Falling Oil Prices Could Cripple ‘Vulnerable’ Russia, Trigger World War III

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The Cold War 2.0 is going hot, and while it may someday be fought with planes, tanks, guns and bombs, the first front is being fought with oil and shale gas.

The U.S. and European sanctions against Russia will become more severe and crippling in the face of drastically falling oil prices – prices which are falling drastically because of the unprecedented boom of shale gas fracking both domestically in the U.S. and abroad in Ukraine and other locales. The oil & gas giants like Chevron and Exxon Mobil have created revolutionary conditions with now direct consequences on U.S. foreign policy and global war for dominance. Via Bloomberg:

Oil’s decline is proving to be the worst since the collapse of the financial system in 2008 and threatening to have the same global impact of falling prices three decades ago that led to the Mexican debt crisis and the end of the Soviet Union.

Russia, the world’s largest producer, can no longer rely on the same oil revenues to rescue an economy suffering from European and U.S. sanctions. Iran, also reeling from similar sanctions, will need to reduce subsidies that have partly insulated its growing population. Nigeria, fighting an Islamic insurgency, and Venezuela, crippled by failing political and economic policies, also rank among the biggest losers from the decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries last week to let the force of the market determine what some experts say will be the first free-fall in decades.

“This is a big shock in Caracas, it’s a shock in Tehran, it’s a shock in Abuja,” said Daniel Yergin…

The destabilization in Ukraine and numerous spots in the Middle East – including the ISIS-threatened Iraq and Syria – have been mere preludes to what is coming.

The OPEC countries, led by Saudi Arabia, are allowing oil prices to fall drastically, in clear coordination with its Anglo masters, and in response to the sudden rise of shale gas production obtained through fracking. These Arab states will not lose power with the falling oil prices, while many other regimes will face pressure in all sectors.

Targeted at the center of this web of intrigue is, of course, Russia. Natural gas is at the center of the Ukrainian conflict – with Russia’s Gazprom supplying some 25% of Europe’s natural gas.

U.S. operatives are working overtime to undermine that by cutting off Russian gas and supplying Europe, instead, with booming shale gas from fracking in and around Ukraine and its rich mineral holdings.

Between rising U.S. domestic production, falling OPEC oil prices and U.S.-led production and exploration in Ukraine, gas could prove a trump card against Russia, though Putin has downplayed these consequences:

“Russia in particular seems vulnerable,” said Allan von Mehren, chief analyst at Danske Banke A/S in Copenhagen. “A big decline in the oil price in 1997-98 was one factor causing pressure that eventually led to Russian default in August 1998.”

VTB Group, Russia’s second-largest bank, OAO Gazprombank, its third-largest lender, and Russian Agricultural Bank are already seeking government aid to replenish capital after sanctions cut them off from international financial markets. Now with sputtering economic growth, they also face a rise in bad loans.

Oil and gas provide 68 percent of Russia’s exports and 50 percent of its federal budget. Russia has already lost almost $90 billion of its currency reserves this year, equal to 4.5 percent of its economy, as it tried to prevent the ruble from tumbling after Western countries imposed sanctions to punish Russian meddling in Ukraine. The ruble is down 35 percent against the dollar since June.

At the same time, Russia has just given up its bid to build a South Stream pipeline to bypass Ukraine and has been accused of covertly funding anti-fracking protests in Romania, Ukraine and other areas in the hotzone of the Eastern Europe proxy war over natural gas.

An important secondary consequence of falling oil prices will come in the form of disruptions to social services in countries that have been supporting citizens with money from high oil prices – including Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria and others.

Falling oil revenue will mean less money for subsidies and handouts. For the geopolitical orchestrators in the Anglo-elite network, this is part of the strategy.

Coddled by years of $100 crude, governments instead spent that windfall subsidizing everything from 5 cents-per-gallon gasoline to cheap housing that kept a growing population of underemployed citizens content.

The Council on Foreign Relations heralded this fracking boom as a means of reasserting North American-based U.S. power around the world and ‘transforming the global energy landscape.’

Now, a spokesperson from its secretive sister organization the Royal Institute of International Affairs, based at Chatham House, has fingered it as a political weapon to spark upheavals and internal revolutions:

“If the governments aren’t able to spend to keep the kids off the streets they will go back to the streets, and we could start to see political disruption and upheaval,” said Paul Stevens, distinguished fellow for energy, environment and resources at Chatham House in London, a U.K. policy group. “The majority of members of OPEC need well over $100 a barrel to balance their budgets. If they start cutting expenditure, this is likely to cause problems.”

For a U.S. that many have said lost its credibility in the world, and has seen a decline in its position as the foremost global superpower and a certain, but slow decline of the petrodollar’s status as world reserve currency, the move in shale gas is a power move to level the global playing field.

The “sudden rise” of shale natural gas has been a planned, coordinated and highly strategic move. Plummeting oil prices are indeed an economic weapon against Russia, as many analysts have shown, and act to call the bluff of the other players at the table as well. It poses serious challenges to tensions with Russia, and will have immediate consequences for many other economies based on oil. Bloomberg explains the positions:

To be sure, not all oil producers are suffering. The International Monetary Fund in October assessed the oil price different governments needed to balance their budgets. At one end were Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which can break even with oil at about $70 a barrel. At the other extreme: Iran needs $136, and Venezuela and Nigeria $120. Russia can manage at $101 a barrel, the IMF said.

“Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and Qatar can live with relatively lower oil prices for a while, but this isn’t the case for Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela, Algeria and Angola,” said Marie-Claire Aoun, director of the energy center at the French Institute for International Relations in Paris. “Strong demographic pressure is feeding their energy and budgetary requirements. The price of crude is paramount for their economies because they have failed to diversify.”

To be sure, there are no good guys at the table of global power. All are corrupt.

But the powers-that-be in the elite Anglo-financial world are betting that it will be enough to hold U.S. power across the world, boost the U.S. economy and hold its competitors in the ongoing game of global chess at bay. Current economic forecast show the possibility and perhaps likelihood that they have put down another dominating hand that will shape global trends for decades to come.

Through fracking, the U.S. trade deficit in oil is expected to balance out and to transform America into a profitable net exporting region in petroleum and gas within just a few short years:

There is no question that the US has entirely changed the global energy landscape and poses an existential threat to Opec. America has cut its net oil imports by 8.7m bpd since 2006, equal to the combined oil exports of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

The country had a trade deficit of $354bn in oil and gas as recently as 2011. Citigroup said this will return to balance by 2018, one of the most extraordinary turnarounds in modern economic history.

It may, of course, also carry enormous environmental consequences for Americans who face the possibility of tainted groundwater supplies, water shortages, increased earthquakes (as seen in Oklahoma) and other forms of pollution related to the use of countless chemicals shot into the earth during the hydraulic fracturing process.

In the Godfather, Michael Corleone took care of “all family business” in one fell swoop during his baptism as The Don following his father’s death, targeting the heads of the five gang families at war with his family’s cartel, along with several other vendettas, both persona and “just business”…

Today, the U.S. is attempting to do the same through fracking and the orchestrated, falling global oil prices.

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    1. FreeSlave

      I do like the falling prices in gasoline however.

      • FuckingPissed

        I like the gas prices too. Gives us a chance to get more than we would have otherwise had. Gasoline has many uses!

        • passinwiththewind

          Russia? Vulnerable?

          I gotta call bullshit on this article.

          • the renegade braveheart

            PWTW, I agree. I don’t see how Russia could be vulnerable to anything.

            • Tacoma

              BH. Ten years ago everyone would have said the same thing about the USA,Look where it is now.

              • Eileen K.

                There’s a difference between Russia and the USSA, Tacoma, and it’s in the leadership. Russia is led by a geopolitical chess master; whereas, the USSA is led by a Teleprompter-dependent, geopolitically ignorant former community organizer. Have you forgotten the diplomatic defeat Barry Soetoro aka Obama suffered at the hands of Vladimir Putin last fall vis-a-vis Syria? Barry hasn’t won anything from Putin; the Russian leader simply pivoted eastward and signed TWO huge gas deals with China and is also trading with India and the other BRICS nations, Brazil and South Africa, as well as several other countries in Asia and South America. The ruble may be falling; but, so are the USSA dollar and the euro.

            • TheGuy

              I dunno, it worked the first time with Reagan.

              Makes you wonder why they didn’t try the same shit in the 60’s. It’s almost surreal in a sense, two powers pointing nukes at each other whilst issuing travel visas to each other and engaging in some forms of limited trade (I mean… you couldn’t sanction them if trade wasn’t happening).

              Then again. You back an opponent completely into a corner, they really got no choice but to strike. They aren’t gonna sit there and go extinct.

              • pantsupdontloot

                Comparing Obama to Reagan is like comparing cotton candy to an asteroid.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Since Bush Invaded Afghanistan In late 2001 Russia has watched America go from $5 Trillion in Debt to $18 Trillion in debt, While Russia had been building up their infrastructure. Just think in the US spent $13 Trillion our own infrastructure and solar pannels on every house in America, instead of 2 needless useless wars, how much farther ahead we would be today pretty much energy free an no need to go to war with anybody to steal their oil.

              • Bill

                ” pretty much energy free an no need to go to war with anybody to steal their oil.”

                America will always have to go to war, just to stop countries from moving out of the petrodollar. Just as they did to Saddham and Gadaffi. They steal their gold and force the Oil sales into Petrodollars. Same as in Ukraine, stole their gold, have Binden with Exxon and Chevron drilling for gas and Oil. While trying to crush Russian economy, only thing, they ruined the Euro and Euro-Zone, now they f***** Turkish deal up? http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article48450.html

          • Hunter

            Me too, Passin—-

            ..and did you catch the multiple, slick little ‘cast-the-blame’ elsewhere term usages, slathered about here & there, in the write up?

            ..(i.e.), “..elite Anglo-financial” (meme)!

            ..Anglo,..my ass!

            ..its the Gawd-damned jews/modern pharisees who’re pushing for WW-III & a JWO..and by extension, the likely death of your/our families.


            A very wise/intelligent poster here, is fond of saying:

            ..prosecute the guilty, leave the innocent alone!!!



            …how ’bout just “eliminating” the guilty bastards out of hand!?!

            ..and tell their innocent brethren, up front:

            ..”Don’t fuck w/ us again, assholes!”


            Problem + Solution = Simple (answer)

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              Hunter…Amen. I only wish we had more hi IQ like you, Condor, POG and many others on this site.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Saudi’s cost is $10 a barrel to produce. $80 a barrel for those in South Dakota to produce shale oil. So when Saudi floods the Market with cheap oil under todays $65 oil producers in SD get crushed. And this makes the XL Pipeline obsolete and a mute point.

                • durango kidd

                  WWHTI: Your numbers are way off. Look for my posts and links. Bloomberg says Saudi cost is $98 breakeven. Citicorp says Bakken is much lower than that $80 you quote. Eagle Ford $45. Some other shales like the Marcellus shale are LOWER!!!

                  Its a game Saudi Arabia cannot win without spending its $400 billion in currency reserves. 🙂

                  • Chainsaw

                    His statement is correct. The article quotes prices needed to completely balance their countries budget, not the cost to produce it. They are able to do this because it’s their main export. We are still operating at an oil deficit and must pay out of pocket until 2018, when we will produce as much as we consume. I am a pipeline and the work has dropped off tremendously in the past 6 weeks. It’s going to hurt production all over the world in the long run, lots of production will fold in 2015. When it finally spikes again, I can only imagine how high it will go to meet demand and Kickstart the energy sector again. It took $4 a gallon just to justify our recent ‘boom’. I’m thinking we’ll see $6 in a few years.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Ooil production cost listed by Country –
                    http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSLS12407420090728?irpc=932. Durango you are a dumb Jack ass. Here are the costs to produce a Barrel of Oil listed by Country. Actually the Cost of Saudi Arabia to produce a Ballel of oil is only $1 to $2 a barrel. See link for the facts jackass.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    And shale costs are from $52 to $113 a barrel. So ….durango do some fact checking before you open your flytrap. You sre pretty much wrong on every issue here and just dumbing down the conversation with dumb remarks like the one above.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey Durrango. If Bloomberg News is your source read this article. How Bloomberg’s Algo-Writers Serve The Cult Of Keynesian Central Banking – http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/11/david-stockman/the-high-priests-of-bloomberg/

                    Propaganda at its finest. If you think Saudi’s Costs to produce a barrel of oil is $98 Beak Even Point, you are really Stoopid. Check my link on Countries cost to produce a barrel of oil For Saudi is $1 to only $2 a barrel. Maybe $4 to get it to market. Hardly $98 which you quote. You are so far off your rocker you fell off your hillbilly porch.

                  • oicu812

                    @ Chainsaw,

                    As with most corporate/bank financed run deals as such as the oil production in the N Dakota region, the payroll is the biggest expense next to transportation costs.

                    Not much can be done at the transportation level, but hourly payroll expense could be greatly reduced if workers were willing to accept lower wages.

                    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge anyone from making 25 bucks an hour, if they are doing something constructive; however, the bottom line is, making a few dollars is better than sitting at home wishing for a job.

                    Just sayin’, those claims of “$$ cost to produce” can be adjusted thru payroll expense, and other cost cutting methods “if” owners have the will to operate with less greed in mind.

                  • Chainsaw

                    OICU812, I hear you and although that is exactly what will happen, owners that try and cut corners and try and operate for dirt cheap are the contractors that will also get people killed. We’ve fough too hard for too long with the energy companies and lost too many lives along the way to suddenly give it all back, because they didn’t save for a rainy day. The fact is that once our work is done and they turn the valve on, they are pulling something from the earth and extracting it for free. They would pay us a thousand dollars an hour if they had too and not blink.

                  • durango kidd

                    WWHTI: Yes I know that the Saudi cost to EXTRACT oil is about $2 a barrel; but you miss the point entirely. It is not the cost of extraction that is relevant; it is the leverage.

                    Saudi Arabia has leveraged the cost of their oil & gas to about $98-1000 a barrel: which is what it takes to meet government obligations.

                    At the end of the day when the price of oil finally settles at the price the Saudi’s want, they will still be operating at a deficit: as will Russia, Iran, venezuela, and others, as intended.

                    As usual, you cannot see the forest for the trees. 🙂

                • Anonymous


              • Condor Day:4

                Stolz: Remember we here have many tens of thousands of folks that Read only and never comment reply. Then many others who do reply but very seldom do so, so All in All I’d wager that yes many folks has been woke up to realities like Hunter just posted of.

                However I’d also wager that most of those who has woke up by now are also never going to admit to it in any form of public forums nor even in person publically…This is due to the huge jew taboo’s most folks has been brainwashed with their entire lifetime. It is difficult to abandon long held ideals or ways. Even after being awakened to truth like this.

                Main thing is that as many folks can wake up even if they still wont admit to it. Sooner or later they will. And when they do they too will realize how huge a taboo Hoax its all been all along and then they are going to try to awaken many others with this new found reality of infos.

                It is just how it all always works is all.

                And also keep in mind that many Other issues we all were lied to on folks need to awaken to all that stuff also. It is ike a huge new job where one must re learn skills and Re think all they were told prior…WWII Truths is another Great example of massive lies we all got told as true but they aint.

                In fact in my opinion I’d say The Top Two main issues that has more folks deluded by due to so many falsehoods we were told as true are in fact WWII & jewish issues includeing of course the largest Hoax of 20th century the holohoax issues and events…NO by word Hoax I do NOT mean nor imply it never happened…of course it happened…Just…Not…ecatly..as so many jewish folks claim it did is all….More like yes to 2-3% did occure as we got told of and the rest, 97+% is partial fact and tons of fraud and outright Lies mixed as one.

                It truely is a real eye opener once one learns how we all got so swindled and scammed by so many lies combined between holohoax and WWII issues alone eh.

                Too bad some inventor don’t invent a Prep tool called the “Eye Scales remover tool of preppers” eh!

                  • Condor Day:4

                    Stolz: Wow! Exallant video…And the guy doing it looks so normal, suit and tie guy, nice like your favorite uncle! A Perfect type man to discuss the issue as he does.

                    He’s 100% correct also where at end he says that Nobody can really understand the complex issues of the NWO in All its forms and agendas, from when it began up till Now today 2014, Unless and untill you first grasp and comprehend the reality and truths about what huge Role Zionisim Plays in it all! Bravo!

                    Everybody here needs view this video. It’s just 9 & 1/2 Minits long yet in it the guy asks aprox 9 major questions about zionists and jewish issues…Questions that no sane thinking person can deny need be asked and answered fully!

