FBI Kills Rancher As Oregon Standoff Core Arrested: “We Thought It Would End, But Not Like This”

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 309 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: As many realize, the Feds are all-too willing to take life into their own hands. Did these standoff-ranchers pose a threat to the lives of the law enforcement officers? Obviously, the full story hasn’t come out yet, but the conduct of the Feds can hardly be counted upon to be civil and law abiding. Who initiated gun fire, and what really happened during this armed “traffic stop” encounter?

    There is every reason to question all accounts, and watch whose story keeps changing. History shows the government lies almost every time. Those engaged in the Oregon standoff were standing on principle, and knew that their lives were on the line. This is the price that some individuals inevitably have to pay for standing up to the corruption of the government. Whether they picked the right battle or handled themselves in the best way is another matter.

    Whatever happened, the resolution of the situation was not entirely non-violent, though it is fortunate that no further loss of life took place. The charges and trials of Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and the others arrested remains to be seen.

    1 Dead and 8 Arrested After Oregon Militia Clashes With FBI

    by Joshua Krause

    The standoff between law enforcement and the Ammon Bundy led militia, took a turn for the worst on Tuesday at 4:25 PM. The FBI and the Oregon State Police attempted to arrest several members of the militia during a traffic stop. At the time the group was en route to a community meeting at a senior center, 70 miles north of Burns, Oregon.

    Shots were fired during the traffic stop, which led to the death of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, and the hospitalization of Ryan Bundy with non-life-threatening injuries. A total of 8 people have since been arrested, including Ammon Bundy and his brother.

    According to Finicum’s daughter, “We all thought it would end, but not like this.” she further added that “My dad did stress that they wouldn’t pull a gun on them unless they pulled a gun. They were all committed to not firing on federal agents.” As of now, the precise nature of what transpired between Finicum and the police has yet to be revealed.

    All of the men that were arrested are facing charges of “conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties, through the use of force, intimidation or threats.” Currently, additional members of the militia are still hunkered down in the wildlife refuge, and there’s no word on what they intend to do next.


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      1. It’ll be awhile before the truth gets told. My condolences to the Finicum family.

        • The only truth that matters – The white man was standing with his hands up and was shot dead.

          • And the lead story of the national nightly news right now? Some nonsense TELLING people that the biggest issue they need to be concerned with is if Chump will show up at some debate which no one will be watching anyway.

            At this point it feels like they are just making fun of us.

            • Trumpandcruse, trumpandcruse, trumpandcruse. I’m sick of the bullshit. All a distraction while they bend us over. Ocommie’s going nowhere, Hitlery will not go to jail and our grandkids will be saying yes ‘um. I am so ready to secure their freedom in the way the founders knew we would need to. Something about watering the tree of liberty with something from the tyrants.

              • “Those engaged in the Oregon standoff were standing on principle”.

                Unfortunately the morons in Oregon were not standing on U.S. Constitutional Principles. I challenge anyone to make a Constitutional argument for the actions of the Bundy Bunch.

                Different people can have different principles. That doesn’t make those principles right.

                The principles of the Open Society for example, include no national borders and the free movement of people everywhere to go anywhere they want to go.

                The Vatican says its legal for children the age of 12 to consent to sex within its walls.

                Islam says that women and children are chattel; that infidels are to be killed it they do not convert to Islam; and that girls 13 years old can be sold into marriage.

                If the Liberty Movement is to succeed in restoring personal liberty in America, it must stand on U.S. Constitutional Principles, organize, and operate lawfully.

                Protests should be lawful. Actions have consequences.

                Armed resistance should be employed only if the U.S Constitution is violated by say gun confiscation; or dissolved, merging the USA and Mexico into the North American Union.

                Under these TWO conditions American Patriots have both the legal and moral authority to engage in armed conflict with Federal Agents. If anyone comes for your guns, kill them.

                Indeed under these two conditions, it is the DUTY of American Patriots to do so. Engage !!! 🙂

                • DK,
                  OK i will stand up and tell YOU that what they were doing is what ALL americans NEED to be doing! period end of story do YOU know the rest of the story behind these two ranchers IF you do then enlighten me( yes i already know what the story is ) i just want to know if your running your mouth or just don’t know the truth!
                  If you noticed you struck a chord with your BS statement!are you an American or are you just another govie lover?

                  • Apache: Yes I know all about the two ranchers and why they went to jail the first time. You cannot set fire to someone else’s property. That’s arson, isn’t it? I also know why they were recharged.

                    Personally, I believe the resentencing was a violation of their Constitutional Rights and that their attorney is appealing that resentencing. That’s the lawful process.

                    I also know that this conflict in Oregon is none of the Bundy Bunch business; and that the two ranchers whose business it was, asked the Bundy Bunch not to get involved.

                    I know that the Bundy Bunch occupied the federal building on the preserve unlawfully, (a poor choice to make a stand to begin with) and that they converted taxpayer property to personal use. (The Bundys are very good at that.)

                    I suspect, but don’t know yet, that the rancher that was killed, drew his gun at the traffic stop. If you are going to draw your gun you had better use it. And if the guy you are going to use it on, has a weapon, you better be sure that you draw and shoot faster.

                    Please identify the Constitutional issue that justified the Bundy Bunch involement. We can debate that. 🙂

                    • Apache: “OK i will stand up and tell YOU that what they were doing is what ALL americans NEED to be doing!”

                      No, no, no, a thousand times no. This is NOT the way to “do it”.

                      First, if you insist on armed conflict for a Second American Revolution, it must be legally and morally justified as I have described.

                      Second the tactics and strategies were all wrong in Oregon. If a people are really under tyranny and armed force is the only way to resolve the conflict, then as in the case of the IRA in Northern Ireland, the rebels should target officials of the government imposing the tyranny and again in the case of the IRA, the male members of the Royal Family.

                      You shoot and scoot.

                      You target those who publicly expouse the abrogation of your rights under law. You hold those specific official and public persons individually responsible. You don’t blow up buildings or bomb government property. You don’t target buses and restaurants like Hamas and other terrorists. You do not kill innocent civilians.

                      You assassinate the tyrants.

                      One by one. Like minutemen picking off British soldiers from behind the trees, their red coats making them perfect targets. That is how you “do it” !!! 🙂

                    • You cannot set fire to someone else’s property. That’s arson, isn’t it?

                      Ask Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.

                    • ANON: I am not debating Waco. The question before US are the events in Oregon. Each situation has its own characteristics.

                      You cannot justify one by looking at another. You must evaluate the FACTS pertinent to each individual case. 🙂

                    • Dude, you need to stop watching the Lame Stream Media and also stop following all the weirdo’s on Twitter lambasting the Bundy’s.

                      And… actually, they were not on federal land. It is only federal land on the word of the federal government and some federal government laws, all unconstitutional by the way. And any and all unconstitutional edicts, laws, statutes, and etc. are null and void.

                      Technically, it is only federal land in the sense that the federal government will back it up by the barrel of a gun… then either kill you, or throw you in jail… all backed up by the weight and force of the federal government.

                      We said so. We have guns. We are willing to use force up to, and including death. We dare you.

                      SO what is the constitutional issue… kid?

                      And by the way, according to the feds, only 49% of the State of Oregon is sovereign Oregon. The other 51% is not really the State of Oregon, but federal territory. Territory that should have been relinquished when Oregon became a State in equal footing with the original 13 States… independent. And obviously, 51% of the NOT State of Oregon is not… independent… of the federal government… so, it can not be the State of Oregon. Although that 51% of federal land… should not, constitutionally even exist… except by the force of gun.

                      In constitutional reality, they did not occupy a federal building that should not even exist, in a federal park, that the constitution does not give the feds the authority to create, on federal property, that should not exist in the State of Oregon.

                      If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll come by and kick your ass. Some more… kid. If not, I am sure their is someone here Super Nova brighter than you that can.

                    • Curtis: “It is only federal land on the word of the federal government and some federal government laws, all unconstitutional by the way.”

                      Are you drunk or high or just plain STUPID ???

                      To what “land” are you referring ??? The federal building/nature preserve, the Bundy Ranch, or the state highway or county road where the rancher lost his life ???

                      Ownership of ALL land in the West, with the exception of California and Texas passed to the American Government after the War of 1848, from Mexico. 🙂

                    • RE: ‘You cannot set fire to someone else’s property. That’s arson, isn’t it?’

                      Technically, if ‘we’ own that land, and I am included in that ownership of the, ‘we’… I’m not pressing charges!

                      Why is it my voice is lost in the ‘we’ of owning that land? Unless of course, ‘we’ don’t own that land and only a select few do and you identify with them.

                      …If you identify with ‘them’, what’s that make you?

                    • Also, RE: “that the constitution does not give the feds the authority to create”

                      That’s lost on people. It’s such a disgrace.

                      In today’s world, the feds are gods.

                      The Constitution is meaningless.

                      The People are to blame just about as much as our overlords, may God have mercy on their souls.

                      Que: Big Audio Dynamite

                    • Helot/Clark: “Technically, if ‘we’ own that land, and I am included in that ownership of the, ‘we’… I’m not pressing charges!”

                      I am for the destructions of TAXPAYER LAND forage. I also want multi millionaire Rancher Bundy to pay his back lease fees and stop trespassing on Taxpayer land. But what you want or I want is not important, and irrelevant.

                      That land is held in trust for the American People, as such, all Americans have an UNDIVIDED CORPORATE INTEREST in those assets !!! And the trustee has a moral and legal right to manage those assets judiciously for US !!! 🙂

                    • Helot/Clark: “Also, RE: “that the constitution does not give the feds the authority to create”.

                      Yes it does. It gives the Congress the power to create. The Congress created those agencies. 🙂

                    • The kid says: “Ownership of ALL land in the West, with the exception of California and Texas passed to the American Government after the War of 1848, from Mexico.”

                      And then calls me stupid in reply to: Comment ID: 3510372

                      What part didn’t you understand? That when any federal territory becomes a State, it enters the Union, in equal footing as the original 13 States… independent. It is not reserved, unto the federal government, to claim a percentage of any State, as its own. So, technically, the federal government is saying, that 51 percent of Oregon… is not Oregon, but, the Oregon Territory of the federal government. You can not be a territory of the federal government, and at the same time, be a State, independent. So, again… 51 percent of Oregon, is NOT the State of Oregon… independent. Or, sovereign, except that delegated over the State, by the constitution.

                      There. I kicked your ass again kid.

                    • DK: the BLM and other government agencies have certainly set land on fire in the past. A helluva lot more than 100 acres, too. Did anyone get sent to prison for that? Did any goverment workers get fired? Did any government workers lose their pension when burns or backfires ran wild and burned thousands, or millions of acres? Oh hell no.

                      And when I learned about the law you couldn’t be quote “re-sentenced.” That is called double jeopardy which used to be illegal in the USSA.

                    • Curtis: You obviously don’t know anything about land in the WEST. The Federal government owned it in trust for Americans as a spoil of the War of 1848.

                      The land was opened to settlement under certain terms and conditions under the Homestead Act (s). Territories eventually grew out of that development, and then States.

                      The States were authorized for Statehood by the Federal government. The land within those specific boundaries were allocated to the State except for the private property owned at the time of Statehood. This remaining land that was allocated to the State was divided between the State(s) and the Federal government with the Federal government taking the lion’s share.

                      In Arizona, as an example, that land allocated to the State from the original divison, is identified as State Trust Land and revenue stemming from the management of that land, for any lease or sale, is purposed for educational use according to the State Constitution. Other States may apply funds from their State Trust Land differently.

