Coming Soon: Computer Chip Implants For Human Tracking

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    While the FDA says growing your own food is against your best interests, consuming raw milk is dangerous, and alternative medicines need to be controlled by large pharmaceutical companies, subcutaneous passive microchip implants capable of tracking and logging everything from your medical and financial history to your day-to-day movements around the city are perfectly acceptable:

    The Food and Drug Administration said that Applied Digital Solutions of Delray Beach, Fla., could market the VeriChip, an implantable computer chip about the size of a grain of rice, for medical purposes.

    With the pinch of a syringe, the microchip is inserted under the skin in a procedure that takes less than 20 minutes and leaves no stitches. Silently and invisibly, the dormant chip stores a code that releases patient-specific information when a scanner passes over it.

    Think UPC code. The identifier, emblazoned on a food item, brings up its name and price on the cashier’s screen.

    The microchips have already been implanted in 1 million pets. But the chip’s possible dual use for tracking people’s movements — as well as speeding delivery of their medical information to emergency rooms — has raised alarm.

    Source: MSNBC

    We can fully expect the new human tracking chips to be progressively integrated into our society over the next decade. Americans have already implanted the chips into one million of their pets. And what are we as citizens if not pets of the government? As such, we’ll be treated much the same way.

    First they’ll start with voluntary programs for those on government sponsored healthcare plans. Membership will have its benefits, and those with the chip will be able to see their doctor quicker than the unchipped. This may even be expanded to include quicker security screenings at airports and other TSA checkpoints.

    Then, the Department of Homeland Security will order tens of millions of chips to have on standby in case of a major disaster or emergency. In fact, the Israeli military did just that in October of 2011:

    PositiveID Corporation Receives VeriChip Order for Use With Israeli Military

    PositiveID Corporation, a developer of medical technologies for diabetes management, clinical diagnostics and bio-threat detection, announced today that it has received an order for its VeriChip™ microchip to be used for disaster preparedness and emergency management in Israel by an integration partner.

    The Company’s integration partner intends to provide the microchips to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the State of Israel’s military force.

    Marc Poulshock, PositiveID’s Vice President of Business Development, said, “We believe there are many important applications for the VeriChip and our associated intellectual property including next-generation identification and bio-sensing capabilities. Our partner is looking to help healthcare organizations, militaries including the IDF, and governments with their disaster preparedness and emergency response needs.

    Source: Positive ID

    What that basically means is that in an emergency situation, such as a declaration of martial law, chipping stations will be immediately deployed. It will be for you and your family, and will ensure that you’ll receive emergency rations and other services in the event of a serious catastrophe.

    Next, they’ll require all government healthcare recipients to be chipped in order to prevent rampant fraud. An off-shoot may be to implement nationwide chipping programs for those receiving any government benefits including social security, Medicaid, Medicare, and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance.

    Prisoners and even detainees will be part of the first adopter groups. What better way to keep tabs on criminals and parolees?

    Once the benefits have been visually and linguistically programmed via Walmart shopping counter promotional TV messages and the people have been desensitized to the privacy threat (kind of like cell phone cameras and microphones in every pant pocket or purse in the country), and success stories are touted by mainstream media, we’ll move to full implementation across the entire domestic population of the United States.

    School safety and protecting the children is always the easiest first step, thus chip scanning stations will join metal detector security screenings at your local public education institutions. Don’t want to chip you child? No problem! That just means they can’t go to school, which means that you are an abusive parent and Child Protective Services will be coming over for a home wellness visit.

    Around the same time we’ll begin to see chip scanning stations deployed (much like TSA checkpoints popping up all over the country today) across public venues that include city urban centers, sporting events and public transportation systems. In fact, you probably won’t be allowed to ride on a public transit vehicle without a chip – because it’s just too dangerous.

    Eventually, the chip will need to be implanted into every American. It’s a safety and anti-terrorist thing – you know how it is. We’ve got to do it!

    Oh, have you got a problem with all this?


    If you’re not doing anything wrong…


    Reference Resources: Before It’s News, Rise Earth, Positive ID Corporation


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        • In the 1930’s people were going hungry. Today the riots are people who want their debts forgiven or free money without work. Read the “We are the 99%” rants and be disgusted.
          They need to stop spending money they don’t have, get a job and just move foreward by taking care of themselves and their neighbors and STOP looking for a free hand out. Nothing is free. Somebody worked hard to produce a product or food stamp funds or government funds ( which are really public funds ). Somebody worked and gave for those who CAN’T take care of themselves, not those who won’t.
          The American Way: take care of myself and my family, help my neighbors and support my county and nation.
          No sitting and whining allowed.

          • The 99%’ers aren’t about free handouts and furthermore, sitting, whining, complaining, protesting, all of it are in fact ALLOWED and thats what makes this country great. Remember, just because you think something is so, doesn’t actually make it so. Narrowly marginalizing a group of people doesn’t really go to make your case any more, it just makes you an asshole.

            • I guess rapes are allowed, they are happening among the 99ers. The comunist party is allowed, the blood sucking unions are allowed, and the turn the other eye media is allowed. Throwing bottles and garbage at cops is also allowed. Wow what a bunch of great American. It’s all bull and 99% of the 99ers are just lazy slobs that will defecate wherever they want and destroy the areas that they squat on. Who is the ASS*#*#?

          • “forward”.
            How is government money “public” money?

            • Where does government money come from? The government?

              • money comes from the government printing press with absolutely no backing. how do they keep doing this? easy ,eh??

        • I have been tracking the antichrist and the Illuminati International Bankers for about 30 years or so now. And I did this because I read the book by Lindsey Williams, the Syndrome of Control and the Non-Energy Crisis. These books showed me how the Oil Barons lied to us about there being an oil shortage. And I was very upset about the price of gasoline at the pump in the early 1980’s. And then I began reading other books, that showed me how evil and monstrous and Satanic that they devils are!!

      1. I’ve said it before. 1 9 8 4.

        My Dad grew up in the 1940’s & 1950’s. He said the other day that America is NOTHING like it was when he was a boy. That’s how much “progress” our govt & the progressives have made.

        Imagine sitting around 50-60 years from now. You won’t even recognize this place.

        • Guess what ladies and gentleman, the chip implementation is in the healthcare bill, still is why the elite globalist jackasses said they will chip the populace by 2017. All employees working in the court system in Mexico, have already had the device implanted!

          • Oops: this is why

          • Actually the pulled that language out of the final bill that passed. It doesn’t make the fact that it was in there to begin with any less creepy though…

            • You mean reworded it so you couldn’t understand it. Obama is evil how can you not see he wants total control over us.

        • “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

        • Did you read about the four old men in Georgia that were arrested for trying to make a deadly agent to kill off some of our political and economic leaders? Sounds like the only generation that has the balls to try something like this. I talk to a lot of elderly men who often say their generation wouldn’t put up with what we tolerate today. I guess now we know they aren’t kidding.

          • This isn’t the right way to do it, though.

          • The fifth guy that was not arrested was probably a retired FBI agent who planned the whole thing from his assisted living facility and instigated the other four.

            • That’s very unnerving! I can’t condone guerrilla warfare or terrorists tactics. We’re better than that!

              I respect the Greatest Generation, but the bulk of this progressive march started under their watch: FDR’s New Deal was pure socialism. Again, no disrespect, but they DID allow this to happen under their watch!

