Feds: Terrorists Rigged Pipe Bombs on Building: “To Blow Up As First Responders Arrived”

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Headline News | 158 comments

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    pipebombs2 pipebombs1(Pipe bombs found at home of Farook and Malik. Reports indicate more devices were planted at the Inland Regional Center building)

    As the terrorist attack in San Bernardino played out on national television and pundits were trying to decide whether or not to call it work place violence it was reported that there may have been explosive devices used by radical Islamic terrorists Farook and Malik.

    It turns out that those explosives had actually been improvised explosive devices that were rigged on the Inland Regional Center building. According to a new report the ultimate goal was for the devices to be detonated as emergency first responders arrived.

    The strategy of utilizing a secondary device in this manner can be traced directly back to suicide attacks in the middle east from groups like Al Queda and insurgent forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    San Bernardino gunmen rigged conference center to blow up as first responders arrived after months of shooting practice – and they had both been radicalized for ‘some time’

    None of the bombs Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik left at the Inland Regional Center were detonated in Wednesday’s attack, but the strategy – often seen in the Middle East – has investigators concerned.

    ‘This was meant to kill more, but also scare other future responders to attacks,’ a source with inside knowledge of the investigation told Fox News of the bombs. ‘This was meant to get into the minds of medics and officers who are arriving first on scene.’

    It is still unclear why the bombs did not detonate, though it could have been a remote-control malfunction or the water pouring down from the building’s sprinklers.

    The gunmen had also practiced shooting at a local firing range before Wednesday’s massacre, investigators said.

    Source: Daily Mail

    But forget all that.

    The guns. Specifically, as the media repeated no less than 1,000 times last week, long guns are to blame. In fact, within hours of the attack Obama called on new legislative action to restrict gun ownership and specifically said he would be targeting Americans on government watchlists for disarmament.

    Our President doesn’t want to “talk about who did it” because by doing so he would have to admit that disarmed Americans would be helpless when faced with such a threat. By the time first responders arrived the primary attack would be over. Now, even first responders are faced with serious safety risks.

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      1. “The American people have been easily ruled through our propaganda that the pen is mightier than the sword. We virtually get away with murder, and all the goy do is to talk about it, which is ineffective since we, the masters of propaganda, always publish a contradicting account. If the Aryan would review history and apply those lessons of the past, then the pen will be thrown down in disgust and the sword wielded in the heat of passion. (A recurrence to history would edify our minds and show us that the European countries solved their Jewish problem only by use of force.) Thus far, we have escaped the sword, when the only reprisal is some periodical of no repute, or some pamphlet with limited circulation. Their pen is no match for ours, but our constant fear is that they may open their eyes and learn that no change was ever brought about with a pen. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. We understand this principle and are continually propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress and to their local media. We are safe to continually exploit, intimidate and disenfranchise the white American as long as they are preoccupied with the illusion of educating the masses through printed material. Woe be unto us if they ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword.” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal

        • Hey douchebag them guys, why not use your real handle instead of playing your little moniker game. You’re a real piece of work there wheeze n’ geeze.

          • Hey carbon, that’s the smartest thing I ever saw him say lol.

            • That is smokey useing what I first Posted a day ago. I always use Them Guys as my screen name, asshole.aka carbon 14.

              Not sure why smokey is doing this?….but I Am 100% certain that this quote by the jewish top aide in usa senate To New York sen Jacob Javitz, back when Javitz was Main sponcer of 1965 Immigration act laws reforms which he got passed after over 2.5 yrs constant lobby effort.

              Is an accurate statement by him for sure…Harold W. Rosenthal said a whole lots more when he agreed to do an all out no holds barred interview in which he basically admitted to litterally Everything that has been perpetrated by and invented by and done by usa and euro jewry for at least the past 100 years in usa.

              And admitted it was ALL done to fully subvert usa citizens, and Especially White citizens most Hated by his jewish pals and their political-Wing-Zonists.

              And everything admitted to by Rosenthal has been well proven accurate and correct by simply observing how Many americans, even Here at SHTF has allowed themselves to be so Royally DUPED into supporting and unquestioned defense of all issues jewish.

              And further proof Harold Rosenthal spoke truth about subversivness by usa jewry is the fact that shortly after he gave that interview….A Plane he flew on got attacked by terrorist’s etc, and if I recall correct He was the ONLY person Killed!

              Of course no serious investigation was done to prove any type “Hit” done on him for Outting his jewish tribe pals nefarious evil deeds, perpetrated upon unsuspecting americans etc……But anybody who Reads his entire interview, which if I also recall is located at reense dot com and one Other website based in austrailia(?).