                      There. I kicked your ass again !!! 🙂 🙂

                    • Philosopher: I can’t respond to generalities regarding fires on taxpayer land, but I do know that in Arizona individuals are held financial and criminally liable for starting fires.

                      I also know that fires are set to taxpayer land by government employees.

                      With respect to double jeopardy I concur and said I believed it unconstitutional to resentence these ranchers after they had already served their sentence. 🙂

                  • Apache54, I have to agree with you. None of us have any duty to follow any unconstitutional laws. DK is a real piece of work. He’s 2-faced.

                    • BH: Two faced? No. I’m just not STUPID like the Bundy Bunch. Read my other post. 🙂

                    • BRNW: I don’t know the particulars, but what I do know from the link you provided is that the driver refused to obey an order to exit the vehicle and insisted upon going to the Sheriff.

                      But that alone doesn’t justify the shooting.

                      Its too early to tell what really happened, the “eyewitness” not withstanding. Let’s remember that everyone here jumped to conclusions in the Michael Brown jr shooting where eyewitnesses claimed that he “had his hands up”. In fact multiple eyewitnesses said so.

                      Forensics proved otherwise.

                      These morons were so fucking stupid I can’t fucking believe it. The FEDs outsmarted them at every turn. Its no surprise that someone is dead.

                      I am only surprised that only one of these morons died. 🙁

                    • He’s a statist shill, to be perfectly accurate. Basically a middle-aged fat slob who literally can’t get a date.

                      He’s a 1st – class BS artist, nothing more.

                • The resolution of October 1780 was adopted in order that the Articles of Confederation be ratified. The lands west of the 13 states were Territories to be held in trust until the lands were populated, given representation in Congress and then being admitted to the Union as sovereign and equal States. Congress followed the law and adhered to Article 6, Clause 1 by disposing of those lands by turning them over to the new sates. This is why Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and the others are privately owned or held by the State government. What little federal land there is was procured in accordance with the stipulations of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. Around the turn of the 20th Century Congress simply stopped following the law and held onto the Territorial land that was to be ceded to the new States.

                  In 1976 Congress tried to justify their malfeasance by passing FLPMA. A provision of that act was that the USG would make payments to the State in lieu of the property taxes that would not be collected. Historically, compared to other states that PILT payment has averaged less than 13% of the revenue that would be generated thru normal taxation. Additionally the US Government “management” has been nothing but reaction to various special interest groups that have no connection to the land. Their “management” has resulted in Harney County, Oregon going from having one of the highest per capita incomes in Oregon to the lowest. What once was wealth creating economic activity has turned into a drain on the nation’s finances as the majority of jobs in eastern Oregon are now working for the BLM or the Bureau of Prisons. The US Government has also engaged in fraudulent and coercive actions in order to deprive the families of their lands in order to advance the goals of Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030. Any private company or citizen that committed the crimes that have been done to the ranchers and the indigenous people would be prosecuted on felony charges.

                  Finally, the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution specifically states that any powers not delegated to the US Government under this Constitution are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. You cannot look at the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and conclude that the founders intended for a bureaucrat in DC to set grazing policy or prohibit the planting of certain crops to avoid distressing a particular breed of rat.

                  I hope this helps.

                  • That was wonderfully stated.

                    • yep yep!

                  • AMEN!

                  • I had a most excellent history professor that taugh us about the Articles of Confederation. Thank you.

                • DK, why don’t you just fuck off? We’ve all said it before, it’s in the archives!!

                • DK,
                  Gun confiscation. Um that would be a little late to stand up for rights now wouldn’t it?

                  • Why? Why too late? Supporters of the Second Amendment are winning that battle. How? We are organized, we are vocal, and we are pushing back.

                    The Liberal Left will keep pushing their Agenda as long as they do not meet any resistance. Resistance must be organized, vocal, constructive, and lawful.

                    The US Constitution is our most powerful weapon. 🙂

                    • You might want to look at SB 1551 (Oregon Senate Bill) that is being proposed by Senator Floyd Prozanski. This is a Soviet Style secret accusation bill. Anyone can call the OSP and claim that you are mentally unstable and possibly a danger to yourself or others and suddenly your ability to pass a background check is zero. Now, do you really think that the OSP and the politicians are going to let you keep your current inventory of firearms and ammunition if they have “knowledge” of you being dangerous? If you think so I have some wonderful property Harney County for sale.

                      Don’t think, for one minute, that this bill will not pass. I was at the Oregon Capital to testify against SB941 (which was financed by the diminutive faggot Bloomberg) and when they opened the doors to the capitol building at 7:30 AM over half of the seats were already filled by supporters of the “common sense” gun law. As soon as they ran out of people in favor of it they shut down public comment and declared it was widely supported in spite of the fact over 97% of the people signed up to testify against it were denied an opportunity to speak. This bill is being rammed thru as an “emergency” just like SB941 was.

                      Gun control and gun confiscation are coming. remember what Claire Wolf said about the awkward stage.

                • um… armed resistance? what the hell is armed resistance? peacefully resisting while bearing arms?

                  you are supposed to be bearing arms. every day. it’s part of the constitution. read it sometime. read the federalist papers. there is only one gun law in the USA. its 2A, which prohibits every other gun law (infringements).

                  so an ‘occupy’ demonstration in which the participants are armed is perfectly OK. they didn’t break any VALID law.

                  fed.gov is NOT allowed to own land for BLM purposed per the frickin constitution. again, read it sometime.

                  when a law is in direct conflict with the constitution, it is null and void. period.

                  i agree that protests should be lawful, but the daggone .gov should be aware of the law first and not enforce unconstitutional regulations.

                  i always love the law about barring firearms in federal buildings. honestly, a state could argue that it can limit gun carrying. but there is a ironclad prohibition about the fed.gov making laws and regulations regarding guns (2A), therefore, the one place that nobody can carry is the one place where the fed.gov absolutely cannot (per the constitution) regulate the carrying of firearms. federal buildings are places where private property laws are not in effect. i can refuse to allow you to carry a gun on my property. i have that constitutional right. but you have the right to bear arms on public property and also private property unless you have been requested not to by the property owner or tenant. federal buildings are public property. nobody, including the .gov can make a valid argument otherwise.

                  • KIDA: “so an ‘occupy’ demonstration in which the participants are armed is perfectly OK. they didn’t break any VALID law.”

                    Trespassing is a VALID law.

                    If you intend to break an “unjust” law, like refusing an unlawful order or refusing to give up your bus seat and move to the back of the bus, you must be willing to suffer the consequences of that act in your attempt to overturn it. That’s what non-violent civil disobedience is all about.

                    The Bundy Bunch are just plain STUPID. They commandeered federal property and then drove around like they were free men.

                    STUPID FUCKING STUPID !!! 🙂

                    • So the public cannot trespass on public land?

                  • Dang, KNIGHTINDULLARMOR, you’re making too much sense, you’re going to confuse the young people and shut up the defenders of the empire. …If they only knew what logic and reason were.

                    Besides, yeesh, they’re going to make an invalid argument and call it good. In their world, they don’t have to make sense, they just have to be in control of the military so they can force you to obey.

                    It’s all quite simple.

                    Those who control the military, make the rules.

                    Those who control the military, make the rules.

                    Those who control the military, make the rules.

                    What’s that say about those who are in the military?
                    And, those who rah-rah support the military police state?

                    WHo be THE boss of you?

                • A little teaser from a very good short essay, says it all:

                  Conservative, Save Yourself

                  I don’t criticise democracy or the modern world because I want it to fail. It is destined to fail. I want you to be ready for it. We are on the downward slope and gaining momentum. A democratic solution is impossible. The high point of this age is behind us. The decline has so far been disguised by media, entertainment and technological progress but eventually even that will not be enough to hide it. Empires and civilisations rise and fall and there is nothing special about ours that will save it from the fate of every single empire that has come and gone before us. In front of us is only further decline, starvation, violence, war and chaos until the birth of a new age.

                  From: thisblogisdangerous.com

                • Acid-You don’t know crap. Bundy and his crew were exercising squatters rights at the refuge. You show up here daily spewing crap that mostly has nothing to do with the article. You need a shrink to unravel your demented thought process. Pay attention Preppers, Acid is the kind of fucks we will be culling soon.

                  – WWTI..

                  • CS: The issue isn’t the right to assemble. Nowhere have I seen any charges related to assembling. Have you?

                    The basic issue is trespassing. Trespassing is a valid law. 🙂

                  • WWHTI: David Stockman says that the Yuan is PEGGED to the dollar in his new article “Red Ponzi” at Zero Hedge, today:

                    ” There have never been any legitimate financial prices in China—all interest rates and FX rates have been pegged and regulated to the decimal point…”

                    Guess he doesn’t know what he is talking about either !!! LMFAO !!! 🙂

                    • Dick, apparently you and I didn’t read the same article. It also implied that China is on the verge of civil war if the financial SHTF there. Dude.

                    • Philosopher: WWHTI has been saying for months if not years, that the YUAN is not pegged to the dollar by the Chinese government. Obviously it is. I was just pointing that out to him again and noted Stockman’s article saying so.

                      Yes I agree that trouble is brewing in China.

                      You must be new. I told this community that here TWO YEARS ago, while everyone else was extolling the virtues of the Chinese economy and the RMB. 🙂

                • @DK,

                  Uhhhh, the right to assemble is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

                  Just because one possesses a firearm while assembling does not mean it is an armed standoff…particularly when it is authorized to open carry a weapon in the state where assembly occurs.

                  And as a personal note, if your argument justifications ever require the use of statements such as, “age of 12 to consent to sex”, you really need to do some self introspection.

                • DK,
                  YOU are a moron and that is all. Your statement implies that the Federal Government can do anything it wants as long as it doesn’t 1-confiscate guns (which it already has begun doing) and 2- “Merge the US and Mexico”, Like allowing massive amounts of Illegal immigrants???? That is the dumbest thing I have heard all day and I’ve already been to the Walmart!!!!
                  As for the Constitutionality of the Protestors in Oregon Then answer me these questions-
                  1-Where, SPECIFICALLY, in the constitution does it grant the Federal government the Authority to create a BLM?
                  2- Where does it grant the Federal Government the authority to Seize lands without just compensation?Or to allow the government to dictate that some snail, or other environmetal whacko cause takes precedence over the rights of people to own property and do with said property as they please??
                  3-Where does it allow the federal government’s BLM to write and enact Legislation without Congress?? (article 1, Section 1 expressly puts legislation in the hands of congress NOT in beurocracies.)
                  Amendment 10-“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”
                  Declaration of independence anyone-
                  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.”

                  • spudweb,
                    well said!

                  • You are approaching this in exactly the correct manner. As KrisAnne Hall says, “Show Me.” “Show me where, in the Constitution, the power to manage the interior of the country (outside of Ports & Forts and Ten miles square in DC) is delegated to the US Government.”

                    (See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17)

                  • SW: excellent rant!

                    Open carry of rifles is legal in many states, including Oregon!

                • Deranged punk, You do nothing but run your mouth as some armchair constitutional shitbag. Its sheeple like yourself that has created this shit. Keep running your mouth putting down anyone that doesn’t have the “right” color rucksack or anything you consider inferior to your expectations. I’m sure they’ll acknowledge your superior knowledge and provide you with everything you deserve.

              • Anybody know the whereabouts of Lon Horiuchi?

                • Muddy, that’s a name that needs to be on everyone’s list. He’s on mine.

                  • I make a commnet and now it goes into moderation. So goes the sound of Silence. Trekker Out. Don’t know my IP#

                    • The fbi are proven murderers already.

