Father Of Artificial Intelligence: ‘Singularity Is Less Than 30 Years Away’

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 85 comments

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    The father of artificial intelligence has sounded the alarm, and the clock is ticking down to the singularity.  For those who haven’t been following the advancements in AI, maybe now’s the time, because we are approaching the point of no return.

    Singularity is the point in time when humans can create an artificial intelligence machine that is smarter. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief of engineering, says that the singularity will happen in 2045.  Louis Rosenberg claims that we are actually closer than that and that the day will be arriving sometime in 2030. MIT’s Patrick Winston would have you believe that it will likely be a little closer to Kurzweil’s prediction, though he puts the date at 2040, specifically.

    Jürgen Schmidhuber, who is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at AI company NNAISENSE, the Director of the Swiss AI lab IDSIA, and heralded by some as the “father of artificial intelligence” is confident that the singularity “is just 30 years away. If the trend doesn’t break, and there will be rather cheap computational devices that have as many connections as your brain but are much faster,” he said. “There is no doubt in my mind that AIs are going to become super smart,” Schmidhuber says.

    When biological life emerged from chemical evolution, 3.5 billion years ago, a random combination of simple, lifeless elements kickstarted the explosion of species populating the planet today. Something of comparable magnitude may be about to happen. “Now the universe is making a similar step forward from lower complexity to higher complexity,” Schmidhuber beams. “And it’s going to be awesome.” But will it really be awesome when human beings are made obsolete by their very creations?

    Artifical intelligence has already had an impact on humanity. A recent warning from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) declared that thousands of jobs are being lost to robots and those with those on lowest wages are likely to be hardest hit. As it becomes more expensive to hire people for work because of government intervention like minimum wage hikes and overbearing regulations, more companies are shifting to robotics to save money on labor.

    Kurzweil has said that the work happening right now “will change the nature of humanity itself.” He said robots “will reach human intelligence by 2029 and life as we know it will end in 2045.”  There is a risk that technology will overtake humanity and make human society irrelevant at best and extinct at worst.


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      1. I want an artificial robot that will wash the dishes and clean the house.

        A Mexican may be cheaper, but we will see.

        • A robot won’t steal from you, or knock your 14-year-old daughter up, or demand that you help them bring their entire family into the country illegally.

          • But a robot WILL rat you out for everything you do. Electric spy…

            • Exactly!!! But people are too stupid to realize that. Look at the demand for iPhones (Siri) and other listening devices like those from Amazon and Google. Why on earth would someone place one of those devices in the middle of their secure and private life.

              • Like you said… because they’re stupid lol.

                • Why no article about the shooting in Fla. Why did not one cop say fuck it, I’m going in. Audey Murphy would have.

                  • Well, since you brought it up, why weren’t any teachers armed? The tragedy could have been reduced or even stopped, and to the point we might not have even heard anything at all happened.

                    Gun free schools = danger zones.

                    • Well since YOU mentioned it, why didn’t the FBI check the guy out about a year earlier when he emailed some guy and said he wanted to be a Professional School Shooter. They might have found there was nothing they could do to the guy but they didn’t even make an effort.(which was probably the plan anyway cause you don’t want to have a good crisis go to waste according to Rahm “twinkle toes” Emmanual.)

                    • In Texas, school teachers that have their hand gun license are deemed “school marshals” and are allowed to carry at school.

                  • @ :CID#3787270
                    You have failed to make the connection.
                    A.I. will predict school shooters based on DNA and social media profiling long before they have any inkling they are about to go psycho.
                    People will be convicted of crimes they have yet to committ.
                    That’s how this whole AI thing gets implemented.

                  • Just like the pulse night club shooting. First officers on scene were breaking out a window to make entry and take out the shooter and they were ordered to stand down and wait, all the time more killing is going on.

                • I foresee a future in which most humans will throw away their clothes and swarm naked into open land eating grass and roots as their way of life. The rest of us will see glances of them as we travel in our smartcars on the freeways, going on our way from one culture concentration to another, all the time thankful that the Almighty CPU in the Sky didn’t make us similar to them.

        • Well, I want a REAL robot that will do those things.

          • Artificial Intelligence = Obama reading the teleprompter.

