring to: Are you in Position? Yep BOL Bought and Paid for; Check, All the preps – food to fuel; Check!! And a truck load of Silver rounds. Check!! Guns and a shipload of ammo; Check!!!


      3. Just get a leg up on the crowd. There will be many deaths in the future when the collapse comes. Go to SGT Report,last column,govt. is already planning on 79 million citizens being around by 2025.???? WTF?

        • 79 million rounded up!? By who,the tiny US military? The alphabet agencies? Those actuals are fantasy land. If the report said citizens “deaths” and not “rounded up” that is more plausible. An EMP or Bio weapons will kill 90%, easily. However, I do believe a collapse is coming and when it does the US gov’t will be scrambling. Its doubtful that they could ever organize to that scale and execute round ups when it all hits the fan. Although, Large city centers (NYC,Los Angles)could just be surrounded and choked to death.

          Got Jesus? Then live life to fullest and worry not….No Jesus? Don’t worry and get saved by his grace and love.


      4. This goes down its taking the entire world with it. From that perspective being in the USA is probably one of the best places to be.

        1. Your armed
        2. The US has ample food
        3. The US has ample energy
        4. TPTB need to maintain some political stability as they depend upon the US military as their chief global enforcer

        With the above a given the US is not homogenized. Some places in the US will be very bad, cities. Some places better, rural with food and energy with its associated employment nearby.

        The top skill will be personally being able to do, “things”, fix ,”things”, and get, “things”. Many in the USA are accustomed to delegating. The, “I’ll get the car fixed”, is translated from, “I’ll get the car to someone else that fixes it”. Offering others help is power, needing others help is weakness.

        • Kevin2

          Good points.

          I like the Doer’s, the Gatherer’s, and the Fixer’s.

        • Kevin2,

          You are wrong, in the US we have a huge percent of our food imported, and we operate under a “just in time inventory system”.

          Obama has done all he could to destroy US ranches and farms. We now import massive amounts of food due to farmers in the Western US being cut off from water supplies. Those imports, connected to free trade agreements are currently based on a strong dollar. As the dollar slips, so does the food supply.

          If the “just in time inventory system” breaks people will starve.

          • Thank NAFTA for that

          • “You are wrong, in the US we have a huge percent of our food imported”

            We simultaneously export too. We are self sufficient regarding food as we export staples like grain and import vegetables. From a caloric standpoint we can feed ourselves. We can feed and fuel ourselves.

            • Most of our food imports are fruits and vegetables out of season here, we bring it in from the Southern Hemisphere and enjoy oranges and grapes year-round.

              • We already import 2 billion a year in beef from just little New Zeland on the other side of the planet.

                Meanwhile Obama has designated American ranchers as terrorists and is having them killed if they don’t comply. Complying almost guarantees bankruptcy for ranchers. Meanwhile Obama makes trade deals all over the planet.

                I suspect Obama will be a billionaire in just a few years.

          • We can feed ourselves. We don’t require exotic fruits and vegetables from other countries. We grow enough of every ordinary fruit, vegetable, and animal for everyone here to eat. We just choose to eat imported delicacies. We need to go back to eating things when they are in season unless we’ve stored extra.

            I don’t think anyone on here is going to die if they never see another banana or coconut.

        • If things get really bad, cars will simply become useless obstacles cluttering up the roadways. Myriad conditions can make this happen: shortages of fuel, tires, spare parts; an EMP that fries the electronics; busted infrastructure on a large scale; societal breakdown that leads to gangs of highwaymen and no jobs or consumer goods for which people would travel.

          I’m looking ahead to the “good old days” of yesteryear, and have prudently placed my life savings in stock of the Hydebound Buggy Whip & Corset Company. When horseless carriages once again become rare playthings of the rich, I’ll clean up from the widespread return to the noble steed for transportation! ‘Neigh’ will turn to ‘Yay’ and the pleasant clip-clop of hooves will fill the air. Remember to stock up on horseshoes…..