              • Blood. Water the tree with BLOOD.

                • Thanks

            • They constantly make fun of us but we will be right someday. Don’t worry about lemmings and be your own man. What’s the worse thing that would happen if we are wrong? Nothing!!

            • Gov’t don’t care about you, just your empowering vote!

              • They don’t care who you vote for as long as they do the nominating.

            • We have lost a patriot. In the book enemies Foreign and Domestic the remedy came from a scoped rifle. what about all the chants no more Waco! no more Ruby Ridge?
              Ruby Ridge and this incident Were both sniper incidents.

              I wouldn’t want to be an FBI agent that was there. There’s a big target on them now. Not condoning it but I think there will be FBI guys having 30 caliber heart attacks in the near future. The tinder in this country is extremely dry
              and I think the Gov just lit the fire………

          • THE SOUND OF SILENCE! Whether this was the proper place or time to take a stand against Big Brother is not a question I can answer, but the killing of this man by Big Brother needs to be shouted from the roof tops. Kill one nigger thug and they burn down a city, kill a Patriot and all is quite. I looked at many sites on Survivaltop 50, SHTF and JWR seem to be the only ones making a sound. Trekker Out.

            • CHIMPOUT

              • The killing of one, “nigger thug” as you say, is no different than the killing of one of your perceived patriots.

                Both were Americans.
                Both were humans.
                Both deserved the protections/respect outlined in The Bill of Rights. As does any human.
                Maybe neither were perfect.
                Anyway, it seems like the words, ‘Life, Liberty, and Property’ are situational to you (and, to a whole lotta other clueless individuals among us) and you need to sort things out a bit to see how: if it ain’t true for one, it’s true for none.
                Our overlords certainly understand that.

                • helot-RE: you need to sort things out a bit:As you say! Both were Americans. Both were humans. Yes one spent his life contributing to society, and taking a stand against tyranny. And the other spent his life intimidating and taking from people. So if you want to call that situational, you called it right. So just keep on going down the list as your so good at, and correct us clueless individuals. Trekker Out.

                  • I have had much more trouble with White guys taking things from me than blacks…

          • when Pete Santilli gets out of jail the truth MIGHT come out, I can guarantee that there was a sniper for each person in that car and it was planned to get the spokesman and probably all the car people in that car, that is how the FBI would have set up the road-block and so the FBI is the ones who escalated this event, and that wimp-ass sheriff is NO-better than the FBI, it was Murder! period!

            • Apache, you nailed it the FBIEscalade it. The girl in the vid riding in the truck with Lavoy & Ryan said there were snipers in the trees and about 40 vehicles around, it was a trap. She said Lavoy got out with hands up then about six overlapping shots rang out, then all hell broke loose for about ten minutes. Ryan was hit from a shot though the truck. She said the truck was wiped out from bullet holes they layed on the floor praying for it to end.

              • PA,
                one of these days it might be one of us, maybe under different circumstances, BUT only a matter of time until the civil un-rest is every where!

              • The Feds murdered him like the Bonny and Clyde road stop set up. Karmas a Bitch. What goes around comes around as revenge is best served cold. America has millions of Snipers that are commonly called deer hunters. 7mm, 30.06, 30-30, .308, etc. How many aka: deer hunters out there that are really PO’d about this incident? Get ready people. The tipping point is closing in at a fast pace. Our Government is totally out of control.

                • Well said, WhoKnewit, I like your deer hunter concept and particularly your calibers.

                  We are still a nation of riflemen and pissed, I might add.

                  Semper Fi

            • Apache54, no question of it in my mind. The sheriff was already bought and paid for by DHS along with the all other local, county, and state “authorities”. even without them fed money under the table, they’re still just POS government thugs.

              • One day this will end by finding those responsible/involved and vigilante-style harming their families before they can be carted off by the govt.
                They are not protected 24/7.
                After a few FBI/snipers/govt. goons lose a few of their own–game on?

                OOPs—did I just get on the red list?? 🙂

                • makes you wonder how anarchy would play out if all the Cartels, Gangs, Bikers, Mob, Militias etc, all banded together to rid this country of the real vermin

          • Shot in the face. As JWR posted “Since when is an arrest warrant served at 3,025 feet per second?”

        • My condolences to the Finnicum family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. The skies over southern Louisiana have been weeping incessantly since yesterday afternoon and so do we. Another miscarriage of justice has occurred due to trigger happy enforcers. Surely justice will be served and innocent blood will be avenged. Be brave and stay strong! We shall never forget!

          You are all in our thoughts and prayers,

          Louisiana Eagle with bowed head and tears

          • +10

          • RE: “The skies over southern Louisiana have been weeping incessantly since yesterday afternoon”

            Pardon me, not to denigrate the thought, but all I could think when I saw that was: Geo-engineering.

            ….It kind of sucked the something out if it all.

        • About 50% of private drinking water systems fail at least one water contamination standard.

        • The military and LLEOs would nnneeeeeeevvvvvverrrr open fire on American civilians. Neeeevvvveerrrrrrr.

          Trump was a fucking draft dodger. I don’t see a single motherfucker worth the gas money to the polls to vote for.

          Amerikkka is fucked.

          Enjoy the “diversity” aka “lets recreate the squalor of the third world here”.



          • Draft? Oh, yeah, yeah, that constitutional process by which an illegal government maintains a standing army in case the people get out of hand or the government needs bigger goon squads to maintain the empire.

            What part of “draft dodger” is bad, again?

            I like you AE, I really do, but, take your draft dodger commend and cram it up your ass! What part of it don’t you like? Draft dodging illegal wars? Draft dodging police actions? Draft dodging empire building? The next crop of draft dodgers will be dodging unlawful domestic martial law enforcement force buildup, so, frankly, I see that “draft dodging” attribute as something quite noble. Forcing people to take up arms is not “serving” your country, its actually more like slavery.

            • I second that Net Ranger. Stick it up your arse Acid you statist moron. Draft dodgers just had the brains to not be herded into being mercs for the bankers and MIC. I hope YOU get drafted, I’m sure you will bend over for some govt. buttraping and love it.

              • Joining today’s Military is one of the most Unpatriotic things you can do to destroy American Freedoms and Liberty. Don’t be an accessory to this crime. Also one of the biggest lies today’s Military claims is that they are “ALL VOLUNTEER”. That’s BS. Try unVolunteering when you want. Once you join, the Government owns you for life like a death sentence. They control your heathcare and pay and take them away if you disobey. Sure I signed up and registered for the draft, but the psychopaths running the show today, I might not. Don’t confuse Todays Military with Hero’s. They are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Time to cut the Pentagon’s budget in half. Wars are for Whores.

                – WWTI..

              • If Acid Tech is a real person I do hope you and NetRanger made an impact. However; I kind of don’t think Acid Tech is a real person, he/she/it seems to be either a disruptive automaton computer bot, or else, just as worse, a human mindless unthinking reactive android operating on the very basic bottom of thought. …In other words, a politician. An unelected one, for sure, but a politician, none the less.

                I do hope he/she/it can grow out of it.

          • Not one worth the paper the ballot is made of,
            And your right AE, i blame the greatest generation and their kids, they are EXACTLY why we are here today and everything is so fucked up


        • Like who the fuk didn’t see this comin… Really??? Lets all go down to the civic center and discuss things over tea and cookies with our oppressive government… Should of had a security detail… Amateurs…

          • That is my thought. Isn’t the 3%ers there to protect them? Why didn’t they have a convoy or scouts along the way? A totally stupid move on theyre part.

            • A true guerrilla army of Patriots does not require 3% of the population to create a revolution. Never in history has a civilian population had the firepower that American gun owners have today.

              That’s what scares the NWO PTB and that is what motivates them to eliminate the Second Amendment and confiscate our weapons.

              There are about one million gun owners EACH, in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York state. Have any of you ever imagined what 1,000 Patriots with half a brain could do in the New York to DC Corridor to a Rogue Administration ??? 5,000 ??? 10,000 ???.

              100,000 in 5 man fire teams ???

              The New World Order could be eliminated overnight at 500 yards and it would be totally Constitutional. 🙂

          • RE: “Like who the fuk didn’t see this comin… Really??? Lets all go down to the civic center and discuss things over tea and cookies with our oppressive government…”

            Ha! So funny. So sad. And, so true.

        • FUCK a bunch of land grabbing ‘rancher’ businessmen.
          Get your fucking cattle off my public lands.
          Fuck the insane breeding clown posse known as Mormons- Cox has FORTY-TWO grandchildren! NO WONDER they want my land.
          These assholes hijacked a viable argument and turned MILLIONS against the Constitution movement.

          And fuck the one dickhead here with 20+ different names that jacks off all over this site, you GOD DAMNED ASSWIPE.

          • Fvk you you pos, maybe you should kiss the jackboots so you can enjoy “your” lad.. man you are a fvking fool if you think you have ANY say on how that land is use. A good beating with a tire iron is what you need.

          • 1. The government entered into contracts with these people that gave them grazing rights. 2. Their stewardship of the land has been nothing but beneficial. 3. The government committed crimes of fraud and coercion to acquire these lands for foreign companies. 4. If the State of Oregon holds title to the land it is still “public” land. 5. Not everyone needs a bureaucrat in DC to be told how to wipe their ass.

          • People like you are why i have guns

          • Alias, f#$% you, you stupid troll. Take your stupid ass out of here.

            • easy now Brave, I thought you said you were going to ignore them?

              • Citizen, you must be kidding to think braveheart could even remember to change his underwear much less remember something he said a whole WEEK ago, Geez!

            • braveheart,
              DAMN, you are sounding like me or vice versus, wonder if they will come for us at the some time! HA that would be funny!

          • alias says, “Get your fucking cattle off my public lands.”

            Really, you think it’s “your lands”?

            Is this guy for real?

            Sadly, prolly so, communist/collectivist thought is rampant these days, nevermind they don’t actually have any stake in the land or any say-so, so long as they think they do, that’s all that’s important to their overlords.
            People like alias are puppets.

        • The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately.

          • Indeed. You could start on the road to recovery by looking in the mirror.

        • Since when is an arrest warrant served at 3,025 feet per second?

          • EOS: ding ding ding we have a winner!

      2. The thing that is saddest to me about this stand off and these people making a stand is reading the comments in various places online. It seems about 90% of the people bothering to comment are writing-off these people making the stand as nut jobs, crazy, law breakers and should be wiped out.

        And it seems most people commenting do not even understand the root of the problem or what started all of this. They have basically heard what they are supposed to think from the media and that is that.

        If the people making this stand were really bad people wouldn’t they be doing bad things like the rest of the bad people… e.g. armed robbery, murder, stealing cars, robbing banks, B&E, etc etc etc?

        I feel that if/when people like this make a somewhat peaceful stand about something which they care about, risking ruining their lives or being killed, that maybe everyone sitting at home staring at a computer screen can spend 15-20 minutes at least looking into what it is all about.

        I looked into it. I am not sure what the right answer is, but these people are not nut jobs. They are concerned U.S. citizen who are worried about Government over reach and they are drawing attention to it…

        • Thank you!

          • “They have basically heard what they are supposed to think from the media and that is that.”

            I listened to Lester Holt on NBC tonight to see how it was being played out.

            I know, not NBC. But it gives one the true perspective of what the main dish is that’s being served to the folks in this great country.


        • Your views are spot on and shows the main reason our country is so fucked up. Its the sheep. The majority of sheeple are too lazy to look up and stand up for anything. They prefer to lay on their fat asses watching the ultra liberal NFL getting their fix of anti-American, anti-gun, anti-morals propaganda while eating their EBT food.

