False Flag Potential in the Middle East: Iran, Syria, and Israel

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Their End Goal for We the People: “I am the State…the State is all!”

    (“Quarlo” from “The Outer Limits,” episode “Soldier”)

    History does repeat itself; if not identically, then in identical circumstances and events in different nations. History also does not just “happen,” as there are powerful forces at work in every nation. False flags have been used throughout human history: politicians and oligarchs initiate them to follow a hidden agenda. Too often the masses become the “True Believer” of Eric Hoffer. Worked up into a patriotic frenzy, they charge into the fray…little understanding that the great war or the great crusade is orchestrated by smiling bankers and nabobs, securely “in the rear with the gear,” sending men out to die to attain their secret objectives.

    In this vein, consider that the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is not limited to American White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the United States, but a “conglomerate” of independent nations with the ability to wage war, sustain it, and sell arms. Each independent nation has their own “MIC” but they freely exchange goods and services (what we call arms and “negotiated” conflicts). They march to their own beat but allow themselves to be “guided” by the politicians, the oligarchs (who may or may not actively own industries in the MIC), and the bankers.

    The lessons learned by history with the Rothschilds banking family as an example shows how one group of bankers can leverage both sides in a war between two different nations and profit no matter what the outcome. Make no mistake: this has not changed, and if anything, it has become even more “specialized” with private contractors waging wars on behalf of governments…the business of war, sanctioned with the (un)holy “blessing” of a nation-state (or an “actor” or “partner” as they’re now ludicrously termed).

    The current tensions in the Middle East at first appear to be random acts of probes and military maneuvers. The Syrian question is a big one. What is happening over there? Well, a continuation of Obama-era policies of supporting “freedom fighters” against the reign of Bashar al-Assad, the leader of Syria…that is what is happening. Recently, Russian contractors were killed in battles against U.S. supported “rebels.” The Russian contractors cannot serve Russia (it’s against their law for merc’s to do such), but nothing stopped them from being hired by Assad and Syria.

    But “freedom fighters” are only termed that by the United States when an insurgency is desired to overthrow an existing government that is not in favor with the U.S…. a “heroic people’s revolution” in the never-ending quest to force nations into the “freedom” of American democracy. 

    The revolution is not complete until all the IMF paperwork has been signed, the nation is “brought into the fold” of NATO, a quacking, U.S.-installed puppet is in place as the “acknowledged leader,” the American oligarchy has its chance to rape the land of its resources, and Wal-Marts and McDonald’s are springing up all over the nation’s cities.  THAT IS WHAT UKRAINE HAS BECOME, courtesy of the Kiev government: a U.S. installed regime that ousted the former President of Ukraine who was elected under Ukrainian constitutional law.

    Nuland, McCain, Graham, Clinton, and Obama: “Five Guys Ukrainian Burgers.”

    And let’s not forget Soros: initiator of Maidan, with half a dozen NGO’s that helped topple the government and install Yatsenuk (a buddy of Soros), and the destructive force backing every one of those five names. In return, they were going to give him all the mineral and natural resources rights to…. [drum roll!] …. those very provinces that are separatist…for the mere pittance of $50 million…although the resources are worth billions… imagine that.

    If the existing hand-puppet government that is friendly to the U.S. is getting ready to topple? It is not a revolution. It is then termed a “criminal overthrow of the government by terrorists.”

    All of it is interrelated, and all of it has its roots in the MICs of all parties involved. As referenced in the Iron Mountain report…basically a “blueprint” based on George Orwell’s “1984,” the basis for human society is the waging of warfare for purposes of industry, territorial expansion and change, and population reduction.

    The current standoff in the Middle East and heightened tensions are only underlying tensions brought to the forefront. Israel has been bombing facilities and bases in Iran and Syria for decades, as well as assassinating prominent scientists and politicians via the Mossad. The Arab nations have not let up in their hatred nor ceased their sporadic attacks with a “brushfire war” arising every decade or so. The Arabs have the oil, strategic locations, and emerging markets with nations who are slowly pulling away from the Petrodollar. The Israelis have the lobbied support of the United States, the money markets and banking houses of the world tied up, and the support (if not reluctantly) of every predominantly-Christian nation based on the Judeo-Christian traditions and beliefs that set Israel apart from the rest of humanity.

    Be aware that currently Ehud Barak (former prime minister and former member of the Mossad) has announced that charges are being sought against Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s current leader. The charges are for corruption, and Netanyahu (and his Likud party) are not stepping down.

    What better way to distract attention from this mess than a nice war?

