Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There… Exists as Paper IOU’s”

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    The assumption by global depositors who have entrusted their national savings with the Federal Reserve and US Government has always been that when they request to repatriate their holdings the Fed would simply open the vault, access said assets and ship them back to where they belong.

    That’s exactly what Germany expected would happen last year when the country requested that the Federal Reserve return about one-fifth of their gold reserves. But that’s when things got really dicey. The Fed announced that Germany’s gold would be returned… but it would take seven years to get back home.

    The response to Germany’s request turned heads all over the world and raised concerns that the Federal Reserve had squandered its gold holdings. But this isn’t the only red flag that was raised. Public pressure reached such levels that the Fed was forced to take steps to maintain confidence in its operations, so it started shipping gold to Germany. Except it turns out that the gold being sent back to the Bundesbank wasn’t actually German gold. It contained none of the original serial numbers, had no hallmarks, and was reportedly just recently melted.

    The implications are earth shattering and hit the very core of the problems facing America today. The whole system as it exists is just one big paper IOU.

    In this must-watch interview with Future Money TrendsJefferson Financial CEO Brien Lunden weighs in on Germany’s gold, what is happening at the Fed and what other central banks are doing right now. Brien also shares his thoughts on where the gold market is today, what to expect in coming years as gold supplies tighten up, how mining companies like Brazil Resources are taking advantage of the current environment, and how to profit from gold in coming years.

    (Full transcript and interview)

    For the reply to be that it would take seven years for this Gold to be sent back to you, your Gold to be sent back to you, was an obvious admission that the Gold just isn’t there.

    Yes, it’s an admission that the German reserves were not still sitting there in the vault in the same form that they were sent there after WWII. They were not the original Central Bank Gold bars, same serial numbers etc. It’s an admission that at some point since then, that Gold has been used for other purposes.

    So the dirty little secret here, is that a significant portion of central bank Gold reserves, including the U.S., don’t exist now in their original bar form. In fact, they exist as IOU’s, paper IOU’s, from the very banks that were bailed out in 2008 by the Federal Reserve.

    So the Gold isn’t there, and the secret that they’re hiding is that it’s been replaced by IOU’s, and importantly those IOU’s are for Gold that was borrowed at much lower prices.

    The Fed, through their recent actions, has essentially admitted that the gold stored in their vaults isn’t really there. Just as our government refuses to be openly transparent to with the American people, the Fed has resisted all calls to open their books (and vaults) to impartial third-party accountants for review.

    The whole system, it seems, is now operating on IOU’s. Be it consumers, banks, the Fed or even the US government, all of the US dollars being exchanged are nothing but worthless pieces of paper, because given the lack of transparency at the Fed, we have to assume that the physical assets supposedly backing all this currency have already been spent.

    Are we wrong in making this assumption?

    If you were to store some emergency funds with a friend who promised to get them back to you whenever you asked, and then you ask and are told it’ll be a few years before he’ll get you the cash, what assumption would you make?  That your friend has the money on him right now, or that he’s used it for other purposes and doesn’t really know exactly when he’ll have it available for repayment?

    Our entire consumer economy, as well as the credit worthiness of our nation, is built upon confidence. It’s took decades to get America in a position where our country’s monetary issues and services would be trusted by the international community. It’s taken just a few years for that confidence to be lost.

    It’s now only a matter of time before our creditors and global investors pull the plug on the whole thing.



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      1. Basstard

        Gold? What gold ?

        • What?

          The pretty, shiny stuff that used to be money, but that we apparently don’t need anymore. Everyone knows, paper is just as good.

          Isn’t it?

          • admin

            I’ve heard you can eat paper — so yeah, definitely!

            • Christian Man

              Easier to use the Paper for TP than it is the shinny stuff!

              softer too!

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                But Gold makes great bullets.

                • What?

                  Holy crap!

                  You can eat it, wipe your ass with it, AND shoot it?!?!

                  Is there anything it can’t do?


                  • Arizona Fred

                    What gold….silly fuckers…

                    I got no gold…..

                  • Be informed

                    @ Prepared Pastor. Twitter has many problems to it, namely the idiots that are totally clueless about much of anything and the personal information like worthless facebook that you have to sign over. This site has people on it that are actually awake and IF and WHEN something does happen near to them or even ground zero I would trust the better judement of the people here everyday.

                    Many people are talking about a forum for much time now. There should at least be a special section that any of us could let others know what they know firsthand. It is getting a jump on a SHTF event. I am actually not concerned about alerting everyone to a massive earthquake, but I am interested in getting information about something that affects all of us as rapidly as possible.

                    I don’t know why Mac would take away a simple little Community Discussion about the last 10 posts, unless of course it is broken. Aside from emergencies, people just don’t go to previous articles unless they know that someone has posted some comment to it. So the previous article becomes obsolete and dated to anyone that wants to comment something. This means that someone that has not been on the computer for a couple of days has totally lost the opportunity to comment on a previous article because very few people will see it or read it. Why even keep a record of these previous articles from a comment point of view.

                    So someone that missed a previous article can either forget about commenting on it, because it will be lost amoungst the hundreds of other comments. Or they can comment on the present article completely off topic. Just like this example as Prepared Pastor made this comment on the article anout Crisis Reality. See how this doesn’t work not having a list of recent comments.

                  • Average Guy

                    Be informed wrote, “So someone that missed a previous article can either forget about commenting on it, because it will be lost amoungst the hundreds of other comments.”

                    Don’t sweat it.

                    Maybe not “everyone” will read the comment, but some will.
                    Just go ahead and comment and move on. Just do the best you can. That’s all you can do. You can’t reach everybody.

                    Have you thought about creating a blog and posting a link to that?

                    Anyway, like I said, don’t sweat it. Stuff happens and nothing is perfect. Just work with whatch’ya got. That’s all anyone can do, here, or wherever you are.

                  • PO'd Patriot

                    Yeah, it can’t buy your way into eternal paradise.

                  • SugarHoneyIceTea

                    can even use it to fill your teeth during a dental emergency in the ‘hood…….LMFAO

                  • Prepared Pastor

                    I’m not thrilled that he removed the last ten posts section myself, but you’re wrong about Twitter. Do you even have an active Twitter account? Prepperdom is the only movement I know where inexperienced and unqualified people take advice from other inexperience and unqualified people.

                    Unlike on this site, If you don’t do a general search, but only read the feeds you subscribe to then you’re not exposed to the kind of content you described. We travel a lot and my wife subscribes (I don’t use cell phones) to several 511 feeds that alert us to road conditions along the way.

                    I’ve gleaned a lot of information from Facebook using an account with absolutely no accurate identifying information about me. You can be as anonymous as you like on the Internet, but if you think not joining these sites provides security, you’re missing the big picture. If you are not at least using a proxy server everything you do is being tracked and connected directly to you.

                    I do the following:
                    1. Have a used laptop dedicated to browsing
                    2. Use public wi-fi so the ISP is not connected to me
                    3. Use a different email address for different activities. The guy who owns the one I use here is currently in prison.
                    4. Use nonfactual information on any site asking for it.

                    It appears to me Mac deleted that box so he could fill the space with more ads to make more money. If enough people don’t like it they will stop coming then maybe he will reconsider. That is how the free market works.

                  • Be informed

                    @ Prepared Pastor. I like that about the e-mail that you give is someone that is in prison, that is really giving the system the bird. I admit it I have become so paranoid about being hacked by those out there and destroying a third computer. I would love to have an instant access to information, but again I am wary of letting anything in from those I don’t trust. I don’t even use the e-mail because it has burned me before even with an anti-virus.

                    I don’t see why the Community Discusssion can’t be put below the advertisement of BO, there is lots of space below this. People like myself use this to see comments at the time to other articles. I simply don’t have the patience to go through 700 individual comments from articles past to see anything new posted. Yet there are people that post good information on these previous articles that me and others will now have very little chance of being read. That part of it is a liability to the site.

                    I try to stick to the topic discussed at least once out of respect for the site. Even those aticles about an economic collapse that continue to seem to always be tomorrow. I feel sort of guilty even posting earthquake warnings on an article about precious metals. Even with accuracy of close to 90% and the need for people to know of danger where they live or travelling to. This is part of SHTF plan they talk about, being ready and alert.

                    Why I get so upset about these economical collapse articles is because unless there is something after the 2008-09 correction to back up such claims, then constantly talking about the economy falling is crying wolf and the site and even other prepper sites lose their creditability for being able to distinguish between true real imminent threats and something that could be much time away. In all fairness look at the hype about 2013 being for sure the year when it was going to happen. Now we are nearing February 2014 and the country is still functioning.

                    I want to know when the economy is going to implode, because it likely means war or something else like some runaway pathogen. To continue to milk the issue eventually drains the cow. This has become stale and so many people are saying, not just on this site, OKAY WHEN? In other words no one believes it anymore because too many times too many people have said it is imminent and then NOTHING happens, not even a 20% correction or something. There has to be something to say that this can be a lot worse and keep people’s attention. Since 2008-09 there has not. Without solid numbers we cannot even get a hold of the true unemployment numbers. These economic collapse articles are about the society really stopping the ability to function, not even during the 2008-09 did this happen. You had more lack of society functioning when Boston shutdown under a type of martial law state looking for the terrorists. Of just this is only my opinion.

                  • 1happycountrymom

                    Losing the “last 10 comments ” section makes it so much more difficult
                    for those of us using little android phones…….

                  • John Q. Public

                    Understand Satan’s war against God, against Christianity, against the Ten Commandments. Understand history, current events, and the creed that teaches that you are not human and have no rights to honesty, property, or even life:


                • Be informed

                  Gold today can purchase way more than when it was actually valued at $20, like a $20 gold coin. Back then you could get 1/4 or 1/5 of what you could purchase today in supplies. IF you can afford precious metals they offer safeguards against inflation. The next best items are of course what you will actually use for survival, as these items are immune to inflation also as long as they don’t have immediate expired dates. I bet a lot of people that purchased ammo years ago and stored it away and still have the price tags on the boxes must be feeling pretty darn good right now.

                  • Be informed

                    The one ace in the hole that U.S. has to back up itself with creditors is the ability to grow food. This could be one of the ONLY saving graces that could much prolong the economy. Everyone needs to eat and the U.S. can still produce enough food for the 315 million people in this country plus about 450 million more people based on the amount of arable land in square miles available. This is not a shabby amount of money that could help pay the interest on all those loans for awhile. This can be a type of collateral that can have some strenght behind it even if the petro dollar falls to a basket currency.

                    Again, we don’t know just the real numbers. Like a beach of sand in which we can put that sand based on crystal size and volume into a giant hour glass, we could gauge the time. The economy and monetary system is full of ghost numbers that ONLY the worst most evil bankers and some of the elitists actually know. NONE of us can even begin to predict the collapse. This is why year after year follows and it stays afloat and this will continue until a ceiling is reached. Then NONE of us will probably even know it because they will use some sort of excuse like war to hide such a economic debacle.

                    This is why I grow so weary of all this talk about the economy being this year for sure. Without the true numbers we can speculate all day long about gold and IOU’s, but in the stark reality each one of us needs to be preparing for the harsh hell that any SHTF event will bring. At least with a physical event such as a super volcano or a plague we know we are in trouble. With war, there is the physical evidence that any of us can access on a Google satellite view of troops and war machines on the move. IF it is blacked out, we really know we are in trouble. We can’t get a grasp on the economy because we are trying to catch wisps of smoke with our hands. Until we can get hard core figures, we don’t actually know what is really occurring with these bastards.

                    It makes good sense if you can afford it to have precious metals. If you have a personal SHTF and these suckers try to garish your wages and other mafia tactics, you can pull money from your own stash and sell it without them knowing and save yourself. This makes a lot of sense to me in and out of SHTF on most levels.

                    Trying to GUESS what these characters are doing is interesting, but it is just a wild guess. The proof in this is that many people are losing interest in prepping because of all of the things promised would happen in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and in 2013 never panned out like predicted. Not just the economy either. Like I said earlier the human race is becoming so JADED. People need a reason to prepare, so that 1% of us can grow. False economic forecasts are hurting this a lot, especially those articles that continue to say that it is now for sure. This is what I like about what Mac wrote, it is only a matter of time. This doesn’t give a time frame, only eventually it will happen sometime in the future. This was a smart comment with sense behind it.

                    I just hope that there are more articles about what is really affecting people right now that people can relate to big time, like getting cancer all of a sudden from all the by-products that none of us are aware of coming from Fukushima contamination. That scares the hell out of me. Also preparation for the future when whatever happens occurs.

                  • DumbDude

                    Yeah Bleet Bleet Bleet another blind sheeple that believes everything is fine.

                    Just kidding BI. Thats what I always get when I say I’m tired and unimpressed adout the latest dire prediction or prophecy.

                    Here’s what I wrote in a stale 3 day old article (that you are right no one saw) back on
                    January 10th replying to buttcrackofdoom

                    Ok, I don’t expect anyone to read this. But I guess I feel like wasting some time. I am by no stretch the eternal optimist. As far as the future of this country goes I am definitely in the Glass half empty camp. That enormous debt and direction of the central government has me worried for my 2 sons under 5 years old.

