Facing The (Horrible) Future

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    This article was originally published by Chris Martenson on PeakProsperity.com

    I’d like to tell you a short story based on a movie that has had a profound impact on me.

    I’ll get to the story in a moment, but first, a little background on the movie…

    It’s called Griefwalker (by Tim Wilson) and it focuses on the life and wisdom of Stephen Jenkinson, a theologian and philosopher who worked as an end-of-life specialist for many years. Because we all must face death in our lives, inevitably our own someday, I highly recommend this movie and Stephen’s work to everyone.

    After sitting at the death beds of a thousand individuals, Stephen has accumulated a wisdom regarding the process of dying that is perhaps unmatched in our modern times. His views and insights are extraordinarily powerful and extremely well-delivered in the movie.

    Stephen is a blunt yet thoughtful man, and my own interview with him (Living with Meaning) remains one of my all-time favorites.

    At one point in Griefwalker, Stephen was lobbed what I’m sure the interviewer thought was a soft-ball question.  From memory, and I last watched the movie a few years ago so I’m certain to have this inexactly recalled, it was along the lines of “So, Stephen, you’ve learned how to ease people through the process of dying. How is that done?” I guess the idea was that after being so steeped and skilled at shepherding people through the process of dying, Stephen had arrived at some tidy formula for making it as gentle as possible.

    Without blinking Stephen said, “Oh no. Dying for most people these days is horrible.” After a few shocked fumbly moments by the interviewer, and I confess to having been shocked too, Stephen continued, explaining that the physical process of dying can certainly be managed easily and well with palliative care, but the emotional journey can be quite terrifying (at first).

    The reason why is because most people spend their entire lives pretending as if death is somehow avoidable. So when they find themselves dying, they suddenly have to confront the fact that they may have forgotten to fully ‘live’ during their one and only shot at life.

    To suddenly realize the most precious thing you had was barely treasured along the way, never to be recovered, can indeed be a horrible moment.

    As far as we know, we’ve only got one life to live — and facing our end puts that into sharp focus. As Stephen says in his book Money and the Soul’s Desires“Not success. Not growth. Not happiness. The cradle of your love of life … is death.”

    To look back on one’s time on Earth and realize how much of it was spent not really being alive, not loving, not noticing, not being present with what is, is to realize that your one glorious ride was largely spent without reflection, depth or meaning. It was squandered. And there’s no undoing that fact. Again, that moment of realization is a bad moment.

    I’m not writing this to push you to ponder your own demise, though that may be a healthy pursuit for many of us. Rather, I want to direct your attention towards a moment of horror that I think is coming – for all of us.

    Where We’re Headed

    Travel with me to the future. Imagine that the year is now 2040.

    If we suddenly woke in that year, what would we see in the world?  More importantly, what would we not see? Which species would be missing? Which ecosystems will have utterly collapsed?

    By extrapolating trends already in place (many of which are accelerating) we can easily predict a future world where there are no large animals left. Perhaps the last giraffe was killed and eaten by a hungry mob back in 2033, joining the White Rhino which was lost back in 2018.

    Lions and tigers can no longer be found in the wild; their genetic stock hopelessly compressed into a few zoos and frozen test-tubes, should humans ever rally to justify the expense of trying to resurrect those species.

    There are no coral reefs anywhere in the oceans, and essentially no diversity of life left in the seas at all. Acidification has upset and mostly ruined the ocean ecology from the bottom up.

    First, we noticed that the oysters no longer successfully made it out of the larval stage. But by the time the scientists delivered a loud enough warning for all of the missing copepods and other vital zooplankton, it was already too late. The jellyfish had taken over. Nobody has a clue how to get the ecology to return to one that can support tuna, rockfish, dolphins, whales, seals and seabirds. Those are all gone — starved, fished or hunted to extinction.

    Worse, the ubiquitous jellyfish are entirely too efficient. In addition to decimating the zooplankton, the jellyfish are eating the phytoplankton responsible for generating most of the world’s oxygen — their levels too low to continue being a positive force for oxygen release into the atmosphere. “Don’t worry!” scream the Tweets, “Scientists have found a new and better way in the lab to harness the sun to split water. We can make our own oxygen!” However, after the past 1,000+ lab ‘miracle breakthroughs’ that proved to be duds when attempted at scale, few have hope that this time will prove any different.

    The vast systems offered by Nature — more accurately, that were offered by Nature — once taken for granted, are now fully appreciated by the people left on Earth. But it’s too late.

    The insects are mostly gone, at least in terms of diversity. The terrestrial ecosystem balance that people knew and loved back in “the twenty teens” is gone and has been replaced by something far simpler and painfully less interesting. The failure to block neonicotinoid pesticides in time, as well as their more morally repugnant (yet legal!) derivations that outpaced activist’s ability to fight them, meant that entire classes of pollinators were lost.

    With those, entire species of plants disappeared because they were utterly dependent on highly-specific pollinator services. Mankind’s few lame attempts at creating “drone pollinators” were so utterly unfit for the task that the term became a profoundly disparaging insult, most frequently applied to ineffective politicians. “Looks like another useless bill being put up by the drone pollinator from New York.”

    A few hardy bugs and roaches, lots and lots of ants (where are they all coming from?), and very few flying insects remain. No more large moths in the temperate climates, with such splendid examples as the Luna and Hawk moths now only existing as dead specimens in a few museums, right next to the dodo and African elephant displays.

    And it’s been over 15 years since “the dawn chorus of birds” was a phrase that had any meaning. Nearly all of the migratory birds are gone, along with all of the insect eating species. It’s eerily silent outside in the morning. The sight of a single bumblebee, or a flash of colorful plumage, is cause for a quickening of your pulse — the same physical reaction people once had when as noticing a movie star at a café.

    Life, where it now exists in pockets, is revered. In nearly every place it remains, human guardians quickly dispatch any poachers or defilers, burying the bodies without remorse. Non-human life has become more valuable than human life.

    Fossil fuels began peaking in 2030 in terms of total BTUs from all sources: oil, gas and coal. And while not crashing, they’ve unable to provide more, which exposed the ‘continuous growth’ model as being a cruelly-attractive mirage. Its handmaiden, debt-based money, was also revealed to be an artifact of the surplus energy from fossil fuels. Both models have failed.

    As has retirement, a several-generation luxury never to be repeated again in human history. Everyone left alive has to work, if they want to eat.

    With the loss of those fantasies, everything is now a difficult trade-off. Not surprising, many people are unable to cope with the consequences. Suicides are a leading cause of death, especially among those born during earlier and more abundant times.

