FEMA Seeking Contractors Who Can Supply Biohazard Disposal Facilities, Tarps and Housing Units With 24-48 Hours Notice

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Headline News | 296 comments

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    FEMA is seeking contractors who can supply medical biohazard disposal capabilities and 40 yard dumpsters to 1,000 tent hospitals across the United States; all required on 24-48 hour notice. Issued on January 10th, you can see the request here.

    The request comes on the heels of other requests that the medical supply industry has received recently.

    A request for 31,000,000 doses of pediatric flu vaccine from the CDC Solicitation notice can be seen here.

    FEMA also put out solicitation requests for: 100,000 each of  winter shirts and pants and the same for summer. Interestingly only 10% of the items are to be in childrens sizes.

    From Tarps to manufactured pre-fabricated housing units, the requests for goods and services is a long one. Most of the requests and solicitations have an indefinite delivery date and an indefinite number of items to be supplied, such as this one for beverages. Scroll down to the revised draft solicitation at the bottom of the page for the specific requirements of the request.

    So what is FEMA preparing for?

    Tent hospitals were the only way the United States coped with the 1918-1920 pandemic as hospitals and medical centers were rapidly overwhelmed with the sick and the dying.

    Almost every week we are confronted by a new flu strain, or an emerging disease that could, in the right circumstances, threaten our way of life.

    Whatever it is they’re preparing for, those items that do have numbers attached to them indicate they are not ordering enough stuff to ensure the survival of the bulk of the population.

    The only way we are going to get through the trials and hardships that are coming our way is by being prepared. The government has proved time and time again they cannot deal with even a regional major incident effectively let alone a nationwide emergency. You only have to look at the aftermath of Katrina and Sandy to see that these people cannot protect you, they don’t have the organizational skills to do so. Just getting water to hurricane survivors was beyond them. They cited ‘logistical’ issues and bad weather.

    So, if a national disaster happens on a nice sunny day when there are enough truck drivers to move stuff around we could possibly expect them to perform better. That’s comforting.

    I prefer to take action on my own behalf and leave FEMA to ‘assist’ those who never had the foresight to prepare.

    Video via Activist Post

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      1. Well I can’t supply the facility but I can volunteer for a Decon Tech…I was Decon1 at Travis AFB in 1999

        • When we really, really need the government,

          they are nowhere to be found.

          • FEMA is planning for something…BIG.

            Their prep list
            Millions of $$ of Water & Food…ck
            Guns & ammo…ck (taken care of by sister agency DHS)
            UN ‘Peacemakers’ Trained…ck (taught English, US weapon systems and Urban Warfare training)

            It looks like they are getting their preps completed.
            It is a good time to double check our preps.

            • Control the means of production. Learn to make your own colloidal silver and avoid the tent parties and death camps of the corp.

              Me and my family are safe from their bacterial and viral weapons.

              I suspect that I will be able to save many lives other than our own, and the stuff should definitely bring a good item in a fair barter exchange.

              How many silver or gold coins is a life worth? Those who can make colloidal silver will find out. If you can’t make it yourself, you are NOT prepared.

              • It sure makes sense that FEMA is hiding something like a coming plague, or a hidden false flag, a big one. It still could be geophysical. That 6.5 off of Puetro Rico was the result of the Caribbean plate and this plate affects the twisting motion of the North American plate that is the New Madrid. The New Madrid, San Andreas, and the Cascadia fault are all connected as shown from previous historical earthquake activity. There could even be something with the Gulf Of Mexico and that methane bubble. This would not only cause a moderate tsunami, but could cause widespread fires many dozens of miles inland. Anything catastrophic like this in the Gulf Of Mexico would affect the energy shipments in a very bad way to many parts of the country.

                I have seen RICH99 complain about all these potential events that Mac has posted as articles fizzing out and failing to manifest themselves. Someone doesn’t have to prepare for an economic collapse, war, a comet, a plague, or whatever, JUST PREPARE for what this world has to throw at us. There is a whole flock of black swans ready to take flight that few of us might be expecting. Fukushima is a disaster that has well surpassed the expectations of it just going away. The Pacific Ocean food chain is being deeply poisoned. Within a flash, and life is massively altered. Just prepare for the day when this happened, no matter what it is.

                • I find it odd that people in the entertainment industry almost demand that people that are preparing state what they are preparing for. Well, let me tell you what I’m a prepared for:

                  Economic collapse
                  New Madrid earth quake
                  Yellowstone supervolcano
                  Martial Law
                  Food Shortage
                  Energy Shortage
                  Grid Collapse

                  …and more.

                  Wow! How did I prepare for ALL of that? I’ll tell you why: because they’re all shadows of the same pile of manure. Any one of those things would cause all of the others. (Well, use some common sense. Obviously martial law won’t cause a New Madrid earth quake. But, you get my drift.)

                  Like BI says: just prepare.

                  In this order:

                  Security (Guns, hideout, stealth)
                  Shelter (Bugout location, stealth location, secure location)
                  Sanitation (…eventually it becomes a problem.)
                  Communications (Whats going on? Signalling and news..)
                  Energy (Keep you warm, moving. Fire, fuel, etc.)

                  It all applies to all situations.

                  • Sorry net ranger, but for the newbies…water water, water first.

                  • “So what is FEMA preparing for?” Same things WE are but on a bigger scale, because they have a bigger responsibility than WE do. In this case, I know that government is taking its Que from US Preppers, understanding the times in which WE live.

                    Sometimes government actually works for US; but only if WE demand it. FEMA preparations to get ahead of the curve, are the result of Nappy’s foresight: and it is her legacy. Thank you Nappy. There are many more people “aware” than this community realizes, and more are waking from their illusions every day.

                    Even the “Bush Twins” get it. Feather heads or not. I have my sources and my sources are good. 🙂

                  • I agree with Nopittypartyhere. If you are JUST starting out prepping go buy the Sawyer Mini water filter. $20 on Amazon and the single best first item prep you can make.

                  • Yellowstone super volcano? As if.. you might survive the blast and ash fall out, but you wont survive the ice age.

                  • .02: I have to disagree with you about the lack of survival during an Ice Age caused by a Yellowstone eruption. Homo Sapiens obviously survived the last Ice Age as well as super volcanoes erupting in the past.

                    Just as obviously, most of the Sheeple and Obama Phone users will probable not survive, but those who are industrious, clever, have initiative, and are adaptable will survive.

                    Its a good way to reset the gene pool and Nature does it on a regular basis. 🙂

                • Spot on BI…

                  No one can prepare for every contingency, however, there are many items that apply to all emergencies…and we know the list. Starting with water, food, shelter and protection… wfsp

              • Gc. I’m glad you posted. I am getting what I need to make colloidal silver. I am just going to use 27v with 12Gauge rods. I want to give this to my wife and kids also. Kids are 8 and 11/2. If it was your kids how would you start them off (ppm). If you could answer I just want to get a idea from wear to start. Some others chimed in on another post the other day but I want to get as many opinions as I can. Thanks in advance

                • I make my own as well and when I get home I will look and give you my numbers too.

                  • Thanks BJ I am open to any advice

                • Mix a saline solution using a non iodized sea salt. Place 5 drops in 1 gallon of distilled water. Run for approximately 40 minutes and remove rods, wipe off black oxidation and run process after switching leads to rods. That way you wear rods evenly. Run another 40 minutes and it should be 15-20 ppm…at least for me and I use 3 9v batteries (28vdc) and .999 rods. DO NOT exceed 30 ppm. 10 ppm is good, 15 is perfect and 20 is awesome.

            • KY Mom, yes, we had all better double check our own preps like yesterday. I don’t like the sound of this. Yes, FEMA is prepping for something BIG. I’m going shopping again this weekend. braveheart

              • They arrested that retard that was on doomsday preppees. That was treating everyone around him Sheriffs started to watch right away. 2 or 3 felony counts.

                • Huh?? “That was treating everyone around him…………..”

                  Treating everyone around him……..as in how?

                  • Threatening. Auto correct sucks

                  • I think he meant to say threatening, not treating

                • Things down for what. If I am going to get the red thumbs I guess I should start really earning them.

                  Game On.

                  • You didn’t earn a thumbs down for your comment about the idiot “Marauder” being arrested. At least not from me. I thumbs up’d ya! I saw that idiot on the Internet last week. Apparently he has at least two felony convictions and cannot legally possess firearms. So what does the idiot do? Well, he goes on a national t.v. show and shows the world himself shooting firearms. Pretty smart guy!

              • Braveheart I thought you always bought w/ prepping in mind anytime you go shopping. Or maybe you dont shop every weekend. Just curious, seems your active w/ buying so I wondered. For us anytime we shop we get extra. We buy extra when we see sales too.

              • Braveheart:
                By all means keep shopping
                My wife went for a fascal(SP) and came home with about $80 dollars worth of goods from the farm store and I did not even tell here to do it. She said, she hear some something on the radio and she turned into the store and went shopping, Gotta just love her. I guess Im just lucky.
                Yes FEMA or Somebody has something up there sleave other than ther arm.
                Get ready for a wild ride. GOD PLEASE WATCH OVER US!!!
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

            • I am beginning to think this is normal protocol…..”maybe?”

              I say that because they did the same thing with body bags and other stuff back in 2011 before the 3200 year anniversary of the New Madrid quake…..most people here should remember that.

              Now I am not saying they aren’t preparing for something, because I believe they are….but I don’t think these kind of revelations are indicative. Maybe more along the lines of psyops. But then again, all I can do is speculate as others…no one knows much of anything for sure…except we are getting closer to the curtain dropping and everything is sadly and seriously screwed up

              • 200 year not 3200….sorry

              • Well at least SOMEONE’s propping up what’s left of the economy.

                Sorta like Aerospace in the 90’s… we weren’t really going to USE all that shit… but hey man, jobs…

            • They know something is coming! question is???? will they be the cause of it or will it be natural ??? who is taking bets??? i say manmade!!!

              • I’ve got to go in the natural column…

              • I say man made economic collapse followed by nuclear war a couple of years later. Russia and China are gearing up.

              • Don’t be fooled or complacent about prepping, just because you hear FEMA is/has been prepping.

                Our tax dollars may PAY for the preps they buy. But, that doesn’t mean the food, water, medicine, etc. is for the general population. I believe the supplies are for those they deem ‘important’ or somehow ‘useful’.

                People given that medicine, food or water may have to agree to certain ‘terms’. You work for us and agree to our rules or the food and medicine goes to others. Just take the chip and here is the food and medicine you need.

            • Let’s see FEMA is probably preparing for next Springs Killer tornado’s to hit another major city complex like Oklahoma City.

              Or perhaps another hurricane to hit a major population center such as Hurricane Sandy did in 2012.

              Or another major Earthquake on the West Coast.

              FEMA has been learning Emergency preparations are important, since the debacle with Hurricane Sandy, and the Major Storms in population centers in the South East.

              They do not have the luxury of waiting till a storm hits to order and position emergency supplies.

              Since disasters can happen anytime this is just prudent and not evidence of anything else.

              Quit with the doom and Gloom, FEMA is responsible to Prepare for Disasters!

            • Yes, they are. I saw this this morning. More Navy officers are being relieved of their duties or suspended for, wait for it, wait…cheating! This does not make sense to me. Really? Cheating? That is one lame excuse in my book. The whole political class has become one great big lying, cheating mess and these guys are being called out for cheating?! Keep an eye out on this. Remember the Lindsey Grahm story saying that South Carolina could be nuked? This is getting creepy. Courtesy of CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/16/us/military-nuclear-scandals-timeline/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

              • Npgh,
                Howz about this one?

                Already reeling from reports about by some officers in its nuclear missile corps and the alleged “” of that command’s top general, the Air Force now has another scandal on its hands.