                    But I also can’t stand the endless daily alarmism. You say put yourself back in 2000 and look ahead to 2014. Well to tell you the truth, in 2000 (or just before) I thought there was a real chance that Y2K bug issues would cause all sorts of disruption in this country. I made sure I was with family and friends in the middle of the country rather than in California where I was living at the time. Didn’t happen, false alarm, daily living went on much the same. Then a year later I watched the world trade towers come down and paid a lot of attention to the anthrax bioterror. I wondered what the hell would be happening next. Dirty bombs? Nukes? I was a very angry person back then. But… Nothing happened, daily living went on much the same. I had a pack and was ready and able to bug out when SARS hit in 2002/2003. But… Nothing happened, daily living went on much the same. In 2008 collapse of Lehman Bros. financial world freezes up, I was newly married, pregnant wife, just moved, new job. Luckily I had food stores, wilderness skills, lots of short term preps, had been reading prepper blogs for a couple of years, I had even purposely moved to a part of the country that would be very stable. But… Nothing happened, daily living went on much the same.

                    After a while if you are not so F*@cking thick headed, a person should realize “Hey I am no good at predicting the future. I can’t seem to understand why people just keep on keeping on no matter what happens.” Then you start looking into history and hell man you see we in the US have lived in a time of amazing peace, incredible stability, we have a pretty resilient economy, immense physical wealth…

                    So I’ve lost all my faith that the world is coming to an end.

                    Does that mean I am not prepared, nope it is too easy and economical to keep doing what I’m doing. My family can eat out of our well stocked pantry for months. I can shoot many more rounds then I’ll ever get a chance to if bad guys are actually shooting back. Etc. etc. etc. So do I think your (buttcrackofdoom’s) list of grievances since 2008 mean that the world MUST to come to a bloody end in the next few months. Nope. PROBABLY not going to happen, daily life will PROBABLY go on much the same. If not I will be prepared, but I will no longer be a true believer that the signs have been correctly interpreted that the prophecy is fulfilled and that for example Fukishema will give the entire world cancer in the next two weeks.

                    Fool me the first decade shame on you, fool me the second decade and its shame on me. I’m doing my best not to be such a DumbDude

                  • QuantumBubbler

                    BI, here’s my explanation of the particular conundrum, the economy.

                    As we all know, they are ‘sinking the Titanic’ just as hard as they can. Well, their shortcoming is they don’t really know how many Titanics are left to sink. The ability of the victim to keep her head above water is astounding, given her drunken stupor.

                    It may turn out the whole mess isn’t sinkable, at least to the violent degree they desire. Americans may just be accepting a lower station in the global economy. The poorest around the world are getting better off!

                    Another thing which the poor thinkers and planners who are sinking our Titanics apparently do not realize is this, when our Titanic sinks we will just step off onto terra firma and deal with what they have done to our country.

                  • jeepboy1991

                    I read this a few years ago, A $20 “double eagle” gold piece, when minted, would buy a new colt SAA revolver or one of the finest suits you could get “off the rack”. A $20 gold piece STILL will, but a $20 federal reserve note will NOT!
                    Just a comment.

                  • chipmoore

                    The country could go on tor quite a while yet but things could come to a head immediately. The temps are brutally cold in the east now. Just think if the power went out. California is in a drought. We could have food shortage. Something is going to happen. We don’t know when or what. Could be a financial crisis. But it is coming

                • Them Guys

                  John Q Public: Great Link you posted! I was just at that website yesterday and the day before reading a bunch of Great info and many great comment replies.

                  Everybody here should check out JQP’s LINK website as its a good eye opener type info site, and everything written of there is always Fully Notated and Documented for folks to verify the infos truth or fact content.

                  • Them Guys

                    PS: Heres a Couple More great websites filled with info and great well informed readers-replies comment sections.

                    First site is guy lives in Netherlands, and its mainly about money-and how/why to End Usury(interest on money).

                    http:// realcurrencies dot wordpress dot com

                    Michael Hoffman website is www dot revisionisthistory dot org

                    Both sites have great info. Hoffman is a genius and is amoung the Very best at what he does. That being search out, Find, expose Factual truths!

                    With enough notated Documentations you can check to verify his articles and research, to keep you quite busy reading for the next decade!

                    CAUTION!! Hoffmans site as well as the other one are for folks who Can handle real Truth! Those who are eaisly offended when confronted with facts and truth, Beware!

                  • Anon7

                    Well, well, well, if it isn’t that self-loathing closet Jew John Q. Public who’s real name is Moshe Q. Publicstein. He never misses a chance to distance himself from his roots. Today he is joined by dim witted little sidekick ‘Them Guys’ and together they lamely attempt to blame others for their miserable little lives when. Neither one can face the truth that they are just plain dumb and lazy and that’s why they have shitty little jobs and shitty little lives. And the answer is NO, I don’t want fries with my order!

              • KY Mom

                Off topic…

                This administration doesn’t need Congress, they have the EPA and Obama’s ‘pen’ to get the things they want done.

                EPA Decree Shrinks Size of Wyoming by a Million Acres

                CNS News

                  • Peterson

                    Your bullshit news stories sur do suck KFC. You’d be better off telling us more stories about your liberal teachers union or something.

                  • KY Mom


                    If you don’t like the news stories and comments here, why don’t you go ELSEWHERE!

                    You should have paid attention more in class.

                    The correct spelling is “sure”. The FIRST graders I taught learned to spell it correctly.

                • KY Mom

                  from the article…

                  “This should be a concern to all citizens because, if the EPA can unilaterally take land away from a state, where will it stop?” Governor Matt Mead said in a press release on January 6.”

                  • Facebook Page

                    always off with the Facebook posts.

                  • 1braveheart

                    Peterson, there you go again. Nothing better to do than pick on Ky Mom? And FYI, she’s NOT a liberal. So, like she said, move on to someplace else and go f#$% yourself!

                • anonymous

                  anon7 is back? YAWN!

                • John Q. Public

                  @ KY Mom

                  Thanks for that article.

                  “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool.” —Paul Begala

                  “Nuremberg 2, punishment and reparations. Kinda cool.” —John Q. Public

            • Paranoid

              The other possibility is the US is stealing it all and going to keep it. I like that one.

            • mqg25

              ..and even someday soon it will make good kindling
              for the fireplace.

            • olde reb

              How does the Fed hide $4 billion daily that appears to be legally owned by the government ?? http://www.scribd.com/doc/101937790/Federal-Reserve-Heist.

              How does the Fed produce a $17 trillion debt that can never be repaid without putting up one penny of money to make the debt ??? http://www.scribd.com/doc/48194264/rip-off-by-the-Federal-Reserve-revised.

              What do the owners of the FR system/BOG do with the embezzled profit from the Fed?? http://www.scribd.com/doc/115919607/FUNDING-THE-NEW-WORLD-ORDER.

          • Rodster

            All that gold has been rehypothecated so many times it’s going to take awhile to figure out who owns what. Can you imagine the shit storm when all these nations come looking for their gold and demanding it back and they are told it was sold to China? Then they go to China and demand their gold back and China says FU.

            That’s when you can expect one big ass war. All started by the crooks at the Fed.

            • KY Mom

              Germany has recovered a paltry 5 tons of gold from the NY Fed after one year

              …out of 674 tons of gold


              • Rodster

                Supposedly the gold they got back was melted down. It lacked the Germany’s stamp on the bars.

                • durango kidd

                  Well, did anyone who is anyone in money and banking since WWII really want the gold stamped with the Nazi Logo …. even in Germany? Great pains have been taken to erase the symbols of the Third Reich from history where ever possible.

                  Just saying. That accounts for the melt. 🙂

                  The gold itself is a different story. My dad took me to Ft Knox KY as a kid to “see the gold”. They wouldn’t let us in, but I did get to see my first Sherman Tanks as they rolled around to the front of the building in response to our request.

                  Dad was such a joker!!! 🙂

                  • Cede

                    Germany’s gold was deposited post WWII. So no Nazi logo. That’s a little ridiculous Durango. The Germans probably melted the gold down to make sure the United States hadn’t ripped them off completely by sending gold plated lead bricks back. Seriously, how can any country trust the United States now?
                    The United States seems to be trying really really hard to isolate the country from other Nations. We spy on friendly governments.We steal their gold. We demand that they use our currency as the world reserve.
                    It would not surprise me if the entire planet turned there back on us. No wonder everyone hates us!

                  • durango kidd

                    Cede: Your ignorance must be FUCKING bliss. Germany’s gold, which was Nazi gold, stamped with the Nazi Swastika and Eagle, was confiscated by the USA after WWII, while the Soviets were busy with Berlin.

                    In a similar fashion WE confiscated all of the Japanese gold which in turn, had been plundered from the nations of Southeast Asia. Read Yamato”s Gold.

                    “Germany” was only a memory and a future idea at that time, under the auspices and protection of Uncle Sam; as was Japan. Most of the world’s gold was collected in these two stashes and was confiscated by the USA as the spoils of war, thus the term, long used throughout history:

                    “To the victor goes the spoils.”

                    There was also Nazi gold stored in Switzerland, that was given to holocaust survivors by the World Court as “compensation”, many decades later. It too was stamped with the Nazi Swastika and Eagle. That gold, in the main, was the melted down tooth fillings of the dead jews.

                    All nations spy on each other; even “friends”. The USA is just better at it than anyone else because it controls the Internet. The French for example have used their government spies to steal industrial secrets from American companies.

                    WE don’t force other nations to use OUR money. They CHOOSE to use OUR money for the access it gives them to the financial and commercial infrastructure which America has created, paid for, and manages for the benefit of civilization.

                    It was the USA after WWII (meaning the US taxpayer) who paid for the Reconstruction of Europe; including Germany and Japan. America saved Russia from a second collapse during Putin First Term of office by maintaining high oil prices that were paid for by the consumers of Europe and America with high gasoline prices.

                    The America taxpayer has paid for the China Miracle that has lifted 600 million Chinese and many hundreds of millions of other Third World people from abject poverty and near starvation. The evisceration of the American Middle Class is the result of that wealth transfer.

                    Get a brain and get a fucking clue. Trust but verify. 🙂

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  WTF, france demanded their gold in 1971, and they drove over here in a battleship and picked it up in ONE DAY!

                  • Cede

                    Dear Durango Cod piece
                    Before you start calling people ignorant, at least try to get your facts correct. You’ve spent quite some time writing a pile of horse who-har by the looks of it and I’m really disappointed for you, because most of its wrong or twisted around. But, I’ll reply to be polite.

                    It sounds like you’ve spent years listening to the US Governments propaganda machine, spitting out decades of verbal spew. It’s all designed to get the general public feeding from the same trough, don’t cha know? Keep them controlled and under a boot heel. And, it sounds very much like you are one of those people, who’s listened to years of the trough fed swill. Are you sure you’re awake? I mean, c’mon!! Some of the dribble you write sounds like you support what the talking heads say.

                    Keep sending in news from the trough though Drongo Codd piece. But please get your facts right first. OK, give yourself a spinal tap or something Drongo. Take a bit of pressure off.

                    Eagerly awaiting your reply fish head

                  • durango kidd

                    Cede: Give US the “FACTS” ass wipe! You didn’t dispute anything I said with any “FACTS”! Cough them up! WE are all holding OUR collective breath.

                    As far as I am concerned my parents and grandparents bought that Nazi Gold with the taxes they paid to rebuild Europe, Germany, and Japan; then defend them for all of these decades against the Soviets, while they failed to pay their fair share (less than 2% of GDP) of their own defense.

                    In the meantime, European workers get thirty days paid vacation every year and can vacation at government owned resorts in the MED, while University costs are low or non existent for their kids….. while OUR kids must put their future in hock for their education, underwriting the NWO, and the defense of Europe.

                    Please, dumb shit, give US the FACTS!!! 🙂

                • Facebook Page

                  And why we are all starting to look like a Facebook page again.

              • Shootit

                Hmmmm! Wonder what could have happened. Must have just wondered off into the woods?

                • JoeRepublic

                  Helicopter Ben lost it all in the same way I lost all my guns. He was out on a boating trip with some of his crony friends from JP Fuckan, “Hey, it ain’t my problem you ain’t covered”-AIG, Scamman Brothers, Goldman Sux, the IMFu and New World Order Bank. He thought it would be fun too bring all the reserve gold on their trip and show it off to all his friends.

                  Then, the weather started getting rough; the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the cowardice of the fearful swine, the gold would not be lost. The ship set ground on Manhattan isle, but by then the gold was gone. So, they all went back to work on the printing presses and cranked out a shitload of IOU’s. With Gilligan,…

                  Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a mighty tall tale there BerskankScheiße. We all know you robbed that gold a long time ago. Right about the time of the Gold seizure act in 1933, first issued as an executive order by Puppetdent Rosenfeld, er, I mean, Roosevelt. Dumb fuckers better get a clue soon, they don’t just want your gold, they want you dead. But hey, nothing to see here folks, go back to watching your fuckin football and suckin down your genetically modified poison.

