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    Fauci Continues To Warn Of Another COVID Surge

    Mac Slavo
    March 25th, 2021
    Comments (11)

    Dr. Anthony Fauci is once again (or still) warning that a surge of coronavirus cases in Europe could foreshadow a similar surge in the United States.  Fauci wants everyone to stay submissive and enslaved while they rush to get the experimental gene therapy falsely labeled a vaccine into as many people as possible.

    Without a rise in cases, many on the fence about the “vaccines” won’t end up getting them. Would you get a vaccine for a disease that doesn’t exist? It really is pretty obvious that this is all about a mass vaccination agenda? They need people to willingly take this gene therapy shot, and there’s a reason for that.

    The ruling class and elitists must keep the fear high in order to control and manipulate the public. And that’s exactly why the mainstream media continues to roll out Dr. Fauci to tell everyone a new and the same reasons to remain scared little sheep and wait for the master to come and save you.

    New Jersey “Pauses” Reopening Over Coronavirus Variant Fears

    Fauci continues to caution against people making up their own minds and being free.  Apparently, we all should just be willing slaves and stop wanting our free will. Fauci is constantly telling people to continue to submit and bow to the ruling class so they can control you. He does not want people to use their own critical thinking skills and decide for themselves what is right for them.

    “I’m concerned that if we pull back in our enthusiasm for the fact that vaccines are rolling out, and things look good if we pull back prematurely, we may trigger another surge. And that would really set us back in all the things that we’re trying to do,” he told lawmakers other members of the ruling class.

    Unfortunately, this time, Fauci gave us a timeline. If we undergo another lockdown, it’ll be 3 or 4 weeks after Europe’s surge.

    “Europe is generally about three to four weeks ahead of us in the dynamics of their outbreak. And what they saw a little while ago was a plateauing of their decrement. They were coming down nicely, and then they plateaued. And then, just as you might have predicted, they then, one, started to go up,” he said according to ABC News.

    He is telling us to expect that the numbers will go up.  Since they can manipulate them and make the cases say what they want, we should just trust these people who want ultimate control over us. So what’s coming? All I have are speculations, to be honest, but stay alert because it could be anything.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?




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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: March 25th, 2021

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      1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Something strange is taking place on Global Research website which has opposed all of the draconian measures related to the scamdemic. 
        Today, The Swiss Policy Research Institute which has also opposed all of the draconian measures in the past is suddenly claiming that the
        “covid-19” injections are great for people under 60, and Global Research also featured an article by the American Economic Policy Institute that falsely claims the same, and neither of those articles list the inherent risks involved with the “vaccines” and do not make any differentiation between the many snake oil companies that are pushing the shots onto people, most of which have had lengthy histories of fraud, abuse, malfeasance, and mal-practice. Peter Koenig and Binoy Kampmarc have also made significant changes to their claims as well which I notices earlier this week. 

        “I don’t know how someone controlled you 

        They bought and sold you.” – The Beatles

        I had also reported on that years ago. Almost every member of the press is a CFR member.

        I believe that Gates, Trump, InfraGard, and Center for Global Engagement are responsible for the lying in the alt right and alt left that did not exist prior to QAnon, and increased with “covid-19.” Sorros is probably also funding the alt left in this too. All of the Sputnik radio show hosts went bananas at the onset of the pandemonium and are full fledged big pharma propagandists. I did not always agree, and there were sometimes mistakes, but opinions and mistakes are much different than outright deliberate pathological lying in and participating in an evil conspiracy and psy-op  of death and destruction, which is in real terms, a covert war.

        According to Wikispooks:

        “Financing of Journalism
        Research by the Columbia Journalism Review examined 20,000 charitable grants by the Gates Foundation and found that more than $250 million dollars went toward journalism like the news organisation NPR, which covers other philanthropic endeavors of the foundation in a favorable way. Other recipients of grants are: BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, The Financial Times, The Atlantic, The Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and The Center for Investigative Reporting.[34] It is more than likely that financing of media organisations through foundation money will generally influence their reporting directly, or like advertising before, create a friendly media environment.
        The full scope of Gates’s giving to the news media remains unknown because the foundation only publicly discloses money awarded through charitable grants, not through contracts.[35]”