      5. I can’t wait. I’m an oppertunist and I see an oppertunity to make a profit. ?

        • Asshat, first you need to know how to spell opportunist before you can be one. Work on that, and get back to us next year you dope!!


          • hope that asshat appreciates the opportune-up you just gave him….laffin muh ass uff.

            • hope i spelled all that right….

      6. I believe there is going to be an event that knocks people off their feet. Some will hurt more than others having a drastic lifestyle change. People believe that they need certain stuff and can not live without it. An addiction in many forms and that is going to make or break many. How much can you do without? What would be your new comfort zone? Will you learn what things matter in life? Will you be able to handle the new “Calm” after being agitated by various stimuli for most of your life.

        Is Recovery being able to accept living without electricity or running hot water. Having to carry gear or ride a bike. Having to face the elements head on.
        No Starbucks or Pizza Hut. Going out to eat.

        Having to fear that a person can do harm to you or your family.

        The New Norm is Your Recovery.

        As eppe says, “Just place your bets against it”…

        • Smart people already are switching of have switched to alternative energy sources off the grid like solar. I won’t go without. I am the damn power company, and the water company, the sanitation engineer manager, The Fire Dept, 9-11, The Cop and Security Team. If I fail, it is my Bad. I will be just fine however. Those living on the Grid in the cities, If the grid fails = Your bad. Your failure to take action to protect, and take responsibility for you and your family’a welfare will be your own fault. Get out of the cities. Your last Warning, until my next to the last warning. lol


        • Anon, damn good points. I also believe something will happen that knocks all the sheeple off their feet. My prepping has been geared towards a number of things, including living off-grid. The BOL I go to has a complete solar system as backup and can become primary whenever the grid goes. Good, deep well with Flojak hand pump and a year-round creek on one side of the property. Woodstove for heat and a lifetime supply of firewood all around. Going back in June on another supply run.

          • How long since anyone north of the Mason Dixon line went through a winter without central heat?

            Real life is a bitch.

            • Every year more than half of Maine home owners heat with wood, ONE wood stove or furnace, and have been for over 100 years or more. When we lived there it took three wood stoves to heat the whole place, (oversized ‘good buy’ but who needs 5800 square feet of house)? It would take around 22 “full” cords per winter to get us to Spring, and then they’d be about an armload left! Needless to say we left Maine for warmer climes, and higher elevations.

              • I grew up in a 2800 sq ft passively solar heated house my dad designed and built, a dogs age ago.

                When the energy crunch hit in the seventies, dad bitched about his $500 heating bill, and I said that was pretty cheap for the month of January. He corrected me and said it was for the whole winter? How spoiled he was!

                Forty years since that energy crisis and little changed in building codes to make homes more efficient, or to exploit the earth as an energy sink plus the Suns heat. We had a 24 hour power failure in January once and the house never went below 50 degrees. I shake my head when I see just crap still being put up for housing.

            • Or central air south of the Mason-Dixon Line?

      7. The sun will come up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next etc etc
        Things that we have no control over

        • Kulafarmer

          We can do all we can do and it may still, not be enough to survive.

          Would it be better to POWER DOWN than Power up?

          Like using a manual typewriter.

          • Not really sure, nicevto think powering down is easy but the reality is its not. Not across the board anyway… Some stuff sure.

          • I tried using a manual typewriter to post this, but I couldn’t find the USB port on it….

            • Just replace your keyboard with a touch screen, you’ll be fine.

              I still have a typewriter, an Olivetti I picked up some years back. Great machines, but ribbons and such are getting hard to find.

      8. The guy Is part of the established government. Don’t believe anything he states. Don’t Trust Anyone.

        • Old Guy and I share the same opinion on this. Don’t trust a soul in these times, as everyone is looking or “on the make or take.”

