Experts Solution To Global Warming: Kill Billions of People

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Around 11,000 scientists and “experts” are calling for “mass population control” in order to stop climate change. It seems that the final solution to the problem is to just kill billions of people.

    We declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency,” warned the scientists in the Tuesday edition of BioScience, in a report that includes lots of scary charts we’re guessing Tony Heller could have some fun with. –ZeroHedge

    Combating climate change will require fewer people:

    When absorbed in sequence, the charts lay out a devastating trend for planetary health. From meat consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and ice loss to sea-level rise and extreme weather events, they lay out a grim portrait of 40 years of squandered opportunities.

    The scientists make specific calls for policymakers to quickly implement systemic change to energy, food, and economic policies. But they go one step further, into the politically fraught territory of population control. It “must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity,” they write. –Bloomberg

    “We are encouraged by a recent surge of concern,” reads the letter. “Governmental bodies are making climate emergency declarations. Schoolchildren are striking. Ecocide lawsuits are proceeding in the courts. Grassroots citizen movements are demanding change, and many countries, states, and provinces, cities, and businesses are responding.

    Perhaps world leaders will consult with China, which has reportedly been sterilizing Muslim women in their infamous reeducation camps. –ZeroHedge

    Globalists have been trying to get people on board with mass population reduction for some time now. Climate change is nothing more than an excuse for a handful of people to destroy the rest and enslave those who remain.

    BOMBSHELL: Geoengineering Experiment Funded By Bill Gates Is Tied To Depopulation

    Bernie Sanders Announces Support for Global Depopulation in Countries Populated by People of Color


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      1. The scientists are right. People need to realise what the situation is today regarding population. The developed countries got their populations stable by the 1980s. But, unfortunately for the planet, irresponsible and poorly governed under-developed countries lost control of their population numbers and are on course to balloon the world’s population.

        This matters because the quantity of resources used by these people is growing.

        But why did these populations get out of control? Foreign aid. Foreign aid brought Western medicine, food aid, which reduced deaths. This was combined with non governing governments who were just focused on their klepto corruption and didn’t pay any attention to planning and the fact their populations were having too-large families.

        By not developing their economies, many Muslim countries ended up with millions of horny out of work Muslim men. In African countries horny men who never practiced monogamy anyway would hop from partner to partner leaving behind women with 5,6,7 children. They would always chase the younger women, often with the belief that was how you avoided getting AIDS.

        In the past these kids would have died and so the population would have stayed stable. But, with foreign aid, the kids survived their youth and the population went exponential. And now they see how Americans live and they want it – now. This is the problem and why sterilants and other measures need to be taken to bring populations down.

        • You are absolutely wrong, and you are a despot in the making. “Climate Change “ occurs as a natural cycle of this planet. Man has not impacted the system to the degree claimed. I would like to know when you elitist, globalist hypocrites are going to step up and off yourselves first. If you really believe in it, lead by example.

          • Once carrying capacity has been exceeded, past a certain point, any small emergency could become terminal, in the words of Malthus. No tyrant in human form is needed, to effect population control. Sit on your hands. I dare you. Be charitable to the very last, with no strings attached.

            As for me, I have taught math, measurements, machines, and business.

            Only a rare minority of human life can be brought up to the level of absolute morality, through simple object lessons.

            Most cannot.

            I believe in a natural elite, so am elitist.

            I don’t bother to tell migrants to go back to other countries, which they don’t deserve to run, so, for that matter, might be considered a globalist.

            • I agree. Math doesn’t lie and being “woke” is not going to buy time on a planet with finite resources and exponential population growth and those people all wanting to live like Americans.

              It is a simple tug of war. And those with the power will drop the mask when the crises hit and stop playing nice. China, for example, is already deciding who lives and who dies in the race for resources. They are clearing out the Muslim leeches in their country; next stop Africa. The mismanaged continent will not be left alone to knee grow rule.

          • CR, well said. The “global-warming, global-cooling, climate-change” freaks can’t make up their minds. Their clear objective is to blame Americans for all the ills of the world. The Paris-Accords were designed as a TRANSFER OF WEALTH from the USA to people that hate us around the world. Why exclude China and other major polluters? Snowflakes are used as “useful idiots” to promote an agenda that takes the USA back to the stone age.

      2. Well, I have just bought a Ford F-350 diesel to increase my carbon footprint to delay the ice age that is on the way.
        Man made global warming is a hoax. It’s the big yellow thing in the sky – how it behaves is what has always cause our climate/weather and it will continue to do so in cycles.

        Population reduction will take care of itself. If water/food etc become scarce- people will die from thirst/hunger or war for the limited resources.