                Thirty-four nuclear launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force base in Montana have been suspended because they allegedly either cheated on a proficiency test or knew about cheating by others, NPR’s Tom Bowman tells our Newscast Desk.

                It’s on NPR this morning.

              • They’re too far down the food chain to get away with it. Dictators don’t dig it when their house slaves cheat.

            • Exactly, something is coming… Never mind what, just make sure YOU and your family are prepared. If you’re still looking for food storage check out the deal I got at http://www.thrivelifemarketplace.com. This site beats COSTCO prices for the same stuff.

            • “I remember the camps,” said the old man. “They said they would help us, but what was the barbed wire for? Years passed and nothing happened. There were supposed to be elections, for governor, for congress, but they told us we were still under emergency law. Every month more people were brought in. Dissenters. Critics.”

              He sighed. “That was the end of the United States. Luckily it was too big, too much for them to handle, though. I guess those guys were never good at handling the economy. So now we have the new America. No Washington D.C., no foreign Lobby, no media owners manipulating people’s minds, no imported voters. We won’t ever let it happen again.”

          • Perfect! I don’t want them or need them. Where are you at?

          • Do it your self.

            N95 Masks, NBC, Repirators, plastic and zipper set up, good cleaning for decon. Portable shower. Gloves, etc. Clean room plan. Meds, water, preps.

            Just need the respirators and filters.

            Scout out.

        • Isn’t it ironic that the government can prep, the dear leader can hoard ( I can just imagine what is in his underground bunker at the white house) but us disposable little pets aren’t allowed to have more than a few days of food stored. What a bunch of freedom stealing bastards who play God.

          Jeremiah 6:13-15
          For from the least to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for unjust gain; and from prophet to priest, everyone deals falsely. They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace. Were they ashamed when they committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time that I punish them, they shall be overthrown,” says the Lord.

          • Swinging, you follow what any govt. official tells you at your own peril. It’s YOUR choice of what to do, NOT someone else’s. braveheart

          • They don’t “play god”. What they do is subvert God. They attempt to replace him, both in reality and in our minds.

            They want you beholden to him. It is one reason Christianity is such a threat to government. Why do they not mess with the other religions? Well, you don’t worry about a people that worship and follow something that is non-existent. A non-existent God cannot talk to his people because, well, he doesn’t exist.

            Christianity is dangerous to tyranny because, while we may not own ourselves, God at least gives us a lease for the time that we are here (lease = free will) and this means that we are, for the duration of the lease, self owned. Government DOES NOT WANT THAT and just cannot stand it. Why do you think that Christians are potential domestic terrorists as listed in several official reports but muslims are not?

            • BINGO!!!!

              +1000 Ranger.

            • I just watched ‘The Moment After’ and ordered part II from Netflix.
              Talk about realistic–everything we speak of was covered in that movie.

              • My new theme:
                ‘Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.’

            • NET RANGER;

              Your point is spot on. I’ve made the same observation myself. Like the proverbial spoiled brat that throws a fit when it doesn’t get its own way; like the jealous psycho that attaches itself to you like a barnacle to the side of a boat. Collectively; they CAN’T STAND ANYTHING that takes attention from themselves. BECAUSE once THAT happens; it pretty much makes their whole point of even being invalid.

            • Well guess what, they’re succeeding splendidly.

              I can list all sorts of practcal reasons but the bottom line is, when your kids are starving, are you going to trust in God to feed them (or not… and be fully prepared to accept the consequences of “or not” as his decision on the matter)…

              Or are you gonna kiss O’s (or equivalent) ass?

              Really, really, REALLY think about this one.

              … yeah that’s what I thought.

        • FEMA doesn’t know shit is coming. That spend money. Period. That is their job.

          • Pragmatic Prepper,
            — You are quite correct in FEMA’s ability to spend money.
            Although soliciting bids and contracts does not necessarily
            spend a lot of money , it may take the pressure off any
            potential investigation or outside audit. ( It would be a cold day
            in Hell before this administration is going to be truthful about
            anything it does , says or spends. )
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Good morning, Miss DeeDee, It’s good to hear from you and you’re 100% right about FEMA. braveheart

              • Hello Braveheart ( or whatever your name de’jour is today )
                Just kidding — I understand why you had to alter your Handle
                I’m on the west coast of FL. For some R&R and to make some
                life altering decisions.
                — No place better than Sanibel Island to get focused
                — Miss Dee Dee

        • Maybe it is not about being prepared.
          maybe it is about government cronyism.
          When dealing with the government it is usually about the money.
          The government has to put everything it buys out for bids to the cheapest supplier. So they place all these things up for bids for the general public to compete on Butt!!! they set the terms of delivery, amount of product, and any other specs. so that only someone such as Halliburton is the only one who could possible meet the terms. Then once they get the contract and if they ever have to deliver all of a sudden you have cost over runs or the government alters its request a little to the contract and then price doubles or triples.
          Have we ever seen this happen on any of our military contract to deliver planes or new battleships?

        • Hi folks, long time no post.

          I was just wondering. Remember back in November, a retired State Senator, Sheldon Songstrad (or something like that) said there was a whole thing about region III of FEMA needing all these supplies and and all these body bags, anti-biotics and etc, etc etc? Everyone thought it was for Comet ISON, right? Isn’t this big chemical spill in region III?

          Just wondering everyones thoughts and I will shut up and go run around the hills with a glove on my head yelling “I’m a squid!!!” 🙂

          Keep your powder dry,

          • JJsan, welcome back and don’t run away like that.

          • JJsan,

            I’m like you… Have not posted in awhile, just like to check in and make sure that I’m still not the only nut left. 😉

            You got me thinking with that glove on the head…
            That might just be FUN!!! 🙂 🙂

            No more, “Look ma, no hands” running around da hills.

            Now, it’s “I’m a Squid”. 🙂

            Y’all enjoy the day. 🙂

            hillbilly SC

          • JJSan, I am currently in the area of the chemical spill, though not impacted by it directly. I live about 1 1/2 hr from it. I am hoping you are not right but let me tell you. The “misinformation” we are getting about the water being good to go one minute and complaints of sores and sickness after people use the “clean” water is enough to make anybody wonder what is up. And the CDC stands behind their 1PPM is safe….good grief

        • Not only can the government NOT help us, they CAUSE us harm. Look what happened after 9-11, when Bush declared the air safe after the attack, when in reality, the air was so toxic, it was “worse than drain cleaner”, had mercury, asbestos, and all sorts of other toxic chemicals. Yet the orders were “to get the stock market up and running, no matter the cost” and so he lied and said the air was safe.

          I have a bad feeling about the flu and other pandemics on our doorstep. When humans fail to reduce their numbers, nature steps in and does it for us. I just left a major city area and plan to move even more rural.

      2. “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

        enough said

        • “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
          – Benjamin Franklin

          • If I had a dollar for every time this sentenced is chirped after some article on the net I could retire…

            • How bout you go back to the Huffington Post Anon. You obviously are just here to be a troll. Thanks and God Bless………

            • You could retire on $10? Wow. 😉

              • Maybe Anon is actually Hillary Clinton (investment genius)!

                ..she’ll turn 10 bucks into 10million in an Arkansas weekend.

                • you have a long memory…she hoped we all forgot about that…
                  So, you’re drinking filtered water right… 🙂

        • Satori, that’s one of the few times any federal official was honest about something.

          • Blaming the Jews for everything is evil and just plain ignorant.

            The one thing that has been protecting America in spite of her progressively apostate, anti-God ways has been that she is a friend and protector of Israel.

            We no longer support or protect Israel and the Jews, and so we will find that God no longer protects us.

            Antisemitism is evil and exceedingly pleasing to Satan.

            Obama hates Israel – that should tell you something.

            • so you support the people that did 9/eleven then. Good one.. You are a true patriot. Rah rah rah more murdered Americans please.. Israel is evil.. get a grip.

            • @ PuppyPrepper

              I fail to see anything in those two posts that claimed “everything evil” is due to the Jews.

              The articles are quite specific. Both articles note the Jews’ hypocritical double-standard, one for themselves and the other for the rest of us.

              One article notes how quickly they cover up the genocide of Sharon (one of their own), but wail endlessly about the greatly exaggerated and fabricated “Holocaust.”

              The other article notes the hypocrisy of another Jew, Harvey Weinstein, who insists that none of us goyim should have guns to protect ourselves, but Jews should be able to have guns to protect themselves.

              If you can’t see the gross hypocrisy in all that, then you have gone through too many brainwashing cycles, rinse and repeat, for there to be any hope for you.

              Also, your understanding of Genesis 12:3 is typically deficient. God made that promise to Abram as an individual when Abram was a Gentile. The promise applies to the spiritual lineage of Abram, fulfilled in the Church, not by a bunch of genocidal, swindling descendants of European Khazars.

              You really need to turn off your talmudvision and get a brain of your own and use it.

            • You’ll never get through to them. Many of us have tried. Shake the dust off your shoes and talk to those who will have a real conversation with you about the things that really matter. Watch the red-thumbs fly from the haters of truth.

      3. Well , I was wondering if I would be able to afford a place to live in the coming months but with this news ,I guess all my troubles are OVER ! FEMA will come to my rescue and give everything I need ! Ain’t it great that they care so much for US ! What did we ever do to deserve this treatment !?? sarc/off……..mm

        • When your unprepaired neighbor dies you cna have his place… and I here he has a 71″ and a bass boat….. SCORE and Bonus…….. LOL….. BOhahahahahaha…

      4. I will prepare on my own…. I don’t want FEMA’s help, as I don’t trust this Marxist run administration….

        We’re from the govt and we are here to help you…RUN!!!

        • yeah, chicken pox infested blankets, stale MRE’S tainted water, go listen to http://www.lindseywilliams.net/,
          he lived with the NWO guy’s…
          this is all planned out,,pease listen to pastor lindsey!!!

          • Catena,
            — I would rest assure that Mr. Lindsey Williams made sure your credit card cleared before he delivered the most vital information his compassionate heart felt you need to know. Did he tell you anything above and beyond the level of common sense preparation ? Do you really believe because he was a minister for the Alaskan pipeline elite back at the beginning of ancient history that they are feeding him information detrimental to their own future well being. Take your Lindsey William CDs and play frisbee with a puppy.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Agreed there Miss Dee Dee…
              The only ones who had messages to listen to are the ones who’ve died.
              If you really think about it the list is quite long.

            • Actually, Lindsey Williams doesn’t copywrite any of his DVD’s. He tells people to make copies and give them away free to friends and family. I’ve worked in the music industry and this is the first time EVER I’ve heard anyone say that. Other people copywrite everything in order to get paid and would sue your ass off for making copies if they could catch you doing it. If he didn’t charge for the initial DVD sales he wouldn’t be able to pay for recording studios, engineers, phone workers who take orders, DVD packaging, etc. He’s giving up thousands of dollars by not copywriting. He’s one of the few who puts his money where his mouth is.

              • California Girl,
                I have respected every post you have submitted and I respect this one.
                Thank You
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • Ms Dee Dee,
                  You’re a very nice person to say so and it’s OK if you disagree with people sometimes. I don’t agree with everything everyone says. I guess we’ll have to judge Lindsey Williams on whether or not the currency reset he’s predicting comes to fruition. We’ll see what happens.

      5. I read this as FEMA pretending to be prepared for an emergency.
        If this was a real preparation FEMA would buy these items and preposition them themselves.
        Instead they look to a supplier to carry the cost of holding the preps on a “just in case” basis.

        The only thing FEMA is preparing for is shifting the blame onto someone else when it all hits the fan.

        • “..the only thing FEMA is preparing for, is shifting the blame onto someone else when it all hits the fan.”


          Standard operating procedure, per government agencies! ..pandemic episodes of CTA syndrome(cover their asses)..due to gross ineptitude/incompetence & lack of genuine intelligence/vision.