    Worst of all, food is now increasingly scarce due to a horrid combination of ruined soils and ever more frequent and destructive climate disruptions. Rains fall where they shouldn’t and fail increasingly to fall where they should. Or they fall too hard, and too fast. Summers with temperatures of over 50C baked crops compounding water shortages, with several years’ harvests lost entirely because the overnight temperatures did not cool sufficiently to allow for the open-air pollination of corn. Who knew?

    How did we ever get to 9 billion people on Earth without considering that this moment might have arrived?

    How did we allow ourselves to pretend that it wouldn’t?

    Why did we let the fantasy of relocating to Mars capture such a broad swath of our imagination and focus? Sure, we put an outpost there for a few years in the 2020’s, but – guess what? – it turns out that Mars is a hostile planet to life. It’s utterly lacking in resources, it’s much farther from the sun than the Earth, and managing a high-tech existence there was a colossal struggle. Of course we should have realized that going in and not placed so much of our species’ odds on that hope. We spent hundreds of billions getting to Mars at the same time we were spending trillions to destroy Earth. What a horrible idea that was. In retrospect, it’s all so terribly obvious.

    Another forlorn diversion was vertical farming, which posited that we’d just grow salad greens in container boxes.  Of course, with some simple math and logic, we should have been able to realize that plants are calorie conversion machines, turning light energy into food energy. The idea that we were going to meaningfully replace the sun’s free and intense full-spectrum light with our own manufactured lighting, at scale and in sufficient quantities to meaningfully address the caloric needs of 9 billion people was…not very well thought through. Actually, in retrospect, that’s being too kind. We were deluding ourselves.

    And so, out here in 2040, looking back, we humans have suddenly come to our collective moment of horrible realization. Because we could not face the idea that our specie’s pursuit of collective growth had a predictable end, we forgot to properly care for the one planet we have.

    Now that life on Earth is dying, the regret comes pouring out. Oh, how much we’d give to once again be able to hear a cacophony of birds in the morning! Or to swim over a thriving coral reef! Or to boat over an ocean teeming with fishes, whales and sea birds. Instead, the waters are now blank, sterile and depressing.

    Remorse and regret. How could we have been so utterly stupid? How could we not have rallied in response to the warning signs, the endless string of increasingly desperate red flashing warning lights any one of which could have — and should have — been sufficient to motivate us?

    Oh, what we would give to get one more chance! To go back in time and do things differently, protecting and preserving the Earth’s treasures as if…as if we were deeply in love with all of them.

    Our Last Chance

    In Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is given the chance to return to his present and get another shot at life. If the 2040 vision I’ve painted terrifies you on a fundamental level as it does me, just know that there’s still the chance to wake up and positively alter the course of events.

    Yes, the trends are very bad, but they can be changed. As I am fond of saying, we already have all the knowledge and technology we need to be agents of regeneration and abundance instead of extraction and degeneration. We simply lack the right narrative to mobilize our society productively.

    Go outside and rejoice in what nature has still to offer. Really see the next bird or mammal or insect you encounter. Each one is pure magic. Take a good hard look at the individual before you, not a robin, but that robin. Not a squirrel, but that squirrel. That bumblebee. Each is an individual, same as you. Each has a role, a life, and is busy making decisions and contributing to the story exactly how it is supposed to.

    This world we have is the only one we’ll ever have. It’s the one we evolved on and to which our DNA blueprints are exquisitely crafted. And it’s not dying, it’s being killed. We might as well be honest about that and use the active verb.

    Killed actively and on purpose, but also by negligence. We’re neglecting to notice what’s true: that humans are a part of, not apart from nature. We are one with the larger world. It’s time to wake up and live into that story. It’s not a new one, but something we forgot in our hasty failing efforts to escape its limits — limits that disappointed our fragile egos which wanted, needed, to be special and different.

    Life ends, and life begins. There’s an evolutionary impulse underway that has given this brief moment of geological history both humans and elephants. We cannot know where evolution is going or why, but we can feel the potential of it all.

    Elephants, as well as all of life, should be revered and cared for not because children’s books need real-life examples, or zoos need fresh breeding stock, or even because Kenya needs tourist dollars. But simply because they are here. With us. In this time.

    A certain humility needs to be adopted along the lines of We simply don’t know what role the special and peculiar sentience of elephants is playing, so we’d better protect it. Because we don’t know. If we remove that species from the web of life, what cascade may we create?

    A Call To Action

    I could dredge up all the perilous ecological data I publish often on this site, noting the decline in virtually every species — with many being lost every day and many more on the brink. But I won’t.

    There’s no need. You already know in your gut that something is very badly wrong in this story. Something even worse than killing the life on the planet, including our own.

    No, what’s worse is that we can do better but we’re not. We can have immense empathy, and bond with both humans and non-humans alike. We are capable of dimly grasping our own role on this planet and yet we’re collectively continuing to act as if….we’ll live forever. If there are problems with that approach, we’re assuming we’ll figure them out as they arise.

    But as Stephen Jenkinson pointed out, when the stakes are too high that leads to a horrible moment. To get serious about saving other species after they are already gone is a wildly immature idea.

    But it is still in our power to avoid that horrible moment. That’s where the idea of a ‘movement’ comes in. Look, I have little clue about how to actually start a self-sustaining global movement, but I do suspect that it has to involve (1) the right idea at (2) the right time and (3) involve the right people.

    We have to do this. I know the time is right because so many people are already deeply unhappy with suicide rates up 30%, opioid addictions and death skyrocketing, and levels of depression (more accurately termed demoralization in most cases) at never before seen levels.

    Those are all expressions of people who have lost their will to engage with life, or even to continue living. That means a loss of meaning and purpose, a devastating loss. Adam’s recent report gives a hard-hitting breakdown of the mental health epidemic our disconnected and unfulfilling modern way of life has created. Be sure to read it if you haven’t already.

    To truly “save the planet” is to actually undertake the harder proposition of “saving ourselves.” The planet will be fine … but humans? Maybe not so much.

    Changing any of this will begin with each of us as individuals. We have to become the change we wish to see. We have to shift the narrative away from the old bankrupt idea of infinite growth on a finite planet, or that humans are apart from (rather than a part of) Nature, and towards a better narrative that aligns better with the world as it actually is.

    This is a tough sell, for sure. Ultimately, it requires us to find a way past our instinctual drive for comfort and more ‘stuff’.  Waking up to the realities involved is not easy nor pain-free. It’s emotionally devastating at first. And who wants to go through that?

