Father Guns Down Armed Men Who Were Using His Daughter As Human Shield

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Headline News | 178 comments

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    Contrary to popular belief guns can actually save lives. That’s the lesson we can learn from a recent armed abduction that left one perpetrator dead and another wounded.


    Had a husband and wife from St. Louis not had firearms in their home then things could have gone much differently Monday night, reports the St. Louis Dispatch.

    According to police, when the couple’s 17-year old daughter stepped outside of their front door to retrieve something from her car she was approached by two armed men wearing masks. Later identified as Terrell Johnson, 31, and Cortez McClinton, 33, the men pointed a gun to the teen’s head and made their way to the front door using her as a human shield.

    The girl’s mother and father both witnessed the abduction and immediately retrieved their firearms. Without negotiation or hesitation the father fired several shots at the attackers as they entered the home, striking both of them.

    Things didn’t end well for Terrell Johnson, who quickly collapsed in the living room and was pronounced dead at the scene.

    His partner, Cortez McClinton, who reportedly had an impressive rap sheet and had been previously charged with murder, was wounded but got away. His brother transported him to a hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the chest and both of his legs. He was later arrested by police and has been charged with second-degree murder (felony murder), kidnapping, burglary and armed criminal action. He is currently being held on a $1 million bond.

    As the debate over gun violence in America rages on, with gun owners often being painted as lunatics and extremists, it’s stories like these that further reinforce the need for Second Amendment rights for law abiding American citizens. Had this household not been armed there could well be a murdered family of four in St. Louis (there was reportedly a 5-year old child in the living room at the time the incident occurred). Moreover, the two men who perpetrated this crime would still be on the streets stealing, robbing, and murdering other innocent victims.

    Instead, the world is a safer place and all because these homeowners chose not to be victims of the random violence that has taken the lives of so many others who had no way to defend themselves when confronted by gun wielding criminals.


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      1. Score one (two?) for the good guys!

        These kinds of stories should be plastered all over the internet and TV news. Blast this kind of stuff enough times and criminals are going to think twice about drawing their weapons.

        Why have there been 70 school shootings since Sandy Hook? Because the media has made us all out to look like victims. Criminals know they have a high rate of success should they engage in such endeavors.

        Turn the tables by changing what the criminals see and let them know that others like them are dropping like flies.

        They need to know they have something to lose – their lives!

        • Gpd bless all innocent life and the defenders of innocent life!

          • Typo (obviously):

            GOD bless all innocent life and the defenders of innocent life!

            • Would you believe these guy were just out to borrow some sugar for coffee; but were cold and it was a rough area? How about; they were in the witness protection program so they wore masks and wanted her to call a cab? Before the anti gunners finish with this you won’t ever hear of it again, or that’s the spin. Want to bet?

          • Screw the typo…the message is what counts…

            Green thumb here!!

          • I love stories with happy endings, don’t you?

            • Could have been better. They should have shot that other pavement ape right between the eyes and been 2/0.

        • Got a dead scumbag (and another one seriously wounded) but living and healthy would be victims …… better like that than the other way around!!


          • Only deterrent against a “bad” guy/gal with a gun; is a “good” guy/gal with a gun.

            Unless you are really, really good with a slingshot or bow & arrows. I ain’t that good with sticks and stones, so i best stay with sending 300 grain lead and copper projectiles from the ole 44 magnum. A hot dose of that bad medicine into the ole boiler room, and the scumbags don’t come back for more. Just sayin’

            • Should have finished the other one off!

              • No blame! I’m sure it was his or her’s absolute intention. But contrary to Hollywood scriptwriters, combat shooting isn’t like Olympic target shooting (snipers being an exception). For common folk to kill one and wound the other with chest shots, they qualify for a gold AND silver medal in my book!

              • That medusa feinsteinless and the other totally mentally deranged anti-gunners would feel sorry for the bad guys that they didn’t get their day in court, so the judge could sentence them to community service.

                Guns safe people’s lives, and anti-gunners TAKE people’s lives.

                By the way there was two X flares from the Sun and this disturbed area is rotating into Earth directed zone in the next few days. Wish JustOneGuy was around to give us a reading on these sunspots to see if they still harbor enough energy for a catastrophic X flare that would EMP the power grid for the world.

                • Good morning, BI, and one again, you’re right on target [PUN INTENDED, WHAT THE HELL]. Here I go again: ANYONE WHO TAMPERS WITH THE NATURAL RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE IS DOING THE SAME THING AS TAMPERING WITH LIFE ITSELF. IF SOMEONE DIES AS A RESULT OF SAID TAMPERING, IT’S THE SAME AS BEING AN ACCESSORY TO MURDER. IT IS SO DISHONORABLE TO INDOCTRINATE PEOPLE WITH THE IDEA THAT SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST CRIMINALS IS WRONG AND THAT WOULD-BE VICTIMS SHOULD JUST LET THE CRIMINALS HAVE THEIR OWN WAY WITH THEM. I SAY NO TO THAT PROPOSITION AND I KNOW EVERYONE ELSE HERE WOULD ALSO. EVERYONE HAS THE NATURAL RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST EVILDOERS AND NO GOVERNMENT NOR ANY INDIVIDUAL HAS ANY DAMNED BUSINESS TAMPERING WITH IT, PERIOD! Sorry for the all caps, BI and everyone, but everyone here knows my position on this issue and it bears repeating. I’m happy that family lived to talk about their ordeal. Too bad the the 2nd POS survived, but they got one and that’s better than nothing. Being armed and having the will to use those weapons is definitely what saved the day for that family. It’s a shame that 5-year-old had to witness something like that, but hopefully he’ll learn the right kind of lessons from the incident. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS braveheart

                  • I don’t think its sad the 5-year-old had to witness it– what he learned was to be prepared like his parents, know how to shoot and protect his loved ones… good lesson! His parents saved his sibling’s life!!