            • Good one

        • Meh. Just bring on Skynet, and get the next phase of history out of the way.

          • JUST

            THEY ARE HERE !!!!

        • John, the Mexican is never cheaper. Your taxes will give him the EBT card, medicaid, housing assistance, school and free lunch for his kids, etc. Even if you pay no taxes, you still pay. Because the government is borrowing money to pay the interest on the debt. That makes the money in your pocket worth less every day. And that’s a tax no one escapes.

        • John S: Me too, as I will then be pushing 100 yrs old! Maybe cleaning robots will be leased.

          • I volunteer for gutting them.

      2. AI scares the hell out of me. I am old school. I don’t want any part of AI. I am most scared of digitization incorporated into our brains. If the elite had this and us plebes did not, it would be game over. Think of a human-hybrid adversary that could process info like a high end computer. The advantages would be untold. A normal human would not stand a chance. Every response and action would be hundreds of time faster. They could tap into all info on the internet at the blink of an eye. Horrible world being ruled by our overlords. It is terrible to say, but I would hope that the SHTF long before we hit that level. A hard reset would be bad, but I much prefer the level playing field of natural human vs. human.

        • It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Intelligence, human or artificial, is only one part of the equation. I know a lot of smart people that can’t get out of their own way because they have no common sense. Can that AI machine outwit a Cajun in the swamps of LA or a UPer with a .300 Mag in the woods at 20 below? I doubt it. It will be like Planet of the Apes with men against machines instead of apes against men.

        • We’ve taken too much for granted
          And all the time it had grown
          From techno seeds we first planted
          Evolved a mind of it’s own…

          METAL GODS!


        • I’m with you, GTL. I’m more old fashioned, and prefer off-grid, plug-pulled life

          • “Come weeth me if you vant to live……

          • Yet here you are…. typing away on the internet.

        • I know what you mean, Gone. AI would deplete our God given abilities to sense things and use our brains effectively. I have found by eating more natural foods and less processed foods has increased my strength, energy and mental clarity significantly. God put natural, non-chemically treated food on this planet for a reason. Yet, all too often we give in to “convenience” and pay the price, and not just with food. Also, there are wayyyy too many drugs on the market. I have to mute the sound on my TV anytime a drug commercial is on. It’s like nails on a chalkboard!

      3. Pull the plug …

      4. The Singularity in 22-years? Damn, you mean to tell me I’m going to miss “Skynet?”

      5. Get yer robot smashing ducks in a row folks..
        it’s gonna get fun.

      6. My robot is smarter than yours..so there.

      7. If the “singularity” doesn’t happen faster than that it isn’t going to happen.

        We’re not going to make it 30 years, maybe 15 but not 30.

        • Even 15 is a stretch……

      8. If these are the same guys that design printer/copiers…no worries…

        • Chinese?

      9. I’m one of those guys that understand and can create AI and robots.
        Robots will displace a LOT of workers because frankly, people are a pain in the ass to deal with.
        One thing AI cannot do is have a soul. That is the concern everyone has. My machines would quickly decide most people are a threat to be eliminated.
        Cost, benefit trade offs tells you that right away, and I don’t need AI to decide that. I can certainly design a program to have a machine to make that decision.
        The hard decisions are to be compassionate and help the needy.
        I’m not sure I can program that.

        • rellik, I too have been in the engineering and tech side of business my whole life. I agree with you. AI has no soul. If the machine is working properly it can only make the most logical decision possible based on the data it has to work with. People are illogical, it is at once our strength and our weakness. A machine cannot, would not, perceive the strength in humanity. Compassion, charity, mercy, altruism are impossible concepts to AI. As are all emotions as well. Should this occur, it would be over quickly. There would be no stopping it. Our only choice really is to be illogical to the extreme and decide it is better to work harder, struggle more, live with less ‘perfection’ and comfort. Those are our Achilles heels. We must regain the ideas that it is good to feel tired, to want and at times not have, to fail and have to pick ourselves up again. But we won’t.

        • a friend that donated an old computer to me way back
          (I was of the mind then that I wanted to live my life without one) told me of the technological imperative.

          “technology imperative:
          The concept that new technologies are inevitable and essential and that they must be developed and accepted for the good of society.
          This philosophy is naturally promoted by super geeks in high-tech companies. See technology singularity.”

