Farmers Union VP: “We Lost Pretty Much All Our Markets Since Trump Took Over”

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    Farmers, who were the backbone of President Donald Trump’s election in 2016 are increasing becoming angry with the ongoing trade war that’s killing their industry. The vice president of the farmer’s union said: “We lost pretty much all of our markets since Trump took over.”

    According to Newsweek, farmers have already been suffering the repercussions of the trade war and tariffs since the beginning of August when China, the fourth largest export market for American farms, suspended all purchases of United States agricultural products in response to the tariffs’ announcement.

    North Dakota wheat farmer Bob Kuylen provided an example of the trade war’s effect on American agriculture, citing $400,000 in losses since Trump took office. Speaking to MSNBC, Kuylen said farmers like him have lost almost everything since Trump’s election.  “Older guys like us, we built up equities all our lives. Most farmers are land-rich and cash-poor, so we’ll take out loss loans and stuff against our land and go backwards on the land that we paid for. But there’s a lot of young farmers out there who don’t have equity and I worry about them because they’re not going to be able to withstand this.

    Since 2017, revenue from Chinese agricultural exports dropped by more than half, from $19.5 billion to $9.2 billion in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture figures. The USDA also found that farm income has dropped 45 percent over the same period. According to the American Farm Bureau, farm bankruptcies have increased 13 percent since 2018. –Newsweek

    Farmers are losing patience with the trade war, as they have become the main casualties.

    Farmers Are Becoming Increasingly Angry And Blaming Trump For Recent Struggles

    Kuylen, who is also the vice president of the North Dakota Farmers Union, which has more than 50,000 member families, described his own farm’s dire situation. Formerly, Kuylen could expect “up to a dollar bonus” on the high protein wheat crops he sold to Asain markets, but the additional margin has shrunk to five cents. “We’re losing by harvesting a little bit above average crop right now,” Kuylen told MSNBC, citing a per acreage cost that now exceeded the depressed prices he would earn in returns. “One of my young neighbors told me the other day his banker said if wheat doesn’t hit $4.50, there’s going to be a bloodbath this fall,” Kuylen said. “It’s not looking good for farmers at all.”

    The Trump administration has tried to mitigate some of the damage with a $16 billion direct aid package to farmers, complete with $14.5 billion going to cash payments and $1.4 billion in bulk purchases by the government. However, a review by the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy organization best known for promoting organic foods, found that more than half of payments made to U.S. farmers went disproportionately to the largest farms, with the top one percent receiving an average of more than $180,000, while 80 percent of subsidized farms were given less than $5,000.-Newsweek



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      1. I think this is a “when they came for X I didn’t speak out”.
        How about the farmers who lost to Mexican and Centrial American produce?
        What brand is your tractor, pickup, etc. – are they made with American Labor?
        And you aren’t blaming China who is stealing IP including GMO crop tech, and they are banning imports.
        Yes, let every other American starve or die of Chinese Fentanyl or suicide as long as I can export.

        The United Auto Workers had a bumper sticker:
        “Hungry? Eat your Toyota”.

        I have to damage my engine with E15 fuel because there is too much, and you want to put the small refineries out of business and give me worse mileage.

        I have to eat roundup contaminated food because you are in bed with Monsanto/Bayer and big-Ag and can’t bother to grow a crop that you can’t weed by killing every other green thing on the land, and probably killing the bees with the other insects.

        Fine. Lets subsidize to get started small organic no-big-Ag farms – that would employ lots of people who would want a farming life. But no multimillion dollar agribusineses.

      2. It is always the mega farmers who cry about prices, isn’t
        it? The greedy ones who want the biggest and best, go deep into debt, buy millions of dollars of equipment….put poison on their crops (killing people) to maximize their profits.

        Most Americans don’t want their poisoned food crops for themselves or their animals. They don’t want feed that kills their animals either. It is their own fault they can’t sell their products.

        Ask the Amish Colonies how bad life is. They don’t get greedy
        and they live quite productive lives. They prepare for bad years
        every year. They help each other.
        They don’t help the factory farmers who live in China. Russia, or other nations.
        Farming is political warfare. The Amish don’t play the game.