              Can’t picture anything else BUT a bonafide sanctioned HIT on him as “payback” for violating one of his tribes Most sacred rules..IE: Every member of the tribe is forbidden from outting ANY member regardless how evil or wrong that members deeds are or were…

              Harold it seems had a vast HUGE ego and more hubris than even Hobammy dispays!…And took Great pride in his too many issues admitted to to count or list here that were done By His jewish and zionist pals and usa Dual citizens mainly of the Dem party types.

              as for smokey posting what I already posted?…Who knows what goes on in any mind like his that so obviously contains not just seeds of satanic khazars, but also has those pharise type viper snakes crawling thru his brain and so confusing smokey whenever the issue is TRUTH that hinges on jewish issues he so rabidy unquestionably defends….

              And if This post by me don’t also get Deleted(probably by Test as he too hates truth he cannot refute and wishes his replies to be the Only ones folks can read) I will be suprised.

              • You’re full of shit them guys, you used smokey’s name and put a dot after it knowing that it isn’t him. And how convenient for you to show up all of the sudden at this particular post to comment about it also. Pack it up liver spots, you’re not a smart as you think you are, you’re still the aging biker who overdosed on too many LSD trips back in Detroit in the 70’s man, you’re the poster boy for what happens when riding a motorcycle without a helmet will cause. Tell us again about how you’re gonna sell Lake Huron water to everybody for their gold and silver without them tearing your head off and ramming it up your aging asshole.

                • carbon, Are you smokeys boyfriend or something? Sounds like you have a thing for him lol…

                  • Yeah genius, like you and braveheart with your ongoing love affair lol…….

                    • Carbon 14, the number in your moniker sounds like your IQ, so go f#$% yourself and move along, troll.

                  • Genius, are you Them Guys butt buddy or something? Sounds like you have a thing for him…

                    At least your posting under your own moniker.

                    • smokey and carbon, Now theres an original comeback! Did you come up with that yourselves or just copy me lol. Sounds like 2 peas in a pod hating truth and making no sensible defense to it. You suffer from THS (truth hating syndrome) and possibly IES (intelligence envy syndrome) I bet they have a drug for those, better check with your doctor asap! 🙂

                    • genius boy, I think you’re suffering from braveheart separation, it’s been too long since he last humped your leg.

              • Them Guys, you are a piece of crap lying sack of filth. That ‘Smokey.says’ post is yours, and yours alone, rat brain.

                I post under my screen name, and under my name only.

                I said you were a hate-filled moron and your feeble attempt to post your tripe under my name and then tell people who know better it isn’t you is pathetic proof of your moronic sub-intelligence. You can’t even take your lumps like a man, instead you turn into a sneak and a cowardly liar, on top of your moronic hatreds.

                You are a deranged piece of rat filth, not fit for any forum.

                Now go off and post your sleaze under your own name. Have the sack to stand on your own two legs while you spew your insane rants.

                And by the way, ‘kosherboy’, ‘khazar’, and other such slurs are not appropriate for me, I’m not Jewish. Get our your dictionary and try something new for a change, you’re out of touch with reality and repeating yourself. You might as well be some muttering fool staggering down the sidewalk yelling to himself.

            • Followers of the “Religion of peace” have been busy this fall.

              ISIS TRAIL OF DEATH: Six countries, six attacks, at least 525 killed this fall

              NBC News
              (link on Drudge Report)

                • Watch this historical presentation of this “Religion of Peace” and tell me that they come in peace..scary stuff!! Modernize this, and it is just a nice soft approach to what is a full-on “approved” invasion (Europe is witnessing this now)..


                  • Just watched this entire program, it’s well done and spot on as to the historical presentation.

                    The time-lapse mapping of the conflict sites between Islam and their Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Animist neighbors is a real eye-opener.

        • Mac,

          I just go where the facts lead me.

          Why did an eyewitness to the shootings say that three white men carry out this attack? Why did the “terrorists” go home for three hours after the attack and then lead cops on a 30 mph chase with their hazard lights on? Why would the bombs not go off? How did the cops know where to find these people? How was the handheld video of the fleeing suspects taken 37 seconds and half a mile away after the first shot was heard?


          I don’t thoughtlessly scream conspiracy after every event. But in every one of these recent events there are simple questions that nobody can give simple answers to.

          • Good points acid!

            • Acid: I also read a couple days ago issues some guy on another website was questioning…Like why if the two terrorists were shooting RIFLES at the cops once cornered. And doing so from Inside the SUV vehicle, as cops claims, WHY does cop pictures of shot up suv show every window riddled full of bullet holes?

              How did suspects fire Rifles and manuever rifles to shoot at cops from every direction if suv windows were NOT rolled Down?

              Also mentioned was some type photos showed Both DEAD perps in Back seat of suv with hands cuffed behind backs when supposedly perps were driving it to escape cops etc.

              I anit sure where I read this at?…I “Think” its in an article at Incogman dot net Incogman has Several great info articles and some are written by David Duke and a couple others from different pro whitey sites etc.

              And Nobody online has cool photos to equal incogmans when he does his master work art via photo shop on various actual MSM type photos which incogman “doctors” up to More reflect true reality!

