Experts Fear a Stealth Crash Has Already Begun: “Risk is Flashing Red”

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 127 comments

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    It is more clear than ever that the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program will eventually bring destruction to the planet.

    The world doubled down on risk after the 2008 crisis with nearly unlimited liquidity, and now debt is threatening to drown the global financial market. Cheap credit is about to saddle down those who got themselves overextended. Many private borrowers and states alike face default, bankruptcy and/or a failure to pay their obligations. Mathematically, the problem is just waiting to explode.

    It is just a matter of when the music stops. But has it already?

    Some are suggesting that things are already so bad that a crash has already set in, but without the headlines and fanfare.

    This stealth crash is evidenced by conditions so bad they precipitate a chain reaction of further financial destruction. According to the London Guardian things are simply too far gone: “the debt levels are too high, productivity growth too weak and financial risks too threatening.”

    Via the London Guardian:

    A predicted global meltdown passed without event. But there are enough warning signs to suggest we are sleepwalking into another disaster
    The 1st of October came and went without financial armageddon. Veteran forecaster Martin Armstrong, who accurately predicted the 1987 crash, used the same model to suggest that 1 October would be a major turning point for global markets. Some investors even put bets on it. But the passing of the predicted global crash is only good news to a point. Many indicators in global finance are pointing downwards – and some even think the crash has begun. Let’s assemble the evidence.

    First, the unsustainable debt. Since 2007, the pile of debt in the world has grown by $57tn (£37tn). That’s a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%, significantly beating GDP. Debts have doubled in the so-called emerging markets, while rising by just over a third in the developed world.[…] What we’ve done with credit since the global crisis of 2008 is expand it faster than the economy – which can only be done rationally if we think the future is going to be much richer than the present.This summer, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) pointed out that certain major economies were seeing a sharp rise in debt-to-GDP ratios, which were well outside historic norms. In China, the rest of Asia and Brazil, private-sector borrowing has risen so quickly that BIS’s dashboard of risk is flashing red. In two thirds of all cases, red warnings such as this are followed by a major banking crisis within three years.The underlying cause of this debt glut is the $12tn of free or cheap money created by central banks since 2009, combined with near-zero interest rates. When the real price of money is close to zero, people borrow and worry about the consequences later.Oil collapsed first, in mid 2014, falling from $110 a barrel to $49 now, despite a slight rebound in the interim.


    In short, as the BIS economists put it, this is “a world in which debt levels are too high, productivity growth too weak and financial risks too threatening”. It’s impossible to extrapolate from all this the date the crash will happen, or the form it will take.

    No one knows when an official “crash” is going to take place, or if they would recognize it if it were already here, but wealth is being transferred at an incredible rate that is driving people into poverty, dependence and desperation.

    What is clear is that the financial system that has been put in place is apparently not even capable of holding things together for a decade before they fall apart again.

    The same Federal Reserve that was supposedly put in place to end volatile booms and busts is today directly creating them. Monetary policy is perhaps the driving force of today’s misfortune. The situation is reaching a dangerous quickening point, if it has not already arrived. As the article noted,

    “When the real price of money is close to zero, people borrow and worry about the consequences later.”

    But the consequences are piling up. The entire economy rests on the actions of the Fed, which is engaged in massive market manipulation – albeit legal under the powers assumed by this private agency. Admittedly, the Fed is inflating the stock market, all while destroying the jobs, business, savings, investments and opportunities of regular people.

    If Yellen raises rates, the debt crunch begins, and there may be nothing that can hold back the bloods-in-the-streets level of crisis that will occur when people across the world can no longer pay, and can’t borrow any more. There may be higher rates within a year.

    Meanwhile, the Fed continues to float enormous volumes of money to feed the looming disaster. It is worsening, and many are already over the edge. As financial experts put it months ago, the market today is “uniquely crash prone.”

    Things have been set-up to fail, and giving the Federal Reserve more power than ever to control the markets has only assured the next phase of the collapse will be even worse.

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    “The Market is Uniquely Crash-Prone”: Experts Fear Financial Collapse Imminent


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      1. I been watching this since 07 as a precursor to the 08 crash. I’m amazed at the central bankers ability to kick the can down the road. I having given up on the if but the when can be further down than any of us imagine.

        • I too am surprised at how much time has transpired. However, I think the “credit” for this extension is being mis-assigned. Many believe its the nebulous “TPTB” that have been able to miraculously kick this can down the road…However, you rarely hear credit given to God for granting us more time as an act of mercy. EVERY day that our system remains standing, and our ice-makers work, and our cars are full of gas and our Central Air blows cold is a day to be thankful!