              • That’s exactly right. There is much to be commended about our elders, but passing down a heritage of liberty isn’t one of them.

            • Rightwingmom, in general I agree with you, but how can we be better than that? TPTB have stripped us of our ability to fight back in traditional, “honorable” ways. I deplore the use of dishonorable tactics, but thats all we’ve got left. They’ve got all other bases covered. Cheat or die.

      2. The Bible talks about this stuff, the hand writing is on the wall

        • I agree with you that this will eventually happen but please don’t give people such a warped view about Christianity!! No, the Bible does NOT talk about this stuff. These kinds of thoughts were created & materialized from a greatly errored dispensationalist (and non-bibical) view originating in the 1800’s. Please read a GOOD commentary on the book of Revelation such as “More Than Conquerors: An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation” By: William Hendriksen. This book provides a clear explanation on Revelation that leaves all those far-fetched ideas (such as flying locusts representing modern day helicopters, etc) aside.

          • (Rev 13:16-18 NIV) He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, {17} so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. {18} This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.

            • When I started reading the comments, I was not sure the lord would be included I’m glad to see that you stepped up for the truth hod bless you

            • Many don’t understand of the meaning of the chip to come. Man has open these doors way before our time, and Rev 13 tells us what sort of a world we are heading for., In these last days the last century, Governments had taken away Our generation and man had lost his place being a man. Governments had stepped in and had taken control of our freedom, leaving us with none of the bread and butter we had supplied working hard to survive. With Controlling none satisfying leaders ruling our countries, who indeed had finely taken away our freedom that we believed and lived. Year after year our man hood had lost its way, and year after year We had let our freedom of speech full into the hands of our Governments who then demands by taken control of our needs for our survival. Rev 13.

        • I have a friend who is a very religious Christian and he said the same thing. “The writing is on the wall”. What happens is everyone has this chip and then an authority can turn it off, rendering you totally useless and destitute.

          • If they can turn it off and leave you without the “benefits” of having it, then the way to prepare for it would be to learn to live without those “benefits” now. Now is the time to learn how to live off the grid.

            • Many unbelievers will receive the mark, But shamefully many Christians will too. We left our manhood behind, we had allowed our Governments control the system we live in. We as men and women have relied on a system called Welfare and Medical. this system had changed our true ID’s and using us all as Numbers [Not Birth Names] Chips has Numbers not names. and an easy number to remember is 666 for all man kind. Many will relie on the support our Governments supply. And many will fall and take the mark…

          • Open the door for yourself and believe. Because Rev 13 has come to past, give yourself to Christ. Say these words, Lord Jesus’ come into my heart, Lord I ask you to forgive me. I repent for my sins, and Lord forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who are against me. Lord save me. Amen.

      3. Federal Gov’t is an “Enemy Force Of Occupation”

        My Fellow Americans:

        The “problem” is NOT the police state, or these Emblems Of Tyranny, RFID Chips,… these are merely symptoms of a far larger, underlying destruction that has already occured.

        Please do not get hung up on the usual argument that is based on the Left-Right Paradigm either, or the distortions that have been incorporated into those basic concepts, the problems are now far beyond that, as that is simply another symptom.

        The Real Issue:

        The US Federal Gov’t has decidedly launched an all out war against America, Americans, and the US Constitution.

        It is now Official Fact that 9/11, OCB, WTC Bombings and other “attacks” against this nation and our people were infact perpetrated by the US Government.

        This is more than treason, as our Federal Gov’t has been completely infiltrated and wholly infected with foreign influence, corporate corruption and individuals of treason and deceit, whose sole objective is the destruction of the USA.

        Since our Treasonous Federal Government is now an “Enemy Force-Of-Occupation” against Americans, and is now using seige tactics to subjugate us.

        Please help spread the word that the US Federal Gov’t has exposed its real identity as an Enemy-Aggressor that has invaded our lands.

        It is our duty to fight off such enemys of America and to ensure the virtues of the US Constitution are not harmed or diminished in any measure.

        It is simple, spread the following word to the four corners of our country:

        – The US Federal Gov’t is an Enemy Aggressor Force that has invaded America while petenting to “protect” us.

        – Their intend is to destroy the USA.

        – Their intend is to mass-murder Americans.

        – Their intent is to subjugate, dominate and eviscerate the few that survive and intend to enslave.

        – Their Agents of Subversion have already infiltrated every single agency, office and department of the Federal Gov’t at every level, there are no exceptions.

        – The invading army of the Federal Gov’t is far to corrupt, distorted, dysfuctional, warped and pyschotic to repair.

        – It can only be abolished and replaced.

        – It is now our DUTY to abolish this treasonous invading army from our lands.

        – It is time for very American, Every Patriot, Every man, women and child in this country to waken and join the fight to eliminate every trace of these Treasonous invaders.

        – Let us unite under the banner of “Constitutional Minutemen” to organize our countrymen and our allegiances to.

        – Let us recoganize the perils and necessities at hand and prepare accordingly.

        – Let us honor our maker, praise our families and friends, and know the hour of challange is almost upon us.

        – Let us not falter in our efforts, for the future of our country, our homes and our childrens lives are the price of failure.

        May the good Lord look upon us with favor, and grant us the courage, strength and tanacity to eradicate such evil that has infected every hall of this treasonous force which
        once stood as our leadership, and is now our greatest mortal enemy.

        JD – US Marines – Constitutional Minuteman

        • This is not an official fact!!! These terrorist attacks were not perpetrated by our Government, as corrupt as it is. Just your opinion, based on falsehoods. I do agree with most of everything else that you have to say.

          • If al quaeda was wholly responsible for the attack as they themselves claimed to be, then why are they still going strong and we’ve turned what should have been a war on al quaeda into the “war on terror” and used it to violate our constitution and destroy our personal liberties while diverting the whole war toward Iraq who played no greater part in terrorism than most of the middle east. It looks like what was accomplished by the “war on terror” is that the war lords got richer and Americans had their rights subverted like never before. I’ve downloaded the USA Patriot Act and I’m doing something that none of the congressman who voted on it have done. I’m reading it. It’s an attack on our constitution all in the name of defense. The greatest enemy of our personal freedoms are all in D.C.

        • Unfortunately you are misguided somewhat – this chip is not just for you Americans. This wave will grow to cover the entire world population. EU are starting to follow up on every tiny detail and it will be proclaimed to benefit us all.

          I see nothing wrong in patriotism, but as a citizen of the world I believe Unity across borders are crucial if we are going to crack their see-through mirror.
          The truth shall reveal itself soon enough.

      4. Let’s see now….. If the Demtards take the red pill and the Repubs take the blue pill……

      5. I’m Just thinking how much I can make removing these things, on the black market. Hmmm

        • Might not have to remove them if you can just expose yourself to an intentional homemade EMP blast.

          • True, probably would not even need an EMP just a sustained magnetic presence. I’m thinking a strong rare earth magnet. You would still have the device in you though, don’t like that Idea. Peace my friend

        • Windex

      6. Our govt under Conservatives is so good too, they gave us the Patriot Act, Torture, Illegal Wars based on lies, Homeland Security and the Tsa THank you Bush and Conseravsheep, this is what Conservatives have done to this country.

        • AEOP, Would you agree that most politicians regardless of affiliation are just self serving hose bags?