              One thing certain is between incogmans articles on this shooter issue and also other articles onilne, this sounds the exact Same as too many incidents in past 20-30 years within the usa that has happened and all seem to always have for too many loose ends and too many kinda,sorta-invisible Strings attached to perps and actions done and what MSM TV reports.

              What to believe any longer eh?…Start with “gee whats exact Opposite of that being Reported”? Then advance question to #2= “Gee if we follow the $$$$$! whom/what entity Benifits most”?

              From my vast research the past 25 years or so…All $$$ and Roads/paths/trails Leads to NY-London-Telaviv. Oh and Chicago also at times!

          • I read an article, probably the same one you did, on daily sheeple. I saw some holes in it but the current narrative has a lot as well. You make very good points but what I’m wondering is, with all the cameras in the public domain, I mean literally every street corner, business and whatever else, why do we have very little video of this incident?

            • Jacknife

              Agree, They sure can pull up plenty of other video on Police car chases and shootings.

          • Those are some glaring things that don’t add up, Acid. Thanks for pointing them out!

          • Nice one, AE.

        • Trump now wants to censor the internet. This fucking cumstain has never even read the constitution.

          I don’t believe Trump is sincere about banning Muslim immigration either. Trump is a RINO. Trump is a fucking flake.

          • Trump is a tribe lover.

            • Trump is bogus and needs to be ‘trumped’.

              • Might as well elect Netanyahu lol.

              • braveheart, having read all the commentary for this article you’ve become a real leg humper there haven’t you?

                • Anonymous troll, I’ve got something you can hump, mofo.

            • So vote for Hillary.

              But I’m guessing you don’t vote at all, it’s easier to let someone else decide for you.

          • Trump is a RINO, who is just going to play the fears of the unawake, sheeple Republican voters who love Boy George Bush and his daddy, Poppy Bush.

            America had 2 chances to get Ron Paul elected.

            And America failed!


        • the FBI had those placed on the building Obama has ben told to get the guns away from
          the people by any means.

      2. One of these days all the dress rehearsals and props are going to be real and only the Lord can help us then.

        • Start up a crisis actors union and make $$$$ 😛

          • Or have an employment service for people to attend democratic political speeches and cheer! I’M NOT SHITTING YOU, THEY ACTUALLY HIRE PEOPLE TO ATTEND AND CHEER. They forgot to hire them once at a hillary speech and the only people there were a few press people HA HA HA. I bet that witch was pissed lol.

            • Better idea: Create a Freedom Cell where you live. The NWO imagines a world of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations; where the little people are marginalized, their rights abrogated, and then eradicated.

              I imagine a world where One Million gun owners in NY State create 100,000 ten man team Freedom Cells and eliminate the New World Order overnight ….. and at 500 yards.

              It could happen. I dream of a better land where all my brothers (and sisters) walk hand in hand …. armed to the fucking teeth !!! 🙂

              • durango, will they be funded with fed notes?

              • ❤❤❤❤❤

              • DK.

                Create a Freedom Cell? I did try the “Pick Seven”.

                That is where you try to find Seven other people you can trust and put something together and train. You know what happened? Nothing! No interest at all. So before all of you go out and try this action, THINK AGAIN.

                As I have stressed before that you should know who is standing beside you in a firefight. Will they freeze up or will they run. Would they know to let a larger force pass or will they shoot because their anger gets the better of them. What type of skills do they have and what they will do to get the job done. You read it here at times, what people will NOT DO!

                People want to get on with their lives. They can put away a few cans of food and a couple of jugs of water. Other than that, Freedom cells and Pick Seven is a pipe dream.

              • I have a dream….

            • Genius – It’s true. I know of an employment service that sends these people to the event and pays them by the hour. The owner once told me that most people aren’t very open about doing this “work” to pick up some extra cash, which is why most people aren’t aware of it.

              Even the stupidest of the stupid and the dumbest of the dumb don’t like her. So, if Hillary gets elected then I’ll know for certain that the POTUS is selected, not elected… because no one trusts or likes her.

              • CommonCents, Yes I know it’s true. They have been doing it for years. It is a tactic to show that people support a candidate after they pre-elect them. Now they just use CG (computer generated) footage. I have seen CNN use CG footage and fake backgrounds and old footage from completely different conflicts. If it is on the internet it must be a lie! Ha ha ha, if it is on CNN IT IS A LIE!

      3. Hey, what about those bomb devices that went off on 9/11 and brought down WTC 1,2, and 7?

        Oh, yeah, the MSM won touch that!

        • Building 7 was caused by a trash can fire remember?

          • Oh, thanks for that reminder! I think a few couches helped, too!

            Me so stupid to listen to those dummies from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

            They must be commies…..USA! USA! USA!

            • 😀

          • Testimony by the property owner in federal court for his insurance fraud case, stated that Building 7 was pre-wired for detonation.