          When this house of cards is ultimately allowed to crash (Again, by God not the TPTB) life as we know it will be EXTREMELY difficult. I’m not sure we can truly imagine what things will look like, but just know it won’t be easy. Every little task we take for granted (hygiene, flushing toilets, microwave ovens, ice etc etc) will now require heculian efforts.

          Out of our human, lack of patience, we tend to blurt out, “Alright already! Let’s get this crash started!” It does seem to defy all logic that were in late 2015 and things still appear to be on the rails, but rather than “dare” the crash to start it might be more productive to Thank God for the extra time he’s granted us to get ready for it.

          There will be day(s) soon when we look back on November 2015 and wish we “still had it that way.” Use this time as a blessing and don’t for a second think we have it because of “TPTB, The Bankers, The “Elite.”

          This is a great time of mercy granted to each of us by Almighty God and nothing less. How you use it is up to you.

          • ISM Manufacturing Tumbles To Weakest In 3 Years As Employment Crashes To Lowest Since August 2009

            “With Markit suggesting US Manufacturing is at a 7-month high (with new orders surging), The ISM appears to disagree as ISM Manufacturing PMI dropped to 50.1 – its lowest since Dec 2012.”

            “Finally, ISM inventory drops to 46.5 (its weakest since January) after Chicago PMI inventories soared over 60; and along with export orders in contraction for the fifth month (while Markit claims highest new orders in 7 months),

            today’s US manufacturing outlook is just more baffle-em-with-bullshit.”


            • Thanks KY Mom — a wide body of data suggest we have some serious issues.

              • Mac Slavo,

                You are welcome. I agree.

                • Hey guys, I don’t like to advertize for businesses, but I stumbled on a new one on me – augason farms. I found #10 cans of chicken fettucini on sale for half off, and cornstarch in 25 yr cans for 1.58.

                  I just figured somebody might want to get in on some of the 50% off deals. That’s all. I have no connection to this site, I just stumbled on it on Amazon, while I was looking for something else.

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                  • Caveat Emptor: Auguson Farms has nonexistent customer service. Any issues with cans of freeze dried food arriving dented, etc. will be met with total silence on their part.

            • I agree Ky mom. I have hear the conflicting reports but when I see sales are way down, exports are down, and businesses are laying off workers, plus new housing starts way down now, I take what IS, rather than the BS of what can be and present it as if it already happened.

              News reports say a gas station in Afghanistan cost us 43 million dollars. The pentagon has no explanation or receipts of what was spent on a 500k gas station costing us 43 million, but the money is gone to some Pentagon bureaucrat who stole the money.

              Since these people will not be prosecuted for theft with all the other lies and corruption, we do need a reset. I don’t know if God has given good people a grace period to prepare, but it is man’s corruption that will cause the destruction.

          • Yes God gave the US more time, by making sure more people in third world countries starved to death on 2015.

            Why are Americans so damn out of touch with reality? Nothing it seems matters, unless it is happening directly to them or their own country.

            Christians, please leave god out of the financial collapse. He has nothing to do with the time frame.

            P.S. if you want to see the devil…look in the mirror. If you want to see god….look in the mirror.

            Both exist inside all of us. If is our choice to decide how we will treat others.

            • He also gave us free will on this planet. The free will of the billionaires not to feed the starving. The free will to follow the devil or God. Pick a side.

              • There is no side to pick. Please stop with this nonsense. People can choose to be selfless or selfish. It has nothing to do with god or religion.

                • Nonsense? You dare to state the unknown as fact ? How could you possibly be so sure of these things ? Do you have proof ? Nonsense . Who has the lack of sence. Do you know the mystery of the universe also? Please tell us all these things you are so sure of. People can chose to be selfless or selfish . Isn’t that picking a side?

                  • All I am saying is that god is NOT controlling the event in the USA nor any other country for that matter.

                    Choosing to be good vs evil is not picking a side because there is no side to pick. There are NOT 2 beings one whom you call god and one whom you call the devil fighting for souls.

                    God is a reflection of man. As we are capable of being both good and evil. Two sides of a coin if you will. Ying and yang. And so on.

                    I would be less inclined to argue if christians could stop attributing good things that happen in this world to god and bad things as just free will or the devil if you will.

                    Things happen. That is just the nature of this planet. That is just the nature of people. That is just life.

                    To believe that your religious philosophy and your country are superior and chosen to receive favor by god is folly in itself.

                    The mystery of the universe has long been forgotten down the memory hole of the past. People have taken a pure thing and twisted it into the unrecognizable. Same with history.

                    What if I did know the mysteries of the universe and they disproved the bible. Would you believe me? Probably not.

                    Thus is the nature of man. Willing to cling to a belief no matter what. That is the reason your beloved “powers that be” will always be the master and the majority their pawns and slaves.