                    I especially liked how he asked his question on (paraphraseing here) “of All the many different folks, here he Names tons of various Others persecuted or killed off over the 20th and 21st century so far, WHY is it Only Jews whos cause or event gets a special name like “Holocaust” events?….Are jews That special? How much Value or worth should all us goyims place upon a dead jew VS a dead Other non jew persons death by same means?…And.. If a dead jew is worth more than a dead Other non jew person?…How many Other deaths will equal ONE dead jew? And if a dead jew has far greater value compared to any Other non jews death….Does That also Imply a Live jew is also far greater value compared to alive other non jews?…and how he asks: “since jews make up just 0.02% of worlds total population, and they always complain of being booted from Every nation they ever reside in, and that jews Always claim its is soley due to all the rest of the 98.8% of worlds peoples population are always all “antisemites” can that really be true? Just 0.02% jewry is always 100% innocent, therefore everybody else globally has to be bad antisemites?! Or do jews Carry antisemitism everywheres they move to next and due to their hostile social methods etc is what actually really Causes so many others to despise the jews ways etc and Thats what really is the main problem?..Bingo!

                    Man oh Man Stolz…This guys nine major questions will cause even a guy like Old Goat/coach to force himself to RE think it all eh! Of course thats only valid “If” folks like old goat/coach are even willing to VIEW such eye opening nine minit videos which has more honest worth and value and great questions revolving around the great jew taboo of speaking or questionings of Holohoax issues than most all other videos or articles has to date!

                    But do Not be shocked when instead all you see are replies similar to how we always see…Nothing but name callings, of antisemites or nazis or jew hater etc as per the usual crap we see so often whenever this issue is discussed anywheres…maybe if enough folks do view it and open Their eyes to such valid necessary honest questions as posed by this guy, then perhaps things will change a bit for the better eh…I wont be holding my breath on it though….Thanks much for that video link!

                    I can hardly await old goat coachs remarks if he DARES view that video and actually finally Answers these major great questions eh!!!!! By Answers from him I mean REAL valid answers not just more assinine name calls and un questioned defense of all issue jew as he usually provides. Good luck on That huh!

                • Gunnyhiway

                  Someday I will have YOU Jew-Haters in my sights.
                  It will be easy to see you. ALL of you are the same.
                  Hope you ALL are bulletproof because the “demon” you blame for your pathetic lot are not “Jews”.
                  Jews are real people who will never let another “holohoax” happen again and will burn your houses down nationwide with you sleeping soundly inside.
                  Fucking Maggot.
                  I am in Seattle, COME VISIT!

                  • TPSnodgrass

                    Methinks you are/were neither affiliated with the USMC, nor were you ever a GySgt. More like a poser though, that does fit your rants.

                  • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

                    I thought this was a prepper sight
                    All I hear is Jew Jew Jew
                    Make this an anti-semitist site instead so people no what they’re getting into.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  The Joo Holocast was a falacy as the Majority of Joos died from Disentary not the easy bake oven, they choose to exploit for their Genocidal ZOG CHARITIES. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians today is pretty much what the Early Settlers in America did to the Native Americans to steal their land.

                  • Condor Day:4

                    In That video the guy gets it correct as can be..IE: One of his main questions is “Are the NWO zionists plans on the order of trying to Negate the full final sacrafice Jesus Christ made when he died on the cross to forgive mankinds sins, AND Replace That effore of Christ’s WITH instead a NEW worldwide “Religion” of Holocaustianity?

                    IE: Instead of Christs death zionists jews want to make Their ‘claim” of Six Million dead jews in WWII germany the MAIN thing that works to rid worlds sins…aka a brand New world religion! and whoever reject that new religion, gets killed off by the NWO-Jwo clowns…Good luck fools. The antisemite Card like negroe race card as well as the Holohoax event claims has ALL Lost its MOJO effect at silenceing us goyims any longer so just Quit while you ahead.

                    And when one considers his Other questions of why is it Only jews deaths that matter so much?…Why does ONLY jews have 150 Holohoax meuseums etc?

                    And I also learned from Prior other various articles and researches that YES a huge part of the rabinical talmudic teachings, mixed with their dark majik of Kabala books practices, that them jew rabbis believe that ONLY after 1/2 or close to that number of all jews alive globally get killed in a mass “Holocaust event” as they claim happened in WWII, will jews Then again be allowed by God or is it Kabala black majik?…Back into palestine lands which They calls “Israel lands”…But Thats ALL talmudic gobbly gook and nowheres biblically does it state that after the SECOND time jews temple got demolished, final time in 70 AD when jews finally pissed off roman govnt enough, any type of holocaust event of any number of dead jews is going to pay the price to again be allowed by God to move back into israel/palestine lands…ever since 70 AD era the ONLY remedy for Jews to obtain Gods blessings again is to CONVERT to Christ centered Christianity!..Well after 99.9% of jewrys refusal to do that in past 2000 yrs…It kinda aint lookin so swell or rosy for jewry as a whole now is it. I say jews has been Hoaxed big time by their very own rabbis whos promoted that BS line…Ironic them Rabbis were’nt first in line to offer self as one of the 1/2 of jewry who must die before alowed back into palestine lands huh?!…Similar to Limo-Liberals who desires 95% die off of global POP yet Not a single fat cat rich limo lib or agenda 21 idiot has yet voulenteered to get killed off and jump start that agenda 21 plans eh…Hmmm…Hypocrites perhaps?…BINGO!

                    But even That premiss is fraud fake since the six million claimed deaths did NOT all die in a mass firey Holocaust or as WWTI says it in some gigantic “easy bake oven!”

                    Jews all claim it was Gaaassssss! that did it all…So there goes that talmudic/Kabala swindle eh…Another jew invented Pipe dream fantasy of which they never lack a new better scam claim eh.

                    The jews own jewish wrote almanacs and census reports of back during 1930-40 europe nations as a Whole all of them nations combined per their almanac says just 2.8 total jews lived IN european nations when hitler got elected.

                    So either six million is a huge Hoax. or Mass inflated number, or somehow jews believe and want us all to believe that besides that orig 2.8 Million jews there already…That after hitler got elected, 3.2 Million MORE jews Went there so they can get whacked…Not very likley eh….by the way back in germany at time of hitlers election win, there were just aprox 550,000 Total jews within germany then…NOT any six million plus ten million more who escaped barley…just Over 1/2 a Million total jews there folks.

                    Take a good look at them remaining stones in a rectangle formation at aushwitz camp that jews claim is where the gas chanber Used to be at before it was bombed and destroyed and all thats left standing is them stones as its orig foundation…It is the aprox total Size of a TWO car Garage! Yet we are supposed to believe the many jew claims that the nazis forced 2000-2500 jews into that two car garage size “gas chanber buildg” at same time?…Really? Who possibly can ever fit 2000-25000 Grown adults into any Two car garage size building?…Can Your garage Hold that many folks at one time?…NOPE!…Yet thats most every jews claims and if we question it in any way shape or form…We are forever an evil nazi lover antisemite…Gee is it OK if we question NON jew deaths that happened there also?…Sure go ahead just never question the jews claims. Why is That Ok and so demanded by them eh?

                    Does any others get it all as yet? new ONE World religion of, Holocaustianity…believe in that or die you evil goys!

                    Bottom line on it all is FUZZY math galore even more fuzzy than both Klintons had used. Once its all added up in total between six million died plus 10 million more escaped in nick of time, plus add in all other few million globally in various nations in that time frame of 1940 and you end up with something like 20+ million jews worldwide total…Yet they themselves always claim to had NO more than similar to Todays POP of jewry which has remained quite steady at around 13-14 Million Tops in entire world…FUZZY math? you can Bet yer ass its fuzzy math. Or jewish math take your pick..Maybe its akin to jewish Lightening used for arson scams of insurance eh?

                    NOTE: How very correct I was in prior posting where I stated how we are going to see the typical asshole replies…Yep right again! as per the foolish idiot asshole that has made severe threats to kill and burn us in our homes if he can get that chance!

                    Another typical JEW responce whenever someone speaks TRUTH on jew scam Hoaxes and overall massive lies by the same….They never learn even after they got the big BOOT from 110 nations so far eh…Always its them evil Goys fault and never ever fault of whinny scamming jewry right…They are just too damn always so Innocent of all/every concivible wrong doings right….That aint too likley neither once one awakens to jewrys Opps.

                    Definition of a Conspiricy Theorist: Any person who’s wized up to the Jews games.

                    Antisemite: any Goyim person jews hate…

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Was that paragraph about the elite Anglo-banker written by Mac Slavo himself? What was he thinking? Could it be possible that he has had this blog for so many years and still does not know who controls the money in the world?

              • mr. winky

                slavo – look it up online trace it’s origin.

                mac slavo: a member of the j-tribe is naturally biased, refuses to make the political financial j-connections and refuses to say the j-word due to his own j-heritage.

                wink wink

              • passinwiththewind

                As far as i can understand it, Mac wrote everything with a blue background.

                The white background w/links, was provided by bloomberg as Mac points out after the second paragraph.

                i guess if it really concerns one, they could ask Mac directly.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  It is the other way around…..

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I agree with Hunter – WWTI

            • talon1776

              Very Hegelian Dialectic…. But in a good sort of way {sarc}

          • The Old Coach

            They are very, very vulnerable. Russian economy is a one-trick pony. Oil and gas are their only viable exports. They have no manufactured goods that anybody wants, they have to import food to feed themselves, their consumers want Western appliances, cars, iGadgets, TVs, even clothing, but with no foreign exchange to buy them (and the sanctions) the Russian consumer is getting pissed. This is one big reason Putin is turning to China. China needs energy, and has consumer junk to sell. But the transport infrastructure isn’t there, so in the meanwhile Putin is beating the war drums and flooding the state-controlled media with “patriotic” themes. It’s a race to see whether the Russian consumer revolts before the Chinese junk can flood their stores.

            • durango kidd

              Coach: With the Rouble 50 to 1 to the dollar (and declining in value) and the Yuan six to one against the dollar, those “cheap Chinese goods” don’t look that cheap to Russian consumers.

              Putin dug himself a hole and he keeps digging to try and get himself out. Not gonna happen. Meanwhile, the Russian and Ukrainian people suffer. He should have contented himself with Crimea, but pigs always stay at the trough too long. 🙁

              • Chip

                Putin didn’t dig the hole he’s in. He’s been forced into a corner by the west led by the US. And the lower oil price will hurt the US just as bad as anyone else. Many fracking interests will be shut down and our economy, which is already on the brink, will shutter…

                • Condor Day:4

                  Only main difference from todays sanctions by usa and western world against Russia, VS..What was prior done the same way against Germany in 1933, is that back then sanctions were called “BOYCOTTS” and this time for russia we do not see every major newspaper headlines stateing in huge headline large font lettering the words of “JEWS Decalre WAR on germany!” June, 1933 or was it July 1933(?). Other than them two things we are seeing the same set up ordeal germans dealt with.

                  And same as Today on russia boycotts, while we all was told the mighty USA Won WWII etc…They always try to downplay big time that usa joined with aprox 40 Other nations to defeat germans in WWII..When germany was begging to maintain total peace!…Even then it took a full THREE weeks straight of Englands carpet bombing runs over germanys main cities before germany finally sent the very first planes out towards england to return fire!

                  Meanwhile even now today, ask most folks who or what started WWII?…Their answer will be something similar to “oh it was Hitler and his evil nazis who started wwii because he wanted to take over the entire world and force us all to learn german speak and all non blonde blue eyed folks to be whacked dead!”

                  Riiiigggghhhtttt!…Hitlers also worlds poster boy of pure evil for his killing off of the famous “six Million jews” even though that numbers greatly inflated many times over…BUT…Not one single soviet jewish kommie leaders nor kommie party jew membership has ever as yet been hunted down nor prosecuted for War crimes! War crimes that so greatly exceed any six million number, even if that number was factual and real which it aint, by a factor of 50 Times as many deaths at hands of blood thirsty soviet jewry mass murder machine eh…

                  I say the world needs a NEW Poster! an Acurate one with instead of evil hitlers photo, a large size close up photo of… Shlomo the evil hooked beak soviet Jew-posterboy of pure evils…After all them soviet jews earned that honor by their actions right..Why begrudge jewry of its rightfull place in the world of pure evils perpetrated upon innocent Goyims everywheres?..makes sense.

                  • oicu812

                    LMAO at the ignorant remarks….

                    Old Coach…
                    “They are very, very vulnerable. Russian economy is a one-trick pony. Oil and gas are their only viable exports. They have no manufactured goods that anybody wants, they have to import food to feed themselves,….”

                    “Putin dug himself a hole and he keeps digging to try and get himself out.”

                    “Putin didn’t dig the hole he’s in. He’s been forced into a corner by the west led by the US.”

                    Russians aren’t just sitting around eating potatoes, and bread made from USA wheat. The only reason they don’t export manufactured goods is because they are all sold/bought/consumed, within their country. As for being in or near a self-dug hole; Pukin is not even close. It is estimated that he is worth billions (40 maybe). The vast increases in military spending has put them into a little pinch financially, but they are far from falling off a cliff. Their oil and gas exports are still strong.
                    They may halt a few new Naval ships from being built, but don’t expect Russia to evaporate.

                  • The Old Coach

                    The reason they don’t export manufactured goods is that what they do make is crap that nobody wants.

                    Even their military hardware, which does get exported with massive subsidies to client states like Cuba, has been second-rate for many years.

                    My German friends tell me that it is still possible to go to Russia with a trunkful of Levis and no money, and get along just fine.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Putin enjoys an 85% approval rating by Russian population. Obama boot licker gets about a 38% approval rating by Americans. So who’s winning??.

              • durango kidd

                WWHTI: Its not a popularity contest. Its all about economics. That Russian sentiment will change come Spring.

                And lower gasoline prices will make more Obola more popular. Who would have thunk it??? 🙂

                • Condor Day:4

                  OFF Topic but Important!:

                  Public schools and common core same as NSA spies!

                  By Anita Hoge
                  December 2, 2014
                  NewsWithViews Dot com

                  “I have grave concerns about the direction that the Common Core standards movement has taken, as well as, my concerns of the ethics of testing and teaching in the affective domain. I must question the legality of these methods without proper safeguards and ask that legal counsel respond to this direction that Pennsylvania has taken.” ~Anita Hoge’s letter to PA Dept of Ed, 9/12/14

                  On Monday, November 24, 2014 Pennsylvanians Restoring Education and Pennsylvania Against Common Core issued a Press Release asking Governor Corbett to place a moratorium on the data collection in the Pennsylvania Information Management System and to rescind all contracts with outside contractors who can access personally identifiable information on children in violation of federal law, state policy, and Chapter 4 regulations.

                  To alert all Americans this press release was published in its entirety on Charlotte Iserbyt’s blog titled: NOTE: LINK to it at NWV website article…

                  “We have discovered that Pennsylvania continues to be the model for the nation to develop a dossier on each citizen feeding into a national data base that collects this personally identifiable information with the collaboration of the schools. This systemic collusion between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics created a national ID without the knowledge of the citizens. This system boasts that “all of the Commonwealth’s children, adolescents, and adults” will have a dossier. (CFDA-# 84.384) We have also found that this data base in Pennsylvania is a model state for the nation to implement a “womb to workforce” data base, (NCES Contract: CFDS-#84.384, PR/Award #R372A090022; grants dot gov Tracking #: Grant 10076087) that would start at birth and continue until retirement which connects the Department of Labor with wages in this dossier with the addition of the last 5 digits of the SSN or the connection to this Unique ID. (Correspondence between Secretary of Education Gerald Zahorchak and Secretary of Labor Sandy Vito). This creates a data base of human capital, your worth… or non-worth to the economy.

                  (Pennsylvania’s Workforce Data Quality Initiative Grant) (PA-WDQI)”

                  “The federal government in collaboration with Pennsylvania is developing psychological profiles on the families of this country through the personally identifiable information collected in the schools that will be used as a decision-making model for the future. The government wants to know HOW you think and WHAT you think and everything about YOU. This is a government intelligence operation using education to create a dossier on every family in this country. Attitudes and practices of each family are unwittingly revealed in the student’s response in the classroom and on tests through the “Special Ed Student Snap and Student Snap” (Pennsylvania State University, PennData Grant: Project Number 062-14-0-042: Federal Award Number: HO27A130162)”

                  On January 3, 2012 the new FERPA regulations went into effect that allow outside contractors to access student personally identifiable information in a student record. An Executive Order by President Obama allowed personal data to flow “unlocking” this data. (Source: EO 12866) States must have a policy in place that would allow a signed written agreement between the Department of Education and an outside contractor to gain access to this personal data for research. FERPA regulations changed the definition of WHO could access the data and WHAT could be accessed. The definition of personally identifiable information not only included student name, address, zip code, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, etc, it also included biometric data including fingerprints, voice prints, iris scans, DNA sequences, and facial recognition.

