Fauci: A Worse COVID Variant Could Be Coming

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the ruling class’s head medical tyrant is warning that a worse variant of COVID-19 is coming. Or is that a threat? It’s hard to tell anymore with the amount of lying and propaganda we are subjected to daily.

    Fauci said that if you don’t get vaccinated (with a “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine), you are responsible for a new and more dangerous variant of the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.

    “So, if you allow the virus to freely circulate and not try and stop it, sooner or later there is a likelihood that you will get another variant that could, I’m not saying it will, that could be more problematic than the delta,” Fauci said according to NBC NewsThis scare tactic has one goal: to convince everyone to take the shot.

    “Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

    “If you give the virus the chance to continue to change, you’re leading to a vulnerability that we might get a worse variant,” he said. “And then, that will impact not only the unvaccinated; that will impact the vaccinated because that variant could evade the protection of the vaccine.” As always, the masters need the slaves to take the shot. “People who are unvaccinated should think about their own health, that of their family, but also the community responsibility to crush this virus before it becomes even worse,” Fauci said, according to Desert News. 

    Even though those “vaccinated” can still get this virus that hasn’t been proven to exist and spread it to others who have “immunity” from the so-called “vaccines.”

    “If we don’t crush the outbreak to the point of getting the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, then what will happen is the virus will continue to smolder through the fall into the winter, giving it ample chance to get a variant,” Fauci said last week, according to news site McClatchy.

    The message is clear especially when you apply critical thinking. Fauci is either going to invent and fabricate through lies another variant to convince people to take the shot, or he’s going to actually release something that is much more sinister unless we all bow down to him, follow his orders, and be the good little slaves and get the shot.

    Stay aware, stay prepared, and have a plan.  This is only ramping up and has been slow for the past few months. Now, this rhetoric is gaining speed. We all need to brace for what is coming and be prepared with our critical thinking and discernment as to whether the next variant is another lie and hoax or something more sinister and more real.


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      1. Just wait until “gain of function” research makes the common cold lethal. That will be the real pandemic!

      2. If they do not get enough jabbed so they will die in the near future.
        That will leave too many of us for the revolution and their death

      3. If they do not get enough of us jabbed so we will die in the near future. Too many of us will survive for the Revolution and their deaths

        • As much as I used to scoff at comments like this, it’s actually pretty reasonable to think the elites sold out to the CCP, and are ready to eliminate a lot of people at the turn of a switch. Is Bill Gates prepping any mass grave sites on his large swaths of farmland?

      4. Viva la-revolution is the ONLY way to stop these NWO thugs

      5. The American people are being subjected to tidal waves of State sponsored fear and propaganda because unfortunately it works. Millions eagerly and happily got the first “vaccine”, then their second. Now they are lining up to get the “boosters”, and will get annual ones too…. if they’re still around.
        Just wait though, after being fanatical about wearing masks, social distancing, and performing all the other required rituals, and then on top of that receive the vaccines, when they start dropping they’ll blame the non-vaccinated. They are so successfully propagandized they won’t be able to process it is mostly the unvaccinated that are well and the vaccinated who are sick (photos showing people swimming with their covid masks on or wearing masks while at home by themselves shows how irrational people can be made to be). Many will take their last breaths believing they are/were totally protected from covid, yet the unvaccinated caused their sickness; this is a disconnect from reality.
        The State knows this, it is why it is going to be relentless in trying to attain 100% vaccination rate. It simply cannot allow the contrast to exist that will betray it is vaccines that are making so many people ill. The State is presently using means such as official influence and propaganda and social pressure or corporate pressure to perpetuate the covid vaccine fraud on the citizens. After it achieves all it can by these means it will ramp up to things like depriving one of a driver’s license, no employment, no internet or cell phone access, and no access to medical care. Finally, one can rationally assume the State will deploy armed squads door to door and cart people off to interment camps, probably never to be seen again. This is what some people are willing to call good governance.
        I will repeat it again, the State is not your friend, it has never been, and will never be your friend. It exists for itself, not for you. Only it’s ideals, goals, and motives important, absolutely nothing else.
        Nevertheless, me and my household will resist mask mandates and the “vaccine”. Like Rand Paul said, “they can’t arrest us all”.