          ..unless it encompasses evil, nefarious planning/scheming!

          ..they’re very, very good at that!!!


          Good call, Biggles.

        • What it amounts to is its government contracts time again! most 5 year contracts will expire in June this year when the next allocation of money comes in . Most agencies only have due to a shortened fiscal year till September to spend that money or faced a reduced expenditure the next year. I have no idea where that money is going except into the Dear Leaders friends pockets. The level of corruption and waste is astronomical without proper oversight , the regime has no accountability , congress is compromised the papers Snowden ran off with may contain way more information that what has been admitted to. The level of decadence and corruption rivals ancient Rome . No one really knows how this will play out . I have not seen it this bad since the Carter Malaise years (that was the era that spawned the survivalist movement )

          What I do know is most Federal Agencies are demorialized and unprepared for what may come ,
          We only have one entity to blame THE REGIME.

          This country is more divided than at anytime since the Civil War it can not continue along this path much longer , TPTB are lying to the American people hourly and are besieging all with economic servitude for the lack of a better description. What may happen next is any ones guess.
          Some states are starting to defy the FEDERAL government in certain aspects this will eventually expand into an all out act of defiance by the states that do not share our dear leaders political leanings ( Marxism) . When the festivities start it may begin with a swift and violent action.

          There are many element inside and outside of the regime that want this to further an agenda.
          absolute power corrupts absolutely we will at some point have our “Fort Sumptner Moment”
          That moment could well be when our dear leader starts Legislating from the oval office and makes congress irrelevant .

          remember those in power serve with the consent of the governed.
          All power is inherent in the people ,
          The people hold all the power , without us the Federal government is nothing.

          310 million Americans against 2 million regime




          Semper Fi 8541

          • Amen…III%…lms

          • Written at the level of a true Statesman…aye!!

          • Well said!

      6. It sounds entirely logical that some biological death could be released to kill off the government’s problem. Why would they fear the public’s guns, they can kill everyone without firing a shot.

        • OK, OK lets calm down just a little bit. I am not a troll, just a guy that tries to be calm and analytical.
          If the gov did not do this then a lot of folks here would scream that the gov didn’t try. It looks to me that it is a no win for the gov. I don’t like the PTB either but it is what it is. If a pandemic hits, stay home away from people until it burns itself out. Yeh for living in the sticks! Be prepared for a few months of isolation and you should be ok.
          As a side note, I have a plastics company near me and they had some “coffins” in the yard. Did some investigation and what they are,are floatation for boat docks. I guess they sell a bunch of them for that purpose. So all I am saying is try to stay calm and pray for the best and prepare for the worst. God Bless, James

      7. Get your Fema Coffin while they’re hot!
        Get your Fema Coffin while they’re hot!

        Fucking Zombies!

        • A.

          Have anything in Camo?

          • Don’t sweat it SS…guys like us will not be buried in a fucking fema or gub anything.

            We were born free…we will die free.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • LMS.
              Yeah. Just poking fun at it all. It is all a guessing game as to which way it will come at us. Firepower, redundancy and options. I await the trigger to set things in motion. Checklists of emergency procedures to follow. Files and folders on paper on many subjects that are as important as a Bug Out Bag. Something that can be passed on so others can learn without going through a major learning process.
              Whatever comes my way, once it is CONFIRMED, I am going to be a very busy person.

      8. Bio–Virus….

        One of the ways to depopulate the population is to use bio warfare, don’t you think? What ever you could think of. ticks, skeets, rodents, congressman/Senators, the list goes on.

        Yes, we are on the edge aren’t we.

        By the way, it is being reported on other sites that Nasa is saying we can expect an increase in Meteor reports/strikes on the earth. Some people say it is from Ison, but Nasa also reported last year that our Solar System was moving into a denser part of The Milky Way Galaxy where there were more rocks and rogue planets that have no set obit around a star like ours. What is important about that is a few years ago when Nasa did its Deep Impact Study on an asteroid, they were surprised to learn that part of its trailing debris was pure cyanide and the asteroid was composed of cyanide elements.
        I am not chemist, just saying what they wrote.

        __________________________________________________________ OFF-POST COMMENT.

        Yesterday, there was article on another web site sent in by blogger who said that in April 2014 Wells Fargo would start charging 5.00 per deposit and other transaction. She had received a letter. It is posted on Steve Quayle’s site today and yesterday I called the help number that is posted with the article and they flatly denied that… said it was a rumor. Interested parties might want to check that out.

        Be safe everyone…….

        • @ watching and waiting. The planet has a yearly rotation around the Sun. We are approaching about the same spot in which that Russian meteroite exploded with the force of 400 kilotons last February. This could have been just a fluke hit. On the other hand, this could be a debris field that could bring many more next month. We should know about 5-7 days before and after the one year anniversary of this Russian impact if more debris will fall to the planet or not.

      9. Flu Fighting Tea

        1 teabag your choice
        1lemon or lime
        small piece of ginger
        1 garlic clove
        cinnamon stick
        small piece of onion
        honey about a tablespoon
        Boil all ingredients together’…strain drink several times a day. It takes away aches and pains…very good…sweeten to taste

        • Also, try On guard essential oil (from doTerra). study done showed it fought off the flu.

        • I have this every day–ginger, garlic, cinnamon; I’m going with Elderberry; just ordered tonight.

          • …add orange, oregano and thyme therapeutic grade oils to it and you will be covered.

            Thyme kills mersa and staph.

            We mix our own, we don’t get sick anymore.

            bulkapothecary.com…way freakin cheaper than doterra and is therapeutic commercial grade.

          • @JayJay…That is similar to Daisys’ homemade cough medicine, which I made last year for the first time….it works great! For the newbies here, recipe is on her site over at ‘the organic prepper’site.

            I am picking up my ‘sambucol'(black elderberry) today (: This flu is getting scary! Thanx to BI for constantly reminding us about sanitizing all surfaces, including door handles, phones, remote controls, toilet handles, etc. etc. (you get the picture.) Take care all..CC.

            • Years ago I started making a tea by following the list of herbs used in Riccola (but lemon grass instead of lemon balm). Later I added elder berry, elderflower, cinnamon and ginger. Occasional “guests” in the ever-changing blend were goji berries and astragalus root. Two mugs of this at the onset of cold seems to wipe it out immediately. I’ll write down the suggestion above though and give them a try- thanks for sharing!

        • Just wash your hands. If my grumpy ass can still be here. And my heath freak friend arelong gone it said ssomething about low living.

      10. Massive Unemployment is right around the corner on a scale as never before seen in the U.S. .

        • I thought that was THIS corner…

        • you mean it isn’t now? wait till all the unemployment externtions run out, then we’ll get a real count of the unemployed, the people milking the SSI and disability systems.

        • Not on paper

      11. yawn. have you seen robin thicke’s new video where he talks about his johnson?

        • Outboard motor or CB radio?

          • depends on how many holes my boat has in it…

        • Yawn is right. You came back.

        • How about sticking to the subject eisen or is it too boring? You criticize everything but will be the first one lined up for a Fema tent and an MRE.

      12. The gubbermnt prepping, how special.

        When the fiction goes down, lots of free stuff.

        Those stuck in stupid will reap what they sow.

        Example of stupid no.1: I went to a garage sale. They had eight propane tanks [5 gal] for three [yes I said 3] dollars each. I bought ’em all. I traded them in for filled tanks at blue rhino.

        Example of stupid no.2: I went and looked at a jenny real cheap on craig’s list. The jenny was toast, but over in the corner of the garage was a dusty floor safe. I paid 75 for a 14.5 inch id round floor safe that is 36 inches deep. I had never seen one that big.It has a slide in tube to hold all your goodies [cool]. Damn thing weighs 130 lbs.

        Example of stupid no.3: I picked up a boxed set of 16 dies for my Lee loader, 30 bucks. The lady didn’t know what they were for.

        Keep prepping my peeps, Uncle Sam can suck it.


        • Blue rhino tanks are not actually full, something like 60-70%. Get them filled by someone local

          • He probably traded for the new style valve.

            • That’s the only reason I use em.

          • That’s good to know. On the other hand, my local propane supplier here in the Eastern Redoubt charges a fixed price to fill a tank, no matter whether it’s empty or half full. Not by the pound like my supplier in Michigan did. So I always let mine run completely dry before I take them in.

      13. It appears to me some of the people are complaining because the government was not prepared for previous disasters and now others are criticizing them for doing so.

        It appears to me they are preparing for pandemic. Perhaps everyone else should do likewise.

      14. Fema buys more stuff every year. ALL the time. This is nothing new or different.

      15. Off topic but of value.

        Matthew Bracken, Enemies Trilogy are free on the Amazon website. Download to Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download that too. Great Books!!!! Tomorrow 2 more of his great books will be available for free also.

        • hey wrong

          thanks for the heads up

          just downloaded all 3

          looks like great doomer porn !

          • doomer porn

            I like that.


        • How much info did you have to supply amazon?

          For free.

          • Less than with Google or evilBay. But I wouldn’t do Kindle on a bet. A wireless device that talks back to their mainframes? I don’t think so.

            BTW didja see that Google is buying a thermostat company? The product they want is a wireless “smart” thermostat that communicates from inside your home network to their mainframes.

            • so that they can control the temp in your home…saw something on this the other day in my web travels.

              • Lots more that that. Because it’s communicating to your home computer(s) via wifi, it’s a link from them to the outside world that does not go through your firewall. They can pick off your passwords, bank info, and look at the porn on your hard drive without you ever knowing, or have the ability to stop it.

                • Oh my god not my gun porn…;)

          • You think that because I get things from amazon that I’m more exposed than you are cause your on shtfplan? If that’s the case your a fool. WTF difference does it make? If they want me, come and get me. I refuse to not live a life because of paranoia.

            You best dig a hole, jump in and cover yourself up.

            • If nothing else we keep “THEM” busy…Love the irony…

        • Thank you, wrong! The Trilogy went back up, but only to $4.99, so I bought it anyway. Also, today (the 16th) Castigo Cay and The Bracken Anthology are free!

      16. I wish someone did a calculation:

        1 -. Added up all public officials (politicians, Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, FEMA, CIA, Cops the city and state over those who are hired by EDF etc and added up to that number, those below 16 years and those who are retired, prisoners, sick and crazy, even more, those who have given up looking for work, priests, pastors, church finally the banksters.

        2 – What’s up subtract the total U.S. population.

        Certainly very few people working.

        A society does not hold thus implodes.


      17. Gostaria que alguém fizesse um cálculo:

        1- Somasse todos os funcionários públicos (políticos, Exército, Marinha, Aeronautica, FBI, FEMA, CIA, Cops do município e estaduais mais os que são contratados até pelo FED etc. e somasse a esse número, os que estão abaixo de 16 anos e, os que estão aposentados, os presidiários, loucos e enfermos, mais ainda, os que desistiram de procurar emprego, os padres, pastores, religiosos enfim os banksters.

        2- Que se subtraia os acima da população total dos EUA.

        Com certeza muito pouca gente trabalha.

        Uma sociedade não se sustenta dessa forma, implode.


        • Didn’t know y’all spoke Portugese in Australia.

          • Yeah, sure wish I could read Spanish, cause it ain’t a heck of a lot different. Trekker Out

        • Good post, Proftel, but would be easier in English. 😉

          • It translates literally:

            1-Summed it all public officials (politicians, Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, FEMA, CIA, Cops and the municipality over the state who are hired by EDF etc., And added up to that number, those below 16 years and those retirees, prisoners, sick and crazy, even more, those who have given up looking for work, priests, pastors, church finally the banksters.

            2-That subtract the above total U.S. population.

            Certainly very few people working.

            A society does not hold thus implodes.

            • Thank you. I read Spanish, and Portuguese is different. I got the gist of the message, but counldnt translate it….