                    • they wont listen-they believe their sky daddy will save them.inbreeds ya know.

                    • Well put know-it-all, in order to live in Appalachia they have to marry their cousins by 13 and start a ” fambly” by 14. But the boys always wear their finest dungarees to church on Sunday and the girls always wear their best tube tops for services too. They’re forced to whistle the Hymns instead of singing because of all the missing teeth but somehow they make it work.

                    • How can you possibly say that we believe they are our masters . You can’t possibly know the mystery of the universe .How can you possibly know what is controlling the event in the USA or any country. There is no Side how can you be sure of that .ying and yang is that a joke .we cling to the belief that we shouldn’t butcher each other because there is a higher athority that will punish us . With out that we can butcher anyone we want . With only the punishment of man what’s that compared to the punishment of God .You better hope we believe in God . Or it’s open season on your kind.

                    • I am liking you RJ…..and that’s a good thing.

                • RJ- Psychopathy is not a choice. Without a conscience, and therefore no remorse, one is greedy, selfish and evil all rolled up into one. There is no such thing as a ‘reformed psychopath’ OR a psychopath who turned over a new leaf.

                  They are devoid of emotion because a part of their brain is damaged or missing, depending upon which brain expert you want to believe–but it’s not a choice. That’s just how they are hardwired and we need to avoid them.

                  • Yes I know all about how people can be born with brains that are just not right. Some psychopaths are born and some are made.

                    What is moral to one person may not be a morality issue to another.

                    Thus the human brain is another reason I stopped believing in christianity/all religions a few years ago.

                    After all if a person can commit evil acts because they were born without the empathetic portion of their brain intact then there is no such thing as the devil, is there? Just people born with messed up brains, unable to control sadistic impulses.

                    So yes, sometimes we are born with defects in our system. Defects that make it impossible for us to ever live in society like a normal person.

                    Of course not all psychopaths murder, rape, etc so I wonder why some are are born with a propensity to do those types of heinous acts, while others use forms of emotional torture on their victims.

                    Not to mention the deviant sexual proclivities that people like which can sometimes be triggered by childhood experiences.

                    There is just too much going on in the human physiology to explain it away with simplistic views about god and the devil.

                    • Hmm, this thread has a hint of familiarity to it.

                  • I wonder if their only hope is sky daddy.? The inbreads only hope ? You can’t pick your folks. If there’s no consequences for our actions on this planet . Let’s have a party with these rats. And butcher them good. Would it it be better ? We could do whatever we want . Yea baby. Is that heaven ? Pick a side.

                    • Lone Wolverine you said: “we cling to the belief that we shouldn’t butcher each other because there is a higher athority that will punish us . With out that we can butcher anyone we want . With only the punishment of man what’s that compared to the punishment of God .You better hope we believe in God . Or it’s open season on your kind.”

                      If that is the only thing that is keeping you from butchering people, you have some serious issues. There are many people in the world who do not need the fear of hell fire and damnation NOT to commit evil acts and atrocities. Just like there are many who keep a bible on the coffee table, go to church on Sunday and still commit the most heinous acts of cruelty on their children.

                      Of course christians believe that asking jesus to forgive them absolves them of their horrible crimes.

                      Yet the victims of the acts perpetuated on them are left to pick up the pieces and hopefully not become what they were taught.

                      Where is the heavenly justice in that?

                      Where is their punishment and chastisement that christians are always mouthing off about for these people?

                      Unless the crimes are punished by mans laws, there is no chastisement from god. For anyone.

                      No karma getting that person back some time down the road.

                      Just the reality that sometimes people get away with things.

            • I beg to differ.

              There was a strange little event that took place about 2001. It involved a visitation from Gabriel, the Archangel. No, He did not visit me but a true believing modern day prophet is who He came to visit over a period of days.

              The prophet/ man of God/ believer/ visionary, did not come right out about this event, because of the timing and also out of fear of non-belief by the true believers. Many, like yourself RJ, would not believe it, if Gabriel sat down in front of you, but hey, that is OK. His message was not for your type and those that mock God.

              Anyways, i was led to something that gave me a look at God’s timeline that would be instituted just after the ruling on Same sex marriage. I predicted that it would be passed without a hitch many months before it actually happened….it’s in the archives. I was told to look at a period of time nearing the end of 2029.

              I saw the markers, and then i was led to the words of the prophetic speaker and read about his visitation by Gabriel.
              Gabriel specifically told him there would be three, seven year periods coming, beginning in September 2008. The first seven year period would be one of economic woes, and then beginning in 2015, with the Shemitah cycle end and beginning, there would be a second period of seven years that would birth governmental woes. The third set of the seven year periods, would be one of religious woes, and begins in 2022 with the end of the 2015 Shemitah cycle. The stage was just set and made public to the world with the September meetings of the UN/NWO councils. As a country, we have been bankrupt, without a way to recover, ever since Sept. 2008.