                • 45 ACP $650
                  45 ACP Ammo $25
                  Saving your daughter’s life and the taxpayers millions…


                  • AK in 7.62×39 $600
                    AK ammo $12
                    Saving your daughters, wife’s, and own life/property…


                    Remember, the pistol is intended to help the soldier fight his/her way to a rifle.

                • We had three solar flares this morning, M1.3, M3.0, and X1.0.

                  You can subscribe to the IPS Flare Alert at:

                  For most solar flares, they send you 3 emails, one at the start of the event, one with an estimated end, and an email with the final information.

                  It’s been a while since we had a cluster of flares.

                  • I’m subscribed, got my email alerts in a timely fashion.

                    Ya’ll keep preppin’

                • A burglar broke into my daughter’s apartment in the middle of the night. Thankfully, her cat freaked out when he saw the burglar breaking in through the window, she was up studying and saw her cat, and was able to escape out in the hallway in time.

                  She called the cops; they arrived about an hour later and explained they had other more dire situations to tend to (thus, their tardiness in responding). Lesson: you cannot depend on the cops to come to your aid!

                • BI, I’m not JOG, but know a little bit about this stuff. Duration of impact does change it’s effect. The X1-3 CME’s don’t tend to be the ones to take out the grid. They can mess with communications, whether satellite or terrestrial. The estimated X Class for the 1859 Carrington CME was X40. An X2 is twice a strong as an X1 and is measured in watts per square meter of picometer X-Rays. A picometer is 1 trillionth of a meter. .0000000000001 or 1×10^-12 . X Clas start at .00001 – .0001 so are quite energetic. The intensity duration can effect the impact. If it’s very energetic, but of short duration that is better than longer duration. The way I understand it, is the Earth has a magnetic force field around it, and the lines of force go North and South. When this energy hits the lines channel it in a North/South manner. Hence the Northern and Southern Lights. The electrons in the air get excited and give off light. A fluorescent bulb works in this way. If this magnetic field gets compressed, then we can have some fun. A geomagnetic storm can be triggered and induce current into the ground and interfere with electrical power transmission. The Geomagnetic storm have a classification themselves, G1 – G5. G5 may take out the grid.

                  We have been hit with X1-3 in the last couple of years and nothing really happened. I estimate that if we got a long duration X9 or above, then we need to be ready for Grid down. This is IMO.

              • Well, he tried..I say kudos to the homeowners! Hope more people get the picture, and start learning to defend themselves ballistically….

                • More of that cultural diversity and vibrance!

              • Did better than some Marines or Rangers, 100% of hostiles hit, 50% KIA, 50% WIA fleeing the battle area.

            • Pass,I am that good with both bow and crossbow,that said,with 2 armed scumbags would rather a firearm(though watching this or any like scumbags bleed out slowly and painfully nice).I will say the parents did real well considering their daughter was a hostage,way to go folks!

              • Based on the gun grabbers reasoning, had there been anti-gun legislation enacted after Sandy Hook, then McClinton and Johnson would NOT have had guns with which to commit the crime in the first place, and the parents would have no need to be armed and everyone would be alive today and unhurt and the police could have apprehended the thieves. So it all goes back to people having guns as the root of all problems.

                • Do you really think a criminal is going to follow gun laws?? I don’t think I have ever seen that kind of stupid! Your reasoning is flawed.

                  • SS said “Based on the gun grabbers reasoning…” Geez, read the post before you blast the guy.

                • SS
                  I hope you are just kidding?
                  Felons by law can not own or possess a firearm in any state. Both of these turds where felons!
                  I’m so happy that the Mom and Dad had their firearms.
                  A gun is nothing but an expensive nik nak with out bullets and a person to squeeze the trigger!

                  • Keep violent felons in jail,no where in the 2nd do I see felons or any other folks blacklisted from owning firearms,soon if you go by the moniker Sarge or Warchild you will not be able to own a firearm,the founding fathers were terrorists/lawbreakers,bless em!I really need a decoder ring to see where these exemptions to the 2nd and other amendments are!

                • So lets say that the anti-gun law is passed what happens next? Do you believe all guns will magically disappear off the planet just like that? These two men were not legally allowed to have guns and yet somehow were able to obtain them. If they were not legally allowed to have them then that means they did not walk into a store, fill out the proper paperwork, and walk out with it. If that gun law had passed and the family with the guns turned theirs over because they are law abiding citizens and the criminals who illegally obtained theirs still had guns would you feel better about that? The bad guys got away with murder (it’s already on their rap sheets) and an innocent family died for your bs ideas about making the world safer? Many countries have tried this, Chicago is doing this and yet for some reason crime rates sky rocket. Think things through before you jump on the band wagon of the person who screams the loudest. That person is rarely correct. Switzerland has the lowest crime rate and they personally arm all of their citizens after a certain age. You want to condemn someone for protecting themselves and their family when no one else will protect them because people like you think its ok to have these people out and about and decent people should just hope they are never in the wrong place at the wrong time? And your theory of the police could have apprehended them…stop and think. They have rap sheets (arrest records) because they have been caught doing these things and then released back upon the public to do it all over again. They haven’t learned their lesson yet and never will. Now there is one less thug to harm people on the streets and I will not shed a tear over that. Nor will I apologize for it.

                • @SterlingSilver

                  whenever I ask the gun grabbers why they don’t go after the violent felons FIRST, they always try to hem and haw and bullshit their way past the question. Then I look ’em dead in the eye and provide the answer:

                  “its because you are a COWARD… you know damned right well that if you tried that bullshit with the Crips or the Mexican mafia or the ABs, after they stopped laughing, they’d chop you into fishbait. So instead, you try to go after LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, thinking that we will be an easy target. Well guess what: you will get my guns when shrimps learn to dance the cha cha”

                • Sterlingsilver, as long as you’re just kidding or being sarcastic OK, but if not then go back to la-la land.