            The WTC Complex was purchased in July 2011 with $100 million down for $3 BILLION and then insured under special circumstances for $4 BILLION.

            Those “special circumstances” occurred less than 90 days later. The property owner tried to collect on his insurance policy TWICE which is why it went to Federal Court.

            The buying property owner was Jewish. 🙁

            • As in SILVERSTIEN?

              • Yep.

                • Wow this place is full of antisemitic nazis!…I am going to consider a move to get closer to folks like a few Here(smokey?) that always Fear to name anything J-taboo related!….It has to be so much better once surrounded by blind duped supporters and defenders compared to all of You “nazis” eh…for Shame for Shame! How DARE DK speak such TRUTHS?!

                  • You’re a pathetic moron, TG. Get some psychiatric help, you’re showing signs of real illness.

                    • Smokey, That almost sounds as if you are talking to yourself in a mirror lol.

            • Yup. But 90% of Americans do not know that 3 WTC Towers collapsed on 9/11. But 90% of Americans know all about Bruce Jenner!

              GAME OVER!

            • DK, you do mean 2001, don’t you? 9/11 was in 2001, not 2011.

      4. What we need is more pipe control. A three day waiting period on Galvanized pipes, a background check if you want to buy threaded plugs.

        If you buy more than one threaded plug you would have to be subjected to a criminal background check and mental health screening.

        If you live in California you would not be allowed to buy more than 50 feet of pipe per month.

        • Here is a great way to heat water (not in bugout) but for off grid or to convert a regular house. Just replace the lower heating element with a dc direct element and thermostat and connect to solar panels. No plumbing no bullshit no hassle and not expensive. If you are off grid just get a used electric water heater and switch out the element. I would get the 750 or 1000 watt for best results. A 600 watt should heat a 20 gallon tank pretty fast too. Scroll down the page for thermostats and single elements….


          • Addendum to above post (in moderation) you can also use it to keep stock tanks thawed out. Or use the 1000 watt model to brand cows lol 🙂

            • Cordless model? LOL

            • They can make a Fed Law “Waiting Period” of Ten days after application submitted by anybody wishing to, Lay the Pipe!

              Plumbers beware! They are comming for You next!

              Las Vegas’ Mustang Ranch will need add new signage…

              “ATTEN: all who desire to Lay the Pipe here…Must first obtain a permit after a Ten day wait period”

        • john, I will NEVER give up my pipe!

          • Genius, they can have my pipe when they can pry it from my cold, dead hands. If you like your pipe, you can keep your pipe.

            • Ha ha ha, good one! I WILL KEEP MY PIPE!

              • what about the pointy knives???next they will want to remove all those pointed knives from our kitchens. now that i think about it….what the h*** do we need knives with points on them for? thaaaaat’s riiiight…..pointy knives DO kill people! i gotta get on this! somebody’s gotta stop those pointed knife manufacturers! we gotta legislate them guys outa business!….and why NOT just make it mandatory for grocers and food manufacturers to get all that stuff cut up BEFORE they sell it to us…..then we won’t even need BLADES in our kitchens…..my GAWD! think of the lives it will save! where does this madness stop…..yeesh, sarcasm off…for now.

                • sorry buttcrack, knife control just won’t cut it 😛

                  • BCOD and Genius, they can have my knife when they can pry it from my cold, dead fingers. I am a knife collector so that post struck a nerve for me, although I realize it’s only sarcasm. If you like your knives, you can keep your knives. I know I’m keeping mine.

                    • New Hobammy Exec Order to take effect This winter!

                      “All persons of that evil whitey race…Must at ALL times when traversing in Public anywheres and everywheres and at all times 24/7. Must keep Both Hands bare! NO Gloves allowed regardless the cold temps outdoors…This new LAW order by the Main head Chimpy in charge is to assure citizens of amerika can Remain safe at all times…Also included in new exec law order is for borh bare hands to at all times be displayed in a manner that other citizens can observe that both hands are Empty of all potential pointy weaponery and/or any type large Rock or Baseball batt which can also be used as weaponery.”

                      When interviewed on TV by Laugh-IN and HEE HAW shows…The Hobammy congradulated hiself for makeing americans safer and makeing it easy for the stupidest dumbed down monkey in every ghetto inner city to quickly asess weather any evil whiteys are armed with weapons.

                • “Save a life, give up your knife”. A new disarmament slogan in England, no joke.

                  • JustMe, I’ve heard that one. Try this one for size: GIVE UP YOUR KNIFE AND LOSE YOUR OWN LIFE.

                    • Hey I have a knife mounted on the front of my AR15, if you would like to take it, I’ll gladly hold on to the Butt while you pull it off of the front. I may put my finger in the trigger guard so I can get a better grip. Trekker Out

                    • Braveheart1776

                      Watch the knife and get struck with my Tomahawk.

                    • good one braveheart!
                      now how about “give up yer gun, all you can do is RUN!!”