              Now, do i live my life based on this? No. I live my life like i am ready to die today, but plan for any catastrophic event that could make life a struggle for many years, if not prepared properly. I am almost there, but will never stop believing what I have been shown, nor will i stop preparing as long as i am able. The bible says a foolish man sees trouble coming, but doesn’t prepare.

              So, RJ, you just keep on believing that God has nothing to do with the financial collapse timing, and i will keep on believing He has everything to do with it. His wrath and judgments have to come upon the heathen or the prophetic scriptures are all wrong. They are not. To add, i believe the timing is right on the money also.

              If you are such a skeptic and mocker, why do you keep coming here and posting your drivel?
              Wouldn’t you feel better out living it up in the world with like minded people? Just sayin’.

              • Thank you PITW, for your steadiness throughout these times and the tribulations to come. I always look forward to your posts and drink of the spirituality that you put forth. Bless you.

                • I do appreciate the thumbs up. Like minded folk will always see through all the clouds of babble and connect with each other.
                  Bless you GMcP.

            • So dam true once and for all. Rj thx for that i needed that.

              • Yea lets all be evil butchers cause we were born that way good excuse.

                • Like the man said, if the only thing stopping you from being a murderer is the fear of punishment from some sky being, you have serious mental health issues, along with what seems to be a painfully low IQ.

            • Here, here…..very well said.

          • Amen! Couldn’t have said it better!

            • This was in reply to your daddy…

          • Your Daddy,

            Bravo! The timing and severity of God’s chastisement before The End depends on our behavior.

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself

          • well said Sir..

          • @yourdaddy……agree with you, we should all live every day to the fullest! take care all, CC.

          • Well said.

          • Your daddy , praise God and thank you…

          • Just think of the crash as a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, someone loses everything. Then the music starts again until it stops and someone else loses everything. This continues until there is only one left.

            A crash isn’t a macro event. It is a personal tragedy. millions are experiencing the crash every month. The question to ask is when it is your turn?

          • That is one tremendous point of view. I completely concur with your statement. Unfortunately, my brother, we’re in the minority. God Bless.

          • Shit Bitch. That’s a New One. Hahaha!

      2. Please let it happen. Way over due.

        p.s. Don’t move it to 2016 and then 2017 and on.

        • Don’t wish for SHTF.

          You’ve never been in a position to wonder if you would live or die.

          It isn’t cool.

        • Im ready for it to happen. Im already old enough. If it just keeps dragging on I will not be in any kind of shape to perform whatever I need to do. Im tired of waiting. I could care less if it cool or politically correct. Lets get the show on the road.

          • Even so lord come.

      3. What is flashing red is my patience with the same freaking articles week after week. We get it. Doom and gloom, fucking thieves have us over a barrel. But its always imminent since 2010. Their ability to kick the can exceeds my outrage gland. exhausted.

        • As long as these advertisers on the left and right side of this page pays up, prepare to get the same shit day after day for many years to come.

        • CW: 10-4 good buddy. This same shit is getting old.

          • I hope you starve to death in the collapse.

            • I hope you are weeded out before that AE.

          • Many people here post ideas on getting ready for it. From food storage to self defense . To bug out locations . That’s what most of us look for. Sometimes the gloom and doom stories are to try to get the new readers to prep so we won’t need as much ammo.

            • Lone Wolverine.

              Lots of doom and gloom but it is the nuggets that make the reading worth while.
              Most of the time if you have a question and ask it. It will be answered. New ideas always welcomed. Even Bad ideas are corrected or modified to work.

              • OK, Just An Idea !

                We don’t need to buy or sell if there is an abundance of that particular item.
                So why doesn”t as many people as possible who reads this, PLANT at least 1 or more fruit or nut TREES, in either their front garden, close to footpath, “REACHABLE TO ALL” or on their nature strip between footpath & roadway. “YOU KNOW”. (That little bit the “COUNCIL OWNS,” that YOU have to PAY to Maintain & Care For)
                Let’s ALL just use Their “SUPPOSED LAND” for ALL OUR BENEFIT FROM NOW !
                I got 4 on mine & when they bear fruit, everyone’s welcome to enjoy while available & there’s usually still enough on some of them, even at the end of their flowering season.
                NOW IMAGINE if only Every 3rd house in Every Street had a different variety. MMmm. .
                Maybe, Just MAYBE . . .
                AHHHHGGGGG. . . . “Just a Simple IDEA,
                Floatin in An UNEDUCATED BRAIN I GUESS”!~

                • Nobody,

                  Sounds like a great idea to me, any brain that can think of something that good could never be uneducated, it’s absolutely stunning in it’s sincerity and simplicity, bordering on what I would dare to say could even be ” genius”, could be that this brain is the one to drag humanity out of it’s fear and ignorance of each other , this brain offers real hope for the future instead of fear and meaningless religious ranting and lashing out at those who don’t think likewise. So, an ” uneducated” brain? Only for those who want to continue to live in fear and not reach their potential as human beings.