    “Inattention to the world’s ecological state is well advised. Because attention to it mitigates against your happiness, contentment, and your sense of well-being.”

    “Having a conscience now is a grief-soaked proposition”

    ― Stephen Jenkinson

    I do, for one. Why? Because to do so is to pass through the tunnel that brings me back to living fully into the one life that I have.  I’m here to live, to make a difference, and to help usher new ideas into the world. The alternative is to face a bitter end-of-life moment that was unavoidable in the first place.

    What needs to happen is to somehow awaken the people of the world to the actual nature of the predicaments we face, recognize their inevitability, and go through the wrenching adjustments necessary to realign our collective narrative with the objective truths of our times.

    But how?

    In some ways I’m encouraged, because so many people seem to be waking up. I know this terrifies The Powers That Be, who so desperately want to cling to their authority at any and all costs, because I track their efforts towards shaping the narrative. There’s nothing subtle about the ways that Wikipedia constantly degrades and disparages the pages devoted to anti-war activists while grotesquely supporting the neocon and war party efforts and related sympathetic journalists.

    Twitter and Facebook are constantly stifling various views while elevating those that fall under the umbrella of promoting business as usual and protecting the ideas of those already in power. In other words: more war, more unfairness, and maybe some barely-passable lip-service to the idea that maybe we should devote a percent or two of our resources towards rear-guard actions to protect the environment. None of which are actually effective, of course, or else they would be immediately marginalized as the work of terrorists or malcontents.

    All of which is to say that any revolution of thought won’t be televised, as they once said. Perhaps in today’s age we should amend this to: The revolution won’t be posted to FB and then successfully re-Tweeted.

    In other words, please don’t wait for this to appear on your radar before you take it seriously. It will only ever appear long after it’s far too late.

    The revolution underway is already being conducted in places like our own site Peak Prosperity, as well as Charles Eisenstein’sCharles Hugh Smith’sZerohedgeJim Kunstler, and Craig Murray’s as well as countless others not named here. Each of these sites is committed to telling narratives that run counter to what the guardians in the MSM would like you to hear.

    Each of these alternative websites is saying, in its own way, Hey the old way doesn’t even make sense anymore, is shot through with logical inconsistencies, and in many cases lacks even basic morality. Collectively, they’re offering an invitation to see things differently, and to begin acting differently.

    Our challenge is to remain focused, to promote the new ideas, and to be the leaders that are needed in these changing and difficult times. Our adversaries are those peddling fantasies that serve only to pacify our growing inner discomfort as the world dies around us, as well as those who seek to diffuse, distort and decay the new messages either for corporate or political ends.

    Our various social media platforms are a slithering mess of ever-changing algorithms (making it hard to know who you are or aren’t reaching with any given post), paid trolls, and bots programmed to deceive, slide, and/or derail any given conversation.

    Which means we’ll need to be alert to those tactics and find other ways of remaining in touch. You’ll need to trust your own instincts, and avoid the numerous and sophisticated ways that we are being made to feel powerless, isolated, and even a bit crazy for thinking the things we do.

    My personal strategy is to (severely) limit my time on Facebook, use Twitter only for data and never opinions, and then comment at sites like Peak Prosperity where the moderation is heavy and bots and trolls are quickly booted.

    This movement will consist of good people taking right action. People who are willing to lead because they know it falls to them and they are not afraid to stand out and be different for a while. People who can read the data and know that it is correct because they can feel it in their bones.

    The time for infinite growth is over. It’s increasingly obvious that the benefits of pursuing growth have nosed over, and that the human rocket is now pointed towards the Earth.

    We still have time to right this ship, but it’s going to take heroic efforts by a lot of people. We need to be willing to give much and possibly lose even more. However, it won’t be futile sacrifice, because this is just how things are sometimes. You were born here and now, into these times, and your gifts are desperately needed.

    We need each other. And you know what? Along they way we may just discover unity, purpose, meaning and our true individual gifts to bring forth.

    My personal invitation is to support the mission of Peak Prosperity (“Creating a World Worth Inheriting”) by becoming an active premium subscriber so that Adam and I can continue to bring these messages to the world, along with promising models for a sustainable future. If not that, then please use your time and money to support others working in these areas, not least of which would be the important works of the individuals writing the blogs listed above.

    It’s only by facing the true nature of our predicaments that we can avoid a truly horrible future moment of deep and profound regret.

    Time still remains, but it is running short.

    We are open to any and all ideas about how to build, join or support a movement of like-minded people who are ready and able to shuck the old conventions and start anew which begins by facing the data as we know it today.

    None of the former splitting/sorting functions of old apply here. So please don’t offer up one political party over the other, or any one country or system as being better, or ways we might vote new and better scoundrels into office, or tweaks to the existing exponential debt-based fiat money system that might extend things a bit longer. None of those hold any merit.

    We need a new narrative and even if it cannot lay claim to “the truth” it cannot be based on obvious falsehoods. How do we create that new narrative in a way that it can be shared broadly? What needs to be done? Who should be involved?

    Perhaps nothing needs doing, and this will all unfold of its own accord when its ready, but for those with an active “do” gene, like us, there are things to be done and efforts to be made.

    So let’s get going. Either we do this on our own terms now, or we all face the horror of profound regret later.

    The really good news? If we do this right, we reclaim our lives, our sense of meaning, our connection to each other and the sacred, and we fulfill our potential as creative stewards of planet Earth.


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      1. It’s only by facing the true nature of our predicaments that we can avoid a truly horrible future moment of deep and profound regret.

        I have deep and profound regret that I wasted my time reading this dribble. We have dominion over the earth, the earth does not have dominion over man.

        • John I started reading this article, but I’m glad I dropped down and read your comment before I invested my time in reading it all, now that I know it is dribble. Trekker Out

            • Eisen: Seriously, so many people I come into contact with are dumber than shit, my God, it is just pathetic as all hell. This nation is doomed – folks these United States glory days are behind us sad to say but it is the hard truth.


              Getting a little more sly with the racism. Not so overt any more.

              • Nunya: It is called the God’s HONEST TRUTH to all of you coon lovers and baboons out there. All you blacks and all the other non-whites will completely destroy society…that is what you things do now! See what “multi-culturalism” has done all you god damn dumb fucker$

                • Yeah, “concerned” citizen– keep bringing in the race card to as to distract people from the fact that the one percent is killing us all off with their policies of business- as- usual (which is immensely profitable for the elite)… (I take you are a troll and not merely stupid?)