              • Kulafarmer

                If this is true, the Germans should be preparing to seize Americas assets and prosecute anyone they can get their hands on in that chain of command

                • Shootit

                  Troll. We where red fagged. Whoops can’t spell.

                  • Kulafarmer

                    Whats your problem bub

                • sixpack

                  “If this is true, the Germans should be preparing to seize Americas assets and prosecute anyone they can get their hands on in that chain of command”

                  The Federal Reserve IS A PRIVATE ENTITY. Germany should be seizing ITS ASSETS and arresting every criminal bankster and the OWNERS of the fed as well. They should throw them under the nearest gulag until they get their gold back…debtors prison, where THE FED is the imprisoned debtors.

                  • Sgt. Dale

                    Just for shits and giggles lets give them Detroit. Or N.Y. city.
                    No No Chicago, PLEASE!!!!

                • Sgt. Dale

                  I agree let us start with the Dictator In Chief.
                  Benny Boy. Just to start with.

            • .02

              If I am not mistaken the crooks at the fed sold China tungsten laced gold.

            • Kevin2

              They will all be referred to Jon Corzine to tell them where the money went.

            • Canadian Vet

              So where is that gold? China? Hard to tell seeing how the Fed sold them gold bars that were cut with tungsten.

              That is unless other gold holdings were used to provide the gold content of those doctored bars.

              But something I have said before is that it is only the major players like Soros, the Bildbergers, the Rotschilds, etc who can turn paper gold into physical gold. Could they have emptied out the Fed faults but filled their filing cabinets?

              One of my theories is these power brokers KNOW fiat currencies worldwide will collapse and a return to a metallic standard is inevitable. As such, they are getting themselves ready to have a chokehold on the available currency/backing assets in order to guarantee their positions of power. I would even go so far as saying they are going to set themselves up as kings or at least as a form of neo nobility and they will use their gold and silver for what these assets have been used for centuries: buy the services of armed men who will do violence on their behalf to enforce their will.

              • DumbDude

                Just curious, what if we the people choose not to buy into their plan that gold and silver are worth killing or dying for?

                I know that I don’t need them.

                Yeah, they look cool and shiney made into rings and necklaces, but what if we decide that they aren’t worth much more than 50 or 10 lbs of rice or flour?

            • The Old Coach

              Finally, as coherent an explanation of the current gold market queerness as I have ever read.


              This is an interesting parallel to the means by which the newly Constituted Federal Government paid off the massive debt incurred by the individual colonies during the Revolutionary War. (That debt, by the way, was the main reason we got a new Constitution in 1789 – read “The Unruly Americans”.) The new Federal Government laid claim to all the land in the “Northwest Territory”, (what is now Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana), and sold it off.

              This time they’re selling gold.

              Basically, he says, the Fed is selling future-delivery contracts in great quantities, at certain times of the day, which works to drive the daily price of gold down, thus maintaining the appearance that dollar is not being rapidly devalued. SOME of these contracts get executed, (i.e. the buyer decides to actually take delivery of the gold). So, bit by bit, the Fed is selling real gold. Here’s the nasty part – the Government and the bullion banks have been doing so much of this that they have run out of their own gold, and they are delivering gold that is in their vaults for safekeeping, but which they do not own. Kinda like little Keeshawn, having already sold his car and his big-screen TV, sells Momma’s jewelry for his next fix of crack.

              This can’t go on indefinitely. Pretty soon they are going to have to start confiscating every flake in private hands, too. Keeping precious metals in a safe or a hole in the ground will be useless. They will make it illegal to own, as Roosevelt did. You will be forced to exchange it for fiat paper dollars. For the obvious reason, they will do this at a price that is deliberately depressed. They can do this, because they have (or claim) a monopoly on the use of force.

              So do not own gold, unless you can afford to leave it in that hole in the ground for fifty years, or can transport it out of the country in secret. If you must own commodities, own something more useful to everyday life. Unfortunately much bulkier and more perishable than gold, but less liable to be confiscated. Lists of “SHTF Barter Items” are all over the internet.

              • Average Guy

                The Old Coach said, “Pretty soon they are going to have to start confiscating every flake in private hands, too.”

                You mean like how they outlaw so-called, ‘illegal drugs’ in the land, too?

                How’s that working out for them so far?

                • Average Guy

                  I don’t know, Them Guys. I can imagine quite the opposite too.

                  But when you say, ZERO dope dealers, NO more tax cheats, NO robberies on streets, and No loss of ID. I think you’re dreaming of what never was and never will be.

                  Freedom and liberty might get a jackboot, but those things you list will never come to pass without eliminating human beings from the planet. You might as well be saying there will be no more Greed, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, or Sloth.

                • sixpack

                  Well, if gold suddenly drops that much, I’ll just string my birdies together and have a great fashion necklace to wear to the movies!

                  Whatever, I’ll KEEP my birdies just the same.

                • The Old Coach

                  Well, that’s a valid point A.G., but drugs are not money. I don’t doubt that gold will be usable in the black market, but how do you pay “white-market” bills with it? Or buy land, for example. Already it’s impossible use a suitcase of FRNs to buy anything like that today. The banks report any deposit over $9999 to the IRS already. Just like drug cash, the only way to get it into the banking system will be to get it out of the country to a place that allows it, or work with a crooked bank like B of A to launder it. Might work for buying clandestine military supplies smuggled from China via Aztlan, I suppose.

                  • sixpack

                    The way this country is going, we might need those clandestine military supplies smuggled from China via Aztlan…just saying.

                • REB

                  Not saying youre wrong but if people start wearing their ID in chips in their body seems to me a big uptick in beheadings/mutilations and hands chopped off for that info/ID will be one result of such actions…just sayin…

              • PO'd Patriot

                Here’s a link to a site I look at ever mourning. If you watch it daily, you’ll notice that gold takes a big dive between 4-5 am when the Asian markets are open, followed by a large spike afterward (them buying). This has been going on for quite a long time.


            • JayJay

              Stupid is as stupid does. They weren’t smart or responsible enough to keep it in their banks/safes??
              And IF it was exchanged for fiat to buy oil, that strategy is also questionable.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                somewhere i saw a story just in last couple days said it was WEST germany deposited their gold in case EAST germany invaded them??? so it is SUPPOSEDLY safe here..hee hee hee! THANKS, germany, sthuckeerrrrrs!(daffy duck)

            • Donald Ames

              Rodster is right on the money. The game will be over when the gold trail ends in China, without the possibility of getting the gold back. Expect the big firecrackers to come out at that point and an inland sea will be created where China once was.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                china is buying STUFF! they really don’t give 2 shits about WHAT it IS as long as they can get rid of that soon to be worthless DOLLAR! property, gold, food, cotton, copper and all other commodities….just as long as when (sh)it HAPPENS, it don’t happen to THEM! as is my advice to america(ns). don’t get caught holding dollars….have STUFF that is WORTH trading for, that will contribute to your survival.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  i agree with you bob, we can’t dick with a third of the worlds population(china) forever, and keep gettin’ away with it without a SERIOUS ass-kickin’! the lessons china has taught US about what they are capable of have been lost on many here on this site, and all across america…when i buy sumthin from harbor freight or walmart, as i hand the money to the cashier, i say “you KNOW they’re gonna build a TANK with that money, right?….who KNEW “made in china” would be a warning label?…….like ron paul says, we shouldn’t be the BULLY for the WORLD! it’s just a matter of time before we get left on the side of the road, naked, and bleeding,…from an orifice.

              • Jim Bob

                I wonder what will occupy the space formerly known as the USA will look like after the big firecrackers go boom.

          • Npgh

            I read somewhere that when you see the smack down in gold is when to be ready for shtf. The big guys are manipulating to buy any remaining pphysical gold cheap while none is to be anywhere on the street. I also read somewhere that japans old dynasty had there gold stolen by the usa after ww2 and they were secretly suing to get it back. I think the fed and the big banks are alll being played by the elite.

            • durango kidd

              If you can push down the price of gold far enough to where it is uneconomical to mine it and the gold mines must close, it would be easier to halt production altogether by decree.

              Ya think? 🙂

              • Them Guys

                DK: Ever see that RT tv news one hr lomg documentary on reg avg citizens in south america doing Gold Mining?

                Their actual cost to mine gold is close to Zero costs. Other than a couple gallons gas for a truck or car, while most folks there travel to mine sites by foot of donkys.

                The tv show shows them folks climbing down over 1/2 Mile down into gold mines on homemade wodden ladders attached to shaft wall. Then they dig a canvas bag full of dirt from deep in mine….Then they climb back up the entire 1/2 mile or More even! While carrying a 65lb+ bag of mine dirt to the surface…Where their women folks are busy panning and sorting that dirt by Hand, looking for any small glitters or flakes etc of gold.

                The tv show host reporter says on a good avg month, each miner earns on avg aprox equal to $1300-$2000 us dolars, but the gold is sold to europeans for EU-Euros dollars usually.

                And all those mines are actually Owned by Other Private mine operators etc that reside in europe mostly. The local peoples doing the mineing are doing so Illeagally!

                But they so badly need work/jobs to support families that the local state cops there refuse to arrest anybody local!

                And the mines actual owners Fear to go there or make a big deal of it all because the state govnt’s are all so corrupt…..So as far as those gold mines goes…Its cheep as hell to do minning operations the way its done by local folks there as shown in doc tv show.

                I forget total OZ’s of gold obtained by them per year…I think it was around a couple million OZ’s per year if I recall right.

                If the gold mine stocks any of these internet articles are hawking for folks to invest in are those type south american mines?….I be very wary of such investments while such lack of police controls exist there.

                Its no small opperation neither…Several Thousand local miner folks work those mines daily, litterally Stealing the gold obtained by them with zero methods to stop or control it by the actual mines owners..The mine Owners stopped going there at all totally due to Fear of phys attacks etc acording to that rt tv show.

                That video is probobly archived at rt website if you want to see it. It even shows locals handing cash bribes to cops in uniform standing beside miners!…Carefull if investing in those gold mines folks!

                • durango kidd

                  Them Guys: I have seen gold mining from every vantage point. Even the bottom of the hole. I am aware of all of the ways to collect and process gold and have used most of them at one time or another.

                  Most mining in America today, except by grizzly prospector types, is mechanized in some form or the other. The work is very, very hard, so most Americans wouldn’t want to be a small scale miner, because most people do not want to work that hard: or can.

                  In the Third World, where people live on the equivalent of a dollar a day, and people can mine an oz a day, it gives them the equivalent of almost three years of life for one day of hard work; if they could sell at retail. They can’t, but it still gives them months of life in exchange for a day of hard labor.

                  I believe the day will again come in America after the reset from a Pole Shift, when gold mining will again become a way of life for many more people and the basis for a new civilization.

                  Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                  • REB

                    It is hard work but what little Ive done I found to be enjoyable(panning)…the few places I know of where gold exists around these parts are a good ways off and privately owned/protected so one really cant do much with that…if I had a claim or area to work Id be at it though…better money than Im making now(which is none)…just saying that despite it being hard work I for one would do it but not in an ant-hill manner like they do in some places…too much of a loner for that…thanks 🙂

            • Them Guys

              AVERAGE GUY: I wasn’t saying that I believe in those claims! I meant Thats the type of claims the govnt will Tell the sheeples folks to entice acceptance of a cashless system that involves an chip implanted ID.

              But Yes I fully do believe cashless digital money with a one entire worldwide system where every person regardless what nation dwelling in, is the exact real final desire of tptb rulers will do. I do Not believe they will ever again return to any form gold backed moneys. Nor money backed by anything else. I think money will remain same as fiat is now, only go to totally cashless digital debit form.

              Thats what they been moving towards for 20 yrs or so now. Every week or month we see a new advertized method to use cashless methods to pay for stuff.

              Most recent new ad method is a small device plugs into smart phones, a small one inch square flat cube like thing, that anybody can now use to accept credit or debit card purchaces with!…All done Cashlessly too!

              But any illeagle activity like dope sales that way will be quickly tracked and busted whenever cops desires to do so if any dope dealers attempts to use that method.

              I read an article a few years ago with plenty of linked documentation to verify it all, much of it linked back to UN website, that stated that the NWO crowd had moved up their final date for an actual NWO several times due to set backs etc…It stated that the last Final time the NWO crowd decided upon as The FINAL time frame to make a NWO a Done deal with zero chances for further moves of dates….Was to be for the year 2020.

              By the looks of things I’d say 2020 is about accurate if not even sooner!…Their orig time frame for NWO done deal was aprox 1980 era if I recall correct, then was advanced to year 2000, then again postponed untill at the Latest, 2020 with stern warnings of no more postponements period.!….Thats just 6 yrs away!

          • TnAndy

            Actually, paper COULD be just as good…..except for a couple of problems:

            1. The guys that print the paper are the ones that benefit from the printing. The FED is a private banking cartel that prints, loans into existence, then benefits from the interest paid to return the “money” they created from thin air. Nice work if you can pull it off.