          The Feds have even ARMED 100% of their ABC Agencies. How many here feel that was done in case of an “armed invasion from Iran, Iraq or ISIS?

          EVERYONE!!!! I received some disturbing info yesterday that I am not able to confirm (I lack the resources to do so). Here’s the deal. Allegedly, The NRA is “making deals” with The Feds rather than FULLY SUPPORTING our 2nd Amendment. In short, these ‘deals’ are taking place under the table and (in the long run) are NOT supposed to be “all that great” for supporting our 2nd Amendment Rights. Anyone have input for that? In times past I’ve heard The NRA is NOTHING compared to what they make themselves out to be. (Now, I have damned good reason to, at least, wonder).

          • Equorial, I’m not able to confirm anything about ‘backroom deals between the feds and NRA, but I can easily believe the report, knowing NRA’s reputation for treachery. I CAN confirm they’re nothing like they make themselves out to be. I’ve never been a member of them and never will be. All they’ve been doing all this time is working to undermine our gun rights just like the gun control lobby. Both groups are in the same sewer. I’m afraid what you’ve heard will turn out to be true. Just keep getting everything you need for your ‘liberty tools’.

            • Braveheart, thank you ‘heaps’. I should have known at my age… (but when you’ve spent your entire life in the military then get out, you realize there are MANY THINGS you were never made aware of that took place in the civilian ‘sectors’. Maddening ain’t the word for, but it will suffice I suppose.

              Treachery? Screw them then. *Adding NRA to list of possible targets.

      9. “This is your last chance.”

        The sale in today’s mega-market is going to end at mid-night. Don’t forget to pick up your special prize for participating in Sucker’s Sunday. The super-dole for dummies is coming up, white people wait in line to pay to get in, black and brown people pick up your checks after the game.

      10. Human-animal chimeras, bred in captivity for seek & destroy work…
        Maybe without a soul. Half man half gorilla or some such concoction, lab-grown “somewhere near Shanghai”…
        I was looking via google- it seems something like that is already possible.

        • That’s okay as I’ve heard they too are very allergic to lead poisoning. Just one ‘jacketed’ bullet in the right area kills them. Terrible eh?

          Also, I do not believe that man has the ability (yet) to ‘create life’, especially a creature which has triple-helix DNA? lol… Nope, I don’t think so sir…

          • Believe it… OR NOT!!!
            Human-animal chimeras are being bred. Please reference the MIT Technology Review for Jan. 2016.

            Actually, the General was talking about Hybrid Armies meaning adversaries that use multiple strategies- such as conventional warfare, cyber warfare, gangs manipulation, “terrorists”, false flags, etc.

      11. The report is from April 30, today is may 7…were still here, and the banks are still open

        • My bank is CLOSED !!! Locked up tight! Same with all the other banks in town! This is IT…!! The beginning of the end! I’m going to load up the RV and grab the family and head for the…. um….

          …oh, wait….. it’s Sunday……… never mind….

          • Pretty funny stuff

        • Conrad – thanks! good to know…that’ll work out well with Transgender public restrooms coming soon to many towns; just heard that sanitary napkin/tampon dispensers and used napkin/tampon disposal bins are going to be installed in men’s public restrooms(ha-ha)… their next agenda…so might as well install a few urinals in the ladies restrooms, especially since now we can pee standing up. Embrace change!!!

      12. Off the subject the D.C. Navy yard said bye -bye to the DESTROYER USS BARRY she is to be towed to philly for scrap.

        Thank for your service old girl.

        I Remember when I took my future wife on board her in Jan 1985


      13. What financial analyst? The title is misleading.

      14. hybrid armies: A mixture of people from different militant backgrounds or people who have breed with other species. Genetic engineering.

        Little green men: A another result of genetic engineering, Lab creations?

      15. The “little green men” reference in the speech was interesting. Hybrid armies too- ah well, we will know it when we see it.
        Someone using the handle, tubokanal, is putting up Venezuela scenes on youtube. Very illuminating.