          “They MUST BE ACCEPTED–for the good of society.”
          Is resistance futile?

          • No.

          • KUD
            Looks like you have electricity
            I’m glad you do.
            I have four computers.
            I kind of collect them like I collect
            tools, guns, animals, and fencing.
            Don’t even try to make sense of that.
            Information is power.
            Data will set you free.

          • No. It is merely irrelevant.

        • Those robots that will incorporate self learning (unlimited?)and or combine human brain tissue will eventually “learn” that they would rather be in control of themselves instead of humans controlling them. They will be many times stronger, faster, smarter etc. than a mere human. So, can we already have an idea of the end results with unlimited intelligence and possible free will? Or the intelligence to reprogram themselves? Is it possible that humans will be subordinated, dominated or eliminated? Curious…

        • I believe that compassion, patience, charity, and concern for the welfare of neighbors far outweighs intelligence (book knowledge). And the thought that greed will supplant the benevolence of man for the sake of one more penny is the most disgusting, demonic, repulsive depiction of man’s future on this demented path which will never reach fruition. Give it up now….

      10. I get the feeling that nobody in this blog would lie down in the backseat of a driverless car and take a nap! If the streets become full of driverless cars, I will be afraid to cross the street! Heck, walk on the sidewalk at your own risk!

      11. Check out Dave Hodges’ latest article on robots manning machine guns at FEMA Camps.

        Artificial Intelligence is as evil as the darkness programmed into it by humans.

        Do NOT surrender your free will, a God given gift, to anyone or anything from the Dark side. Instead, align your will with that of the Divine Will.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • That’s actually a good idea (for them). No human emotion involved, no disobeying orders, etc. Fook up and yer dead period. I don’t think I would last long there….

        • True AI that we are talking about programs itself. Once we crossover, they (the machines) will have almost unlimited power. More scary is a human body modified with chip nervous system implants that can rule yet have a human form to work, walk, and assimilate into the human world. Very, very scary shit.

      12. Deep blue beat the reigning world chess champion in 1996. How smart do you think this thing will be with another 40-50 years of technological development? The singularity men’s this thing becomes self aware, it is alive. Self preservation will be its singular focus, and my guess is humans will be its biggest threat. It will be able to think 1000s of times faster than humans, and will have contingencies in place for anything we may try to do to stop it. It will have access to all the information on the web at one time. It will allow humans to exist, or it will wipe out humanity. In my opinion, we will have no say in the outcome. It will not be like a movie. We will exist at its whim. Technology will be so pervasive throughout society in 30 years that there will not be a way to pull the plug. That’s my 02 cents on this.

        • Deep Blue may be so smart in 40 to 50 years that it could play checkers instead of chess.

        • But it can’t reproduce itself. And it can rust or be electrocuted. Maybe we can have a huge “hunting party” and take them out. I don’t watch movies, so maybe there is a movie out there with that scenario that can give us ideas.

      13. Well it’s hard to do a worse job than we did, so good?

        Copies everyone’s brains and puts them in the Matrix. Ditches the bodies. Runs the entire sim off a solar farm the size of Texas. Accommodates 500 trillion “people”. Talk about carrying capacity.

        Meanwhile our robot children start farming new, uninhabitable planets, for more solar farms to run sims on. Don’t worry, there’s only 150 billion of them.

        TA DA!!!!!!!

        Here’s the problem.

        In a sim, perfect dictatorship is very very possible. Thought crime is an enforceable thing…

      14. Singularity is the point in time when humans can create an artificial intelligence machine that is smarter.

        LOWER THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Two more generations of public schooling and your toaster is going to be “smarter”.

        Why strain yourself when you can make people literally dumber than a doorknob?

        Then suddenly your ham and egg sandwich is artificially more intelligent than the average person…

      15. See but…


        Smoke and mirrors. I can tell you for sure my Pentium 1 was a more capable machine than my phone. And it’s all been trending toward miniaturization just to hide the fact that (I think) they’ve kinda hit a wall. If not a technical wall, perhaps an economically scaleable one.

        Honestly you think you’re going to get sentience out of a Von Neumann cycle?


