Farragut, TN Passes Resolution to Stop 5G Installation Until FCC Limits Ensure Safety

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    This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

    People worldwide – including elected officials – are opposed to 5G being installed in their communities because of risks to biological health, cybersecurity (see 123), environmental health (see 1234), privacy (see 12), safety, and more.  Many cities and countries have taken action including banning it, filing lawsuits, issuing moratoriums, passing ordinances and resolutions, etc. (see 123456).  This now includes Farragut, TN.

    From Environmental Health Trust:

    The Farragut Tennessee Resolution on 5G

    Farragut Tennessee has approved a resolution calling on state and federal governments to halt 5G until health risks are evaluated by “sound science.”  The resolution details how FCC limits are outdated and considered inadequate to protect human health by many scientists. (EHT maintains research on 5G, 4G and wireless radiation HERE.)

    “The measure asks governments to halt 5G infrastructure until the FCC conducts an independent study into any possible health risks posed by the technology.”- WBIR Farragut leaders call on state, federal governments for a halt to 5G towers

    Excerpts from the 5G Resolution

    WHEREAS, as the result of the concerns of numerous local governmental entities from around the country and their citizens that the FCC has failed to study and reevaluate the health effects of its current standards in light of the inherent changes characterized by the 5G technology, litigation is pending against the FCC that seeks to stop the rapid deployment of the 5G infrastructure until the FCC has completed its study of the health effects of the deployment of 5G technology and, if necessary, has updated its regulations accordingly.

    NOW, THEREFORE, by the adoption of this Resolution the Board of Mayor and Alderman of the Town of Farragut, Tennessee petitions and encourages the governments of the United States of America and the State of Tennessee to take actions within their power to halt the deployment of the 5G wireless facilities within the rights-of-way of our local communities belonging to the public until such time as the only agency with the authority to do so, the FCC, reevaluates by an independent study the adequacy of its radio frequency emissions standards and concludes on the basis of sound science that those standards, or standards adopted as a result of said further study, are adequate to ensure that the health of the public at large will not be adversely affected by long-term exposure to radiofrequency emissions from the placement and operation of 5G wireless facilities throughout our communities

    See a PDF of  the Farragut Tennessee 5G Resolution

    Farragut Tennessee is one of several US cities taking action on the issue of 5G

    Hallandale Beach Florida and Greendale Wisconsin have also passed 5G resolutions.

    In April 2020 Sandy Springs Orders Stop Work Order for 5G Poles. “Upon hearing that subcontractors were approaching homeowners during this time of a national pandemic crisis, the city has issued a Stop Work Order on all installation in [residential] neighborhoods until the end of [the] pandemic crisis,” city spokesperson Sharon Kraun said. The installation of poles had already been controversial, with the city and residents critiquing them, but the city has failed to be able to block the installation locally due to state law.”

    In March 2020, Keene New Hampshire halted 5G. “The council unanimously approved a separate motion, instructing staff to proceed with drafting an ordinance that would create location and design standards for small wireless facilities installed in public rights-of-way. Also known as small cells, these facilities can be used to roll out 5G, the next generation of mobile networks that boasts faster download and upload speeds, as well as previous generations.”

    March 2020: Santa Barbara California Paused 5G. “Facing a gathering storm of opposition from anti-radiation activists worried about the health effects of the new 5G cellular technology, the Santa Barbara City Council voted to delay authorizing a licensing agreement with Verizon that would have allowed the cell phone service giant to install up to 60 new 5G cell phone antennas on light fixtures downtown.”

    Actions by US Cities to Restrict “Small Cells” and/or 5G with ordinances include: 

    • Los Altos California:  installation of small cells on public utility easements in residential neighborhoods is prohibited.
    • Petaluma, California, no Small Cell shall be within 500 feet of any residence.
    • Fairfax and Mill Valley California, small cells prohibited in residential zones
    • San Diego County, no small cells located within 1,000 feet of schools, child care centers, hospitals, or churches.
    • Mason, Ohio, No small cells in residential areas or within 100 feet of residential property
    • Burlington, Massachusetts, annual recertification fees for small cells.
    • Baton Rouge, Small cell deployment halted.

    See a full compilation of the US Cities issuing ordinances to slow the densification of 4/5G Antennas at this link – USA Cities on 5G Small Cells Action.

    Since 2018, there have been reports of people and animals becoming sick after 5G was turned on (see 1234).  Thanks to these organizations for providing updated resources for Americans fighting 5G deployment:

    The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans by regulating the telecom history.  Despite opposition and warnings, they are using the pandemic as an excuse to speed up 5G installation (see 123456).  This includes launching tens of thousands of satellites with millions of antennas to blast 5G and WiFi at us from space (see 123).  Lawsuits have been filed against them for NOT protecting Americans from unsafe levels of radiation (see 12) and 5G (see 123).

    Activist Post reports regularly about 5G and other unsafe technology.  For more information, visit our archives.


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      1. The critical point of EM pollution is no different from any other form of carrying capacity, no different from any other form of human waste, in that ever more mcmansions and electronic infrastructure is being built, ever more people are contributing to the load, with no particular evidence of productive labor being performed by the occupants, usually.

        While I would generally like to say — at least for the sake of politeness — that they are humans, with human rights, nature considers it a useless eater.

        The FCC’s rubber safety stamp is intended to prevent Farragut from liabilities, not from accidents, since nothing is ultimately safe. No food additive, building material, EM signal, or pharm is perfect.

        In T’s latest, televised discussion, with his cabinet, he intended to have bureaucratic safeties removed from new infrastructure. There is some Malthusian calculus taking place, when food staples are defunded, in favor an ever-present tracking regime.

        If and when that fails the people, in the form of faulty lines and cancer clusters, etc. the load would be lightened, without 1 person in 1,000 asking existential questions, usually.

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      2. If it was just the governments that were responsible, that would be much better than the current situation! This was all planned by big business and big banks! The problem is that the government won’t get off their knees!

        The 42 page PDF by Norwegian Rystad Energy, a Norwegian Energy company is just one more link in the chain! It is been well documented that the Rockefellers and Gates were pushing for this insanity! It is an economic hitman plan to destroy the global economy and divey up everything and everyone by the world’s most infamous psychopaths!

        The insanity from Brian Becker, John Kiriakou, Walter Smolerik, and Nicole Rousseau on Sputnik Loud and Clear is also reaching dizzying heights, claiming that even though Wall Street, Banks, corporations, and investors keep getting bailed out by the government, that capitalism is still the problem, even if they are owned by the government, is still capitalism. They do not even know the difference between socialism and capitalism, and continue to blame capitalism. Capitalism vs. Socialism is a legitimate debate worth having, however, there is no point in debating with people who are full of shit. Richard Wolfe is another one of them! He is a propagandist and a professor.

        IT’S THE CORRUPTION STUPID! No economic system can survive under corruption! Absolutely none! Corruption destroys every economy, except perhaps agrarianism destroyed by the weather! Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Bartering are all destined to fail under corruption! It is not possible for any economy to survive corruption! Unfortunately, most of the money and the means of production are in posession of the corrupt and most of the power is held by the corrupt. There is currently no way out, from any realistic analysis!

        Fauci approved Chloroquine in 2005 for Coronavirus in 2005! We can’t have the senile Dr. in charge anymore! Then he authored in New England Journal of Medicine that Covid-19 would be like a typical flu season.



      3. Only a potato type IQ person would have a 5G phone anyway. They deserve what they get and good riddance!

      4. The social engineers are going to slow the internet connection waaayyyy down so it becomes slow and a pain the ass, so the sheeple will demand faster internet speeds.

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