FEC, Social Media Giants Powwow on Circumventing First Amendment

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Kurt Nimmo Blog. 

    It’s hardly surprising The New York Times and The Washington Post didn’t bother to report on the rally at the British Home Office in support of Julian Assange.

    A quick search of the news reveals AOL and Reuters reported on the rally which featured Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. If not for Waters’ celebrity, it’s possible no corporate media outlet would have covered the event. 

    Julian Assange is no longer news. His torture at Belmarsh prison is not worthy of reportage. Far too many establishment “journalists” (professional government script readers) believe Julian Assange is getting what he deserves for the crime of exposing the serial murder of the state in foreign lands that have not and are not capable of harming Americans. Now that task is left to white nationalists and conspiracy theorists, according to the state and its media. 

    “How do we put ourselves in the position of a Julian Assange in solitary confinement, or with that kid in Syria or Palestine or Rohingya, being blown to bits by these people in this building here?” said Waters.

    I admit surprise Reuters would include this quote. It is at the very core of the issue—the US and Britain are guilty of war crimes and Julian Assange is one of a handful of brave people revealing the truth about the wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan. 

    It’s not so much the snuff video of US soldiers remotely and casually slaughtering journalists and others, including children, in Iraq. It’s more about the tranche of emails lifted from the DNC revealing how mendacious and viciously manipulative the organization is with people like Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and John Podesta calling the shots. 

    Meanwhile, large segments of a loosely defined alternative media are under attack. 

    “New concerns are being raised that online conservative media outlets could face federally imposed censorship going into the 2020 elections,” writes Paul Bedard. 

    Years after Republicans on the Federal Election Commission claimed Democrats were targeting conservative speech on outlets like the Drudge Report, the liberal head of the FEC is teaming with an anti-Trump free speech advocacy group to host a symposium targeting online “disinformation.”

    The September event is inspired by Russia’s online efforts during the 2016 election and is expected to include Republicans and Democrats as well as big internet firms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Politico reported this week that FEC Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub is hosting the event and summoned the tech giants. Her invitation reads, “The goal of the symposium will be to identify effective policy approaches and practical tools that can minimize the disruption and confusion sown by fraudulent news and propaganda in the 2020 campaign,” according to the outlet.


    The FEC has been largely ineffective in recent years, with commissioners unable to agree on nearly anything. And it’s slated to become even more hamstrung with the departure of Commissioner Matthew Petersen, effective Saturday. That move will leave the FEC with only three of its six seats filled—and without the quorum needed to vote on substantial matters.

    Forget the confusion and uncertainty at the FEC. For a government bureaucracy, this is normal behavior. After Democrats take back the government, they will fully empower the FEC to go after “conservatives” and anyone else who challenges the narrative or supports a presidential candidate not pre-approved by the ruling elite, now popularly known as the Deep State. The gossamer-thin excuse for this inquisition is Russia and its unproven and clownishly ludicrous supposed attempt to collude with Trump during the election. 

    “Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been invited by the head of the Federal Election Commission to explore ways to combat digital disinformation in the 2020 elections,” Bloomberg reports. 

    The all-day symposium on Sept. 17 will examine new types of false information spread online that could be used to influence elections. In 2016, Russia used online platforms in a bid to support the candidacy of President Donald Trump, according U.S. intelligence agencies.

    Ellen Weintraub, the head of the agency, is co-hosting the event, which will also include academics, congressional staffers and political organizations, according to an official at the agency. 

    The Russian collusion BS—widely debunked yet accepted as gospel by many Democrats—will serve as a cover for this witch hunt billed as a symposium. 

    The social networks have been widely criticized for allowing the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency to abuse their platforms during the 2016 election. Many of the Russian ads and posts, which were viewed by millions of people, disparaged Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, boosted Donald Trump or stoked divisions in American society, such as those over the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Notice how Politico continues this outrageous conspiracy theory. It is only possible because this idiotic theory has been pushed by the state and its media since 2016. It is drilled in the heads of millions of people too lazy or busy to read beyond headlines, let alone do independent research on political issues. 

    Politico, however, is not considered a dangerous white nationalist conspiracy website, the kind the FBI is now scrutinizing. It continues to skewer facts and set the stage for denying an untold number of Americans their First Amendment right to free speech. 


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      1. All governments, all of officialdom, including in the US, hate free speech. When citizens can speak in an unrestrained way they are empowered. TPTB considers citizens as nothing more, and I mean nothing more than managed disposable resources. They want us to pay taxes, fight their wars, contribute to the economy, wave their flag, have our children taught to be obedient to the state, and believe their BS. Otherwise, just keep you thoughts and your words to yourself. This is what officialdom construes as a “good citizen”.
        Free speech, right to bear arms, and all the other rights in the Bill of Rights are rights that empower citizens (and states) against a heavy-handed authoritarian and therefore an unjust and illegitimate gov’t.
        When officialdom grants new “rights”, they are not really rights. First what gov’t gives, gov’t can (and will) take away. Secondly, if people want these new “rights” like enforcing transgender restrooms, same sex marriage, abortion, and so on that’s fine, but these rights don’t empower any individual against gov’t., they are really merely nothing more than privileges. Thirdly, these new “rights” are little more than dictates, so when a person accepts these new “rights” they by default voluntarily accept even more subordinatation to the state. Officialdom grants privileges all the time, but they are loathe to enhance rights and empower citizens against gov’t.
        You can bet the FCC is not acting independently, it is a politicized agency. They are receiving their marching orders from TPTB, neo-cons, statist officialdom, “civil rights” organizations, NGOs, the deep state, and others, everyone who wants to insure average citizens are not well informed and will not have a public platform. The FCC will eventually allow little more than sports, music, bland and “balanced” talk show drivel, and propaganda.
        In 1981, Pres. Reagan’s intel. director stated he would know they are finally successful when everything the Amer. people believed was not true. The FCC will assist in that goal. A true patriot is someone who bucks and rails against gov’t every step of the way.