                  I had researched the templates for how an outside contractor could apply for this personal data. In May, I had a meeting in Harrisburg to explain these FERPA loopholes. I asked that a state representative request the names of the contractors who had access to Pennsylvania Personally Identifiable Information in student records. Pennsylvania Representative Lawrence received the documents last June, but then refused to give them to us. The next request was through the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Senator Mike Folmer, who requested the documents and forwarded them to us. The documents are explosive.

                  We arranged a meeting in Harrisburg on October 20, 2014, to explain the documents that we found. That meeting was attended by Senator Folmer’s aide, Representative Denlinger, Jeremy Kiehl Esq, Andrew Paris, aide to Governor Corbett, Ryan Bannister, Pennsylvania Against Common Core, and myself, Anita Hoge. I prepared the documents for the meeting and one by one, presented documents to the entire group.

                  The implications of the impact of these documents for the entire nation are astounding. These documents explain that Pennsylvania is a model to collect personal information on the student and his/her family. The student is given a “national unique ID” in order to monitor whether students were meeting government affective domain standards referred to as Interpersonal Skills Standards and Anchors. By 2007, 1.8 million students were given this unique ID in Pennsylvania, also categorizing college age students, starting at birth to age 21. The documents refer to the system as a “womb to workforce” database eventually connecting wages for a person’s worth or human capital” to the economy.

                  This is system of surveillance through contracts with the National Center of Education Statistics in a state longitudinal system for every state in the entire nation. It is being set up using the schools as a means to collect this data. This system connects to the demographic data collected by the census. In thirty years those students who had been given the “national unique ID” will be near retirement age, with absolutely no need for census gathering. This agenda replaces the census with details of psychological profiles, personally identifiable information, along with biometric data and demographic data of every person in the United States – a complete dossier!

                  You can Read rest of this article and also access Links to other website where full documents are at and various other Links to fully Prove and verify it all, at the newswithviews site and author named at begining of this posting…..Condor Day:4

                  PS: Ironic how this is done for documenting Natural Born leagle citizens of usa…While all them tens of Millions of UNDOCUMENTED mexican illeagles are just fine and Okay as they remain UN-documented eh!

                  Somethings radically Wrong with this picture and it all smells like a huge dead rat!…Keep undocumented illeagle border jumoers as is while legit real americans need to be so fully documented in Every Possible way-shape-form-and method right?

                  If anything should gain TOP priority #1 cause for alarm and action to Halt this in its tracks without any Compromize period…This sure sounds like that cause, no?

                  • Anonymous

                    Please go away. Scrolling past your diatribes is becoming tedious.

                  • mallardhen

                    I need to have more information on this so guess I’ll just go to the horse’s mouth as I was born, raised, educated in PA and still have family who live there. Their is a PA Senator who will answer my questions off the record in plain simple language a lowly retired teacher can understand all this you have written seem like double talk to me or just plain BS. I know the government is playing games and they are also seeking new methods of identification for its citizens but what you have written makes me think that you will be watched and followed from birth to death and if at anytime they feel you are not a productive person then wam – bam your gone, can’t get that to go around in my head; and you just might be surprised what goes around in my head sometimes it even make me say “what!”. I shell get back to you all.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  The Durango Boomerang, comes back to hit you in the head again.

                  Russia BTW/ Is not a Member of OPEC, and can do what it wants. It is the largest Oil Producer in the World.
                  Wiki- In 2011
                  According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2011 the top ten oil-producing countries accounted for over 63% of the world’s oil production.[2] As of November 2012, Russia produced 10.9 million barrels of crude per day, while Saudi Arabia produced 9.9 million barrels.[3]
                  Top oil producers: According to IEA top 10 oil producer countries produced over 64 % of the world oil production in 2012. The top oil producers in 2012 were: Russia 544 Mt (13 %), Saudi Arabia 520 Mt (13 %), United States 387 Mt (9 %), China 206 Mt (5%), Iran 186 Mt (4 %), Canada 182 Mt (4 %), United Arab Emirates 163 Mt (4 %), Venezuela 162 Mt (4 %), Kuwait 152 Mt (4 %) and Iraq 148 Mt (4 %). In 2012 total oil production was 4,142 Mt. [4] In 2011 the world oil production was 4,011 Mt demonstrating an annually rising trend in oil production.[5]

                  RE: XL Pipeline – The Alberta government estimated that in 2012, the supply cost of oil sands new mining operations was $70 to $85 per barrel. And we may see $30 Oil again soon.

                  I read the other day that to be profitable, the Falkland oil fields had to have a base oil price of $80. It’s at $63 now…

                  And Putin is trading oil revenue into Gold purchases.

                  Since Russia Provides Europe with their majority of Gas and energy Russia can charge what ever it wants to Europe. So who is going to hurt who here?

                  I am still searching for a direct link that states what Russia’s Cost is to produce a Barrel of Oil in US Dollars so we can see where Russia is losing money in Oil production. Anybody got that link? Please post it, Thx in advance. WWTI. We are interested in true facts here not some opinion of what Oil costs from inaccurate statements from Durrango Kiddy.

                • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

                  I think most people will think it’s despite Obama

              • Sean

                Public approval means nothing. Putin remains in power due to his ties with the oil producers. If they collapse, he does as well. The military works for who pays them. If they stop getting paid, they stop working for Putin.

                A civil war in Russia would be Yugoslavia, with nukes. A great video game, but lousy in reality.

                • durango kidd

                  I don’t see civil war in Russia. Next election number two becomes President, (good cop bad cop) and the good cop moves to repair relations.

                  Russia needs another ten years of prosperity and consolidation for potential world domination, and the NWO is smarter than we want to give them credit for: they are not gonna give Russia that ten years.

                  IE The BRICS are toast.

                  Never under estimate these guys. It would be, has been, a fatal mistake for Americans. 🙁

                  • Chip

                    DK, you sure have a lot of faith in your USA masters.

                  • passinwiththewind

                    Once again, dk is talking out of his ass, and showing his ignorance of subjects he likes to “portray” to others, that he is an expert on.

                    He pulls numbers and figures out his ass and expects the folks here to gobble them up….turds and all. His credibility is weak.

                    dk says. ” Russia needs another ten years of prosperity and consolidation for potential world domination,….It is Russia that will collapse. And low cost producer? Of what?”

                    I call, bullshit again!

                    Look at some facts:

                    Russia has a developed, high-income market economy with enormous natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas. It has the 9th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the 6th largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Since the turn of the 21st century, higher domestic consumption and greater political stability have bolstered economic growth in Russia.

                    . Russia is the world’s top producer of rye, barley, buckwheat, oats and sunflower seed, and one of the largest producers and exporters of wheat. They went from a major “importer” of grain, a few years ago to now, the third largest “exporter”. They have the fourth largest amount of cultivated land in the world.

                    Russia has shown growth in it’s economy every year since 2000. It’s unemployment figure stands about 5.4% which is unadulterated like the US figure. It’s production for goods and services has steadily increased, but is mostly consumed within it’s own borders.

                    Russia has the 5th largest amount of forest land in the world and has one of the worlds largest fishing fleets. It is now producing over 10 million tonnes of meat annually. Thats in excess of 24 million lbs of meat, which doesn’t account for family farm production.

                    With less than half the population of the USA, Russia is a productive and efficient country.

                    Since we are on the topic of fleets, how about this tidbit; Russia is now completing an additional 40 Naval ships to add to it’s fleet, which will make it comparable to the USA’s.

                    Russia has just entered into a deal with Turkey to construct a Nuclear facility there.

                    It has energy and military deals with China and others that bring in billions monthly.

                    Russia spends 13% of it’s GDP for education and University education is free, with some stipulations and quotas.

                    Russia is now taking control of Arctic lands for further oil and gas explorations. Who can stop the bear?

                    “Vulnerable”, “It is Russia that will collapse”.

                    Bull Caca! No time soon. They will not collapse until God allows it to happen and that will most likely “not” happen until the very end at Armageddon.

                    They will be very badly wounded and shaken from the Gog/Magog War, but defeated by USA or anyone else…not!

                    See, the descendants of Esau, then Edom, (Edomites), that mixed, with the remanants of Judah that went back after the Captivity by the Babylonian Empire, made up the early tribes of ‘Roosh’, later Russia. Those “fake” jews claimed the inheritance, the Edomites sold their birthright thru Esau, and God hated them for it.

                    God will not allow USA/modern Israel, to battle the “atheistic” government/military/large populace of the peoples; of Russia. He will do it himself.

                    Twice, in two battles close together, and most likely in this or the next decade.

                    The stage is being set, now.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    I am beginning to think DurrangoKiddy is so far off in most all of his statements that he may actually be a Paid Shill Spewing BS disinformation to confuse readers.

                    Call every liar out there immediately. And I will say If I am incorrect in my statements, please provide proof or a link to disprove my statements. I like the truth good or bad. And I will always try to post the exact facts.

                    Saudi’s cost per barrel is only $1-$2 and $4 to get it to Market, Not $98 Durrango claims from BloomBerg Shill Propaganda Mill.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Here is some facts to Ponder –

                    Russia’s National Debt is only at $233.5 Billion
                    USA at about $18 Trillion.

                    So when you ponder who is more eager to “GO TO WAR” to prop up their failing economy, looks like the USA is in the Shitter. What we are seeing now is Governments destroying each others economies instead of creating their own prosperity for their citizens. Thus we have a pack of Psychopaths as leaders who need to be removed from office.

                  • durango kidd

                    Chip: No I put my faith in Jesus Christ; but I don’t underestimate the NWO and neither should you or anyone else. Objectively they have been very successful implementing their programs : Agenda 21, FREE TRADE, NATO, NAFTA, WTO, GATT, etc, with TPP, & TAP on the way.

                    When attacked by the BRICS they struck back.

                    Now the BRIC’s are on the ropes and even China is at the precipice looking into the abyss if their economy collapses. (IE Housing prices in China have declined for the 7th month in a row.)

                    How much time do you give Venezuela before the People revolt against the Marxist Regime and install a NWO Nazi? 🙂

                  • durango kidd

                    PITW: I have been to Mochba before and I like Russia a lot. I especially like Putins national policies for Ruiis. Yes Russia has immense natural resources and a budget surplus right now. But that is changing rapidly with the collapse in oil prices.

                    I believe that they had $400 billion in currency reserves (about the same as Exxon), but had to spend $60 billion to prop up the rouble, until they didn’t. It didn’t work, the rouble is still falling. The NWO is turning the screws on Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

                    The pipelines to Turkey and China will take ten years to build and does NOTHING for their current economy. In six months of $70 a barrel oil, Russia will be seriously in the RED.

                    Oil & gas for Europe will be coming from Western Ukrainian Shale (the pipelines are already built), the GIANT Israeli oil & gas field in the Eastern Med (LNG), and from the USA and Saudi Arabia. The gas monopoly Russia has in Europe is rapidly disappearing.

                    The only option for Russia is war or capitulation until they are ready to challenge the NWO. Currently they are about 10 years away from that ability, both economically and militarily: if the NWO stands still. 🙁

              • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

                More like who’s more stupid?

            • Cede

              Coach …. How can you say Russia is a one trick pony? We don’t manufacture too much ourselves!! Theres very little that we produce to export to the world. Our pony doesn’t have too many tricks either these days.

              Sanctions are only hurting Russia because the Gloriously Truthful MSM keep telling us it’s so. Everything else the MSM spew out seems to be a load of donkey doo, and now we’re meant to believe them when they say Russia’s hurting? Yeah, ok …… Yawn, back to sleep ….

              The reason Russia’s making huge deals with China, is because they can. We dont have anything close to the resources that Russia has to be signing $400 Billion dollar deals with anyone!

              Face it – the US Dollar has had its day. Countries are happily moving away from its use, because it’s no longer in THEIR best interest to use our currency to control them. WWII ended seventy years ago and we still think after 70 years that we’re still number one. Well, we’re not.

              The only reason WWIII will break out is because our foreign policies are trying to control and manipulate other nations into doing it how WE want, so WE benefit through THEIR subservience to US.

              • Condor Day:4

                God wont do what with :Atheistic Russia”!???

                FYI: Russia Had 40,000 Orthodox Christian Churches that got destroyed by Jewish run soviet bolshevism during the russian jew revolt against White Christianity.

                Yet famous for being atheist soviet kommies them jewish leaders of it all somehow forgot to destroy even one single Jewish Synagouge! Hmmmmm…

                Fast FWD to NOW: Putin has been makeing good on his personal promice to Russians to Rebuild every former church jewdeo kommies destroyed. So far hes had aprox 300 churches rebuilt, including russias Main and largest church in Moscow that was rebuilt at a cost of around several Billion dollars us cash….It can be viewd inside and outside fully on an RT tv documentary video. It is a a fantastic work of rebuilding it back to exacting standards it was prior to the mass destruction of said churches.

                The Orthodox Christian folks dates back to actual times Christ walked the earth or very close to that era. It Is the original of christianity. Prior to aprox 1150 yrs ago it and the roman catholics were as ONE main church entity, before the “great Schizm” occured due to several major differences..But it was mainly differences within the Roman Catholic branch that created said problem and divisions into Two seperate entities.(jewish Popes for one major problem!)

                One Must remember that after close to a full century, at least 3/4ths of a century of Forced atheisim BY jewish soviet kommies, it may take russians awhile longer to fully recoup their former long held christianity nationally. But to now state it as atheistic russia?!

                Is absured at best and plain wrong. officially Russia has FOUR main religions listed as sactioned by their govnt and legit religions. but Orthodox christian is by Far the largest sect of all.

                Yes one can agree with or disagree with russias versions or practices of christianity…but No russia sure aint an atheistic nation any longer…Since Putin has Booted Out most of the former top billionaire and other lesser valued jews from russia. Many went to israel to reside with their Many ashkanazi Khazar fraud jew brothers and sisters of israel state…Some came Here, such as what we all hear of called the “Russian Mafia or Mob” but of which the ONLY thing Russian about the most evil deadly mafia in existence today, is the name “Russian” since its membership is all or close to all…jewish mafioso.

                Major jew taboo is probobly reason we never hear TV news call it a jewish Mob or mafia…but jewish it certainly is!

                Perhaps some folks here has fallen to hard for various biblical interpretations as promoted by pastors like john hagee and many others of his Ilk?….Sounds like it.

                Many of OT bible prophecy was based on and only remaind as valid still as long as ancient Israel Obeyed Gods and Theirs covenant…They didn’t obey, God got Pissed, Christ Ratified the NEW covenant 2000 yrs ago, and ever since many former written prophetic events presented as still YET to happen at some future time…Wont.

                Not because Gods wrong or somehow lied etc!…No…Not possible…What it all means is simply ALL prophetic events set to occure at future dates of time, that were based on the Old covenent that israel and judah both kingdoms failed to maintain due to Disobedience and outright Blasphemic worships of many false gods, killing of their kids by throwing kids into fire of false god Molech etc etc, has basiclly Canceled out many such prophecys and they are not going to happen any longer.

                Unless the NEW covenant also says it will happen.

                ALSO: Many events promoted as yet to happen by hagee type pastors and other dispensationists, has Already Occured long ago. They have been fullfilled already and were a one time thing or event.

                If them type pastors Remove their main method of always trade off word of ISRAEL in the bible For the word of JEW every bible verse its found at…Then most all they claim and promote to occure falls as Flat as a dead squirrel after a few cars roll over it in a road.

                Waiting for that city of syria to fall soon?…Another event that already happened long ago…

                Just because a word translated to english may state “Forever” as in a city ends forver…Don’t have to always mean forever as WE think it means…Biblically speaking terms can mean, forever is simply a way to state a very long time from now…And that city of ASSyria not “syria” did fall and end and for a very Long time frame in past history…but now today we have phony pastors like Hagee whos on a roll collecting mucho casho from every possible place he can fill pockets from including Israel and its polititions and zionists, so do not be shocked if it seems at times as if maybe things are being caused to happen that resemble bible prophecy being fullfilled, again a second time at times, so to cause folks deluded by hagee type falsehoods to actually believe all that former stuff done away with due to the new covenant, is somehow still happening in Our times!

                IE: perhaps hagees israeli rabbi pals along with USA polititons and usa Military and usa banks cash, is creating situations to make stuff appear as if it is prophecy happening Now or very soon will.

                For How else can Hagee EtAl keep so many delusional and believing his brand of falsehoods taught as truth?

                By makeing stuff happen as written! or make it close to as written and then tell folks LOOKY there! Hallaluyah folks Bless them jews so god dont whack america!

                As of 2000 aprox yrs ago the entire world functions on NEW covenant times and events etc…Any conflicts with Old covenant OT events as predicted?…Is ok and canceled out by the NEW…Similar to a Home mortgage when it gets RE financed…The refi contract is what holds water now and none of the old orig contract matters now as its been Replaced by the NEW one…For Only One contract can exist at one time frame…Hagee refutes that and says we has TWO different covenants, one for jews and other covenant for all non jews so jews do not need Christ for salvation etc!