              • I would like to see the look on the scumbags face when an arrow with expanding broadhead goes through his buddys neck,
                Then the shock when a second goes straight through his sternum!
                Now that would be priceless footage.
                Garbage baboons

                • Eh,more a fixed blade man me self but otherwise wholeheartedly agree.

        • These two guys were just misunderstood. The daughter had invited them over. They were born again Christians. It was all a setup. Those gunloving parents just wanted to kill someone. They found the gun on the porch and were just trying to return it to the owners.

          Do I sound like a Lib yet??

          • Ed,you missed the part where they were turning their lives around,get with the program!

          • Ed, you sound like Sterling Silver. You’re on the wsy to being a libturd. Hope you get off that road while you can.

            • geez…you guys need to start sensing sarcasm cause the real world will eat you alive when you fall for actual troll bait.

        • That’s funny…… I didn’t see this “gun story” on the front pages of my newspaper and the mainstream websites I read every day……

          I guess it doesn’t match up well against their agenda.

        • The media prefers to remain silent when guns SAVE lives.

          6/1/14 – Media Silent as Guns Used to Save at Least Seven Lives Since May 25

          “As mainstream media outlets continue to support gun control by focusing on the three persons Elliot Rodgers shot to death, they have not bothered reporting that guns have been used to save at least seven lives since May 25.”


        • Yep! Plus, no doubt, the thugs would have raped the young teen as well… thank God for the Second Ammendment!!

        • I’d done the same if it were me me with one exception…both would be Dead via Headshot.

        • Looks like Obama has two openings in his cabinet now.

        • Sandy Hook was a false flag. The Obama Administration has admitted this. No one was killed. It was a drill to make it easier to ban guns.

      2. DAD and MOM are heroes!!!! this is how you deal with scumbags… no talking…. they pull a gun they become a target to be destroyed. This is exactly how me and the misses train to deal with scumbags. Good job Parents. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS,…. and train…..

        • Only downside is they did not kill both.

          • I know how you feel… It pained me to type “DECEASED” on just the one picture.

            I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care that a life was lost, but over the years I have come to the conclusion that the world is just better off with some people being terminated. These two have no business living in a free and open society.

            Now, we the taxpayers have to pay upwards of $50,000 a year to house, feed and entertain the surviving perp for the rest of his life. That money would be much better spent on medical care for our veterans.

            • A big Amen to that, Mac.

              If American christian citizens would have stayed true to their religious beliefs and followed what God says; There would be a whole lot less murder/rape/crimes against children.

              God said, when they are found guilty by a fair trial, without a doubt, for murder (homocide) and/or, rape, send them to me. Hanged by the gallows,gonads,or bled to death; it doesn’t matter, just kill them.

              His words also state; if you do this (kill them), then these things will cease among you.

              We have allowed political correctness to run amuck and let criminals have a free pass.

            • Amen to that!

            • @ Mac. You know that life has made a choice to be a disease, a cancer, a plague. That life could have choosen to not be a murdering parasite. MOST of the people choose to be honest and not attack innocent people. Like a disease carrying mosquito, the best course of action is to swat the bug before it can transmit sickness to many people. I don’t feel sorry for anyone that decides on their very own to be a criminal. There are people that are dirt poor of all races that decide to make ends meat HONESTLY. A dead vicious violent criminal is so much better off for everyone.

              • BI, once again, AMEN.

                • @ braveheart. It really takes a total retard to be an anti-gunner/anti-self defense bozo. You would think that 100% of the people on this planet, anywhere, would feel more secure with a citizen that is armed and able to give a much better chance of STOPPING an attacker.

                  I have known people that belong at the zoo locked up so they can feel safe that won’t even carry pepper spray or other non lethal device. They would rather see a little child ripped apart by a vicous dog than have someone spray or hit the animal with a stun device than have someone with a weapon that can prevent something awful like this. These wackos especially rather see the vicous animal tear apart a kid than have someone with a firearm that would stop it from ever happeining.

                  Anti-gunners/anit-self defense radicals are so totally close minded it is no wonder that they are the fountain heads beyond getting all our rights taken away from us, with the cornerstones the 1st. and 2nd Amendment. They are perhaps the most selfish individuals around as their sick idealism to totally disarm everyone is more valuable to them than the safety and preservance of life that self defense offers to everyone.

                  • Some people just don’t “think”, Beinformed! I have talked to people who had been brain washed by the MSM and after I explained to them my views about the importance of the second ammendment and the need for self-protection, they realized I was right and came to my side of the fence.

                    The problem is, a lot of people are so wrapped up in just trying to survive, get an education and make positive changes in their lives, all the see is the BS coming from the MSM and just take it for granted the faces on TV are honest… they are not! so its important to explain your position to people! I’ve woken up a lot of people that way!

                  • I DO AGREE with you 100%, BeInformed, about what you said about dogs! I have often thought the exact same thing millions of times!!

                    Years ago, I saw 3 pitbulls who had hold of this one black dog, who made the mistake of getting too close. It was horrible to witness! They had their teeth in this poor dog’s head and would not let go. The owner of the black dog tried to extricate his poor dog but it was hopeless. I ran in the house to get help and when I came outside, the owner was dragging the black dog away. (don’t know if he survived or not!) I often thought… if I had only had a gun!!!

                  • BI, AMEN again! As I’ve said before, let members of the same anti-selfdefense lobby start suffering from home invasions, having their wives and daughters violated, etc. and then see what kind of song they sing.

            • Mac, AMEN to your comments. Just think of the money that can be saved by executing all of the inmates charged with the most serious crimes where lives were lost. That’s a lot of money that could go to take care of our vets. But we would also have to clean house at the VA.

