Facial Recognition Tech Could Ensnare Millions of Innocent Americans for Crimes They Didn’t Commit

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    It’s often the case that new technologies arrive on the scene faster than our society and its legal code can keep up. Sometimes this can be a good thing. For instance, 3D printing allows people to print out unregulated gun parts, thus allowing gun owners to circumvent the onerous laws of our government, which has struggled to come up with new laws to restrict the technology.

    When technology advances at a breakneck pace however, it can also be quite dangerous for our liberties. This is especially true in regards to privacy. If a new technology makes it easy for the government to track us, you can bet that the government is going to take its sweet time updating the legal code in a way that will protect us from surveillance.

    That certainly seems to be the case with facial recognition software. During a recent Congressional Oversight Committee hearing, members of both political parties sounded the alarm on the FBI’s use of the technology, and read the written testimony of Electronic Frontier Foundation senior staff attorney Jennifer Lynch:

    Lynch detailed the stunning scope of the FBI’s photo collection. In addition to collecting criminal and civil mug shots, the agency currently has “memorandums of understanding” with 16 states that mean every driver’s license photo from those states is accessible to the agency—without the drivers’ consent. The FBI also has access to photos from the U.S. State Department’s passport and visa records.

    Lynch argued that “Americans should not be forced to submit to criminal face recognition searches merely because they want to drive a car. They shouldn’t have to worry their data will be misused by unethical government officials with unchecked access to face recognition databases. And they shouldn’t have to fear that their every move will be tracked if face recognition is linked to the networks of surveillance cameras that blanket many cities.”

    “But without meaningful legal protections, this is where we may be headed,” Lynch stated. “Without laws in place, it could be relatively easy for the government and private companies to amass databases of images of all Americans and use those databases to identify and track people in real time as they move from place to place throughout their daily lives.”

    All told, law enforcement agencies around the country have access to 400 million photos in facial recognition databases, which are connected to roughly 50% of American adults. Most of these people have never committed a crime, and obviously haven’t given any consent to this.

    At first glance it may sound harmless to be in one of these databases. Movies and TV shows make it sound like this technology can help law enforcement swiftly and precisely nab suspects. So what do you have to fear if you haven’t committed a crime? It turns out that in real life, facial recognition is far from perfect.

    Internal FBI documents obtained in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center indicate that the FBI’s own database, called the Next Generation Identification Interstate Photo System, or NGI-IPS, had an acceptable margin of error of 20 percent — that is, a 1-in-5 chance of “recognizing” the wrong person.

    And research published in the October 2015 issue of the scientific journal PLOS ONE by researchers at the universities of Sydney and New South Wales in Australia found that the humans who interpret such data build in an extra error margin approaching 30 percent.

    If we ever allow our government to roll out facial recognition cameras on a wider scale, lots of innocent people are going to be hurt. Whether by mistake or by malice, it will become shockingly easy for law enforcement to identify ordinary people as criminals. The surveillance control grid will not only be inescapable, it will be unwieldy and rife with abuse.

    It’s often said that you should never trade freedom for safety. In this case, we wouldn’t receive any kind of safety.


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      1. No matter what we say “the little people” it’s coming, it’s only a matter of time till it’s everywhere. Wait you’ll see I’m right

        • First they must live through attempting to arrest me

          • Menzo, same here. Anyone who tries that shit on me will get some bullets for their stupidity.

        • I think it’s not ‘coming’; I think it’s here. And has been for quite awhile. The problem is, we didn’t have a ‘deplorable revolt’ soon enough. Should have had one long before 9/11. Definitely needed one after the creation of the NSA. This stuff all started when the progressives took power ages ago. Pretty much since the 1800’s when the progressives got started. But, definitely hard to stop now since Franklin Roosevelt (and the whole clan).

      2. 30% error.

        Is that Jimmy Durante or Margaret Thacher? They look the same!



        • “Ah ink, a dink, a dinky dinky do”…

            • JS, thanks for that cause I just had to watch. One of the stories my pap use to tell was when I was born he went down to see what I looked like. He said all he could see was a huge nose sticking up out of the bassinet. When he got back to my mother’s room she asked what did I look like and he started singing “Inka Dinka doo” to her. He said her eyes got big and she started crying caused she caught on to what he was sayin’. He’d finish the story with a smile and say, “Thank God his face caught up”. There was also one about when the singing milkman came on TV….. but another day perhaps.

            • Ah, JS You made my afternoon.?

        • Just hire the Dream Team. OJ Simpson got off of a double first degree Murder and his DNA was all over the crime scene. Just need to hire a band of Court Room Clowns to lay out their trickery on they typical dumb a dirt Juries, they pull off the street and labeled as your peers. Also employ Jury Nullification.