      3. What is wrong with this picture?
        I mill my own flours from wheat berries.
        This time of year;
        White wheat is $1.00 per pound delivered to Hawaii.
        Red wheat( out of season) is $2.00 per pound delivered to Hawaii.
        A bushel of wheat yields 60 pounds for which a farmer is lucky to get $4.50 for??????????????
        he gets $0.075 per pound and I have to pay $1.00 per pound.
        There is something wrong!
        I’m not complaining about transportation and packaging costs,
        but there is something wrong where the producer is going broke and I’m paying some magic $0.50+ per pound to somebody with no obvious value added to the end product.

        • Silver up as high as $19.73 today. @ 19.52 now and running. 6:21 PM EST. You either have some phys or you don’t. this is real money. Same with Gold. Yes I already have my Guns Grub and Ground fully Paid for. Looking for $24 by end of year on silver.

          • Silver is up 35% in the last year. How’s your portfolio of Phys PM’s doing? ha. Those with little faith in the traditional economy seek safe refuge. Been this way for 5000 years. PM’s. Pay attention and profit.

            • Shaddup already about all your bogus PM’s and shit.

              • DM- You sound financially unprepared and jealous. Just watching the wealth pile up here on this silver demand.. Silver is Money, Fed reserve cabal Fiat phony IOU debt paper is zero, or minimal value as long as idiots keep believing this IOU Debt paper is wealth.

                Silver is still cheap, back up the truck and load up. Silver is cheap and a Buy, until Silver drops to the 47:1 price ratio to Gold. About 80 to 1 now.

                RE: Farmers. Supply and Demand. There is no AG market problem as long as Americans are still starving and hungry. Food prices should be dropping significantly in the US. But the Food Mkt in the US is rigged with subsidies. Heck a big chunk of the Ag industry is subsidizes with the Fed Food Stamp EBT Programs. Quit your whining you sniveling Corp Ag Globalists. You been given a free ride for quite some time now.

                Just like relik below points out, if you only have one line of trade for your food goods, and that one line of trade is exported to one county, you are an imbecilic Food Corporate manager, and deserved to be spanked. Diversify and flourish you freaking lazy morons… Its called outside sales calls to get more markets to buy your products.

                And this is the exact problem with the US Corporations. They are lazy and poorly managed and stuffed with dumb nepotism that relies on rigged markets supported by thieving politicians who set the stage for the free lunch.

                When will America get back on TOP with REAL Innovation the world seeks, though hard work and honest business, free of phony subsidies, and tariff protections, and phony war to support lazy corporate pig trough fascists to steal markets at the point of a gun. That’s not the true American spirit. America has been hijacked by thieves and liars.

                Governments place tariffs on products because their domestic Companies and Corporations run out of good ideas, and get lazy and fail to compete on a level playing field. American Corporations depend on War and Genocide now to open up new markets. Look at what the US is doing to Venezuela in all of these nation destroying tactics, just because they have a country full of oil that competes with Saudi Arabia. And Venezuela is a founding father and partner of OPEC. Nice partnership eh?

                • These imbeciles are told where to go and what to do, down to the splitting of hairs.

                  What is the dictionary definition of socialism:
                  Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

                  Mental gymnastics or perfectly literal.

        • Rellik
          Over here,
          The farmers union is completely filled with touchy feely liberal retards.
          Perhaps if you are selling 100% of your crop to a foreign country ya needed a wakeup call anyway

          • When Viet Nam exports Pineapples to Maui, Hawaii.. What’s up with that? Why? Cheaper labor? I would like more of that Pineapple wine from Maui Winery up in high country. Yumm.

            • We have one small pineapple plantation, only capability is fresh fruit, it was a remnant of the old Maui Pine bought by a group of wealthy Maui business men and land owners, the operation is bleeding money, will soon close

        • ““It’s not looking good for farmers at all.”

          Bullshit. TRUMP is making BIG deals on behalf of farmers, but all farm products are COMMODITIES. Commodities have a Global Marketplace.

          If China buys it’s soybeans / corn to feed their pigs from Brazil, or elsewhere, those historical customers will have to buy their soybeans and corn from the USA.

          Its the Economic Principle of Substitution in action. 🙂

        • Opposing Powers Complicit to Hide Crop Losses from Both Societies (865)
          What of all the lost wet crops, crops that couldn’t be planted etc etc etc…. And just not the US

        • No place to sell?
          Lots of reports of crops not harvestable, underperforming or not plantable due to weather
          Warnings of food prices spiking.
          Something stinks

          Opposing Powers Complicit to Hide Crop Losses from Both Societies (865)

      4. My immigrant relatives reported being shot-at, during a fake shortage.

        I asked these politically-incorrect questions, in elementary school.