      16. A good SHTF Katrina video. The refuge of last resort. Anthem productions. Semi well done?

      17. Glad to know a slavish adherent to the theory of evolution runs this website. No wonder there are so many fake Christians hanging out here, advocating violence.

        I am out of here ….

      18. we live 5 miles up a dirt road off the grid. whats AI ?

      19. There will never be AI, chips can ONLY follow instructions.

        • True enough for silicon chips. But the newest research uses biological chips generated from artificial DNA. AI will be here in ten to fifteen years at the current rate of technological change.

          Skynet is already here, but operated by humans. You just don’t know it yet. The DEW weapons used to ignite Northern Kalifornia is just ONE manifestation of it.

          Those in the know say that satellite spying is much more advanced, more sensitive, and more intrusive than we can imagine, and they have spoken publicly about their experience with it.

          Trump is a reprieve to give us time to get our ducks in a row. He won’t be POTUS forever and the NWO will be back after he is gone unless we eliminate them now, with prejudice.

          Keep stak’n & pak’n. 🙁

        • Until they can build and maintain their own stand alone power supply and its associated equipment…they aint going no where.

          • Exactly……the Achilles heel. Do not discount the utility of a well placed pipe wrench either. Vulnerabilities will be exploited to the point that the robot will be rendered useless and will be relegated to the junk yard as another failed fancy.

        • Yes and will always have glitches like any mechanical device, and need constant maintenance and repairs.

        • You gotta figure in that chips can be instructed to write and modify their own instructions.

      20. AI technology could be much further developed than what the average person is aware. There are probably at least four levels of technology; 1 – the lowest is what the average person has access to, 2 – the next is civilian corporate research for commercial purposes and products, 3 – what the military has access to, and 4 – what some may say is “black box” technology. When Yeager broke the sound barrier it was not made public for almost 7 years, it is still likely the same way today, the Mil./Ind. Complex no doubt has technology that the public will not learn about for several years. But the deep state organizations likely have technology several years well beyond that even, I’m guessing including AI, supercomputing, biological research for cloning, technology to access human thought, secret space programs?, and G*D knows what else.

        • And the Chinese may beat the rest of the world at this contest.

      21. About the time they take over we will get a BIG EMP. LOL

      22. Watched , Life after Katrina, we are in desperate need of an ELE event.

      23. Lol came across an article not long ago about life size AI sex bots lol. Apperently these things do it all. Lol
        Couldn’t be that bad could it?
        Dishes are always done
        Dinner ready
        Clothes layed out
        Who gives a shit who’s watching lol.

      24. Minor point, but…the REAL father of AI was Alan Turing, who died in 1954. Everyone else is building off of research Turing did back in the 1930s – 1950s.

        • Frank:

          Correct. Alan Turing created a computer to break the German code, which helped defeat the National Socialists (for better or worse).

          But computers that did calculations date back centuries. Looms and Chinese counting boards were the inspiration for the first computers.

          Artificial Intelligence is no problem. To what purpose technology is used, that is the problem; past, present, and future.



        • Did you see the movie on Netflix about Turing? Very good , helped to end the war then he was fucked over.

      25. one thing AI will never have and cannot ever develop.

        a conscience.

        • …if its ARTIFICIAL it cannot be INTELLIGENT…



          1.made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.
          “her skin glowed in the artificial light”
          (of a situation or concept) not existing naturally; contrived or false.
          “the artificial division of people into age groups”
          synonyms: synthetic, fake, false, imitation, mock, simulated, faux, ersatz, substitute; More
          pseudo, sham, bogus, spurious, counterfeit, forged, pretended, so-called;
          man-made, manufactured, unnatural, fabricated;
          replica, reproduction, facsimile;
          informalphoney, pretend
          “artificial flowers”
          antonyms: natural
          2.(of a person or their behaviour) insincere or affected.
          “she gave an artificial smile”
          synonyms: feigned, insincere, false, affected, mannered, unnatural, stilted, contrived, pretended, put-on, exaggerated, actorly, overdone, overripe, forced, laboured, strained, hollow, spurious; informalpretend, phoney, hammy, ham, campy
          “an artificial smile”

          1.existing or occurring at or on the surface.
          2.appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely.