                Total Blasphemy of all blasphemies!..Only ONE is at work in world today and it is never being replaced or changed again as per new testement verses says so. Who ya gonna trust, your bibles or John “I got a Free Lear jet Plane from NY and israel jews for acting as the best Shabboz Goy jews ever saw” hagee?…I trust the bible not hagee.

                • passinwiththewind

                  same old condor/******** (past moniker), but i know who you are.

                  You read things how you want, to so you can rant.
                  That’s OK, in fact sometimes i like to read your rant and I am with you about the fake Joo/Bolshevic/Kahzar/Germanic Rothschild zog bansters.

                  But FYI.. I never said Russia was an atheistic Nation, as a whole. I was very precise when i said…” the “atheistic” government/military/large populace of the peoples; of Russia.” So don’t twist my words around.

                  I did not say the “major or whole” populace. I did infer the government and military were atheist as a “whole or major” part, and i stick to that.

                  According to recent polls, nearly 50% of Russians claim to be Non-religious (atheistic) and 8% Muslim (fake) and the others were a mix, but mainly Eastern orthodox, which is primarily Roman Catholic, and with some arguements, can be partially considered a fake religion.

                  I believe there are a large number of “true” Bible believing Christians in Russia. But, predominately the populace is not a practicing part of that type.

                  • Condor Day:4

                    I never tried to hide who I am…I explained it a few articles back where i posted that i had NO other choice but to change my screen poster name here due to all a sudden every post i tried to do when i hit the submit tab it simply totally disappeared to thin air…EVERY time!

                    NONE went to moderators, none got posted up, and i got tired of spending alot of time typing with two fingers style of typeing and re doing as many spell errors as i could find, yet everytime I hit submit it just disappeared forever to thin air or???

                    my Condor name has no other reason BUT for That. I wish I could have kept my other name of “Them Guys” as I prefer it.

                    And YES what You wrote sounded a whole lots like you are stateing that russia is still an athiest nation etc. I do not now recall the exact percentage of russian christians?..but I do recall recently on RT TV or I read it elsewheres that a Much larger portion than just 50% of russians are practicing christians again…maybe closer to High 80’s% bracket? maybe larger yet?…if i find it I will post that ifno or link.

                    You are also very wrong baseing so much bible prophecy stuff on the same terms as hagee type pastors does.

                    Paul wrote in new testement about how YES the NEW testement which Means the NEW “Covenant” has REPLACED the OLD covenant forever and that there Now, or then and now, NO longer any distinction between a JEW-A GREEK aka gentile-A male-Nor a Female as we are ALL as ONE in Christ.

                    Paul also said the NEW covenant is a much BETTER one and as such is Never again going to be replaced period.

                    since that day 2000 yrs ago there is simply ZERO aka NONE salvation gained thru DNA of Birth or birth mother as jews claims etc…And zero, aka NO such thing as a seperate old covenant for jews VS a new one only for gentiles like hagee promotes. He promotes falsehoods galore, and total huge blasphemy to the inth degree on most all he teaches on jews and israel issues and most all else he teaches also. hes likly todays Biggest total Fraud preacher out there in TV land ministry besides the rest of that TBN circus act of fraud phony money grubbers.

                    The bible stuff on a nation From the North attacking etc in ezekial or isiah??? was fullfilled back around 720 BC era when Assyria if i recall correct from memory was that NORTH nation, and the southern enemys nation was Egypt If I recall it right from memory??

                    it Has ZERO to do with Todays events or Israel state of khazar edomite posers as jewry…NOR does Russia play any such roles in that as many hagee types has promoted..

                    It is as phony and dispensationalistic hagee nonsenseical as his/theirs PRE Trib Escape events are….The actual bible verses when read fully IN full context can be comprehended by a 12 year old kid…NO pre trib event period. NO quiet secret xtra second or actualy third comming of Jesus to rapture escape christians prior to Bad stuff occures on earth..Christianity is going to remain HERE with the unbelievers.

                    Its why the dead souls under the alter in heaven when cry out to ask God “When?! How much Longer do we have to wait for vengence on them what killed us off”?..They get told to wait a bit longer untill the REST of their Christian Brethren get also Killed as they did etc etc…That cannot ever occure if every christian disaperas in a rapture event prior to that. Its very easy to understand once one rejects all that phony pastor jew inspired zio crap as taught today and simply Reads it one self.

                • passinwiththewind

                  Condor says….

                  “Many of OT bible prophecy was based on and only remaind as valid still as long as ancient Israel Obeyed Gods and Theirs covenant…They didn’t obey, God got Pissed, Christ Ratified the NEW covenant 2000 yrs ago, and ever since many former written prophetic events presented as still YET to happen at some future time…Wont.”

                  You my friend are delusional as d kidd.
                  You both make statements and remarks that incline the reader to believe you are bible believers…but;
                  You farts wouldn’t know bible truths if it walked up and slapped the mortal piss right out you’re mouths.

                  The other day i quoted a lot of bible truths to dk and he said he didn’t believe “one word”. Now you are trying to say that unfulfilled bible prophecy is bullshit, and it ain’t gonna happen. Like Ezekiel 38 & 39.

                  Well, you two are gonna be in for a rude awakening someday on the near horizon.
                  My Bible and my God says, He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That don’t sound like He is gonna change His mind about what He inspired to be written.

                  In fact, every last word will come to pass as written.
                  You may or not be here in the fleah, but you will know when it happens, and you will chew on those lies you spout.

                  You may fool somebody as ignorant as yourself, but you won’t fool this bible study student.
                  Have a good trip, condor/themguys/*****

                  • Condor Day:4

                    Yes you are Very very mixed up. Likly due to too much Hagee type BS he teaches. and YES God has every right to change His mind. Why wouldn’t he? You believe that Man is created IN gods own Immage and LIKENESS yet even though Men can and do change their minds God is unable to do same?…Nonsense and foolish at best.

                    The Very Fact that most OT prophecy and God promiced FUTURE stuff or blessings TO all 12 tribed Israel at various times thru the entire OT part or books of bible have never yet happened….AND while MOST not All but Most were soly dependant upon Obedience to the mutual old covenant how can they Now get fullfilled after a NEW covenant replaced the Old one?….Nothing in the new one says that stuff is still valid.

                    God being same now as yesterday etc has zero to do with this issue. God Never broke ANY such promices…Israel tribed folks did!…THEY screwed it all up big time foolsih one…if Now God did fullfill certain promiced blessings etc or prophetic events such as one day the israelite tribes will rule entire world etc….AFTER they violated that covenant…That is what will make God look like a fraud…And hes Not a fraud God. he is a JUST God who meant what he says when he many times warned the North kingdom of Israel and likewise the south kingdom of Judah that if they continue rejecting the MUTUAL covenant at some point in time He is going to totally and fully CUT OFF all of them…Well as in book of jeramiah God did cut them off. Jeramiah warned the Judah and benjamin tribes of south kingdom to be READY to SOON accept a brand NEW covenant and the ONE being sent to Them with it! aka that would be one Jesus Christ whom they caused to get Murdered!

                    Its YOU trying to conjur up a scenario where yes BOTH covenants can fucntion at same time frame of Now and the Future soon. That is whats wrong with what You promote.

                    ALL you really need know of is wrote in the entire NEW testement books period…If you was on a deserted island with zero pastors or others to assist you and all you had to read was the NEW testement books can You still become a true christian believer without the OLD testement books?…YES of course you can…Try That revresed with Just the OLD testement books to become a true christain..You can’t be one that way since ALL you really need know of is contained in the NEW testement books.

                    I aint saying the old one is invalid to READ as in a historical sense to learn from etc as yes its good too..But the very word of “testement” means as to TESTIFY…ok so testify of What exactly? Of the NEW covenant of Christianity, which, if a true christian you Must believe IS the ONLY true path to salvation period.

                    What do You not yet Get?….The bible was spirit inspired yes…BUT it still was wrote in the ways and word meanings as those who wrote it used and understood back Then.

                    to believe that every individual word of the entire bible must occure as wrote etc?…Thats ridiculous.

                    What did Chrsit as the angel in REV TELL John to Do after john got shown the future etc?…Was not John Told BY Christ “Now GO write down what YOU has seen and Heard”?…YES thats precicely what John was told to do.

                    Did John use year 90 ad or so word meanings or modern day 2014 words?…Come On its the easy question!

                    Yes correct Johns words were His own as he used word meanings…if each word has to occure as wrote?…Did John actually see and mean a TEN HEADED Dragon like BEAST nation rise from sea?….OR did John simply call it a ten headed BEAST and really Mean a nation or group of nations that has TEN top leader honchos?…Or maybe john meant TEN grouped as one nation each with a seperate PREZ or leader hocnho which numbered a total of TEN Prez’s?

                    Because if you go with what hagee types promote that every single individual bible word you ever read Must occure strictly as wrote?…Thats total nonsense.

                    in some sections where very lagre amounts was meant and back then no such number as millions nor billions yet got invented for word useage…The writers simply wrote it as with many zeros…Or like Thousands of thousands…What if one million is what happens?…Is That the same damn Thing as thousands of thousands? of course its same.

                    What do YOU not as Yet get?..

                    I Know!! like doc holliday said to ike clanton..

                    “ike perhaps we should try to Play a new game?! I know! lets play a spelling game Ike!”

                    Hows about We play a new game called “Try Playing all of Your many John Hagee tapes backwards like an older beatles album, and listen very closely for Secret words and meanings like “Pauls the walrus!” or “I shot john” as so many Hippies did when stoned on lsd trips at timmy leerys crib while doing their tune in, turn on, drop out game.

                    indeed play hagges tapes backwards and i shall eagerly await the outcome from that ok…Thanks in advance for the future backwards hagee tapes infos I am certain you are going tp provide as a tool of vast hagee enlightenment!

                  • Anonymous

                    So them guys, now God can change his mind whenever he wants and make rule changes on the fly,eh? Jesus H., you’re so far gone you are NEVER coming back. Put your helmet on major tom, this is earth,signing off.

                  • 123...

                    Them Guys/Condor: The Lord rebuke you and your obvious twisting of the scriptures. I am praying against you and your satanic understanding of the Holy book. Not to mention, you will stand before the Lord one day and when he asks you about all the disinformation you have spread…well…it may suck to be you.

                    There is much we don’t understand about the bible. There is also much that is very clear.

                    Jews are God’s chosen people. God can’t lie. He will NEVER break his covenants with HIS people. It didn’t get transferred to the Christians. Get over it.

                    Jesus, our Savior, is a Jew. Get over it.

                    The Bible says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Get over it.

                    The Bible says God will avenge anyone who hurts His (Jews) people. Get over it.

                    Old and New Covenants can be true at the same time. Don’t tell God what he can and can’t do. Get over it.

                    Jews might have broken God’s covenants and were punished, but God will never break His promises to His people, EVER. God cannot lie. Get over it.

                    The Old Testament and the New Testament are two sides of the same coin. We wouldn’t understand the one without the other. They make a whole. They affirm each other, prove each other true. Jesus quoted from the OT. Get over it.

                    You mix apples and oranges to come to a conclusion and use the “JOOS” you so love to hate as your reference sources and as your proof. (The Joos are evil, filthy, scum, liars….a Joo told me so….so, it must be true….) LOL….

                    Don’t bother with a 500 word diatribe, to make me “prove it.” There have been many good people here who ‘proved” you wrong. Repeatedly. With scripture. With facts.

                    You obviously have an AGENDA…I hope most can see thru it. Eh?

                  • passinwiththewind

                    Yea, yea yea.

                    Got it all figured out, don’t ya, big guy. eh????

                    Same ole washed up window washer like you were many moons ago when you tried to egg me into a pissin match.

                    it takes a fool to argue with a fool, when the fool has a preconceived picture of that person, and locked in with it. I ain’t nobody’s fool and too old and wise to fall into your little pissin contest.

                    If you knew anything at all about me you would know these two things that i am gonna set you straight on, and then as before I’m done with your narrow minded conversations.

                    i never have followed John Haggee and his teachings. I have learned the truth about a doctrine of man, about a so-called rapture. That was about 8 years ago when i got a personal revelation from God. I no longer need a flesh man to lead/teach, me, I have the Holy Spirit that helps me with biblical understandings.

                    The pre-trib/mid-trib, rapture theory is a hoax, created by Satan, and propagated by many preachers and teachers. Many do it out of ignorance, as well as the millions that follow it. Other teach it because it fills the pews and brings in the $$. And many of those folks follow it because it is a “feel good, gonna leave the heatherns behind to suffer”, ideology.

                    Yes there are many so called Christians that want to see others suffer. That is why they cling to a “burn and suffer like bacon sizzling in a frying pan; FOREVER”, mentality, about hell.

                    My bible, written by my God, doesn’t teach that it will transpire that way.

                    Have a good trip with your warped ideas about the Old Testament teachings being “nailed to the cross”. They were not, only the blood sacrificing of animals, was nailed.


                • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

                  Does anyone even read Condors Jew novels?
                  I know I don’t. Guaranteed to be a bunch of Jew nonsense

              • The Old Coach

                (If you managed to get past Condor’s diatribe, this post refers back to Cede’s.) America does manufacture stuff. In fact we manufacture and export quite a lot. My last job with a capital-equipment company had clients in automotive, heavy equipment, medical, pumps and valves, oilfield tools, tires, material handling systems, packaging machinery, electrical controls, computer hard drives, industrial robots, printing presses, farm machinery, airframes, jet engines, firearms, and on and on and on. From 1993 when I joined until 2009 when I retired, the company never had an off year, and my old colleagues report that the trend has continued right up to FY 2013, (last year on record.) Grew from $30 million a year to over $150 million in gross revenues. Somebody must be manufacturing something. Our typical machines ran about a quarter million apiece, and that cost doubled when you included tooling and programming. Nobody buys those just to decorate the office reception room.

                Just look at cars and light trucks. How many “foreign” brands are actually manufactured here? Honda, Mercedes, Toyota….how many am I forgetting?

                The machines we supplied were engineered in Germany, but BUILT here. Ditto some German machine tool companies I worked in cooperation with. (German industry considers the USA to be a low cost manufacturing location!)

                I can add that two or three major raw-plastics companies, (Bayer is one) are planning new factories in the Ohio River region to utilize all this low-cost natural gas from the Marcellus Shale. Companies that make steel pipe must be going 24/7 to supply enough pipe to build the thousands of miles of pipelines they are putting in for the Marcellus Shale alone.

                What you don’t see is low-tech, labor-intensive mass market stuff like kitchen utensils, cheap clothing and shoes, cheap consumer electronics, etc.

                And you don’t see higher employment in the US manufacturing sectors because automation has taken over. Transmission parts which once required a team of several hundred workers to produce in quantity now are made using just a dozen or two.

          • pyrrhus99

            Yes, Russia is a low cost producer, and has no intention of getting in any wars…they can just wait for us to collapse….

            • durango kidd

              It is Russia that will collapse. And low cost producer? Of what? Their breakeven cost for oil is $101 a barrel. Their GDP is tanking. 🙂

              • Boston Patriot

                What does the U.S produce these days but crap cars and munitions and war? We don’t even manufacture the clothes to put on our backs any more. America was the worlds undisputed economic hub. That is, until we offshored the lions share of our manufacturing base to the Pacific rim.

                • durango kidd

                  Agreed, but we are THE low cost producer in the oil renaissance. Who would have thunk it??? 🙂

                  • Ghost Rider

                    I think you miss read the part of the article you are quoting.

                    It said Russia could balance its entire budget at $101 dollars a barrel. I’m willing to bet its breakeven point is substantially below that.


                • Archivist

                  Hardwick Clothes in Cleveland, TN still manufactures tailor-made suits and blazers. It was recently bought out by a resident of Cleveland who is investing in it big time and intends to keep it running.

                • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

                  Dollar bills

              • Alex

                Durango stop dreaming again 🙂 You don’t even understand what you are saying. How could a country that is sitting on such vast natural resources collapse? This is simply an impossible event. And where did you get your GDP numbers from? WSJ? or BusinessWeek? How do you know its true? And why should we believe you? There are plenty of valid questions for which you definitely do not have answers which means that you have to shape up before you start making your empty claims again 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  Alex; I could care less whether you believe me or not. 🙂

              • Condor Day:4

                DK: RT TV has Many documentary type show videos that profile every section of Russias vast lands. 11-Time zones big! Three times as large in total size as usa is!

                the last RT show video showed in three parts of hour long videos the Russian Timber industry. Its Huge. Very very huge. Siberia alone is wider across then entire usa is. They cut trees down in Waist Deep snow! untill spring thaw and summer when they also work on timbering trees and logging jobs all year long.

                Prior to That three part video, RT showed several others also. One had the russian Heavey equip front end loaders etc indusrtry, major large trucks factories etc.