          • Maddog and Thatguy, I agree with both of you. this isn’t over by a long shot. MSM has really done its job on the minds of the sheeple.

          • Its the sheep, but its also the whores who work for government. That has been the fastest growing segment of the job market, when the well runs dry i hope they choke on their arrogance. And to all you people who think Ammon and LaVoy and these guys are just a bunch of trouble makers, i hope yhe wakeup call you get one day knocks you flat, i own nothing, so you cant really take much from me, but the nay sayers i know all own lots, i got nothing but me and some inconsequential shit to lose, but most of you nay sayers stand to lose everything that defines you, so go ahead and dance your little victory dance, enjoy it cause it may be your last

            • Kula, MT, MD, D, BH, TG, All,

              You are all spot on. I don’t know Alias but he needs to control his tone a little. What happened in Oregon is a tragedy. DK, thanks for defining the issues but there is more to this than meets the eye. Like many have said, the MSM, libtards, corrupt officials, etc., have gone out of their way to disparage these men and women who were willing to put their lives on the line and stand up for the principles in which they believed. I am disappointed that some at this site have chosen to do the same and speak ill of these patriots. Mr. Finnicum has paid the ultimate price. He deserves our highest respect and honor. We shall never forget you. May he rest in peace.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • The thing rhat really pisses me off is the people who have bought into the MSM and government line, people like my folks and their snotty friends ,
                They are the reason why we are here today, because all these people were too important and doing too well to upset their little lives when the government was reaching across our table and stealing our dinner, so think about that, we almost all have these people in our lives, the go along or else crowd,,,
                It makes me disgusted, i cant wait for the whole pile of shit to start flying,,, it will serve all these smug self important people right, they cant even face the truth,

                • Kula, I agree with you on everything. I’d love to see the looks on some of these sheeples’ faces when the balloon goes up. It will be priceless. They deserve whatever is coming. so do the feds.

                • Kula, I agree. I have plenty of dumbasses like that in my life. Laughed at me. Thought it was stupid of me to go spend a summer on an organic farm. Ha ha ha. They thought I was a hippie. Nope. Never was since I grew up with those fools and didn’t like the way they smelled or acted. Then the snickers about why would I want to have PMs. Why do I have a bug out bag?

                  At this point in my life, I don’t care. I am doing fine and plan on surviving and I will not be surviving in a fricken cage at the nearest FEMA feeding station, either. I plan on surviving on my own terms and that doesn’t include being locked up behind a fence and being fed dog food.

                  When people start showing up at my house I will give then a $10 tarp and point to a spot outside. Work or starve is my philosophy. Pretty simple.

              • laeagle, thanks for that. disregard alias; just another useless troll.

              • LE: Amen brother, amen. I don’t see how this country will continue. If there is a financial collapse, or war or both and food becomes scarce, it will be too easy for the Feds to get people to line up at feeding stations and submit to all of their demands in order to receive rations and be fed. Too many people walking around with their hands out and looking to the the government to save them. Until the government runs out of other people’s money. Once that happens the only thing people will get from the government is a boot stomping on their face.

                There are still some adults and realists in the US. Few and far between.

          • Maddog:

            Have you read up on Uranium One? That is the part of the Patriots story that is being hidden by the MSM.

            The ranchers knew/know the feds/criminals in our government are selling off America to the highest bidder.

            Clintons involved up their eyeballs. Yet, as usual, subject to hot to post!

        • I wouldn’t take what people write as any indicator. I am a regular reader (barely) and mostly comment writer on Yahoo News. The Lib Left seem to congregate in packs in a limited number of article subjects. If you read any “gay” story, or “gun” story, or perceived “right-wing” story, they come out in droves. Most of the comments I see are pretty conservative and/or understanding of the truth about the subjects.

        • Just keep in mind that there are a lot of gov trolls that cant wait for an opportunity to disparrage folks like us…
          My skin is pretty thick,
          But reading the posts cements in my mind that i would rather die broke as a hobo than pay one more red cent to the government, my life is getting much more simple

          • Anon, people like the trolls are only one reason I have guns.

            • The other reasons the door knob shaker bravehart has more guns, cause his others ones keep getting stolen in his home invasions. Aren’t you suppose to have you gun in your hand in a home invasion? Still waiting in your response on that brave76.

            • Good, shoot your computer screen.

              That’ll teach ’em.

        • When it all comes un glued i will weep not for the people who shit on my brothers and sisters.
          Hell isnt good enough for these people.
          God bless the true Patriot.

          • Same shit as Dingy Harry selling off land in Bunkerville.

        • That Guy,
          well that should show you how many sheeple are still in this country and we wonder why we cannot get our country back!!!

        • That Guy,
          There’s something to be said about those ignorant posters. When that “over reach” assuredly finds them they won’t know what hit them. The word ambush comes to mind.

        • I don’t know Ammon. I didn’t know LaVoy, but I felt like I lost a brother.
          They were fighting for people that have forgotten how to fight. They were
          performing CPR own a nation that is dying and gasping for air. The FBI proved
          that in a SHTF situation., they will be the enemy. People can learn from this
          and get stronger or crawl in a corner and wait for death.

          • Lakota,
            AMEN my brother!! Amen!!

          • LS,

            My sentiments exactly. We have lost a brother indeed!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • amen

          • Lakota Sioux, welcome. This affair has only reinforced my determination to resist. Whoever shot Finicum had better start watching his own six.

            • The murderer of Finicum will have his day, when he meets his Maker. Until then he will never have a minute’s worth of peace.
              He sold his soul to the bureaucrats when he pulled that trigger.
              He will live the rest of his days in a living hell as his mind has to relive that scene of killing an innocent man, over and over, daily.

              The individual that called for that ambush, will be held responsible by God. He/she, will never find peace again in this life. They will be haunted by that murder.

              • RE: “He/she, will never find peace again in this life. They will be haunted by that murder.”

                Psychos don’t care.

        • What this all comes down to, is the intrusion of Government into our lives, destroying our livelihoods and way of life that has been for generations. The Govnt thugs that sipon and suck off our profits of our labor to enhance their Tyranny and Terrorism they spew around the world and supported financialmy through our Tax payments. Our Government tells other people in Nations that they need to replace their Government. Well people this is now our calling to replace the psychopaths in Our own Government that are far out of control and oughtright UnAmerican.

          How the hell do these tyranical career politicians keep their office, election after election? Wake up the steeple around You, and vote these bastuds out. By Vote or Gun, that is a provided right in the US Constitution.

          – WWTI..

        • RE: “They are concerned U.S. citizen who are worried about Government over reach”

          No, they are helots.

          Just ask their overlords and those who support them.
          It’s quite clear.

        • Similar things were said by Loyalists about the “rebels” during the Revolutionary war as well. They say these things out of fear. They are OK with the status quo of government tyranny because they fear that which is known less than that which is unknown. Fear of change really, so they demonize anything that would upset their apple cart. As the Declaration of independence states –
          “and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

        • what you say rings true to me “That Guy”

          a foster father to 50 kids is a bad man?… someones head needs to roll for this

      3. Prayers for the Finicum family.

      4. PO’d Patriot, I also give my condolences to Finicum’s family. There’s no telling when we’ll find out what really happened. I suspect Finicum was gunned down in cold blood by one of those trigger-happy feds. They are known for being bloodthirsty. So I see their game plan here: arrest the militia leadership on trumped-up charges and make examples of them. The only reason they offer to let everyone else go is to make themselves look as good as possible. It may be best that the other people at the refuge should make a “tactical withdrawal” while they can. There will be another and better opportunity for making a stand. You have to pick your battles very, very carefully. It’s not over until the fat lady sings and she’s lost her voice, at least for now.

        • I agree. There is no point to them staying there any longer since it is clear what the Feds end game is. Hopefully no one else gets murdered and most of them escape capture and prosecution.

          • Look Guys enough of the boo hooing. These guys were asking for this we have to be reasonable. If this would have been any other race or culture that tried this, the funeral would have been over by now. They should have know that as the leave that place they were going to hell or jail. End of story. They asked for it and they got it. White is the minority now and the government is here to make sure it stays that way. Sorry guys but its the truth.Get over it get prepared all you want but if you don,t have a better plan than that shit…. the results will be the same every fucking time…Dumb as Crackers. Got to say that just like yal.

            • “Tha truth”. Fuck you. Sorry asshole.

      5. ” We all thought it would end, but not like this.” Of course not, the feds were simply going to say ” Hey, you guys are right! We apologize.” After that, they would drive off into the sunset feeling warm and fuzzy that the good guys won accompanied with the proper feel good music that goes along with all movie happy endings. Reality is always somewhat different though, the longer you make them look bad, the more the feds will be out to make an example of you. I’m not saying it’s wrong, right, or a gray area in between, I’m saying that’s how it is in the real world. If you’re not willing to accept that possibility, you have no business attempting to do what they tried to do.

      6. Remember the song, I was looking back to see, if you were looking back to see, if I was looking back to see, if your were looking back at me. Or maybe like the layers of an onion. Until everytime the Feds surround someone, they then find themselves surrounded. This will always happen. Makes no difference if it’s the FBI, ATF, or the military, its hard to fight while looking over your shoulder. Trekker Out. Out Flanked!

        • We have the advantage with ranges being known, cover in place with caches and a strong hold the high ground.

          They may win in isolated locations when they get to pick the ambush sites. For now, they are only going to engage when they feel they have the upper hand. Sooner or later they will decide they can do what they want to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

          It’s going to be a whole other story when they decide to go “nationwide” with their bullshit and they aren’t smart enough to know it.

          This has only steeled my resolve that there will be no quarter shown when they go “live”.

          The line is very clear now.

          • Gone Camping, whoever thinks they can do whatever want with me is in for the rudest awakening of their lives and I don’t care who it is. Badges, uniforms, etc. won’t mean shit to me. I won’t show any quarter either.

            • When the time comes, we all got to quit talking and go hunting. Sun Tzu Art of War.. simple but effective.

              • That time will come,
                Just remember what happened to the men who started the American revolution, they all got screwed, no diff here,

                • RE: “Just remember what happened to the men who started the American revolution, they all got screwed…”

                  Um, didn’t some make out like bandits and preside over an illegal coup upon which the nation was consolidated and it created the whole mess we have now?

                  Maybe you need to go back and read about the Anti-Federalists. Perhaps start with the stuff Gary North wrote about the forming of The Constitution, if you really wanna know.

                  Seeing as you’re a regular here, I look forward to hearing about what you learned.

      7. Condolences to the Finicum family.

        • Skirt,

          I’m going to climb Denali this summer.

          • I thought it was a trip to mount penis lol.

            • LMFAO!

            • Genius, ROTFLMFAO! You got him good that time!

        • Rebecca:

          I don’t know how many posters here saw the swipe you took at Ron Ahrens by calling him “complicit” in Mr. Finicums’ death.

          I do know that Mr. Finicum would have been appalled had he been alive to read your post. You see, Ahrens stood side by side with Finicum to support a cause that he gave his life for. Think he didn’t love and respect Ahrens for that?

          Had Finicums family seen your ‘swipe’ they would probably turn a deaf ear to your condolences.

          • ‘Ron Ahrens’ is OBVIOUSLY an Agency Ass Clown, like you and the rest of your different names here.
            Fuck ‘all of’ you! LOL!

            • Ron has balls where you have some sort of mangina. He speaks the truth and you just say some 2nd grade bullshit. Maybe you need some midol or a good laxative eh?