        I happen to be of the opinion that this was done by China in order to prevent Wuhan residents who had been protesting for years prior to the Wuhan Military Games over a number of grievances against the Chinese government, including waste incinerators being built, and were quarantined strictly for political reasons immediately prior to the nationally and internationally Chinese New Year in order to prevent protests at the parade that would spill over into the rest of China. That is why the lockdowns happened in America and the rest of the world as well, in part. China took the lead, and everyone followed suit. Illnesses on cruise ships have been common for years prior to this, and I know this for an absolute fact. So that is not anything out of the ordinary for cruise ships, which also were the initial people claimed to be infected with “covid-19.” China’s exports also declined prior to this and their economy was contracting. Trump’s sanctions and import taxes were large contributing factors to this. The Repo markets also broke down prior to “covid-19” followed by the break down of the oil market, all coinciding with massively overinflated stock markets. Everyone knew that the bubble was about to burst, in fact it is shocking that it didn’t happen years ago, and if the plunge protection team did not exist, it would have, because everyone knew that there really is no there there. It doesn’t take a mathemtician to figure this out. When you have companies like SnapChat, that do not advertise, and do not sell user data, there is no income source other than the stock market, the bond market, banks, or the government. That meets the criteria for a Ponzi Scheme by definition. To deny it is anything other than a Ponzi scheme, or more accurately many Ponzi Schemes, is a lie. Over 97% of publicly traded comlanies do not use GAAP. 

        My initial reaction to Anthony Fauci’s first “covid-19” warning to the public:

        Comment ID: 4022161
        February 25, 2020 at 10:59 am
        I am preparing the public for the fraudulent marketing scam by Colgate Palmolive for Colgate Zero, marketed as all natural vegan toothpaste, which contains toxic sodium flouride found in tootpaste and tap water which is an unnatural man made product and is a byproduct of aluminum smelting.

        The whole scam to add sodium flouride was based on junk science in which a study had concluded that people in regions high in naturally occuring calcium flouride had fewer cavities and fewer bone fractures because calcium and not flouride promotes stronger bones and teeth. Sodium flouride is a corrosive chemical resulting in flourosis which degrades calcium in bones and teeth resulting in osteoporosis and dental cavities, discoloration, and pitting of teeth.

        Does it matter if the flavors and sweeteners are natural when the active ingredient is totally unnatural?

        As I pointed out:

        Comment ID: 4021768
        February 17, 2020 at 12:45 pm
        How will the Repos be repaid with M1 contracting and short term time depsits increasing? That will be either a magic trick, or a swindle, the latter being the more likely outcome- buying on the cheap out through forced desperation! So sick of the scams! If Silicon Valley was as environmentally concerned as they feign to be, they would not be engaging in engineered obsolescence! Concerned about the environment, only if they can financially benefit from carbon tax credits, otherwise, foggedaboutit!

        It looks like they were repaid with stimulous based on medical fraud in hindsight!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. loudmouth says:

        As you mentioned,these people will just “adjust” the numbers to fit their agenda.
        These psychos just make everything fit into their huge jigsaw puzzle of lies. If a piece/lie won’t fit,they shove it in there anyway to further their sick control and vaccine agenda. These evil fuckers are masters of manipulation and deceit. The reason they are growing desperate is because more people are waking up to their bullshit.
        Let’s just hope people continue seeing the truth.
        We can’t let our guard down for a second around these psychopaths!

      3. True says:


      4. Fauchi has less chance of being right than the weatherman. He keeps using the term “on the other hand” and has moved the goal posts several times on several topics, one being whether or not to wear masks or how many to wear. He needs to be sacked and put out to pasture and save that bloated salary that the govt. is paying him. He first scared the hell out of me and millions of others but I don’t trust him now at all.

      5. Peter Foss says:

        Last time they told us the after Christmas lockdown was going to last only four weeks… well it is still going (and it’s end of March!)

      6. Exactly!!! says:

        Q. If you never wear a mask and never saw someone wearing a mask, would you in any way,shape or form even
        know there’s a “pandemic”?
        A. Neither would I. 🤔

      7. Darth Skippy says:

        Every time Faucci’s smirking, uncontrollably, something is surging.

      8. Missouri says:

        These people will do anything to sell their stuff.

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        Prepare and Stay Well,

      9. CA Rebel says:

        Why is this mass murderer still loose?

      10. Agreed says:

        @James,you were right the first time 😂