                Prior to That RT has video shows very sizable and growing constantly, building of High Tech Hosp type equipment such as Cat-Scan machines like we have her in usa hospitals.

                in fact some of that equip was first invented in russia. If I recall correct they are who made the very first full Color cat scans available to hospitals around the world.

                Then RT showed several part, hr long videos of farms and cattle ranches…HUGE sized of each type…Many ranchers and huge farms were owned and Run by Former USA citizens that moved to russia for the vast oportunity. yes they all complained to RT crews that russia still has many stupid regs and state mandated laws to do away with to make it eaiser to do business there for farmers or ranchers…Same goes for most type buisness there..

                BUT…That old regulations dates back to soviet days of total controls…Russias parliment and putin has been doing away with that old stuff as fast as they can to fix what soviet kommie rule fucked up so bad.

                One cannot expect the WALL to Fall down, and then two weeks later russias a whole new nation of total everythings swell and fine again!…it Took close to a century to fuck up russia thanks to jewdeo Bolshevik Kommie rule…it May take a bit longer to fix it all back to swell again…Also do NOT believe all we was always told was fact or true regards the former rule of CZAR in russia…IE: we were all told russins hated their mean evil czar big time!..WRONG INFO Again!

                Former Orthodox Christian White russia Loved their great christian Czar….He was a king who did care deeply for well being of russians folk and did many good things constantly For His peoples prosperity and well being etc.

                We was told the opposite due to jewry runs usa MSM totally…And it was jews who so hated the russian Czar. Because like so many Other kings in europe did the russian czar also got fed up and tired of constant whinny jew crys for more this or that, kinda same as negroes here whines for more free stuff always..never can satisfy them two groups it seems eh.

                The russian jewry demanded to alow their Rabbis to be their jewish govnt AND religious leadership…Same as Muslims desires a same religion And Govnt rule as ONE entity…Talmudic Law is same thing as Koranic in that respect. So the czar said Ok jews you get the entire settlement of pale for your very own to reside in and can have any form govnt or laws you jews desires!

                However…ALL jews MUST always Remain Within the pale boundries and if caught fucking around in whiteys backyards or front yards and citys doing typical jewry swindles, usury intrest loans of cash etc etc etc…Then jews gets a huge problem from the czar king…

                The jews never get satisfied…protest & Extract Cash money is their Two major jobs. Some Kings once fed up aint afraid to tell jews to get screwd and EXIT the lands if jews aint happy there…Russias czar was one such king. Too Bad our usa Prez aint that way eh.

                Bottom line is that russia has ongoing industry etc far greater than most folks think…What do you expect with usa MSM a total sham for infos?

                • Anonymous

                  WOW! The Russians LOVED the Czar, huh? Sounds a lot like the “love” you have for jews and blacks. By the way them guys, let me ask you a rhetorical question. If you had your way and could kill all the jews, blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, and everybody else not like you, whose fault would it be that the world still was not like the 1960’s?

                • durango kidd

                  Condor: I have been to Russia before and I am fully cognizant of its vast natural resources: which makes it a great prize and likely target for China. 🙂

                  • Condor Day:4

                    Anon: you dont even know me at all so obviously all you wrote of bears zero truth or meanings. I have NO such desires. I do not hate anyone. I do greatly hate and despise what some groups folks do or act like yes…But thats a far cry away from harboring any such feelings you accuse me of…

                    Your idiotic posting sounds like another Typical jewy whinny reply made whenever jews, balcks, liberals just cannot stand to read or hear of truths like I post up.

                    Its is due I think to that masive brainwashing of kommie crap most of them three groups are inflicted with.

                    That kommie braiwashinf stuff is a spiritual evilness unlike all others…It came straight From Satan in Hell, handed off to a few russian jews back in 1848 ad, and then written down in marx’s manifesto or is that insecto. as in good for cockroach kommies.

                    Main real reason Marx did that marxism kommie stuff is it is actually a form or type of judaic talmudism but for Goyim gentiles…That way the brainwashed jews keep their source of talmud seperateist so jews can keep a belife they are a special class compared to us goys…

                    Got it yet? am I going too fast for you anon? Ok lets slow down a bit…Talmudic judaism is communisim for jewry…while marxist communism is talmudism for gentile goys! that way when the jew fantasy Jwo NWO time arrives they can rule jewry and goys as one group with near exact brainwashed crap rules…Got it Now?

                    you need to comprehend that we who speak of various negroe or jew issues are no different than folks who speak of their kids or favortie ball teams or favorite ice cream flavors…Why is it ONLY when truth on jew issues or blacks issues said or wrote of, THEN somehow whoever says or write it is a bad evil hater?

                    What about the filthy crap their talmud teaches about Us gentiles and Jesus Christ for starters eh? Why do YOU never condemn jews for That evil bad crap?

                    Because You are an idiot asshole based on the idiotic stupid reply you directed to me is why…but You know this already right! indeed you must know about your self as much as you do NOT know one single thing of me in reality…So kindly Kiss My Whitey Ass and Buzz off.

                    PS with so many anonamouse’s here lemme guess which You are ok…I’d wager You are the anonamouse that is the Liberal dem female one whos usually as daffy as a three dollar bill most days…Am I correct? You are that idiotic emotional feelings based female lib dem right?

                    I Knew it! Do I win a SIX pointed Star to proudly display like a good neocon shabboz goyim now?

                  • 123...

                    Them Guys/Condor:

                    Condor quote….”Anon: you dont even know me at all so obviously all you wrote of bears zero truth or meanings. I have NO such desires. I do not hate anyone. I do greatly hate and despise what some groups folks do or act like yes…But thats a far cry away from harboring any such feelings you accuse me of…

                    Your idiotic posting sounds like another Typical jewy whinny reply made whenever jews, balcks, liberals just cannot stand to read or hear of truths like I post up….”

                    LOL…you are seriously disturbed….do you even listen to yourself? All you can do is scream hatred at the JOOS and John Hagee (and others). Then insult anyone who disagrees with you. Someone used to write “poison words” under your posts. Amen to that…

                  • Anonymous

                    Condor, yes, ” I got IT now”. You don’t hate ANYBODY,eh? Jesus Christ nutcase, read your own postings for Christ’s sake! You’re pissed because you aren’t reaching anybody new with your hate and religious spewing, sure, you’ve got a couple other nutjobs here who like you but they’re old like you also. When you die, your message dies with you, I think the world will thankful when that day arrives to put US out of YOUR misery,amen.

                • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

                  Glad we lost the stupid thumbs up, thumbs down system
                  Now we just need an ignore option. Condor would be first
                  Your shit is just way too long

          • JustMe

            I can’t imagine Russia would be able to hold it’s own too long with oil prices being crashed. China will probably benefit from this, maybe float Russia some cash. Even that can only go on so long.

            As far as fracking is concerned, I have seen the damage it does, having worked the oilfield. Nice to have cheap shale gas, but at the expense of potable aquifers, is a very short-sighted bad trade off.

            And, ultimately, this doesn’t really help the US for too long, only the people who use the US, as their hammer.
            Humans have such potential, and it’s all being squandered by a handful of parasites, who view people as game pieces on their game board. Sad.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Fracking Co’s in California dumped 3 Billion gallons of fracking waste into Cali’s Drinking Aquifer. Can’t fix Stoopid.

              • JustMe

                People don’t want to hear it. They want to hear about high dollar oil jobs. Won’t matter for them much longer anyway.

                Meanwhile, yesterday in St.Louis, a 32 yr old White man, Zemir Begic, was beaten to death by black males, with hammers. He is survived by his widow, whom he only recently married. Of course, the cops say it wasn’t a “hate crime”, after all, only White commit hate crimes. And msm is mute on this, as usual…

                There were more people murdered by blacks in the last week, but, just another day of White Genocide.

            • Me

              Fracking has never made potable aquifers un-potable. You are a troll and have never worked in a oil field.

              • The Old Coach

                Correct, but because it’s Old Coach saying it, it’s a lie.

                I live immersed in a district with literally hundreds of fracked gas wells. Can count a dozen or so within five miles. The only incidents we have had are a negligent discharge of one truckload of salt water into a pond, and a pipeline fire about 20 miles to the north of me.

                Wanna know what my main bitch is? These imported pipeline/well workers drive like maniacs on our narrow roads, and throw trash out their windows.

          • Marcus

            Agree. Russia would have to be tied to the western petrodollar for this to hurt them. This is Russia wrecking the dollar on the way out to their alternative currency. Kind of like the psycho ex girlfriend torching the boyfriends house on the way to the new man

          • Steve in Ramona

            me too…I also call BS on this. Fracking will come back and bite us in the butt when ground water is ruined and the wells go dry faster than normal wells.

          • andrew

            I agree.
            Russia is more financially secure with multiple new trade deals with brics and especially now china and india and last few days add turkey.

            Howeer the now OLD speech by lavrov does demonstrate russian disgust with lawless usa and pusilanimous backstabbing eu.

          • jo

            Your dead on,,,Its pure bull shit

          • The Universe

            I agree but likely for other reasons.

            This price decrease is mostly due to cratering demand which is in turn due to the end of USD based QE.

            This will hurt the US oil industry LONG before it injures that of Russia.

            US Shale is a bubble and it is popping now.

          • Malecon

            Absolutely. The “West” just doesn’t get it does it?

        • James

          I don’t begin to understand all of what is happening but do like the lower gas prices. I know my SS won’t go up much so that will help a little. Thank goodness I have my little place in the boonies that nobody will be attracted to!
          That said, we have been told this stuff for years and nothing real big has happened so I am just sitting here trying to figure this out to no avail. Am I just thick or stupid I don’t know. I do know a ton of very rich folk have a lot more to lose than me! Will they let it happen or not? Beyond their control? Will “take care of” the PTB if it does? Who knows.
          Trying to prepare as best I can and praying it will not be as bad as this article suggests. God Bless, James

          • The Old Coach

            It’s a good old-fashioned price war, pure and simple. Right now there’s no major producer that’s in any way crippled by war or revolution, (even Iraq is still pumping like mad), and here’s the USA coming on stream with Bakken crude, Eagle Ford crude, and Marcellus natural gas. Not to mention the Canadian tar sands production, which is only just getting started.

            So the A-rabs are playing the only ace they hold – pump like crazy and hope that a few of the higher cost producers go bankrupt.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Here is the Problem. Will massive dropping of gas prices we will see States imposing more Tax per gallon to raise Revenue for bankrupt state and local economies. With 10% of US Bridges and Infrastructure delapitated and falling apart. Cheap gas prices will allow more traffic which puts stress and demand on these crumbling bridges. Maybe they can use gas taxes for infrastructure an jobs recovery. Again those oil companies with deep pockets will crush tge small oil companies who depend on high gasprices since their cost to produce is much higher with less economies of scale. Yeah we will see $2 gas by March 2015. Just like I said a few months ago we will see $60 for a barrel of oil here in Dec. Forget flying anymore, go drive and see the country, but watch out for lots of speed trap revenue raisers harassing the public.

          • dave in Idaho

            @ condor…Back in 06-09 the Chevrolet corvette assembly line was manned by about 80% Jews. 90% of purchaces were by Jews. Chances are some Jew DNA is going to be transdermally absorbed into you.

            • Condor Day:4

              These vettes are all cleaned properly so no worrys there. I care not who prior owned such a car. Any car that has such low miles and is clean enough to eat off of the motor or undercarriage is a ok by me.

              I aint so sure your percentages numbers are correct on that neither….but either way makes zero difference to me. I do have a few jewish pals too you know. I spent most of 25 yrs working for jews at their own homes and buisness’s back when I still was working.

              I worked on some of the costliest homes in the entire lower mich areas suburbs of detroit. they were $2-million dollar homes back in the 1980’s even…Very wealthy type cribs I worked on…Most I did on monthly basis too. So I got to know many jewish folks and watched their small kids grow to full adulthood before i quit working. I probobly know more about jews and jew issues than most folks here that aint jewish.

              I even did the work at the detroit cardinals crib the day prior to when the Pope visited hamtramack!…aprox 102 rooms! 27 seperate thermostats to control just the air conditioner!…used to be one of the orig Dodge Bros mansions…That Dodge car brother sold it to catholic church for One dollar even to make it all leagle…What a cool masive 4 story crib it was…Hand carved mahogany woodwork in celings, on front mantels of fireplaces, full double stairway to upper levels…Like a crib in some older hollywood Movie mansion style…Very elegant and equisite as can be…Mr Dodge brought Old europeam craftsmen Here to do the work of carpentry and stone masonery etc…What a great house it was my number one favorite crib if I could choose just one of all the other millionaire mansions i did work for…That Old dodge mansion/detroit cardinals crib is the one I’d choose for certain….What a fine example of craftsmanship and built around 1920 era on Boston Blvd at corner of woodward ave…Man of man what a cool crib. Now just One guy the cardinals resided there! an entire biker club can live in it without any room problems…One guy lives in it now…a priest!

              I have no personal problems with any jews or negroes per se…it is simply I hate and despise what most of each groups peoples do or act like is all…No real difference from you guys who detest or despise libera dems and say so always…..Whys it ok fine to despise dem liberals but not if its a jewish dem lib?

              I always treat all folks a they deserve based on how do They treat me….But I refuse to like stuff done by some of them.. I see that as perfectly normal and very similar to most folks here. Don’t You also?

            • 123...


        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          SHTF in Detriot- MASSIVE POWER OUTAGE:

          Detroit police, jails and other municipal buildings plunged into darkness:

          Detroit is in the midst of a major power outage that has affected most of downtown and even interrupted an infamous court case.

          The city has lost power to municipal buildings including fire, police, jails, traffic lights and schools, a spokesperson has confirmed. The lights reportedly went out around 10:30 a.m.

          Images from local media show many buildings downtown without power. Several people have been reported stuck in elevators. At least 100 buildings in the Motor City are reportedly affected.

          All schools are in the dark and have been dismissed early, according to WDIV.

          Many buildings including Joe Louis Arena, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and parts of Wayne State University are being evacuated, the Detroit News is reporting.

          The lights are also reportedly out at every single fire house in the city.

          The Robert Bashara murder-for-hire trial, which has made headlines around the country, was reportedly stopped by the power outage — the second such incident since the trial began.

          “This is unusual … it’s cold. They don’t own a generator? They should look into that,” Michelle Devroy groaned to the paper.

          The power outage has also affected the People Mover, an above-ground trolley service.

          No cause has yet been given.


          • dave in Idaho

            Maybe it wasnt a generation problem, but a transmission problem.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yeah I’m going to mow my lawn twice a week now, instead of just once. lol Just kidding.

        • Freeillinois

          There is one thing that people do not understand, the only real boom in our economy is the oil/energy sector, if oil falls below $75-80/barrel the Illinois basin and the Shale oil area’s will be in a bind.

          Locally oil companies in the Illinois basin are already cutting back. Oil is $62. The contract rigs are not working. Drilling has all but stopped. Companies are now shutting down low volume 1-2 barrel/day wells.

      • FreeSlave

        Mac Slavo: “But the powers-that-be in the elite Anglo-financial world are betting that it will be enough to hold U.S. power across the world, boost the U.S. economy and hold its competitors in the ongoing game of global chess at bay.”

        See? And who says that Obola doesn’t believe in American Exceptionalism?

      • anon

        The link below will allow you to send a free fax to all three of your congressmen requesting that they DEFUND the E.O. (illegal) amnesty reform effort by Obama. Please take the time to oppose this unconstitutional act.

        It will only take few minutes of your time to fill out the required information and clicking the SEND button. About two more weeks left in the lame duck congress.


      • Acid Etch


      • Acid Etch

        Tip: carry a blanket or coat in your lap when you fly in case the cabin suddenly depressurizes.

        • Cellar Spider

          You’re too funny. I always find your over the top statements hilarious…..and yes, I do know that you believe that you are just toying with us simple minded folk….but that is OK. You’re still very funny.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I was thinking more of a Lap Dance all while I was flying. And if the cabin decompresses, Yep BJ. Mile High club. Hey Remember Hooter Airlines? I flew my Mom once a flight on Hooters Airlines one time to FL. Told her to get me a few phone numbers.. lol

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Cheap Gas is good for America. The price has been manipulated for 50+ Yrs.

      • DMONIC

        Blah Blah Blah. More “Buy from my ads! The sky is falling!”

        Ive been hoping, waiting for SHTF for the last what, 6+ years now? NOTHING happened. NOTHING will happen. We have a fickle little prick in the WH that wants to do nothing more than play golf and write executive orders.

        If S is going to HTF, pray tell WHEN???????????????????

      • FreeSlave

        That’s a good article! Very interesting!!