      16. Little green men. Reporters in Russia and Ukraine used this phrase to describe men in green uniforms with no markings and unconfirmed origin.

      17. …I was just thinking that I read an article discussing how it was impossible for some people to sleep UNLESS their computer was running …otherwise it was “too quiet” which made them nervous.


      18. WhoWtfknows..i have been reading your post and you are one to what I like it call the economic mathematical cluster phuck.. it’s all true what you said.. if you crunch the numbers, it’s calapse. If you re crunch it again, it’s the same thing, it’s cannot ever get corrected. So this means that when the dollar crashes since it will, month food will be imported into the country and not goods will be entering the ports in California, period. What lies is the perfect opportunity for martial law. Like your truly announced recently at some university, that we can expect big changes to the economy and a change to the society, in other words, a new world order..So this proves that something is about to happen.. very time I look at this, all I see is war, war, civil war revolutionary war, invasion, you name it, it will happen. No good turn out, and if Trump gets in we can expect that the cabal will purposely calapse the economy while he is in office, to blame him when in fact he had nothing to do with it.. or they may pull the EMP of bio weapon option like what the 4 star general told economist V, in 2014.. see and search for economist V, 4 star general. Listen to that and how the 4 star general told him that the cabal is waiting until 2017 to deploy bio weapons in all the major cities, and they a how they plan to take down the entire united states and force Mexico and the Texas, California, Arizona under one continent with complete open borders under the north American union..and that if anyone tries to stop this that soldiers will be deployed to take out those, patriots, ex military, etc, civilians, etc who tries to stop this..

        So this no phucking joke.. so you trolio the clown of what ever you Agency ass clown trolls are calling your self those days. It might be copper, old guy or what ever handle you like to choose these days.. your wasting time.. Shtf commentors will not be kneeling to your crap and stupid comments. … we will continue to prep, post what we have heard, then to prep and prep some more..I am no jew who plans to just get up one morning with guns in my face, and jump on some bus to go off to the co concentration camp in Baytown Texas.. I have been told by cop friends that other cops friends have told them how they gave been catching literally over the last 4 years, dozens of terrorist, jihadist, Russian and other nationals with bombs in houston trying to commit terrorist attacks in the city all over, and that they were covering up the info from the local media, in other words, Perry and Abbot can’t let the public know what’s really going on. Since the few coo friends of mine, some are ex military, they are really concerned.. what Hawk from posted last Thursday and Friday on his show is the truth… I have been hearing about this thing going on in my city for about 3 years now..

        So trolls are telling us that the banks are still open..


        • At least his spelling has improved.

          • Hey beaver- I don’t usually grab a dog by the ears, but I ‘ve watched you post your off topic novelettes here expecting people to praise you and your exploits. Then, you come and make fun of HCKs, who has been a contributing member of this community for much longer than you have. You are a schmuck. Oh yeah, and a bully too. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

            • Ignorant rants are not protected by seniority. I really don’t care how long someone has been on this site. It doesn’t entitle anyone to shit.

              • And you are the self appointed asshole to decide what and who posts an ignorant rant? Disagreeing with someone who posts is one thing. Cyberstalking and harassment is something else. It’s easy to ignore posts you don’t like, but making a hobby of picking on certain people is a characteristic of a bully.

      19. The grammar police are out again folks. Watch out if you spell something wrong your credibility will be finished. If you misspell a word you must be too stupid to have anything to contribute to the discussion. Oh and if you live in the city there is no way in hell you can survive anything. Only folks who live in rural parts with 100 acres have any chance according to some. Don’t forget having a solar system for the grid down certainty. Your dead without electric. Your gonna need your smart phone and I pads. If you don’t do what others think you should do to prepare your dead. ?

        • Who pissed in your Wheaties this morning Asshat? ‘Sour’ today or what?