              • Thank you for your support and love for freedom and liberty

          • Hey mmd, what if Rebecca doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think, what’s your game plan for that?

          • Makemyday, I don’t have a bone to pick with Rebecca, but she has always recieved a pass on this site. She is as Liberal as the flower children of the 60’s. So what she says is really no surprise. Trekker Out.

            • MT: I haven’t been here that long but I reached the same conclusion. I took a look at Reb’s site and it was as flaky as heck. All about me-me-me. No photos, no recipes, just me-me-me. I view WordPress sites as nothing more than vanity sites for wannabe writers. If you are practicing at being a writer keep the site private and use it as a journal.

          • Thank you, but people like Rebecca are engineered victims, and they are scared, so they try to kill the messenger. We have seen people like Rebecca also throughout our history, living in fear and accepting the tyranny she and everyone else is living under.

            • RA: thanks for your passion. I don’t get the folks that think they are special and the government won’t steamroll them the first chance they get. Oh that boot will stomp their face just as fast as it stomps ours. It makes you wonder about people that get joy when they see someone else killed or get the proverbial boot in their face. I call that a sick and twisted kind of perversion. I don’t understand that kind of thinking. Never have and never will.

      8. I have been banned from several sites due to my anti-cop stances. Not all cops are bad, I personally know one good one, the rest of the good ones are all dead. Having a badge is a license to kill. “Protect and Serve” is long gone. Modern police use military tactics to enforce laws passed by an elite class of people on the lower classes. Cops do not protect, they clean up the mess after.
        If they can get an excuse, they make the mess(flash bangs in a baby’s crib). Everyone knew from the start the Feds were just itching to kill. They have unlimited funds to tie you up in court, Government agents will “run you through the system” knowing it costs you money and they will go home with a nice paycheck.
        The system sucks and it won’t get better until SHTF. Keep on prepping!

        • People…just remember to not over-lead the fat doughnut eating pigs. They are slower than a hood rat so compensation will be needed.

          Update your range cards with this critical data.

          • Duly noted

          • Save ammo, cut their fvkin heads off with a kukri.

        • I disagree, all cops are bad, if they weren’t they would arrest all the bad cops.

        • I’ve read about Peace Officers.

          I don’t think they exist anymore.

          They’re not the same thing as Cops.

      9. Shot the man in the face.

        That was to send e message to the rest of us. Whatever. Fuck them.

        • CC, the murder, the arrests of the other militia leaders on trumped-up charges, etc. is to make examples out of them. THAT’S the message they’re sending. It’s not going to stop anyone else from rising up.

          • The FED’s are charging them all with hindering a federal officer, which is equivelent to banana republics charging people with insulting the king.

            It is such a broad and nebulous charge it should have been struck down years ago by the courts.

            They need laws like this that can be applied to anyone they say, at anytime, with just the say so of the fascist police. It is classified as a felony, thus blocking gun ownership or possession for life. It’s instant gun control on a personal level to keep the sheeple under control.

          • The creation of a martyr? Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagen!!!

        • Captain Crunch

          Being shot in the face is a result of shooting the “T”. A point to instantly kill a person. Used by sniper’s.

        • I got that message, now its not head shots, its back of head shots so the face comes off when that spiraling piece o metal comes apart mid way through,

      10. First, my condolences to the Finicum family. It should have never happened. While I am opposed to the re-sentencing, I still do not think this was the way to handle it. The government was not going to give in to a hand full of armed people. It just wasn’t going to happen. The bottom line is they took over a small insignificant government building in the middle of no where. The government could have just left them there forever and nothing would have been lost. They knew there was a chance of casualties if they tried to force their hand, but did it anyway. As a former LEO I had hoped that that they would just close down the roads and not let anyone in. Anyone inside could leave, but not return. I believe that most of these ranchers would have eventually left and went home. I have to agree with Braveheart1776, it may be time to make a withdrawal and spare any more loss of life since the feds seem to want to make an example of this situation just like they have done in the past. Let’s all hope that there is no more bloodshed.

        Know your enemy and pick your fights accordingly!

        • JAS, those are my thoughts. They arrest the ringleaders on trumped-up charges and will railroad them without due process. That’s their message to the rest of us by making examples of Bundy and company. Then, they offer to let the other people at the refuge go away without fear of retribution if they would just do it immediately. That part is to make them look good and at least avoid the appearance of another Waco. The retired cops in my family are ‘old school’ and are also opposed to everything their former career has turned into. They’re even opposed to what the system has turned into. It’s sad but true that law enforcement and the judicial system have no legitimacy left in them. They are destined to fall.

          • The system, once again, will prove that it is not our system or “the” system, but it will simply prove itself to be of, by and for itself. Tyranny knows no other way. Eventually the head will have to separated from the rest of the snake. Shall it be a whipping maneuver? …blunt force? …or a slicing actiong? The American People have not decided yet.

            • The amerikan peeple have decided to gobble the government goo. They have been doing it for over a century now. This shit should have happened pre civil war. It’s all over but the screaming but I will not go quietly…..

              • RE: “The amerikan peeple have decided to gobble the government goo.”

                It certainly seems that way, especially if you mention something like say, geo-engineering. …They just open up and say “Ahhh!” and they swallow that Flint water. They open up and do it with eyes wide shut.

        • I said at the outset this was the wrong time and place, and I was right. However, just what were the cops doing making a ‘traffic stop’ on these guys? All that was doing was escalating into a confrontation.

          • Smokey, I suspect the ‘traffic stop’ was a cover for taking down the leadership. If the feds think this action will prevent an uprising, they have another think coming.

            • Yep somebody on here has warned and warned about traffic stops. People need their cars equipped with cameras at every angle. I don’t give a f333k who you are or even if you think you will never be stopped for some bogus bullshit a moving car is potential revenue or worse.

          • Gee smokey thats a hard question. Might take a few brain cells to figgur thet one owt.

      11. Yes, very saddened…as many have said…horrible to see 90% just dismissing these patriots as riiff raff and rebel rousing idiots. My prayers to the finicum family and all the patriots out there. God bless y’all on here…I Pray and ask for your prayers that justice will prevail…were in for a real tough time folks…preachin to the choir I know…Truly, God help us.

        • RE: “that justice will prevail”

          What’s that they say about ‘Justus” being a blindfolded drunken whore open to the highest bidder?

          And you want her to prevail?

          …Wasn’t she named after a Roman god?

      12. when will you start. yap yap yap it is coming to your home town

        • maddog, make pretend friends with them and find out where they live and hang out then um, you know …………

      13. Welcome to this preview of things to come very SOON! Police control…NAZI style! I can’t imagine these people shooting & killing a fellow U S Citizen…..there’ll be more of this to come. To gain CONTROL over us…they will be showing DEADLY force.

        • Oregon isnt over yet either

          • “Fbi statement…actions have consequences”. That statement runs both ways. I believe these actions they just took WILL have consequences.

      14. First: Condolences to the Finicum family.
        Second: Ambush … Not ‘traffic stop’

      15. I am not going to argue if those men were right or wrong in their endeavor to fight for their Constitutional Rights. Also if it was the right tactics to use to bring attention to the rest of the Nation.

        I want to pay particular attention to the time frame of when the group was stopped on the road and when Mr. Finicum was killed.

        The statement made by Mr. Finicum, that he would not be taken alive should be excluded. Men could have a change of heart.

        Even if they were armed and fired first.

        If it is FACT that Mr. Finicum exited the vehicle and raised his hands above his head, which is a surrender posture, and was then shot in the head and again in his body. Then Murder was committed by Law Enforcement. And they are All guilty as any other man present in the commission a crime which ends in death of any individual. As per the Law.

        If this is true and that man was murdered. That will send a strong signal to everyone, that even if you surrender you may be killed.

        My condolences to the Finicum family.

        • To add.
          If Mr. Finicum was killed by a sniper. Then he had a clear sight picture and was given permission by a higher authority to take the shot. From predetermined position.

          • I’m pretty sure that Oniggles gave the OK then went to bed just like when Bengahzi happened.

        • Good point Slingshot! The man or woman with the most blue helmets when the smoke clears wins the game !!! 🙂

        • That’s what it means to be a helot, “even if you surrender you may be killed”. It’s the new American way, kind of like: meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
          Still, the boss of you.

          • helot.

            You get it.

            “There is a change in the air tonight”.

            The disturbing events of Waco, Ruby Ridge and Black Lives Matter, bolster the unnerving actions that were be taken by law enforcement in Burns. I include the FBI which was in the background. After all where does all this type of SWAT training begin. Who really was running the show.

            I am reading that Mr. Finicum stated while having his hands above his head, Why don’t you kill me. So What!

            He didn’t deserve to die. They were willing to kill him. More important they wanted to kill him.

            I want to see this as being FACT. And if so Mr.Finicum ‘s death is not in vain but proved without any doubt, that once engage with authorities you option for surrender, will still end in death. Think about that.

            Adjust your plans accordingly and keep prepping.

            • FAA issues No Fly Zone over Wildlife refuge. SGT.

              Video. Excavator building earthworks around refuge.

      16. Well,what I hope would not happen in this scenario did,condolences to the family and to the Hammonds who asked when this started to please not have this type of situation,I hope not another Oklahoma style response.When and if the true story gets out make a list of those folks,depending on how it went down they come to harm,oh well.

        Please if you have not yet sign petition to free the Hammonds,probably only get you on yet another list as justice does seem to be gone to a very large degree in this country,but,we can always try.

        To Blackjacks comment there will be more deadly force used to control citizens,well,deadly force goes both ways,4th generational is here.

        • 4GW – Its whats for breakfast next week.

      17. The lying, dirty corrupt government thinks they finally took care of this little incident. We’ll see about that. Eventually, that “bitch” is going to wake up and the 1.6 billion rounds those corrupt bastards bought will not be enough. The drones and bombs and snipers will not be enough.

        Amman Bundy’s problem is that he was playing by a set of rules. Rules are for people. Government doesn’t give a spit about people or rules. They just MSU (Make Shit Up) as they go along. …all to benefit themselves, of course, certainly not the enemy (aka We The People). Eventually, they’ll keep doing this kind of thing then, one day, they’ll make a stop like they did when they murdered Mr. Finicum but the outcome will be different. The cross fire will be like nothing we’ve ever known domestically. The federal sausage grinder will get a jumpstart. It is then that the crooked men in blue, black, brown or whatever ugly color evil wears these days will get rid of those badges like hot potatoes. I pray for the families of those crooked men who think they’re doing good in the name of the United States Of America, Inc, and for the bullets of the future that fly straight and true striking targets of evil, of oppression, of tyranny, of theft and the enemies to The People of America.

        I know, you say there are just a few bad apples, but, bad apples don’t get promotions, early retirement or extra vacation time right before a pay raise, no, rotten apples get fed to the hogs. A few bad apples. Sure. Keep saying it. You’re the only one that believes it. The fact is there are only a few good apples. The rest are rotten. They justify their actions by mob rule and ignore the Supreme Law Of The Land. How is it that murdering Robert Finicum gives him life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, again? Ignorant, shortsighted, unpatriotic mercenary thugs, its what they are. And here I believed my history teacher that we beat the British thugocracy circa 1776. Guess they’ve done snuck back in. You know these guys are hi-fiving it all around the office. “Yeah! We got ’em, didn’t we? We rock!” You know they are. And why shouldn’t they be? Team Tyranny won this round and murdered a patriot. Great job guys, great job.

        But, as far as I know, this little skirmish isn’t over yet. Maybe there is still a few Americans more adaptable in their dance to stomp the snake of tyranny and I’m still praying.