            • Mac,
              I agree 100 percent. Also, the deceased was more than likely already a democratic voter. The other good thing is that he wasn’t a conservative that will change his political ideology when he votes from the grave.

            • These drains on our resources and finances should be housed on huge work farms. Maybe in the southwest or even out here in the islands, where there is year round growing season,
              Put them to work, not only earning their keep but growing food, it can be done but first the stupid do gooder libs who say that violates their rights need to be silenced.

            • @ Mac

              Don’t ever apologize for these violent POS getting their just punishment for being sick evil animals. GOD knows they won’t get what they rightfully deserve from the so-called “justice” system. All the dumbbell ObamaNazi idiots out there who babble about how “the death penalty isn’t a deterrent”…. how the fuck would they even know? WE DON’T EXECUTE VIOLENT FELONS ANYMORE. The fact is, you are just about as likely to get struck by lightning as you are to be executed for a capital crime in this country.

              As ever, here are my sources:
              23 lightning strike deaths in America 2013

              38 executions in America 2013

              Please note that in the first article they will brag about how much a public awareness campaign has reduced lightning deaths. So at some point in the very recent past, they were equal. How’s that for random (non)justice?

            • MAC… dead on observation!!!!

          • However, ANOTHER ON BITES THE DUST!

            • Which reminds me, it is the control of the Congress to relieve the President of the Secret Service if he decides to use executive orders on gun control.

              Let him protect his daughters in COMMIE DC, ALONE!


          • When you are through shooting them get a knife and behead them. Then you will know they are dead criminals.

      3. Awesome! Father sounds like an excellent shot. They’ll probably be hit with a wrongful death suit now. I noticed something while flipping through radio stations this morning. Star 94.5 with Tom Joyner, broadcast out of Orlando, were making anti-white jokes and with the same breath repeatedly saying how racsist whites are. Dehumanizing us more and more, just like bo’s & mo’s idols, Mao, Stalin and Hitler did with their “lower castes”. It’s just one more tool our terrific guv. utilizes daily. Be safe out there!
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • Howdy, Daytona Matt. I listened to Tom Joyner’s show once a couple of years back and heard something similar to what you heard. Never tuned in to him again. He’s just another BOY with bad intentions toward white people.

          • Yeah, you’re tough, aren’t you renegade? The question is what happened in your life to make you so afraid of people of different color that you like to make derogatory comments about them– sort of like Obama saying that Americans were the “indespensible, exceptional” people, to which Putin replied, “God created us all equal.”

            Either a person is ignorant (like you and Obummer) or they are wise (like Putin). I prefer Putin.

            • And don’t quote me that crap about the Bible– people use the Bible as an excuse to do all sorts of horrible things… even incest is OK’d in certain parts of the Bible– thats why I don’t read it much– except for the parts about Jesus.

            • @Anonymous

              who says he’s afraid? How’s about disgusted, repelled or just plain SICK TO DEATH of vermin like this who hold one hand out for a SNAP card while the other is pointing a gun at the very people who put the friggin’ money on that SNAP card in the first place?

              But take heart: I am completely unbiased when it comes to race or skin color or ethnicity. I can promise you that if anyone breaks into my house, I will aim for center mass and shoot their ass without consideration for what color their skin is. They are trying to hurt me and mine; that’s all that matters

              • SonofSam, AMEN. Bullets don’t discriminate.

            • Anonymous, I will try to be civil with you and explain my position. I’m not condemning an entire ethnic group, ONLY THE MEMBERS OF THAT GROUP WHO REFUSE TO PLAY BY THE RULES. Those 2 who were shot got what they deserved. I also realize that black-on-black crime is worse than any other crime in this nation. I do sympathize with black victims of these gangbangers who don’t deserve to live. Plus, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU COMPARE ME TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Everyone here is opposed to Obama and longs for the day when he will finally be gone. I will grant you that Putin knows what he’s doing concerning everything he deals with, but also remember he was a member of the Soviet KGB, a terror organization in its own right. Putin has publicly admitted he believes the USSR should never have died and he wants to revive it. In his view, he’s doing what he thinks is best for Russia, but I’m also aware he has a certain amount of opposition to his agenda. Not all of the Russian people want to see a return to the dark age of the Soviet era. Putin has never renounced communism and never will. If you want to trust a communist, go right ahead and be a damned fool. That is your right. Obama is also a communist. Only difference between Obama and Putin is that Obama is OUR commie president. There is a certain group of black people I do admire, trust, and will help any way I can. They’re called “Uncle Toms” by the NAACP and the other losers of the black community. “Uncle Toms” have good heads on their shoulders and live right. they chose not to be like the losers. I’ll take Uncle Toms any day, but the losers can take their sorry asses on down the road.

      4. I apologize about the dual post. We’ve had some rather extreme problems with our computers & iphones for a while now. Quite a few in my group have as well. Maybe it’s nsa types just “giving a helping hand”.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      5. Nothing like Gun Control, hitting what you shoot at!

        • Hammerun, I practiced “gun control” with my .380 at the range this past Sunday. [hitting what I aimed at]

      6. Forgive me for an off topic post here (Sorry Mac, but more people should follow their lead):

        Everyone; what is the LCD to stop it all? Energy; I don’t care if it’s any kind of vehicle, plane etc. it must have some kind of FUEL TO RUN period. What do you need to make that FUEL, one and only one thing in this day and age ELECTRICITY. You control it and you control it all, communications, ground vehicles, planes (drones). How do you control it, take out the distribution system, High Voltage Lines, Power Sub-Stations (Transformers) without it TPTB are dead in the water so to speak of. So without it, (electricity), no coal (coal fired plants), no crude oil (no refineries for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene etc.,) no natural gas production, nothing. Oh but wait Nuke power plants, again DISTRIBUTION LINES, so you see they have to walk just like the rest of us, no back up (after their stored supply runs out). Again they are dead in their tracks. Just think about it and add to it or say that’s the dumbest thing anyone ever thought of, I really don’t care. You stop the ELECTRICITY you stop them COLD!