      20. Let’s talk about the country folks thinking the city folks can’t make it in their neck of the woods. This is a huge fallacy. The truth is most country folks I’ve met are afraid to go to the city. It scares them to death to see thugs and gangbangers with tatoos all over slinging drugs in the streets. Surviving in the woods is cake what is your biggest worry bears. Surviving in the city streets is far more challenging. Some people know they won’t last 1 week in the streets and it scares them. The hood will chew them up IMO they should be scared. Good luck to them if they can’t handle the streets now forget it later. The other misconception is city folks are lazy. So many truck drivers won’t go to nyc I go no problem what’s the big deal. The big deal is they are country bumpkins that are afraid that’s why.

        • The only truckers I know that won’t go into ‘inner’ NYC is because they have 55 footers or ‘tandem-trailers’ and do NOT wish to get hung up on any one of thousands of narrowed corners (and traffic that won’t EVEN give you one-eigth of an inch of slack when you need 300 feet to ‘swing’er wide’). But you see no ‘big deal’ in that eh? heheh…

          I do not know of a single country ‘soul’ who has ever stated “they are afraid to go to the city” …just the opposite stands as country folk sometimes enjoy a trip to the big city to pick up items they normally would not have access to.

          Last, with all that is taking place in Chicago, are you willing to drive to Chicago Central at any hour and just park to sleep for the evening? How about Flint? (Get a hot shower and a good, cold glass of water there)!

          I’ve NEVER heard of anyone being scared of a person with ‘tats’ on them, or stories from people about being horrified to see a drug sale go down in front of them (hell, that happens on most every corner in NYC every 15 seconds +/-).

          Guess I’m not on the same wavelength as Asshat is on this one …no biggie, no worries, no arguments.

          Country Bumpkin

      21. Gloom Gloom Gloom.
        Gloom n doom.
        “The sky is falling. The sky IS FALLING.”
        Y2K. Asteroid hitting earth. Weather changes. Global warming. Earthquakes. Aliens have been spotted in Kansas. FEMA is here to take you away on trains and the FEMA coffins.. And Mrs. Greasom the 94 year old lady down the road said that a blood moon has fallen and that the witch coven is after her goat, “Mildred”.

        No doubt ALL of this is True.
        No doubt it will all come to a grinding halt one day.
        No doubt people will die.

        But until all that comes about. No worries.

        FEAR is used to control people. FEAR is used to make people buy things they likely will NEVER use or need. FEAR is a social control Mechanism. FEAR is used as a selling Mechanism. FEAR and PANIC feeds those gullible people around them.

        The Rapture is here. Give me your Money. Said the Hell Fire and damnation preacher.
        My friends wife fell for it. Emptied their joint bank account to the preacher. Left my friend because they were “unequally yoked” and he was not a “true believer.” Now the marriage gone. Children in a broken home.
        How about that Rapture? Sun came up this morning. Insanity.

        Besides”Rapture” is fantasy. Not Biblical. Read the book.

        Do the best you can do to see the storm possibilities. Take reasonable precautionary measures. Secure the family in the storm shelter. Then sit in your lawn chair with a 12 pack, beer in hand, and watch the tornadoes touch down. No worries. They are a whole 3 miles away. Have a Nice Day! No worries.

        Calm down people. Most fears never happen. Most bad things you can’t stop or do anything about anyway. Again most fears never happen. Still got that Y2K kit?

        • This was the best post of 2016. Thank you.

          Glad to know that there are still some people who have common sense and are not giving into the fear being spread by the mainstream and so called alternative media.

          As you know they are both one side of the same coin. Both with their agendas and both contribute to the “Matrix” system of instilling fear in the hearts and minds of the people.

          Be fearless. It is the true definition of freedom. Not the patriotic, democratic, rhetoric that everyone likes to rinse and repeat.