                  “Divide and Conquer”– that is the tactic that wins!! whether its the “republican versus democrat” campaign or its the “white versus black” campaign, keep trying to keep the masses in delusion, fighting amongst themselves, and that way, the elite can keep screwing us

                • I have several good friends who are either black or partially so. They’re good people who – as far as I know – don’t harbor thoughts of genocidal hate for us white folks. Still, it doesn’t take much of a search to find the writings of those that do, and like the muslims who support jihad, you can’t tell them apart quickly and easily. Until someone comes up with an ‘off the shelf,’ reliable litmus test for both groups, I think we whites will need to maintain “Condition Orange” until we can definitely determine their intentions.

                  Unlike us whites, the blacks didn’t come to America freely but I don’t know any who still speak Swahili at home. I do see some who speak Arabic, but they’re from North Africa. I haven’t met any muslims who don’t speak Arabic in private conversations. Oddly, I have yet to meet young men speaking Arabic at rifle ranges…

                  I’m old – as my screenname indicates. I’d be nearly useless in a firefight but I can do things that could help the war effort.

                  It’s not easy to fight a two-front war, especially when so many on your own side of the wire are aiding the enemy but perhaps it’s time for us to infiltrate their ranks too. You can’t be too obvious about it but you can be polite to the obviously muslim lady in line at the store. She may report back to her husband that she met a kafir who can possibly be turned.

                  I have a lot more to say but four phone calls and a knock on the door have jumbled my train of thought. Let me leave you with this: While the coming festivities may devolve into a “Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out” for our own survival, let’s not rush into it before we must. I have (so far) no muslim friends that I know of, and while my black friends are welcome in my home I have white-skinned neighbors who are not welcome in my yard.

                  Remember, Condition yellow all the time; Condition orange when circumstances warrant; Condition Red when all those other “Conditions” have been tried and found insufficient.

                  God Bless America!

                  P.S. I never capitalize ‘muslim.’

            • Old eisen shit again/// long time no see… who used to be against racism until he saw everone else was racist and now he is too!!

          • I concurr. When they started quoting a movie. Its snowflake mentality. Itsucked. Article way too long. You had no point.


        • I agree.

          This is a horrible article. It may be written by a kid. In which case, I advise him or her to confine themself to one subject.

          Life and death is a subject unto itself. The first part started out good and then you ruined it by taking us into make believe.

          Then you go off on ecology.

          Then it’s about Twitter and promoting somebody’s sites.

          Your advice sounds arrogant.

          And, I agree again with Stiner, you have things backwards.

          Sorry, kid. You get a C- from me. And that is not good.
          If you are over 25, I give you a D. And if you are over fifty, an F+ (good spelling and grammar).



        • That’s going to be pretty meaningless if there’s no earth to have dominion over. By the way, do you realize the dominion you’re talking about is a neoliberal, FDR New Deal style domnion rather than a Biblical, Godly dominion?

        • We have dominion over the earth, the earth does not have dominion over man. ~John S.

          John S never been in a Hurricane in FL. Dude you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Ever go boating out on the sea? And a storm picks up. Hold on… Ever go snow skiing up to 13000 Ft and scuba dive down 175 Ft on regular air..I have, and man is not in charge. Go live life John and you will have a new respect. Come kayaking with me in these gator waters in mating season right now. Tell me whos in charge?


          • Pretty well said.

            The idea than “man has dominion over the Earth”, is pretty shallow.

        • actually man does not have any say over what happens to the earth, we are nothing. even all that man has built and extracted and polluted are nothing compared to what the earth does on its own.

          and this article is dribble. life is not dying on earth, the are as many new species as there are ones dying out.

          • Lena, for the time being, I agree with your position as well as JustMe & TharSheBlows…. and, not to get on my own soapbox, but I’ve always looked at things from a Biblical perspective, and if I’m going to take it seriously, the Bible indicates that events are coming that will eventually cause all the fish of the sea die, and approximately half to two-thirds (depending on the math) of all humans will die due to war, disease / pestilence (and implied: starvation). The old writings suggest that some of these things will be caused by ‘mother nature’ / the earth included, but I lean towards the position that man will bring the majority of these things upon himself.
            Everyone I know calls all of this “the end of the world”… but I simply call it the closing of one chapter and the start of another – with a whole new government in place that mankind has yet to ever experience. Should be interesting… (what an understatement – huh?!)

        • “To look back on one’s time on Earth and realize how much of it was spent not really being alive, not loving, not noticing, not being present with what is, is to realize that your one glorious ride was largely spent without reflection, depth or meaning. It was squandered. And there’s no undoing that fact.”

          Not true.

          No time on earth or in the other spheres of life for that matter, is “squandered”. Yes, we need to stop and smell the roses from time to time, to be especially cognizant of a particular experience, and we need to assess and contemplate our existence; but each soul incarnates into this physical dimension for its own, personal reasons, for all of the various experiences available to US within the matrix we design for the express individualization of our soul. If science proves anything, it proves that everything, seen and unseen, including US, are part of a Grand Design: and it is our job … iof we choose … to try to decipher it and how that Grand design relates to US as individuals. Since each of US is a UNIQUE manifestation.

          Reincarnation is reality so this life is not once and out.

          We return many times for many different reasons each time, but each time we incarnate into this plane our new physical life is characterized by the boundaries and definitions we both set and impose upon ourselves in that matrix, to achieve the desired experiences essential to our soul’s growth.

          We are spiritual beings first, made in God’s image. God is a Spirit (and we are to worship Him in spirit and in truth). Time is NEVER wasted even when we think that a particular time in life was “vacant or blank”, we will discover that in fact, the time spent (in whatever) was useful to our overall growth and it will eventually manifest through US as life is about expressing outside what lives within US and we do that both consciously and unconsciously whether we realize it or not.

          Time ??? Time is simply the protocol by which God catalogs eternity. No more or less. We have forever. Those who master patience master all things. 🙂

          • “This world we have is the only one we’ll ever have.”

            Not true. This is not to say that we should not respect this earth as it has been given to US, but it does mean that the earth has a consciousness of its own and cycles and recycles itself over the millenia.

            Those cycles are cycles of birth and death; change, renewal and creation. We couldn’t kill the earth if we tried. We would kill our physical selves in the process, first. But we would still be alive. We would still be CONSCIOUS beings.

            In my father’s house there are many mansions for each of US to explore and experience. These mansions are both within and without: and that is part of the mystery of the paradox awaiting our discovery.