    Roughly a dozen installations in Iran and Syria were hit by Israeli airstrikes last week, and an Israeli F-16 was shot down. The Iranians have stated that they’re not going to roll over. It was also announced they have ballistic missiles ready to launch into Israel that can carry a nuclear warhead. Much of this stinks of being potentially orchestrated by one or more countries. Even France weighed in…France, mind you, that wouldn’t allow us to fly F-111’s over its airspace to strike Libya (and Quaddafi) back in the 80’s…saying it would attack Syria if it could be proven that chemical weapons were used by Assad.

    France is returning a favor. Everyone remembers Benghazi, but what precipitated it? Obama did. Using his Executive Authority, he subjected Libya to a naval bombardment…within the 30-day limit…and this to ensure that Libyan oil still flowed to France, its primary client. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on NBC News: “We came, we saw, he died.”

    The same Hillary Clinton who resigned after Benghazi where a Consular Outpost of the United States was attacked, and an American Ambassador and his staff members were killed.

    Now it’s time for France to return the favor by taking action in Syria…and this would “legitimize” things needed for us to make another attempt at running a natural gas pipeline through Qatar and knock the knees off Gazprom (and Russia) …further cementing U.S. hold on Ukraine. It would also place another “partner” in the sparring lineup against Russia (indirectly, by proxy). This would be France’s mistake, as Russia knows that protecting Assad’s interests in Syria (and its own interests) is vital to also protect Iran (Russia has billions invested there), to keep Crimea, and to hold off NATO advances in the Ukrainian separatist provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk.

    The current joke among Ukrainians: “Why did the Kiev government attack the separatist provinces?  Because Russian troops are there. Why did the Kiev government not attempt to retake Crimea?  Because there are REALLY Russian Troops there!”

    The last presidential administration was noted for its bellicose nature…when it had a nation outgunned and outclassed. Libya and Ukraine were prime examples. Syria had the backing of Russia, and Obama showed his pusillanimous nature as the “Commander-in-Chump” without the stones or the tactical knowledge to fight Putin.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has nuclear weapons. He knows that the second he relinquishes them he will meet with the same fate as Qaddafi of Libya, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. He also has made some smart moves diplomatically, regarding opening relations more with South Korea…giving him the “appearance” of statesmanship.

    His country serves a purpose: to provide a pretext for the shadow government and/or the U.S. government to go to war when suitable: a ready-made crisis and nationalistic cohesion by the taxpayers at the press of a button.

    The underlying points toward a potential false flag being initiated via the hostilities between Israel, Iran, and Syria.  At the bare minimum, it will generate increased troop deployments and increased military budget expenditures across the board. It may also divert attentions away from corruption charges in Israel, continuing ridiculous (and baseless…Democrat-created) accusations of Russian campaign meddling and the administration’s (alleged) campaign monies paid to a porn star. War is the perfect solution, because the average citizen has no recourse against the State…because the State answers to no one and not even itself.

    Superficial, obvious “reasons” for war are the ones the public swallows, gulping down from the firehose supplied by the ceaseless litany of lies and drivel from the mainstream media. The true reasons can only be found by those willing to not swallow the “crafted narrative.” We must look for the underlying money trails and political agendas of those self-serving leaders…puppet masters who see false flags as tools with State-sponsorship that fulfill their own goals and plans…at the cost (as usual) of We the People.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. War is a money maker plain and simple besides that we need updated and reinforced military cus if they told everyone exactly what we are up against ie china russia .. people wouldn’t sleep at night gotta justify spending the money without the horrific truth as to why . Face it the world is a scary place full of monsters that want to eat you.

      2. Excellent synopsis! The title could have been “Evils Role InThe World”.
        You nailed it, JJ. Keep up the good fight. The truth does win in the end, but evil will always be.

      3. Most Americans think the US is at peace but we are involved openly or covertly in a number of wars. We may not be fighting openly but we are supporting other parties at war. How many people who do know what is happening get a good night’s sleep?

      4. “False Flag Potential”, thats an interesting and truly unusual statement. False Flags are the norm. What would be shocking is if something of major importance occurred for real. All of the nations would assume that its a false flag. That is a dynamic that could set forth an unanticipated response. In essence they have been managing lies for so long they wouldn’t believe that it was for real.

        • Example:

          Nation A is attacked by group B. Its assumed that nation C is responsible however they are not. Nation A then attacks nation C because of its presumed backing of group B.

          Before you know it the rest of the alphabet is taking sides.