            • Lone Wolverine

              Went to Wally World and picked up a bunch of Chemical light sticks. Six Inch size. Various colors at half price. After Halloween sale. Right temp and storage last up 5 years if left in metal cover.
              That will help with my chemical light rat trap perimeter alarms. 48 cents each.

              • I read that you can tie a string to them and spin them around as a signaling devise.

          • Maybe Mac should write articles about all the solutions that have been implemented to solve the economic problems. Oh, that’s right, not a fucking thing has been done to correct anything, only more shit to drag out the agonizing slow collapse. No Mac, please continue informing me of the new scams the shitbags are coming up with on a daily bases to screw my kids and grandkids of the freedom the rest of us have enjoyed. I only pray it takes a shit in time that those of us who did nothing to stop it suffer so the kids don’t have to. I’m still waiting for the “shit getting old” clowns to come up with a solution. Their just like armchair patriots, just bitch and never say or do anything helpful. I still remember the shitbags that bitched from their keyboards that some of us didn’t measure up to their idea of how a patriot should look when risking our lives in Bunkerville. Shit.

            Tiered of the clowns

            • Well, you have to admit that the ” shit getting old” crowd has been just as effective as you offering any type of solutions to the problem. And there is nothing “new” about any of these articles, they’re the same ones that have been getting recycled for the last 6 years or so. So, yes, people are reacting to them in an entirely logical and predictable fashion, they’re bored with people chanting the same nonsense over and over with none of their claims ever coming to fruition, NONE of them. It’s difficult to fault people who rightfully expect to see some kind of action when people who write doom and gloom stories keep ginning everybody up for years on end with no results. In fact, it’s the normal reaction for sane people to scoff at the constant doom and gloomers when they can never show what they predicted has ever happened or exactly when it will. Try telling your kids stories about something that never happens when you say it will, even they know better than to blindly believe anybody, including their parents, for any length of time without seeing some kind of result of all the talking they hear. It’s simple human nature, if you tell people continually that something bad is coming ” anytime now” and it never does, you’ve only got yourself to blame, to try and somehow make them the feel it’s their fault because they don’t fall for the same old same old every day is an exercise in futility.

              • In case you haven’t noticed the collapse is already in progress. The problem is the sheeple are content to be on their knees and don’t see the shit all around them. What I tell my kids is their are sheeple willing to live in chains as long as they are feed like cattle and numb their brains with the NFL and Kardashies. Everyday the commie news channels parrot out government propaganda and unlike people of the past that used critical thinking (skills once taught in school)sheeple today are so dumb down they don’t even know how to think for themselves. And then there are others that visit websites they consider are telling lies only to complain without providing any information to back up what they say. Personally I see nothing but a continual decline. Just to point out the extreme obvious to save space – We have a debt (they admit to) of 19 trillion, the sheeple are now selling murdered baby parts openly on the internet, in addition to Bushes multiple wars Obama has started 5 more and is now poking sticks in Russia and Chinas eyes. If this is your idea of a country on the right path you my want to check the dose.

                • No, I never claimed it was a country on the right path so please don’t put words in my mouth. As far as critical thinking skills are concerned, I remember teachers at school telling us that we were fighting the war in Vietnam for our security, that if we didn’t fight there the whole of Asia would be communistic and we’d soon be fighting for our lives on Main St, USA. Well, you’d have to say that our generation didn’t have any critical thinking skills either because we swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. I remember old people back then always moaning about ” those damn kids with their transistor radios glued to their heads, don’t they care that the Russians might start a nuclear war?” The things you say now are the same things said by the parents and old people of that generation. We had LBJ lie about how much we were spending in Vietnam so he wouldn’t have to raise taxes to pay for it, and it helped create the massive inflation that ran through the 70’s. Did anybody do anything about THAT? Sure, Nixon removed the gold standard at it was off to the races ever since. So, where was all this critical thinking back then? The same place it’s always been, nowhere. Nobody bothered to get concerned about the problems of the sixties and seventies , at least not to the point of actually doing anything about it, so nothing really changes much, problems are never dealt with, they simply get swept under the rug, every generation has been guilty of ignoring them so I see no fault with todays kids than kids of previous generations that spent their time and energy enjoying themselves, as kids of EVERY generation will always do. Do you remember anybody in your age group when you were young who spent all their time worrying about all the problems in the world? The only thing that’s different today are the types of gadgets and programs they’re occupied with, teachers pushed propaganda on us when I was a kid too, we believed it until we got older into our teens when life experiences and interaction with older adults taught us differently, as todays kids will also learn. So no, not everything is great but I’m not ready to burrow into the Earth and call it quits just yet. BTW, what’s the problem with watching the football games? I have 2 friends who are both preppers like myself, and we like nothing better then kicking it back on Sunday enjoying a few cold ones after a long week at work. Doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect on our prepping priorities, so what makes it so bad?