            Go within. 🙂

            • Beautifully said, Durango, but we CAN destroy a livable climate and that’s what we’re doing! Crops won’t be able to adapt to a sudden spike in global average temperatures. And that’s coming our way unless we wake up in time and do something to stop it.

              I think the only way to save ourselves is to put an end to factory farming of animals, which accounts for about 1/4 of all green house gases in the atmosphere. If we just stopped this one practice, it would slow down global warming enough to give us a chance…

              The fossil fuel industry is too powerful to confront– they will always be able to spend millions of dollars to spread lies and pretend global warming isn’t happening. We can’t stop the fossil fuel industry. But if we all together and FOCUSED– we COULD END the factory farming of animals.

              Furthermore, factory farming of animals is INCONSISTENT with a highly evolved species… we have GOT TO EVOLVE IN TIME if we want to stop global warming and catastrophic climate chaos that is coming our way!!

              Even if there were no climate change, we should STILL stop factory farming of animals because its absolutely HORRIBLE what animals have to go through just so people can have meat on the table!!!

              We HAVE to think of other species if we are to survive what is coming our way!!!

              We can’t honestly ask people to stop driving cars or heating their homes because people need to do these things, even though it is heating up the planet.

              However, we CAN ask people to stop eating animals because factory farming of animals is inconsistent with the concept of a highly evolved species– it is NOT GODLY TO TREAT ANIMALS LIKE THINGS!!! And we can eat beans and other protein sources, plus livestock destroy the water systems– it pollutes the very limited waters we need for drinking… horribly polluting!!! and the practice of treating animals like things (factory farming of animals) accounts for a HUGE AMOUNT of green house gases (screwing up our climate!)

              • “Beautifully said, Durango, but we CAN destroy a livable climate and that’s what we’re doing! Crops won’t be able to adapt to a sudden spike in global average temperatures”

                Flash frozen dinosaurs and mammals discovered in the arctic suggest that dramatic climate change in the past was quite sudden, long before human beings arrived upon the scene.

                Three million years ago, Greenland was free of its ice sheet and had been that way for the previous 50 million years. Someone could argue that the current climate changes are merely an extension of the ice Age 12,000 years ago, that is still ending.

                The earth cycles and recycles itself over the millenia and the living creatures upon the land and in the deep adapt to the new conditions. Flora and fauna will adapt or die; just like humans, as they have over the millenia, changing into the present species. New species will evolve, but humans can save the most useful plants (and animals) for our survival. 🙂

              • “The fossil fuel industry is too powerful to confront– they will always be able to spend millions of dollars to spread lies and pretend global warming isn’t happening. We can’t stop the fossil fuel industry.”

                We don’t need to stop it. It will end of its own accord as it runs its course and we will look back with nostalgia at pony cars and dragsters, because energy technology is at a tipping point as I have mentioned in previous posts.

                Carbon emissions from the burning of carbon fuels is not the problem affecting our atmosphere. The problem is “swamp gas”. Swamp gas is methane and it is the natural releases of methane from the oceans and the permafrost; along with animals and human farts which are the greatest danger to the ozone layer protecting US all from UV rays.

                Methane does 20 TIMES the damage to the ozone as carbon. Have you paid your carbon tax today ??? 🙂

              • While I agree with your view about factory farming, (and don’t have a good solution for eating less meat carnivore that I am) the future of farming in the world IS vertical and indoors. Most crops can be grown indoors cheaper, healthier, and more efficiently with less water than outside.

                Sustainable organic farming is the best available solution to factory farming.

                Fresh water is and will be a critical issue for many in the world as time goes by, but technology is moving rapidly for a cheap solution to this issue too. Humans just need to refrain from killing each other long enough until technology advances farther in most industries. 🙂

          • What good is a lifetime in eternity if you already took for granted the miracle and greatness of particular seconds in a life gifted to you? If you cannot see the gift in the minutes and seconds of your earthly lives to start with, you will not appreciate nor understand and eternity gifted to you, and they should be rightly denied to you as you squandered the treasure believing that an endless treasure is already gifted to your entitled self. You value nothing righteously if you cannot value the gift already bestowed onto you, making you undeserving of continued existence is you already forsake what is yours.

          • Yeah, Durango!!! Have you seen the video titled, “Dannion Brinkley– Life after Death and America/ World Future Predictions”? Its is absolutely MARVELOUS!@!! please watch!!! 🙂

            • Nice. 🙂

          • God is Love, Durango, and we are made in His image… we hopefully will evolve in time (?)and realize that we Must overcome greed and realize our Divine potential, stop treating other creatures like “things”… We need balance between the male energies (law/strength, courage, etc,) and the feminine energies (compassion, Love)in order to save ourselves.

        • One the one hand, the writer deserves credit for his heartfelt idealism. After all, anyone who wants to actively destroy the Earth is retarded.

          On the other hand, the forces of human nature are such that they mitigate against honest assessment, and positive action. The only people who will take his argument seriously, are those who will use it to their own ends, and those whose naivete and suicidal altruism are easily directed.

          Most people have to learn the hard way. Most people will always refuse to face uncomfortable truths. And, there is are a relatively few people who call the shots, direct the tides of human activity and behavior, and they are highly unlikely to relinquish control. Their answer to the issue you pose, is the Georgia Guidestones…

        • Isn’t that the truth!
          I thought I was reading an article about living life to the fullest and suddenly it turned into silly, shallow PETA/Greenpeace propaganda.

          • Yeah! It was like listening to the best human interest article on NPR that suddenly devolved into Trump-bashing.

            I kep looking for the NPR logo!

        • What good is a lifetime in eternity if you already took for granted the miracle and greatness of particular seconds in a life gifted to you? If you cannot see the gift in the minutes and seconds of your earthly lives to start with, you will not appreciate nor understand and eternity gifted to you, and they should be rightly denied to you as you squandered the treasure believing that an endless treasure is already gifted to your entitled self. You value nothing righteously if you cannot value the gift already bestowed onto you, making you undeserving of continued existence is you already forsake what is yours.

          So obsessed with “living” for the time after DEATH (which they deny will happen) that they totally miss out on living well and a meaningful life NOW..

          Yes squandered lives because they let someone elses CULTIC FEARS OF HELL, prevent them from living well when they had the gift to start with.

          Gods greatest gift is not the promise of the afterlife, but life itself, and the fear of the afterlife the just dessert for forsaking the greatest gift already given to them. Greedy people always focused on MORE MORE MORE down the road, and completely miss the point of the here and now.