        River Rat at the ready!!! ENOUGH!

      7. The instant that dirtbag took his last breath the world was a better place Mac!!


      8. Excellent..!

        One down

        so many more to go…

        Reports rarely, if ever,describe the actual caliber and model of the weapons used..

        Please..inquiring minds want to know!


        • @possee – .45 semi-auto is what you want for precision shooting in the home defense dept.

          it’s battle field proven by the usmc in the Philippines, one shot takes down all comers and wont over penetrate killing the innocent.

          a 12 gauge shorty pump street sweeper with .000buck would be my back up choice.

          if outside the home i’d go with something a lil’ different.


          • I disagree, the best all around in home defense is a shotgun with 7 1/2 or 8 shot. Most people couldn’t handle the adrenaline with a home break-in and with a shotgun you don’t need to be a crack shot under stress. Even 00 or 000 buckshot will penetrate through a house wall and possible kill innocent people outside. Certainly a .45 would.

          • Howdy, Wolf. If those 2 BOYS had come to my place, I could’ve nailed them both with 00 buck from my 12-ga.

            • Two issues Brave, First one, Take a chunk of 1/2in plywood and put it at 10 ft. The average distance you would shoot, inside a house. Shoot it with Buck, #4, and 7 1/2. With the choke and shot wads you usually have you will get about the same hole, no gain with Buck. Problem is Buck: costs more, harder to find, not useful for a shotguns normal purpose (Small game) and will quite easily kill someone far away, by mistake. Second, any shotgun is not your choice to shoot someone using anyone you care about as a shield. One stray shot and you just shot your own. No Argument that the old Hi-Standard riot pump, is a fine gun to convince a crowd to go elsewhere, using #4, but Buckshot is for Deer, in states where rifles aren’t allowed.

          • Glock G30S 45 10RD FS

            Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12g 20″ 8rnd CB PG

      9. Yeah, the Lame Street Media usually refuses to print these kind of good gun stories. Folks get your CCW permit and practice at the range frequently. Practice with 2 paper plates slightly over lappin. The bad guy plate in the rear for heat shot practice. Bang Bang!!

      10. When I first read the headline I thought this was another cowardly Police No Knock Warrant Ambush attempts.

      11. Gun Control= being able to hit your target( especially under stress). “Well done” to the Mom and Dad!

      12. To bad one got away. It will be interesting to see what kind of spin the gun haters put on this story. Will we see 3rd grade photos of the thugs? Will the race card be played? Will we get to hear how the daughter was dressed? Will we get to hear how the ammo used is to deadly?

        • They’ll be shown wearing photo-shopped business suits. Hoodies and Adidas will not be even considered.

          • Hmmmm, fat fingered my cloak and dagger name and was putted into moderation. Will try to do better.

      13. I just love stories with a happy ending.

      14. I’m shocked!
        How could these ” white privileged” gun owners do such a horrid thing?
        These two nobel future leaders of America where only sharing their culture and helping to bring diversity to the community.

        • truth is evil, as long as you’re being sarcastic, OK. If not,……………………………………….

          • Braveheart, are you really that God damned stupid you can’t tell the difference?

      15. First question for theses parents….. what caliber made the kill shot?

      16. Another one bites the dust, yea, another one bites the dust.
        If Obumbler had a son, would he resemble the one that just assumed room temperature?

        • HELL YES!









        • BAM
          Thank you.
          I didn’t know these two Officers but when one of us falls it hurts. Its hard to explain.
          Again thanks.
          Sgt. Dale








      18. Let’s see how long it takes media to pick up this story! There wasn’t an “assault weapon” used and only one was killed so it doesn’t qualify as a “mass shooting”, so it won’t be worthy….because it justifies good people having guns…to protect their family…MSM will probably not even mention it. Good job mom & dad!! But his story NEEDS to be plastered everywhere, but it won’t be unless people like us see that it is.

        • Nope, the media will be screaming “VIGILANTISM”

      19. A story like this almost demands that I repeat a quotation from a once well known and great man, Dr. Albert Schweitzer; “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they devour you. They will destroy you.” From,.. My African Notebook, 1961. Little wonder that Dr. Schweitzer’s name is never anymore mentioned but in this alien, Zionist occupied society, it is the rule that anyone who goes against their communist destructive ideas will be forgotten about in history. Until Americans reject the lies that they have been conditioned to believe as truth all their lives, this egalitarian nonsense will continue to destroy us and Anglo-Saxon, Nordic knowledge and wisdom will be forever hidden from future generations of Whites, if indeed Whites survive at all!

        • I guess you forgot that all the nuts who went screwy and did the mass killings were ALL WHITE? Where are your brains, located in your groin area?

          • You hopeless idiot, no comment, no answer, nothing to say here! Your IQ is obvious and non-respondable!

          • Anonymous, it’s a shame you don’t have something decent for brains.

            • You are the last one who should be talking about a lack of brains brave one.

          • This week they were white, but that is not true for all, the ratio is about half.

            100% of them are drug-addled nuthatches, however, that is certain.

      20. Sounds like the Old man took my advise.

        I did read or hear if these two turds had a record. They were felonies. If they had felonies this means by law they couldn’t own or possess firearms. (See how well that is working?).
        One turd got to meet Jesus. I bet he will blame Bush for what he did. His lord Obullshit would!

        The other turd is getting Obullshit care. I wonder if the DEATH panel is looking into his case.

        Look at it this way, there is right now one Zombie/Leach we won’t have to deal with.