            2. The govt could do the printing, then only the people would benefit (Look up ‘red seal’ US Notes). Unfortunately, the politicians are always tempted to print money over raising taxes to pay for wars or pork projects to keep themselves in office. Thus, no paper money has ever survived the test of time.

            Many REAL things could serve as money, and have over the course of time, but gold and silver have traditionally taken this role due to their physical properties, and relative rare amount in the world.

        • apache54

          YUP, we have all suspected there has not been any gold in that vault for a long time, and this says we were correct!

        • BigB

          So how come gold isn’t worth more if there is not as much as they claim? Why as a result of this information is gold prices not soaring? I know it looks like I am stirring the pot here but I think those are legitimate questions.


          • Shootit

            It is called the FED short game. They have been shorting gold for months. The Fed shorts gold by the billions and can cover it by printing. No one else can cover that game unless they can print. Does 80 billion a month make sense?

        • .02

          That’s as good as money sir, those are IOUs. Go ahead and add it up every cents accounted for. Look, see this that’s a car, 275 thou might want to hang on to that one.

        • Interested party

          So, just like depositing money in a bank. Once you,hand it over, it is,theirs and you are now a creditor of the bank, as in, now your dollars are their dollars. So, I have a question: who got the actual gold? Bankers, did they see the price was low, traded some of their pepper dollars for physical gold? Probably. Once we got off the gold standard, that gold probably flew off the shelves and into private, rich, banker hands. Probably in a vault in Switzerland, or one of their vacation homes in a non extradition country.

        • JayJay

          I read a few years ago that ONE inspector was allowed in Fort Knox, in ONE room.
          And he/she? reported all was well.
          Yep–that sounds about right!!

          • apache54

            remember 911 and when the firemen got to the basement where the gold vaults were the doors were open and there was NO gold there either and that was suppose to be a huge amount! YUP the gold has been long gone from many vaults !!

        • Mountain Trekker

          As far as you and I are concerned what to we really care whether there is any gold in Fort Knox. We already know that the Government is atleast 17 trillon dollars in debt, so we know we are broke. WE as preppers don’t deal in tonnes as Governments do, other than facebook page. But anywho if we want to purchase PM for an investment there’s plenty out there, all you have to do is pay the price. It really doesn’t matter if the vault is empty, as far as foreign countries go. And yes wars do start over these kind of things, but the only reason no one has started a war with us, is that they know they don’t have the power to prevail. Otherwise they would have already started one. They haven’t held off because they love us. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem,para bellum!

        • TOO INFORMED

          All of this started when Woodrow Wilson (illegally) signed the Federal Reserve Act into law (in 1913…see Article 1, section 8 of our Constitution) then compounded when Roosevelt signed the Gold Confiscation act in 1933. ANSWER…abolish the Federal Reserve & charge them under the 1970 RICO Act.

        • Spazik

          The current world monetary system assigns no special role to gold; indeed, the Federal Reserve is not obliged to tie the dollar to anything. It can print as much or as little money as it deems appropriate. There are powerful advantages to such an unconstrained system. Above all, the Fed is free to respond to actual or threatened recessions by pumping in money. To take only one example, that flexibility is the reason the stock market crash of 1987—which started out every bit as frightening as that of 1929—did not cause a slump in the real economy.

          While a freely floating national money has advantages, however, it also has risks. For one thing, it can create uncertainties for international traders and investors. Over the past five years, the dollar has been worth as much as 120 yen and as little as 80. The costs of this volatility are hard to measure (partly because sophisticated financial markets allow businesses to hedge much of that risk), but they must be significant. Furthermore, a system that leaves monetary managers free to do good also leaves them free to be irresponsible—and, in some countries, they have been quick to take the opportunity

      2. Dick

        This is precisely why PMs, just like all of your other preps, HAVE to be in your possession! Otherwise it isn’t yours. Prepping means you have what you need and then make things available through stashes or networking to have preps if you lose your primary supplies.


      3. Papa "J"

        I’ve wondered for years, if Fort Knox was opened, what would be there. I guess just some bars, as in steel bars for cages.

        • Jim Bob

          Fort Knox is the worlds largest tungsten depository!

          • apache54

            YUP gold colored tungsten bars!!

        • Steve

          And DUST. Lots of dust…

      4. Basstard

        I just really burns my ass when I hear stories like this and it burns may ass that the majority of the people in this world don’t give a damn. Corruption is acceptable

        • BigB

          Next time you folks see an ad for someone buying gold and silver jewelry at the local recreational center take some of your gold trinkets down and see what it is worth. I did and it is worth next to Jack Nothing.


          • BlueH20


            Most people have 14kt gold in small weights/sizes. SOme gold is only 10kt. A lot of *gold* is plated.

            18-24kt in weights of over one troy ounce is worth something, but most jewelry concentrates on design and producing something esthetic with as little gold as possible.

            If you get the chance to shop somewhere where there is Italian and Chinese gold jewelry, do a simple test. Hand weigh the item from China and then go to the booth selling Italian jewelry and hand weigh that. Just heft it and hold it long enough to register in your mind the relative weight of the piece. Chains are good for this. You’ll find the Chinese piece is much lighter than the Italian, even though they may look the same. The Chinese excel at getting the most out of a small amount of gold. This is true of most Asian work.

            Another place to shop is a wholesale jewelry trade show in Vegas. If you know someone with a shop, you can probably get credentials. What you will find is that fine jewelry, especially with stones, is listed at a 3x markup. Whatever the list price is, the shop can buy it at 1/3 of that. That is the wholesale price. The manufacturer’s price is less than that. It varies by country of origin. The manufacturer pays a premium when they buy gold suitable for casting or fabrication. You can check out Rio Grande Jewelry Supply for the premiums.
            This premium covers the supplier’s labor and profit. The jeweler then adds value to reach the wholesale price. The shop adds on their costs/profit.

            That is why your recently purchased 5k chain is worth under $1k and sometimes way less. The 14kt gold chain at Walmart may actually be a better value than the exact same chain bough at a major department store or chain jeweler. They are probably the exact same chain bought from the exact same supplier. The chain jeweler and the department store have more cachet and so, can charge more.

            Stones are a whole other story. Most are crap. Most are heat treated at the mine head. You need to buy from a dealer you trust with your life and if you buy retail, you will not recover that cost when you resell.

            Casting grain, or industrial gold, is about the cheapest there is at wholesale. I don’t know anything about coins and investment ingots, but there has to be a similar structure.

            All that said, those gold parties are scams. The stuff is sold at melt prices, maybe 10% of weighed value. Of course, it is triaged first and anything really nice that might have retail jewelry value probably ends up on eBay.

          • Baracalypse

            Funny how they advertise that they want to buy your gold.. Why would they want your gold if it isn’t money and the price is “high” right now as they say? BTW, if you need to sell gold, take it to a reputable gold and coin shop…. They’ll pay you spot for it.

          • Smokey

            Those folks traditionally pay way under market for your stuff. Avoid them and do business at a coin shop.

        • KY Mom


          I bet the majority of the people in this world don’t KNOW. Many joke that the ‘media’ is carefully controlled in China and some other countries. Remember Bagdad Bob in Iraq?

          What most people don’t realize is the news and information presented at mainstream sites is controlled HERE (even MORE now with the current administration) at home too. Have you noticed how many news articles at sites like ABC, NBC & CBS will have the same report – almost word for word. The administration provides the news they are to broadcast and print.

          There have been some articles written about this. I will see if I can find some. It has become MORE difficult the past few years to find articles about certain topics – because many have been REMOVED from search link sites and some have been REMOVED from U.S. online publications. Unless you have a copy printed, that information is now LOST.

      5. VRF

        this is the kind of shit that starts major wars.

        I have no idea WTF Germany or any other country was thinking to let some one else hold onto their gold

        If its not in your hands you don’t own it.. and to steal another persons or countries wealth is a fools game, one that will end up getting you dead

        sit back and watch the fur fly, im betting a lot of this ramp up in security and show of force is because they know they are caught with their pants down and soon the shit can hit the fan and it will happen when the other countries realize the US government has fucked them and has no intention of returning all of the gold, and more than likely don’t even have it to give it all back

        this could get really fun, really fast

        • maudy fricket

          They claim that during the Cold War, the Germans were worried that the Soviets would invade and get their gold. So they put it in London. And the rest is history.

          • Them Guys

            I have read in several different websites articles that ever since WWII ended Germany still has NO constitution, or none thats designed By german officials or its peoples.

            If what I read, some of it by german person posted replies at various sites articles, is true, then germany is still answering to the usa and/or a combo of UN aproved nation states still fully controlling all major issues etc.

            Those articles stated that even just to run for election as prez of germany like merkle is, they Must first get approval from the usa fed govnt or state dept or???

            Also I do Know as Fact, that at end of WWII germans agreed to an Unconditional surrender. To the major four nations allies states, usa-france-england-russia(soviet kommies usa was allies with!).

            If you read a free online book called “Gruesome Harvest” published in 1947, by a then famous reporter guy who was Inside germany when war ended, and read of all the atrocities done to totally innocent germans, mostly old folks, women and children below age of 16 yrs old.

            Even though germans reasons for an Unconditional surrender was soly due to vast Promises from FDR, or was it the next prez? and Churchill along with russias bossman Stahlin and frances prez to be treated fair and not hold innocents acountable etc. Which was all Lies and germans were badly mistreated after war officially ended, its easy to comprehend that if this gold was sent to usa vaults soon after wwii ended?….Then it was Likley Confiscated and without any input from any german citizens or officials period.

        • NoRegretVet

          To VRF…

          VRF…Your right again !!!

          I lived and worked in Germany in the late 80’s…From what I gathered from the German people was that they feared that after WWII the Russians were going to take over and all their gold etc would wind up in the Vaults of the Ruskies….So, they intrusted all that Gold to the USA…trusting souls huh !!!

          Anyway…Go to youtube…Greg Hunter…. Watchdog.com and listen to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts…he was on just a day or so ago….Let the truth be known….

          And the truth is….There Ain’t No Gold !!! Just ask the the ex-head of the IMF when he demanded an audit and wanted to see the gold France had intrusted to the USA….Yep…a day or so after he supposedly raped a hotel cleaning lady and was told that he could only avoid prison for life over here if he resigned from the IMF and never mentioned an audit or demand to see their gold again….So…..read a little history…it is good for the soul…..

          • apache54

            noregret Vet
            Yup good to hear you know more than the average joe and can see what others don’t, remember also the gold vaults under the twin towers were found doors open and empty!! happened BEFORE the 911, someone knew it was going to happen. follow the money (gold) and you’ll find the corruption!!

      6. iceman

        Kelly’s heroes got all the gold, up yours, kilroy was here! I’m surprised they didn’t pawn off gold painted lead bars!

        • Tucker

          Kelly’s Heroes was a really great movie. Since I have become jew wise, its about the only WW2 movie that I can still watch without getting sick to my stomach.

        • Smokey

          ‘Make a deal! Maybe the guy’s a Republican.”

      7. hbeachrealist

        Let’s look at the big picture here. Germany’s president is a New World Order Illuminati pawn wench!

        She knows darn well that there is no gold there.

        I guess the powers that be want this to be exposed.

      8. Jonny V

        Well, just like all the shills have been saying on tv financial news lately……”the dollar is backed by the full faith and confidence of the United States government….gold isn’t backed by anything….why would anyone want to own gold???”

        You mean to tell me the Germans don’t want paper instead??? What a bunch of idiots they must be! How come we didn’t find this out earlier from Merkel’s phone tap???

        • .02

          gold isn’t backed by anything.. ahah what a buncha morons, of course it isn’t backed.. ITS GOLD.. holy crap that has to be a new low for the highbrows.

      9. earn

        Excuse me but no one ever asks this question. If the gold isn’t at the Fed or Fort Knox..Where is it? Gold don’t just disappear. So where is the gold? Did some rich guy bury it in his back yard, tons of it?..lol

        • NoRegretVet

          ref: earn…

          They Stole it !!! They Hold it/Hid It !!! They Sold it !!! It’s gone gone…..

          There Ain’t No Gold in them there vaults !!!

          But how about this Monopoly Money ..It’s just as good !!!

        • Them Guys

          BEGIN: Your gold location search at the nearest NY Synagouge of satan. Ask for Rabbi swindlestien, or if hes gone, inquire with Rabbi Swineberg. I’d bet they knows where its stashed. Israel is a good place to stash gold also since their state of israel laws refuse to arrest any jewish persons for any crimes committed aganist a goyim gentile. Plus israel rejects ALL extradition requests regardless what type serious crime a jewish person is accued of and regardless by who or which nation etc.

          What better location for Looted gold by jewish banskters to stash gold at?….Those Lack of laws in israel is the main reason those Russian Booted out jewish oligarchs billionaire swindlers Putin Booted out, now reside in israel!…Although some came here to live in NY.