        • AEOP, are these some of the lies you are referring to that helped send us to war?

          Joe Biden > August 4, 2002
          “This is a guy who is an extreme danger to the world, and this is a guy who is in every way possible seeking weapons of mass destruction.”

          John Kerry > January 23, 2003
          “Without question we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal murderous dictator leading an impressive regime. He presents a particularly grivous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation. And now he’s miscalculating America’s response to his continued deceit and his consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction. His consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction.”

          Senator Hillary Clinton > October 10, 2002
          “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock. His missile delivery capability, his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists including Al-Qaeda members. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”

          Al Gore > September 23, 2002
          “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter, and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.”

        • What, no mention of the Democrats dismantling the economy???

        • Get past it. They are all in bed together.

        • Don’t confuse conservative with NEOCON!!!

        • It’s what Republicans have done to this country. Conservatives are limited-government, free market Libertarians. =)

          Interestingly, I could not make the distinction between Conservatives and Republicans just 3 years ago.

          • absolutely right

      7. scary, and the sheeple will line up for it.

        • Like the flu shot. And if it is free, look out for riots.

          • Anytime you get an injection, you could get one. How many of us already have one? A manufactured pandemic is the perfect vehicle to spread these. Anyone who gets a “lifesaving vaccination” would get one.

            • My thoughts exactly!

      8. mark of the beast

        in this case the beast is our government

        says right in the bible..dont take ths, people if there was ever a reason to say fuck you to your government, this is it..get it? This is IT!

        • well said.. thank you!!!!

        • One Scooby treat to you.

        • Isn’t amazing this was predicted 2000 years ago…..kudo’s to those interpreting God’s word.

          • God’s word is all what most of us have left!!..BE SAFE MY FRIENDS .. TIME IS RUNNING VERY SHORT!!

            • Yep, God’s WORD, and a 9mm.

          • This was predicted by the same group of people trying to enslave us. Satanist!! Ever facet of what you know is a lie, everything.. And the truth will come out this year, 2012! That is actually what is happening now and you are part of it.

        • VRF,

          I agree. That is what I thought about too.
          Mark of the beast … as told about in the Bible (Revelation 13)

          KY Mom

        • The western empire = biblical Babylon empire.

          If the mystery Babylon system did the mark it wouldnt be volontary to take it as the the bible says. Also it wouldnt behead people like the bible says it will.

          Its the beast kingdom that distributes the mark, not Babylon.

          The beast will destroy the Babylon empire.

          Its leader (the beast) is predicted to rule for 7 years and “it will change holy times and laws”, thats what the Bible says?

          The Bible also tells there will be a false prophet coming to join that leader.

          What political/religious system has for custom to use beheading for executions?

          What system has different laws and a different chronology/calendar?

          What system has a predicted messiah that, according to their religions prophecys, will rule for seven years?

          What messiah will be accompanied by a prophet that will call himself Jesus according that systems religion.?

          The mark will be given following a recitation from the Quran.

          But dont be afraid, love the muslims, they are the ones who will crush this babylonian evil empire and this evil fiscal system, death is ok. Stick with Jesus.


        • Considering the stories and whistleblowers about the crap in flu vaccine, H1N1, and more…..why would anyone with a 70 IQ allow anything put in their bodies..not even considering remote control capabilities of today…GEEZE!
          This is so wrong on so many levels it’s beyond understanding.

      9. The first push will be done by the schools and pediatricians. Get little “johnny” microchipped in case he is kidnapped or runs away – then you can find him.

        Start with our youth and then they are desensitized to it.

        • How much you wanna bet this countinues under comservatives? Hell conservatives control the house now, while this is happening, conservatives are letting this happen, who would a thunk it?

          • Yeah and the demtards control the senate, what’s your point, put all politicians in a brown paper bag, shake it up, pour it out, you can’t tell one from the other, so quit your rambling AEOP

          • I can’t REMEMBER a conservative in either house of CONgress.

            • ben, only one exists.. ron paul.

        • If indoctrinated into whatever society is accepting as norms at an early age, then that is what is normal for that generation. Ask most 10 year olds what an 8-track is and they are clueless, same thing as this. I think it’ll be a sad day when babies are born and “chipped” immediately-for their own good of course.

          • Aye to that… My kids are dying for a cell phone.. My wife and I refuse to buckle… All their friends on the block have them… While I have even made the argument for getting them one based on ‘what if there’s an emergency’, the health effects and constant media bombardment on web ready mobile devices were the primary reasons against.

            • mac… no.. your kids are NOT dying from brain cancer because they dont have one glued to there head.

          • Fed Up,
            I see an increase in home births in our future!

            BTW ~
            This in an interesting attempt at making the RFID Chip mainstream. Mythbusters busted the myth that an RFID Chip implant would explode when exposed to an MRI. Also notice they placed the chip in Kari’s right arm…just say’n.


      10. Looks like a good skill to acquire for after the SHTF would be chip removal, as well obtaining the tools to do it safely.

        • GC – Make sure your first aid kit includes a scalpel, antiseptic, tweezers, and butterfly closures. An ice cube can serve as a local anesthesia. Chip removal works best if you tape the functioning chip to your arm while doing government-approved activities, and leave it at home when you go to barter at the farmer’s market or share preps with your well-prepared neighbors.

      11. this is one of my fears for my daughter. she’s handicapped and in the future if I am not around to take care of her the state could very well chip her. Tag her like a deer. scares me!

        • It scares me too for my daughter if something were to happen to me. I do understand your special concerns given your daughter’s disability. May God protect both our daughters!

        • Rachel,

          I have an autistic boy that is 10. He has a brother that is six, and I am already talking to him about taking care of his big brother when he grows up.

          It is not the tagging like a deer that scares me, it is the elimination of the “inferior” that may take place if the People remain gutless and don’t stand up soon against what is happening.

          Don’t worry about your daughter getting a chip. Worry about finding someone you can trust to prevent it from happening if you can’t be there to do it.

          • Well said GC…

          • Scarier still? Who will be deemed inferior? It would start with the disabled. What about Down’s syndrome? Then congenital defects? What about we move on to the mentally ill? Then who’s next? Let’s see, how about the obese? Okay, moving along…then who is next? Ohhh yes, people who have the skill of critical thinking! That’s it! Get rid of them! They would be last on the list. They would do this until the society is weeded out to look like the Eloi from the H.G. Wells novel “The Time Machine”. A group of sheep who live in utopia and are there to serve the elite in their wonderful scientific dictatorship! YEAH!

          • she doesn’t have any siblings and her disabilities are severe. she will probably end up in a nursing home if she makes it past 40 years old. Thereis a chance she coul die before me due to heart issues.

            her mental level is that of a 6-8 year old. Grade level about 2. My other fear is the stae will place her on adeath panel and with hold meds from her. Or needed surgery. Since she is not capable of being a “productive” member of socieity i fear she will become “disposable.”

            • Rachel, God will call her home when He is ready for her. If He should allow the agents of evil to assist Him in that she will suffer no more for it, possibly less than if nature were to take it’s course without you there to protect and care for her.

              Sounds like your preps may be short one Good Man. If there is no one for her, there must also be no one for you. You will know the Good Man when you meet him because he will accept your daughter into his heart and you will see it.

      12. No chip for me, wifey, daughter.

        I’m working towards total independence and off the grid.

