False Flag? UN Report: North Korea Sent Syria Chemical Weapons

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    A leaked United Nations report is claiming that the rogue regime of North Korea sent chemical weapons to Syria. According to the report, 40 items used in chemical warfare and ballistic missiles in the war-torn nation of Syria were sent by North Korea.

    It is important to recognize first, that this report was leaked. So far, it isn’t clear who let the information get out, but it could be used as a justification for the United States to get itself deep into another war, and therefore, it’s validity should be questioned.

    History does repeat itself; if not identically, then in identical circumstances and events in different nations. History also does not just “happen,” as there are powerful forces at work in every nation. False flags have been used throughout human history: politicians and oligarchs initiate them to follow a hidden agenda. Too often the masses become the “True Believer” of Eric Hoffer. Worked up into a patriotic frenzy, they charge into the fray…little understanding that the great war or the great crusade is orchestrated by smiling bankers and nabobs, securely “in the rear with the gear,” sending men out to die to attain their secret objectives.

    In this vein, consider that the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is not limited to American White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the United States, but a “conglomerate” of independent nations with the ability to wage war, sustain it, and sell arms. Each independent nation has their own “MIC” but they freely exchange goods and services (what we call arms and “negotiated” conflicts). They march to their own beat but allow themselves to be “guided” by the politicians, the oligarchs (who may or may not actively own industries in the MIC), and the bankers. –SHTFPlan

    According to The Guardian, the UN panel of experts monitoring sanctions against North Korea said its investigations into Pyongyang’s transfer of prohibited ballistic missile, conventional arms, and dual-use goods found the previously unreported shipments. It said an unnamed UN member state also reported evidence that Myanmar received a range of conventional weapons from North Korea including multiple rocket launchers and surface-to-air missiles in addition to ballistic missile systems. North Korea’s Ryonhap-2 corporation was involved in a 2008 Syrian ballistic missile program, the report said.

    The US is not alone in its accusations that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. The more than 200-page report to the UN security council, which diplomats expect to be made public in mid-March, details “substantial new evidence” about North Korea’s dealings with Syria, dating back to 2008.

    Other information coming from yet another unidentified member state claimed that North Korean technicians “continue to operate at chemical weapons and missile facilities at Barzeh, Adra, and Hama”, the report said. It quoted Syria’s reply to the panel about the reports: “There are no [North Korean] technical companies in Syria and the only presence of some [North Korean] individuals are confined in the field of sports under private individual contracts for training athletics and gymnastics.”

    SHTFPlan warned of the potential for a false flag, such as this might be, back on February 15:

    The underlying points toward a potential false flag being initiated via the hostilities between Israel, Iran, and Syria.  At the bare minimum, it will generate increased troop deployments and increased military budget expenditures across the board. It may also divert attention away from corruption charges in Israel, continuing ridiculous (and baseless…Democrat-created) accusations of Russian campaign meddling and the administration’s (alleged) campaign monies paid to a porn star. War is the perfect solution because the average citizen has no recourse against the State…because the State answers to no one and not even itself. –SHTFPlan

    For all intents and purposes, and directly on the surface, this immediately looks like a false flag. It will be difficult to tell because the only thing we have is the “word” of mainstream media outlets and the United Nations, which should immediately raise all kinds of red flags to the rational human being. It is always important to be critical of information (especially that which they expect you to just believe without evidence or even reading the so-called “report” yourself) that could be used as a justification for yet another war.

    Superficial, obvious “reasons” for war are the ones the public swallows, gulping down from the firehose supplied by the ceaseless litany of lies and drivel from the mainstream media. The true reasons can only be found by those willing to not swallow the “crafted narrative.” We must look for the underlying money trails and political agendas of those self-serving leaders…puppet masters who see false flags as tools with State-sponsorship that fulfill their own goals and plans…at the cost (as usual) of We the People. –SHTFPlan

    The US government has been looking for a digestible way to go to war with both North Korea and Syria. What a clever and convenient way to wrap this all up in one little UN report. This isn’t to say this IS or IS NOT a false flag, only that it’s important to keep your eyes open and prepare for all possibilities. Never stop asking questions especially when your rights are at stake or global war is possible.


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      1. Syria’s use of chemical weapons is a false flag, period.

        • North Korean and Syrian intelligence agents contacted Nikolas Cruz using a secret decoder ring smuggled in a Cracker Jacks box. US intelligence has also determined from this ring that Lee Harvey Oswald was brainwashed using the Vulcan Mind Meld by both North Korean and Syrian agents.

          Lets just say that Official Intelligence firs the narrative desired.

          • Kevin2, LOL! I love your sarcasm. I also question the report. It’s my understanding that the old USSR provided training to the Syrians on how to make chemical weapons and even built their facilities. Neocons want to take out Syria, NK, and Iran and will do anything to bring on WW3.

        • Kevin, like the article above ends with – this particular false flag is a two-fer/BOGO deal. Darn, and you know what? It was supposed to be a 5-way gangb*ng too. Russian cargo ships were supposed to run the Spratly Reef with China’s manmade islands’ guns providing cover until Iran’s oil tankers got there to transfer the cargo for the clandestine drop to Bashar Al-Asaad. A lousy BOGO, piss-poor planning on somebody’s part. I guess Asma Al-Asaad wasn’t up for the fun ‘n games being planned to pay the tab owed to Putin, Rouhani, Jinping and the little Un-man.

        • Nikki Haily Neocon has about as much credibility as Hillary Clinton. Zero!! You believe anything the UN has to say or claim? Again Zero Credibility. The UN needs to be scrapped. When will the madness end? And US Tax payers are paying the bill. Had enough BS?

          • You see Syria, N Korea, Iran, Russia refuse to bow down to the Rothchilds. So they are the new boogie men on the Banksters Hitlist and The US Military is the hired hitman. Now the big Sell con job with BS propaganda to justify the murder and genocide to kill off the leaders and replace them with puppet distators who will bow down to the Rothchilds and Queen of England and the west.

      2. Zach said the same thing on the Alex Jones Show. This is a false flag to start a war with North Korea.

      3. False flag! Yup!!! Syria and allies are taking out a large terrorist pocket near their capital Allepo. Every previous so called chemical attacks in Syria were launched by the same US supported Al CIA DUH rats. With Saudi Arabia supplying the juice.

        However…the US supplied Saddam Hussien with chemical weapons which were used against Iran and Iraqi Kurds.

      4. It is ALL a massive cluster fuck people.

      5. They be wagging the tail of the dog. We already know the $$$ and power mongers need a war to keep their pathetic life styles, and bank accounts full. “tiocfaidh Ar La”

      6. The US population is sufficiently cowered in place to pull anything off to stop the agenda. Third world war preliminaries are in place for all hell to break loose. The looming battle quickens. With us or against us BS. Speak up or just ignore as if this is not happening. The easy way out as all supposed rights suspended. Zzzzzz from the majority unaware that they are the next in line for disposal.

      7. Nikki Haley keeps on smoking that Deep State pole.
        See the stretch marks around her mouth?

      8. If there were real chemical weapons, it’s more likely they were dropped by the deep state factions of the CIA.

        The NWO war is world wide, false flags everywhere.

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