        • In life there is nothing to fear; except fear itself. (Anyone can be scared that they’ll be frightened). Look how nervous children get before going into their first haunted house at a carnival (as an example that ‘fear’ is an inbred emotion all humans tote around with them in varying degrees.
          At this time within The USA, there is no reason yet for Mass Hysteria, but yet there will be if Hillary gets the Oval Office.

          *THERE IS NO TRUTH THAT OBAMA IS OUT AND SOME GENERAL IS DOING A “DOUBLE-TACK MARTIAL LAW. That’s “on the edge of insane” and simply NOT how “things” are handled on that end of the stick…
          IF there is ANY truth to it, I would tend to think they are intending to ‘cordon off’ Chicago (no one out or in) and perhaps the same intents are on for Flint (and all other potential ‘ticking’ metros).

          Projecting holograms into the skies of invading UFOs. That’s a riot in itself! lol… Lemme make sure I have this right. If we are invaded by UFOs the very first thing that must be done is hand all the guns over to Hillary, so that she can save us. (As long as we have guns she cannot save us)?

          Hitler (at times) went out on a limb and the people bought it everytime though …perhaps history is going to repeat itself once again. Most are ignorant of history and so are most likely to repeat it just as has been done for for 100-score and 4 years ago. (or something to that effect…).

        • Agreed.

      22. Seems like we are dealing with some kind of event on a daily basis. We recover and try to move ahead as best we can. I don’t know if it will get any better or not.

      23. Another last chance?! I’ve seen countless articles and videos like this for at least 5 years and almost all declaring this is the absolute, final, irrevocable last chance. If you are willing to spend some time you will see they are simply quoting and regurgitating what each other has said, going back years. They’re not even creative, and I know why. They don’t have to be, people who put out these type of videos know a) most have short memories, b) most believe them anyway because they want to believe anything about doom and collapse, or, sorry about this one, c) just ignorant. Main Stream Media is merely part of the propaganda arm of the government, but even alternative news needs to be read with a skeptical eye.

        • Seriously Bill….I’ve got a bet that the majority that put out these “final last chance” warnings, are gold companies.

          I also like the “something big is coming” warnings like the one that comes in the title of this article….

          I’ve stopped coming to this site cuz I too have been seeing these warnings over and over and over and over and…they must be working for prepper companies…

          Apocalypse porn.,..

      24. Grasshopper and Bill might be right!

        Nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen.
        The banks have not closed. The supermarkets have food and are open. We can buy gas. Not at war between us in our country. Government is taking care of those who need it. So why all the doom and gloom.

        Maybe we are wasting our time and effort so why don’t we all STFU. The majority of those here have what we need and the skills to do what we need to do.

        Old Guy has been making a good point. Don’t need anything or anybody. Just stay away. Forget about being a Good Samaritan too.

      25. …KERRY is an Irish name. John Kerry’s father changed his name from COHEN to KERRY. I think there ought to be a law that makes names more dependable. With people doing all kinds of name changes, in a hundred years everybody could all wind up with the same last name like in Irac where everybody who lives in one general area is named after that area or state. Then I would be called California and the next guy Texas. By the way Cohen is the elite of the TRIBE. So one would not want to change ones name for acceptance by the tribe, but for acceptance by the goyah, gents, Gentiles. I think Cohen is a nice name. May be I’ll change my name to Cohen. It might improve my chances for marrying A RICH Moneychanger, hell maybe I could learn how to be a rich Moneychanger. Then I’ll blame all you racists for my situation.

        • B from CA, so Kerry is really one of the ‘tribe’? Interesting. BTW, one of my local CONGRESS CRITTERS is named Cohen and is also one of the gungrabbers. Let him come for mine and he’ll get them; BULLETS FIRST.