        • Example:

          Nation A is attacked by group B. Its assumed that nation C is responsible however they are not. Nation A then attacks nation C because of its presumed backing of group B.

          Before you know it the rest of the alphabet is taking sides.

      5. I hate to admit it; but, my hopes for the “S” not H(ING)TF are steadily getting smaller. Like most here, I’m more or less as ready as I can be, am a free man with no debt, a decent business, good friends, good reputation. But I’ve come to feel we are in a holding pattern, a limbo, just waiting for the shoe to fall. So? I’ll invite a barrage of ideas. What will it be? NK, Syria, Iran, Crimea, China, India/Paki conflict, the USA being hit…..; or worse, something arising from within our own nation? TPTB are waiting for something to be finished, accomplished, some need or ‘level’ satisfied. Once that happens, again – I think it’ll be ‘Katie-bar-the-door’ time.

      6. I really think we are beyond needing an excuse to start another war.

        The global economy is triggered for a crash. When? Who knows. But people are getting edgy. Most know the Crash of ’08-’09 was only stopped mid-fall. Things could go at any time.

        The financial markets are nuts. “The largest stock market rise in history.” All the numbers are just lies. The thing is just nuts. The excuse for most wars are financial collapses.

        Society and cultures are breaking down every where. Our institutions are a mess. We have never had a more feckless and dysfunctional government in history. The world has racked up debt that can never be repaid.

        Forget the nuclear clock. Watch the rates on the 10-year. They are at 2.91-percent now. That’s like 1 minute to midnight. When the rate hits 3-percent it is game over. We won’t be able to pay even the interest on the debt. Same thing in other countries.

        A “False Flag” event is just that, an excuse, virtue signaling. But we won’t even need that. The next war will be a World War. More countries have nukes now than back during the Cold War. This time a war will go nuclear. Who caused it, or what, will all be forgotten.

      7. Trace the IP addresses to Langley.

      8. a LOT MORE MONEY would be made by PEACE and normal commerce instead of the death and destruction for some tiny FEW bomb makers.
        the real truth is that the poor citizens and working poor would BENEFIT from normal human relations instead of the very few MONSTROSITIES we obey.

        Your days are numbered. Unipolar is falling! March 26th Economic Reset (RIP Petrodollar) by 176 countries with China/Russia will be the rapid process to your death! We are awakening to a multi-polar world. The west is becoming irrelevant and they will use every tool and spanner to jam the transition process, but it will not work. All this latest news with the double ex-Russian agent planted by MI6/CIA was a narrative to stir up war drum on Russia with NATO and USA because it shows they are losing! Too little, too late! You think you can distract the people with this BS story while the West, is in the brink of an economic collapse in a couple of weeks (Two days before the reset). Wake up! Another distraction of the next yawn wars, false flag attacks and this drumming up narrative of fearmongering. Their plans may have to be scrapped and they have to pick up the pieces of their burnt fiat currencies lying across the streets of Corporate America, Corporate Brussels, Corporate Vatican and Corporate London.

      10. I would also like to add to my previous comment:
        Mossad and also MI5 all over this too with the ex Russian spy and his daughter poisoning attacks. It was planned to be aggressive towards Russia with more anti-Russia rhetoric. But they can’t do jack to Russia with economic and trade sanctions, 2018 world cup, or even attack Russia with weak NATO. UK is weak like the rest of West and Eastern Europe, all it can do is be aggressive ad shout like a kid with a tantrum. Poor Unpopular PM May, she trying her hardest to create such a narrative. Desperate for public support to stop a progressive government coming into power. Even, the progressive have been contaminated with one of their MP vowed not to come on “Kremlin TV”, RT. Like I said before, a international financial crash is coming to US and EU/Europe. They can’t do anything about it. This time, they won’t be able to bail them out and the west would crumble, so does its elites. No more “Business As Usual” and Status Quo. New change is coming and it will be multi-polar with a transition to peace on earth and more on healthy economic competition. Not monopoly of power exploiting the earth politically and economic destroying cultures and social fabrics of communities. They have to deal with it! The 10% West have two options: Co-operate, put your guns and bombs down, drain the deep secret state and elite banks, share with the world, have healthy economic competition or crumble into complete irrelevancy and weak isolation and a weak power like the fall of USSR when the word would be looting the west militarily and economically and it turns into a poor mans bloody washed out land with mass of slums all over the place, corrupt western government receving aid with no strings attached from the world, NGOs, World Food Bank, UN and its troops and local charities helping out, trying to save the poor western world! (BBC World News, Year 2050 – “The West become the New Eastern Europe”).

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