          • .02

            Gasp.. you must be a raycist Nassie.. oh my.. oh no.. call the stormtroopers and send this man to the gulag for even insinuating the lovely tribe members are thieves in between selling illegal human organs and screaming antisemitism on everyfvkiunthing.

        • TnAndy

          Excuse me but no one ever asks this question. If the gold isn’t at the Fed or Fort Knox..Where is it?

          It has been sold into the market over the years to keep the price down, and make the dollar appear stronger than it is.

          The FED and the bullion banks under their direction ( like JP Morgan ) sell lots of gold futures contracts ( they “short” gold ) to lower the price…..attempting to make gold less desirable. Some of those contracts are actually presented for physical redemption, but most are not….they are simply rolled over and over. It’s a big paper GAME.

          But the amount of redemptions have exceeded new supply coming from mining for many years now, and have accelerated recently ( meaning the game is nearly over ).

          The Chinese, for example, have been very active in this area, converting the piles of US Dollars ( and Treasury debt ) they own into gold. The lower price works to their advantage….they buy the other side of these future contracts, take delivery, and laugh all the way to their bank….converting piles of US paper, soon to be worthless, into real money.

          China is where the vast majority of gold is going. They are the #1 gold miner in the world, and not a single ounce leaves the country. They are the #1 importer of gold for several years running. They have a plan. The plan would appear to be to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency, and have gold to back it.

      10. Idahoan

        Some day soon they are going to start dropping hints that the solution is going to be a new one would currency. Or maybe it will just magically appear just in time to save the world. One way or another it’s coming.

        • Them Guys

          IDAHOAN: Back in around 1986 or 87, TIME weekly magazine had a full front cover photo of a nwo one world currency!

          it was called the “PHOENIX DOLLAR”…Inside magazine had a long article outlineing the plans for one currency for entire worlds peoples. You can likley find archived Time magazine infos online I would think.

          Yes all this stuff is well planned and way in advance.

          You can also read of the tribes master plans located in the protocols of elders of zion. Many claim its a forgery, which is just a Copy of the original right.

          But dont be swayed by such forgery claims, its used to Avoid debate of whats written in those pages of protocols!

          Forgery is a strawman to stiffle speech or debate of its plans…What Does count or matter is that there is NO better prophetic materials in existence that are so Accurate when events of Past century are compared to protocols written in 1899 or 1895 era. Other than the bible itself.

          One major goal listed in zion protocols is their plans to end up Owning ALL gold in existence!…Which once again as per current events shows, those supposed ‘forgery” protocols sure have an accuracy rate that nothing else exceeds.

          Two days ago I read another website article that stated Now even Ed Griffen, who wrote that book Jekel island or some book similar dealing with fed reserve issues and its very beginnings etc, has himself finally gone on record to admit that THE Number ONE Problem is…USURY-Intrest which does NOT need be the system at all. It exists soley to vastly enrichen the actual owners of fed reserve banksters banks period.

        • .02

          Bitcoin all over the MSM today.. stay away from that “answer”. Barter will work until the mark becomes mandatory in the not so distant future. “They” don’t care how many goyim must die, all they want is complete and total control. Nothing less than that will be acceptable, and they will get it too…..for a short time.

      11. eppe

        Smoking: if you are ever in NE Atlanta, look me up, but bring Ellie May, naw just kidding on Ellie, my wife would make my huevos look like a gutted salmon…

      12. eppe

        USA has screwed Germany on this one. That is wars are started… 5 tons to 675? Tons, someone has got to pay for that somehow…

        • Doofus

          We (USA) will pay it back. We promise! Our word is as good as gold.

        • Canadian Vet

          Wars have been started for less. And should things go back to a metallic standard, how will those countries who got ripped off pay for their wars since they don’t have the cash or assets to pay their troops, let alone their support and logistics? The only thing I can think of is through foraging, “requisitioning”, plundering and sacking cities.

          It is the civilian populations everywhere that will pay for the crimes of the Fed, make no mistake.

          • apache54

            Canadian Vet,
            don’t forget WHO bailed out the USA when the collapse occurred back in the early 1920’s it was CHINA and what did they give us? GOLD and we have refused to give them there gold back as per the agreement we signed!! now you should give that some serious thought and now you will see the rest of the story!!

        • Tucker

          Correction, Eppe. The JewUSA has screwed Germany on this one.

      13. The Lone Ranger

        “Thou shalt not steal.”

        Of course, the other 9 Commandments are just as important, but actually the FIRST two Commandments are THE most important ones, out of which the remaining 8 flow.

        If there ever were a WORLD-wide famine, then food, potable water, and then heirloom seeds would be more valuable than gold.

        We’re born naked and we die naked. We can’t take anything with us. But we are called to be good stewards, that is, wise users of our time, energy, talents, energies, funds.

        How we have chosen to live, how we have chosen to treat other human beings in-between birth and death determines if we arrive in Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.

        Therefore, store Spiritual gold, remember the Golden Rule, forgive others so you can heal and become freed up from the hurt done to you.

        I’ve been reviewing all week my plan to express sorrow and ask forgiveness of some people I’ve known a long time as I’ve recently learned that I’ve hurt them. I hate that I’m not perfect but the truth is as long as I live I’ll always be maturing. May I show mercy to others as I hope the Lord will have mercy on me.

        – The Lone Ranger

        “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.”
        – The Our Father

        • .02

          Catholic.. interesting

        • king krazy

          Well said Lone Ranger

          • The Lone Ranger

            Thank you, King, and how can YOU be crazy when I am????


        • Basstard

          There is no hell or purgatory. They were made up by the Vatican to raise money. Before you get pissed at me, I am a Christian, I was raised Catholic. They just took a lot of liberties with the word of God back in the dark ages and it stuck. A loving God will give us an eternal punishment but not eternal punishing.

          • The Lone Ranger

            First off, I could never get mad at you!

            True, especially during the Inquisition!, there were TONS of abuses.

            But we see those same abuses today, in the political world.

            That being said, I personally have been struck by those people who were shown not only Hell, but Heaven and Purgatory as well. Their accounts, from whatever time in history, are consonant with each other.

            I am not saying you are wrong.

            Nor am I saying I am right.

            What I am reading now is that WE choose heaven, or purgatory, OR hell simply by how we choose to LIVE, by how we TREAT each other.

            In other words, WE choose our destiny, by how each of us uses our free will.

            The only other thing I know is that I am a sinner.

            – The Lone Ranger

            • Basstard

              Thanks Ranger. To be honest, I don’t think God cares what denomination we are as long as we try to treat each other well and don’t deny him. That’s the beauty of America. We can have different ideals and not kill each other

      14. swinging richard

        If the gold has been stolen by the fed you can bet the little man will suffer. Our children will fight the wars under some false flag event, while the banksters will escape prosecution. Bought and paid for politicians will turn their heads and pretend its ok. The insanity continues. Those that break the law create a system that legalizes corruption, while those not of the elite are hounded for the smallest infractions.

      15. Farmer's Daughter

        We’ve known for many years that the vault was empty. Our gov’t and the fed have dug us so deep that there may not be any way out. Except maybe war on too many fronts to name. China, Germany, we the people…

      16. eppe

        If Germany finds out China owns their gold, the poo WILL hit the fan… Olympics are a was to show displeasure…

        • Kevin2

          I think Germany, China the US and every other nation are nothing more than vehicles of the Powers To Be / Globalist Elite or what ever their name may be. China apparently developed a home grown Power Elite according to Zero Hedge. Why wouldn’t they?

          For all practical purposes the Germans, Chinese and American citizens have an insignificant influence and in reality zero control over any of this. The media the sheep trust are owned and controlled. Until the livestock are hungry they will continue to ignore any direction the herder directs them to.

          Food and Circus.

      17. Sierra Dave

        This Moron at the 12 minute mark claims the American economy is rebounding.

        I guess he doesn’t know about the 12 million out of work. The percentage of the American people working is shrinking. Or that Sears and JCPenny shutting stores and laying off thousands due to low Christmas sales.

        Brien Lundin. You are either a deceiver or Grade A fool.

        • .02

          Sears and Pennys is the tip of the ice berg. Lookout Radio Shack, Best Buy hell even Wal Mart is squealing. I can see some big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot cutting back as well. Of course with every layoff that is just that much less to go in to retail causing a death spiral. 2014 could be really interesting.

      18. eppe

        Silver 65 to 1 gold, buy silver for best percentage gain…

        • Facebook Page

          Or is gold ready to be a short game. One or the other choose wisely

      19. maudy fricket

        Puerto Rico still has earthquakes up the wazoo. They’re going to need a bigger wazoo.

        • PO'd Patriot


      20. .02

        their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.

        I guess the Bible says you cant eat it either…

        • Average Guy

          When that time comes, .02, no amount of earthly preps are going to do anyone any good either.

          It’s all about the time in between, eh?

          …And we’ll just ignore how gold is an ingredient in the world’s most expensive desert. I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘filling’ anyway, would you?

          • .02

            Yep Av guy when gold has no value we are @ Daniel 2:44

        • Barn Cat

          You’ll be able to use silver and gold to buy food once the dollar is worthless. I don’t know if people like you are just ignorant or if it’s just the fact that you can’t afford it.

          • .02

            Barn Cat, tell me something.. If you have 3 cans of chilli left and there is NO MORE to be had, you gonna sell one for an ounce of gold? 10 ounces? I can easily see the day when NOTHING is worth more than food and clean water.. Not even humans..Look at the coming drought for example. If California don’t get some rain soon, a head of lettuce will probably cost 5 bux shortly.. And/if panic sets in and looting goes mainstream nation wide, your ounce of gold will not buy an ounce of food. There is currency, and there is money but the ugly truth of the matter is you can live without either, but NOT food/shelter/clothing/water.

            • Anonymous

              I’m afraid you’re right 2 cents.
              When the supply chains break,
              When gas is unobtainable,
              When that 4 door F-150 is just a shiny trophy at the end of the driveway,
              Your gold and silver will buy you nothing…because there will be nothing to buy.

        • admin

          This is exactly what I thought of as Brien discussed the IOU’s in his interview!!

          Great link Yuri!

      21. Socrates

        Lots of ‘defaulting’ going on and lots more to come, you can bet on it. As has been done several times throughout history, when nations go belly up, they start world wars to try and erase the public knowledge of the slight of hand they just pulled off.

        For those of you who own ‘paper gold’….it sure sucks to be you. Those who own physical gold, you will have to bury it far away and very deep, cause the gov is not going to let you keep it. The NDAA made sure of that and more.

        I also agree with Eppe- Silver for the win. The only ‘true’ multi-purpose PM that can not only save some of your wealth, but maybe save your life as well.

        • PO'd Patriot

          The government is de fault.

      22. Patriot One

        The gold is all gone otherwise they would have just shipped Germany’s original gold back to them. Can you think of any reason, if the Federal Reserve actually had the gold for melting it down to ship it back??

        Maybe you noticed all the we buy gold and silver store fronts that have opened in the last 5 years, you know the ones with the dancing jerk out front flipping and spinning a sign. Well from what I’ve heard its the Dallas Federal Reserve that’s buying all the scrap gold from all those dealers.

        One would ask why the Federal Reserve is buying all that scrap gold instead of just buying from the mines? Mines have to keep records, too many people would know the fed was buying, the mines will still be in business and the gold dealers will disappear as fast as the appeared when its all over.

        The Feds gig is almost up and soon the rest of the world is going to know there’s no gold. But don’t worry the feds will just print more fiat currency and when they can’t print fast enough they will use the digital markup. That’s why the NWO wants a digital currency.

        Tell me if you can think of any reason for melting down the German gold before sending it back, other then they don’t have it.

        • Average Guy

          Patriot One asked, “Tell me if you can think of any reason for melting down the German gold before sending it back, other then they don’t have it”?

          To hide where it’s coming from? Also.

      23. Average Guy

        1/5th? Seven years for just one fifth?

        This is the first article I’ve read which said it was only 1/5 the Germans wanted back. Thanks. Wow. Imagine if they wanted all their gold, it would take 35 years! …Wow.

        When wishes catch up to reality, smack dab in the middle of need,… look out!

        • admin

          Yes! It’s crazy… they have something like 3200 tonnes of gold stored with the U.S. in vaults domestically and in Europe. They wanted something like 650 tonnes repatriated and they were given the 7 year run around!

          Makes you wonder how empty those Fed and Fort Knox vaults really are…

          • sixpack

            I’ll bet you could stand inside the vault and sing “row, row, row your boat” in 3-part harmony, all by yourself…

      24. swinging richard

        The fed is not a government agency. It is not the US govt. stealing the gold , it is a crime by the banks. Let the bankers be turned over to the World court for a fair trial and hanging. No more bail outs, no more wars, no more lies and excuses. Let them be treated like the crooks they are, and if the political establishment tries to subvert justice then try them also.

        • Average Guy

          swinging richard said, “The fed is not a government agency.”

          And how many non-government agencies do you know of that have their chairmen appointed by the government?

          And how many non-geovernemnt agencies do you know of that Must report to CONgress?

