Facebook Suspends Conservative Comedian For Posting Abusive Messages Sent To Him

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Facebook has suspended a conservative comedian for posting screenshots of the abusive messages he received on the platform. Terrence K. Williams began posting the hateful comments he’s gotten from liberals, only to be reprimanded by the social media giant.

    According to Breitbart, not long after the suspension of columnist and editor Jamie Glazov, who posted screenshots of threats he received, comedian Terrence K. Williams has been temporarily suspended for posting screenshots of abuse and ridicule he received from liberals on the platform. One such example that Williams posted can be seen below:


    This image was promptly removed by Facebook as they allegedly don’t allow posts that “bully private individuals.” Williams told Breitbart News, “Facebook always deletes the post and says I’m bullying or harassing the people sending the threats and harassment.” But Williams has received numerous hateful messages all because of his political views.

    Breitbart was able to talk to Williams about the horrible and hate-filled messages he’s been receiving. He says the left is seemingly angry that a black conservative even exists and they treat him as less than a human for it. And Williams isn’t even exposing all of the abuse he gets on Facebook either, out of fear his page will suffer.

    “I don’t post all my threats anymore because I fear that Facebook may suspend my account and I have a large platform and people that look forward to my messages every day and I’m going on tour so I don’t want to break any violations and throw everything away so I don’t post all my stuff all the time. Facebook said they would ban me permanently if I kept posting screenshots of the death threats,” Williams said.

    Williams stated that despite multiple reports drawing Facebook’s attention to the screenshots and the abuse he keeps receiving, Facebook failed to act. “Facebook said that they reviewed the screenshots and said that none of the threats violated Facebook’s guidelines,” said Williams.

    Breitbart News asked Williams if he felt that Facebook was specifically targeting minority conservatives such as himself and YouTube stars Diamond and Silk who have alleged that their Facebook page reach has been limited by the social media platform. Williams said, “I do believe that Facebook is targeting not only conservatives but they’re really targeting minority conservatives such as myself and Diamond and Silk, they have a million followers and their posts are only reaching eight people are you serious? And Facebook does the same thing to me, I lose followers every day and I do not believe that my fans are going to my page to unfollow me.”

    Facebook is censoring those who speak out against the mainstream media’s official narrative and those who speak against a liberal agenda.

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes


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      1. Liberals suck, every last one should be eradicated and treated like the disease they are

        • 62gr dose of SS109 for each of em ought to do it.

          • CH3CH2OH: Yes, right about the top/bridge of their ugly long noses, ALL of them deserve the “treatment”, as you canNOT do a single thing with not a 1 of them.

            • Nothing more interesting than seeing Zuckerberg before Congress doing a little squirming and and now StarBucks getting a taste of their own medicine. So sad to see those Libs Sweat! Trekker Out

        • The fascist left continues to take over and consolidate their stranglehold on free speech. Once this country is entirely converted to fascism and they have wiped out all dissenting voices; I wonder if they will ever look back and realize that it was freedom they destroyed. Nah….not one of them is intelligent enough. Just wind up drones, useful idiots and cogs in the wheels of the oligarchy, too stupid to even save themselves.

      2. Boy!! What a highly literate crowd of respondees!! Such prose, graceful use of the English language, educated and inspiring retorts. Wow. …. Every last one of them should be ‘suspended’ from a sturdy oak tree branch. We need to be sure they are placed up high so all can give them the honors they deserve.

        • Facebook is full of low life trashy people. Some live near me and remind me of the stupid dysfunctional families like Roseanne TV show ( and other sit comes) with their messy houses and low class lifestyles, where the kids run the house, bossing parents. People that backstab, gossip and waste hours with selfies and exposing their private lives are idiots. Only way I’d be on FB is free business advertising if I ran a biz.

          • I would dare any libturd to try to lecture me about anything. It would be my pleasure to put him/her/it into a hospital.

          • Laura, i hate to tell you this, but by your viewing this web page, your being followed and tracked by Facebook. Each and every web page that you click on, that has a Facebook “like” button, or “share” button follows and tracks everything you do, even if you’ve never had a Facebook page. If you’ll notice right above our responses about this story, you’ll see both like, and share buttons for Facebook! Now if you don’t believe me that Facebook is tracking you without ever having a Facebook page. Just do a web search, there were tons of story’s in the news just a few days ago about Facebook collection information on TENS OF MILLIONS of non Facebook users without their consent, or knowledge!

            • BOOM!

          • I like Roseanne. It’s a funny show.

            Now you? You remind me of those low class people with dirty houses. Whatcha live in bunny? A single-wide or a double-wide?

            How much you get for each kid from the gubbermint? We know you don’t own a bizness. Nice fat Child Tax Credit you got this year?

      3. This horse is really, really dead already. Nobody has a “right” to Facebook. If you don’t like how they run their business then don’t use their service. Endlessly whining about it is not a good look.

      4. I hope Facebook has a massive fire and literally burns to the ground and nothing remains…that would be better than winning PowerBall!

        • CC: Yuuup! go to Lew Rockwell and see how Google tracs everything! Use private search engines.

      5. I think, Zuckerberg is the master, and Terrance has no sincere interest in escaping the Facebook plantation.

        Terrance’s intended audience is also bad people — a following, who can’t or won’t create a safespace.

      6. The posting of the remarks is the supposed grounds for banning the comedian;the reason he was banned was that he was black and a conservative. Liberals believe that all blacks should agree with them. If they disagree, they are traitors.

      7. They (the deep state NWO) are working to discourage and shut down conservative and libertarian speech prior to the coming mid-term elections.

        They are absolutely corrupt and they are going to force their NWO program on the general public weather people understand it or not or weather they want it or not.

        • …whether…

      8. whether

        • How about wether? Just ask the goat whether they want it or not. Trekker Out

      9. Conservatives are the new n*ggers!

        • Chris that can’t be true, we don’t get special treatment!

      10. We live under an undeclared Dictatorship with a small group of dictators sharing power through mutual agreements between them, common goals, common objectives, and common enemies. The destruction of the family, the cornerstone of civilization, is their primary goal toward complete social control.


      11. I went in for my free coffee and they said no!! You’re white.

      12. When people know the truth and are trying not to face it, nothing so infuriates them than someone who is telling them that truth! It’s always been that way;it always will be that way!

      13. Dear Mr. Williams, You may not realize it BUT, you are actually fighting Dr. King’s war right now; i.e., showing civility and intellect in your fight for your people. I may not have agreed with his philandering but a man is a man sometimes and some can’t resist; anyway, he was still a very GREAT man and you are following his footsteps. Your fight is just like that of an adolescent child (your black brethren and sisters) and a parent (you). Meaning, kids don’t realize you are telling them things for their own good and they “hate” you for telling them. But, once they reached adulthood, they look back and go; “ooohhhh, that’s why he told me that”. They then “get it”. Give it time as Dr. King did and continue to show class; “it” will pay off. I hope you realize what your “fight” will gain for your people; the break in the chains of Liberal dependency shoved on your people to enslave them even worse than the period of true slavery in the South. You are a hero. If there is ever anything an old white fart can do for you and your cause; please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me on the “Discord” platform on the cryptocurrency channel for “STRATIS”; I go by “CoinCrusher”. Quite honestly, people “like” yourself are probably the only chance of changing the ways of Liberals; they can’t fight an intellectual, fact driven black conservative, you drive them nuts as they have absolutely NO response to you. Good luck my brave friend.

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