        • Great post NetRanger:

          The high fives trickle on down to the corrupt judge and sheriff in Burns and the filthy BLM officials that are knee deep in this rip off of America.

          Also to the smug MSM and blogspots that have allowed this to be a non story all along. All have to wait for the federalies to ‘get their ducks in order’ and their stories aligned so as not to the upset the sheeple.

          Even living just a few miles from where this is taking place, local and area news is very sparse. Had this been a black lives matter in Portland it would have been splashed all over local headlines. Collusion and corruption well orchestrated.l

          • Yes, I live near Burns too. Last night I watched a line of red tailights going down Hwy 20 followed by flashing red and blue lights on last vehicle. I guess this was the procession headed to the jail. My heart is so heavy today. I listened to the recorded phone call from the woman that was in the car. She said that men were even in the trees. I believe she also said that Mr Finnicum was shot about 6 times. FBI or foreign troops won’t fight fair. They understand hiding in trees, rooftops, sewer holes, grassy knolls. You get the picture, any of you that mean business.

        • They can do their little victory dance,
          Is it 100 heads time yet?

          • It was 100 heads time in the 80’s when they murdered the Weavers and 80 men women and children.. we are now to 1000 heads time.

          • Kula, NR, LSB,

            Let the ‘war dance’ begin! Let the drums set the pace. Let the bugle sound the charge! Prepare for the long haul. Do not play by their rules and or their turf. As NR has pointed out it must be asymmetric and indirect all the way.

            Louisiana Eagle

        • Most are rotten apples, control freak power hungry assholes, pretty typical of what you see in all government agencies at all levels, its rare the individual who is good who works in gov at any level, most are takers, some are outright psychopaths

        • NetRanger, that’s right. A bitch known as “We the Patriots” will make karma look like an angel. No amount of ammo or even foreign troops will save their sorry asses.

      18. Thank God for these men. Men who stand against tyranny. Men who know what’s right. Men who put themselfs before others. These men… These men… I envy these men… If America fully understood the constitution or the last 300 or 5000 years of recorded history they would understand what it all stood for… The unadulterated freedom of mankind.. as a 30 year man.. Makes my heart heavy.. These men are what make us cowards… Cowards to stand up to tyranny.. To make stand whatever it is.. So I hope if anything we learn from they’re bravery. Make your stand.. No matter the cost

      19. Its not so much police control and i say this cus the police have until april 1st to return all the toys they have gotten from the gov like armored vehicles full auto m16s m14s ect so the real threat lies at a federal level the feds do not even trust the police now because they know that they cannot fully control them I am not pc (politically correct ) but more so PIC. (politically incorrect) I support diversification fully along with acceptance along the lines and with respect to that i know i will not be able to shoot every one with the same caliber some may get 223 5.56 and some 7.62 some 308 and even a few may just get a 22 to both knees and left to suffer so please learn to practice real diversification

        • Godsoldier, HEAR HEAR! I also have “diversity”; .22LR, .380ACP, 9mm, .30Carbine, 12-gauge.

      20. This is becoming the new normal. Few eye brows being raised. Notice the lack of coverage by the media? Even FOX.

        • Yes. Disgusting that the MSM doesn’t give any real news. It is all just garbage.

        • The media never covered Ruby Ridge where the FBI murdered a 14 year old boy with a 22, then they shot Randy Weaver in the back, and Then they murdered Randy’s wife while she held her baby in her arms, yet even with cover ups and lies, a huge part of the population knows all about it.

          The truth will come out.

      21. We are living in historical times my friends , are we not?
        I know why they killed him , see.. People like him are a threat to the establishment for very little gain on his part , probably had no use for the way things are being run
        Was vocal about it and acted on it
        They were going to kill at least 1 of them to bring this all to a head , this man took one for the patriots , or the little man , what ever moniker you wish to place
        It’s what We do about this that really makes a difference going forward
        Or , not

      22. In the eyes of those in power, you are no different than Al-Qaida or ISIS; they will use you for their own ends or kill you without remorse. Armed resistance will end for you the same way it did for Qadaffi and Hussein and UBL; don’t forget it. This is a multi-generational battle and you will not live to see victory. Retake the education system, the media, the entertainment industry, and bureaucracy to win. That is the only pathway to victory. Maybe your great grandkids will live to see it, but we won’t.

        • terminator.

          Retake the education system, the media, the entertainment industry, and bureaucracy to win.

          The Banks/FED have to be put in their place. They are using our tax money to finance the war against us.

      23. ask the family of the dead guy if the bundys where worth dying for? In a nut shell those bundys and cohorts went looking for trouble. and they found it. Wake up there will not be any revolution. there isn’t any committed militas that could be successful any way. Nope Im like the other guy. Ill drink my beer and eat popcorn and watch the show.

        • Is this another way of saying Fat, Dumb and Happy?:

          “Ill drink my beer and eat popcorn and watch the show.”

      24. Rip brother. You took one for the team and thank you. You believed in us and gave your life for us. A true patriot. You could have went out a little smarter but what the fuck. When there is an imbalance of power don’t push until you die. Live free and be smart about it.

      25. Thats fine old guy,just remember,when powers that want to be come for you and take all you own including what is left of your freedom and you look around and no one to help you,well……,enjoy your popcorn.Some would rather push back.

        • Anyone who threatens me and mine we will do what ever we can to defend our selves. I will not go look for trouble. The odds of the powers that want to be trying to take from me are almost nil

          • Please.. you are so fvking tuff.. If they are on the outside and you are inside you are going to fkin lose .. I have watched your bullshit for years on here and you fvkin suck.

            • Old guy,I do believe just as a example bank bail ins are almost a certainty here,Cyprus/Greece just test runs,from there believe will get much worse,would be glad to be wrong but do not believe I am.Now,obviously,one can protect themselves from bail ins by not having any or very small amounts in banks,butas I said,will be just the start.

            • Actually Envy,most likely outside,but will I die,absolutely,but die fighting and taking a few with me,have had a great run with friends/family and life for most part,I owe it to the next generation to hopefully have a chance at the same.As for me sucking,well…..,really shouldn’t let a stranger get on your nerves,it’s a forum,not your home,turn off the channel or ignore me,really,tis simple.

              • I was talking to old guy..

          • Sorry old guy…good luck amigo…it will find ya unfortunately. May God guide are hands and feet when we’re up against it.

            • good grief im pushing 70. and they will likely keep kicking the can of debt for the rest of my life. So why not sit back and draw my social security Ponzi check? Stupid people who think you can change or fix by protesting, petitions, or voting. The one world govt has been in power since roosevelt formed the UN. These idiots in burns They on purpose attempted to provoke a gun fight with the government and when it came to pass they didn’t use their guns? WTF? Im a service to self Lone Wolf. Only me and mine are worth dying for. Ill not help others or ask for their help. My family is quite capable of taking care of themselves. History has taught you nothing. Dumb ass confederate men fought and died for the Ideals and foolish pride of the southern aristocrats. The bundys are deadbeats who did not pay their grazing fees. It wasn’t their land. It was rented land and they didn’t pay the rent. Are they the shining example you put up on a pedestal and die for?

              • True words for thought, Old Guy.

                Especially this part: “Stupid people who think you can change or fix by protesting, petitions, or voting.”

                But ya know, what exactly does this mean, “Only me and mine are worth dying for.”?

                • It means im on my own. and you will get nothing from me.

        • WD

          I Stand Alone.

          I’m ready. ;0)

          • Sling,mostly a loner unless asked for,that said,me greatest fear is not dying but coming across orphans,2&4 legged.I could not turn away but went to great medical lengths to make sure I didn’t father children,would be just like the norns to screw with me in that way!

            • WD

              I am not kidding myself. If things go south my lifespan will get shorter. I will do what I can. Really I do not need help or will I ask for help. If I die , I die. Doesn’t matter if I have a bunker full of supplies or down to my last bite of food.

        • Its soon going to be time to push or go hide in your secure little BS world,,,,
          If your not pushing your dead weight, if they arent helping us push im fine with them getting run over, ive been told to listen, or obey, or conform, or comply all my life, im done, everybody got to die,,,,,

        • War child. Hmmm. Didn’t say to sit there and eat popcorn. I said pick fights you can win. Don’t be foolish regarding your fight of choice. I certainly won’t count on any help from anyone. If I get it, fine. When the shit hits the violent fan a lot of people run scared. Often the toughest talking are the ones trying to convince themselves they aren’t pussies. Oh and not that I care but if 30’s is old then I am in fact old. Big kiss war child

      26. Not all LE are bad guys, or even uninformed sheep. Some of them are stand up-go to church-help their neighbor’s kind of guys and gals. I’d like to hear all of the evidence before I paint anyone as the villain. I have seen, and so have you if your honest-too many times where the quick media reporting misses or omits the critical facts of an event. Whoever initiated the gunfire should be held accountable. Not by the mob, but by the rule of law. If you complain that the rule of law is not working, change it. Peacefully if you can, within the system if you can. If the system is broke peaceful resistance has proven to be more effective at change than violent confrontation. Even if you’re right–you’re most likely dead or in prison.

        • How many times are you gonna post this same bullshit comment ?

        • NTE..the time for what you say has passed buddy, long ass time ago

      27. The deck is stacked in the Feds favor; they only need a reason of suspicion to make a pre-emptive strike on you. The public is not authorized to that advantage; not in a battle with the Feds. If you even go out armed and ready to fight, you better be ready to be killed or go to jail. This philosophy of lets all get locked and loaded isn’t what its cracked up to be, and will likely not get you the satisfaction you’re looking for. You can’t fight the institutions like this.

        • Actually the deck is stacked against them.. they have to live here with us and they no not whom is their enemy and everyone has to sleep sometime.

        • JPL,will be a decades battle of 4th generational warfare ,this is fought on all fronts,not just with violence but violence certainly a good part of it.A poster stated the person with not much to lose and everything to gain can be formidable opponent.

          • exactly

            wait until they come up against a terminal cancer patient with nothing to lose

        • JPL,will be a decades battle of 4th generational warfare ,this is fought on all fronts,not just with violence but violence certainly a good part of it.A poster stated the person with not much to lose and everything to gain can be formidable opponent.Tis sad but that is were many are at with more there soon.

      28. Need to take a look at the BLM in Burns. In the 60’s and 70’s they killed off all of the bull trout in the streams in southeast Oregon. Fast forward to today and now they have placed the bull trout as a protected species. BLM now wants to protect the sage chicken and has put up over 200 million to pay off the ranchers in the area. You can still buy tags from ODFW to shoot sage chickens. Call these patriots crazy? I call bullshit! Our government is out of control! There will come a day when we will all stand up against this tyranny.

      29. The highway ambush was reminiscent of the ambush of tax protester Gordon Kahl. There, Kahl and his son were ambushed by U.S. Marshals in a roadblock set up on a lonely stretch of road, as they traveled home from a public meeting. (Kahl’s story is told in the documentary film Death & Taxes.) The difference there was that Karl, a WWII veteran, shot back with a rifle and escaped. His son, Yorie Kahl, is still serving a life sentence in a Federal supermax prison, even though he never fired a shot during the ambush or in the subsequent “shoot in” that took his father’s life.)

        • Gordon Call was killed not far from me at Smithville Ark. Shot in the Back of the head by a federal agent when he setting at the table eating beans & wieners. The feds helped by the state police killed local Sheriff Gene Matthews also. And burned the home to destroy the evidence. What did Call achieve or gain?

          • RE: “What did Call achieve or gain?”