      18. WHEN IS THE COLLAPSE GOING TO HAPPEN??? Does anyone have an idea? Months? Years? The collapse is coming, I would like an idea of when? For what it’s worth, to Be Informed: I enjoy reading your comments and agree with you almost 100% of the time. Thank you for your honesty. Jan

        • Nobody can predict to the hour, the day, or even the year.

          Why we prep now and not next week.


          Collapse is Happening NOW. it is ongoing, every day more and more erosion of economic, societal and moral norms.

          as for a certain event that is going to trigger a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI event, I’m more afraid that that WON’T happen.

          that we will all -silently or quietly griping – about how much things suck and those that caused this go on their merry way of destruction, with no day of reckoning.
          As I told mr figment this morning, (as per Mark Levin who says a quiet coup when obama stated he has a pen to take over legislative powers)


        • Read the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. It is based on facts and gives America a clue when the worst is coming.

      19. Tents, tarps and dumpsters…all required for massive field triage units. Interesting to say the least. What else is interesting is the TIME FRAME of the IDIQ. It states 12 months with an option for 4 years?

        Also of note is that there were only 31,000,000 doses of pediatric flu vaccine requested. There are approx. 3,953,590 births and the birth rate is 12.7 per 1,000 population. With a total of 74 million ‘children’ in the U.S. sounds like they ordered light, yes?

        For those who say this is all ‘repeat business’ look at the gov solicitation yourselves. The second page has the original date as Sept 4th, 2013 and the one for bio medical waste is listed as Jan 10th, 2014. These are new business- not repeat. The time frames are set- we just know not the day, nor hour…


        • Nah, those fences are to keep the antelope off the Interstate.

          • Correct. Only problem is the fences are not very tall and antelope, deer and what have you are quite the jumpers. If it were really meant to keep people in our out, there would be concertina wire or at the very least barbed wire. No such wire, means it is just a fence.

            • deer jump, elk jump, pronghorn crawl under fences.

        • I call BULLSHIT I-25 !

      21. When they load ya up on the cattle cars, you’ll be led off to the showers when you reach your destination.
        After they work the shit out of you and you’re just a rack of bones, you’ll end up a tattooed lampshade on some commandant’s desk.

        • Boy, they’ll be disappointed when they can’t get all the wrinkles out…

          • I doubt that I’ll get as far as a lamp shade, or to any fucking camp but if I do, I hope it is made from the skin off my ass.

            • yeah, holes and all…

        • Many decades ago when I was in Gitmo, after the EM club closed they would load all of us drunk sailors in to a cattle trailor and haul us back to the Pier to board our ship. So I’ll tell you right now, under no conditions will I every be getting into another cattle car or trailor. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

          • MT what year, ship at Gitmo. USS GUAM.

            • 65- USS Wm R Rush DD714

      22. This is Proftels post translated by Babylon….
        1- Somasse all public officials (politicians, Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, FEMA, CIA, Cops of the municipality and state more those who are hired up by EDF etc. and somasse to this number, those who are below 16 years, and those who are retired, the inmates, deranged and sick, even more, those who have given up trying to find employment, the fathers, pastors, religious lastly the banksters. 2- That if you subtract the above the total population of the USA. Certainly very few people working.




        • Well, when I read about how incompetent, stupid and powerless the Libertarian Party has been for the last umpteen years, I think taking over the Stupid Party is a better bet.

        • Oh, yes, Comrade Eisenpuke. stalin is one of your heros also, isn’t he?


            • Eisen, nobody here gives a damn about sleeping with you. None of us even want to be near you so you don’t have to worry about that. BTW, go f#$#% yourself!

            • Eisen.

              I can understand you have issues with the older generation. Hell I have issues with the younger generation. What I do not understand is that you continue to make enemies at this site when we all know there are problems at hand. Don’t you already have enough enemies to fight? Could you in all honesty be able to identify yourself as Eisenkreuz to others in the bad times. Hundreds of thousands know you by your moniker and what you have said. Whereby with all your capabilities you would be turned away by many.
              To get past the Gay Issue. I have worked with gays that were excellent jet mechanics. Some of my fellow workers would not work with them. Oh yes he was open about it, but he could turn a wrench. I trusted his work.
              Sometimes you come up with comments that hit the ball out of the ballpark. Others, you strike out. You can either become an asset or a liability.
              The choice is yours.

          • NGI, who the f$#% are you calling Bolshevik? Come try to make me shut up if you think you can, dickhead!

            • Tell him Cuz, who does this North Georga Idiot think he’s calling a Bolshevik. I’m getting confused is he any relation to us CuzBraveheart.

        • Eisen,

          I’ve figured your game out barista boy.

          You toss around the word “libertarian” before or after gratuitously insulting everyone older than you. As are most of the people on this site.

          You don’t expect to win friends or influence people. Not your purpose. Your purpose is to smear libertarianism by association.

          Barely remembered reference: Twenty-five Rules of Disinformation.

          Libertarian has nothing to do with the “right wing” except in the mind of the uninformed.

          Its cardinal principle is “Non-Aggression.” Followed by self ownership of person and lawfully acquired property.

          Folks, barista boy doesn’t speak for libertarian anything. He only speaks for himself.

        • STUPID.

        • I’m tired of your “OLD” crap. How you gonna tell your significant other some old person kicked your ass? You can kiss my ass after I kick your!

      24. Think Chem-Trails !

        • Valid observation for Muslims, for sure. Christians, not so much.

          • well not in the 21st century

            but the Muslims are STILL pissed over the Crusades

            • Yeah- how dare the people they conquered want to be free of the jizya!

      25. I guess it would be alright if FEMA was requesting emergency biohazard support within 30 days or something like that?

        This is a routine contract, don’t make it something it isn’t.

        • Agree. They aren’t buying any physical stuff, just purchasing an option. ‘Course they’ll overpay for THAT, but hey, Government, y’know?

      26. Alright, let’s be clear.

        1. The FEMA camps are DEATH Camps, filled with crematoriums and guillotines.

        Go ahead and laugh, and HIT the damn thumbs down button, but you ensure your OWN death because everything posted here is all easily verifiable/documented.

        2. If you read Dave Hodges’ latest post [www.thecommonsenseshow.com] on the staging area for Russian soldiers in Wyoming who will be called on to enforce Martial Law, their job will also be to round up all of us and other patriots and bring us TO those death camps.

        Christ also told John Leary [www.johnleary.com] essentially the same: that these so called detention centers are death camps filled with guillotines and crematoriums.

        3. So THIS is what they want those biohazard disposal facilities for: because of the STENCH OF DEAD BODIES and the DISEASES that COME with dead bodies people!




        The day SOON approaches when there will be NO more internet, NO more electricity, and you and I will be ON our OWN just AFTER the shit has TAKEN OUT the fan!

        There WILL BE no more website here, there will be NOTHING! NO more POSTS! NADA!

        It will ALL come down to HOW FAST you can THINK,

        how FAST you can ACT,

        how ORGANIZED you are NOW = BEFORE the enacted FACT of all this evil.

        The New World Order is on RECORD that their goal is to reduce us 7.5 billion people to just 500 million people. That’s on record.

        Their people are in place everywhere.

        Don’t believe me?

        Look at the out of control NSA.

        Look at the NUMBER of UNconstitutional exec orders Obama signed.

        LOOK at their minions SUPPORTING them!

        Look at HOW they shot down JFK like a dog. And WHY!

        We haven’t had a TRUE presider SINCE!

        Just DEciders.

        WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

        They used the HAARP machine to create Hurricane Sandy (research the atmospheric evidence) and most likely the Tsunami that took out the reactor at Fukoshima (now currently being studied).


        Because they want to KILL us! They follow SATAN, who HATES humans.

        AND they will use the HAARP machine to activate the New Madrid Fault line.

        These people are psychopaths. They have no empathy. They have no conscience. They delight when we fight each other here. They are protected from the Fukoshima radiation. They built their underground cities already. They pre-supplied them already with water, food, energy. And they pre-purchased body bags and coffins. For you and for me. You’ve seen the pictures. What was John Kerry’s predecessor’s remark about the death of the Benghazi ambassador and the brave Seals protecting him she and the president LET die?

        Convinced NOW?

        These people are filled with the “shining darkness” that they cooperate with while hiding behind their governmental titles.

        If you, my dear reader, are not only “awake” but also search your own heart, and feel revulsion and horror at any or all of this, then you know what TRUE evil IS.

        And what true evil WILL come our way.

        It’s not enough to watch your six, you must also pre-plan an exit by your 3 or 9 or 12.

        So many of our Jewish sisters and brothers and their children were caught UNawares of the evil that came THEIR way a mere 60 – 70 years ago.

        And now the same “nazis” are back, because these present-day psychopathic people are plugged into satan and the diabolical as well. .

        Get right with your God. Pray for your loved ones. Pray also for your enemies. They hate that. So does their Evil Overlord. But in so doing, you might save them, and with them, your own selves.

        – The Lone Ranger

        • go to http://www.lindseywilliams.net/
          pastor knows this,
          1) funds,pensions, will be taken, gradually
          2) cash devaluation % ??
          3)world currency reset

        • {{They built their underground cities already. They pre-supplied them already with water, food, energy.}}}

          Remember the 3 trillion missing from the Pentagon, the defense budget on Sept. 2001??
          Now it was reported another 3 trillion has been misplaced?
          Guess what it was used for??

          • Hawaii vacations.

        • @ Lone Ranger. NO, the Fukushima nuclear reactor was caused because of lack of preparation for what naturally comes every couple of hundred years or so, the break of a fault. This time more fault broke. Sometimes just a section of it breaks. This area is prone to massive tsunamis as indicated throughout Japanese history long before any HAARP was functioning. Why they would put a nuclear reactor on the eastern portion of the island in the first place in which larger tsuanmis occur show ignorance at its best.

          Hurricane Sandy COULD have been slightly steered by some weather modification device, but NOT created out of the blue. Not with the present day technology. Hurricanes are nature’s air conditioners. Back in 1938 a similar storm took a path like Sandy and was not quite as strong, but back then there was no HAARP. Hurricanes are created in the ocean, not in the air like most people think. Without the driving warm water, even without any wind shear and perfect atmospheric conditions, hurricanes will not develop. Case in point the cold water off shore of Peru and Chile, other than during a La Nina, tropical storms will die very quickly. Even the present day California current that is cold, other than when there is a El Nino that warms the temperature above 75 degrees, which is very rare like back in 1939.

          HAARP causing the New Madrid to break. NO WAY. You are talking about hundreds of miles of fault driven by massive plates colliding and sliding against each other. The amount of energy required to go against this is unbelievable and way beyond what HAARP could do. Triggering something already ready to break, MIGHT be possible with the Hardon Collider as there was 4 major earthquakes the day they turned it on. This could be a coincidence. The collider did not just create hundreds of years worth of stress to build up overnight. Even a narrow focused beam of energy is not going to create tension that continents do over hundreds of years. Very localized areas of tension is possible. Mass of area is what is the equation here.

          The other things you talk about such as the New World Order, the Devil, evil, and others have no way of scientifically proving with scale and math. Some of this makes reasonable sense. The other issues are not correct and can be proven. Just like the fairy tale horse crap about the Canary Islands creating a 300 foot tsunami on the Atlantic Coast that is still floating around like sh$% that won’t flush, there is much junk and crap science out there. If it doesn’t add up and you can’t plug in the numbers, it is garbage.

          Nature can awe people with its force, and you ain’t seen anything when nature seeks balance with extremely out of whack conditions. You get the water temperature up above 95 degrees F for a long period of ocean and you will see a hurricane that will make Katrina or Sandy look like a summer shower. What drives this that warms the ocean to this level? The Sun for one, but also the currents of the ocean, the salinity of the water, the ice flows to the north and south pole regions, large air masses somewhat. In other words mechanisms that human beings don’t even begin to influence much at all. Maybe in a few hundred years, not now.