        • On point. There needs to be a large number of thinkers and doers though in order to have enough people to be unarrestable.

          • Skip – You are succinctly correct, that there are so many sheep is the weak link in society and primary reason tyranny wins.

        • YAAAAAY!!! So very glad to see another one of you brain-dead idiots rejecting masks and the vaccine! Please, by all means, keep it up. The sooner all of you idiots are gone, the sooner society can get back to normal. Hurry up and catch the “hoax” so I can take my mask off. ?

          • Karma – Are you a provocateur or is your comment just personal? Is this the best you can do? Your personal attacks and wishing for the death of others who have done nothing to you proves you are not very clever. People who have been successfully propagandized, people like you, just keep proving our point for us. You don’t make a factual case, just a wildly emotional rant, no thinking, just parroting. And the type of zealousness you display is not a product of independent thinking, but the brain-washing of weak-minded people. You are indeed a vicious useful idiot. A picture is worth a thousand words, your flip off a the end closes up your argument nicely.

          • Karma
            I see people like you all the time, always the dullest ones. Every time you say something you prove it. If I was a dictator I’d want a country full of people just like you. Your comment shows you follow orders without thinking and you exhibit the classic us (statists) against the ignorant masses attitude. I bet you are a snitch too. Just keep doing what you do, I know it all makes you feel so good.

      6. When I read your headline
        I was horrified. I totally
        missed the word covid and
        read it as if a worse variant
        of Dr Fauci could be coming.
        Now , there’s a terrifying thought – a worse variant of
        “Dr” Fauci as if the one we already have is not bad enough ?????

      7. Good post. Keep up the good news. It is speeding up, it was a little quiet for awhile, vaxtards getting their death shot of their own free will and small IQ. That was not enough and now heading towards mandates. Fauci is a lying globalist elitist NWO bastard, and he will have to answer to God. Interesting thing about viruses and crap, they can not mutate against a natural remedy. So if Oregano oil kills a virus, it’s going to kill every variant of that virus. Stay sharp! Learn about natural medicine. God gave us everything on this planet we need to heal ourselves. So called modern medicine just takes it, synthesizes it, patents it and charges people through the nose. Modern medicine is the death industry, profiting off of people’s illnesses.

        • The Virus is a Weaponized manufactured design.
          Has anyone told us what exactly is in these experimental jabs?
          Has anyone told us what or why there are so many negative reactions to the jab?
          And the BIG question -Has anyone told us what the potential long term effects on our health could be?
          Remember the elite want 95% dead – that fact is written in stone in a Georgia field!
          Are you a Sheeple or are you a Lion?

      8. Probably true, but it will be in competition for infecting humans with a smorgasbord of other less pathogenic variations to come in the next few years, with more Greek letters coming than the Apologia of Socrates

      9. Fauci: Blah! Blah, blah, blah. Blah! Blah, blah, blah.

      10. Either Fauci is ignorant or he knows what is going to happen…thus a traitor.

      11. Faucci is either too dumb to realize a worse variant coming is the worst pro-vax argument, or smart enough to realize most people can be fooled twice.

        The only defense is a healthy natural immune system. The explosion of variants didn’t happen till after people started getting vaxxed. The vaccines may stimulate virus mutation like xofluza and other fast-acting antivirals.

        Take vitamins D, C, K and zinc this winter, vaxxed or not. Take ivermectin if you get really sick.

      12. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Hardly. Simple the next shoe to drop in the master plan of human extermination.

      13. Just read on another web site that the homeland sec and others are blaming Trump for the covid problem and in another piece, they are blaming
        Trump for all the migrants coming across the southern border now. God, what bunch of hippocrits, blame everyone but them selves .What a bunch of stupid, power hungry idiots

        • Trump is one bad dude.

          A really, really bad one.

      14. I am seriously ecstatic to see how many of you idiots reject medical science. Please keep it up. The sooner you douchebags are gone, the sooner we (those of us with brains and common sense) can go back to a normal society. So, please gather yourselves together, cough and sneeze and breathe deeply. Hurry up, I’m tired of wearing a mask. Thanks!

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