        Anyone from East Texas/Louisiana/Arkansas want to get in touch with me, do it through

        through contact us

        • No, the gov’t would make sure you’re in the system by planting the chip in you. They want EVERYONE to be in the system. You cannot escape or being off the grid from it. Those who are strong believers like me will need to humbly and reject the chip and go to jail OR God will lead you to a hidden place up on the mountains. I pray Jesus will come and rescue us before this happens!

      13. An old TV show, the wife said to the husdand, “How is the rat race going”, He said “The rats are winning”. We MUST not let the rats win. It will come down to numbers, remember the TV show the prinisor “I am not a number, I am a human being”.

      14. I said in a different post that if you went into a coma in 1980 and woke up in 2020 and the first thing you seen was the evening news you would think it was a movie. One change, a horror movie.

        Take a poll of how many agree with chipping people a decade ago, now and a decade from now and there is no doubt the slope is going upward a a significant angle.

        Given sufficient rope and encouragement the public will hang themselves every time. Sorry for the repeat but it’s so true.

        • Getting a Social Security Card while claiming US citizen status is proof enough of that.

      15. Great idea. The less I have to worry about, the better off I will be.

      16. I’ve always suspected these to be placed in the “flu shots” they think everyone should have. That’s the main reason I’ve never taken one.Would be easy for them to do without anyone knowing,wouldn’t it.

        • Actually, it would be pretty hard for them to accomplish what you are suggesting.

          Flu shots are given in the upper arm and the needle used is TINY -certainly not big enough to accomodate anything near the size of a grain of rice.

          The needle’s gauge would need to be big enough in circumference to make the subcutacous(sp?) placement in the layer of fat between the skin and muscle. Either they need a MUCH smaller device or that would not logically work.

          Maybe someday they will manage it, but today is not that day thankfully!

        • Thought this needed to be here….

          JJ says:
          November 1, 2011 at 7:42 pm Considering the stories and whistleblowers about the crap in flu vaccine, H1N1, and more…..why would anyone with a 70 IQ allow anything put in their bodies..not even considering remote control capabilities of today…GEEZE!
          This is so wrong on so many levels it’s beyond understanding.

      17. Fish and chips? Beer and chips? Dip and chips? Can it be so bad? Give the government a push, maybe it’ll fall over and die. Remember it’s not our government. It’s the Globalist government.

        • yes old fuzzy, who have the government bought and paid for.. they own the government.

      18. Folks, with all the things that the gov’t is trying to push on the people, I keep thinking that there is going to be a lot of airborne lead. And it will be sooner than most of us can imagine.
        Keep your wits about you and stay in His grace. If you carry, make sure you have extra mags.

      19. I’ve had chest pain for a week, and I’ve decided not to seek treatment.

        • I think somebody needs you, if you are feeling that way get it some attention, dont give in or up! In the same token make sure you are going UP!

        • I hope you are saying this for dramatic effect. Please do not neglect this chest pain. Please go get your coronary artery disease attended to. I am pretty sure your death will help no one.

      20. I posted quite a while ago that the Barcelona Baja Beach Club has been using these chips (which are implanted in the upper arms of its members) for access and payment for their private/elite members for quite some time now. Making something like this mandatory for a private citizen is sick -it violates our privacy in a gross way.

        Ah yes, the sheeple will love it -easy access to their government funded food, medical care, etc. This implant will be the new I.D., driver license, show your level of education, place of employment, property you own, military training, specialized skills, etc. You won’t hear, “Papers please” because they can just run a check on you via your shiney new chip and find out anything they want to know.

        Just sick.

        • Do they think of this stuff themselves or does the Motion Picture Industry do it for them? Do they have a meeting and say, “Hay I seen this in a movie and I think we can presently do it or within a decade or two”.

          You have to wonder about that art imitating life or life imitating art thing.

        • I expect they will also sell it as ” Avoid Identinty Theft..with the new wiz-bang gizmo….& it will make your iPhone work better & also help your skills when playing games online…”
          Montgomery County Texas

        • not really new, some of these in the suburbs of Detroit have been in place, most people dont know what they are looking at. In the advertisement they show some of the placements, i recognise the areas, and the lights.

          some of them thaat ive seen have been up for almost 3 or more years

      21. I am currently cloning myself being that many here use my avatar.

        • But since I use so many Avatards myself why not call me Rich 99?

      22. wow. ridiculous. so what will they do to the last resistors of the chips? people like us?

        couldnt a simple scapel remove it?

        what if its not in the right hand/arm or the forehead?

        • It will start out voluntarily. Then when the antichrist comes on the scene he will demand chipping as your decision to serve him. Not taking the chip will ensure that you cannot buy or sell anything. Starving the people always works. Me – I’ve got my ticket out of here when Jesus comes for the church. What about you?

      23. They already have tracking for our location at all times. Its called a smart phone. We are so smart we carry it with us at all times, remember to keep the battery well charged, and in the event we are apprehended by the police a record or all our co-conspirators, political affiliations, and visits to flagged websites are available for inspection by our protectors.

        • I use disposable dumb phones and get a new one every couple of months, and one I keep only for business.

      24. I’ve said in many other posts; this IS coming. This will eventually replace fiat “pocket” currency and will be “sold” to the population as a means to insure that everyone pays their taxes; that drug dealers can not launder their illicit profits and most likely, to help insure that terrorists are less able to fund their actions.

        As stated in several posts above.. this has been clearly prophesied for millenia.. DO NOT TAKE THIS. It is better to starve to death.

        • Well said, SNS!! If you get “chipped” you now belong to the Gov’t…never to be free again!!

      25. this will help the us govt terrst to fund their actions

      26. The Christian Brotherhood usa govt Approves of this

        • Why don’t you get lost,Troll..

      27. Sam not sam,

        Terrible thought. I think they will target the children first for the chip. When parents start objecting, the next move would be toward … this as a routine procedure for newborns in the hospital.

        KY Mom

        • It will likely progress just as Mac desribed in the article.. perhaps prisoners first… GREAT success !!! Move on to the next step.

          Such a thing will be slow and relentless.. but it IS coming.. the technology is there, proven, reliable, cheap and most of all truely effective.

          There won’t be any real places to hide; but there will be places where you can “get by”. We have several years yet; in my estimation; because again, this will not be done rapidly ( unless there is a MAJOR event of some sort ).

        • I doubt it would be done without consent. They will just try to starve you into giving it, and many if not most will freely do it. I think by the time I get that hungry my bullets will already be flying at a well selected target anyway, such as the one offering the chip for food.

          Better to shoot, cook and eat those giving the chips away than to take the chips or to starve.

          • No, it won’t be without consent.. otherwise, there would not be a spiritual penalty for taking it.

            It will just be made progressively ( love that word ) harder for anyone to not take it.. ultimately; no one will be forced.. unless they want to buy or sell anything.

            • Right! But the spiritual penalty is because you have to renounce Jesus as the son of God to take the mark. Its a mark not a chip. A coming Islamic empire is the one that eventually will do it. Not this empire. Dont listen to the bible teachers that says the state of Israel and the jews are Gods people. They will focus the harlot to be the Vatican and the beast to be this Roman empire. The beast is from the east, period.

              Possible the beast will be both leftists/anarchists/OWS joined together with islamists to crush the current order.

              Dont believe me if you dont want to, just remember i said it.