          There is a lot of truth out there on the internet, and there is a lot of talk from people that have absolutely no concept of the way the planet and the physical universe works and just say something that sounds good without taking the time and effort to see if it is valid. Anyone can say that there is going to be a 10.9 on the San Andreas, yet to create a 10.9 earthquake you would have to have something the size of one of Mars’ moons hit the planet. A high 8 if the whole thing broke would be near accurate. Math doesn’t lie when the correct numbers are fed in, but wrong people do lie.

          • I think fracking would be a more likely trigger of earthquakes and substrata collapse or compression than any HAARP stuff,
            We are seeing an increase in volcanic action so to me from a action and reaction viewpoint,
            as the magma, gas, or whatever, moves to the surface because of elevated pressure due to plate movement, the plates will be more likely to slip further since they will then be able to displace the magma etc…
            HAARP is a little too tinfoil hat to me,, just MHO

          • BeInformed…..do you follow dutchsinse?


            • @ PKLauLau. I have seen these web site you talk about before, but I don’t really fellow it too much. I have found that the best course of action to find anything I need to know about geophysical is to crack out the old books and put together my own analysis based on total logic and common sense. Too often there are so many out there that have wild speculations that they distract someone from seeing what the real situation is. When people talk and don’t weigh in all that is within the physical laws of the planet and lose much creditablity with events that NEVER occur, they ruin it for everyone else that is willing to take the time and effort to in a non bias viewpoint seek the truth about whatever puzzle is out there.

        • Not going to happen,,,
          Too many of us capable of thinking for ourselves for ANY government or government agency to “round us up” or anything……
          They could try but i would bet 20k rounds of match grade 308 ammo that it would fail miserably.

        • Just curious…but what happened to all your previous predictions…the ones last year?

          • Not gonna go there eh…thought so…

      27. Honestly, if I were an investigative reporter, with all these orders for goods and services, my first thought would be to follow WHO or WHAT company gets the contract and then follow the money trail first before I got too excited about some sort of conspiracy, just to see if somebody were consistently benefiting from these orders a/k/a crony friend (one of Obama’s butt buddies) or political sneak (a/k/a congressman, senator) owning stock in a company (i.e., who benefits). I then would check their yearly budget and see if they were randomly making purchases to “justify” their year budget and to not deal with any budget cuts caused by unused money. After that, I then would explore the thought that they are preparing against an unknown-to-us, but known-to-them event. ‘Til then, meh.

        • a few years ago, or last year maybe, somebody did track down a purchase order of ammo for the DHS and it was to a shell corporation. (a fake corp at a fake location – a parking lot that was “created” two days before transaction. )

          A lot of it’s money laundering.

          • sorry. the corporation was created two days previous, NOT the parking lot. that was a real parking lot. LOL

      28. The Lone Ranger… you summed it up well. Most here are aware of the evil presiding over us, ongoing psychotic actions that any sane person will reject as inhumane.

      29. Off topic. CA rainfail/snowpack is about 17% overall. Temps are at record High’s. Fresno Farm Basin is at drought conditions with almost no water in the lakes. Almost half the nation’s produce comes from there(I kinda think that seem high) and food prices will skyrocket. CA is in a extreme fire danger and its winter. Google the Ca snowpack/rainfall totals. Then the lake levels/capacity. Arizona is about as bad.

        • Got a similar report from a friend in Idaho. If the dry winter continues, there’s gonna be warfare in the Wood River Valley. Farmers and ranchers against the rich PTB establishment up around Ketchum, which wants its’ golf courses watered.

        • Washington state is having low snowfall, too. Rainfall is OK, but snow is much reduced, so looking ahead to a problem year (if not a decade) here.

        • Even TWC has a video about Ca. drought and lack of water.
          I just watched part of it online TWC.

          Not off topic. And we better pay attention. Dehydrate oranges, apples, potatoes, cabbage, onions, green peppers, anything you don’t grow yourself.
          Or get those canned when you can. Cases of pineapple, pears, peaches will be a treat when you can’t get them fresh.
          Store the dried vegetables and fruit in mason jars sealed with a vacuum sealer.
          I know, you’ve heard it all before, but maybe someone reading this now hasn’t thought of not having onions and green peppers for that meatloaf when time comes.

      30. I’m sorry but I just have to chime in here… So many people are saying “they know something is coming” etc… Sorry folks, FEMA and all the other assholes that infest our government don’t know a fucking thing other than how to fuck with and kill people. They are government parasites and stupid cretins and certainly are not the brightest light in the box. They respond to rumors from their leaders who respond to bullshit from their leaders and none of them have the brains to think for themselves or even take care of themselves when shit hits the fan. They will be crying like babies just like the rest of the sheep in America if SHTF!! Despite all their fucking bullets and fancy equipment. None of them have a clue how to live without a government check or assistance. If America collapsed tomorrow, there would be millions of ex-government employees running around braying like a bunch of drunk jackasses or crazed sheep trying to feed at a now non existent trough. FEMA and DHS will be much more vulnerable to SHTF than the rest of us because of their arrogance and stupidity. Be prepared to defend yourselves at all times. Fuck em.

        • I would leave out the know how to kill people,,,
          They do know how to infect our country and fuck with us all,,,
          Bureaucracy, never thought i would see the day that stuff got to where we are at,,,,

      31. All federal agencies appear to be gearing up for something big. Even mainstream business websites are are occasionally posting suggestions for preparing. The most notable and often repeated scenario is loss of power due to cyber warfare. I have never seen this level of talk by the MSM over and over. Consider that the MSM is the “voice” of the federal government. I feel as if I’m standing too close to a drunken giant who’s ready to keel over.

        • I know the 2 power plants I worked at in CA. will not be generating this summer as they are mandated to supply water for the fish Hatchery downstream (salmon) and the rest is piped to treatment plants for consumption. The total mw (40)isnt much but I would think the other hydroelectric plants will be in the same situation. CA is fucked this year, No water, High temps, less farm produce/jobs, reduction in MW available and a whole bunch of new wetbacks coming for amnesty and adding more kw per household drain on the weak system. CA residents had better watch this closely. I believe this is where martial law will start first… but I could be just paranoid. Google everything if your interested. Use credible sites, not the “vested interest” tree hugger ones. The Lake levels are posted by the state as well as the official rainfall/snowpack. CaISO will give you the power demand/usage. watch it during the summer when the air conditioners come on. Winter is pretty low because of Nat gas heating. above 44000mw will get dangerous over 50000mw will have rolling darkies. Good bye.

          • Hmmmmm….

            MW = mega watts …and mw = mega wetbacks.

            ..thus MW – mw = CF*

            *(cluster f%#k)


            ..simple situational algebra, folks!

          • Even TWC has a video about Ca. drought and lack of water.
            I just watched part of it online TWC.

        • maudy,
          My wife and I have noticed the same thing. Though the MSM is still 90% obfuscation, disinformatsiya, and outright lies, there are surprisingly many stories in their various organs that are telling the truth. And that seems to have been a quite recent development.

          Do you have a theory as to why that is happening just now?

        • Maudy, some of that is just the necessary framing by the media. They need to convince a majority that the Internet and the energy grids need controlling. We need their protection from the cyber terrorists.

          Notice how many polls lately are the breakdown of what percentage believes what degree of the scare du jour: GW, for example.

          Personally, I think that drunken giant is about to go postal on us all.

      32. No way around it. The time is coming….

      33. If prepping they are, we are seeing their prepping for WWIII with China.

      34. Let me make sure I understand! We’re talking about FEMA right? The same FEMA that prepared for Katrina?

        They’re preparing to do what FEMA does best, throw more tax dollars down a rat hole.

        Somewhere in Washington is some poor pencil pusher buried deep within the bowels of bureaucracy. His boss walks into the room and say’s “We gotta get ready for the SHTF”. OK says P. Pusher and he gets out his catalog and a checkbook.

        Hopefully the good news will be that I can pick some stuff up on a govt liquidation auction for pennies on the dollar.

        • I totally agree with your post, Fifth disciple.
          I was sent ThyroShield from a lady that got it from New York. They were passing it out on a street corner and she took several.
          Waste, yes.

      35. The power elite’s ultimate goal is our extermination. Pick your favorite disaster. Did the government help arrive in timely, well-organized fashion?

        I have no references for this, just my own opinion, but their “help” is going to be reserved for the people they consider useful to them and “politically reliable.” Looking back across history that is the way the tyrant operates.

        Why did that young Canadian woman who went to Beijing for 3 weeks and came home infected die? Maybe she was targeted. Similar to that Bulgarian dissident in London 20 years ago. Poked with an umbrella, dead a few days later of ricin poisoning. That was not a random murder so the young Canadian might have been targeted too.

        Someone was conducting an experiment the hypotheses of which could not be nailed down without a few deaths.

        If anyone on this board is an infectious disease specialist MD you will be well fixed to survive this. Whether you are willing or not, expect the tyrant to “draft” you into their program by EO.

        Avoiding crowds, having our own supplies and plain dumb luck will be how one survives whatever pandemic is planned. While half of the population died during the Black Death in the Middle Ages, half did not. They had none of the technical advantages available today.

        Can’t close without saying this scares hell out of me. A natural disaster, one can prepare for. The Golden Horde, likewise.

        Some fatal disease engineered to be a more efficient killer … (gaullic shrug) there ain’t a whole lot the average prepared person can do that they aren’t doing already.

      36. I know what this means:

        They’re *finally* going to properly dispose of all the politicians, lobbyists, bankers, and corporate criminals.

      37. Good Eat’n:

        4 cups white long grain rice
        4 strips of uncooked bacon, sliced in 1/4″ strips
        1 green bell pepper, diced
        1 small yellow onion, diced
        1 8 oz. can tomato sauce
        7 cups cold water
        salt and pepper to taste

        1. Saute the bacon over medium heat in a large skillet; adding the bell peppers and onions when the bacon is almost cooked.

        2. Saute, add the rice, stir frequently to prevent from overbrowning.

        3. When rice is slightly browned, add the tomato sauce and water.

        4. Let come to a boil, cover and simmer on low for 30 -35 minutes.

      38. Simple:

        1 lb. ground beef(pre cooked)
        4-5 diced potatoes
        2 C elbow macaroni
        1 onion diced
        1 cup green chili
        salt and pepper to taste
        Put diced potatoes into pot add water and boil till almost tender. Add macaroni, ground beef, chili, onions and more water. Simmer till macaroni is tender.

      39. Enjoy:

        1 – 2 onions or many green onions
        1 lb. Ground red meat (I prefer ground beef)
        Salt & pepper
        2 – 3 potatoes
        1 – 2 carrots

        Of the 1 lb. Of meat get a handful ( approx. 1/4 to 1/3 lb.) Put it on a sheet of aluminum foil ( approx. 14 in long)

        Lightly salt it and pepper it.

        Add chopped potatoes thin slices of carrot to both sides of the meat pepper it add onion chopped up wrap it all up in the aluminum foil (making sure it is sealed good)

        Wrapped just the one time will work if you are oven baking it. (350 degrees for 35-45 minutes) but at campsite wrap one more time in aluminum foil and toss into the campfires edge. moving it every once in a while to cook all the way through. about 30- 60 minutes depending on fire size and size of meal.

        • Old Vet, we used to do these foil packet meals all the time. They are great.

          You can put in any meat, any veggie, spices and add a spoonful or two of cream of mushroom soup or sprinkle some dried onion soup mix or bbq/hot sauce….easy, no standing over a stove/fire stirring, no clean up.