            Great insight.
            Don’t stop.

        • Wow. I was not familiar with the story. Thank you.

          This was a typical MO (method of operation). Also getting them close to dusk meant the cops could secure the scene and prevent anyone from showing up with cameras as this was a rural area. Sickening.

      30. This was up ticking by the Government movement to force the patriots to start game. Folks time has arrived for the games to begin. The free loving American people are now in the cross-hairs, watch your six and be prepared to defend yourselves.

        We The Few!!

      31. They were all committed to not pulling guns on federal agents. Then why have guns with you. This is stupid people. This man died for nothing. His family will lose because of this. The gov will not lose anything. Nothing was gained. He was an example of what not to do. folks if you wanna go out to help bundys it your business but death is final. You gotta pick and choose your battles. If your gonna die it better be worth it.

        • Ass. I agree with you one hundred present. Be smart and don’t do the butch Cassidy Sundance kid scene where they run at the cops. It never will end well. Obviously the cops had a plan and picked the spot to stop the car. You can bet your ass they had snipers and everyone was ready.they played right into the Feds and made it easy. You can also bet the is or at least was video depending on how the shooting happened. Unrelated….I can see why the people who were left at the camp got left. They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Tools yes..smart no.

        • Asshat is correct. They has the opportunity to be in their desired gunfight and chickened out. When the surrendering guy was killed why wasn’t there a all out no holds barred Ok Corrall gunfight? Golden opportunity to take out the bad guys. And they did nothing. Yep just the kind of folks who will lead the fight?

      32. I’m praying for Mr. Finicum’s family. No need praying for him, because he is with Jesus. I’m also praying for the arrested.

        This whole damn thing stinks to High Heaven. This just TPTB taking out someone that will stand against them. I want to see all the dash cameras and see what really happened and to see those involved arrested. Oh wait this won’t happen because he was a White Man. Let see if the riots start after all the info comes out. I’ll bet nothing happens. Obullshit and the DOJ will hide all the evidence. Just wait and see.

        I’m so ashamed of those how shot Mr. Finicum. They should go to jail if the reports are correct.


        • Jail my ass, they need a dirt nap!

      33. Why would anybody think it would turn out differently?? Think about …Dems were in power during Ruby Ridge, Waco x2, Eleon Gonzales, and now this. When has there been a successful standoff when the defenders were holed up?

        • Bundy Ranch

      34. Not all LE are bad guys, or even uninformed sheep. Some of them are stand up-go to church-help their neighbor’s kind of guys and gals. I’d like to hear all of the evidence before I paint anyone as the villain. I have seen, and so have you if your honest-too many times where the quick media reporting misses or omits the critical facts of an event. Whoever initiated the gunfire should be held accountable. Not by the mob, but by the rule of law. If you complain that the rule of law is not working, change it. Peacefully if you can, within the system if you can. If the system is broke peaceful resistance has proven to be more effective at change than violent confrontation. Even if you’re right–you’re most likely dead or in prison. (any takers?)

        • People have been trying to get the rule of law to work truthfully forever. And it hasn’t worked in fact it is worse by the day. Think peaceful means will fix it? How well has that worked the last 250 years? Please explain if some cops are so good, then why don’t they go after all the bad ones. I know some ex cops and they have told me a few stories of the shit they do to cover for fellow cops. As far as changing the rule of law, thats what Burns is about, but it isn’t the rule of law, it’s the forcing of the tyrants to obey the rule of law. But then they make the laws which are total bullshit and the braindead psyco cops enforce it. Must be nice to have the worlds biggest army of retarded low iq yes man asslickers at your disposal to carry out every order you give them huh?

      35. Anybody notice once the clinton foundation come into play it ended almost the next day. These guys didn’t get the memo don’t fuck with the crime family or you will be dead.

        • PA
          If Hitlery gets into office. She and Slick Willy will roll up a body count like Moa. Just watch.

          • Sgt, I hope it don’t come to be. If she does it proves its all riged, and if anybody but Trump gets elected and I’ve thought about this for years I’m selling everything right down to the candle holders, an moving as deep in the north woods as I can. Or get a sailboat and hit the ocean live off fish and make coconut liquor. But I don’t know how to sail so probably plan 1 the woods.

            • Don’t count on Trump to be your savior. He’s an authoritarian with little respect for private property or gun ownership rights who wants a 100% government run health care system that is even more invasive than Obamacare. Yes, he would do some things that are good for the country but then so would any president. It’s in the details that the man is a nightmare, but his supporters don’t care to listen to the details. He’s a Republican Obama in that he has left things wide open enough that his supporters can paint him with whatever colors they want and imagine him supporting whatever they desire. In the end they will be disappointed or perhaps even terrified with what he will do. Read what he has said in the past in interviews he sat for before he had political aspirations. The man that will be revealed is not who you think he is.

              • RE: “his supporters don’t care to listen to the details. He’s a Republican Obama”

                That’s it, in a nutshell, eh?

                The other wing of the same bird of prey.

      36. Bottom line: The US Government is wholly without any restraint whatsoever. Their illegal, immoral and egregious behavior in attempting to force people to sell their land against their will is wrong. Does it seem wrong to imprison two men for years for doing the same thing government agents were doing except the private citizens were more careful and their actions did not result in homes being burned down and cattle being immolated?

        The result which you will not see on TV is that many folks realized they were not the only ones being targeted by the BLM and USFS. The anger and desire for justice has been lit in the hearts of Westerners in numerous states. People are realizing that they are not alone and this movement will spread.

        People in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland do not need to be governing land that can be managed and or governed in Denver, Salem, Olympia, Boise and the other state capitals.

        • Spot on.

      37. FINICUM!!!!! Do not let him die in vain!!! Shout his name as a rally cry!!! PAINT it on buildings!!! Make bumper stickers!!! Carry his name on!!!! RESIST!!!!!

      38. This is a important and tragic event. Just turned on the 9pm news – barely any mention of it. The FBI will sweep this under the rug and with the timing of the primaries the news cycle is more concerned about who our next false leader will be.

        I believe the moment now is to organize underground networks, small enough to be close knit and just drill, prep and plan. The moment is not to stand up and show your cards and reveal your plans to defy the federal government this instant. I think we need to wait and gather our troops and be one with our God now – then during the chaos we all know is coming reveal our legions.

        America is a dead state, the world needs the reset. We just need to find some areas in the country to be ready to carve out as our own.

        In a separate thought — I live in Chicago (work has forced this upon me), I don’t have a means to leave my job at the moment. But I have a 6 months preparedness goal which is reasonable considering if I don’t leave the city in 6 months I will be dead by the thugs anyhow. S

        o, I am working on my “heating preps” at the moment. I have been reading about propane space heaters and they sound good but I would be going through a can of propane daily and I am unsure about the kerosene heaters. Its just me and my girlfriend here in a small apartment so I was thinking we would seal off the bedroom and relay on candles and army surplus wool blankets? I have blackout/insulation curtains in the windows at the moment. This doesnt seem like enough to me, but let me know your thoughts.

        Thank you, be safe.

        • Andrew,would like to think you had a place to go if travel was safe ,cities will be very tough.I would if not covered be more worried about water supply.To answer your ? though one quick thing can come up with is plenty of under garments/cold weather base underwear.I use this for work in below freezing temps,very lightweight/barely noticeable but helps a lot.This will not heat your place but allow you to stay warmer with much less heat and not impede movement ability.I would also suggest if you get even a few hours of sun a small solar panel and space heater,will help a bit.The problem is you are actually to a degree(pun intended!)going to be unless others on board heating the whole apt. building to a degree.I use the hot chillys brand base layer,about 30 for top and bottom,money well spent as can use now and may just help you make it in tougher times.

        • Seal off a room and burn candles and you have carbon monoxide.

          My advice, get out of Chicago ASAP…

        • Candles give me a headache, I always have to crack a window open to burn one.

          Kerosene heaters are great. (Have to crack a window open for them, too) However; if I were in an apartment I wouldn’t rely on one, especially without a good source of fuel. I wouldn’t even rely on a propane heater except to use to warm up every now and then. Having one to thaw out every once in awhile can be Very good.
          Perhaps a center draft lamp might be what you’re looking for? There’s antique ones and new ones, a bit pricey but check Lehman’s? Again, have to crack a window open for all of those.

          Do you have a gas stove and water heater? That’s Very useful if things haven’t gotten real bad.

          On another blog I saw someone referred to dogs and cats as portable heaters. I liked that idea. Having the ability to wear snowpants/suits indoors is prolly a good move, too.

          Myself, I wouldn’t rely on army surplus wool blankets this far North, you might wanna look into a pair of -35 degree sleeping bags which zip together. I.e. not the mummy bag style. And, get some good wool socks. Maybe check out Apartment Prepper’s blog for other ideas.

          I have heard that Caribou skins make The best jackets. I don’t know. Seems like it might be worth looking into if you have the money.
          Just think, much of Alaska was warmer than Chicago this Winter. Eskimos have lived in igloos. Be the Eskimo.

        • Try and get some sleeping bags that are rated at zero or below. I have family from northern Maine and they never heated the bedrooms in the winter. They bundled kids together in the same bed and piled on the quilts.

          I spent some time in Germany, in winter, training for the old Reforger and we slept in down cold-weather sleeping bags inside a large canvas tent. It sucked. Once you get inside the sleeping bag you can stay warm. Personally I like the Big Bertha sleeping bags you can get at http://www.rei.com as you can zip two of them together.

          I have purchased some military gear (but I buy it new on base) and the items I would buy (new or used) are the cold-weather long underwear and gloves. They are excellent.

          If you use any type of propane inside you MUST leave a window open AND have a battery operated carbon monoxide detector! DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS CO2 IS DEADLY.

          I recommend a good flashlight and a couple of LED headlamps. Also, oil lamps with a high-quality smokeless paraffin lamp oil are great. It doesn’t stink. You can still buy large wick oil lamps that hold about 1 cup of oil in the base. These are for indoor use so they look pretty but are functional. I keep mine on the mantle all year round. Good to get extra wick and the top part (chimney) because those can break. Easy to maintain and light.

          Good luck!

      39. did SHTF join the left wing now?…wasnt militia and they know it…when this first started the commander of the Oregon militia said he had not heard about the take over or protest…calling these armed protesters militia is like calling Bernard Getz a deputy sheriff..

        • RIP Bernard Geotz!

        • Love the analogy. The LSM jumps at the chance to lump “Militia” into every ill conceived event by an emotional, distraught,irrational man pushed beyond his shallow limits.

          LEO’s follow the chain of command. The Chain of Command takes its orders from the politicians, The politicians take their orders from the NWO Uber Rich and TOP Gangster Banksters.

          When push comes to shove, start at the top and work your way down. When you are part of the millions of the “let them eat cake crowd” that storm the bastille, don’t waste your ammo on technocrats and clerks.

          Eliminate and replace the PTB Political Class who have shredded their oath of office and the US Constitution, and the LEO’s will be taking orders from the new kings to collect their paychecks.

          That’s the way it works. 🙂

          • Its the question do kill you or the one who sent you?

            • Real simple. If they demand your gun in the name of the State, you kill them …. first. 🙂

      40. Between Europe and our current government we peppers are the only sane people. Keep stocking, reloading, and saving.

      41. They Lon Horiuchi’d them, their tactics haven’t changed. The Military can’t use these rules of engagement in Afghanistan but cops can here?