    2. stevefinallyseeswhat'sup

      Isn’t it something how OPEC tries thwarting our capitalism of our fracking to save their foreign monopoly.
      All those fat cat turbin-heads do is turn open their valves to glut the market and shut everyone out, it’s sickening.
      We need to frack baby frack.

      • FuckingPissed

        Fracking is poisoning our fresh water and causing earthquakes. Fracking is not the reason for the fall in gas prices here, it’s their lie they are telling to hide the fact everything is starting to crash. Frack fracking.

        • Condor Day:4

          How does Two miles deep fracking oil cause fresh water tables at just 200 or so ft deep to get poluted? How does those chems and water mixes rise upwards past or thru two miles deep of Rocks and granite etc and dirt to get to fresh water tables?

          Sounds to me like just another scam hoax like global warmers phony claims has been all along. And I notice the very same folks of tree huggering global warm promotors and masses of protestor folks are the major main complainers again. I aint buying it.

          And as for a few areas that a few folks has faucet water that can be flamed by a match lit under it, that is probobly a coincidence due to deteriorating underground Gasoline pipes or something akin to that. This sounds more likley as we know no cash or works been spent for decades on fixes for infrastructures.

          If Frack fluids can defy gravity to Rise Up two miles past all sorts of barriers of rock and dirt to cause real troubles as promoted to?….I want better proof than the same crowds of protestors and paid actors always involved in such scam claims.

          Isnt it amazeing that we yet again see another article which proves what a few of Us has been saying all along…Again!

          We who has challanged various issues most folks accept as facts and true seem always to prevail again and again once the rest catch up when a new article that verrifies us arrives….Amazeing eh!

          • Mitch

            Frack fluids do not rise up two miles. No need.
            It is the pipe that send fluids down which leaks. That pipe can get broken, fissured. It’s the negligence of workers, noncompliance to technology. It is the unknown down here.
            This all fracking has a downside: doesn’t last. In less than one or two years, the hole gets empty. Drill again, risk again, extract for a short while, then move out.
            There is nothing in the long run, just momentum.

            • Condor Day:4

              MITCH: I recall hearing exact same concerns back 45 yrs ago when my Buddy went to alaska to work that pipeline build…Every lib anti gasoline tree huger claimed alaskan oil is going to last ONLY 6 Mo tops!

              Yet here we still are with alaskan oil flowing non stop over 45+ years and zero end yet in sight…Plus dozens and dozens capped wells in alaska that test for free flow oil due to such extreme pressures, for at least 20+ yrs…Then good for 20+ more yrs once they add a Pump to extract rest out for a total of at least 40+ yrs or more of oil in each well….Gull island is it at???

              America sits on and has off shore oil to last the next 300-500 yrs at currect use by usa folks…Plus Nat gas to last 1000 yrs or so at least if we finally Use our own.

              I think corrupt Shabboz goyim political folks and their zio masters want to keep lids on all usa resources untill after they get whites exterminated dead so only they the shaboz polititions etc can benifit and profit from it all…My hope is enough folk awaken and hang every bastard like that! For Treason of course so as to make it all legit…There really is some folk who Needs killing it seems…Its what I heard from others anyways.

              • dave in Idaho

                There is a whole lot of oil off the coast of Ca. Tree huggin suck asses (epa etc) won’t let them drill.

          • Steve

            Greenies, globull warming types= Green on the outside, Red on the inside.

            Frack Frack Frack !!!

          • Archivist

            First, some aquifers are more than 500 feet deep. Second, there is pressure in the rocks in some places. That’s how you can have gusher oil wells. Also there are artesian wells. The house my great-grandfather built in 1874 currently has running water, but no pumps of any kind because there is an artesian well. The water is always really cold.

          • knotReally

            Growing up and living in Oklahoma I am amazed at how naive people are to frac’ing but then again look at how people reacted to Ferguson. Dude was found innocent by a jury of his peers yet is still ‘guilty’. I am guilty of being naive and thinking people are much smarter than they are.
            back on topic…a one mile well depth is considered a SHALLOW well around here. At worst your water table is 10% of that depth and THAT is deep for water around here.
            Oh, i have to respond to your flammable water… ahahhaha, people dont know but that was documented DECADES ago. If we can bring relatively unknown stuff and make it out to be something else then i would like to introduce you to snake oil. It cures everything. (not the best example, i know)

            Back on topic… I’m going to need more substantial evidence linking frac’ing to earthquakes because the following two documents aren’t in favor of the two having anything in the near vicinity of being called correlated…. just sayin’.

            Woodford shale gas/oil completion wells map 2004-2014

            Seismicity map per USGS of oklahoma (red dots are 2009-10/22/2014)

            My knowledge is not in earthquakes or anything remotely related to geology so i cant give a logical explanation as to WHY the rumbling is happening. However, i can look at relevant data (see above) and question the claim that they are correlated.

            Aside from earthquakes…Why is everyone just NOW being worried about it? You’re a little late to the game, chief. Its been going on quite frequently now for over 2 decades. Halliburton patented the idea in 1949.

            i’d be f’ingpissed if i thought frac’ing was poising us(no pun intended).

            • knotReally

              Growing up and living in Oklahoma I am amazed at how naive people are to frac’ing but then again look at how people reacted to Ferguson. Dude was found innocent by a jury of his peers yet is still ‘guilty’. I am guilty of being naive and thinking people are much smarter than they are.
              back on topic…a one mile well depth is considered a SHALLOW well around here. At worst your water table is 3-5% of that depth and THAT is deep for water around here

              Oh, i have to respond to your flammable water… ahahhaha, people dont know but that was documented DECADES ago. If we can bring relatively unknown stuff and make it out to be something else then i would like to introduce you to snake oil. It cures everything. (not the best example, i know)

              Back on topic… I’m going to need more substantial evidence linking frac’ing to earthquakes because the following two documents aren’t in favor of the two having anything in the near vicinity of being called correlated…. just sayin’.

              Woodford shale gas/oil completion wells map 2004-2014

              Seismicity map per USGS of oklahoma (red dots are 2009-10/22/2014)

              My knowledge is not in earthquakes or anything remotely related to geology so i cant give a logical explanation as to WHY the rumbling is happening. However, i can look at relevant data (see above) and question the claim that they are correlated.

              Aside from earthquakes…Why is everyone just NOW being worried about it? You’re a little late to the game, chief. Its been going on quite frequently now for over 2 decades. Halliburton patented the idea in 1949.

              i’d be f’ingpissed if i thought frac’ing was poising us(no pun intended).

              • knotReally

                sorry to be that guy who posts twice. i was trying to update my comment on water table depth and add a link providing the source.

            • DMONIC

              Thank GOD we have one intelligent person here on this issue. The rest are just spewing talking points they get from the lame stream media and have NO real facts. ZERO.

          • JustMe

            Sorry, not a “scam”. I’ve been on fracking jobs, and have seen first hand what can go wrong. Go ahead, think otherwise, but once the damage is done, it’s permanent. If you knew how many fresh water aquifers have been polluted by drilling, pumping, and fracking, you might rethink your position. For those who don’t know, there is no proving it. This is not a “conservative vs. tree hugger” issue, but one that has very long lasting implications.

            You may notice, the parasites are buying up water rights in every country. Do you think they frack near their wells?

            • passinwiththewind

              Yea i have to agree with JustMe.

              The process has too many variables and weak points to remain a safe process.

              You don’t fuck around with your water tables for no amount of money. There are just too little non-polluted water left.

              And what is the connection between all the earthquakes in the Okie state, and all the freaking fracking?

            • DMONIC

              If you really were in the biz, you’d use the correct terminology. You are a liar. And again, BACK UP your claims with facts. I see no facts, just incoherent ramblings of a liberal.

        • DMONIC

          Holy shit you are brainwashed just like those tree hugging liberals, FP. BTW people, its not FRACKING. Do you see a fracking “G” in the middle of FRACTURING? Only ignorant liberals call it fracking. I’m in the energy sector and can tell you with 110% confidence fracing DOES NOT POLLUTE GROUNDWATER. Nor does it cause earthquakes. Fuck this shit making US prove that it DOESNT cause those 2 things. You people are accusing us of it- now PROVE IT or STFU already.

          Hell, even the EPA did a long study on “groundwater pollution” and “fire-water” and could not find a SINGLE instance where fracing could cause either. BTW- methane gas is a natural occurrence underground. That asshat Josh Fox that made the BS Gasland “documentary” was debunked even by the NYT! http://www.nytimes.com/gwire/2011/02/24/24greenwire-groundtruthing-academy-award-nominee-gasland-33228.html?pagewanted=all
          Damn you people are friggin dumb as shit buying into the constant LIES liberals spew about drilling! Its funny how nobody bitches about being able to turn up there heat in the winter though. Or getting in their car to drive somewhere. If you think fracing is bad, go 100% solar and wind, ZERO fossil fuels.. THEN you can bitch and whine, but not until then.

    3. steve

      Falling oil prices will devastate Russia, they won’t be able to participate in any more conflicts.
      I agree with other steve- frrack baby frack!
      Millions of jobs here and energy independence.
      Obama- get the hell out of our way!

      • JustMe

        Once you are paying more for a gallon of drinking water, than your gallon of gas, you will rethink that. Fracking pollutes aquifers, whether people want to face that reality or not.

        • the renegade braveheart

          JustMe, it’s only a matter of time before fracking has to come to an end. That’s one reason for the water shortage in the Western US.

          • JustMe

            It’s just one more issue people refuse to face. Dollars are more important than drinking water, I guess.

            • DMONIC

              To JM and RB- you’re both ignorant. Back up your claims, both of you, by facts, not talking points of the left. You want to know why theres a water shortage in the west? TOO MANY PEOPLE AND ITS A DESERT! Hello! Thats like complaining about a water shortage in the Sahara. Oh, and heres just one link for you to educate yourself with. http://naturalresources.house.gov/issues/issue/?IssueID=5921
              I think you’ll really like bulletin #2. Because of a FISH. Which isnt even indigenous to the region. WTF? Your govt is more concerned with protecting a 3″ fish more than drinking water for PEOPLE? Sounds pretty pathetic to me, but hey, yall voted for them.

    4. Mr Bean

      Well Russia could always just cut the gas lines to Europe instead of seling gas/oil at a loss and then we will soon see sanctions lifted.

      Mr Putin has acted very polite over the Ukraine so far but if pushed then it will be the USA that gets a bloody nose out of all this.

      • durango kidd

        Putin cannot afford to cut the gas lines to Europe. He needs every dollar or Euro he can get. Five years from now, Russia would have been a conventional military threat to Europe as it was in the past.

        Not now.

        Putin must cancel his military spending or risk political problems at home. He doesn’t have enough GDP for guns ‘N butter both, and at 50 to 1 for the ruble to dollar ratio, the DOLLAR being the WRC …..

        Putin is fucked. 🙂

        • The Old Coach

          Exactly, DK.

          Fucked as in FUCKED.

          Deserves every STD he gets from it, too.

        • possee


          You and I have vehemently disagreed and agreed over the years..

          You are correct on this one..


          I’ll still take your fuck you as a compliment from a prior comment from a prior post..

          All’s fair in love and war..

          Enjoy the day

          Prepare accordingly


          • durango kidd

            Possee: No harm, no foul. Its just business. 🙂

          • Hunter

            Putin is “fucked”..!!??


            ..but Russia isn’t!


            Being a believer in karma –(another term for GOD’s justice)–

            I lean towards the likelihood of a biblical-scale calamity here..in the Kingdom of Shylock(USA)..w/ repercussions & shock-waves spreading globally.

            ..call it what you will (here), ..Yellowstone, New Madrid, revolution 2.0, military coup, Civil War II ..etc ..etc.

            ..fill in the blank!


            I look for financial collapse and then civil war in France..followed by Italy..then in England, as the E.U. disintegrates.
            We here..in the kingdom of Shylock, will be vigorously..pre-occupied w/ domestic troubles, methinks!

            Thus, the economic linchpin of European industrial/scientific genius.. “Germany” ..will itself, be engulfed and laid prostate, due to internal social/economic/cultural spasms…

            ..the above I.D.’d countries struggling/fighting against the fruits of judeo-multiculturism, per the jew demanded/sponsored open immigration/progressive humanitarianism/diversity doctrines..

            ..and hence, the Muslim menace/African-negroids & traveling gypsy cultural-pathogens..will provide the “spark” over there..that ignites the process of societal “COMBUSTION”…across the big pond.


            Thus, when every country is tied/focused up at home..dealing w/ their own problems..

            ..RUSSIA will strike! MASSIVELY!!!
            ..on a scale unimagined!

            ..and they’ll do it, when everyone says/believes they’re incapable of such!

            ..the doctrine of “surprise-attack”..still possesses much merit!


            Scoff and/or laugh..at my opinion..degrade it..trash it…I don’t care.

            I travel much…I have manifold old-school buddies/contacts in the A.O./theater..and we converse much!

            Thus my opinions/beliefs…


            On the other hand..

            ..faith in our so called “gizmo-warfare/techno-cratic military abilities”..will not save us.

            Nor will all the ‘pregnant paratrooper-ettes’ at Ft. Bragg..-(yeah, I see them everywhere now)-..nor the now protected faggots in uniform..manning the bulwarks..of the Kingdom of Shylock…for your/our protection..and freedom, of course.


            ..oh!!! ..and let’s not forget those “Green Beret dudes”…you know, the now lowered (for diversity’s sake, per passing the “Q-course”) I.Q. & no swim test guys..

            ..yeah, right!

            ..how about the cunts on-board the boomers, the tin cans, the carriers…and rumor has it, they’re on SSNs now.

            —(squids will understand the above)—

            Damn, I feel really secure! ..don’t you?


            Sorry ladies…but in a real military…stick w/ nursing/supply and clerk-typists…or maybe hauling the mail..

            –(ok, so you can fly…good for you…doesn’t mean we want you to be Mig bait..as only you can produce/bare off-spring, and smart men here cherish you for that)–


            Contrast the above w/ what IVAN does/practices/sanctions today…

            ..do the research…he doesn’t have a “kosher/progressive/liberal military command structure”….that crucifies its warriors/soldiers for alleged…war crimes..after training them to do WIN..irregardless!

            ..nor does he (nowadays) kick them to the curb when they’re invalided due to combat injuries..

            ..or allow politically protected faggotry and radical feminism, a seat at command hierarchy decision making process (see Pentagon & govt in general,..here).


            ..don’t know who’s gonna win WW-III…but my money is on those, who’re not “kosher”..!!

            • JustMe

              You’re probably right.

            • passinwiththewind

              @ Hunter

              I always like your posts and agree unanomously.

              But…”the kosher bunch” you refer to, will not loose/be killed because they aren’t doing the fighting.
              They’re doing the financing. The financiers win every time until the last time. Armageddon.

              They Joosters, have USA,men and women doing their fighting.
              And, like you, I believe women need to be content with non-combative rolls. I would not want to put my life on the line with a 110 lb. bundle of nerves and emotions having a PMS meltdown.

              Don’t get me wrong, i love most women, and have respect, but women do have their place in society. Politics ain’t a good one for them either. Especially on the liberal side. Too much jezebel influence.

              • Hunter


                Ditto here, sir!

                I cannot help but focus on your truthful sentence:

                “..the financiers win every time, until the last time. Armageddon.


                But you know, if one reads the bible very carefully, the Creator admits to making a blunder: ..the creation of the anti-human Edomites and their modern day proselytes..the Ashkenazim, who together, for the sake of biblical simplicity, collectively became known as the ‘Jews’ (not to be confused with Celtic Judeans or Judahites).

                God despised them. He hated them with a vengeance. Like all brilliant computer programmers…he’s tried to delete these Trojan horses, viruses and assorted malware from the face of the Earth.

                Really, God has used systems far more advanced than ‘Steganos Erase’ …to free us of these contaminants. But they have a subsystem ‘rootkit tendency:..

                ..of always creeping back again, to infect God’s perfect Operating System..then spawning wars for profit and genocides for entertainment/pleasure.

                ..to the utter misfortune of real humanity!

                • passinwiththewind

                  Absolutely, Hunter.

                  Most folks don’t believe in the world that was before, Adam and Eve, when all God’s children were in “spirit” bodies. Something went very wrong in that First Heaven and Earth Age, (the age of dinos) and a third of the children following Lucifer because of his lies.

                  i can’t help wondering, what was so wrong with Esau that caused God to hate him before he came forth out of his mother’s womb. he must have been a real bad mo-fo in that first age. We know he sold his birthright in this age.

                  Anyways, I like what you said about the anti-human edomites/kenites/canaanites/son’s of cain bunch, that later called themselves Jews, but were of the synagog of Satan.

                  You got it, sir.

        • Boston Patriot

          I think America is in for a rude comeuppance.

        • alice

          Kidd, Mr Putin does not have to do anything he can sit back with the rest of the world and watch USA destroy itself.