            • The beast is from the east. The east coast that is, perpetrating it’s evil from a place known as the District of Columbia

          • gods creation , i will tell you one thing , a bullet WILL fly into my skull before i have this chip.

        • Many parents, when offered the chip for their newborn, would delightedly take the hospital up on it. “Imagine, honey, if someone kidnapped Junior, the police would be able to find him via the chip. Or if Junior got lost on the Boy Scout camping trip, we’d be able to locate him via the chip.”

          Initially the idea will be touted as a security measure for your kids. They’ll market it as GPS for children – a safety device against the threat of missing kids.

          Gee, what good parent would risk their kid going missing when it could so easily be prevented?

          • Don’t we have those already; however, they aren’t permanent?? You can use it as a pin on?

      28. Hey between the Catholic Pope with his comments on a one world bank. Who needs the FDA implant chip now.

        Just apply for a global credit card with the RF Id chip. They know you won’t leave home without it.

        What’s In your wallet? Has one of the banks slipped a RF Id in on you?

        • i smashed the cip in my CC..silly bastards sent me a new card, my old card is still good until may of next year..i never activated the new card, its at home.

          and I doubt i will re-up when it comes time for this card to expire

          • Was it an overt chip in your credit card? Or, was it like the biometric passports where you can’t see anything but know it is such because of the logo on the front cover?

            • im not really sure of the type, there was a very slight bump on the card, if you studied the card under good light and looked at the smoothness you could see where it was, i took the card out to my workshop and i have a flat punch..i layed it up on top of my vice and slamed it with that flat punch and a mallet..
              funny thing is, I think they knew it, within a few weeks I got a new card, I never asked for, and my current card with the smashed chip is still valad and I still use it..but they gave me another one to replace it. The new card..its almost impossible to find where the chip is at..but I’ll find it if I ever go to use the card or activate will either get smashed too..or get cut the hell up

            • VRF – I understand your reasoning and can’t say that I disagree.. for me, I don’t care if they chip my CC, my passport, my car or my packaged food from the store.. as long as they don’t want to chip me or my kids. That is the line in the sand for me..

              But it is coming.. anyone noticed the insurance ads from that annoying company Progressive ? They now offer a “discount” if you allow them to send you a little tracking device which plugs into your car and reports your driving habits to them… Amazing… and they are advertizing it strongly.. So it begins.. the beginning of the end.

          • Save it and when you see the collapse happening buy everything you still need or comfort items you want. Most likely, for us dummies with our ear on the ground, we might get 48 to 96 hours warning.

            I can guarantee the first things to get turned off will be your access to credit or your own money. I figure it would take me about 6 hours to burn thru $50K in credit lines or before they realize what I’m doing and flip the switch.

            I recommend having a bunch of CC for this, issued by different banks. I know this isn’t honest, but when it comes down to the survival of my family vs. the bank. I choose my family.

            I don’t need to do this for myself and my wife because we have our plan. This is for all the rest of my family that’s not prepared.

            • U.S. Mint and a track record with Gainesvillecoins would be my first stop via the net.

          • Why not? You should just get it and put it in a place you are not. That way, if they track it they will not find you.

            The way to avoid detection through devices like that is to flood the system with devices that locate you and place them in other places so when they check they will see you in many different places and not have a clue where to look.

            Still better to be invisible to start with.

      29. I wouldnt get to freaked out by it yet. When have you ever known our govt. do anything fast(besides go to war) and when have you ever known them to get right the first time? They know there are to many people out there that wont take it. So how they will get around it is……once most of the U.S. population is suckiling on the welfare system they will make it mandatory for you to receive the chip to collect welfare. They will say its used to prevent fraud and if you take it we will give you more money…..there will be a line miles long.

        • Exactly. Wait for the masses to “get chipped”, then expect persecution as a “survivalist” to follow. Have a plan, prepare for it, and stick to it.

      30. Thought I would share this, I have four dvds put out by endtime publishing. The titles are in reference to the R.F.I.D. by Katherine Albrecht, they might be on YouTube, by you can find them at or (877) 287-5854

        • She explains how Walmart, Gillette and other companies use these chips in their products. MAC I hope its ok that I shared this info.

          • This site is all about sharing… Thanks for the links!

        • Got her book, it was enlightening. I actually met her in person once. She is a very sharp lady.

      31. Old news being recycled, AGAIN. Last time I saw this was on an Alex Jones produced video. Some lady from the W Bush administration was talking about it. Still not here, ain’t happening soon, back to prepping.

        • how can israel buying chips in oct. 2011 be old news i

          • The old news I’m referring to is the old news of microchips being implanted in humans to track us, that is the title and body of this report, not what Israel is doing.

      32. Revelation 13:16-17 KJV

        And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
        It doesn’t get any clearer than that, guys.

        • The Pope forgot that book.

      33. It’s already here They put stuff on for home detention Black boxes in your cars Who knows about the cell phone? It will start with our armed forces then with kids so they don’t get lost then you have them locked in for the first generation then it won’t be so bad will it?

      34. I am not worried about it. I wont do it and that is all there is to that. I do believe that is the mark of the beast. Sounds like another episode of Logans Run is coming to us soon, in real life.

        • It could be in any store-bought food or drink. There are many ways to get these into people.

          • If it was in something you ate you could chew it and break it. If it was in a drink you’d swallow it and it would pass out of your body. Besides, private industries wouldn’t do the government’s dirty work for them.

            • Who do you think makes the chip?

      35. This is sick and vile, seems like a bad scifi movie. Time to stand up and expose these socialist monsters. I am going to have tee shirts made that say; I’ll have a chip on my shoulder before I have one in the back of my head, or, Do you want a cool tracking chip implanted in the back of your head? Free for all the sheople!!! I’m going to think of this one some more, and maybe someone else could come up with the perfect phrase. IMHO, I would also suggest that everyone turn off their tv, cell phone, computers, etc., on November 9th at 2:00 p.m., who knows what they will be able to do during the few minutes that they are taking over the air waves. Did more prepping today.

        • 2:00 p.m. what time zone??

          • Eastern Standard Time.

          • Eastern

        • Just talked it over with home 7 (my wife), we’re going to flip our main power breaker open at 2359 081111. We will close in when there is evidence of “normality”, whatever that is. Join us in our off grid time. Solidarity in number!

      36. We’re just chips that pass in the night…

        Can I get my chip in nacho cheese flavor?

        He’s a chip off the old block.

        Oh, I chipped a nail.

        Chips Ahoy!

        Same low price. Chipping and handling included.

        Whatsa matter, you got a chip on your shoulder? No, it’s in my neck!

        He’s a chip-for-brains idiot.

        Horsechip, chickenchip, bullchip. All smells the same to me.

        Some day, when my chip comes in…

        When the chip hits the fan.

        Does a bear chip in the woods?

        • Yes they do.

          • hey im not a bear, tho some would disagree, and ive fertilized the woods with chips too.

        • halarious

        • Wow! Not that, there, is funny!

        • +10!!! LOL!!

      37. This would be an awesome way to keep track of pedophiles and released felons. They could shoot these chips into enemy combatants, Gitmo terrorists, illegals before deportation, repeat DUI offenders, etc.

        I can’t be against this on the paranoid fear of an anti-christ rising to power and shooting these chips into the butts of Christians and patriots. It’s like saying police shouldn’t have body armor because if they were ever under the orders of an evil regime it would be hard for us holy freedom fighters to kill them.