                  • Andy, Really enjoyed your opinion(read facts) about growing up during Vietnam era, the Red Scare, LBJ and all the rest. We lost many boys in our area not just physically, but mentally as well, and for what! Oh yeah, keeping the world safe for democracy! Thanks for being a voice of reason in a sea of insanity! Oh, and by the way, I too enjoy football games not only on Sunday, but Saturday as well. All work and no play can drive a prepper f-ing nuts! Valley Boy out

                    • Valley,

                      Not a problem man, we seem to forget the crap that went on during our youth making the ” good old days” viewed through rose colored glasses and todays kids as the cause of the downfall of civilization, I think once you reach that point you’ve rightfully earned the term ” old geezer”. And yeah, I’ve been a football fan forever, I can’t see how it could possibly cause anyone to be less of a prepper, so what the Hell, bring on the game!

            • Nothing can be done to stop what is coming. (Short of cleaning house medieval style). Dem or Rep it matters not. We have a real awakening coming. We have reached the 51% point. You are now the minority. Try to get used to it. The good ol’ days are gone. Just distant memories of yours and mine. Sure we feel glimpses of it from time to time at a birthday party or 4th of July get together, but the reality is, most of your other countrymen around you don’t feel the same or understand. Our country is cooked. Will it every bounce back? Maybe. But it will take somebody’s hell on earth to get there.

            • I wonder if there are any solutions at this point. It’s just brace for the impact. Or like the last depretion ww2. Now it will be ww3 . That’s why we are here to get ready for what seems obvious .

            • actually the best idea would be to leave this site, disconnect and get a life one way or another, rather than drooling whenever the media and bankers ring the bell.

              • We are trying to share information to get through this life with has little pain as possible.

                • doesn’t seem to be helping you, does it? Put your hands together and ask our sky being what’s next.

                • Yes, LW. You are right. Thanks.

        • In the words of the great Mike Cooley of DBT

          “I’ve been falling so long it’s like gravity’s gone and I’m just floatin”

          The economic crash is kind of like a motorcycle crash, it’s not a matter of IF, it’s WHEN and HOW BAD.

          • And in the movie Crazyheart. Funny how fallin feels like flyin. For a little while.

      4. The government employees are smarter than they were in ’08. They are masters at manipulating the markets now. What goes on in the civilian world has no affect/effect on anything, anywhere, anytime. The government employee is all that matters and they are doing great. Look at the lead off story on Fox this morning. Taxpayers paid government employees forty three million to build a $500,000 gas station in Afghanistan. The Eternal Parasites spent another 4.5 million on incinerators that don’t work, and on it goes to the tunes of hundreds of billions of go nowhere, do nothing projects in Afghanistan, all at our expense and hurt. Afghanistan is just one place on the map. They have over 900 other military installations worldwide, not counting their pork barrel projects here in the States. Their final move will not be to collapse the economy, but to siphon it off in great quantities for themselves and their salaries, benefits, and retirements, including the veterans also, while the civilian population learns to forage or die. It’s that simple and will only get worse. The bottom line is, that if you are a civilian employed in the free enterprise system, you are screwed. So next time you want to salute the flag, honor the veterans, or get that burning feeling when you hear the national anthem…thanks for your time.

        • I agree: I work for a very large government agency and have never seen money wasted as it is now. Nor have I seen such corruption: nobody cares about getting caught anymore: in fact, the order went out to spend as much money as possible and you are actually rewarded for cutting big, stinky deals. I have also noticed weird behavior that really is part of the internet age. People are bragging a lot more; flooding the internet with pictures of themselves smiling and slapping their buddies on the back; giving each other awards. It is like they are just telling the public “f-you: we are going to spend all your tax dollars on whores and hotels and you can’t do anything about it.”

          • As soddom and Gomorrah ..

      5. Hey idiot Feds ,want to fix this before something bad happens ,employ everybody that wants
        Their job back and watch the GDP soar! You idiots keep letting business shrink everything
        In recession. It’s simple employ the people and they will spend their hard earned money and pay
        Taxes there are thousands of people that have lost jobs for no good reason. Downsizing
        Does not pay taxes I can’t believe how stupid you govt idiots are!