          The Judges are Rigged, and the Courts are Rigged, and interpretation of the LAW is determined how the Judge feels that day and how much money Corporate Prison USA is funding the Judges re-election campaign as to your sentencing, as to see if you can help in the prisons occupancy rate.

        • 30%?
          Way beyond areasonable doubt, andalso inadmissible

      3. Simple – from this moment – when you see something (camera), spray something (black paint on lens). It’s the RIGHT THING to do.
        “See something, spray something” pass it on.

      4. Want to overload and wreck the facial recognition central computers? Just wear a Hillary Clinton mask.

      5. “Most of these people have never committed a crime, and obviously haven’t given any consent to this.”

        Consent? They don’t need any stinkin’ consent!
        Hell, they don’t even need badges anymore.
        RIP, USA.

      6. Imagine what this will do to the number of Elvis sightings?

      7. I’m screwed if my Twin commits a crime they will grab me!!!!! Or not.

        It might have 30% or so I.D. on some one, but if you have an alibi you free and clear. Nothing created by man is perfect.


        • Nothing created by man is perfect. This is why we should stop all efforts regarding geoengineering the Earth brought by the man who engineered the computer crash and control/alt/delete. The reset presently burning beneath Japan will be forever while we despair about distraction driven by polls that reinforce hive think for those that cannot think for themselves and go along to get along. The alibi of the hermit is automatically dismissed for the same reasons but we accept the corporate alibi without question.

        • If someone had access to the facial recognition LE database they could find their double and set them up to take the fall for a planned crime!

          • You could find your own photo and do a few adjustments to modify what you look like and they would then never find you as you really are!

      8. If you really want to know the Truth and how we got to where we are and ho really own us and how they do it. Watch this Mind Opening Video. I was blown away just how deep the Rabbit Hole Goes and How far back and all the connection of dots. We are F*cked.

        One Of The Best Web Documentaries Of All Time – The Esoteric Agenda

      9. Look up China is fighting toilet paper thieves with facial recognition.

        No matter how bad it gets here, its always more “FUN” (F’king Unbelievable Nonsense), somewhere else.

        Carry on…

      10. Sarge, remember the movie “Minority Report”? That’s what things are coming to. The entire concept of “pre-crime” is just as bogus as can be. Anyone who tries that on me will have a fight on their hands.

      11. 3 hots and a cot at Camp Fema. More biometric BS.

        • Yea,,, thats what i was thinking,,
          They can pay my medical, dental, housing, feeding, hell, i may even get to rest,,,

          • Sorry Nailbanger, 3 squares, rest and benefits are for murders, rapist, and other lowlifes. Political Prisoners only get grass soup and hard labor. Maybe we all need to start wearing Burkas! Trekker Out

      12. Every drivers license has digital facial recognition. Have you ever seen the police arrest any criminals or terrorists at the department of motor vehicles? Me neither. It’s not about fighting crime. It’s about fighting resistance to the totalitarians.

        • Lick many boots lately, Him?

      13. Couple a mistake (or a vendetta) with NDAA powers and people could just disappear w/ no ability for them to get a hearing and no ability of anyone else who cares to present a ‘habeas corpus’ writ to turn them loose from the Govt clutches.


      14. Man, I am almost done building my friends BOL. Mine is next. Damn I am all cut up, sliced up, scarred up, and I got bit by fucking insects and other flies. And I stepped in deer shit twice. Now all we have to do is put in the rain water catcher unit with additional plumbing to water the fruit trees, potatoes and other tropical plants and fruits and vegetables, add then add the solar generator, etc, and a shower and its good to go. Its located in a Red neck area. Some of the locals came out to have a word with me to see if I was hostile. Of course we got along fine. We had to let them in on out area to let them see that we are in town to set up a BOL.

        Man you guys want to hear automatic gun fire and all sorts of crazy shit going on out there.

        Its just a matter of time before kim dung yang and his chi-com buddies drops the EMP for the cabal over the country and I am getting ready.


        • Hope you can get your bol built in time. Blessings, babycatcher.

      15. Drudge headline: EU boss says: “We’ll break up USA” he is angry over Brexit. Hah, they couldn’t do it 200 years ago!

        Love all the links above. Great Job!

        HCKS that vote when on when the healthcare vote was supposed to pass but didn’t. Great distraction. Usually when something is going on big that’s the time to dig elsewhere. These folks are masters. Keep an eye on the other hand!