          People die completely in fear of being forgotten as if their lives meant nothing, well they are right to be that way. They MADE THE LIVES THEY HAVE ALREADY, NOTHING SPECIAL AND RUINED to start with because they took them for granted and placed their “faith” with an overly obsessive death cult that can focus on nothing but a fairy tale of an afterlife they all think and believe THEY DESERVE….jokes on them, they will deserve that afterlife, fully deserve it.

        • John S.: Also how is subscribing to another newsletter even online going to change the course of destruction? I have read articles and several books on this same issue over the last forty years. Greed and stupidity rule the planet by the globalist corp. like Monsanto, Bayer chemical and others that are contributing to this downfall mentioned. Glad we never raised kids and so are my friends who remained child free, we being aware of the pollution and downfall for decades.

        • Yep. This story is contrived fiction with a call for action. But I’m sure there are a few out there who have the same IQ as a piece of wood who will believe such an article. Gigo.

        • It’s DRIVEL, not DRIBBLE

      2. For me, what Chris Martenson is writing about resonates and makes a lot of sense.

        Recently I took my daughter on a trip across the world to visit a tiger reserve, in a place I had seen and heard tigers in the wild 50 years before. The trip was spectacular, the scenery was fantastic, the people were hospitable and friendly, but there were no tigers to be seen or heard in the wild! They had been hunted and trapped into extinction! What a disappointment! How tragic! Can this be for real? Extinction is happening and it is forever! I came back with a desire to do something about the situation but so far I have not been able to get any response and I feel there is nothing I can do! There is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness! And yet, deep in my heart, I believe, if enough people were to get together and pool their resources, something can be done!

        I really like this quote which sums it up for me, “In the end, it is not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away!” Attributed to Shing Xiong.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • …and it does matter if we were good men or bad.

          • only to santa!!

        • Hi La. eagle;
          Were you in India? I too was there nearly 50 years ago and was in tiger country at times. I hope your kid enjoyed it as much as I did all those years ago. The place was amazing. Beggars, filth, and the most beautiful coast line and mountains in the world. I would hate to think the tigers are gone.

      3. I’m waiting for a guy to come trouble shoot a broken reffer.
        So I’m bored.
        The author of this is some Democrat idiot.
        I’m going to die and I accept that.
        I spent the last week of his life with my father
        I watched, and learned. I then dealt with the emotional mess
        called mom and all the legal stuff.
        As far as the earth is concerned,
        I’m watching what nature can and will do in southern Hawaii.
        We may be able to obliterate species, but we are insignificant and this rock will survive what ever we do for a few more billion years with or without us being here.

        • I don’t worry much about mother nature when I see grass and weeds growing on concrete. She’s a pretty tough old bird.


          • still playing: Yuuup, the concrete just had a dose of Roundup.

        • If that volcano really got going, like it did when it formed Maunaloa, mankind would truly be shown exactly how insignificant it is, more pollution from that volcano in one day than an entire month of all the cars on the road in the entire state.

          • Nailbanger, to add to that, according the Dixy Lee Ray in her book Trashing the Planet, the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 emitted 700 times more chlorine gas than what all the industries on earth could produce in one year… never underestimate the power of this old earth

      4. TharSheBlows – Not be a dummass in your endeavors helps tremendously too, wouldn’t you agree?

      5. Save the planet? I’m too busy trying to save my ass. Can we stay with shtf stuff and leave the philosophy to some other site?

        • There are reported to be 7,000 tigers in captivity in the United States. I remember that the club I belonged to in HS bought a couple of Siberian Tigers for our zoo.

          Tigers belong in the wild. As do all zoo animals. 🙂

          • N1ggers belong in the jungles, not in our streets.

            • You mean the North American Pavement Ape?
              Although you will never take the jungle out of him, the streets ARE his natural environment (unfortunately).

            • Infidel: You are damn right about that! Those savage apes do nothing but DESTROY EVERYTHING they touch or should I say steal…a true out of control Plague.

            • Yeah, keep dividing us with devisive comments, Infidel so the one percent will win… “divide and conquer”…

              • God what a libtard.
                Infidel is not dividing us by noticing the truth.
                NAPA’s are dividing us with their destructive behavior and
                Anonymous pussies pretend it isn’t happening so they won’t feel bad.

        • Saving the planet MEANS SAVING YOUR ASS, southside!! We can’t live without earthworms to make the soil growable for crops and we can’t live without bees to pollinate crops… we cant just think of our greedy selves and kill off all the other species and think we can survive,,, its just not going to happen!!

          That is why we were told in the Bible to be GOOD STEWARDS OF THE EARTH!!! God is Love, NOT GREED!!! We can no longer keep thinking in terms of profit, profit, profit… the economic system we now have in place is dependent upon liquidating the natural resources of the earth.. and that is a DEADLY RECIPE!!! WE HAVE TO CHANGE!!! THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE!!! EITHER THAT OR WE BECOME EXTINCT!!!!!

      6. I think the article is very good, truthful and precisely on point. Don’t understand the negative comments at all.

        • The comments are negative because the article is the exact opposite of “very good or truthful”. It is nothing more than delusional, Algore fantasy.

        • It’s all contrived liberal bullshit that ignores real science. If an economic collapse happens the earth will snap back. Stop cutting the weeds or trimming the trees in a place for 10 years. The earth will teach you a lesson. Take all the ppl out of nyc and in 10 years it’s unrecognizable. The earthe absorbers everything and it does it pretty fast. The only people that believe this drivel are those who have no experience with the wild.

      7. The whole article can be summed up in one statement. “there is no such thing in the real-world as the concept of ‘fair'”. As phrase goes: “it is what it is”. Or hell, Doris Day sang it years ago: “Que Sera, sera”.

      8. in the area where I live there are fewer song birds and fewer varieties of birds overall. This has been going on for several years. There are reasons for this, no matter what your politics are, there are reasons for this. Think about it.

        • goofygal: Yuup, noticed it too and bitterflys in the flower bed.

        • Ecosystems change. I’m not worried. I do miss the toads, though. When I was a young man 40 years ago we had what we called a “Gooky” light and it would run all night long and attract the bats and the toads. For sport we would actually try to shoot the bats. It was a nearly impossible but it was fun. There were dozens of them. we get one every once in while. But there were turds everywhere. They were stepping up bugs and when you pick them up they Peed all over you. One of the things that concern me is the disappearance of those toads. Of course I don’t have one of those all night gooky lights but there is a distinct lack of toads in my area. I figure the ecosystem has changed just as there are no bats either. Things change the earth adapts.. I’m not worried about the future however I do wonder how things will change.