          • Behind every blade of grass, literally, an American with a pipe in his hand….

        • Yes, pipe control, err, safety. Unless you’re Arab, because that would just be plain non-PC.

        • And the death penalty if PVC glue!

      5. Chuck Wagon Casserole Dutch Oven Recipe
        1 lb ground beef
        1 15.5oz can chili beans in sauce
        1 11oz can Mexican style corn
        3/4 cup BBQ sauce
        1 8.5oz package corn muffin mix
        1/2 cup chopped onion
        1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
        1/2 teaspoon salt
        Heat dutch oven to 350 degrees for Frying.
        Brown ground beef, onions, and peppers in dutch oven.
        Add chili beans, BBQ sauce, and salt.
        Bring to a boil.
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        Prepare corn muffin mix according to package.
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        Pour mix into dutch oven, spreading over meat.
        Close dutch oven and Stew at 325 degrees for 30 minutes or until inserted knife pulls out clean.

      6. Should have just doused the SUV with gas and set it ablaze. I guess though it was best that the police department divvy up the perps leftover ammo. Well glad it was just work place violence and that it’ll never happen again as our commander in chief has decided that those on the no fly list need to turn in their guns making us safe once again. Hooray!

        • I am safe, I have mossad protection. You goy are on your own.

          • You’re delusional, Them Guys. The Mossad would never protect a Jew-hating piece of filth like you even if could get into Israel.

            You are truly on your own. When SHTF, no decent community is going to put up with your behavior for very long. Get some counseling for your issues.

            Not only will Mossad not protect you, neither will anyone else. Why bother?

      7. Anybody notice how the FEDs put a large brown sheet of paper on the ground then placed the two hand guns and the two rifles on the paper for everybody to see?

        Right at the height of the investigation the FEDS put the weapons on display for the media.

        It was such an obvious propaganda tactic to control the narrative of the news stories. MORE GUN CONTROL!!!!!

        America has taken a very sad turn for the worse.

        • And notice how in one scene the SUV had glass and shit all over the place (with the vehicle all shot up) and in another scene (with the vehicle shot up) was on nice clean pavement? WTF did they go out and sweep it up? LOL at least make this shit believable you retarded fookin spooks!

        • Along with more gun-control and back-ground checks on gunshows, something has to be done about those shooting ranges. If we’re going to have “Workplace Violence”, we don’t want them to practice before they shoot up their fellow workers. Hey if you have fellow workers that are mooselimbs don’t serve HAM at you Christmas Party, on second thought better call it a holiday party. Trekker Out.

      8. America’s problems are
        #1 Democrats.
        #2 Moslems all 1.5 billion of them.
        The rest of the world, we can
        negotiate with.
        #1 and #2 aren’t human.
        Everyone else is.

        • Uh. Neither are dudes like the Bushes, McCain, Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc….

          They do gay orgies in Bohemian Grove.

          • I’m not a big fan of RINO Republicans either.
            I would like to see more of the citizen legislator.
            But taking 2, 4, 6 years out to do right thing,
            causes most people lots of financial hardship.
            Ever try to climb the ladder at a world class
            corporation? 2 years leave would kill your chances.
            Why do do think maternity leave is so popular?
            It gets rid of the non team members.

          • Hbeacrealist, SHHHHHHH! Not so loud. Acid might go for that.

            • 2 sides of the same coin.

        • Rellik, take out DC, NY, Hollywood, and City Of London. Most of the world’s problems solved.

      9. This idea of laying bombs for first responders done in US many years ago by the eric guy that was bombing abortion clinics,worked and either injured or killed some med personal,don’t remember for sure,was a long time ago.

        • Ya but the spooks just wanted it to look like it really was foriegn terrists behind it. They never intended it to go off.

          • Ya. More fear tactics by the CIA/DHS spooks.

          • Didn’t they prop grenades up under bodies in Nam, or was that Korea? Anyway, it’s really not new.

            • Trust me, it was both.

              I was in Vietnam and saw it and there were some Korean vets there that told about it in Korea as well.

              I understand the Japs did it in WWII too.

              I imagine it’s a tactic as old as bombs themselves.

        • Warchild, I remember that case. His last name escapes me, but he hid out in the mountains of western NC for a few years. He finally got caught in one of the towns rummaging through a dumpster looking for food. NOW I remember; ERIC RUDOLPH. He avoided capture for a long time. He knew those mountains and how to live off the land; definitely a survivalist. He screwed up royally bombing those clinics. I’m also against abortions, but bombing clinics won’t solve anything.

          • Brave, if it wasn’t for abortions the population would be 65% black. And nearly double the people. Think about that…

            • And you would be paying for a shitload MORE welfare bastards, I mean a LOT more..

              • right, we got waaaay too many stupid americans in the world ALREADY!!!….the stupid just keep breeding MORE stupid.

                • buttcrack, I wish you were my neighbor lol. We’d have a good time! (and I don’t mean that in a funny way lol.)