        I would be shocked to hear that this was a Black on Black crime. NOT! They just don’t report it.

        In my eyes this Father and Mother did what they were supposed to do. Now as the IDIOT libs, would tell you he shouldn’t have a gun.

        The Mother and Father should get a metal for this, but no. Some Turd will sue them for Wrongful death. You watch. It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6!!!!

        AIM SMALL MISS SMALL (Father did)

        • Good morning, Sgt. Dale. I’m sure the one surviving BOY is blaming white people for all of his problems. At least that’s what the NAACP teaches them. We can only WISH a death panel would look at this surviving POS, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. Most likely he’s another turd our tax dollars will have to support for life. Kudos to those parents for being armed and being willing to use their weapons. They are exactly like parents should be. I haven’t seen this story on any MSM outlet yet and don’t expect to, because it puts gun ownership in a GOOD LIGHT.

      21. Karma!

      22. Hi all, I’ve been reading this site for a very long time, I truly enjoy the banter and the opinions and stories of like minded people. Too bad this other POS is still above ground!

        • Rockelle, welcome aboard. You’re in the right place.

        • Hello Rockelle,
          Nice to meet you and welcome to the site.
          I’m looking forward to learnng a lot from you in the future.
          This is the most fun and honest way to learn about
          Gloom and Doom. As with anyplace,Just remember to trust your heart and conscience as whom and what to stake your beliefs.
          Once again — Welcome aboard.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      23. Time to crank out a few more active suburban white shooters to the malls and schools from the government ‘hypno-SSRI’ labs to offset the media meme.

        • James Woroble Jr.
          Funny you should mention your hypno theory.
          I just mentioned that to an aquaintance the other day.
          I cut the subject short not wanting to wave any lunatic flags.
          Take Care,
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Howdy, Miss DeeDee. How have you been?

      24. …and it will only get worse from this point forward across ZOG Amerika Prepper people.

        Keep in mind the PTB powers-that-be want it to become worse, they are planning and directing it to become worse… deliberately.

        The are destroying dumbing down the Amerikan middle class by design.


        The easier it is to control manipulate the useless eater tax debt slave masses for them.

        The easier it is to bring about their Zionist fascist global banker NWO.



        • More than curious that Israel is not suffering from this newly explosive social phenomenon of ‘active shooter’ in their malls and schools, and their citizens are armed to the teeth!

          • good point @jwjr

            i think though the israeli idf besieged Palestinians of gaza and the west bank might tell you different.


          • They don’t have the narcissistic drug culture that we have.

      25. @possee – this drill teaches conditions you in battle field weapons handling and ingrains safe firing skills and battle area awareness habits with repetitive muscle memory.

        *remember to pause your breathing as you pull the trigger.

        Marine Corps Combat Pistol Training


        good basic over view…

        USMC Fundamentals long range shooting instruction by Caylen Wojcik


      26. Things to do today
        – Check to see if I won the Powerball
        – Watch paint dry
        – Talk to a space alien
        – Prepare for global warming
        – Check M.S.M. for their report about this day’s article
        about the Father saving his beloved family from certain harm
        with his firearm from 2 SCUMBAGS .
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • Thanks Miss DeeDee, that made my afternoon

      27. forget coffee in the morn

        just an fyi, “Kombucha” is awesome. i drink a cuppa every morn now. great pick me up.

        if you are heart, immune system and gut healthy conscious try sun brewing your own Kombucha.

        it’s better than southern sweet tea, body and mind good for you.


        Kombucha Tea

        Kombucha, is a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black tea that is used as a functional food. It is produced by fermenting the tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or “SCOBY”.

      28. Anyone living in Alaska should be advised that the recent precursor earthquake activity is pointing there for a major earthquake. This shows that Alaska until June 27 is in the target zone. The other major earthquake(s) that include Alaska, but more likely on the Austrailian plate, especially FIJI or the Kermadec Islands or in Central or South America remains 90-95%, and that day is by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

        The earthquakes on these outer plates still show past activity that is mostly in the low 7 to low 8 range. Very large earthquakes tend to occur near the seasonal changes; at around the first day of winter, spring, summer, or fall.

      29. I would really enjoy reading a fully detailed after action review on this incident, from both the daughters POV and the Fathers POV.

        The father’s situational awareness and reaction was very keen, and a second by second view into his state of mind and instinctual reaction would be very educational, this situation is one of those that I believe many of us ponder on, but cannot fully appreciate unless you’ve trained specifically for it.

        The gun is just a tool, it was this man’s mind that was the real weapon in the end, and made the difference.

        • Good morning, Y99, and I would also be interested in seeing the same kind of reports. There may be something we can all learn from their experience.

          • Without question Brave. The description of the fathers shot group on the one that lived, “gunshot wound to the chest and both of his legs.” Tells us that either his first shot was true, he pushed the pistol during his two other hits or just the opposite happened meaning he became even more focused threw the encounter???
            This is a major success in the use of legal fire arms in the hands of citizens, but I also know the success of this can be measured in mere inches.

            • Y99,
              I truly believe the anti-gun advocates would secretly hoping for an errant shot. Thus injuring the daughter and vilifying their position.
              — Miss Dee Dee

          • I trust he won’t do any such thing. If he does he’s likely to get sued. Some lawyer will say; well you were completely in control so there was no need to shoot to kill etc, etc. Say NOTHING! Except: “I was in great fear for my daughters and my life; I had no choice.” and then SHUT UP

      30. I would also like to know more details of this encounter.
        Was it low light conditions? What caliber weapons were used, ammo, total shots fired, etc…

        If you have a laser on your handgun (or shotgun) you are able to acquire and dispatch the bad guys easier(theoretically)as you don’t need to draw a bead, just simply point and shoot. In a hostage situation especially, I would think that every advantage you can have is worth it.

