Facui Says The Un”vaccinated” Will Undergo A Bit More “Pain and Suffering”

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ head medical tyranny has declared the un”vaccinated” will have to undergo a “bit more pain and suffering.” Is that a promise or a threat? Because no one who is unvaccinated has died from these so-called “vaccines.”

    Fauci has also said that he is as “confident as you can be” that Omicron cases in the U.S. will hit their peak in mid-February, though he acknowledged in an ABC interview on Sunday that “you never want to be overconfident when you’re dealing with this virus.”  Some people may face “a bit more pain and suffering with hospitalizations in those areas of the country that have not been fully vaccinated or have not gotten boosters.”

    Except, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that the “vaccines” don’t stop transmission. And omicron is “mild” according to those who discovered it. And Israel had record high COVID-19 cases with a highly vaccinated public. So what do the vaccines actually do other than mark certain people as obedient slaves?

    Health officials have stressed that vaccinations can prevent more serious side effects from mild Omicron. In fact, omicron is so mild, most won’t even know they have it.  Once cases are below a certain “area of control,” Fauci said, Covid could be “essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with.”

    We already know this about one thing: get as many people injected with these shots as many times as they will allow.

    “We may need to boost again. That’s entirely conceivable,” Fauci said, insisting he does not want a situation where people are made to get booster shots every six months, instead relying on more durable boosters to last longer periods of time.

    Use your own discernment, do your own research, and use your best judgment when listening to people whose overall goal is to own and control you. We know what the end game is: total enslavement of which there is no hope for escape. What role these injections play is still unknown. All we know about them is that they aren’t what we were told they are and that getting them in people is the number one goal making it essential for them to carry out their agenda.



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      1. The only pain and suffering I will have is not enough vaxxed truck drivers to haul beer to the stores. Making beer is a pain in the asse. If you shut off the TV you wouldn’t know covid existed. Other than a couple of my not so bright friends spending days in the hospital after getting vaxxed. My hydrogarden is starting to sprout, I had to but a submersible heater in 1 of the tubs. It’s a beautiful day outside waiting for the nukes to fly….

        • Plenty of homemade wine, beer, and hooch around here. White Lightning up from North Carolina. I asked an old guy what life was like during Prohibition.
          “Prohibition?” he said “I don’t think we did that around here.”

          • Ha ha ha, I hear that!

        • “If you shut off the TV you wouldn’t know covid existed.”

          You would also need to avoid the vast majority of websites on the Internet and 100% of social media.

        • Alcohol reduces your probability of survival in tough situations, at least if you’re the one drinking it.

          It should be avoided except as potential barter material, but even then once people know you have it they might just decide to take it from you because you no longer need it.

          Bad people do bad things, don’t give them a target to focus on.

          • Thank you for an intelligent comment!

            Same thinking here. Getting wasted in a survival situation is a very poor survival tactic.

            Keeping the details of your assets and your prepping SECRET is a very, very good survival tactic. Appear poor, you get left alone. Look rich, you’re a target.

            Life on earth is a controlled survival situation, and we tunnel deeper into it when we go backpacking or out into the wilds. That’s not recreation, it’s actually just a survival situation only with some element of control.

            No one should be indulging in anything right now– we have hard work at hand and we need sober, thinking people on hand to do it. Getting drunk or playing in hobbies or going on vacation is basically like saying “Eff you, world, you’re on you own!”

            Let’s sober up, get back to rational thinking, and get to work righting our world.

        • My spring plants are sprouting from the pea gravel.

      2. I been pre-treating with apple horse paste to ward off the plague.

        Yesterday I caught myself galloping down the road trying to catch up with the filly pulling an Amish buggy.

        This stuff really works! Get yerself sum…

        • LOL! Aweome…

      3. i am sick of hearing what fauci says. He’s full of bullshit and i wish he would shut the fuck up.

      4. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome Dr. FraudChi. No one believes you anymore and it’s time you go the dust bin of history. We are ready to get on with our lives! End this insanity now! I will not comply to tyrants ever! The Shyte shots do not stop or prevent illness of any kind!

        • I am, for the most part, surrounded by intelligent people (except for my father, he’s trumpster idiot) in my daily life. I come to this site to remind myself of just how stupid our society has become. Thanks, Spider25, for the refresher! Have a Covidful day 😉

      5. Ciao, I write from Italy.

        Please, do not allow the slightest step. If you leave the door open, even just a little bit, they will enter with all the mighty strength they have and they will make waste paper of your Constitution, exactly as they are doing in Italy!

        • I felt the exact same way when trump slithered his fat, orange ass down the escalator in 2015. And how bout that, I was right…

        STOP LYING.

      7. I will not forget or forgive them ever. My sacred rights, liberty, respect and trust was taken by these evil criminals and their stupid minions. The useless extra work and money you have cost me, the attempt to terrorize me and my children, the insults and even threats from my own government officials, you all went way beyond the point of no return. There will be a day to come when I will extract my retribution. It is said that revenge is a meal best served cold. All of those Karen’s, psychos, control mad tyrants and obedient servants of evil. Your price shall be a pound of flesh.

        • Hello, Mr. FBI man! This guy. His name is “Dick”…sorry, “Mick”. This is the guy you’re looking for. Go in heavy.

      8. Someone should give
        Fraudchi as many boosters
        as possible and they should
        be administered with the
        biggest needle one can
        possibly find.

        • And YOU should go probe your anal sphincter with something hard and sandpapery. Have a Covidful day 😉

      9. Evil. Elf.

      10. Don’t worry if you are unvaxxed and made it though their “Christmas of disease and death” and are still with us.

      11. Oh, how I do hope that Dr. Fauci is correct…again, as he usually is. I look forward to the pain and suffering of the “Idiot Class” who are so evidently too stupid to live. Please, don’t any of you dare get the jab. Leave those life-saving vaccines for the intelligent ones among us. The sooner Covid removes the rest of you dipsh!ts from decent society, the better.

        By the way, did any of you fools ever stop to think about God’s hand in this pandemic. God causes all things to happen for a reason, right? Maybe He sent Covid to rid the world of the dead weight that has been dragging society down. I mean, Covid began under trump’s watch, right? And, as we (the intelligent, that is) all know trump is the Antichrist. So, apparently God sent Covid to destroy trump and all of the evil, braindead idiots who worship him.

        Exodus 20:3
        Matthew 4:10
        Luke 4:8

        And, one for me…
        Ephesians 6:11
        Done, and done!

        • Also, no one ever responded to my comment pointing out that the Kushner family owns 666, 5th Ave, NYC. I thought that number was super rare and obviously means “the mark of the beast” whenever it pops up. I wonder why no one chose to explain that one?

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