                  • LOL!…i’ve heard a lot of good stuff coming from YOU too!

              • Genius, even with abortion, the blacks and other minority groups still breed more than white people. I’ve seen this taking place for decades. And now, the muslim virus in the WH brings in all these muslim refugees and puts them straight onto the social programs. Every time I see muslims at a supermarket, they use an EBT card. Never with cash or debit/credit cards. So we’re already paying for more freeloaders except they come from the sandboxes.

                • You just made my point. Even WITH abortion the losers are breeding like crazy. Imagine without it 😮

                  • What do you call a black woman that keeps having abortions?

                    A crime fighter 🙂

                    • Genius, LMAO. Good one.

                    • THE OBAMAS: Just another black family in govt. housing 🙂

                    • That was (sarc) 🙂

                  • Genius and BCOD, the three of us can have a great time.

                    • Just remember, we must be politically correct lol.

                    • PFFFT! i aint gonna be PC anymore…my new plan is to argue and bring up talking points to these communists that are infecting our society…we CAN’T let them beat U.S. down anymore with their raciss crap…dems/libs are the REAL racists, and it’s WAY PAST time to call them on their bullshit.

                    • SHIT!….i just realized it…..i’m OLD now.

                    • BCOD, welcome to the club lol.

          • Eric Rudolph

          • Last name was Rudolph wasn’t it?..Eric Rudolph…Took 6-Million FBI/cops 5 years to locate him.

            picture him paired with the unibomber guy as a team!

            Very scarry eh.

        • Pretty much standard procedure to
          let everyone bleed out till the site
          is cleared.
          Keep in mind Cops and Medics aren’t
          even in the top ten most dangerous
          American professions.
          Plus Cops get to shoot ATM and
          get away with it. American soldiers
          have stricter rules in war than a
          cop in Los Angeles, or San Bernardino.
          Cops spent over three hundred rounds.
          That is called “spray and pray”.

          • Genius, I’d have to pass on the PC part.

            • that was (sarc) 🙂

      10. What made me outraged about the President’s Sunday evening talk to the nation was that he sounded like an apologist for Muslims!

        What also made me mad was that by his talking about the vast majority of Muslims whom he stated are peace-loving, he conveniently EXCUSED their SILENCE about, and thus their COMPILCITY with the VIOLENT MINORITY!

        The LAST thing that made me furious about his talk was this: where was Mr. Obama and his rhetoric when the heads of Christian boys and Christian girls and their parents were being chopped off and put on sticks BY that Muslim minority abroad?

        Where was his passion that OTHER Christians not be treated the same there, and in our own country?

        Where was his ardent defense of the vast majority of peace-loving Christians at that time?

        Why doesn’t he talk about WHY there are refugees, namely, that violent extremists ARE killing ANYONE who professes faith/belief in Christ?

        If you watch the news and do NOT get angry, please get your head examined!

        I love what Gandhi said– that truth never damages a causer that is just, and, that truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.

        Amen, Mr. Gandhi, amen!

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger, I’m afraid you’re right. He’s a Muslim so he will stand with other Muslims. He’ll go the extra mile to let in MUSLIM refugees, put them on the social programs, and put them on the fast track to US citizenship, but he DISCRIMINATES AGAINST CHRISTIAN REFUGEES. Muslims are evil and totally useless as people. I appreciate that quote from Gandhi; couldn’t have said it better. The AG Loretta Lynch has the nerve to stand up for these Muslim dogs saying she will prosecute any anti-Muslim speech while Americans get killed. That one statement right there told me all I need to know about her. She’s no different from the feds. Doesn’t care about this country. Just like a quota negro. I don’t live by any draconian policy. I live by a set of rules called the Bill Of Rights. My rights come from GOD and are NOT negotiable.


          • They can’t even tell us how you get on the list in the first place. I’ve heard some folks were put there out of spite by politicians who didn’t like some questions asked of them.

            It’s allegedly half foreigners, the other half divided between US citizens and US resident aliens.

            OK, the foreigners are fine, we don’t care about them, but why aren’t the resident aliens being deported as undesireables? Why aren’t the citizens in Gitmo?

            If they’re so dangerous they can’t board a commercial flight, why are they here?

      11. Cold dead hands

      12. Wasn’t obullshit the one who said about 5 days before the attack that there was no threats to the US?

        I told you guys to carry and watch your 6. Don’t let down it is going to get worse and there will be more.

        If I was going to attack I would set up secondary explosives, and other devises. But there is no threat to us in the USA. Just ask Obullshit and his turds they will tell you it was because they had AR’s.

        If I were you folks I would have a secondary weapon with me at all times, like an M4 or 12Ga. just a little friendly ADVISE. (If YOU GET MY DRIFT.)


        • All part of the New World Order plan.

          It is all a major psyche game, and joke, on us.

          Obozo is told what to say and when to say it.