          Thanks for the reminder…


      40. Fema and every military branch prepares for every scenario and then some,,

        They don’t know everything nor what is going to occur, but employ vast think tanks within and out side the govt to summarize all possibilities of disasters ,potential hot point conflicts/skirmishes etc..play out scenarios for civil unrest due to any myriad of reasons and causes..

        Fema then submits requests accordingly…

        Military and all govt law enforcement drill and train for the same scenarios..daily..anyone in or former military can vouch for this..

        Do not think for a moment they do not prepare and discuss everything that we discuss here …and then some.

        Luckily we do the same on an individual basis..

        Enjoy the day..


        • Maybe they are reading our posts and are thinking something is coming so are doing their version of prepping

          • Kula, they do crowdsource by analyzing social media for key words to get the pulse of the populace. Not sure if they can sort by geographic location, since all social media is international, but given that the PTB are Internationalists and the UN is the spearhead and ultimate eventual point of governance,you may be on to something.

      41. Probably just another way to funnel our tax dollars into the pockets of our politicians or their in-laws. It would be interesting to post the increase in wealth of our politicos before public office and after their elections. Start with Fienstein, 1 million before , 200 million to date. Only source of income, public servant.

        • I would say i want a piece of that action, but i dont have the stomach for being a controlling, hippocrate, POS criminal sucking off the public

      42. I am not a fan of FEMA but We are right in the middle of the contaminated water supply in WV. This is and will be a SHFT situation for a long time. FEMA had bottled water in here in 48 hours, millions of bottles of water. They stacked my car up with cases of it. They set up roadblocks to give it out. They even loaded it. I have a years supply of water. 🙂

        • WOW , A years supply of water in an auto for cooking, drinking, bathing ect.

          • I made several trips, why are you being hateful?

            • that’s not what you said, I thought maybe you had an auto pulling trailer.
              talking in facts is not being hateful!!!

              • Maybe I read it wrong. I apologize.

        • King, keep an eye on that inventory. I just had to use 6 gallons of drinking water I bought last summer because the bottles were leaking. These were 1 gallon bottles of drinking water. The Spring Water is still good and so are the 1/2 liter individual bottles.

      43. they are going to create “The Problem” than ride in to “save” us all

        be stupid at your own peril

        Si Vis Pacem para bellum

      44. Well, prep as much as you can. In my opinion no one can ever be too prepared. The more you have now the better.

      45. Bill Kristol: It’s Sweet to Die for the State


        but lets be clear here

        Bill is talkin’ about YOUR son dying
        not his

        “conservative” or not
        just another shill for the corporate state

        wouldn’t it be nice if they started ANOTHER fake war
        but the only people who had to show up were the douche bags
        that started it ???

      46. How long and how much government/politician/bureaucrat crap do we put up with???

      47. Personally,,,
        Im sick of it ALL

      48. I got my chovel an wheeelbarrell, now send 5 million US dollars.

      49. Consider this. If you are stockpiling over 10,000 rounds of ammo and you don’t practice a lot or don’t plan on bartering with it or you are not supplying your friends, you may have too much ammo. In a major firefight, if you use up 300-400 rounds of ammo, you must be fighting a large group of criminals or a military unit. They must be shooting back. If they are criminals, except drug cartels, you may survive. If they are military, you probably will be seriously wounded or killed. At least hundreds of rounds of ammo will be fired in your general direction. How many firefights can one survive without a trained and experienced unit on your side? It’s not the bullet with your name on it that you have to worry about. It’s the one addressed “to whom it may concern”. Quit hogging the ammo. Especially .45 colt. It’s hard to come by around here.

        • maudy,
          That’s basically what my brother-in-law, the force recon Marine, said: “In a firefight, two guys shoot at each other. One dies, the other walks away with the dead guy’s shit.”

        • maudy, here in western north Carolina the ammo , with the exception of all rim fire, most calibers are starting to return to the shelves. Plenty of 45acp. Maybe it will return to your area soon.

        • Believe me it’s not safe to drink even after they “declared” it OK. This is a full blown SHTF event here.

          • I wouldn’t trust a single word out of their mouths, get your own water tested

            its probably a lie either way, always trust yourself and no one else

      50. Dont know what the govt has up their sleeves but history has shown us they cant be trusted for nothing. Just ask the indians how well theyve been treated. In this minority driven PC liberal world where the minorities rule, why does the govt still treat indians like theyre worthless. Pisses me off big time.
        All these govt programs they call war on ___, Id like to see a war on govt. Seems were close to that and if that happens I aint runnin.
        Weve had the noses to the grindstone lately. Been working hard at home, adding in, doing more organizing and ridding our place of things not necessary. Some call that declutter, the wife says dejunk.
        Weve also been taking a hard look at some of our routines to see how we could do the same jobs smarter and redesigning how we do those jobs. Wouldnt hurt anyone to do that because when things worsen and were all forced into more manual workloads, time will be more critical than it is now. One example is I cut through a fence and added a gate to make one job faster.
        Aint quit my job yet but its still being kicked around.
        This winter were working w/ sour dough starter and breads so we can have yeast breads w/out bakers yeast if it gets so bad our stored yeast runs out. We love our bread. Yeast can also be wild caught and then grown to become a culture. Maybe someone reading dont know this and can read up more on it.
        Whatever comes our way from here on wont be good. Just plan on it. Aint nothing good come from liars and thieves.
        What satori wrote is worth repeating
        “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

      51. A little off topic, but in the link below you can see a small fraction of Botched Federal Paramilitary Raid on innocent Americans. Your police state at work. Go ahead and say “I don’t care if they listen to my phone I’m not a terrorist” after checking this out again.

        cato dot org/raidmap

        • Good one, maddog. I looked at some of the descriptions. Seems nosy neighbors can’t tell the difference between either okra or hibiscus and marijuana, and the indiscriminate pre-dawn raids commence after Mabel Dogsbody squeals off to the cops.

          • Can you imagine this happening to you. You wake up to umpteen shitbags with flash bangs smashing in your door at 4:00 am. Will you shoot?

      52. some interesting reading,but quite sobering

        The White Ghetto


        West Virginia is my favorite vacation spot
        best camping and white water rafting ever

        one year I decided to do a little impromptu exploring
        I left the campground and just started driving
        no destination
        just drove
        I went way back into the hills
        what I found haunts me to this day
        I saw poverty not too much different than what I found
        when I went to Mexico

        there is so much suffering going on in this country
        and the majority of it is hidden behind closed doors
        and down gravel country roads

        • Satori:
          I know exactly what you’re saying. Was in W-VA. A few years back working and had to drive down a dried up creek deep in the hills and ran across homes(?), a girl of around 12 ask me “Mister can you take me out to the hard road cause I’ve never seen a hard road.” Quit sending so much overseas and help the people here in the U.S.

      53. Don’t know what theyre up to…don’t really care cause its not good regardless…and they aint ever gonna be there to help the good guysonly themselves!
        Secondly…I hear some folks defending FEMA et al…saying that its their job to be ready…that folks would be angry if they wernt…that theyre only trying to be ready to help in some disaster…really?..you really think theyre preparing to help good people who need it?!…one simple fact that is going over peoples heads is this…FEMA or any other ABC govt agency is illegitimate!!!…folks they have no right to even exist much less make up rules and enforce them…some legal beagle Im sure can cite section xyz of something somewhere and make a case for these devil agencies right to exist…I aint buying the pap…Im a purist and therefore I operate according to the “spirit and intent” of the framer/founders and other defenders of natural law as nearly as can be determined by the writings and such they left us….the idea that the govt would defend the people against anything much other than invasion flies in the face of the record and that is one of a few honest responsibilities we the people actually did assign them and they wont/cant do that one…FEMA is not there to be your friend in a disaster…they are a disaster!…you want to rely on them in a mess?!…you gotta be kidding me…accept a blanket and an MRE from the hand of the tyrant that robbed you and yours of your freedom and your future?!..they can go to hell…Ive seen and lived through disasters before a FEMA ever came along and it was friends and neighbors helping each other that got them through the mess not the govt…not even the local govt…govt exists for one thing and that’s to gum up what works…seen it too many times and Im sure most of you have too!…whats happened to folks thinking,to their pride…to their spine…Id run FEMA et al) off if they ever showed up here offering “assistance” dont want their kind of help…especially from those I profess daily to hate and despise…Im no hypocrite…no…and no I wont say thanks…its sad to see that even amoungst folks who profess to be preppers and who say they despise govt meddling and interference there are still some who openly endorse and even defend the tyrant and his many helpers…I know I will tick off a few folks and get some red thumbs for which I care not a wit…go for it ,but some need to stop and think…examine their hearts and minds and really…I mean really decide for certain if they truly believe in the separation of freedom and govt or if they are content to allow the beasts children(govt agencies) to co-exist along with their own in the far out theory/hope that it will somehow come to good…sorry I cant go there…I have and do swear hostility forever against the impostors and usurpers of my natural God given rights…end of rant for now,thanks.

        • Excellent rant there, REB…

          I would gladly share my jug of hooch with you.

          • Thank you and to you likewise 🙂

      54. Beware sleeping Dragons by TJ Reader on kindle .99
        Great read. Enjoy

      55. This is how much the government ‘cares’ for you. Ouch.

        NRC: storing spent nuclear fuel in cooling pools is safe

        The nuclear reactors now in service in the United States were built with the assumption that the spent fuel would be removed from nuclear the facilities after a few years, but because the government has failed to provide a centralized place to store the spent fuel, utility companies have had to store an ever-growing quantity of it in spent fuel pools on the grounds of the facilities. Scientists argue that it would be safer to move some of the spent fuel into giant steel and concrete casks, where it can be stored dry, with no reliance on water, pumps, or filters to keep them cool. The nuclear industry and the NRC do not agree.

        Most of the members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) last week said they considered it safe to continue storing most spent nuclear fuel in cooling pools, although there is a concern about potential accidents and terrorist attacks.

        The New York Times reports that four of the five commission members indicated at a hearing that storage in the pools was safe enough relative to moving some of the spent fuel into giant steel and concrete casks, where it can be stored dry, with no reliance on water, pumps, or filters to keep them cool (not everybody agrees. See “Science group: storing spent nuclear fuel in dry casks significantly safer then wet pools storage,” HSNW, 30 July 2012).

        Following the March 2011 Fukushima disaster, worries about the safety of soring spent fuel in cooling pools grew. Damage to a pool at the facility caused radiation risks in areas fifty miles from the plant. The Times notes that even before Fukushima, the National Academy of Sciences, in a study requested by Congress in the wake of 9/11, found that a successful terrorist attack on a spent fuel pool was plausible. The study called on regulators to consider reducing the loading in spent fuel pools, which hold far more radioactive materials than nuclear reactors do.

        “It’s legitimate to describe spent fuel pools at reactors in the United States as pre-emplaced radiological weapons,” Gordon Thompson, the executive director of the Institute for Resource and Security Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a research professor at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, told the commissioners. The spent fuel pools are a magnet for terrorists, he said.

        David Heacock, the chief nuclear officer of Dominion Nuclear, which operates several reactors in, said that the probability of an event that would damage a spent fuel pool was “effectively zero” and that the steps needed to mitigate such an accident were simple, with preparations already made.

        “This is not a complicated mitigation, nor is it difficult,” he said. “It’s basically, just add water.”

        Nuclear fuel is only minimally radioactive when it is placed in a reactor, but when uranium is split, the fragments, materials like strontium and cesium, are unstable and seek to return to stability by giving off energy, or subatomic particles, for as long as centuries. The particles continue to produce heat so they must be stored under water for a few years.

        Scientists say that the nuclear reactors now in service in the United States were built with the assumption that the spent fuel would be removed from nuclear the facilities after a few years, but because the government has failed to provide a centralized place to store the spent fuel, utility companies have had to store an ever-growing quantity of it in spent fuel pools on the grounds of nuclear facilities.

