FDA Study: Sunblock Chemicals Are Being Absorbed In The Bloodstream

by | May 10, 2019 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    According to a new study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration, the chemicals in sunblock don’t just sit on the surface of your skin.  Instead, they seep into the bloodstream causing unknown side effects and possible hormone disruptions.

    If you listen to dermatologists, the science is clear: you should wear sunblock to prevent cancer-causing sunburns which can result in deadly melanoma. However, a new study conducted by the government agency, the FDA is saying those chemicals that protect the skin from cancer, are entering the bloodstream.

    Experts still suggest that the benefits of sunscreen outweigh the risks, so people should keep on slathering it on, according to a report by MSN. To be fair, the FDA’s study only evaluated 24 people.

    The study involved 24 healthy people who applied four common types of sunscreen on their skin. Researchers randomly assigned the participants one of four sunscreens: either one of two sprays, a lotion, or a cream. They put the cream on 75 percent of their bodies, four times a day, for four days. Over the course of 7 days, including the days sunscreen was used, the scientists collected 30 blood samples from the participants. The team looked at four ingredients: avobenzone,  oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule. –MSN

    All of those are chemical sunblocks.  There are mineral sunblocks available which utilize zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide instead.  These are the ones that tend to leave the “white cast” on people’s skin, however, they work just as well. There is also good evidence that suggests “little if any zinc or titanium particles penetrate the skin to reach living tissues,” according to EWG.

    Past studies have found the chemicals oxybenzone and octocrylene in human breast milk, the authors wrote. Oxybenzone has also been identified in urine, blood, and amniotic fluid. But scientists aren’t sure what this means for the health of sunblock users. More research is now needed to determine whether these levels are harmful, the authors said.

    In a statement, the Food and Drug Administration said: “The fact that an ingredient is absorbed through the skin and into the body does not mean the ingredient is unsafe. “Rather, this finding calls for further testing to determine the safety of that ingredient for repeated use. Such testing is part of the standard pre-market safety evaluation of most chronically administered drugs with appreciable systemic absorption.”

    “It is important to note there is no evidence from this study that there is any health risk. And even at maximal use, any theoretical risk is almost certainly far smaller than the reduced risk of skin cancer that has been shown to be associated with sunscreen use,” the Food and Drug Administration said.

    However, there are several options for good mineral sunblocks out there – ones that are more natural and offer great sun protection if you oppose the chemical-laced sunblocks out there.


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      1. We used to be taught that nothing got through our skin, but today we know better. They now also say the ultraviolet rays go through your clothing. Why is it some people who don’t use sunscreen never get skin cancers and others who use sunscreens still get skin cancers? I would be more apt to suggest mud as a sunscreen as long as you know for sure there were no harmful chemicals in it.

      2. Once again the Govt. to the rescue. A study to know something applied to the skin is absorbed into the skin. Gotta love it… Yes, sarc.

      3. Skin, the largest organ, is permeable to allow for nicotine patches and medications to be applied. Science has lots of data on the dangers and benefits of applying sunscreen. My choice is to wear a hat. One that protects the face and neck, white gloves, and to cover up after ten or twelve minutes of sun exposure. Simple, effective, costs nothing.


        • Go read the chemical labels of many hygiene products and there are loads of Alcohol in them. If you use deodorant, sunscreen, insect spray, sanitizer hand wash, mouth wash, hair shampoo, or eat any products or fondues, all of that alcohol content is absorbed in to your body and blood and then urine and will make you fail simple alcohol piss tests. And the scam Governments used to keep people on probation by failing them, they use the lowest threshold of alcohol testing and detection to fail you because of all of these alcohol products even though a person has completely abstain from any alcohol drinks. It will take at least 5 full days to get all alcohol out of your system, if you eliminate all of these products containing alcohol I listed above.

          You get pulled over by the cops, quickly gargle some mouth wash, because it will fail the test and may provide you cover. Learn this statement: “Am I being detained? or am I Free to Leave?”