        The only thing that saved this girls life was 2 quick thinking, focused parents who know why you should be armed….and demonstrated that as well.

        Like Sgt. Dale has said many times here:

        • I can only vouch for my own experience ..
          a laser sight on a pistol or any other firearm definitely helps with quick target
          also helps if you posses good gun control and training as it almost is a certainty you will hit the target.

          • You’re absolutely correct! Hopefully everyone will follow this advice. A combo mini-flashlight/laser accessory is even a better enhancement for dark environments, assuring your ‘dot’ is precisely on the particular selected anatomy (and it ain’t that of a ‘friendly’).

            BTW – On a related note. A new product. Unique night vision rifle scope. Previously only available in Europe and Australia. Now available through a recently established US dealer.


            “NiteSite quickly and easily converts your day scope into a unique night vision system. Powerful infrared technology illuminates and captures your field of view up to 250 yards, even when there is no ambient light.

            Your target is viewed on a large, clear LCD screen with your head up using both eyes which makes spotting and targeting easier in night hunting conditions.”


      31. Too bad both of them were not killed. Now the taxpayers will get to pay for the hospital bill and prison if he survives.
        Thanks for the latest on earthquake threats BI. So many threats on so many levels.

      32. when SECONDS count, a cop is only MINUTES AWAY!

        • BCD
          You are4 so right on that. Serve and Protect is a BS catch phrase. We can’t do anything until a crime is committed.
          That is why I say!

          • Let me fix this there should not be a #4 in it.
            That is why I say
            “Aim Small Miss Small”
            Some reason the thing kicked me out when I was still writing it.
            Who knows!

      33. The only stories you will hear about nation wide is the stories that will try to push the agenda of eliminating the 2nd amendment.

        You have to be ready for anything these days. So glad to hear that the family took the initiative, so they are alive today to let others know!

      34. Wait just a moment,just a minute checking readouts, OK,we have a reading and results:
        We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Johnson, his decision to self sacrifice and bring up the ticker on the gene pool meter is appreciated.

        Enjoy Hell Mr. Johnson

      35. I’d say the father needs to spend more time at the range. No excuse for not killing both perps. Chase him out the door, blow off a kneecap, get the baseball bat. Rinse, repeat.

      36. Off topic:

        I really hate to change the subject but I feel that this election of David Brat in Virginia, in large part, apparently, because of the invasion of illegals on our southern border as we speak and Cantor’s well known support for molly coddling illegals and wanting to “reform” existing immigration laws….could well be the catalyst in coming days and weeks for profound events in our country.

        See the photo on Drudge’s homepage of the teenage illegals making outrageous obscene gestures at the camera in an act of defiance and obvious intent to be predatory, destitute, unskilled hobos wandering our streets.

        The U.S. Southwest may be about to become the flash point. These illegals are anything but sorry little kids. The photos show them to be far more in the category of breeding age and fighting age, along with more adults than kids in some pictures.

        This will not stand. The comments even on the mainstream news articles about this invasion are strong. People are incensed.

        And the latest is that a “camp” has been set up at the Phoenix bus station by the illegals themselves where so many have been dumped.

        Will Jan Brewer (governor of Arizona) be the first to take a stand and deploy her national guard troops to take control and force the illegals out of her state? Will Rick Perry (governor of Texas) order his national guard to confront the illegals and round them up as the U.S. Border Patrol helplessly follows orders to funnel the illegals onto buses and planes? Will there be a showdown, including with the use of force, between state national guard troops and federal agents?

        If there is, we may well see a mutiny on the part of the U.S. Border Patrol with them throwing in with the state national guard troops.

        This would be the beginning of who knows what……..

        Everything else in the news both domestically and internationally is eclipsed by this invasion of our country. Nothing else matters.

      37. Always watch your 6 in a firefight. Don’t assume that there is only one target because you only see one target. The CCW holder who got killed in Walmart in Las Vegas may not have known the women nearby was with the male offender who had just shot 2 cops. He didn’t even shoot the male offender when the women accomplice killed him. Situational awareness.

      38. Excellent job of parenting, Mom and Dad! Well done. glad these two lowlife bottom feeders were held accountable for their actions.
        I DO look to see, EricHoldersNoJusticedepartment, sue the parents for wrongful death, in the death of these “fine young men on the cusp of turning their lives around…”. Well Mom and Dad rehabilitated one of the suspects and sent a clear message to the surviving piece of human detritus.
        Glad these violent predators are off the streets, thanks to ordinary taxpayers.

      39. ZOG Amerika with new amerikan troops and more cia advisers boots on the ground our “digging-in” in the Ukraine, turning it into a permanent base of operations against Russia.

        * gotta wonder if putin is considering a first strike against them, then full invasion to re-secure the Russian border as they did in soviet Georgia a few years ago.

        historically putin will only put up with so much…

        • US commandos get permanent Eastern European foothold

          American special operations units permanently deployed in Eastern Europe are no longer just on the Pentagon’s wish list. About 100 instructors are set to train spec ops teams in former Soviet bloc states to ‘message’ Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine.


          • critical update

            * the world is a far more dangerous place than it was last year.

            “The European Bilderbergs are most certainly and are very concerned about the situation, but the American Bilderbergs not so much.

            If there is a war, it’s going to be a thermal nuclear war . . . There is an imaginary red line drawn in Ukraine, and if America or NATO crosses that red line, Russia is not only going to be willing but is going to go to war because their survival is at stake.

            That is something that they cannot play with, and the European Bilderberg understands this, and they took Obama and his delegation to task on this point. . . . Obama wants Europeans to impose stronger sanctions on the Russians, and Europeans are saying if we do that, they are going to cut the gas off, and it is us who will suffer the consequences, not you. Europeans are not willing to go along.”

            see attached link…

        • Some good Novorossia “boots on the ground” reporting at this excellent site:


          Moon of Alabama is good, too…

      40. It’s possible that other prison inmates will take care of him….after all, he failed in his “mission”,( even tho robbery was probably the motive), and since she was underage, prison inmates don’t have much tolerance for “stupids”…. The gene pool may be cleansed after all..