      26. Some of the various websites are reporting odd stories, for instance beforeitsnews had a few articles that stated Obama is out and a general has taken over in a double secret martial law situation. Holograms will be used in the sky to incite further fear in the population over a fake alien invasion. The TPP and TTIP will be passed to clamp down totally on the people. Anyone who dissents against the government NWO drive will be murdered, no exceptions. These all sound like feasible scenarios. Trump may intend to put an end to these plans, but he could be one that an end is planned for. What has Hitlary said she will do to make America better? Absolutely nothing! These terrorists are all being created and paid for by the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Israel paid by US taxpayers who work wholly against our nations people. No free press, no free speech and a rapidly eroding standard of living is kicked into high gear. Yet the people remain mostly silent. I guess it will have to get a lot worse before divided and conquered Americans get a clue and unite.

        • Aljamo, is just like intellihub, alex jones, etc.; not a good source of info.

      27. I’m sorry but enough with all this economy B.S. anyone that does not know it is going down is totally brain dead. This SH-T has been hashed over and over again. Time for you writers to change topics for the love of it all. If this keeps up a lot of people are going to leave this site and many more like it. Find some stuff that will truly matter and possibly save some-ones life. Again I’m sorry but give me a break, there is more important things out there than wealth to preserve.

      28. Grasshopper if you believe shtf will happen then prepare if not go on about your life never considering shtf happening. This is talking in circles you either believe in the lies and trust the gov has your back or not. Majority of folks here feel the shtf is gonna happen and prepare. It’s not about buying a bunch of crap you don’t need and will never use. For me I’d rather have it and not need it than not have it when I need it. It’s no big deal to put stuff back your not crazy for doing it IMO. If it controls your life to the point your wife leaves you or you go into debt then you got some kind of psych problem. You don’t need 50 guns and a million rounds but a few well selected guns are tools to aide your survival. There is always gonna be morons that take shit to extremes disregard them they are not good examples for the rest of the prepping community. Of course there will be profiteers trying to take advantage of people if your scared. There is only so much you can do to keep yourself alive in a crisis. This is why you settle your soul with God or what ever spiritual thing you believe in. That’s all you can do. It sure would be sad to have to look your hungry kids in the eye and say I don’t have food for you to eat because you didn’t care to put some back so you wouldn’t look like a crazy person to your so called friends. Which aren’t your friends anyway. Do you care what people think about you. I don’t they don’t pay my bills or look out for my family. Let’s get real most of your friends are fake and competing with you. Most folks are into outdoing others. Well I don’t play that game if they show up to my place trying to strong arm me they will get a double tap. How’s that friend.

        • Also, being a prepper is like buying a life insurance policy, you buy it and hope you never have to use it.. As Asshat said, I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it..

          • Agreed.
            …..3 is 2…2 is 1… 1 is none.

      29. that is why we prep.

        Regardless….food…water…ammo and most of all, Jesus.

      30. It is my understanding that “Little Green Men” wasa
        nickname given to Russian soldiers during the Ukrainian

      31. I think this is more doom and gloom. The army chief of staff was obviously talking to military officers, as he said they would be leading soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. So he was talking about deployment and was generalizing.


      32. FOR EVERYONE:

        In life, each of us not born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ in our mouths will QUITE LIKELY EXPERIENCE ONE OR MORE FINANCIAL CRISIS in our lifetimes. The average is three.
        As for myself, I’m on my 4th marriage. #1 died, #2 died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her heart (6yrs after divorce), #3 just ‘flipped out’ (the marriage was extremely brief, in fact, it was so brief it was annulled, my fourth bride is permanent.
        So, after each of those marriages terminated, a huge chunk of debt was tossed on my head, far more than (at first) an E-3 in The Navy can remotely afford. And so it was Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at 22 years old. Seven years later the suicide involved my two children, they came back into my custody until old enough to leave home on their own (which they did). The ‘cost element’ of everything involved in that suicide was tossed into my lap once again (even though we’d been divorced six years prior to her doing herself in). So, there was a SECOND bankruptcy (no choice in the matter …them or me (and my kids), so I chose “them”. Nothing I am proud of, but given I had absolutely no choice, was IN active-duty military and I had to do it “by the book”, so bankrupt I was. I pray there isn’t any need to file a third time, yet I foresee no reason this late in life.