        • What was I saying about rope and encouragement?

          I rest my case.

      38. I think this is a good trend: the technology is there so why not use it?

        Imagine what could have happened if the scum bags who rioted in the UK had been chipped when they first got a criminal record (most of them had previous convictions)? Next time they riot, rape, steal and murder just put a massive electricity jolt through the chip into them. Then use an online mapping technology to log where they are and then send around a pick up van to get them. After that, it is a quick trip to the airport and loading on a Galaxy Heavy Lifter. This could then take them to a special location where they can be re-programmed into positive behaviour.

        I would like to see that.

        • Frank Thoughts:

          “I would like to see that.”

          No you wouldn’t.

        • I saw something similar in a Christopher Lambert Sci-Fi movie. Don’t remember the name. In the movie the device was in the stomach and could be used for control through pain, or execution of escapees.

      39. if you have a cell phone in your pocket, they already know where you are

        • maybe they could even hone in a drone on it

        • Does anyone know if there is a metal box or lead wrap that can be used to stop phone tracking ? I have an iPhone & you can’t just pull the battery out…like I did on my previous phones. I want a way to go into stealth mode if necessary.
          Montgomery County Texas

          • try throwing it into the nearest big body of water near you random… gulf of mexico? a river that runs into the gulf?

        • Pull the battery

      40. And I thought check points by these Fascist Bastard Nazis of the TSA was bad enough.

        Now they want to install microchips in my ass.

        Will they know what color was my Shit from this afternoon, soon to hit the proverbial FaN?

      41. Not to worry: I’ve heard they are going to put the Bankers in charge. Six weeks and they will have cost 10 B and lost all the records.

        • Too funny! Probably Obumbler shill John Corzine, who just lost $700 mm this week at MF Global Hedge Fund in the 8th largest bankruptcy ever

      42. just after you pry my gun from my cold dead hand. never before…

      43. I can show them a GREAT place to stick their chip!
        FOAD and go pound sand.

      44. Did some work with some pet’s for people thing .here in fla.Some of the dog’s hade these chip’s. One thing is if you have the reader you can add info into this chip.Like shot’s etc. Which I see someone putting any info they want into this chip.I see the NWO putting there hand into this to watch us. Know what we buy or sell.It’s a number’s thing the world bank’s would have a hay day with it.

      45. I got an idea. Since the top 1% elite are paying for it why not chip them first 🙂

        • jim , they will gladly take the chip as they control it and are the ones who will send thugs to come and get you.. it doesnt matter if they have the chip in their mind as we cant use it against them like they can against us… these people dont play cards without a surely stacked deck… they canrt play without it that way as they would die quickly without the deck stacked… you know it is really all of our faults for allowing a few pissing politicians and thier owners to have this much absolute control over us… its everybodys fault and we should all be ashamed of the communist world state we have allowed…. its a collective thing but make no mistake its our fault… i dont feel ive ever done anything to willingly contribute.. but you know what…. its still partially my fault…. i could have stood up sooner or something.

      46. Stop being afraid of this stuff. We hackers (white and black hat) already have this under control.

        Ever here of an EMP? Funny how people tell you that it will bust every microchip within 10,000 miles but they never mention that these nasty little bastards are just as vulnerable. Not only that, you can re-program them (if they are the right type). Oh, they’re encrypted? Really? Well, seems to me its in your possession. I don’t care how difficult the codes are, if I have physical access or unlimited time access to the device, consider it cracked.

        The US Government will never be able stay ahead of the hackers. The day that they try to make it a standard is the day I pull out the TCEG (Tracking Chip EMP Gun). Pow! …500 people are no longer tracked. Of course they’ll counter it and then we’ll counter that and on and on and on. But, they get no free lunch.


        “I claim common law jurisdiction. I do not consent. I waive the benefit.” – The three most powerful statements in the world.

        • Wow—think Stuxnet.

          • NetRanger, you’re thinking past terms, like RFID and GPS chips. These are old technologies. Say hello to body heat signature and biometrics scanners. These are all done from a distance. No chipping required.

            Disabling these scanners and sensors will require pretty sophisticated equipment the government is buying with our tax dollars.

            You and I and the rest of us have no recourse to procure this technology.
            So I wouldn’t bank on hacking (except some embedded Linux) – you leave your trail anywhere you go.

            I have a feeling it’ll be like the last stand for us all…

          • Sorry JJ, this comment was meant in reply to NetRanger, not you. But, yeah, StuxNet nonetheless!!!

        • Thanks! Info you post is very useful.

          Regards, Jim

      47. Do you guys remember Bishop Fulton Sheen?

        He had the #1 TV show in the country for several years back in the 1950s.

        Anyway, he said that the 3 best books on the coming of the anti-christ were:

        1) The Brothers Karamozov by Dostoyevski

        2) Lord of the World by Monsignor Robert Hughes Benson

        3) A Brief Tale of the Anti-Christ by Vladimir Solovyev.

        If in addition to these 3 works you would add 3 more:

        1) 1984

        2) Brave New World

        3) Protocols of Zion

        You will know not only where we are today, and how we got to this pathetic state, but also where we are heading.

        The outlook is bleak.

        • zionism is our biggest enemy… all of us.

          • whomever is stupid enough to give this statement a thumbs down deserves what you sow….again.. zionism is our biggest enemy… if the ADL wants to come to my home and get me for saying the truth, than bring it on you communist, zionist , feminist, homosexual morons….

        • Add the Babylonian religious system of Revelation 17.

          The Protestant reformers knew what fit this perfectly: the Catholic “church.”

          btw, it’s the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (a satanic treatise if ever there was one). And it ain’t “the Jews” it’s the (satanic) spirit behind ALL of these groups; whether the Vatican and its Jesuits, kabbalists, Illuminati, NWOs, Freemasons, new agers, etc.

          The one world religion and government conspiracy is all outlined in the bible.

          It is coming (and so is Jesus). Amen.

      48. I’m a rabid atheist and I wouldn’t allow this crap top be stuck in my arm as if I’m cattle to be tracked!

      49. Privacy threat…. Umm that would not be my overriding concern…. They chip cattle… in the words of Bugs Bunny… “of course you know this means war”… and there is nothing left to say about it.

      50. The moment Congress and Senate pass this law calling for mandatory chip implants, the game is over for the U.S. of A.

        Actually, by the time ObamaCare kicks in, which is roughly 2013, its already going to be pretty much cut and left to dry. Unless someone with enough balls repeals it – highly unlikely. The politicians are all damn wenches without balls.

        Americans are still wallowing in the false sense of “freedom” and “security” despite government’s egregious inroads with people’s liberties.

        Come the time we have the chip program, if we still aren’t up in arms to defend our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I’d have to move my family out of here.
        I don’t even know if I’d wait till then ’cause by the way things look right now, there is hardly anything that can be done to stop the onslaught of the Big Bro.

      51. “The Department of Homeland Security will order tens of millions of chips to have on standby in case of a major disaster or emergency. In fact, the Israeli military did just that in October of 2011…”

        Why, oh why is it that it is always the Israelis who “just happen” to have connections to garbage like this? Oh, I know — the US regime (which is simply the North American branch of the Israeli state) needs to keep its livestock — formerly known as citizens of the American Republic — under tight control.