      16. …so anyway i awake to splinters and various other entanglements on the tube this time in texas look at that all those structures were built to the satisfaction of uniform building code yet there they lye in piles of omg we’re fkng lucky to be alive i must make a log entry before I forget again star date I don’t fkng no owhen I so happen to notice 2 dates have been highlighted on the gregorian 8-21-17 &9-21-17 the first as a total eclipse reminder i mean what kind of asshole needs a reminder for4 days of drunken pureility in the garden of gods culminating with ozzy osborne playing bark at the moon to an audience of world class scientist during the 2m44s of totality the second date 92117 the start of jewish new year rosh hashanah and muslim new year muharram (but not hijrra) so that seems like a discrepancy knowing the muslim lunar calendar islamic year count is 579 years behind the gregorian so in 20,844 gregorian years both calendars will be at the same year count no need to check nasa solar eclipse common era (ce) calendar as I know it icontains common errors (ce) that leave me no recourse but count backwards from the solar eclipse that occurred during the crucifixion hold your tongue naysayers the only thing christian and pagan historians can agree upon is the total solar eclipse occurrence during the crucifixion yet an eclipse cannot occur during the full moon passover there fore nasa ce which is basically the same as anno domini is critically flawed
        when counting backwards and eliminating adjustments for leap years lo and fkng behold ozzy oz-born will be playing bark at the moon precisely at the start of jewish/muslim newyears which so happens to coincide with a total solar eclipse but there’s still the detail of how it was possible a total eclipse could last from sunrise to sunset during the crucifixion
        so as a fluke i entered the coordinates of longest totality duration 36° 58′ 0″ N, 87° 40′ 18″ 
        low and fkng behold that’s right near the recently active wabash / new madrid epicenter where the oz man will be playing
        count down:143 days 19 hrs 3min 00 secs. (mark)
        well that would certainly explain how the stone got rolled away from the tomb I suppose.
        ht tps://countingdownto.com/countdown/usa-total-solar-eclipse-2017-21-august-2017-countdown-clock

        THE MORALE OF THE STORY IS ” NEVER EVER NEVER” take any cognitive function enhancements before consuming breakfast (((NEVER)))

      17. Facial recognition doesn’t work on blacks. It’s a well-documented fact that they all look alike. Just for whitey…

        When I get my mugshot…err… driver’s license photo taken, I made it look like I’m drunk so when they pull me over and I AM drunk, I look like I’m normal.

      18. They’d still have to prove guilt though, it’ll just ‘help’ them identify what they think of as suspects.

      19. So instead of just telling us what we already know, why not tell us what we can do about it? How to stop it or avoid it, anything?

      20. Well,as much as I dislike em the antifa types with their masks are on to something,a lot of subtle way to beat facial recognition without a mask but disguise,plenty of info on the web.

        Print/memory stick ect. all you want on net,one day it will not be working which really sucks as who do we get to fuck with when the forums shut down!

        • Warchild, it’s interesting that there are supposedly laws on the books everywhere that you can’t conceal your identity but it seems the commie protestors never get charged with that.

      21. Off Topic:

        In South Africa industrious hard working white farmers are being tortured, raped, and thrown into graves then burned and/or buried alive. As the place is massive farmland, most bodies are never found. Only the bodies that are found are counted. The official death count is 70,000. The Actual death toll is closer to 250,000. Let’s not be on the wrong side, again.

        Call the White House. Demand that Trump stop bringing in Radical Muslim welfare cases, and take in these real refugees who will work the farms here for us and mow our lawns, and are dying like flies in the most unspeakable manner.



      22. Wake up everyone. Big Brother is HERE! George Orwell was 100% correct in his description of Big Brother. The only thing he had wrong was the year “1984”. We have all allowed this to happen, and it appears to be too late to stop the evil.

      23. Several movies & TV shows did serious research before making them & have “predicted” the future. For example, Startrek foretold the cell phone (communicator), 3D printers (replicator), Catscan & MRI, as well as a One World Order government. The TV series “Person Of Interest” seems to have foretold the situation described in this article = one’s movements being tracked anywhere in the country.

        • True, but keep in mind that most of those ideas were planted by people “in the know” rather than those who researched and found it out. Gene Roddenbury as a 33rd degree mason, etc.

      24. I’m a bit torn on this issue. I, too, believe that there is little if anything we can do about the intrusion. Our photos go in databases. Our fingerprints go in databases. Our DNA will eventually (if not already) go in databases. I personally consider these as proof of identity and they are as likely to eliminate you as a suspect as to indict you. I also believe that our investigative services are intelligent enough to know of the errors in their systems and to use other investigative techniques like ‘was he even in the same State’ and ‘does he have an alibi’ and ‘does her record indicate that she might have committed that crime’ and ‘is there any corroborating evidence like fingerprints, photos, etc. that errors would be minimized if not eliminated altogether. Hopefully even a junior lawyer assigned by the court could beat a case based on nothing but facial recognition recognized to be wrong >20% of the time.

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