          Why do you even visit this site?
          You might as well just copy and paste your comments from one day to the next, they add nothing to dialogue and are frankly tedious.You dont seem to have any space in your world for reason logic or change. Your living in the 1980’s and its gonna bite you in the ass.

          • DMONIC

            Im with ya Alice. I read his ramblings and just dont get it. Maybe he has a jekyl/hyde complex?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Putin is Not Phucked. In fact cheap Oil Prices allows him to buy up the weak players accumulating more oil wells. He is also selling off the US Dollar for Gold. Durrango you been reading too much Jew Bloomberg Propaganda news letters. They will try to make Russia look as bad as possible. And Russia only has a National Debt of $233 Billion. See Russia’s Debt Clock link, then convert to US Dollars.

          Do some fact checking before you open your fly trap and dumbing down the readers here. Old Coach, You are just as senile with your off the wall sissy swinging.

        • DMONIC

          No DK, hes not fucked. Have you heard of BRICS? Putin doesnt need the dollar. I’m really not sure what your motives are, but you are rarely consistent with anything you post. I’m thinking a GPT or a shill. Which is it?

    5. Copperhead

      The Saudi’s are our friends (NOT). At the bottom of it all; their Muslim and we’re Infidel’s need to know anymore.

      MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

    6. Mr. Bill

      OT but did anybody catch what Obumer wants to do in Ferguson? He wants 1/4 billion dollars to ‘fix’ it. In reality, it’s Obamacare for the police. He wants to put them under federal control.

      I’m thinking that is a bad idea. Just say no.

      Also, Michael Brown may be Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

      • The Old Coach

        Hadn’t read that yet, but you can just bet it’s gonna be another slush fund to use for buying votes, like the “stimulus package” was.

        I feel like I’m living in a nightmare.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          You mean more free shit for the free shit army?? My Brothers Keeper and Fleecer in Chief.

    7. Satori

      Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Crashed Like This?


      “There has only been one other time in history when the price of oil has crashed by more than 40 dollars in less than 6 months. The last time this happened was during the second half of 2008, and the beginning of that oil price crash preceded the great financial collapse that happened later that year by several months. Well, now it is happening again, but this time the stakes are even higher.”

      The Only Way to Stop the Empire


      “The final days of US empire are fast approaching. Perhaps its end will pass slowly and gradually, or perhaps the event will unfold rapidly and catastrophically. Maybe chaos will break loose, or maybe its demise will be organized well and proceed smoothly. This nobody knows, but the end of empire is coming as surely as day follows night and sun follows rain.”

      • durango kidd

        Orlov wants to stop the empire so a Russian Empire can emerge. It wouldn’t be any better for anyone except the Russians, and a lot worse for Americans.

        Shoot the Russian bear and bury him in the taiga. 🙂

        • Boston Patriot

          The government will have to start shooting American patriots first.

          • durango kidd

            I think that is part of the “depopulation program” in Agenda 21. 🙁

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Durango, You need to rethink demonizing Russia. We need them to help fight the New World Order. That is who Putin is fighting. So what side are you on DurangoKidd?? Are you a NWO Bootlicker? Lets find out where you stand on this? We are all waiting for your answer.

          Like I said you been prescribing too much to the Bloomberg Jew Propaganda Mill. Time to flush your brain of the polluted ZOG.

          • durango kidd

            WWHTI: I am not “demonizing” Russia. I love Russia and Russians. I have been to Russia, have you? I like the fact that Putin is a nationalist and does what is right for the Russian People. I wish Obola was as patriotic.

            The old Ukrainian government needed to go because it was so totally corrupt. The Nazi’s who came to power with US help immediately made long time Russian speaking citizens second class citizens. This was a BIG mistake and dissolved their moral authority to rule the country.

            With this in mind, Putin was right in supporting the rights of Russian speaking Ukrainians. Crimea was Russian by a large majority. The southeastern break away provinces are by and large Russian too. Ideally, these people, like the Scots should have the right to choose their state.

            But lets not be naive about Ukraine. Putin was planning to re-absorb Ukraine prior to the protests in Maiden Square, and overtures were made to the Poles to divide Ukraine. Putin will win the battle for the breakaway republics and that’s fine by me. I just don’t like white Christians killing white Christians over their dialect. Its absurd.

            Personally, I think a divided Ukraine COULD be a great place for East and West to engage commercially, and to the benefit of the Ukrainian People economically.

            We do not need the Russians to fight the NWO. We can do that ourselves. The NWO can be removed from power in DC the same way they came to power. America is awake; America is aware. Engage!!! 🙂

    8. the renegade braveheart

      I’ve seen “The Godfather” series several times. It would’ve been nice if that had been Obama getting choked in that car.

    9. TnAndy

      Can’t see why Russia would start WW3 over oil prices…..Heck, Exxon and crowd would love to see $100+/barrel oil too. Much below 100, and shale oil doesn’t work economically. If Russia is PO’ed, they should look to the middle east, because they are the ones lowering the price to try to run the shale oil guys out of business.

      Now the problem OPEC has, as this article points out, is a growing population of useless eaters supported, until now, by high oil prices. They will soon find themselves up against the wall of their welfare practices. Seems population everywhere is hitting the wall of limited resources and money.

      Time for the horsemen to ride.

    10. hoyeru

      The whole “article” is total anti-Russia propaganda BS. JUst them mentioning in the very beginning that Ukraine is doing shale gas fracking shows what type of “article” this will be. There is NO shale gas in Ukraine expect for small amounts. Roumania just recently had to cut its shale gas estimates 90%.
      Can’t waste my time with propaganda. if I wanted propaganda, I’d read CNN.

    11. hoyeru

      Russia didn’t give up South Stream, they just moved it to Turkey. Russia wins yet again. Your “article” is total anti propaganda BS

      • durango kidd

        It will take another ten years to build and bring that pipeline on line. Too little, too late for Russia. 🙂

    12. possee

      Reminds me of Lindsey Williams predictions way back when I used to listen to the snake oil charmer Alex Jones..

      Enough already..

      Good God..have we been channeling the likes of Glenn Beck or Newsmax?

      More claptrap for the uninformed..

      Enjoy the day

      Many of us are..

      Most are panic buying for the upcoming’holidays’

      Many here are still preparing for the collapse predicted 6 years ago and counting..

      or was it w2k?

      never mind


      • Kulafarmer

        The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!
        Enjoy the day for sure,
        I am preparing,
        preparing to make dinner that is, then read my book and go to sleep, then get up tomorrow and do what I do all over again,
        some things are just not worth worrying about, this is one of those things,
        if everything comes unglued SO BE IT!
        most likely we are going to just watch one slow motion train crash after the next IF we decide to watch!!!!
        personally I am going to enjoy being able to buy gasoline for a buck a gallon less than I was last year this time.
        GOVERNMENTS are a problem, all a bunch of psychopaths.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yep Kula, when it gets to the point where the favorite part of the day is going to bed and sleeping and not thinking about any of this destruction and collapse. Its time, to head out and enjoy the day, and leave all of this behind for a while.

          • Kulafarmer

            For sure,
            I adjusted my schedule a bit and now have 3 day weekends all the time, and tuesday and weds too if i want them, life is good,
            So much stuff to do i dont know what to do first,,,
            Quite the happy conundrum.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              take the Road to Hanna. That is one road I would only want to drive during the day. Could not imaging doing that at night with the one lane bridges. I would be hiking those Bamboo forests and finding a naked babe at one of those exotic waterfalls. lol. A fun bucket list.

              • Kulafarmer

                Actually driving it at night is better, can see lights from oncoming traffic and there is usually no traffic after 7:00pm
                I worked in there for a couple months cutting trees and hauling logs out to the mill, was running a 4×4 IH 32000 gvw flatbed with a tag trailer, only time we drove was before 4:00am and after 6:00pm, just hold the air horn going into the blind turns and hope nobody is coming!

                Am actually thinking im going to start fishing the back side near Kaupo, good spots all along that coast, thinking right after Christmas, start the new year right, by just cruising!

      • BJ

        I agree.

        I am beginning to wonder “what are we doing here? What’s the purpose? How much time and energy do we spend posting about all these type of subjects? Does it matter who has it all figured out? Actually NO ONE has it all figured out…NO ONE. A lot of people have pieces to the puzzle, but no one has all the pieces. A lot of this is fear pron and really doesn’t matter anyway…..not one licking thing anyone can do about shit outside our borders. We should be concentrating on waking people up here in our land…ALL THE WAY AWAKE. And talking about what, if anything can be done. After that talk about preps and knowledge….the rest is mental masturbation and a waste of time.

        • durango kidd

          You are preaching to the choir BJ, but even the choir has much to learn if they are willingly to support a criminal rancher and a young black thug, who picked the wrong guy with whom to play the “Knockout Game”. 🙁

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            A criminal Rancher? Durrango you talking about Bundy? I would not be linking the Bundy Rancher in any category with a Black Furgy Thug. Meth is not good for you, no matter what your crack dealer tells you.

            • durango kidd

              WWHTI: Rancher Bundy has been trespassing on Taxpayer land for 20 years and has ignored two Court orders to vacant. Beyond that he has obstructed justice by meeting US Marshals with armed force when they attempted to execute the Court’s Order. that’s a BIG no-no.

              I suspect that federal gun charges have been added to the litany of his crimes, and the next time he is in Court to answer a summons for Trespass he will likely be arrested on the gun charges and throw in jail without bail.

              That would be the best solution for him. Otherwise he will end up dead, and innocent people with him. Innocent however only in the respect that they fell for his Liberty Lover con job. Anyone participating in the armed standoff in Bundyville will also be identified (probably already) and also charged with armed obstruction of justice.

              Sadly they will do hard time for an illegal act that has no Constitutional premise. The Liberty Movement must 1) maintain their moral authority by using the US Constitution as their most powerful weapon; and 2) they must choose leaders who have both intelligence and common sense.

              Sadly, Sheriff Mack did not exhibit either. 🙁

    13. hoyeru

      oh yeah other comments are posted immediately, mine are “waiting moderation”. Sure.

      • durango kidd

        My posts wait in moderation when I add a link and I have been posting here since 2010. 🙂

    14. TPSnodgrass

      I do not believe the Soviets(Russians) will start WWIII at all over oil. They would lose, and lose big, their equipment is no where near as well maintained as ours is, and while they can obliterate a lot of real estate, who would REALLY lose in a nuclear exchange? Answer: the entire world.
      So, what I DO believe, is that it IS conceivable, that the financial PTB, have conspired with the PetrodollarArabs, who depend upon US, to remain in power, lest their ISIS/ISIL/Taliban/Iranian/Caliphate idolators toss them from the House of Saud, Emirate of Kuwait and elsewhere. I can find it entirely plausible, that, the financial PTB, (NOT the current Administration), have conspired with the Arabs that depend upon US for their very survival, to artificially lower the price, to send a “message” to Vlad and his cousins in the PRC, to back off trying to destabilize the US economically. They only participate in this, IF, it remains in THEIR interest to do so, they would indeed be quick to bury us as quickly as the leavings from a diarrhea-infected camel, who wondered into the wrong tent. Something is “not right” about this current manipulation of worldwide oil prices, and I can indeed see, the conceivability of such an “agreement” among the wealthy Arab gentlemen. Just an opinion is all, which is like any other burst of hot air expelled from one’s body, sometimes, stinky, sometimes not.

    15. arf

      I could see the same headline about Japan in the 1940’s…War is coming!!

    16. Turnthekey


    17. BlackDog

      Falling Oil prices may cause a slight correction in that field. A field run entirely by speculators. Yup, even you guys have to take a bite out of our collective shit samich.

    18. Macro

      I don’t think I agree with the premise of this article – that the decline in oil prices is actually the US targeting Russia. Instead, what we’re seeing is Saudi Arabia targeting US shale oil producers. When the price of oil falls low enough, shale producers will be forced to shut down.

      It’s more likely that Obama is targeting, not Russia, but US oil production – to satisfy his socialist urges.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        I bet the Saudis made a Trillion Dollars off of the US Tax Payers selling the US Military gas n fuel to run both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. US Tax payers got hosed $20 Billion a year just for A/C air conditioning for the tents of the troops in Afganistan alone. What a Total F-n Waste.

        • Condor Day:4

          I read somewheres I cant recall now where…That the USA govnt Paid over $400 Per Gal gasoline and jet fuel due to complications at Kyber Pass region which was the ONLY zone to travel into afagn zones with said fuels!

          If I recall it was our Pals pakistan who created that scam. Even after GW bush kept paying the Military general/Prez of pakistan $20 Million per month to go hunt down bin ladin for two and a half yrs of such massive payments!

          I wish I can get paid $20 fuckin Million per month to hunt down somebody…Anybody! I too will need at least 30 Months of payments before i can locate Mr wanted dead or alive!

          Seems all americas corrupt zio zog run govnt and msm do is scams, swindles and more of each every damn day.

          I just HOPE I live long enough to witness live when they get strung up for treasons galore eh…That is now my Lifes main dream event. I want to actually SEE at least one or more such clowns hung from a tree or telephone pole in the usa…Preferably in Mich so i need not travel too distant to observe and maybe help as I can tie great knots!

          We Need a donald trump type rich investor guy to donate enough cash to run constant tv ads like lawyer firms does always…Only this ad on tv needs to tell folks closer to This message!

          “Have YOU gotten Lung Cancer from Meliothezeloma(sp?)? Then do we has great news for You sick bastards…Indeed if you feel ya got nothing left to lose and soon going to be dead?…Why not take it all out on a crooked politition asap fast eh!….Whack em and we can send workers to stack em! Just phone 1-800-JEW-BOYS! for a lawyer near You! That number again is 1-800-JEW-BOYS law group!

          never underestimate the Power of…Suggestion! Just run tht on TV ads 24/7 and see what develops eh…Calling all former us military guys who now has agent orange cancers to do one more final act of glory for americans!

          Black Friday specials! we will ship You vets free firearms and plenty of ammo! and a few choice rooms across street from, say, UN buildg perhaps?

          Discalimer: NOT to be taken as serious! it is just another wild suggestion I overheard while in grocery check out line when two 90 yr old ladies was chatting it up a bit! I do not believe them old women was serious and was joking as I am here…

    19. Satori

      Prepper Tip of the Day

      Lowe’s has Rayovac AA or AAA alkaline batteries,36 count
      on sale for $5.97,price good through Dec 3

      10 year storage life

      I HAVE to stay out of that store !

      • durango kidd

        Eight count for a buck at the dollar store for AAA. You are paying $1.97 too much!!! 🙂

        • durango kidd

          er, make that about $.97 too much. My bad!!! 🙂

          • Satori

            the dollar stores here don’t sell name brand batteries

            its some brand X junk
            emphasis on the word JUNK

            there is a huge difference in the quality of batteries
            Rayovac is a long time favorite of mine

            also check out the Rayovac web site
            I love their Indestructible line of lights,especially the lantern

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Their food is like their batteries. Better make sure where it is coming from.

              • durango kidd

                I like the little LED flashlights. 🙂

        • Genius

          Dollar store batteries are CRAP! RayoVac are pretty good I use them all the time.

          • TPSnodgrass

            Dollar Store batteries work extremely well in wrist rockets, especially after they leak, and they always leak. Never can tell when an “uprising” might break out, then it’s time to “break out” the leaky batteries and the wrist rockets.(not that I’m actually advocating the use of leaking alkaline batteries in urban uprisings, why…that would be horribly UNgreen of me.)

    20. George Washington

      Still no return of the ratings. This site sucks. No I am not one of the trolls. The comment rating let you find the trolls. Without them this is like CNN…a worthless website.

      • What?

        Take your dentures and shove ’em up your tailpipe, poser.

      • rede2lead

        I agree with you GW.
        The thumbs made sense and it’s not like the comment was deleted for being ignorant or troll laced… just hidden.
        Bring it back Mac.

      • ThinkLikeYaEnemy

        I’m glad ratings are gone. Too many people bitching if they got thumbed-down. Deal with it. What we need is an ignore function.

      • possee


        It appears to be a serious game of global chess..

        Putin halted the south stream project at Bulgaria coincidentally when NATO sent F-15’S there for a joint exercise..

        Surely the central bankers were not pleased when it was divulged that this deal with Turkey and Russia will be traded in local currencies ..outside the petro dollar..
        Surely NATO would not implement another kinetic action towards Turkey as they did with Iraq and Libya????

        Of course there’s the thin veil of transparency to all this maneuvering of which we get but a mere glimpse of it all.

        Let’s not forget that Bidens son is now ‘head of legal affairs’ at Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer..

        This gets more interesting by the day..

        What a tangled web indeed..


    21. 88

      Life is just like eati g a shit sandwich. The more bread you have available, the less shit you have to taste. Have a nice day!

    22. lolberals

      Tired of these types of articles.