      3. The proponents of mass die-offs of humans should put their money where their mouth is. They should show us they believe what they are promoting by offing themselves first.
        There are activist groups with the goal of human extinction. They say their position is humane because they don’t endorse killing off populations outright. Rather, that the propagation of the species should totally cease, with no exceptions, so that all humanity will just simply die out. I went to an public environmental conference several years ago and met a few of these wackos, they sincerely believe humanity should not exist. A white lady told me whites should be the first to go out of existence (now that I think about it, in that wacko crowd there were no “minorities”). This silly, simple-minded, successfully propagandized bitch would believe after we are gone the rest of the world will follow through too. Whites aren’t the problem, we make up only 11.5 % of the world’s population, and are currently below replacement level (we should be the ones labeled the minority – for example, there are more blacks in just sub-Sahara Africa, than whites in the entire world). With the exception of the Japanese and South Koreans, the rest of the world outside of whites is growing, though the global birth rate has slowed very much. However, the nations on the continent of Africa are still multiplying in orders of magnitude. They believe they can solve their ongoing surplus population problems by merely moving en masse to other countries, (where there their numbers still grow unabated).
        This by the way brings another question, if whites are so horrible and are the cause of all the world’s ills, why is the rest of humanity streaming out of their native countries and flooding into those countries of European heritage. This makes no sense, aren’t we told continuously their cultures and homelands are superior to ours?
        I recently read an article about signs being posted in various areas in the city of London (England). The signs are urging people to lower birth rates, but the signs show only reduction of white children as painted on the signs.
        I believe all people have the right to exist, and in their own places if that’s what their society or country chooses.
        It’s likely population control however is primarily about reducing white populations. Who are the instigators behind this and why?
        This is similar to pollution problems. More than half of the global air and water pollution occurs in just two countries – China and India. Yet no one in critical of that fact; only how bad the Western world is, who by way does use far more energy, yet cleanly. We aren’t wiping out our forests, we treat our sewage rather than dump or pump it into waterways or the ocean, we have mandatory industrial air pollution controls, auto emissions are regulated to the point where there is almost no exhaust, soil conservation is in common practice, and on and on. Yet we are the ones who are constantly criticized. In reality, criticism by other countries against developed white nations are little more than an effort to deindustrialize our countries, and to shake-down the West for money and foreign “aid”.
        I condemn waste and frivolous use of resources, but no, I’m not going to stop eating meat, will continue to drive my pickup, and use my property as I alone see fit.

        • It is racism pure and simple and I can tell you from firsthand experience living in those countries they are the most racist. They want whites gone apart for a few hot blonde women as sex toys.

          They also view the West as a giant going out of business sale and that’s why they want to come here and go locust, grabbing what they can.

          My advice? If you are white, breed. And get the science done so your kids are as white as possible. If you can’t do it get some white Nordic sperm for the wife. And do not lower economic power. Keep your family small and rich. Make sure your kids get a good inheritance and watch Apoo have to fight it out with his 5 brothers and sisters and Igbo have to fight off his extended African family of pocket dippers looking for handouts. Ware them down and watch them struggle to get the cash together to move to a better neighbourhood. Never give to the charities and reduce your taxes as much as possible. Choke the system off.

      4. China and India make up about 1/3 of total world population. That’s 2 countries. Stay the hell away from the United states with this bullshit until they have fixed their mess.

      5. I say: Let those 11,000 ‘scientists’ put their money where their mouth is and lead by example. Anyone else who believe the climate change junk science is also welcome to do so.
        That way, the rest of us can live in peace from their constant fearmongering & lies. We are in a grand solar minimum and need MORE CO2… you know, the greening molecule? That molecule that enables plants to respire so you can have food to eat? Yes, that molecule.

      6. I’m married to an accomplished scientist (Doctorate in Chemistry) that does not believe “killing billions of people” is necessary to solve our problems. This brilliant THINKER has studied many of society’s problems as a Mensa-type mental exercise for decades – usually the problem is poor governance. The USA has devolved due to “political correctness”, deviance from Constitutional values, and extreme TOLERANCE of values antithetical to our nation’s FOUNDING DOCUMENTS.

        Look to “the enemies within” (thank you for coining the operative phrase Dr. Savage) for the source of the country’s ills.

      7. Cool. Does anyone have contact information of where I can send a list of names of people I’d like to see “eliminated” during the purge? 🙂

      8. First the greenies freaked out about the paper bags. “Save the trees” they said. Then the greenies wanted to replace paper with plastic bags. Now they are freaking out about plastic bags and straws. So now they push plastic coated nylon (that’s plastic, too) shopping bags that are nearly indestructible.

        In a couple thousand years an archaeologist will be digging them up and marveling at the pretty bright colors.

      9. I’m sure Hitler would agree. Why not kill yourself and save the planet? Be the genocide you want to see.

      10. It’s silly to assume population control implies killing them. Never heard of birth control?

        OK, maybe they are thiknking of compulsory birth control, which does change the idea somewhat. But in times of emergency, you will often be confronted with situations where certain things are being enforced by the authorities. It’s all a matter of good judgment, I suppose.

        Sure, this pulls us into the anti-vaccination issue. But that’s another discussion.

      11. Did you hear about those people who stopped the Yale-Harvard football game the other day? That is just so disrespectful to interrupt that game like that and waste people’s time and money! If it was me there I’d be furious What’s next? You know what I mean?

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