        They are inventive, because a tiny minority seeking to subjugate a multitude has to be inventive. Be forewarned — when their power is total, the microchips are implanted, the killer drones are buzzing happily through the skies of former America, and the masses are reduced to Quaaluded-out cud chewers who are eager to please the big Zionist god in the sky, these self-chosen ones will not be gentle “shepherds.”

        They will beat, drive and cull the herd as they see fit, and will use technology to enslave the compliant survivors they deign to let live (because of their utility, either as cannon fodder, sacrificial animals or sex slaves) and they will rigorously control even the tiniest aspects of their lives. These are the people the US regime lovingly “protects and serves” with all its might, including the blood of our young men and all our money, while the rest of us are told to go take a flying f*ck and drop dead.

        And it’s the Arabs who supposedly “hate our freedom” — yeh, right!

      52. first civilian groups they will taget will be handicapped, elderly, criminals, ect. those who need “extra supervision.” Then children, babies and adults.

        I think they will try to get the military to go along with it first. replace the dog tags with an “electronic dog tag.” Sihn up for the military and you sign up for that. Israel is testing ground for military acceptance.

        I hope thier military standsup against Noddin Yahoo and says “no way.”

        I’m sure they have already chipped POW’s and “terrorist” for a testing ground. Same way pets are thetesting ground in the USA.

        Militaries need to stand up and say no to these tags. Hopefully that will deter these monsters a bit longer.

      53. remember: even the slightest constant electro pulse has been found to create cancer cells in the human body… just ask an honest vet of chipped dogs and cancer growths… your own hearts muscles ligaments and brains run on simple bio electric pulses… why even think of f-ing with such a perfect bio system.

        the day any fed tries to force a rfid chip or tattoo on me is the day I’m become a psychothic serial killer and kill every fed I come across!

        we all have our limits and this one is mine!

        • These are the last words you all will hear before you Die!

          “Hi, we’re here from the Federal Government!” “We’re here to HELP YOU!”

          suckers… ;0P

          • and than the bullet will enter my skull nina….i refuse this crap.. at all costs.

        • you already have the pulse going though your house by way of smart meter on your house and cell phone towers nearby, also your cellphone and wi fi if you have it

          • true aeop… there is actually a town in west virginia usa that is federally protected by code as electronics free! no b.s. ;0P

            one can only avoid it as best as possible as time goes on… cancer did not exist pre industrial revolution people! that says something right there!

          • I checked my unit with the picture—I have a digital, but not smart meter…Whew!!

      54. Mac

        Here’s a CNN link regarding an episode of “chipping” employees..looks innocent enough..everyone’s smiling..yeah right!

        Like I stated before,if it’s out in public for consumption(implanting) then imagine what really exists..nano technology..microscopic chips making a grain of rice appear to be the size of a boulder..

        link..Titled..CNN – Microchipping Employees: Let Your Boss Get Under Your Skin

      55. I have also purchased a 1″x2″x2″ Neodymium rare earth magnet, not very expensive, under twenty dollars? This is the worlds strongest permanent magnet. I believe it will mess up any chip….please correct me if I am wrong.
        I did not buy it for that purpose, so if anyone has experience please inform me.

      56. The public must willingly accept this chip because the resources are not available to force (as opposed to coerce) the masses to take it. If it was administered to select groups that had “special needs” and the MSM sold it’s “advantages” the opposition would somewhat decrease. A “major event” would have to occur and be of such magnitude that it would get the majority to be willingly implanted. It must so frighten the people that the “chip” would be acceptable.

        The “chip” is scary but that “major event” is frightening.

      57. Just saw this on Youtube…

        Two Jet Fighters escorting UFO over the North West *FACT OR FAKED?*


      58. Mac, I understand there is a smart chip in the new passports? DL’s?

        • just throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds… that’ll fry it.

      59. clear

      60. I will have to check my new passport. Just recd. in the last week….& the new Passport card as well. I did not look at….just stuck in the safe.
        Montgomery County Texas

        • There is definitely a chip in the passport.. no doubt. My kids have post 911 passports.. they have a chip or “something” in them.

          My passport is barely before the new types of passports were issued and still good for several years. I travel international a lot and once, coming back in, the border control guy actually asked me if I had an alternate form of ID !!! And he had my valid passport in his hand. He didn’t get much satisfaction.. my DL is also un chipped and also still good for many years.

        • random.. passports ,cell phones?…. youre too dependant on the system friend…..only you can change that.

      61. 18 years ago when I got married I had to get a new drivers license. It was a newly designed one with the magnetic strip on the back. While conducting business I had to provide my license to a city employee and as she made a photocopy she turned to a co-worker and told her “These new driver’s licenses are the mark of the beast, You won’t see me getting one”. I wonder if she enjoys walking to work.
        I’m not saying that the chip won’t be used against us, but Mark of the Beast, no.
        The Beast is the one world money system. It receives a mortal wound, the antichrist heals it, everyone thinks he’s their savior, everyone wants to join the system. It’s a choice we make. Don’t be fooled.
        Antichrist comes on the 6th trump. Jesus comes on the 7th.

        • Copied from a post above:

          Jackbootedhugs says:
          November 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm Revelation 13:16-17 KJV

          And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
          It doesn’t get any clearer than that, guys.

      62. My workplace announced today that anyone refusing the flu shot will not get paid for sick days without a doctor’s letter stating you have something other than the flu.

        Still not getting one. Coercion really REALLY ticks me off.

        • I guess you’re not getting the flu this year !!

          • Opting out of the flu AND the shot, 1HCM. 🙂

        • Daisy—the word is out from whistleblowers about what’s in those vaccines…please don’t get one.

          • I’ve read that stuff – never have, never will, JJ. I won’t let my kids get them either. It makes it easier that my lil one is allergic to eggs so medically CAN’T receive it and my big one is just terrified of needles so is happy as a clam not to get it. 😀

      63. I agree with some of the other people here in that I doubt that anyone will be physically forced or tricked to take the mark of the beast. I do not believe that such a thing can be done in secret or by stealth (such as a chip hiding in a flu shot or other vaccination).

        Everything to do with Christianity (or lack thereof) is based on “choice”. You choose to believe or you choose not to believe. You choose to do one act and not another – we all have free will in the end. The carrot that will be dangled above our heads is that one will need this mark to buy and sell. Those who refuse to take the mark will be left to starve. This is the true test of faith. Only those who are truly grounded in their faith can survive such a test.

        The number of the beast (666) has been so well-publicized in movies, popular culture and in religious circles that when the mark is offered, everyone, great or small, will be WELL aware what it is they are doing – giving allegiance to Christ by refusing or allegiance to Satan by accepting the mark.

        I don’t think that God would allow a scenario where free choice was not an option. Since our immortal souls are in jeopardy, I think all of this will be made crystal clear to everyone.

        • Your life may be crazy ( MiVidaLoca ) but your theology is very sound.

        • MiMidaLoca, I agree with most of what you say but I truly believe that the Antichrist will not come wearing red horns & 666 all over him. I believe he will come pretending to be Christ and people not well versed in the Bible will accept him as Christ. The Jews are waiting for their Savior, the Muslims are waiting for their Savior, most Christians are waiting for the “Rapture”. He will appear when things can’t get any worse and he will offer hope to all. He will have the masses eating out of his hand. One church, one money, one world peace…many will be deceived.