          What’s that old saying about a duck?

          At the very least, the word ‘quasi’ fits. Or, perhaps the phrase, ‘government cartel’?

          I’m reminded by something I’ve heard said: that, ‘Justice’ is a blind whore available to the highest bidder.
          Perhaps that’s why I find your appeal to use “the World court” to be a discouraging one?

          I guess it’s the thought that counts?

          • The Old Coach

            So many people think the Fed is the driver in all this. I don’t think so. The Fed was supposed to be insulated from political influence, but the insulation has burned away, and the Fed is dancing to the tune of politicians who have made their careers by using massive deficit spending to keep themselves in office.

            I mean, can you really imagine a banker buying trillions of dollars worth of bad debt unless he had a gun to his head? The banks who own the Fed are eventually going to get forked up the wazoo with a running chainsaw.

            • sixpack

              “can you really imagine a banker buying trillions of dollars worth of bad debt…”

              Yes. That’s how they gain complete control of entire governments, of entire countries. They, in effect, OWN those govts and everybody in them.

              • The Old Coach

                They own them until they default. The US Treasury can simply say one morning “We are not going to pay the interest or principle on that 6.5 billion of Treasury bills which come due today” and the Fed can do nothing at all about it, except to retaliate by crippling the commercial banking system. Which will already be defunct anyway, because a US Treasury default will be the final movement of the SHTF collapse.

                • TnAndy

                  “They own them until they default. The US Treasury can simply say one morning “We are not going to pay the interest or principle on that 6.5 billion of Treasury bills which come due today” and the Fed can do nothing at all about it, except to retaliate by crippling the commercial banking system. Which will already be defunct anyway, because a US Treasury default will be the final movement of the SHTF collapse.”

                  The US govt is merely a subdivision now of the banking cartel that owns the FED.

                  There is no need for the Treasury to default….the FED will simply cover any future amount of debt needed to fund interest or any other type of payment. THAT is what the other half of the 85 billion a month in FED ‘money’ creation is about. They are the buyer of last resort……if NOBODY else will buy Treasury debt, they will create any amount needed to do so.

                  ALL of this works right up until the day comes that the rest of the world stops accepting US bucks as payment for anything. Then the game is over….we either go to war to force the issue ( that’s what the SandBox wars have been about ALL about ), or we lose out.

                  Then they will come out with a new version of the same game, and try to run it again for another 100 years. They will fight going back to ANY kind of commodity standard ( gold, oil, wheat, whatever )because they can’t create those out of thin air…it takes actual work, investment, and luck to create that type of wealth.

            • TnAndy

              Old Coach said: “I mean, can you really imagine a banker buying trillions of dollars worth of bad debt unless he had a gun to his head? ”

              You don’t understand. It costs the banks and the FED NOTHING….they make up “money” as a bookkeeping entry…literally out of thin air.

              Once they loan it out, it becomes somewhat real. They are not like you and I, that have to work, or make something, or grow something to obtain their “money”. It is QUITE real to us, but to them, it’s merely a game. They, the same ones that created it out thin air, get the advantage of using it to buy real things ( land, cars, you name it ), but don’t have to do ANYTHING except keep the ‘confidence’ game going….so that REAL PEOPLE will accept phony money for REAL THINGS.

              The FED is currently using about 1/2 the 85 billion a month they are printing to “buy” from the banks under them those bad mortgages. This provides ‘capital’ to the banks, the FED takes the mortgage and puts it in a shredder, because they will never get much of anything out of it, and adds that to their phony “balance sheet”…..a completely meaningless number. They could have a balance of 500 trillion with a simple set of keystrokes if they wanted.

              It is such a game of in-your-face fraud that most people can’t grasp how bold it is. It is like someone walking up to you, kicking you in the shin, and then saying “No, I didn’t do that….you bumped into something”.

              • Them Guys

                POLISH PROVERB: The Jew cry’s out in Pain, as he slaps You in your face!

        • .02

          Too bad the banks own the military.. might be a hard road trying to hang the 4 star general’s boss.

      25. eppe

        The real question is… Where is all the gold? Wish I had bought more in 99…. At 270 a oz…

        • .02

          Would it mattered if you did buy @ 270? Would you sell it now and that profit? My bet is no.. SO here we are saying gee look it is “only” 1240 bux but here is the problem. IF it goes to 1340 bux we dont sell b/c we think it is going to 1400.. but it hits 1400 and we dont sell b/c we think it is going to 5000..but then it goes screaming past 5000 to 10,000 and now you cant sell b/c 10,000 wont buy you a loaf of bread.. THAT is the problem with buying and owning gold.

          • The Old Coach

            Like I said earlier, owning gold now is aking to get raped. They will come and confiscate to keep their shell game going a few months longer. You can hide it, of course, unless there’s a record…(and there’s always a record!)…but you won’t be able to use it until long after the fit hits the shan. Unless of course you can deal in secret with some foreign power, and can get it safely out of the country.

            • Average Guy

              The Old Coach wrote, “Unless of course you can deal in secret with some foreign power,”

              Pardon me, that’s funny as all get out.

              You mean like how high school students buy pot and beer ’cause it’s illegal and banned by The Empire for teenagers to own those things?

              Again, pardon me,… that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. No offense, it’s just that it’s like the idea of taking all the guns of everyone in a state like say, Texas. Not-gonna-happen.

            • TnAndy

              “Like I said earlier, owning gold now is aking to get raped. They will come and confiscate to keep their shell game going a few months longer. You can hide it, of course, unless there’s a record…(and there’s always a record!)…but you won’t be able to use it until long after the fit hits the shan. Unless of course you can deal in secret with some foreign power, and can get it safely out of the country.”

              Heroin has been illegal for all of my 60+ years. I can go out in any major US cities and buy all I can stand today.

              You can make things illegal….you can’t stop the sale or trade in them, and if anything, you simply increase it.

              “THEY” can attempt to confiscate anything….but you must be willing to give it up. Personally, I don’t intend to give up anything I’ve worked and paid for without a fight. The first guy that shows up at my house has a real problem. The second or third guy may get whatever I have, but I’ll be beyond needing it by then.

              You mileage may vary.

            • Archivist

              No, there’s not “always a record.” Suppose one went to a coin shop back in the 1990s and paid cash for some 1/10 ounce gold coins. There would not be a record.

              If no one alive knows you have gold, how can it be confiscated?

          • Average Guy

            .02 wrote, “now you cant sell b/c 10,000 wont buy you a loaf of bread.. THAT is the problem with buying and owning gold.”

            No, mang. That is the problem of a fiat money system,… or a scarcity of food in general.

            If 10,000 worth of gold won’t buy you a loaf of bread we’ll have much worse problems to deal with. Much!
            Anyway, I know for a fact there are many wheat farmers who are quite prepared to trade you a loaf of bread for $9,000 worth of gold, any time, any place. If something stops that transaction of the Free Market, we’ve got lots more trouble than high gold prices.

            • .02

              You have to understand, if gold is worth 10,000 it is over for any kind of operating normalcy, That farm cant sell you a loaf of bread b/c he couldn’t afford to plant b/c diesel is 65 bux a gallon and the trucks are being hijacked before they get to his place to fill his tanks.

          • TnAndy

            Gold is money….real, actual money.

            Gresham’s law says people will use bad money FIRST ( paper money ) and hoard GOOD money. You can see it in action just in pennies. 10-15 years ago, you could find plenty of pre-1982 pennies in circulation. Half or more of them in a pile were pre-82 95% copper pennies. Pile out a few hundred of them now….you’ll be lucky to find 5-10% pre-82. Gresham’s law in action.

            Same thing happened to pre-65 silver coins. There were BILLIONS of them…..but within 5 year of the new clad coins coming out ( bad money ), the GOOD money had disappeared from circulation for all practical purposes. Gresham’s law.

            I will certainly sell my gold or silver IF there is something I need to buy, AND I have no more paper dollars to buy it with…..but I’ll use up every last paper dollar first.

            THAT is how is works.

          • Barn Cat

            So, the problem is that gold is a great investment and you don’t know when to sell it? I wish I had more problems like that.

            • .02

              No Barn Cat you still don’t get it.. Gold is real money, so what do you sell it for, Fiat? Is that a rational thought process, to trade real money for faker currency? THIS is the thinking amoungst the herd, wow gold was 270 now it is 1240 sheesh it sure went up.. NO it did not go up.. currency went DOWN.. wtf??? same problem @ the grocery store.. “wow food is sure expensive.” NOOOO food is the same.. the currency is worthless.. get it yet? why do I continue to bang my head on this???// LORD please give me strength..

              • Anonymous


                Here Kitty, kitty, kitty. 🙂

                The other white meat…

                Or is that Chinese?

                Just set a trap and be done with it. 😉

              • TnAndy

                Exactly .02

                Real things don’t get more expensive ( unless they are in short supply )…the money simply gets more worthless.

                Study the period of American history from 1780 to 1913….except for short periods of war/etc, there virtually was NO inflation. Since 1913 (FED was founded), the dollar has been more and more worthless due to FED based inflation.

                AND if we were being compensated with enough after tax income, it wouldn’t matter.

                The problem comes when, just as the last 10-15 years, income has not keep pace with inflation. Actual income adjusted for inflation is now lower than in 2000. We may have more pieces of paper, but they buy less.

              • Barn Cat

                I can use fiat currency to buy groceries or whatever else I need. How complicated is that???

          • mqg25

            Not true .02. A gram of Gold will get you a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe where thier currency is crap, and yes there is a food shortage. In the Weimar Republic a Trillon German mark’s would not buy you a loaf of bread but an ounce of Gold could purchase an apartment or about anything your heart desired. I can’t predict the severity of the coming collaspe but there will be a reset and there will be food to purchase but only for those who can afford buy it with Gold or Silver. It’s been the currency of choice for over 5,000 years.
            Also, if you think the State will accept a can of beans for your property tax, (yes the State or Government system will still want it’s pound of flesh), your deluding yourself. How will you grow that garden if you can’t pay your taxes?

      26. Doofus

        No gold.

      27. Eisenkreuz

        Ron Paul since 1979: “We should audit the Fed to see if they have all the gold.”

        Congress to Ron Paul: “Thats a stupid idea.”

        America to Ron Paul: “What about abortion and gay marriage?”

        • sixpack

          That about sums it up alright.

      28. eppe

        The real question here is… What is REAL wealth? Do not put all your eggs in one basket, spread it out, but all you real preppers know that, don,t you?

        • .02

          In Afghanistan wealth is goats

          • sixpack

            In Afghanistan wealth is OPIUM POPPIES.

            • .02

              The CIA owns all those and the farmers farm @ gunpoint.

              • sixpack


        • The Old Coach

          Real wealth is productivity. The ability to produce things that meet human needs. Food, clothing, shelter, transport, tools, etc. Which is why America will remain a wealthy country. We have the largest contiguous area of farmland in the world, which just happens to have a low-cost river transport system laced all through it. All the way from Ohio to the Continental Divide.

          • Average Guy

            And here I thought real wealth was savings, combined with a high time preference?

            Brazil and Egypt have a low-cost river transport system laced all through it, too. Does that mean the people are wealthy?

            From what I’ve read, the waterways are more advanced than here, too. Does that mean they are better off than the people in the unitedstate?

            • Average Guy

              To a degree, all three of us are correct:

              Austrian Economics Rising

              “Austrian school economists understand the common-sense principle that nations — like people — build wealth from savings and investment and not from borrowing and spending.” …


              How’s that? That work for you too?
              Only empire loving Keynesian’s could disagree.

          • .02

            FINALLY.. Someone who gets it.. thanks coach..

        • Barn Cat

          Get fully prepared with at least a year’s worth of food and water. Buy guns and ammo. Have ways to heat your home and cook your food. Have something to use as a toilet. Like 5 gallon buckets with snap on toilet seats and kitty litter to cover the smell. Got all that? Put as much savings as you can in silver and gold.

          • .02

            An outhouse can be dug and built in a day.. especially with the ease of plastic lining in the roof.. keep the dug dirt onsite for cover..simple.

            • Barn Cat

              That would be crazy to do if you live in town. You can’t let people know you live there, you’re alive, and you have food. I’m not going outside after it hits the fan except to dump poop at 3:00 in the morning. Not for months afterwards.

          • .02

            Put it on skids and you can predig the next place.

          • TnAndy

            Having a year’s worth of food doesn’t constitute fully prepared.
            It would CERTAINLY put you in the minority, but merely extends the time period before you also starve.

            Fully prepared would be having that year plus the ability (tools, knowledge, supplies) to produce food from now on.

            The small family farm will someday make Donald Trump look like a Chump.

      29. Eisenkreuz


        • eppe

          that is what happens when you listen to the “so called experts”…

        • anonymous

          eisen, I always knew something was wrong with you, but now I know you’re a fool for listening to ‘experts’.

        • 1braveheart

          eisen is back? YAWN.

      30. Eisenkreuz

        Have you seen the movie Aftershock? Ever think about what happens to prisoners when SHTF?

