FedEx Readies A Plan To Help Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    FedEx has readied a plan that will assist the government in the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine to consumers. The world’s largest shipping company has over 5,000 facilities, 80,000 vehicles, 670 aircraft, and half a million team members around the globe ready and some new technology in place to “help out.”

    Richard Smith, the President of the Americas Region for FedEx Express and Executive VP of Global Support said that the company has been ready since the H1N1 outbreak nearly a decade ago. At that time, FedEx worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to distribute the vaccine for the H1N1 outbreak.  After H1N1 was made into such a big deal, the company redoubled efforts to invest more in cold-chain infrastructure and “unique monitoring and intervention capabilities,” Smith explained.

    FedEx intends to track diligently where these vaccines end up.

    Announced in September, FedEx has begun using SenseAware ID, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit a location every few seconds. The devices will provide more precise location tracking, which will allow FedEx to intervene should something go awry during the shipment process. It will also give recipients a new level of information about their delivery.

    Further, the SenseAware ID will be used with predictive analytics, which will give the shipping giant even more ability to move the potential vaccine quickly. –Fox Business

    Already, companies such as Pfizer, are estimating1.3 billion doses could be delivered by 2021, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Pfizer Begins Mass Production of COVID-19 Vaccines Anticipating EUA Approval

    This vaccine will be available shortly thanks to Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, a plan to fast track a vaccine to make it available in record time to the public. Many have theorized that this vaccine is already ready and that the elitists and ruling class are waiting until the right time to force it on everyone.

    Chief medical authoritarian, Dr. Anthony Fauci says that things would have to get “really, really bad” for him to advocate for a national lockdown. But this is the same guy who told the public not to wear masks, then changed his mind later.  At this point, if we have learned anything from this scamdemic, it’s that politicians and the government cannot be trusted to look out for our best interests.  We are on our own.


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      1. Great,yet another company aiding the evil bastards working against the American people.Makes you wonder how many of the sheep would open up their doors for their own demise? Worst.Package.Delivery.Ever

      2. Over the past few months I have spoken to many people, both men and women, and asking them casually without telling them I was sort of polling them, and asking them questions about Covid. The vast majority of women believe basically everything they’re being told by the MSM and officialdom, less than a quarter of the men do. Basically 100 percent of women think wearing a mask and social distancing was a good idea, about half of men did too. Ninety-five percent plus of women said they will get the Covid “vaccine”, about half the men said they would not, with about another quarter saying they didn’t know yet. About two thirds of women supported the “lockdown”, most men did not. The women generally did not give a reasoned answer, only that to comply was the right thing to do.
        The one place where most women parted from their usual compliance is they want schools to reopen so a lot of them can get back their jobs, or to just get a break from the kids. Almost all men want kids back in school too but for a different reason, they mostly believe the “epidemic“ is over blown, and believe the kids can learn better in a classroom rather than on-line.
        This bears out what I’ve been saying, the State knows women are more compliant and passive. They know most women will gladly surrender freedoms to obtain what they believe is safety. So the State just keeps them frightened. The State will conduct social campaigns aimed at women to have them influence men in their lives to comply to State edicts.
        If the Dem.s win the election you will see the same tactic used to enlist American women to help with gun control and don’t doubt me – gun confiscation. There will campaigns aimed at women for a variety of gov’t goals. I firmly believe, with official incentives, women would en masse turn on their friends and families, and report, snitch, and sell out those who don’t comply with official decrees.

        • All true: Hitler said ‘control the women and you control the men’.

          Women will always seek safety. In times of war or social breakdown, they seek out the strongest men and shack up with them. This is exactly what happened in the Islamic State. Women travelled from all over the world to shack up with these demented fools because they believed they were building a paradise caliphate.

          It goes back to their physical weakness compared to men. Women are probably smarter than men and certainly are strong health wise but they have developed a survival mechanism and that mechanism is sex. The pandemic is peddling safety in lockdowns etc. while violent criminals run wild on the streets and riot.

          • ft said, “Women are probably smarter than men…”

            Just assume that there is flatly no mystique, whatsoever.

            Their actions or inactions become dirt-simple, to categorize.

            b said, “The vast majority of women believe basically everything they’re being told by the MSM and officialdom.”

            ft said, “they seek out the strongest men and shack up with them.”

            A neighborhood dog may just as well follow anyone down the street. How would you make it yours.

      3. not all woman have that outlook. Rural midwest women know its overblown. Even in medical community.

        • Tell me who they are following, I will tell you which way.

          It’s true for all times and places.

          BTW, people interested in organizing, the simplest most fundamental polity or unit of govt is the family. If your house or personal relationships are not in order, your company or militia or autonomous region will not be in order. Someone is using a management or mismanagement style, which keeps you forever uncertain, rather than giving you tenure, on the spot.

      4. Some people (women, whomever) may fall in between and believe the illness may be a serious concern. However, they may know that politically it is being used (used to take away our freedoms that we still have). And for that the question would be what is the biggest worry and what can have the worse complications? For myself (a woman) the greatest concern is loss of freedom. Not to mention, there is no doubt in my mind the lockdowns long term will probably be direct cause of more illness and death long tern than any single virus can be. And as for safety, in a free country (and freedom asks for responsibility) it is up to the individual to seek their own protection and decide on their own acceptable risks.

      5. “I always knew most women will be the death of mankind”. Not enough will ever wake up. Get rid of all the fatties, blue hairs and their fellow ilk. keep the pretty one’s please whereas they will make for good slaves.

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