        • Anonymous:

          Waiting for the Feds to create a job for you is fruitless.

          Poor people know how to hustle.

          As a kid I learned. When I was seven my parents bought me a twenty seven inch shinny new Schwin bicycle. Then told me it was mine and gave me the price which I would have to pay if I wanted it. I did. I bathed my siblings for a nickle. Babysat for 50cents an hour. Pulled weeds. Graduated to the neighborhood’s most respected child care provider by age ten. Negotiated with neighbors for ward work. Had a paper route. Sold door to door (dangerous for children), but I did it and I escaped a psycho unscathed and with money in hand.

          The point is, stop waiting to “find a job”. Go out and create something. I have had businesses as an adult. Success is not making a fortune. It is the revolutionary act of getting off your ass and taking responsibility for the personal economy for which you actually control.

          • Many thanks for your advice B from CA.

            I’ve just read it… Thanks again.

          • Now if only you could help me explain this to Bernie Sanders

      6. ISM Manufacturing Tumbles To Weakest In 3 Years As Employment Crashes To Lowest Since August 2009

        “With Markit suggesting US Manufacturing is at a 7-month high (with new orders surging), The ISM appears to disagree as ISM Manufacturing PMI dropped to 50.1 – its lowest since Dec 2012.”

        Finally, ISM inventory drops to 46.5 (its weakest since January) after Chicago PMI inventories soared over 60; and along with export orders in contraction for the fifth month (while Markit claims highest new orders in 7 months),

        today’s US manufacturing outlook is just more baffle-em-with-bullshit.”


      7. To kick the can farther they must get Assads gold.

        • Its highly probable that like Germany that in the cold war put theirs in the Federal Reserve hands for “safekeeping” that gold might be in Russia right now. Considering the track record of the Federal Reserve its probably safer in Russia too; It can’t be any worse. Germany requested their gold be returned and they got a, “Trust us, its here but you can’t get it”.

          Libya lost theirs too. Iraq’s? Who knows but odds are its not in Iraq.

          Assad is a Medical Doctor and certainly not a buffoon like Saddam. “Fool me once shame on you, full me twice, shame on me”. Syria’s gold isn’t there I’ll bet.

        • ever see that commercial for i think the history channel where it says that there is more gold under NY than in Fort Knox?

          well I bet there isnt any gold under NY after 9/11 ( it was like slight of hand while everyone was watching the towers fall, the gold was stolen by these pukes we had in government) and Fort Knox is probably empty too from a long ass time ago

          as it is Germany wanted their gold back, and should have been able to take it all, but alas that is not whats happened , they only got a little and never will see it all

          Because of the thieves in DC

          when the war that our leaders have been begging for begins to go really hot( as if it hasent started already)..I hope it is them as the target of these countries rightfully, and not us “little people”

          direct your anger properly

          • I read saddam had 200 tons of gold . Gadaffi had 150 tons, Assad has 150 tons, Like Rome we steal to pay the soldiers? I don’t know. Are we in Afghanistan for the trillion dollar opium heroin .market . And the mountains full of lithium for cell phone computer batteries? Isn’t there a heroin epidemic in America right now? Gold ,Oil ,Drugs. Or anything else of value we have the military power to take? 15 aircraft carriers . Who can stop us. Is this what we’ve become or have to become to keep our standard of living ? What’s our alternative ? Riding our bicycles to work? Making three dollars an hour? Living like the third world? Or taking everything of value from them? To maintain our lifestyle. .? Is that what humans have been doing forever? Us or them? When will this nightmare be over. And the promised new world begin. All we can hope for is the God of the bibles promise.

            • There is definitely a heroin epidemic in the U.S. Why, I don’t know but it’s taking over the poorer, rural, areas as well as the inner-city. Small town law enforcement can’t contain it. While I’ve never been a Nancy Reagan fan, she was right with “Just say No”. Heroin is a vast spiritual and moral problem, indicative of our corrupt government, perhaps, but to the extent that schools ever teach morals (not the same as the liberal “values”) teaching that drugs make you an evil person would be a helpful step.

              • I agree with your post for the most part. However blaming the drugs is like taking the gun rights away. Was it the gun or the person holding the gun? I never heard of a story where marijuana actually caused someone to murder? If we are to put blame on the drugs why not alcohol or gambling? It is a persons choice of how they choose to have their life.
                Thanks Mac for the posts.
                These “mad men” have not won until we have let them win. If you beleive they have won then you are right.
                I owe it to myself and family to see that they dont win.
                I dont want to be a millionare i just want to be happy and “make”a living.

                Just saying….