      41. Mac,
        My gratitude for this feel good story! There is something to be said for the proper application of mineral therapy delivered at high velocity for the purpose of attitude adjustment and behavior modification.
        Vermin number one, will have plenty of time to reconsider a change of career. Vermin number two, will never make that same mistake twice.

      42. Iraq is in big trouble. Mosul, Falluja, Ramadi and Tikrit have fallen to the Sunni rebels. The ISIS rebels have seized 260 armored vehicles and probably SAMs. Baghdad is next. Watch your gas prices go up.

        • I agree. It would be wise to keep your gas tank full.

      43. Just a little advise to all of you.
        If this happens to you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT UNTIL YOUR ATTONEY IS BY YOUR SIDE. If questioned tell them you want your attorney there because something you might say might be misconstrued. Or tell them you need to go to the hospital because you don’t feel well. While at the hospital call your attorney.

        • Sgt you are absolutely right. People if you have to shoot someone SHUT UP! Especially if you are white and shoot someone that’s not. THE MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND someone that wants to make a name for themselves can bankrupt you even if you had no choice.

        • I got the video bullet proof self defense. The only thing you say to a cop “I was afraid for my life. I want my lawyer.” They really emphasized this because when folks are coming down off an adrenaline rush they ramble and don’t STFU. Pretty much the same. Or as a LEO do you recommend not even saying that?

          They also demonstrate why it IS necessary to bring a gun to a knife fight, compared calibers of bullets, and discussed why you should NEVER EVER use reloads for self defense rounds. Basically 9mm is heavily recommended for two reasons. 1 blows the hell out of a melon at 20 feet, and two the cops carry 9mm. You can’t be accused of going overboard when you carry the same caliber deemed necessary to provide adequate protection for LEO.–on that note, maybe I should look into a grenade launcher.

          • google “why you should never talk to a cop”….because, EVVEERRRYYYYYthing you say CAN, and sure as F*CK WILLLL! be used against you!everything you say will be used against you….repeat after me, everything you SAY….

        • You don’t have to keep your mouth shut, you just have to say “Those are the two guys who came in with guns, I don’t know them, I shot them both, trying to save my daughter. I’m a bit shook right now, I’ll be glad to give a full statement tomorrow at the station. Which Detective do I see when I come in?”

          And make damn sure you bring your attorney the next day.

          They will take your weapon with them when they leave, you won’t see it for weeks or even a year, so you’d better have a spare in the safe. There will be an inquest, maybe a court action. Do get self-defense insurance, it’s going to cost a lot of bucks, even if you never see a courtroom. You will need an attorney and they cost money, even if all he needs to do is accompany you to the precinct the next day for your statement.

      44. “If I had two sons, they would look just like these two”…says Psychobama.

      45. Al-Qaeda Jihadis Loot Over $400 Million From Mosul Central Bank, Seize Saddam’s Hometown

        “As reported yesterday, in yet another humiliating blow to US foreign policy and the State Department, Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) militants took over the key northern town of Mosul, where an unknown number of US-made Black Hawk helicopters were parked and have been captured by Al Qaeda (potentially the same forces that have been trained by the US across the border in Syria).

        Adding insult to injury the Al Qaeda militants also appear to have looted some $429 million from local banks. In other words, now that it is armed with US-made weapons, this particular al-Qaeda group also happens to be the world’s richest terror force!”


      46. this is the kind of justice America needs, our so called leaders have aided the crime in this country by turning law, courts, police, prisons and jails into nothing more than revenue collection agencies, they haven’t give two shits about the crime that americans suffer at the hands of animals that call themselves humans

      47. Things like this happen a lot but the stories don’t make the national news. Guns prevent a lot of crimes from happening. Like you’re walking on the sidewalk. You see a group of thugs coming. You start to cross the street. They do too. You just open your jacket so they can see you’re carrying and they just walk away.

        • if they see MINE, it will be too late for them. never show your weapon until you are USING it. that will enable them to draw first.

      48. everyone check out the next article on Russia finally acting against the dollar. a must read.

      49. Successful defensive gun uses occur over 1 MIL times/year in the u.s., but the police don’t respond or record it, and the corporate media won’t mention one word about it:


      50. My compliments to these noble parents! Thankfully no one (of any consequence) was harmed….and yes, the wounded scumbag would have also been deceased if he came to my home.

        These vermin don’t learn very well, let’s face it, they probably can’t read or write above fourth grade level, but we citizens that have a responsibility to PROTECT our families and property MUST send a clear message even those morons will get…rob, maim, rape and kill your own friends and neighbors, because if you venture out where humans live, there is a certain danger you will pay the ultimate price.

      51. The only way this could have turned out better is if 20+ years ago they were both shot in their crib.

      52. anyone else coming back to this page repeatedly just to look at the chick in the tanktop?

        • Nope: Just google “Big Tits”

      53. This story is hard to find on local st louis news, I have lived in and near st louis my whole life and it just keeps getting worse, you cant go anywhere downtown, even to a ball game, without being harassed by beggars, thugs and the like. If you are white they think you’re a rich punk and expect you to give them something or buy whatever they are selling, most decent families have migrated further into the counties surrounding the city, if you want to see some true ghetto mentality bs come visit the lou.

      54. I don’t want to get into the race thing or the motives thing. I just want to say hats off to the Mother and Father who had the guts to protect their family and take the trash out. I live within 2 hrs. of St. Louis and have not heard a word about this until reading this blog. I see most of your readers are like minded. Keep up the good work.
        Frank & Pat.

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