      4. “It is important to note there is no evidence from this study that there is any health risk. ”

        Once again… a Mac Slavo click bait Enquirer time waster.
        god I’m a slow learner….

      5. That why the indication of applying Testerone Cream is to rub it directly on your testicles. Absorption through the skin.

      6. The term “natural” is used to imply good or harmless; asbestos and uranium are natural.

        • Any fiber not digested in the body would cause the same basic risks. Asbestos was a scare, to make fake busywork for quota cases.

          • Mesothelioma & Asbestosis is reality.

        • K2,
          So is oil and coal.
          But you can’t tell Democrats that.

        • Poison ivy is natural but I won’t make a salad of it.

      7. Our ancestors used to labor in what we moderns would call dress clothes, durable-enough to be washed and not fall apart. They were made of natural fiber, so breathable. Do you need nice a hat? wth

        I would suggest a beach umbrella, but those seem to be chasing people down, and hurting them nowadays, so would go the way of the drinking straw, the old fashioned icon. Outdoor BBQ’s and green grass are too controversial.

        You need to exclude people, who are no longer mentally fit to have these discussions on objectivity. Quietly, cleverly, legally, by any means necessary. tnvowoot.

        Where white people were reasonably well-fed, so grown to their natural height, I am neither short nor tall, but average. I am reasonably active. Make seats and portions the correct size for my race. Shade is normal and reasonable.

        • I live in SW Florida. Most of the labor cutting grass is Mexican. They’re dark skinned and are completely covered, including face, to ward off the ill effects of the sun. European ancestry Americans go to the sun, they hide from it.

          • Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

      8. Hats and clothing. Don’t need no stinking chemicals.

        • Thats why you should drink Foster’s lager, The can is big enough to provide some shade!

          • Fosters YUK! Give me an animal beer(Schmidt) anyday. Unfortunately Schmidt bit the dust in 2002 and most all sunscreen is illegal in Hawaii starting in 2021.
            Fu cking Democrats.

            • rellik

              Everyone has their favorite, in the day it was “Pennsylvania Coors” Rolling Rock, an acquired taste. Jamaican “Red Stripe” was strictly medicinal to induce a bowl movement. They have banned most sun screen in Hawaii by 2021? I think there may be a relationship to Democrat insanity that while always there, increases with temperature. Your Democrats are I think more kooky than the typical.

              • K2,
                I drink Rolling rock and Kirin, with an occasional
                Dark Becks, Dark Heinekin, or Dark Dos Equis.
                The main thing about Hawaii Democrats is
                we don’t have many Blacks here, hence our very low crime rate. Most people here are Asian or Micronesian. I’m a minority as a north American. Asians are supposed to the the most intelligent people in the world, go figure.

                • If one compiled demographics as you astutely analyzed on an app that could be incorporated into their auto GPS for travel they could have zones of high crime to avoid. That would sell.

      9. American women don’t know that. All they know is the white-male-overtime-working-legal-citizen-taxpayer who is at fault for everything.

        Just got back shopping, you obese slobs are ridiculous.

      10. Same thing with scented laundry products. All those neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, and carcinogens get absorbed thru skin & lungs.

      11. Being a white, male baby-boomer means being blamed for everything. White-privileged(false), Chauvinistic (true), indifferent to the suffering of others (also true), sexist (absolutely true), etc., etc. etc. I don’t eat babies or other people’s pets.

      12. Since I don’t have a low level of avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule, I don’t use sunscreen products. I enjoy the sunshine morning or afternoon but limit time in the sun when it’s at its peak. I prefer woods to the beach anyway.

      13. A friends father was in the HVAC business and routinely washed parts in cleaning fluid (carbon tetrachloride) that was purchased in 55 gallon drums in the day 40 years ago. He wore no gloves. He didn’t drink and died of liver disease at 53. That stuff is no longer available purchased like that for good reason. Any solvent that evaporates very quickly is suspect. Carburetor / brake cleaner is an example.

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