      42. Ok you guys really want to start it! You don’t fight fair. You vandalize sabotage and destroy the infrastructure. blow up bridges and substations. just tear up everything and stop all commerce. derail trains, burst dams. chop up telephone lines. burst water mains. blow up the gas pipelines. bring everything to a grinding halt and you will have your SHTF. 50 dedicated people could do it. and very soon 90% will be dead and the remaining 10%. 9% of them will wish they where dead. that 9% will wish they had the good life we have today back. That leaves 1% of looney nut jobs who are having a ball and enjoying the misery & carnage. Or you could just vote for Hillary and get the same results LOL.

        • Ha! “Or you could just vote for Hillary and get the same results LOL.”

          Thanks for the laugh.

        • Heya OG chill out. But if I were writing a dystopic fiction novel about how to disrupt a country, well, you nailed it. Once bridges and electric is out and cell phones (not too hard to disable those) all heck would break loose. Or within about the time span of nine meals.

      43. Old guy, I like how you think and it’s all doable, then with all the chaos you’ll be able to shoot and scoot with ease, and take out the trash. Everybody working within their area.

        • there was a subdivision full of mega buck homes. the homes where located on indian land that had a 100 year lease. The 100 years passed. The tribe decided to not extend the lease. A court fight ensued. And everyone knew that the banks and white homeowners would likely prevail & the Indians recieve a pittance. It became very dry. on court day when everyone was in court a 80 year old indian lit several wild fires. burnt the homes to a crisp. the Indians got their land back. the 80 year old went to jail and got free room & board, free medical, air conditioning and cable TV. terrorism worked!

      44. Off topic, a little bit, I know:

        But, what if every adult who was aware, told the younger people, ‘don’t go cashless, it’s totally freaking un-cool.”

        …Do you think it would matter or make a dent?

        I mean, if adults in the past could make bell bottom jeans cool, why couldn’t they make avoiding the cashless society cool, too?

        Yeah, I’m prolly dreaming, however; no one can say I never tried.

      45. Randy tells patriots to go home??? Zeka virus found in 5 women in new York new population control here. The news is the new reality tv or sci fi havent decided yet

        • “Straight from a lab near you”. TA-DA! Yeah it is strange how it really affects the fetus’ brain development.


      47. Zika Virus May Have Spread To Common Mosquito

        ht tps://uk.news.yahoo.com/zika-virus-may-spread-common-mosquito-003511789.html

        this is some VERY BAD news

        • Mosquitoes in winter then the delivery system aka mosquito must have been made in a lab also for some reason i smell smoke ok found it its the smoke they are blowing up our asses

      48. Everyone join in:

        “This land is your land,
        This land is my land
        From California
        To the New York island
        From the gulf stream water
        To the redwood forest
        This land was made for you and me.”


        This land was never really “ours”. As soon as the Constitution was ratified a few men in black dresses began to dismantle it in favor of centralized .gov.

        President Washington cemented statist rule over the people when he sent the troops to put down a tax protest here in PA. The Whiskey Rebellion was what .gov called it. The farmers said, hell no, we won’t pay taxes on the drinks we make out of our surplus grain and sell to tide us over the long winter. The boot came down.

        From then on it was US Incorporated uber alles.

        Eric Frein tried to spark a revolution. It failed, too.

        However, look to his tactics. It took hundreds of .gov enforcers almost two months and millions of dollars to get him. Imagine these tatics used hundreds of different places at the same time and you would have the statists overwhelmed in short order.

        Anyone that wears a badge considers you to be the enemy. They will kill you without hesitation. NEVER forget that.

      49. There are still some people at the refuge who have determined to see this through no matter what. if lavoys death isn’t enough to get the patriots moving then theire deaths surely should be?
        don’t let this go like we do so many other times don’t’ let sheeple say no to this either fuck em.
        One might not have agreed with how or why or where but that high ground has been crossed this guy was murdered strait up.
        Whats our answer?

      50. I truly Love the way the “SHERIFF” states “we don’t just Arm up and Rebel” at the press conference after the shooting !! I guess he must feel REALLY uncomfortable Living IN A COUNTRY THAT WAS FORMED BY ARMED REBELLION AGAINST A TYRANNICAL POWER!!! I will be the first one to chip in for his ticket to go live in a cnountry that was not formed in this fashion…. Be on your way you Hack!!!!

      51. Why would a rational person not disobey the counterfeit Congress and “White” house?

        • Why because their lively hood depends on it. The social security Ponzi check,s and food stamps and other government dole is all that’s keeping many folks fed and housed. the free shit army is not going to bite the hand that feeds it. and they will always vote for the politician who promises the most so called free goods and benefits from the public coffers.

      52. FEDS: Show us the vehicles! Don’t be surprised if they are suddenly ‘missing’. Remember the metal front door at Waco with bullet holes bending inward from incoming fire? The Feds ‘lost it’.

      53. They murder an unarmed man with his hands in the air, trying to save the destruction of our ranches, and the turning over our minerals, especially uranium(Uranium One) for debt obligations to Russian Oligarchs and many other foreign interests, while the keyboards cowards live in their fear, shuttered in like Jews and others throughout history waiting to be picked off by the Corporatist Fascist Globalist monsters murdering and dumbing down their children and destroying their children’s future of disease ridden madness. As a historian, these are epic times to be alive watching old drunken cowards poisoned by decades of massive consumption of GMO filled poisonous toxic fake food denying what is happening right in front of your dmubed down faces. I see the looks on the coward zombies when I go into the cesspool metro areas where they waddle around with depressing looks on their faces, knowing they are being murdered and not caring. Seeing that after waking up four years ago to the softkill genocide, and the denial of the cowards so addicted to booze, Big Pharma poison, and especially the chemical and GMO filled toxic fake food, I was fully prepared for the reactions I would see to the execution fully planned ambush attack and murder in cold blood of a great American patriot fighting for future generations and their children. I asked many people during my time at the refuge if they knew what this evil was that has taken over our country, infected our government, and infected the fascist boot licking cowards who support the Globalist Fascist Police State nightmare we are all in. I did not ask LaVoy that question directly, but someone whose name I cannot remember, I met so many out there, he told me LaVoy did know how evil this was. I assure you LaVoy and hundreds of millions Americans DO NOT know what this evil is and why it is murdering us with softkill genocide. They simply do not have the capacity in their brain to know, it is just too horrifying. They have been engineered victims for decades now. The plan was very very very evil, but also very simple…Prey on the vices, the seven deadly sins if you will, divide and conquer, and then as Orwell said it best “films, football, beer, and above all else gambling filled the horizons of their minds, to keep them in control was never difficult”. Yes the American people have become engineered victims, hybrid humans, without the capacity for empathy and a massive taste for violence, death, destruction and blood shed. I watched it unfold for days in the social media I could stomach, and the comments on the mainstream media I could get through without weeping at the evil this society has become. I call these millennial monsters they have created, and engineered to respect fascist Police State Authority, and to use it to crush with deadly force any opposition to their psychopathic madness, I call them Children of the Corn, after Stephen King’s Novel of evil crazed murderous children wanting and chanting for death and blood, because that is what I saw in their horrifying comments. Most of those horrifying comments came after LaVoy was murdered, they were screaming for more. I also call them a Millennial Death Cult, and I know there are good millennials out there who know what is going on for the most part, but you still for the most part have no idea what the evil is we are dealing with right now in our country trying to kill us with softkill genocide, dumb down our children with poisonous toxic GMO filled garbage and immune system destroying vaccines, constant low frequency input from I Idiot phones and other electronic gadgets, fluoridated and chemical filled water, constant bombardment of every part of your body with toxins if you are in a metro area cesspool where they want to pack you in like sardines, geoengineering they now have to admit too in the skies that rains down aluminum, barium, and other brain damaging metals, the list goes, on and on. Every coward American sees all this, it is impossible not to see the effects on our people and their health, on our children and their diseases and skyrocketing learning disabilities. That is where the engineered victim comes into play again. Americans are engineered to all be victims, without any care or empathy for others and their plights, such as ranchers getting their land stolen for a Globalist Corporatist Fascist takeover of our minerals and resources and to further their de-population agenda. They do not want you eating grass fed beef, they want you eating beef from feedlots, from cows consuming Monsanto’s roundup Ready BT Corn, which is full of all kinds of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals(google what those do if you want to be scared, or be a coward like always), and we know that corn goes in a lot of more products. They also want you consuming lots of processed wheat and other grains doused with glyphosate and grown with even more EDC’s. As I said, LaVoy and almost every American does not want to completely understand what this evil is doing to us and why it has put us under chemical attack, because they are addicted to the garbage. No coward engineered victim American understands the evil that would ambush and assassinate an unarmed hands in the air protester at point blank range without NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE FORCE USED(Tazer, baton, pellets, wood projectile)FIRST, but I do, because I looked in eyes of that evil many, many, many times. After four years of repairing my intestines to where I can consume a few things like sardines, from their New World Order Agenda 21/2030/2050 chemical attack on my body and mind, and after doing thousands of hours of research on how and why I was poisoned-I know what the evil is we are all facing and my family does as well, that is why we went to Burns Oregon, to show we are not afraid of this evil that has consumed our nation, we are not afraid any longer.

      54. You murderous “elite” son’s of bitches..make ready for what’s to come…CANADA stands with the PATRIOTS…you Have crossed “The Line”…may GOD have mercy on your souls..there will be no turning back….choose a side ..either “RIGHT”…or wrong…the choice is yours…stand down or be obliterated…GENERAL….STAN…LEE!!

      55. Remember…..VIMY RIDGE…fellow CANADIANS!

      56. My land does not belong to me.

        Your land does not belong to you.

        The Bundy’s land does not belong to them.

        And the government’s land does not belong to the government.

        “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”

        In other words, the earth is the Lord’s and we are only temporary possessors of it. We are called to be stewards, wise users of God’s planet.

        Against great evil and against dastardly men (and some women) whose hearts were filled with sheer hate, both Gandhi and Dr. King utilized the tactics and strategies of Nonviolence to defeat these people and their evil.

        By way of observation and not of judgment, if I had lived near the Bundy’s, I would have advised them long ago to consult the tried and true tactics of Nonviolence and consult an expert like Mr. Gene Sharp. I would have encouraged them to find a pro bono attorney or hire a modern day Clarence Darrow. I would have encouraged them to enlist writers who shared their passions who could get out their message to college students and all taxpayers, especially if that message was that there were governmental directives or policies or laws that were interfering with the Divine Call to be wise stewards.

        My friends, we need to Pray. We need to live in Holy Love. We need to discern how darkness, demons, and destructiveness have infested some humans (including some institutions and some governmental structures) and that the devil itself is orchestrating All of this because satan hates man and wants nothing more than for any of us and all of us to violate the Ten Commandments so he can torture us for eternity in Hell.

        Hell is very real. I can’t say it any more clearer than that.

        From time to time I may not agree with some of you but I respect each of you.

        Each of you is a child of God, loved by God. Each of us must choose either to love God, or, to love Satan, who is cunning, endlessly seductive, vile, self-serving, and who uses lies disguised as truth.

        Therefore, if YOU want to know the Truth, one way is each day to find a very very quiet place and just listen to the Voice, the Creator who will speak to you in various ways. Get quiet, get honest, and discern. Pray for guidance and for direction.


        Because we are living in the most evil times humanity has ever lived in.

        Because if each of us is not careful (and that includes the feds who read/monitor this site) we could end up in a place of darkness for eternity.

        Believe what you want but humanity is now living in the Book of Revelation.

        Just find a quiet place, and pray. Do that every day for a week onward. You will get your answers, and your confirmation.

        God bless you all!

        – the Lone Ranger

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