        Thompson told the commission that if water was drained from a spent fuel pool, the radiation field would be so intense that it would deliver a fatal dose to a worker within minutes, making “mitigating action” impossible. The nuclear industry disagrees.

        The Times reports that NRC chairwoman Allison Macfarlane was the only commissioner of the five whose questions indicated she might be open to moving more fuel to dry casks, which are already in use. Before she was appointed to head the NRC, Macfarlane spoke favorably of that idea, as did her predecessor, Gregory Jaczko, before he was named chairman. Both Macfarlane and Jaczko, though, did not use their position as NRC heads to advance the idea.

        • I’ll concede, combined with a natural disaster this IS the biggest threat…
          Whether the natural be from CME, EQ or astral fragment storm, the effects would be the same…ELE

          Fuc#oshima is just a preview…

      56. Oh shit! They are tell us that something is coming and its BIG. Or there is going to be a FALSE FLAG!!!
        The City of Marseilles Il is looking to set up a CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team) City size is just over 5000. This is to cover until the Feds get there or if the Feds ever get there.
        I was going to join, but when I found out who was running the thing I said NO. (Police Chief)
        Can any one on this site show us or can they only tell us its N1H1 flu. Or could they make it up to scare the crap out of us, or the sheeples out there so they can send people to a camp or better yet Martial Law?

        • Sgt. Dale: Am I understanding you right? “They are telling us that something is coming….” meaning your superiors? What is the timeline?


          • Sgt Dale: Just re-read your post….sorry my brain is not working well today.

            So, because they are forming a CERT, that is why you are worried? Can you elaborate? Who is running the thing?

            Sorry I am being so dense….I just don’t quite understand.


            • PKL:
              The CERT team is to be a Civilian operation. If the police chief is in charge then it is no longer civilian.
              Now if a retired chief or another retiered LEO or Military person was in charge that would be a horse of a different color.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N. REB

              • Northern Reb. Thanks for the answer.

                So, am I understanding right? If they do a CERT then the LEO has been taken out of the loop? Are you saying that it is a removal of the local LEO’s? Like an excuse to put in their own people? What is the point of this?


                • Okay, I get it…I just googled CERT. So the point is WHY would FEMA be organizing a CERT in a particular area for no reason…..yes? And are the local LEO’s left out of the lupe?


                  • LOOP….not lupe….sigh….


                  • PKL:
                    As far as I know the local LEOs will still be on the job.
                    The CERT team will be more for back up and assistance in case after SHTF and we would start seeing a Mad Max world. I would kind of liken it to a militia that would include the LEO’s.
                    Here In Illinois you are in the Militia From the age of 16 to when ever you are not able bodied. Most people don’t know that, but it is a law that is still on the books.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • PKL
              The reason I’m not joining is because the Chief of Police is going to the head.
              That makes it NOT a Civilian team.

              Second yes they are forming CERT because they are worried about something, and right now I don’t know what it is. If I find out I will let you know.

              The Gov/PTB always tells you what is going to happen before they pull something off. Thy tell you and then let it set for awhile then it happens.
              Look the Simpson and a show where the World trade Center got hit.
              Family guy had one on the Boston bombing it got hit.
              The Weather Channel had one on a hurricane hitting New Orleans it got hit.
              If it would have only been one thing I would say OH well it happens but as just a few examples I gave you then you start to think about it. They tell you then it happens.

              • Sgt. Dale: Thank you for the explanation.

                Yes, I believe that they telegraph their intentions. What scares me lately is remembering and re-watching the older disaster movies, Deep Impact, 2012, Terminator, etc. It blows my mind that these things in the older movies are coming true.

                And now it’s zombie movies and evil and devil stuff…I can’t even watch the commercials anymore….it makes me sick. I heard somewhere that they are making a disaster movie about giants…..nephilim (sp?).

                Have you seen the Illuminate Card game, made in 1995?


        • I know of CERT teams, you can even D/L all of the course materials (Still online if you want them). Might be some good training for those who don’t know these things already.

          A random (very random) crossed my mind just today:
          What if you wanted to control people with WATER…or the lack thereof to be exact. How could you corral people and herd them without causing widespread natural destruction? Case in point- WV Water crisis. You add in a chemical (or additive) that has a ‘smell’ but does not kill off all the wildlife or fish. You yell and scream and tell people they cannot drink their own water, it’s contaminated! Then you herd and rope accordingly.

          What IF- this is the case in WV? Are any of you chemical engineers? How about marine biologists? No?
          DO you really KNOW what is or isn’t in your water? Hmm.
          Unless you have proof that something is there, you have to take someone else’s word for it…and that’s the kicker. Where is the massive fish die off in the river? Bueller? I have not seen any newscoverage yet, have you? Anyone? If the chemicals were in fact that bad, the aquatic and fish life would have died first, yes? Something to ponder…

          • Apparently the chemical is more of an irritant than toxic. They have said they do not know what the long term affects are.

          • ummm

            just cause’ something doesn’t kill or immediately harm you
            doesn’t mean it won’t

          • Currently in WV just up the road from chemical spill…well put…though I am not directly impacted by it the news is all a buzz with it. People having to report to designated areas to obtain their safe water.

        • Sgt.
          what i have seen the H1N1 is not as bad as they are miking it out to be. That is all I can say I don’t want to violate HIPPA.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      57. The governors need to pick up the slack and the military is more experienced than FEMA or DHS. find out what they are ordering and get your own.

      58. today’s history lesson

        Hellraisers Journal: Heart-wrenching Description of the Telluride Deportations from the Denver Post


        Saturday January 16, 1904
        From the Denver Post: The Telluride Deportations Described

        Yesterday’s issue of the Denver Post provides this heart-wrenching description of the deportation of union men from Telluride:

        Telluride, Colo., Jan. 15-Tears, curses, maledictions and prayers were heard at the depot this morning when the train pulled out of the station having on board six union miners, who were being deported by the military. The men were given breakfast early, the meal being served from the Sheridan hotel, after which the wife of one of them was reluctantly permitted to visit her husband in jail. At 8 o’clock a bunch of blue-coats, under the command of Captain Scholz, marched to the court house and the prisoners were taken to the county jail and formed into line, ready for the march to the station. A woman with a small child attempted to fall in line with her husband, but was brutally prevented by the soldiers, who forced her back on the sidewalk. With a face drawn with bitter agony and grief she endeavored to keep up with the soldiers as they marched down the streets, but the prisoners had reached the train long before she had gone a block.

        At the depot the men were immediately put aboard the train and two soldiers stationed at the car windows. The relatives of the men were allowed to talk to them, and for a moment the air was filled with tearful good-byes and well wishes. Fifteen minutes before the signal was given to start three women came running down the track. One of them , a Mabel Marchinado, a mere girl, hardly 17 years old, weeping bitterly, rushed over the icy platform to the window in which one of the men was sitting, and exclaimed: “oh, papa, what are they going to do with you?”

        Her father, Tony Marchinado, endeavored to comfort her, but the girl continued sobbing pitifully. The sympathy of the entire crowd at the depot went out to this girl, and some turned away. Then the soldiers ordered her to move on. The girl suddenly ceased weeping and, turning to those standing, and in a voice loud enough for the military to hear, said: “I think it’s living shame for men living in this country to be treated in such a manner.” She was not arrested.

        The woman with the small child in the meantime reached the depot almost exhausted. She purchased a ticket and boarded the train on which her husband was about to be sent into exile. She cried bitterly and her baby was blue with cold. “I am too sick to work and look after our baby alone, and I am going with my husband, if it means the jail.,” she moaned. If ever volumes of mute sympathy went out from a crowd, it went out greater as she bent down her head and fondly kissed the lips of her offspring, in vain endeavor to hush its cries from the biting cold. It was by far the saddest incident yet recorded in the military occupation of Telluride and the subsequent deportation of striking miners.
        The names of the six deported men are: Tony Marchinado, Tony Sartoris, Leuis Sartoris, F. W. Wells, Matt Lingol and Battiste Monchiando.

        The Cripple Creek Strike
        -by Emma F Langdon
        (Part I, 1st pub 1904)
        NY, 1969

        Friday January 16, 1914
        From The Cincinnati Enquirer: Houghton Grand Jury Indicts 39 Union Men

        James MacNaughton,
        Vowed he would teach the striking miners
        to eat potato parings.
        Houghton, Mich., January 15-The Houghton grand jury this morning returned thirty-nine indictments against the labor leaders who have been in charge of the striking miners since July 23, when the strike order was issued in response to a referendum vote from the miners.

        The grand jury, which has in its membership five mine superintendents and the chauffeur of James McNaughton, [sic] superintendent of the big Calumet and Hecla interests, charged President Cha. H. Moyer, of the Western Federation of Miners; Vice President C. E. Mahoney, Guy E. Miller, Janco Trzich [sic], J. C. Lowney and W. P. Davidson, members of the executive board of the Western Federation, with riotous conspiracy. Thirty other men, leaders and members of the district and local unions of the Western Federation of Miners, are also under indictment.

        Conspiracy, as charged in the indictment, constitutes a misdemeanor under the Michigan law, which also declared that misdemeanor indictments can be read before the capias has been served, while felony warrants must be suppressed until after the indicted men are under arrest. Four felony indictments were returned by the grand jury and warrant for one of the indictments was prepared. No arrests had been made at a late hour to-night, and the names of the men in the felony charges are therefore unavailable….
        Perhaps we will find that these four felony indictments were issued for members of the Citizens’ Alliance mob who, within the county of Houghton, did beat, shoot, kidnap, and then deport Charles Moyer, President of the Western Federation of Miners. But, somehow, we doubt that anyone will ever be indicted, much less punished for that cowardly crime against a union man.

        Or, perhaps, a John Doe warrant might have been issued for the man who, while wearing a Citizens’ Alliance button, cried fire at the Children’s Christmas Party thereby causing the deaths of 73 men, women, and children. Somehow, we doubt that any attempt will ever be made to find and/or punish that murderer, seeing as how the victims were striking miners, their wives, and little children.


        The Cincinnati Enquirer
        (Cincinnati, Ohio)
        -of Jan 16, 1914

        Death’s Door
        The Truth Behind Michigan’s Largest Mass Murder
        -by Steve Lehto
        MI, 2006

      59. Pemmican

        5-10 lbs lean beef or bison round
        beef tallow rendered
        1 lb. dried blueberries
        1 lb. crushed walnuts
        red pepper seeds to flavor
        coarse salt, 1/4 cup/lb. final mix
        Slice lean meat into thin strips, up to 1/4″ thick, put on rack in oven to dry, with door open, or into bring sun on a warm day, check hourly to turn over, check dryness, if not dry it will bend if dry enough it will almost snap, this is very much like jerky,

        prior to the drying I rub the strips liberally with coarse salt and crushed red pepper seeds.

        When dry, put in a food processor to make powder or fine pcs.

        Measure the dry meat by volume, render enough beef fat into clear fat by barely simmering over a low flame, strain out bits and pcs, your dog will love them.

        When the fat is done you want about 1/4 to 1/3 of the meat by volume of fat. This is the great preserver. And what gives the mix sustaining ability for long efforts.

        Process the dry berries, any kind can be used, add in more salt if needed. Then mix the dry meat with berries, walnuts, etc. until thoroughly mixed.

        In a large bowl put the meat mix in, make a depression as with bread dough and add the fat, mixing with a fork, it needs to be well mixed so all the meat mix is coated. Pemmican is a high fat high protein traveler’s meal, not a gourmet dish; The berries and nuts will help the taste a bit but remember that the lean beef and the tallow will not spoil easily if not overly mixed with spoilable ingredients. Think of the mix as similar to a mix of peperoni minus all the other spices/seasonings.

        I have also added honey to the mix, up to a half lb. per five lbs of meat. It sweetens it and is also a natural preservative. Along with the salt.