        • Heres some great advice too: DO NOT GO AROUND ANY PLACE THE FEDS OR COPS HAVE DRILLS! That would save just about everyone (if you get my drift lol)

          • Well except the crisis actors…

          • Those are just coincidences. Just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean anything.

            If it wasn’t a coincidence, Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow would tell me otherwise.

            • Yep, the coincidences are almost unbelievable lol. But your right, Hannity set me straight and faux news gave me the fair and balanced lowdown…

        • Sarge, Braveheart gets your drift loud and clear. In some earlier posts, I was actually able to joke some for the first time since the burglary. My mind is back to normal now. But I’ll tell you now, a home invasion is NOT something you bounce back from. It’s only made me MORE determined than ever to protect me and mine and I’m not following any rules of engagement.

          • Brave:
            Happy to see your are feeling better. I’ve been away a lot with hunting, and had some problems with family. Lost a good friend to the BIG “C” 51 years old. Damn great Gal.

            I didn’t know this happened to you. Home invasion is no fun. Have handle a couple. With that kind of a thing that is shoot to kill. Again thank God you and yours are OK!


        • Let’s see, these guys had extremist ties to ISIS, there is $28,000 in their bank account held by a $50,000 a year civil service worker with a stay-at-home wife and child, rigged up explosive booby traps for a second slaughter, shot up the party to get the cops and aid people swarming into the rigged entryways, then fled the scene when their remotes didn’t work. And the problem is the two AR rifles?

          Tell me why we should let anyone disarm us when they can’t even protect the public from killer scum they should have been watching from Day One? There aren’t so many muslims in SB County that one FBI agent couldn’t sift through a stack of bank account reports on a Monday morning in about 20 minutes, or a list of high-profile websites visited, or foreign emails sent.

          • I’m sure you will figure it out Sherlock 🙂

            • Are You aware that technically everytime you state vile things about most Muslims and especially the arab varity it makes You an Antisemite?

              For Unlike those khazar fake jews arabs really Are semitic!…Just wanted to mention this factoid tid bit of info for them what may not be aware of it.

              So now lest see…If one whom bashes true arab semitic folks next calls providers of jew related infos an antisemite…Does that make that person calling out somebody as an antisemite not just an antisemite himself, but also makes that guy a total Hypocrite too?!!

            • No, I can just wait for you to tell us all about the gubmint conspiracy you learned about by seeing two rifles laid out on a piece of brown paper on Faux News or something, you’re pretty good at doing that delusional bullshit.

              Shouldn’t you be holding hands with Them Guys? He needs some loving right now, help him deal with his anger issues.

              • The only thing them douche needs is a straight jacket in a padded room and to be spoon fed baby food so he can’t hurt his lil’ self.

              • It’s called critical thinking (beyond your scope) and deductive reasoning. How are you ever going to pass detective skool if you can’t even find clues? C’mon sherlock I know you can do better 😛

              • It’s called critical thinking (beyond your scope) and deductive reasoning. How are you ever going to pass detective skool if you can’t even find clues? C’mon sherlock I know you can do better 😛

                • Hey genius, maybe you would like to offer your services as wet nurse to them guys? You can rub your man boobs in his face after spoon feeding him lol…..

      13. Shut down all the terrorist supply stores like Home Depot [/sarcasm]

      14. You may find my body in a ditch but it’ll be on top of a pile of brass..

      15. Obama avoided talking about legislation to control pipe bombs, because he’s afraid it might affect his crack pipe.

        I’m still shaking my head over Obama’s speech. Obama the constitutional lawyer promotes an unconstitutional law that violates multiple parts of the Constitution and bill of Rights. Obama’s plan is for a secret government program that is staffed by unelected bureaucrats to have the ability to disenfranchise any citizen at will without due process, without the ability to face your accuser, or even see the evidence against you. There is no mechanism to even know you have been flagged until you try to fly, or if Obama has his way buy guns or ammo.

        For a standing president with an intimate knowledge of the Constitution to so openly attack that constitution and the American people in response to an attack by international terrorists, is baffling.

        • Not really, it is what he’s told to do. None of this shit is his idea, he’s an idiot. The whole no fly, patriot act, NDAA, and a whole host of other shit is the work of the master tribesmen. Politicians (including the so called pres.) are just lower middle management. The Obamas are just another black family in govt. housing lol.

        • PTPO, the muslim virus a “constitutional lawyer”? GMAFB! One of the biggest jokes ever!

          • Oh I don’t doubt it for a second Brave. That way he knows exactly how to circumvent it!

            • Exactly Genius,

              When I say I’m baffled by Obama’s actions I mean it in the same way as when I say these terrorist mass murderers have me baffled. I really have trouble wrapping my mind around such evil.

              It is completely obvious that Obama is a psychotic personality bent on the destruction of the US as we know it. Obama is driven by a deeply held hate for the American people, our nation and our way of life. Obama lacks empathy and acts on his false view of reality.