        My point is that EVEN IF NOTHING HAPPENS on a large scale, one STILL NEEDS to prepare for the unexpected. I wish to hell I had stored up lots more food than I what I had on hand at the time, believe me …actually, I mean BOTH times.

        Bottom line: Life has all kinds of surprises, and “prepping” is just another word for “being prepared” to deal with most anything that is cast your way. The more you have prepared, the lesser the damage/suffering you will endure, or HAVE to endure.

        Does it not make sense to prepare yourself, over the span of years, for anything and everything that may happen that you are able to take steps against? Like have extra foods on hand, “can” your foods, freeze, salt (or whatever you prefer).

        …just saying, you do not need a war or rioting to justify having ‘preps’ in your basement or pantry or WHOLE HOUSE. Being prepared (for anything that you will live through) buys you a whole lot of “peace-of-mind” just knowing that it is there, and with job shortages on the rise, it is that much more reason to start putting things away for the HARDER times (we are only at the tip of an iceberg-of-woes all allegedly destined to occur this year carrying over into the next, and the next, and the next…

      33. One last thing, we buy Insurance for our Homes, Cars, Lives, or anything one can think of can be insured (through Lloyds of London if no one else will touch it).

        Prepping is just another form of Insurance (that isn’t available unless you take it upon yourself you GIVE yourself that kind of Insurance.

        There. Thank you.



      35. I think it is too late to stop the crisis at a macro level. They will print and print until the system collapses. As has been pointed out, while we have infinite debt and credit creation, we live on a planet with finite resources but a ballooning population, much of it with a low IQ and no history of ever inventing anything of significance nor creating a sophisticated civilization.

        Unless all those Indians and Africans who poop in the street start training to be astronauts and colonize the galaxy, we will have to contend with a population disaster on this planet. As for Muslims, who are rapidly colonizing the West, they also have little experience of achieving much outside of living off the proceeds of oil and gas. Their family structure and attitudes to women can only work in the context of an economy akin to a giant welfare scheme (think Saudi Arabia)and this is how most of them live in Europe – on welfare. They do not have the ability to generate wealth and operate a sophisticated, modern economy that has to earn its way, apart from living off the rents of selling oil and gas.

      36. So when he says “little green men” he’s talking about space aliens obviously.


        We. Do. Not. Violate. The. Speed. Of. Light. In. This. Universe. Thank you.

        Now having said that…

        I read a really convincing thing that Trump would start a tariff war without the requisite funded expansion of our local industries, resulting in a much weaker dollar…

        Suddenly gold makes sense. Bam right there.

        Ahhhhhh crap how much time I got I don’t got enough on me to get enough of the sh*t…

        (Still better than Hilarity)

      37. Conrad, you are one weird sick puppy. What the phuck kind of video are you posting on this site. And women come on here thinking i have issues with women. Wtf? Why in the hell are we showing a woman peeing standing up. what the phuck is your problem Conrad.

        2isone, thanks for backing me up. Some really weird people are coming on this site. Why in hell is Conrad showing women peeing on a video. What kind of pervert weirdos are we getting on this site. I think that Beaver is still a troll, but i cant prove it just yet. Beaver has not attacked me lately since he agreed to cut the crap awhile back. This means for certain he is not a troll or may not be a troll?

        Copper is a troll for certain, and so is old guy. Certain types of crap that people post on this site is unacceptable. You Conrad, you need to tone it down. Women know those facts, men know it too, and their is no need to post such a video. I respect women, and am living with since most don’t seem to realize this fact of life. And even i have to be carefull of the way i interact with my woman..I dont talk weird sh..t to my woman, nor do i request weird sh..t. thats out of the norm, even men have to have limits on interacting with women that they live with.

        Quit the perverted crap on this site, please, damn.


        Still the voluntary agency clown super moderator.

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