        This can be stored in small amounts in the fridge, I prefer to put it into casings, either artificial or natural lamb ordered through your butcher shops or on line,

        stuffers are available that look like wide mouthed funnels you put the mouth of the casing over the bottom of the funnel and pack in the mix best as you can, I use my thumb and a spoon.

        When you get a full link hang it above a low heat fire, a lodge fire is near perfect, but you can hang them over a bar b q too with charcoal briquettes. This makes the links both smaller and tastier but also adds to the preservation.

        Pieces can be taken as trail food, or broken up and added to beans or chili or fried spuds or field turnips.

      60. STEW:

        About 1-2 pounds of stew meat
        salt and pepper if you chose
        Potatoes cut in to fours (your call)
        Garlic powder (your call)
        fresh or canned Corn 1-2 cans
        Fresh or canned Green beans 1-2 cans
        Fresh or canned carrots 1-2 cans
        Elbow mac 1-2 cups
        One white onion
        Soy sauce about four to five good shakes

        In large stew pot fill half full water add meat and all the seasonings boil about 30 min,

        While this is cooking you can prepare your veggies.

        Add everything except the Elbow mac,

        Let cook for about a good hour, It also depends on stove type (not real sure why)

        When meat and potatoes are real tender add the mac cook only until the mac is done.

        Also Add water as needed while soup is cooking,

      61. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! Guns, precious metals, freeze dried food, potassium iodide, tamiflu, ammo…. Prep, prep, prep!!! I feel like my mind is gonna blow! Sometimes I want the shit to hit fan just so I am justified in my thinking. What’s goona happen? When? Where? It drives me nuts!!! I hate the NWO!!! Lets go before I get too old to do anything about it!!! Sorry. I’m ranting again. God bless you all.

        • Thanks Rude Dog you saved me a lot of typing. Ditto should do it.

      62. Colby fire in S, CA now @ 1700 acres, thousands evacuated.

        • Nearly 2,000 residents were evacuated and two homes burned in a wildfire that started early Thursday when three people tossed paper into a campfire in the dangerously dry and windy foothills of Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains, authorities said.

      63. “Forget Queen and Country. Forget Maggie. Forget all that. You fight for yourself and your mates. Without your mates you’re nothing.” —Falklands War veteran (former British Paratrooper), 1990

        Know why al-Qaeda-types make good soldiers? Answer: Because they’re willing to kill and willing to die.

      64. Every infantryman in the Soviet Army carries with him a small spade. When he is given the order to halt, he immediately lies flat and starts to dig a hole in the ground beside him. In three minutes he will have dug a little trench 15 centimeters deep, in which he can lie stretched out flat, so that bullets can whistle harmlessly over his head. The earth he has dug out forms a breastwork in front and at the side to act as an additional cover. If a tank drives over such a trench the soldier has a 50% chance that it will do him no harm. At any moment the soldier may be ordered to advance again and, shouting at the top of his voice, will rush ahead. If not ordered to advance, he digs in deeper and deeper. At first his trench can be used for firing in the lying position. Later it becomes a trench from which to fire in the kneeling position, and later still, when it is 110 centimeters deep, it can be used for firing in the standing position. The earth that has been dug out protects the soldier from bullets and fragments. He makes an embrasure in his breastwork into which he positions the barrel of his gun. In the absence of any further commands he continues to work on his trench. He camouflages it. He starts to dig a trench to connect with his comrades to the left of him. He always digs from right to left, and in a few hours the unit has a trench linking all the riflemen’s trenches together. The unit’s trenches are linked with trenches of other units. Dug-outs are built and communication trenches are added at the rear. The trenches are made deeper, covered over, camouflaged and reinforced. Then, suddenly, the order to advance comes again. The soldier emerges, shouting and swearing as loudly as he can. … And when he gets the order to halt, he again builds his impregnable fortress around him. He knows how to dig the earth efficiently. He builds his fortress exactly as it should be. … If the infantry have a few hours to dig themselves in, it could take years to get them out of their holes and trenches, whatever modern weapons are used against them. R.L.S.

        • One of the reasons I have a sharp E-tool on my bug out bag…very sharp…if you get my drift 🙂

      65. Advantages and disadvantages of a smooth bore, pump shot gun:

        A pump shotgun can be short-stoked (causing a “jam” type malfunction) when the shooter is trying to cycle the pump action under a high level of physiological pressure normally encountered in a gun fight. This can be overcome with plenty practice under realist shooting conditions/combat-style shooting drills that create high stress on the shooter. Practice, practice, practice, or buy a semi-auto shogun, but even with a semi-auto, you still need to practice shooting, reloading and clearing malfunction under pressure. The semi-auto comes with issues of its own. Any gun can and will malfunction for various reason. Learning to correct malfunctions quickly is the name of the game.

        Shotguns in general can shoot a wide variety ammo to include, slugs, buckshot (multiple .24 – .36 caliber projectiles, #4 buckshot to 000 buckshot), birdshot, “rubber bullets”, bean-bags, flares, pepper gas, tracers, flechettes (nails with fins), etc., etc. If there is a more flexible, do-it-all weapon, I don’t know what it is. R.L.S.

        • Double barreled sawed off 12…buck in one and a slug in the other…mean!

      66. There nothing really wrong with the M-16/AR-15 rifle as long as you understand the following:

        It was issued to a military force that could get on the radio and call for artillery, air strikes, helicopter gun-ships, (maybe tanks), etc. when needed to supplement the firepower of the infantry.

        It excels at reducing the amount of weight each soldier has to carry: 100 rounds of M14/M1A ammo (.308 Winchester, loaded with a 168 grain bullet) weigh approximately 6.2 pounds. For the same 6.2 pounds of weight you can carry approximately 200 rounds of .223/5.56mm loaded with a 69 grain bullet.

        It is a marginal man-stopper

        There are other military rifle designs that are more reliable. R.L.S.

      67. Your Main Battle Rifle should address the need to deal with vehicles, roadblocks, barricades, and semi-hardened targets as well those humanoids that have gone over to the dark side. Even if you have decided to depart the area and relocate to a safer location, if and when you encounter a roadblock manned by bandits of the lowest order, you won’t have artillery or air power to help get you out of a bad spot. Your best bet is to have selected a rifle capable of both dropping land-pirates in their tracks, and penetrating vehicles and semi-hardened targets without breaking a sweat.

        One contender for the mission is the Springfield M1A. This rifle fires what most agree is a “high powered” cartridge, the 7.62 x 51mm, or .308 Winchester. The semiautomatic M1A has a 20-round, detachable magazine, long sight radius, and fires a 30-caliber bullet weighing approximately 150 grains (or more if desired) very accurately. It is a very effective man stopper, and will penetrate most hasty barriers like a hot knife going through butter.

        Any quality 7.62 x 51mm/.308 Winchester, semi-auto, infantry-type rifle will do the job at hand. R.L.S.

        • Old Vet: you da man, I love my M1A and will put up with weight to have that extra punch,longer range too.

      68. It’s not uncommon to create a defense in depth with soft spots to channel the attacker where you want him to go. The farther he follows the soft channel the closer he moves to your prepared kill zone.

        Whatever comes at you or whatever you bump into, use tactical awareness and error on the side of safety for you and yours, not the stranger(s). Being rude is much better than being dead.

        Another aspect of tactical awareness is using all your senses, including you sixth sense, to detect danger. If you smell tobacco smoke and your people aren’t smoking …. If you see movement where there should not be any…. If you see fresh human tracks where they should not be …. If you hear anything unexpected … If you feel that you’re being watched … If you suddenly realize the terrain you’re moving through could easily be used against you ….

        Successful hunters and soldiers focus on their environment, not on their sore feet or empty stomachs. R.L.S.

        • On behalf of the newbies who are afraid to comment and never read a manual… thank you.
          So tell me…what do you do when you’re not elbow deep in solvent and lube… 🙂

      69. As the Old Vet says—You’re On Your Own. It’s your life–make it count.

      70. This could be worse than Y2K 🙁

      71. In answer to the title question. FEMA is preparing for what it is supposed to prepare for…..disasters.

      72. My 2 cents worth of advice about making your own colloidal silver. Go ahead and buy a “parts per million” meter, when you buy your kit, and know exactly how strong a solution you are making. These meters take the guess work out of making your own stuff. Plus, they aren’t very expensive. good luck.

      73. Good evening all. Off topic question: Getting ready to order seeds. Any companies I should stay away from, or any that get strong recommendations for? Thanks in advance. P.S.: Thanks to all who responded to my last off topic question.

        • Make sure they are heirloom seeds.

        • Go to your local stores and ask what grows well where you are, any recommended soil amendments and regional considerations. They might even give you good ideas on the best seed companies for your area.

      74. This product is a must buy. It will take care of Uncle Sugar who has decided to plot against us. Together if we can also work up a list of the 535 reps and mail each of them a 5 pound bag, plus free samples to the libtards and obama supporters, we just might have a chance.


        Be sure to read the comments because the truth lies with the customers who love the flavor but didnt want the sugar. Maybe its time to ‘give back’.

      75. Dear SHTF,

        You continue to have annoying flashing/blinking ads on your web pages. Since you have responded to the annoyance by eliminating them yourself, I took the liberty to install AdBlock Plus. Then I made the time in my schedule to have it block, not just the annoying ads, but every single ad on your web pages.

      76. Concerning National and International preparedness for emergencies, I attend the IPRED III conference in Tel Aviv Israel this week. IPRED stands for International Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters. It was literally a who’s who of disaster responders from across the US and the World. Responders to the Oklahoma cat. 5 tornadoes, Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, Madrid subway, and London subway bombers were in attendance. There were several take home messages from the multiple reports and lectures presented. 1) Municipal hospitals in the US are all workings at capacity. Very few have an over-surge capacity. The Israeli’s put on a Mega Mass Casualty exercise with over 200 moulaged victims being rescued from a simulated aircraft crashing into a residential area, who where then transported to local hospitals. Many nations presented related that there was no way their nation could have put on such an exercise. A participant from a Detroit inner city hospital lamented that not only could their ER NOT receive such an over whelming number of patients. The providers in his area would never have volunteered to participate in such a valuable exercise of preparedness. 2) We all talk about how bad the response to hurricane Katrina was, yet no one mentions how fouled up the response was to SANDY. Mayer Bloomberg refused to prepare New York City for the incoming storm which devastated lower Manhattan, (even when the Governor ordered him to do so)yet the MSM gave him a full pass. Two years out, Sandy victims continue to try to pull their lives back together with more obstruction for the US federal government than help.

        The Keynote address at IPRED was to urge participants to prepare for a major Cyber attack. Our current world of just-in-time deliveries and remotely controlled power grids would all come tumbling down around us.

        Our current “modern” existence balances on a knife’s edge, and when we fall off, which we most certainly will, the aftermath will change the global landscape.

      77. I’m new to posting, but not to prepping. The chemical spill was very frightening. Restaurants closed, stores with empty shelves, and people in lines to get water. If this doesn’t make people wake up, nothing will. Fact is people don’t want to wake up. They expect everyone to take care of them. You fellow preppers are very inspiring. Just want to say thanks for your valuable insights and God bless you.

      78. Speaking of biohazard threats, has anyone seen the movie, “Right at Your Door”? It’s a well done POV movie about bio-type dirty bombs exploded in LA, and a particular couple’s experiences during the incident. I saw it a while back, and one of the “preparedness” things I took away from it was how frantic anyone could become trying to seal up their home. I have long had plastic sheeting and duct tape on hand, but that movie caused me to think about how harried my family could be while trying to get the house sealed. My response was to measure all windows, doors, etc. that would require sealing, and then pre-cut plastic panels for each, labeling them for which opening they are meant to seal. I store them all in a plastic bin, including more than enough duct tape. Don’t forget about the fireplace if you have one.

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