      This type of shit is just like a TV psychic… they make thousands of “predictions,” and then when they get lucky and 1 or 2 are right, they go SEE I TOLD YOU SO!

      Move on, nothing to see here.

    23. Foxglove666

      This day’s allotment of fear porn….

    24. Tommy Two Toes

      i don’t know about the cold war goin’ hot, but i’ll tell ya that chick in the ” bad idea t shirts” ad ,now that’s HOT, SMOKIN’DAMN HOT!!

      • Tommy Two Toes

        The brunette i says

    25. the Lone Ranger

      The late Stanley Meyer (late because he was poisoned to death) invented a way, a device to fracture the water molecule nonexplosively through electrolysis which when attached to his car got his vehicle to go 100-miles to just ONE gallon of WATER!

      The Saudis offered him $10 BILLION dollars just for him to SIT on it for ten years. He declined. And he was killed before he could bring it to market. (Rumor has it that the U.S. uses his technology abroad in the Middle East).

      Don’t get me started on cars powered by steam, magnets and other means that exist, but have been suppressed to protect the relationship between the Saudi’s, the gas companies, and the car manufacturers.

      Nikola Tesla powered a car solely by electricity that his device sucked in from the atmosphere.

      Also, he showed J.P. Morgan his invention to wirelessly transmit energy ANYWHERE on the planet FOR FREE!

      But when Mr. Morgan discovered he could not make any money off of it, we ended up with monthly utility bills.

      Yes, the father of Lies has found a way to deceive and con us all into thinking/believing that “natural gas and oil is all we got” when our Creator gifted His galaxy with limitless energy sources, but research shows that evil [destructive, truth-hating] people throughout history got these incredible inventions DEEP-SIXED either by killing inventors or threatening to kill their families/loved ones.

      Wake up, Mr. Putin.

      Wake up, Mr. Obama.

      The oil companies have bought out incredible inventions and your respective governments have also suppressed technologies that could LIBERATE our planet.

      Or are you part of the darkness infrastructure that would have us go to a ballistic World War III to fight over oil when nonoil solutions for energy, including heating, already exist?

      If that’s the case, Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama, than neither of you are true presiders, just puppets of the dark forces that got the last TRUE Presider’s head blown off because he had the TESTICULAR fortitude to stand UP to them!

      (JFK stood UP to the privately owned “federal” reserve among others, ordered all advisors OUT of Vietnam, and shook up the CIA for misleading him on the Bay of Pigs.)

      Let me be clear: I’m not the brightest bulb in the socket nor the sharpest tool in the shed. But political courage has nothing to do with intelligence, it has to do with which master you serve: the Creator of the universe, or the father of lies.

      – the Lone Ranger

      “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

      “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

      • Archivist

        You don’t get something for nothing. It’s one of the unbreakable rules of the universe. Electrolysis of water uses more energy than you can get back from recombining the hydrogen and oxygen.

      • Old Guy

        All of these things are myths. The laws of physics apply here on earth. for every action you get & equal & opposite reaction. You cannot make something into nothing. You cannot make nothing into something. There is no such thing as free energy. harnessing the Sun,s heat the wind & water and volcanos heat are as close to free as you ever get. You can only get the energy & power out of a given unit of anything that it contains. and you lose some in transmission due to friction. so you alys get out at the end less then you put in at the beginning. There is no magic 100 mile to the gallon carbureter . there isn’t any such thing as perpetual motion. Telsa was a genius however he didnt have any magic car that could harvest electricity from the atmosphere. It seems to me the more religious someone is the more likely they are to believe in other superstitions & myths ?

    26. nlightened2

      @ Lone Ranger R u nlightened2?

      E=mc2. mc2 is all the mass, matter, light, gravity, unseen matter and energy, etc. in this universe as we know it.
      E means energy.
      everything is energy.
      Since the universe is infinite, so the energy infinite.
      Someday we must inform those who will not listen of the things that they do nor wish too hear.
      There isn’t an energy crisis. There is a knowledge crisis though.
      Happy trails to you LR.

      • Archivist

        Zero point energy is theoretically infinite according to physics calculations, but it cannot be harvested in a practical manner, except in science fiction and comic books.

        Nuclear energy is possible, if we were allowed to build more. Hydrogen fusion is possible soon, if we worked on it like we did the atomic bomb.

        There really isn’t a knowledge crisis. It’s similar to world hunger, which is really a distribution problem. There’s plenty of food, but it doesn’t always get where it’s needed most. It seems that most people are lacking knowledge because of a distribution problem caused by government schools and mind-numbing culture.

        I ignored the stupid teachers and books, and concentrated on listening to the smart teachers and reading good books. I have also refused to participate in the mind-numbing culture. My brother talks about movies and actors, and I usually don’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    27. nlightened2

      Expect Miracles.

    28. Smooth Criminal

      More of the usual doom & gloom porn. World War 3 has been predicted repeatedly over the past decade. Zionazi snake oil sale Alex Jones and government stooge Dave Hodges propagate these views constantly.

      Like many of the posters, at what point does on cease to read these types of articles and comment on them? Eventually you come to a point where you are fully awake and reading articles such as this do not add any value.

    29. SmokinOkie

      Note to The Old Coach- Evidently I had my brains cells cross wired yesterday. You caught me on that comment about drilling through frozen tundra! Yep, we been doing that for quite a while. 🙂
      Still, it’s to danged cold up there for me. I’ll stay down here in the 48 where it rarely snows in July.
      And that brings to mind some old sayings I’ve heard from various (and questionable) characters over the years. Specifically, about how COLD it is.
      Once had a truck driver from Minnesota say “It’s so cold, if you pour a cup of hot coffee on the ground, it freezes so fast the ice is still warm.”
      Now, I’m not saying this is true, but I’ve heard- It’s SO cold…..

      We put a heating pad on the toilet seat. Grandma still got stuck!

      Hell froze over…and Detroit is cooling off too.

      I saw three Eskimos fighting over a spare sled dog.

      We squirt liquid nitrogen on our hands just to warm ’em up.

      We have to start an extra fire and use it first to heat up the firewood so it’ll burn.

      • Archivist

        It was so cold, I saw a hen with a capon.

        For those who don’t get it, capon is pronounced “cape on.” And a capon is a castrated rooster.

        At least it’s funny to farmers. I heard it on Hee-Haw years ago. It’s similar to another one-liner:

        It was so windy, I saw a hen lay the same egg three times.

        • passinwiththewind

          It was so cold i saw a squirrel hugging up his nuts so they wouldn’t stick to the ground.

          btw, I am curious as to the coldest temperature any of the readers have witnessed.

          i am from the Appalachian foot hills/small mtns. region and the coldest we usually get is the low teens or occasionally single digits.

          In 1994, I was on a trip to the Minniapolis/st Paul area, and we almost ran out of fuel at 3:00am, cause of dumbass being half asleep and brain fart, (not me thank goodness) and then I finally came to a fuel stop, barely on fumes.

          While I was fueling, i noticed a thermometer hanging on the fuel island support beam and it read minus 25. There was a steady wind and I expect the wind chill was near 50 below. My bluejeans were stiff as a crowbar.

          The heater in the truck would not blow out warm air, so we had to put our insulated bibs on while driving.
          I vowed to never go there again, and i haven’t.

          Screw a bunch of “great white north adventure in winter”. I ain’t freezing to death for nobody.

          • Condor Day:4

            An Apple per day keeps doctor away…but Cold and snow keeps savage monkys far away too! Soon the northern tier of usa is the only place you still can reside if you desire to reside amoung your own Kind of folk, I think.

            I been up north in Mich aprox 200 miles north of detroit were I moved away from and after 20+ yrs now I have seen only TWO adult negroe males and they were here visiting to Hunt Deer with Bows 15 yrs back…Plus I did see once or twice some ratty looking white chick with her “Biege” kid son at the local only grocery store here…That too was at least 10-12 yrs or more ago.

            I’d say thats pretty swell if like me you prefer to reisde with white folk. I also heard that whigger woman and Biege kid son she had in tow moved back to some ghetto zone she came here from…Very swell news when I heard that eh.

            With Cold temps one can always dress very warm to stay very comfy warm…but with hot to extreme heat temps like Fla there is zero one can do to remain cool and comfy if anything causes air conditioning machinery to shut off or break down…Cold temps are what original white folk came from long ago…Them other type folk love warm zones as its closer to their orig habitat of hot steemy muggy jungles like in africa for instance. Stay cold & remain white its a great plan one can live with no?

            • Anonymous

              Sounds GREAT there them guys! Why don’t you go and take yourself a nice LONG nap outside for 48 hours when it hits 20 below zero, sound good to you there grandpa?

              • Condor Day:4

                i used to ride my 1959 Panhead harley hog is temps as low as 2-3 degrees below zero and go on freeway at 60+ MPH speeds then so I do know cold temps well.

            • The Old Coach

              Unfortunately not true that cold keep the monkeys away. Just hang around the MNPLS airport and see who’s driving the cabs. Somalis.

    30. mr. winky

      Cool as Ice Putin and Russia are playing the Long Game – with a fistful of cards to play against the one trick war pony Amerikan’s/ NATO!

      Russia is still a strong player, developing new markets daily.

      So what does Putin do? He signs a strategic alliance with NATO member Turkey, the only country in Europe that is anything but European (over the endless veto of Germany preventing its entrance into the EU over fears of cheap, migrant labor) and which lately has been increasingly anti-Western, to build a new mega-pipeline to Turkey instead. As RT reports, Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller said the energy giant will build a massive gas pipeline that will travel from Russia, transit through Turkey, and stop at the Greek border – giving Russia access to the Southern European market. In effect, Russia will still have access to the Southern Stream endmarkets.

      wink wink

      • The Old Coach

        Germany already had about a round million Turks as “guest workers” when I was there in 1990. The Autobahnen were full of Turkish-registered long-haul trucks, too. Parts of Frankfurt and Cologne are no-go zones just like Detroit is for white folks here.

        DK pointed out that completing that South Stream pipeline thru Turkey will take years. Putin hasn’t got years. He’s got months. Meanwhile we could ship LNG to Europe from the USA if the effing EPA would get out of the way.

    31. Stewbumer

      Check the stats folks.
      There are a lot of factual errors in this article

    32. Alex

      Sanctions in reality represent a cover up mechanism for a failing western financial system. In reality they do not affect russians because it is absolutely impossible to isolate Russia no matter what politicians say. In regard to oil prices everything is quite straight forward. Saudies are not interested in low prices on their most precious commodity and any attempts to revive american shale production would be stopped by them immediately and at any cost (just look into what they’ve done in the 1980’s, we have a completely identical story here). So it is not going to take long until american companies will be driven out of this business and then oil prices will skyrocket,-it happened beore and will happen again. One more thing: Russia will never fire the nukes first but will respond in full force. It is perfectly capable of protecting itself from any threat. Only a total idiot could think of some sort of advantage over a country that posess a Dead Hand system.

    33. Luther

      Censorship in the Toronto District School Board

      Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable by the teachers,
      harmful to the teachers unions, sensitive to the plight of teachers , politically incorrect and anti-status quo.

      The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) enforces censorship when it comes to professional incompetence and others.

      No journalist in Canada ever really wants to talk about censorship. Writers want to talk about creation, and censorship is anti-creation, negative energy
      which the TDSB fosters because those in the TDSB who commit wrongdoing will use their status to censor the information.

      Ethically and morally, censorship whether it be in the form of silencing students, filing SLAPP lawsuits or using the Toronto Police Force to go after critics
      such as Blazingcatfur, is anti-democratic and communist in operation.

      The severity of media censorship by the TDSB is enough that journalists in Canada have to file Freedom of Information requests on a regular basis because
      this is the only way the media obtains information to express matters of public interest.

      Journalists in Canada have to be very cautious when making allegations against TDSB staff members because the TDSB can afford expensive lawyers to
      charge the journalists for libel. Censorship blocks something from being read, heard, or seen. The TDSB enforces covert forms of censorship such as
      workplace thuggery to silence whistleblowers and (mis)use of the legal system to silence and chill any form of speech which places the unethical in a negative light.

      Canadian newspapers such as the Toronto Sun claim that there is a level of secret behaviour amongst top official Trustees in the TDSB. Other media outlets
      such as the Toronto Star claim that unethical teachers are in fact protected by the TDSB and other related teacher organizations.

      A Toronto Star investigation finds the Ontario College of Teachers, the teachers’ watchdog, shields bad teachers from public scrutiny. This is enough for parents and the public
      to consider whether their child is in good care by the TDSB.

      On the contrary, since the Toronto District School Board keeps unprofessional matters a secret, and because journalists cannot publish unsubstantiated allegations without getting charged in court, the issue of the Ontario College of Teachers protecting “bad teachers from public scrutiny” raises a red flag that the TDSB will never place the priority to protect children first because the
      teacher’s unions and TDSB act in their own interests.

      The TDSB needs your children to enroll in the TDSB school board because the teachers need their salaries. If parents should reconsider, and instead enrol their child to a private school or another competent school board, then your child will thank you later in life because the TDSB rarely cares for the well-being of your children as indicated in how the media reports many of their news about the TDSB.

    34. Joe D. Smith

      Falling oil prices do not cause war.
      They want war, all is going according to carefully laid out plans.
      Syria, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia, ALL are Targets!!!

      • The Old Coach

        Not true. Iran and Iraq have both managed to raise oil prices merely by threatening war.

    35. Enemy of the State


      either real, fabricated, or tangible

      how to deal with it

      ht tp://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/12/01/fear-fear-beat/

      remove the one space between the “T”s in the start up address

      if you cant beat fear you will be so screwed that any of this other shit wont matter

    36. Sgt. Dale

      Russia was here before high gas prices, and they will be here after high gas prices.
      It would be foolish to go to war over gas. Who would they fight with? The USA. That would only leave China to use their gas and if the USA goes down so does the rest of the world. So I’m going to have to call B.S. on this article. But it does make you think.

      • The Old Coach

        Sergeant, I’m now convinced that the accuracy of the articles is irrelevant. The plan is to give loony tunes like POG, Condor, WWTI, Acidic Wretch, etc. new opportunities to cut-and-paste more tripe onto a widely read forum. Hoping to create a “new normal” full of hate for people and things they know nothing about.

    37. Wolverine

      The staged low gasoline price( not diesel ) will only help Russia send more steel and weapons around the world fuel is not their main export. The low fuel prices are only hurting the dummy’s in America , look at the drive through lines at the fast food places the big savings they have at the pump they flush down the toilet in a new form.

    38. Kevin2

      Diesel is dropping too. Actually diesel has greater value because of its greater mass (density).

    39. Marc

      Im not sure if i would trust BLOOMBERG-they are part of the International Banking system-falling oil prices will f*ck us up much more than Russia

    40. Doc Lemm

      “Anglo-elite network” ????

      It’s the Zionists who run the show..

    41. Pete

      Actually lower oil prices will cause some discomfort and extra costs for Russia at most.

      Lifestyles can be adjusted no problem. Unlike the USSR days when Russia had to sell cheap oil to their many satellites e.g cuba etc , this time they do not have to.

      So oil as a weapon is not as powerful or a sure thing as before. In fact my view is that the effect would not be much as demand surely will have to go up when oil is cheap and the oil will recover again… maybe not as high as before.

      Russia losing out? No will not happen.

    42. Defiant

      Putin won’t rest until he finds SOME reason…ANY reason…to annex more of his old stomping ground countries in Eastern Europe…so…yeah…there will be cold war in not a shooting war…but he’s trying to reunite the BAND! THE BAND!

    43. JayTe

      There are so many flaws in your arguments I don’t know where to begin. First, Fracking allowing the US to become a net exporter is a fairy tale. The estimates of what is recoverable are off by 60% – 90% depending on the area. That means that the US will not even be able to cover it’s own needs for more than a couple of months. It won’t be able to export anything.

      Second you seem to think that Russia 2014 is the same as Russia 1998!?! I don’t think Russia 1998 had more than $200 billion in currency reserves that it could use to manage the fall of the ruble.

      Third, Russia has already been diversifying away from European exports especially those in agriculture for the last year. Outside of that it can source most of what it needs in Asia or in Latin America for agriculture.

      You should be more worried about the survival of western Europe where despite the rhetoric most of the economies are imploding and will be challenged to cover their interest payments. You cannot have any growth of your population has no money and you cut yourself off from one of your major markets.

    44. JayTe

      Let me add that shale Fracking in Ukraine is an even bigger myth. You need to get your facts straight!

    45. Tony

      When the gov blocks DNS, what is the alternative way to get to your site?

    46. justsayin

      This information is bullshit. Russia is on track and in time will leave and surpass the west, Europe. Russia has the west by the balls and they know it. Shale haha cracking haha too bad it cost more to get it out of the ground than they can sell it for. Brics and china Russian pipe . Article is bullshit…

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