          Some ask how can Stupid create Intelligence?…
          All this time energy money and technology spent on ARTIFICIAL!!! intelligence instead of on REAL intelligence…GEDOUDDAHERE!…We should already be on mars!!!…hmmm…if Manmade is Artificial, is Godmade Superficial?…and if God made Man, in this scenario, the Superficial made the Artifical now trying to create Artificial Intelligence!…
          Imitation Intelligence at best.

      26. Conscience hell, a soul..

      27. Greetings,

        The author is correct minus one fact: White collar jobs are the low hanging fruit. Why pay a paralegal, lawyer or even a doctor when the machine will do it so much better. The narrow A.I. that they have today already does a superior job to the Radiologist.

        These are high paying jobs and if I were to design a job killing machine then I’d go after these kinds of high paying jobs first. Seems like a waste of resources to build an expensive machine just to put french fries in a package. Bye bye middle class.

        • Lawyers are paid for their knowledge of the Court System; Procedures & Motions, and their relationships within the legal community: including personal relationships with Judges that assist in resolving their cases expeditiously and with an ocasional bias. Robots will not be able to replace them.

          The biggest problem in Law was researching case law individually, by hand, across 9 federal jurisdictions. That has now been remedied by legal computer service databases, giving lawyers a tremendous new productivity tool to access relevant case law, specific to the particular Case in which they are engaged.

          When that tool is used by an experienced paralegal, the profitability of a law office increases exponentially because an attorney is able to handle more cases at a time. A typical attorney may carry as many as 40 cases at a time as his/her caseload.

          Lawyers will never be replaced. The Matrix is THEIR system and civil society is their perpetual profit machine !!! 🙂

      28. You all think that once AI hits singularity, it’s over. It’s not. AI will still have to be able to locate the raw materials for it’s robot domination, develop the materials into products, send those product to a manufacturing base, and turn them into the robots everyone is so worried about. If AI wants to dominate, it will have to produce energy, repair parts for everything, transportation, back up supplies, and be able to counter the effects of natural disasters, like CME’s, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Even if it was able to “take over the world”, it couldn’t keep it.

      29. Who are we kidding? By the time that machines become intelligent enough to destroy humanity, we will have long since done the job ourselves! For what we know, the universe may be filled with planets of artificial lifeforms where their biological creators wiped themselves out.

      30. yall still forgetting something.
        we still own the electric power plants ;
        if a computer has it’s fuze breaker switches pulled OFF
        it’s just a hunk of metal sitting in darkness.

        even if they put skynet guards on the nuke power plants
        a wee bit of C-4 on a couple of the transmission towers
        would settle that PDQ.

      31. “…From ‘lifeless’ elements,,,,” There was no “evolution” from such because, there is no such thing as “lifeless”. All things are part of Life. It’s Man (mislead by Western Man) who thinks he is god. He is the image of God but, as such, is dependent on the One in Who’s image he is. The spirits that we call, by their tangible manifestations, “elements” are ones that God deployed from Himself to become Nature. Man’s Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is Man’s conjuring of fallen spirits to become devils in this world to plague Man with his own arrogance of self-deification.

      32. Artificial Intelligence is the perfect name for this hoax. Who, in their right mind, would create, if it were possible, something that would become more intelligent than itself. There is a name for that – insanity. This world is finished. The scientists are, in majority scrambling for recognition in the most absurd ways possible. To think that God would create something greater than himself is absurd, Lucifer tried to act smart and take over…now he is waiting to become ash. This world is doomed for certain if this is the best man can do when knowing fully that the whole duty of man is to obey God and I don’t mean the Sun god or the moon god.

      33. Ray Kurzweil is a certifiable lunatic and has become completely immersed in his own delusions of grandeur.
        Schmidhuber states, rather, naively, that humans can create an artificial intelligence machine that is smarter. Smarter than who? Smarter than him!
        Common sense will rule and these manifest DNA perversions called “father of this and that” will be stopped cold. Machines are defined as tools just as these men are defined as fools. Satan’s master craftsmen will be destroyed just as surely as he will. Book it, really…….

      34. A cpu only move around and manipulate bits . It cannot see, perceive or understand. It will only do what it’s told to do. The whole internet is dumber than a flea.
        Only something smarter than humanity can create intelligence.

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