        Eli Roth new movie The Green Inferno this year.

        • Barn Cat

          I would expect some prisoners to be released and others to be killed outright.

          • Smokey

            Local Deputy tells me that the nutjobs, drug users, and violent types are not getting out of the cells. They will be shot where they are. They have no interest at all in releasing them into a WROL environment.

            I guess the shoplifter will get out, but the shoplifter feeding a drug habit will not, he said.

            • Yuri

              Why do people use this term “WROL”? I had to look it up, “Without Rule of Law”. The “Rule of Law” is not the existence of law, it is the existence of a law that is applied fairly and uniformly without regard to persons; as opposed to the “Rule of Men” where elites, oligarchs or dictators change the law by fiat/diktat, or selectively apply the law to suit their needs.

              In other words, the United States already exists “WROL”.

              I think what people mean is without law entirely, i.e. in anarchy.

      31. Eisenkreuz

        SHTF will be Disneyland for a sociopath.

        • anonymous

          oh, you’re going to have a new playground?

      32. Old Vet

        Iran sends first warships to Atlantic

        DEBKAfile January 21, 2014, 11:20 PM (IST)
        An Iranian war fleet headed Tuesday for the Atlantic Ocean, including a Kharg logistic warship capable of carrying helicopters and a Sabalan destroyer. “Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is among the most important countries that takes responsibility for the security of the vessels which pass through the Gulf of Aden and Bab el-Mandeb strait,” Iranian naval commander Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari said.

        • Smokey

          So they’re securing the Indian Ocean by going to the Atlantic?

      33. PO'd Patriot

        Here on the Delmarva Penninsula @6a.m., the wind is hawking @ 25-30mph and my thermometer is reading 4(f). About 4-5 inches of snow on the ground. I gotsta feelin’ that the only movement along my road this mourning will be bowel movement. Another Delmarvalous day.

      34. Kevin2

        The point is kinda moot. Even if the gold is there its value is roughly two cents on every dollar created.

        We’re broke and been broke for decades. In the end the USD is backed by the military might of the USA. “Use our currency or else”.

        One would think that Meyer Lansky came up with this system.

        • mqg25

          “The point is kinda moot. Even if the gold is there its value is roughly two cents on every dollar created.”

          Do you actually think Gold (once it’s price is no longer manipulated by naked shorts) worth less due to flooding dollars by the FED? If Gold was still pegged to our dollar an ounce would be worth between $7,000 to $10,000. The problem with Americans is that once the conditioning of the MSM wears off that they have been scammed by paper fiat there will be no gold or silver left to buy.

          But you are correct saying “One would think that Meyer Lansky came up with this system.” Same tribe in a village long, long time ago.

          • Kevin2

            The point is moot. If the gold exists a loaf of bread will be in accordance to how many dollars there are to buy it. If the gold doesn’t exists that loaf of bread is in proportion to how many dollars there are to buy it. Once gold was divorced from currency the currency’s value is only what you think it is which is essentially proportional to how much currency there is.

            If the gold is not in Fy Knox and it becomes known the gold you physically possess becomes even more valuable.

            That gold in Ft Knox isn’t “ours” to begin with having been pledged as collateral on the debt to none other than the Federal Reserve.

          • Kevin2

            All that is being accomplished in the end by raiding the gold of individuals and nations and putting it into the system to falsely satisfy its demand is to maintain the illusion as long as possible.

            The trickery to maintain the above will over time become less and less plausible.

      35. Satori

        *****H7N9 UPDATE*****

        CHP notified of seven additional human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in Mainland


        16 New Cases of Human Infection with H7N9 Virus are Reported to WHO


        H7N9: The New York Times takes note of the death of Dr. Zhang


        this is concerning
        “The Shanghai health authorities said Dr. Zhang had no direct interaction with influenza patients in the 10 days before he fell ill on Jan. 15.”

        things are REALLY heating up
        # of cases is now well over 200
        and that is just what is being reported
        I would wager that there are probably MANY more cases
        it is HIGHLY likely that the Chinese government lies just
        as bad as our own does
        and they certainly have a LONG history of doing so

        this thing will burn itself out
        but personally speaking
        I think you should be prepared for it
        if you already aren’t

      36. watching and waiting

        If I remember correctly, the Roosevelt Administration
        confiscated gold from the citizens in 1933.

        In the late 1970’s there was another gold crisis. In 1978 Gold went to 220.0 an oz and I remember people trying to sell anything that looked Gold

        The days are upon us that if you cannot eat it, drink it,shoot it, wipe with it, it is not worth the storage space.

        • Barn Cat

          Right, if you can sell it to buy food or guns or medicine, who would want it?

        • Smokey

          There was very little confiscation in 1933, most of the gold was gold notes turned in to the banks. There was massive non-compliance regarding US gold coins, people just kept them.

          Foreign gold coins, like British sovereigns, were not subject to the 1933 edict at all, you could buy all you wanted.

      37. Jim in Va.

        If you have gold teeth hang on to them,you might need them to buy groceries.

        • .02

          Again, when we get to swapping gold for groceries, there will not be any groceries.. you think everyone without gold is just going to lay down and starve? FVK NO they wont..there are 300 million guns in this country with 2 billions rounds a MONTH being hoarded.. EVERYONE knows what is coming, NO ONE wants to talk about it except a few of us on these sites.. But think people.. you cant even go on a financial site without all the “experts” predicting a huge bust on the horizon. People that don’t prep have decided to take from those that do..and they will.. paramilitary groups are going to be a huge problem .. like I say, you stand and try to defend in a mad max world you are dead meat roasting on an open fire.

      38. charles

        No Central Bank or Government links it’s currency to gold. The U.S has close to 8 thousand tons of gold with most of it stored at Fort Knox.

        • VRF

          you’ve seen it for yourself?

          care to go on record of that?

        • JayJay

          Charles, you believe the person that said it was there; I’ll believe the person that said it wasn’t. Fair?

        • TnAndy

          “No Central Bank or Government links it’s currency to gold.”

          Yep….not since 1972 when Nixon closed the “gold window”.

          So we’re on a 40 or so year experiment of being off the gold standard versus thousands of years of being on it.

          How do you think it will play out long term ??

          Every paper currency ever printed ends up on the dust heap of history, and yet, GOLD is what those very same bankers hold way down in the vault someplace ( or would like to….ahahahaaaa)

        • Sgt. Dale

          How do you know its there? Did you see it?
          If you did see it say that you saw it.
          If you didn’t see don’t believe it.

        • maddog

          The so called “press” is only there to blow smoke up your ass. Its the communist in the Ukraine pushing the chaos this is way it is silenced here. Don’t worry it will be here soon enough. If anyone believes the US can be fixed without a RESET that will require a civil war or at least an equivalent amount of violence tell me how.

      39. Lazarus

        “The implications are earth shattering and hit the very core of the problems facing America today. The whole system as it exists is just one big paper IOU” SHTF.

        It may well be the implications but the FACTS are a bunch of thieves run the the Central Banks with the Fed being Chief Thief in charge. Fact is, the entire banking/financial industry is nothing more than locusts devouring all productivity of private economies.

        The thieves at the German Central Bank just learned the consequences of a BAIL IN. I’m sure there are many in Cyprus that have little sympathy for them.

        It sure doesn’t break my heart watching a gaggle of thieves get robbed…. How’bout you?

        • Sgt. Dale

          I agree with you. My tears are just flowing for them.
          Let them suffer.

      40. Sgt. Dale

        Where did the gold go? Can you say China! If we check really hard we can more than likely find our S.S. money there also.
        If the Gold isn’t there you know Damn good and well that the S.S. isn’t there.
        No Gold. No Silver? I’m going buy some more silver today. Its running under $20.oo and once.
        If you buy gold or silver get in YOUR HANDS!

        Just think if China falls apart on the 31St. and they have all that gold who will they sell it to? The middle east? The have cash or T.P. what ever.

        2014 is going to be very interesting to say the least.

        • Barn Cat

          No, our Social Security money didn’t end up in China. The government has been spending that money as it’s come in since the program started. Right now it’s underfunded by trillions.

          That’s the least of our worries. We’re going to see a collapse of the dollar, a complete economic collapse, and the deaths of 90% of Americans.

      41. Barn Cat

        We’re going to see the price suppression end in the gold and silver markets. Possibly very soon. We might see $100 silver before there’s any weakening in the dollar. Now is the time to buy more metals if you can afford it. I believe silver has more upside because it’s traditionally had a 12 to 16 price multiple with gold but right now it takes 60 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. I expect my online business to die once the dollar starts to die. I’m trying to stack enough physical metal to get through the dollar collapse without having to eat our stored food. It would be a HUGE help if our $4,000 in metal suddenly became worth $20,000.

        • .02

          Good luck with that. If/when gold is 20,000 you bet believe lead is going to be flying @ every truck hauling anything.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I agree with you 100%
          Now is the time to buy. Buy just a little if that is all you can afford. $.10 are a $1.80 $.25 are $4.50 $.50 are $9.00. Or around this amount. Its better to have it and not need it and not have and need it.

      42. Knoclan

        The gold is a tool used for manifestation, healing the body and many other incredible uses. Gold re-calibrates itself to every live birth when it is in the ground! By weight it stays honest as do silver. This is the ONLY MONEY ON THE PLANET! All Others Is Fiat! Paper, although easy to handle is just that, PAPER.

      43. maudy fricket

        Where’s all the gold? With all of the Tea. It’s in China. They have something like 20,000 tons of gold that went east recently. JP Morgan just sold their gold vault in New York to the Chinese. The Chinese take possession of physical gold not paper promises. The western commodity exchanges used other countries gold that was on deposit with them as if it was their own. The exchanges sold or loaned out 100 ounces of “paper” gold for every ounce on deposit. Maybe more. They turned other countries gold into sort of a derivative. And now it’s time to pay the piper. And they don’t have enough to go around. I’ve heard that Libya and now Mali were invaded for their gold deposits. We’ll never know.

        • JayJay

          Maudy, what I’d like to know is what was the plan, the real plan?
          These economists and dealers of gold at the highest places– not we lowly peons buying one ounce at a time–had to know the game would be over when one called in their investments, then two, then three, and on and on!!
          What were they thinking?? What was the plan of the elite?

          • Sgt. Dale

            Look below I might have answered the question.

          • maudy fricket

            I’ve looked at it from a lot of angles. I’m not real sure. I think there is more than one cartel here. For sure we have the Globalists with the one world government thing. Then I think there are real wealthy looters/banksters going full steam ahead, and they don’t care what happens as long as they get theirs. The Chinese are loaded with more gold than God, and they may have enough to insulate themselves from the collapse. The people of the western countries appear to be the big losers here. The more I find out, the worse it looks. Then if this doesn’t ruin your day, I’m sure the derivitives (over 700 Trillion) should keep everyone awake at night. The world economic collapse is the worst case scenario with the best chance of becoming reality.

      44. KySSG

        Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Wouldn’t trust anyone in the federal government (or federal reserve) as far as I could throw a Buick one-handed.

        In the meantime, I’ll continue to stock up on lead . . . copper-jacketed lead. Pretty, shiny stuff.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • 1braveheart

          Ky SSG, longtime no hear from! welcome back. How have you been?

          • KySSG


            Been doing okay, for the most part. You might remember that I lost a brother last Easter Sunday. Been dealing with a lot of things related to that, and also some other matters. Happy to report most have been handled.

            How’s things on your end, my friend?

            The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

            KySSG . . . out.

            • 1braveheart

              KySSG, on my end, things are looking up. Last May I finally have an arrangement to go to a BOL owned by one of my relatives in north GA, so now I have a place to go to when I see the first signs of the balloon going up. I had a health issue in dec. that caused me to quit smoking but I’m fine now. My prepping is still continuing all the way til’ the last minute. take care. braveheart

              • KySSG

                Good deal.

                North Georgia is pretty great area, and just a few hours’ ride south from here.

                Glad you were able to kick that habit. I haven’t been able to kick it completely, but I have cut down. I thought I might try that one thing, where you drink water when you feel the urge, but water has the fluoride, so . . .

                Well, maybe I’ll try some snacks, healthy snacks, you know. The GMO carrot sticks, or GMO celery, or . . . ummm.

                Wait . . . chewing gum! yeah! But then again, with the artificial sweeteners . . .

                Hmmmm, maybe I’ll just keep smoking and cutting back.

                Heh heh.

                The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

                KySSG . . . out.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Sorry to hear about our brother. I can’t imagine what it would be like to loose mine. My prays are with you.
              I’m kinda new here but If you ask braveheart you find I’m like his big brother. Did you know he quit smoking?
              I hope it rubs off on you.

      45. .02

        And with that I give up.. remember people society is 3 meals from anarchy.. and if gold is 20,000 those 3 meals are just a memory. I am going hunting.. have a good one..check in this evening..L8r 😉

        • Genius

          Hey .02, just wanted to point out that anarchy is freedom from rulers and masters. Substitute chaos for anarchy and you are correct. Anarchy has been given a bad name and associated with chaos which is a perpetrated lie. If you want freedom, you want anarchy.