      9. “My personal strategy is to (severely) limit my time on Facebook, use Twitter only for data and never opinions, and then comment at sites like Peak Prosperity where the moderation is heavy and bots and trolls are quickly booted.”

        Sounds like Mr. Martenson is doing a ton of work to help the environment.

        My strategy is to not kill other creatures unless they need killing. I also don’t spray poisons all over the place. I have neighbors who poison their ditches to a brown death instead of mowing them like I do. I hate that.

        I also don’t like people putting their tree limbs and other yard waste in trash to be landfilled. I pile mine up in the back yard, where it gradually composts. It’s been 15 years since I actually burned anything back there, and that’s because it was after Hurricane Isabel and there was just too much of it.

        What difference does it make whether Martenson posts his opinions on Twitter or on Peak Prosperity? They mean just as little to the world either way.

        • Here is my eco system preservation plan: yes hornets build in my yard I spray them or burn them out. It’s my yard. I would never go through the words kill hornet nest’s indiscriminately. That’s ear responsible. If I need to build a house and there’s a tree in the way I’ll cut it. But if there are trees in a field that don’t bother me I leave them alone. For some reason there are some humans on this planet that seem to make it their mission to destroy and eradicate for no reason at all. Use what you need. Leave the rest alone.

          In the winter I drive a Ford Explorer to work. It takes two gallon of gas to get me there and back. In the summer I ride a motorcycle. It takes a half a gallon to ge me there and back. I don’t use anymore than I need. To do so is greed.

          If everybody would just calm down, use what they need the wold would be a better place.

        • They probably mean even less on Twitter, and will be drowned in clamor, hubris, trolls and bullshit.

      10. Ok….. I want my money back!!!
        Sorry, Mac, just not deppressed enough to want to
        wallow in self pity.
        Sure we all think about “the end”. But is that all we
        have to dwell on?

        Right now I would welcome death in reality. BUT…..
        my children and grandchildren are my treasure and
        to watch them grow…. Well….they still amaze me
        with their big hearts. Do I want to throw that away
        selfishly….???? Not really.
        I lost my dad when he turned 67. He suffered for 6
        years before he died…. and never once complained.

        I’m happy he is no longer suffering (emphysema) for every
        breath he takes….but his life was hell…and now he is at peace.
        But …I still miss him…he was a good person.

        I hope my family looks at my death with grace and understanding
        when my time here is gone.
        Til then everyone in computer land….”KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD
        Besides…we need good voters!!! ??

      11. Excellent time to reflect on what happens to you when you die.

        I have confidence in my Lord and, as I have said so many times before to non-believers, “time will tell.”

        I’m all in, if you will, with one roll of the dice.

        Do you feel that confident? If not, consider the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

        Freedom of choice is a wonderful thing . . .

      12. I don’t know that I agree with Martenson in this article, but he is no idiot.

        Evidently, you critics don’t know who he is, or his background.

        Google “The Crash Course”, and then take the time (if you are capable of devoting your attention for more than 30 seconds), and watch his videos.

        Certain laws in the universe cannot be ignored. Martenson explores and explains them in terms most folks can understand.

        Watch the videos and then decide whether or not you think he’s totally off base.

      13. Read a little more than half, then first line in each paragraph, until I got to “becoming an active premium subscriber”. Done.

        • I have read many of his articles free, got enough reading online so I don’t subscribe.

      14. Total crap,, fear porn. In 2040, some 22 years from now everything will be gone ect… Crap. Like one of the other posters said,, the environment is a tough cookie and it is,, like he says, just try to kill unwanted grass. I base part of my opinion on the very serious statement of Jimmy Carter. Cant remember the exact year but he was president 76-80, so it was during those years. I was young and he scared me to death. He had a speech in a special news conference covered by all the networks,, (before cable, only a few networks), and proclaimed that all the research came to a certain conclusion that the world would be completely out of oil within 20 years. Therefore we had to go full speed into energy savings and changing our energy systems. So what has changed now 40 instead of 20 years later,, oil is still being found and different systems such as shale and fracking bringing up record amounts of oil. He proposed ramping up on nuclear power yet others want to kill nuclear. Bottom line is any time anybody tries to predict the future in order to scare the masses into change, whether it be climate change or world collapse,or anything else, circumstances not imagined by the predictor in his certainty of doom will take over and at the very least moderate but probably cancel his certain prediction of the end. And shortly thereafter Jimmy Carter was booted out in favor of my hero Reagan…. KF

      15. First of all, I can’t even believe the poison being spouted in these comments. I truly don’t understand in todays society why everyone feels the need to tear other’s ideas down.

        Second of all, this article was so beautifully written. Mr Martinson, it was like you reached into my brain and so eloquently put my own feelings into words. I have struggled for the past 10 years with the realization that we are going down this path of self-destruction, that we have removed ourselves so far from the gifts we have been given, and we are squandering them all. But I have no idea how to get people to open their eyes when you have people reacting like the ones in the comments above. People are apathetic, or at worst, they just don’t care at all.

        For myself, I am trying to move toward a life that is more in touch with nature and not so obsessed with the “things” we are being told we need to make us happy. It’s a hard battle when it is so engrained in everything we see and do, but I am getting there. My goal is to eventually move out of the city and buy a homestead. But until then, I continue to do what I can. I think we may be too late to make the changes that are really needed, but for my children, I have to keep trying.

        Thank you for writing such a profound and moving article.

      16. Humans were given stewardship over this earth, not dominion. This was spelled out in The Book of Genesis. It does not take a genius to figure out what stewardship involves, or that it begins with each one of us. As far as the future is concerned, no one can predict what will happen or when. Get right with God and stay right with Him. And, observe the Golden Rule.

      17. God is in control – Not man
        Man has turned its back to God
        God is not pleased.
        God gave us this planet and all nature.
        Nature is the most powerful force on earth.
        Man does not Control Nature – good or bad
        Is there the law of diminishing returns with nature – yes

        • NO, MAN DOESN’T CONTROL NATURE BUT HUMANS AFFECT NATURE. Lets put it this way, you can say you don’t believe in gravity but that doesn’t prevent an apple from falling on your head. You can say you don’t believe in global warming but that won’t prevent it from getting hotter.

          There are certain laws in the universe and even though God is Love… He is also law. You can’t jump off a building and expect God to protect you and we can’t keep dumping tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and expect the Divine to protect us. Karma is a bitch.