              To see Obama wing walk on the very tip of insanity, is what baffles me. I understand how similar personalities like Hitler etc have led their nations to destruction, but to see Obama doing it to America before my eyes, is just incredulous.

              Keep stacking folks, Obama still has more than a year in office.

              • Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
                -CS Lewis

                I saw this quote recently and keep thinking about it.

                For whatever reason, the readers here are awake and aware.

                Be strong everyone, both physically and spiritually. I feel we are living in a time when this is so important.

                Prep as best you can. The littles do add up.

                Keep praying and prepping!
                KY Mom

      16. Let’s see if dad is a Muslim,is not very present in a child’s life, worships sharia,it’s a pretty
        Good chance the son will try to invent a father figure to worship and try to adopt the same views
        As said father. Especially if they are sent to foreign country to be indoctrinated.

      17. I swear the media and cabal must think that we are bunch of retards. Any dumbs ass can see pad the this BS. Anyone who does not prep will learn the hard way in 2016.. now we are hearing that a Russian TU 154 just enter California airspace and is gathering info.. then russian president asked his airforce to get th dooms day plane ready in two weeks…me and hammer just got our 500 HP feraday..caged dooms day machine ready to get the phuck to the BOL..just like how the elites are relocating and getting their BOL ready before they pull the plug, then we need to get ready.

        Get ready or your phucked.

        If your going to be stuck in your area get enough food to help others in your area to mobilize a survival group immediately.. All hell of mother phucking earth is about to bust loose..




        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • HCKS.

          Let The Shit Hit The Fan and those still standing are your survival group.

          I have very little energy to devote to helping people who do not want to help themselves. If you can’t see the shit coming your way by now, I don’t need to have you flipping out and trying to teach you survival skills during the thick of it. It will all be about TRIAGE.

          Those that read these posts and articles best decide what level of preparedness they should be at and get the items needed. Do what you have to do for I am NOT going to listen to Your Excuses later. Some is better than None!

          So you decide if you want to be Independent from Government and stand on your own two feet. OR. Become dependent on the Government/NWO and you know what they want to do to YOU and your Family.

          Just That Simple.

        • “TU 154 just enter California airspace and is gathering info”

          Yes all the retards are going to be nuked, run for your lives, save yourselves.

          Mean while in the real world it’s all legal and on board that TU 154 you will even find international observers to ensure the plane stays on it’s agreeded flight path and sticks by the rules that are, well 30 years old

          In return the USA is allowed to overfly Russia but they don’t need to keep it a big secret but i forget they ban PressTV where you live because you need protecting from the news.

      18. Has anyone read that the military equipment moved into states for Jade Helm was removed?

      19. A major attack is coming. Very likely a coordinated cyber-attack on the power grids. We will not enter a SHTF scenario with a bang, but with a whimper. The lights will simply go out…and our entire way of life will terminate instantly. Most will simply believe it just a temporary power outage. But as the hours and days pass, it will soon be evident that the apocalypse has arrived. Please listen to the coast-2-coast interview on Dec 1st with Ted Koppel on his new book “Lights Out”. This is no conspiracy theory. And its not a matter of if, but when. This will be the event that will usher in Marshal Law, as the govt takes complete control over the country.
        There will be no election in 2016. The dictatorship is already in place. Prep and Pray.!!!!!

        • Dec. 1st was a week ago.

      20. You just cannot get the staff these days.

        I mean you pay all this money to under cover CIA agents and they cannot even train the patsy to at least knock up a bomb that works.

        Mind you the government does not want to take your bombs, they just want your guns so i guess it will do.

      21. Something very odd lately and I don’t want to jinx it.

        Where are the Trolls? Don’t you find that unusual ?

      22. And the other huge elephant in the room

        Bombs trump guns
        Yet no talk about bomb control laws

      23. In Beltwayspeak “We outmaneuvered some folks”. I call it prepositioning assets. These “assets” are idling awaiting some kind of decision. You were supposed to have forgotten about them by now. I think attention spans are dissolved by all things digital because the building owner for WTC building seven testified under oath in the insurance trial that the building was pre wired for demolition. We seem to have forgotten that one also. The sparks light no fires within us anyway. Maybe some more “truth bombs” fired at us from abroad will.

      24. Why do some people here find it so difficult to believe that Islamist followers of ISIS would do this?

        This is exactly the sort of thing they do in the ME and throughout the world in the exact manner they usually do it. That they didn’t blow themselves up with a suicide belt in the process probably means they intended to do more if they hadn’t been stopped first.

        • It’s better for them to believe in whatever it is they want to believe, their world view is vindicated and they feel important and superior to the rest of us ‘sheeple’ who are unable to disassociate ourselves from reality.

        • If in 2016, Europe could pull through. If things go on as they are, by 2025, it’s over.

          I hope President Hillary lets us take in millions of white European Christian refugees.

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