        But, highly skeptical of fake insurance claims being made by pinkos.

      5. Clown: “My immigrant relatives reported being shot-at, during a fake shortage.”

        Damn right, Your relative outlaws/ in-laws were shot at for stealing other peeps preps. You Trespass, you steal, you get shot, that’s how it works.

        • Let me explain how this really works.

          You can be relocated, dispossessed, and disarmed — on paper — so that anyone remaining on their own homestead is assumed to be squatting, looting, terroristic, feral.

          Doing what you are doing, right now.

          You don’t belong there, and you stole it.

          • Further, you caused a half million dollars in losses. (sarc)

            This will go in my (fake, hyperbolic) insurance claim. (For the sake of discussion.)

      6. Can’t hardly wait for deer season to start. Hope I have a better season than the last one.

      7. Wow. More fake news from an “alternative” news site.

        Site should be “”

        Coupled with all the Never Trumper BULLSHIT here, I’m surprised this sites still around.

        • When Drumpfters speak, they sound just like you.

        • Pinkos vs red communism. You think these are diametrically-opposite.

          The angry farmers (rawr) were never free agents. They used migrant and prison labor in Grapes of Wrath working conditions, and would have driven the real, Old Mac Donald off his land.

          Misguided unionists install a state monopoly, by force, then lose their ability to bargain. There is only one polity, under Communism — the Party.

          Money interests “competitively” (sic) consolidate all holdings, under state privileges (which they regard as state secrets). Your grants are public information. You vulture capitalists will be nationalized.

          • You said a mouthful there. Much was lost long ago and failed to be realized or acknowledged until now it cannot be dismissed.

      8. Hey Farmer’s Union – you’re subsidized… so fuck you.
        You too Mac. How about some prepper shit, huh?

      9. Today’s headline:

        ht tps://

        SEE THE LIE MAC?

      10. fwiw —
        Guar gum can technically be separated from soya and is used in fracking. Now, tell me there’s no domestic market for it.

      11. The Farmer Bureau headquarters is 8/10 of a mile from the U.S. Capitol. It’s great feeding that close to the trough of our hard-earned money.

        Big Farm needs to go just like the rest of Big Brother.

      12. You guys should read up on parody prices. Farmers did this to themselves by tapping into government resources in the first place, which then held them to controlled pricing spectrums, regulated by the government. Then they went with monsanto and lost heirloom stock and the capability to generate their own seeds. Seed harvesting machines were sold off a long time ago. Then they depended on foreign exports, seeking quantity over quality and depending on a global market. This allowed them to crush local competition and create a power vacuum. Then rather than answering to the organic movement which sought to bring balance through the power and wishes of average end product consumers, big ag has instead worked to co opt organic standards at the government level. Fortunately the Cornucopia group is still active and you should subscribe to their newsletters. How’s globalism working out for your personally?

        National Association for Raw Materials. (A farmers advocate group.) & Cornucopia group.

        In other news, organic farmers whom provide better stewardship of the land are primed to take those lands over, and are not having these same sorts of problems.

        Like all news, the first thing you will hear is advocacy for vested big money interests. Don’t just read the headlines and presume you know about a topic. Dig deeper. There is balance to all things but right now the alarmist bell is ringing because these governmental changes are compromising long standing big ag monopolies, which of course are integrated with big lending interests whom deal with these mega land holders. Perhaps they should focus on excess land taxation instead? The majority of land owners out there run negative income on their mega ranches, taxation has simply driven them to the point of negative returns all through this country.

        There are no easy answers but if you want to help, choose gmo free truly organic and be aware of food fraud.

      13. trump has enacted a program to protect the farmers. Through the usda a a payment of $112 per acre planted for the 2019 crop year will be made in october. You will get a payment if you planted10 acers or 10000. But you had to certify your crop with the fsa. Why small farms (80 acres of less ) didn’t see it is because most of the time they are not signed up in the
        Farm program. If this farmer made 100 bushel wheat per acre and the current KC wheat price is $4.70 it would push the price per bushel close to $6. We haven’t seen $6 wheat prices since 2006 and only for a little while. I know what trump is doing and in the long run it will be great. somone needed to do it along time ago. I am in the same boat. These other farmers that are griping put themselves in this position not Trump. As my grandfather always said you have nothing until you have the money in your hands. Suck it up only the thrifty hardheaded tough men survive the years in agriculture.
        Texas farmer

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