      46. MongoPissed

        Our entire system is backed by one thing: the U.S. Military. The last President to challenge the Elders of Zion got a bullet in the head for the effort. Nixon got the message and took orders like a good boy. We went onto a pure debt based fiat, and the rest is history.

      47. .02

        One more thing.. headline on zero hedge:
        Venezuela About To Run Out Of Food Despite Fresh All Time High In Its Stock Market.
        Gold going to fix that?

        • Anonymous

          02.. I have been try to find the “camps” in Id and Wa.The 2 in Id, @ lolo pass and minidoka, are historical land marks with no new structures or any infrustructure. I say BS. The Wa one that would intrest you is supposed to be in Okanagan county. near conconully lake. I have used google earth and another inside source, and I cannot find anything but a so-so place to fish and camp if you are a city slicker.I will pass a “hello” to your friend through my friend who is your friends
          ‘s friend.

      48. maudy fricket

        They’re running out of food because of their own government policies. Maybe even a little retaliation by merchants against the commie govt. Gold is not a cure all, but I’d rather have some than none. Some countries are buying energy with gold. They can buy food from countries that have food for sale with gold, if they have gold. Let’s say my bugout place gets overrun by zombies. I make it out with the clothes on my back, a gun and some gold coins. I run into Joe Blow who is stocked up on food but he doesn’t have anything for after the collapse and reconstruction period. We work out a deal, food for gold. I can’t explain it any better.

        • KySSG

          You explained it very well. I have some, not a great deal, but some.

          Other items can be used in the same way. When TSHTF, I have a feeling a lot of things will become mighty scarce.

          Just saying.

          KySSG . . . out.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Well old buddy you hit this one on the head.
          You hide/bug out spot. Plant some type of meds there that will give them Zombies the Shits. (Ain’t I bad)LOL

      49. MongoPissed

        A related article. GLD is not gold.


        I plan on buying gold in the next two weeks. When gold explodes, I will carefully track the regulatory climate, since I imagine the globalist bankers will limit or even outlaw the proletariat’s ownership of gold. I will try to time the conversion to silver to maximize value. Try to buy something with gold when Moishe at the Fed says to do so is a capital offense.

        Another good read is about Golden Lily. The Japanese stole several times the world’s recognized gold reserves from Asia during WWII. Some sources say Pappy Bush was involved in tracking this down in the Philippines and stealing it. All the Marcoses were left with was Ismelda’s famous shoe collection. The entire banking system is based on theft and fraud. America is a captive nation, essentially being used as muscle for the globalist bankers.

        • Kevin2

          ” America is a captive nation, essentially being used as muscle for the globalist bankers.

          Two time MOH recipient USMC Major General Smedley Butler wrote the epic book, “War Is A Racket” regarding this very subject.

      50. Sgt. Dale

        OK! How do I put this.
        The US Dollar is no good because of QE.
        The gold is not their.
        Where is the Silver?
        The Uero Is shot.
        To me this is what TPTB wants to happen so they can introduce the New World Currency. Which they will have all the control over. This would give them the power for One world Government.
        If you can because it is not to late to buy Silver and Gold PLEASE do so.
        The Wife and I just bought another $200.00 worth. It is not much, but it adds up in time, and time we don’t have so get it while you can.
        The Wife buys Rounds and I buy Junk.
        Right now I can go to the store and buy one loaf of bread for a dime ($.10 = $1.80) That is if they know how much Silver is worth.
        Remeber 1/31/14 is when the Big Bank in China is going to bit the dust. As it is reported?
        The ripple effect can cause some major crashes around the world.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ive been wondering about that China thing,,, wonder if that will be the dominoe that starts the derivatives to bust.

        • JayJay

          What if in bartering days soon to come, we choose to continue using our fiat dollars as exchange??

          • TnAndy


            I suspect you’ll be in the same boat as trying to use Confederate dollars…..you can offer them, but very few will be accepting.

        • Anonymous

          Big bank in China default…Its only a half a billion $$$. we piss 5 times that a months with QE3. The china bank crap is fear porn. The HNIC african vacation cost that much.The US gov lost a few trillion somewhere.

      51. KySSG

        maddog said:

        “If anyone believes the US can be fixed without a RESET that will require a civil war or at least an equivalent amount of violence tell me how.”

        I agree. The situation is likely too far gone for anything less. TPTB have stopped listening to the citizens a long, long, time ago, and are only seeking more control and power. The Constitution has been shredded, spindled, folded, and mutilated. The MSM continues to follow the same routine of reporting Entertainment, sports, and “reality TV” as news. Like the new show I heard about, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

        You have got to be kidding me? Rich Kids of Beverly Hills?

        Possible fixes:

        1. Ballot Box – LOL, yeah, right. No longer matters.

        2. Soap Box – Sure, as long as you have a permit to protest, and you must do so in a “free speech” zone. Forget it.

        3. Ammo Box – ahem, well . . .

        The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • JayJay

          You left out the jury box…which is good, because we all know how that works. 🙂

      52. Socrates

        It is ALL by design, make no mistake about it. The saying- “the whole world is under the control of the wicked one” is not an understatement- it’s very true.

        The one world currency will be met with severe opposition right now, however, as not all tyrants agree who will be top dog yet. That’s what world War III is for- they will destroy and crumble all nations to break their resolve and they will beg for the one world currency so they can have their iPads, TVs and other enslavement chains back with. Mark of the beast? It’s getting clearer everyday…

        • KySSG

          Absolutely. This has been in the works for a very, very long time.

          The opposition could be weakened with a virus of some type, rather than full-blown war. Easier to lockdown when those who would put up the fight are sick, dead, or dying. Just a matter of mopping up small pockets of resistance. Those who are not actively resisting, and are severely misinformed, would also beg for the vaccinations. Who really knows just what is in those needles? I’m certain they will assure it’s all for the good.

          “There, there . . . you’re just going to feel a small sting. Gonna make you all better.”

          I’ll never take one.

          The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

          KySSG . . . out.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Are you sure we are not related?
            I read all of your post above and you and I think alike. If you are friend of Bravehearts, you are a friend of mine.

            • KySSG

              Sorry about the long delay, Sgt. Dale. Went to work and just now got home.

              To formally introduce myself: joined the U.S. Army in September 1985 as a high school senior and came out in August 2000 as a staff sergeant. My MOS didn’t have a lot of room to move up very fast. One tour in Iraq in 1990-91. Started coming on here sometime last year and made some good friends and kindred spirits. A lot of good folks, all around. Braveheart is a gentleman and a friend, no question. I could use another, so thanks, Sgt. Dale.

              The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

              KySSG . . . out.

      53. maudy fricket

        Remember when the air was dirty and the food was clean?

        • skittle shittin unicorn

          hey Them guys

          why dont you come on up to my Bug out locating in the wonderful pacific north west

          i have a few friends i would like you too meet

          you and your jew hating friends are more then welcome
          sig heil

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • Them Guys

            I do Not hate any “jews” per se. Nor hate any others.

            Speaking out with facts based info is NOT hate. Nor is it antisemiteic nor racist. The Truth is simply that and needs nothing but itself to stand upright.

            All Else is Lies. Like snide asinine replies You post of me.

            Typical kommie marxist leftist attacks on the mesenger, since you are unable to debate nor dispute the facts and truths.

            Along with the most famous typical reply from kommies, master race jews, most blacks etc….to make use of sol alinsky tactics of Always Projecting Your true hatered or guilt or wrongs, upon others in oder to attempt to stiffle the truth tellers.

            problem for you types is that you type hate mongers amd “projectors” are rapidly comming UNGLUED!…And the entire Tribe is becomeing way more Paranoid than usual lately!…Thats due to the Facts that same as today barely any white folks still subscribe to whitey-guilt, and fear being called racists…Well that same Loss of Mojo effect by calling folks nazis, jew haters, antisemites(define senite please! Cause Khazar edomites sue aint it)…Is Very upsetting for jews. Because its about the Only weapon or method jews ever had to create Fear of the jew into white folks and all goyim in general.

            Yes todays folks are fast awakening to all the massive lies, thefts, Mass genocidal murders comitted By Jews, against us gentiles, especially the white christian variety….You can no longer hide nor evade such factual truths..And its the main cause of the tribes comming fast unglued…Acting like Rabid sick dogs, foaming at the mouth from trying to spew out 200+ nasty name calls such as hitler lovers, nazis racists etc etc…Until they begin to choke on their own false words and claims.

            No I do not hate jews or anybody else…i Do really feel sorry for them, most of them. To be trained and brainwashed from birth day one, to believe they are some type “special chozens”, and racially vastly superior to ALL non jew goyim gentiles, which to a jew means we goyim equal animals and insects without a soul…Only the special jew is a real human with a real soul.

            Then as if That wasn’t bad enough of brainwwashings,,,The same from day of birth jews are taught to believe all non jew goyims Are really bad evil “nazis” and hideing behind every tree, bush, shrub, car, boulder etc always awaiting the big chance to….POUNCE! On the first unseupecting jewboy or jew women unlucky enough to pass by our vast numbers of “Hideing” places!!

            That stupid belief most jews contain,for over 3000 yrs now has created what can only be called a DNA genitic malform or malfunction, that causes massive Paranoia, with schizophrenea, and an over all 24/7 state of neurosis, and phsycotic mind games played out within the jewish mind.

            Yes I do really feel sorry for them and wish they would finally wake up to admit they been wrong for 2000 yrs in rejecting Christ, since he Is the Only true hope for such phsycotic skizo whacko paranoid creepy jews mindset.

            Thats what I do think…Either they quit that 2000 yr long rejection of christ, or they are doomed to remain lost souls, and as Christ so aptly called them…”Of their father Satan and satans Lusts You shall Do…Lie, Steal, Murder”….I can only add to Christs words by including ‘The jews are our Misfortune”

            Whoever coined the name of Nation Wreckers for them was spot on, no!

      54. Old Vet

        Not if, but when the SHTF, how long will it take to start getting anything back to normal. Three days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years or somewhere in between, nobody knows. I personally believe longer than 3 years if at all. If the world doesn’t collapse, just the U.S., every country that can, will invade. That’s why I say back to normal (?), not as soon as we all hope. We will be looked at as meat on the table, and we all know there are a lot of wolves out there (hungry), just remember that. I just started to put back some silver myself. If PM’s are going to be used as money (?), there are going to be an 85% die off in short order (lack of funds), I look at it like this; what’s 5lb. of potatoes, onions, corn etc., or nails, screws, lumber, etc., worth in terms of PM’s,; 1/10, ½, or 1oz. (?), when your starving to death, dyeing of thirst and living under the stars. The person with the sack of grub and basic needs or WATER, will set the price not you with PM’s, hunger and thirst speaks volumes. So will it ever get back to normal NO WAY. Just remember we are all on our own. For me WATER is above anything else that is where I put my PM’s into; SOURCES of CLEAN WATER. Those that control the water just about control it all, because without WATER you really have nothing.

        Do as you see fit. YOUR’RE ON YOUR OWN!

        • Billybones III

          What about the guy upstream?
          What happens when your food runs out?
          What happens when your Mag is empty?
          Maybe a little over-confident?

          Everything is finite friend, even life.

          What then?

      55. To the Right of Attila the Hun

        With all of the gold plated tungsten that is out there Germany should be very careful to make sure that they are really getting pure gold. If the FED sold/stole German gold, what is keeping them from sending fake junk ‘gold’ back to Germany? It probably took the FED a while to find that much tungsten….

      56. Billybones III

        I’ve read some of the letters and had to scratch my head. One writer claimed to be content, that the USA was at peace and we had it pretty good.
        Excuse me!! You bet we had it good. The war was always in someone else’s back yard!
        Since 1776 I’ve lost count at the number of armed conflicts the US has been involved in. Granted, I’m only 80 but in my lifetime nearly every generation has had to see their fathers and children (and now sisters, wives and mothers) go off to some bloody war that the USA was involved with. Argue politics, ethnic cleansing, oil or what have you ( there always seems to be a reason why Uncle Sam must help someone protect liberty(oil – have to keep those chevvys gassed up!).
        Anybody getting the picture here? This is a culture of guns. Our children cut their teeth on guns. The little children run around with toy guns. Then the teens need something coming out of those toy guns – bullets? Then in later teens our government sends them off somewhere in the world to use those guns only now they’re a little bigger.
        At this point, is the average American aware of just how many armed U.S. camps are maintained around the world? Uniforms with the US flag on the shoulder? I lost count at something over 200. Are you asking where your tax dollars are going?
        I won’t go on since you now have a president bent on reducing those numbers. Removing GI’s will make room for Blue helmets! We still have a huge number of gun-totin’ citizens who seem to think that our domestic problems can be solved ‘Dirty Harry’ style. And on it goes.
        What did Jesus say about swords to Peter in the Garden on the night He was betrayed? Look it up. That’s about where we are right now.

        • EDITH MYDICK

          blah blah blah blah

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