      2. I’ll post this here since this is a dangerous white supremacy conspiracy site and is already monitored by the spooks.

        Ever hear about the Project for a New American Century(PNAC)? It was a think tank back in the 90s that published a paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. PNAC advocated for a new Pearl Harbor (9/11) and the invasion and destabilization of the Middle East. They called for a build-up in South East Asia, deployment of a global missile network, and weaponizing space. Every administration since GHW Bush has had a signatory to the PNAC in it’s Executive Branch.

        GHW Bush – Dan Quayle
        WJ Clinton – Madeline Albright
        GW Bush – Dick Cheney
        BH Obama – Joe Biden
        DJ Trump – Elliot Abrams, John Bolton

        Trump handpicked these deep staters and their agenda moves forward, even as Don John calls for a new Space Force and withdraws the US from nuclear arms treaties and tests new missiles. He is either a puppet or a willing participant himself judging by his appointments and actions.

        This is the type of “conspiracy theory” the bosses want to hide from the people. Both left and right administrations have embraced the PNAC agenda. If I were them, I wouldn’t worry about it. Everybody’s too glued to their screens to do anything about anything except grumble in random comment sections (me too). The false left/right propaganda is a smoke screen and is working on the people, even as the bosses move their plans forward with no debate.

        Look! A lefty squirrel!

        • I first learned to talk with my ears closed, but do not ask you to be a lip reader, or a ‘formal’ body language expert (if such a thing literally exists).

          Just look at his face, when he is signing and discussing these treaties, and tell me how engaged he is. Anyone can do it.

          It is normally said that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but there is a wealth of information, when the programming is muted, like the picture that is worth a thousand words.

          How intensely-focused is this person, if you can be a political atheist, with no partisan god, up there.

      3. ET’s home phone number, the recipe to transmute base metals into gold, and the meaning of life, may all be encoded in the massive data dumps, but there is still nothing of exploitable, strategic value, so far.

        Other material on his site was entertaining, in a Twilight Zone kind-of way, but still milquetoast, garden-variety conspiracy theories.

        It seems that a patsy has sacrificed himself for any fluff material that could be handcuffed to a person’s wrist.

      4. If the media ignores you, then you don’t exist. It’s cheaper than killing you. It’s been going on in this country since at least the sixties.

      5. Calling the truth about the events of 9-11 a conspiracy theory is the height of disinfo.

      6. If Assange’s hair color changed, and he decided to dress like a mall rat, now, how would it have affected you, personally. (We’ll leave the full transition to Chelsea.) Does this change your own living arrangements, somehow.

        Rather than being a gossip mongerer, ask what this gossip will empower you to do. How can this info be leveraged, if it is so high value.

      7. A rather infamous man once said “it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes”. Stalin( paraphrased).
        I vote in every election, But I know it is a waste of time. I mainly vote so I can ethically bi tch about the fu cked up governments I’m stuck with. All my “representatives” have my name in their databases. I don’t just comment on the web. I call, email, and write real letters.
        I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts.
        I comment on several sites; Russian, Chinese, British, American, and a few others, so the entire world gets an earful, I like to share. Curiously, only Americans and British have banned me. The British(Daily mail) even threatened to turn me into the police. Tracing my IP frequently puts me in Louisiana, so good luck with that.
        My point is that it typically is conservative sites that censor.
        This site is the only one I’m aware of that is so “open”.
        Too bad we don’t get more commentators.

        • R – Some say by voting it gives one the right to later make comment against the candidate, their platforms, or their party, or the process. However, others say the reciprocal is true, if you vote you cannot legitimately complain because by voting you buy into the process. By not voting it gives one a right to legitimately complain, they did not participate in or buy into it with their vote. They are detached, and therefore can point a critical finger. The final truth is one has a right to make an opinion whether they vote or not.

      8. Rellik, I’ve been barred from every lefty site you can think of so I know damn well they’re not open. I never play nice with dems/libturds.

      9. There was talk, some years ago, about all legit news being copyrighted and purchased by credentialed press, only, with state permissions.

        Any other opinion would be considered bootleg, counterfeit.

        Then, we popularized the term, fake news.

        It frankly wouldn’t overstretch my imagination, if your social credit profile was used to access such media.

        For “work” we used to have to enter our badge number, and take multiple choice tests over the telephone, during evaluations.

        In theory, then, you can be cued for reeducation, anywhere. Most of you carry the shouting telescreen in your pocket.

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