          • BS. Where do you think all that carbon came from? IT CAME FROM THE AIR, YOU IDIOT! It didn’t kill the earth the first time around and it won’t this time either. It will change it. Some bad, some good. All the liberal drivel in the world can’t change this one fact…. all the carbon in the coal and oil came from out of the air as the plants trapped it to make their hydrocarbon structures, wood, stems, leaves. The only unscientific people on the planet are the climate alarmists. Funny how they are all about limiting your carbon footprint but not their own. Besides that, your carbon in the air disaster bullshit doesn’t take into account that water vapor is by far thousands of times more prevalent in the atmosphere is a much more effective greenhouse gas. The anti-science bullshit pushed by the climate alarmists is simply to cover up the agenda of fear mongering and taxation.

        • jakartaman: Divine curses in old testament on nations ex: crop failures, insect infestations, weather disasters, etc. Book of Isiah, etc.

      18. Either there is a loving God who will step in and save our undeserving butts or there isn’t. From the looks of things, He had better do it soon! I believe that He will!


        Chris Martenson, your probably going to get attacked on this thread. The idiots on this site think that you are a fear mongering type of guy. I just heard something far worse about Hawaii. Guess what. They have to evacuate the island for certain. The island is lifting, and the other volcanoes underneath, will lift and form new islands, so one massive island will come out of the water in that region, while molten lava covers the entire surface of Hawaii. Rellik will be the first poster on this site that will be taken into detention by Fema, and if he dosen’t get out, this will happen for certain. Rellik, I know you don’t like me, but man, you need to leave, I am just trying to inform you here. Don’t wait until the last minute, leave the island very fast. Your water supply is going to shut off very soon. Leave the island, come into the US, preferably Texas, Tennessee, or Montana, open you a bank account, have it ready ahead of time so that when you return, you can begin packing and get ready to leave. If you have money, have the lender cut a cashiers check payable to your name, so that when you get here, you can immediately deposit the funds. Good luck Rellik. I am done talking crap to you and arguing. Instead, I am giving you advice. Listen if you want or stay there and you may not make it. Your choice. I know your going to attack me right as this gets posted, but it’s ok. I feel bad for you and your family, and most Hawaiians. They are getting ready to declare martial law on the island.


        • Not to worry, according to ancient Hawaiian tradition, the quickest way to APPEASE PELE and have the volcanic fires stop is to make a human sacrifice into her fires, and according to tradition, that needs to be a celebrated leader who was born in Hawaii and held a position of power.

          Barack Obama quickly announced he was actually born in Kenya, and has the Birth Certificate to prove it.

      20. So obsessed with “living” for the time after DEATH (which they deny will happen) that they totally miss out on living well and a meaningful life NOW..

        Yes squandered lives because they let someone elses CULTIC FEARS OF HELL, prevent them from living well when they had the gift to start with.

        Gods greatest gift is not the promise of the afterlife, but life itself, and the fear of the afterlife the just dessert for forsaking the greatest gift already given to them. Greedy people always focused on MORE MORE MORE down the road, and completely miss the point of the here and now.

        People die completely in fear of being forgotten as if their lives meant nothing, well they are right to be that way. They MADE THE LIVES THEY HAVE ALREADY, NOTHING SPECIAL AND RUINED to start with because they took them for granted and placed their “faith” with an overly obsessive death cult that can focus on nothing but a fairy tale of an afterlife they all think and believe THEY DESERVE….jokes on them, they will deserve that afterlife, fully deserve it.

      21. In all of these gnashing of teeth predictions about our dire future, the missing and most important factor is human population growth. Virtually every catastrophic event can be traced to overpopulation. Why is this ignored?

        • THE OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM IS NOT BEING IGNORED, PETER.. It is part of the problem… a big part. However, catastrophic climate change is also a huge problem. The overall temperature of the planet IS increasing, due mostly to the burning of fossil fuels, according to about 97% of the climate scientists (people who are highly credentialed).

          Crops won’t be able to adapt in time to an extra degree or two of GLOBAL average temperatures. And according to even the fossil fuel industry (Shell company) we are headed for around 5 degrees increase in global average temperatures by the middle of this century. If their predictions come true (and again, this is the fossil fuel industry’s predictions!)– but if it does come true, we simply will not be able to survive. Period. its game over.

          For one thing, at an increase that high in global temperatures, the grass crops (wheat, rice, and maize) would die off and then civilization would collapse. (Civilization is the ability to store grains). Also, trees will die off at 4 degrees increase in global ave. temperatures…as it is, trees are dieing in HUGE numbers already– some places out west, in Va., and in Alaska, millions of ACRES of pine trees are dieing.. millions of ACRES!!!

      22. WE ARE THE WORMS

      23. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! Thank you for posting it!!!! 200 species going extinct per day. 65% of the large animals on the earth today are livestock!!! (rest are extinct or mostly extinct). yep, I was wondering about the bugs. I live out in the wilderness– national forest area with trees all over the place. When I first arrived here about 4 years ago, there were bugs and spiders and gnats all over my house!! Ilive in a run down trailer with large cracks around the windows and large cracks under the doors. ive had an AWFUL TIME with all the bugs!! Fleas on the carpet and couldn’t even eat my food without waving a cardboard paper in front of my food to keep gnats off my food!!! And they constantly flew around my coffee maker as I fixed coffee! it was awful. Plus, spiders in EVERY corner of each room and all over the place, undr the desk, in papers, etc. Just bugs and pests everywhere!! HOWEVER, this past fall and winter they were all gone!!! I have seen only 4 or 5 gnats for the past several months and spiders have just disappeared!! I have seen a few spiders now that its warm weather but they just to be everywhere all year long!!! Anyhow, to make it short, I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BUGS, GNATS AND SPIDERS!!! they seem to have just disapperared!! the only thing I’ve seen a lot of have been ants… and even they haven’t shown up the last few weeks!! WEIRD!!!!

        • BTW, nobody here pays any attention to Anonymous postings.
          Just sayin’

      24. Barrells of oil or barrels of composted vegetable matter?
        More tomatoes fresher. Roads not required. Mix 50/50 w/sand.
        Batteries not included.

      25. He lost me at the scam of ocean acidification, which is the next leftist scam after their faux global warming was exposed.

        And “As far as we know, we’ve only got one life to live,” well, I assume the author is not a believer in Christ, but just for the sake of reference, the Bible explicitly says “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Hebrews 9:27. Take that statement or not as you will. But if you are wrong about the Bible, you just might be making an even more serious mistake than the one he talks about.

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