        • The choice between taking the mark or not sounds a lot like the choice between releasing Jesus or Barabbas. (Matt 27:16-26)

          Most will choose the mark (and worship the beast) just as most chose Barabbas.

          We had a choice at his first coming and will have a choice at his second coming.

      64. I’ll tell you who I deem inferior, The psychopathic MORONS who dreamed this up and want to implement it.

      65. Just be ready.. Take look to what happened when Katrina hit.. Take advice from northern Minnisoda “preppers” and get ready to hold on tight. Even as a recently former, very well trained Marine, I still have great respect for what is to come in our near future. Good luck and God’s speed.

      66. My workplace also told us that if we did not take the flu shot that we would not get sick time if we got the flu. Seems like this trend is spreading. Very disturbing! However, I will NOT take the vaccine and have not taken it in years.

        • NOT cool, Hoopster. I suspect it’s also illegal and plan to check on that if I do happen to get the flu. It doesn’t seem legal that they could withhold sick pay if you are sick. Period..

          • Legal?

            Without a union and a contract you generally work at the discretion of the employer. If they cut your pay or benefits but not your co-workers in the absence of race, age or gender being an issue tough luck. When a layoff comes (oops downsizing) and they pick and choose with no regard to seniority? Tough luck. The bosses friends son stays and you go? Tough luck.

            Very few States MAY be more protective like Mass or Calif but labor law is pretty specific to forming unions. For Federal Law look at Taft Hartley Section 8 A & B for unfair labor practices.

            Want to throw some sand in their gears? Get a note from a Physician that states you MAY be allergic to the vaccine and the Americans With Disabilities Act might kick in. They will see boo-coo potential paperwork/problems and take the path of least resistance.

      67. Rev 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

        Rev 13:12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

        Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

        Rev 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

        Rev 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

        [b]Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

        Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.[/b]

        Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

        ————— the solution:

        John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

        Rom 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

        Folks, the wicked one world government is coming….all foretold in the scriptures. Believe on Jesus Christ of Nazareth and live eternally.

        Amen and amen.

      68. This is just the beginning. The chip will ultimately be used to not only track your movements but also to allow, (or not allow), you to purchase anything at the store. That’s one reason why the FDA doesn’t want you growing your own food or using supplements. If you grow your own, you’re not dependant on the system and therefore you cannot be totally controlled. This will evolve into the mark of the beast at some point, just not right away. Eventually you will not be able to purchase ANYTHING without this chip, (or whatever it evolves into). Think about that for a minute. If you go to the store to buy food and cash has been eliminated, (which it will be very soon), along with credit and debit cards, how are you going to pay for it? Once they know you don’t have the required “Authorizations” you will be photographed, (without your knowledge), and placed on a terror watch list. Of course you will have to be watched and also constantly “encouraged” to get the chip. It’s for your own safety of course and so you can become a “productive” member of society once again.

        The elimination of traditional money is just another step along this path. There are places in Europe already that have NO cash anymore. Also, have you noticed all the new commercials with people shopping in a store with their cell phones? All they do is take a picture of the bar code and it adds that item to their cart. Not a big leap to see that implemented as a mandatory procedure when shopping. Just think about the cost savings in “cashiers” and the associated equipment. That day is coming much sooner than people realize. It’s scary to think about but I agree with the commentators that say the federal government does not have your best interest, safety, privacy or rights in mind. They are after one thing and one thing alone, POWER, (which also means the requisite control of the “populace”). The time is short………

        • Two ways to defeat this system 1 have someone buy stuff for you with their mark, for a fee of course. Barter will be huge, many wont take the chip and will barter for goods

      69. well this is kinda of funny thing that is showing up cause if the world read there bibles and studied like they should it talks of this very thing one world currency not being about to buy sell or trade without it.THE MARK OF THE BEAST let me guess the chip goes in your right hand. they will just have to shoot me cause i will never do it. check points all over the country hu well i hope people wakes up before its to late. Get saved jesus loves you and want you all with him in heaven don’t be around for this

      70. wake up you are all looking at these things in a two small a picture. when the euro and the dollar collapse there goin to drag the world ecconomy down with them. the UN (Britian) will step in and offer aid out, however you will be required to be chipped so that they can ration you you new credit, an electronic currency will be introduced and the only way to be involved in the new world will to be chipped. if you arnt chipped you will be left to die, that means no food work or aid. no one will be able to own land as the land will be used to gather the food for the masses.any one trying to leave the system and start a new wont be able as there is no land and it is all privatly owned(private property keep out, sound fimilar). if america want to save its self use what ever money you have and buy silver, you have no reserves left. you money will deflate by as much as 90% you debt is almout as much as ur GDP. before this happens replace you unless federal debted notes and exchange them for silver, an asset not a creditation. do this now not later. you need to build ur reserves back up before you can do anything. in the process you will eliminate you biggest puppet master the fed, a privatly owned bank which charges your government to print its own money. the more you use there dollars (stimulous packages)the less it becomes worth, the more you print off the more they charge you. wake up ur system is a scam and ur all being rinsed!!!!! buy silver and leave the old system behind!

      71. I was born in the Christian church and believe very much in the father the son and the holy spirit. But I never really followed thru with the church Just a week ago a profet came and talked to me he told me my life will never be the same and it hasn’t God is someone that loves us he wants our spirit to be saved. Think about it do you really want to stay for the RAPTURE. His real he loves us read the bible and notice that everything that the bible speaks of is coming true beliee in him and you will be saved.


      73. Read This Books in the Bible. All of Book of Revelations. Daniel CH7 to 22 Read Matt all of chapter 24. May God guide you. Trust in him. I would rather be beheaded than take that chip.

      74. This part of this time in our century is in the bible
        , for all Jesus’s followers like me don’t fear.
        This just means that’s Jesus’s return is getting
        Closer. Most of us Christains life will get hard
        But all we have to do is hold on because he’s
        On his way. Stay with Jesus and don’t give in
        To Satin evil plan.

      75. Very dangerous. Would couse lots of later problems in life. Intrusion of privacy also. Do not believe its a good idea. However, a very good article. It raises some good points. I’d rate it 7/10.

      76. See the book “THE FREEDOM CHIP” on for a fictional yet realistic look at the issue of the implementation of a human microchip implantation program in the near future. We are not far away from such an eventuality.

      77. America is meant for the free that’s how our fathers wanted it. There is a reason they wanted it to be a republican nation also. I will never let them put a chip in me. Where I go and what I do is of my business
        only. They can’t force me to get a chip either read the constitution and the rights of the people. If I can’t choose whats best for myself, keep my privacy and do what I want, then how is America FREE anymore.

      78. It’s all in black and white just read you’re Bible.

      79. This is not related in response. This is about installing a “chip” in young children for Tracking purposes. If a child is kidnapped not only would Police be able to GPS the situation but kidnappers would soon learn their actions and locations are traceable. Of course, this prompts all kinds of questions and statements. “Isn’t that Big Brother?” NO. It would function solely as a detecting device and child locator. Wouldn’t the Kidnapper look for, locate and remove chip? Possibly, but dealing with a screaming child would be difficult. Wouldn’t Kidnappers know there might be a chip? Of course, it is also a deterrent. Wouldn’t the Kids and Parents resent the chip being there forever? No. As soon as the child is old enough … remove it.

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