                • The pursuit of happiness might mean drugs. As long as they don’t hurt others let them have their happiness

      8. I think a good subject would be disaster situation tires. Car Truck Suv bicycle.? 6ply? 8ply? What are the best tires that can take a lot of abuse . Load ratting ? psi? What matters the most . I found Kumho road venture AT51LT 215/75R/15/8. 8 ply tires for 15 inch rims. Which are hard to find . Most people have bigger rim size. Any tire experts out there. Especially bicycle experts off roaders for when the gas runs out. Beast tire patch methods best tube patching tricks. Best budget heavy duty bicycles. Cause I think we’re gonna need bicycles . Bicycles might be the new gold.

        • To L.W. I also would appreciate information on what size type brand of bicycle to buy. Has seen some truly expensive set ups for carrying loads. Thoughts on a heavy duty kids trailer for a bike to carry loads.

          There must be some of you with first hand experience.

          MAC S. what say you

          Lone Wolverine thanks again for bringing the subject up. We have people here who would fill a SHTF column with 500 replies on the best ammo, gun, even truck.
          Lets get the bicycle, tire, and accessories experts out.


        • Amen on bikes being an integral part of your preps. My $.02- I think every member of your group should have one. Spare tubes on hand. Slime is good yes but it can also render your patch job useless at the worst time. Have two hand pumps (BTW a bike pump can pump up a car tire… slowly). Used bikes can be had cheap if you’ve got the spare $ when you see one at a garage sale and the space to stockpile a few. A good wheelbarrow maybe too, handcarts made from bike tires, those 4-wheel garden carts can carry a load, maybe even Fido pulling the Radio Flyer… 🙂

      9. Vietnam vets can tell you how the vc transported everything with bicycles walking next to them fully loaded. You could walk a deer through the woods strapped to a bicycle. Run flat tires would seem to be most important. Getting to the trading post and back with a load. I wonder if we are overlooking the value of a bicycle in SHTF situation.?

        • Lone,have always viewed a bicycle a asset,especially a hybrid mountain/street,something you can use know and has a value if things go south,or,your too hammered to drive!

      10. Look how they treated vets during the Vietnam, era,, SAME AS TODAY,,, give that some thought!
        SGT USMC 1966-72

        • You vets are our most valuable asset. We will need you more than gold.

      11. in eastern Kentucky…
        October 30th – Continental Conveyor (owned by Joy Global) closed in Salyersville, KY.

        Employees reported to work on Friday, were told they were laid off and given 60 days of pay.

        Daily Job Cuts tracks business closings and layoffs around the country.

        Daily Job Cuts

      12. I happened to see a video of President Reagan in the year 1976 saying that the dollar was worth 39 cents. Forward to the year 2015 and the dollar is worth ?-?-cents. Want to put in your two cents. Do you think saving coins and pennies is a better saving strategy. I do. I don’t have two dimes to rub together. Pity.

        • I would rather have beans and rice , brass and lead, then silver and gold.

        • B-
          Rawles at SurvivorBlog has a great essay on stashing nickels. Basically when the devalue comes, .gov will call in dollars and remove the value of a zero from all paper money- $1.00 will become 10 cents, $10.00 to $1.00, etc. -it has been done before in history. But coins should stay the same as they are.
          And nickels have intrinsic metal value- they are copper and nickel (soon to be steel) and cost more to make than 5 cents already…

      13. Well… I’m OK with a financial crash… just as long as the Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and rich socialist Hollywierd hypocrites aren’t affected… or that Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama doesn’t have to curtail even a single one of her billion dollar, carbon spewing monthly vacations!

      14. Like in the movie Soldier. You vets. Tell us what to do we will fight.

      15. Can you fathom that, a post, in this case from AE, he wants someone to starve to death because he doesn’t agree with someone. I hope that fruitcake realizes how others now see him and stop taking him seriously; he has destroyed any credibility he might have had. I’m sure he will lash out in some incoherent way to defend his statement, after all what else can he do? Apparently he is bitter and angry and probably feels like he has had too many bad breaks in life; no doubt blaming others for his weaknesses and failures. Al I can say is you reap what you sow. This is not a supernatural law, it is a natural law, and like all natural laws immutable. I don’t know how it works, or why it works, but through experience and observation know without a doubt you will reap what you wish on others, good or bad, spoken or unspoken. It may take a while but it will play out. The best thing AE can do is apologize for his ignorance and his baseless, misguided hate.

        • Man in Va. AE is a nut and is recognized as such. best to ignore him, he often forgets his meds. He has an occasional good comment but ruins it with a host of bad ones.

        • AE sounds like a vet who has seen the truth and is frustrated by the seemingly hopelessness of our situation . What and how they are treating our vets .Hes blowing off steam . We will need him . And all our pissed off vets.

      16. Expects Fear Stealth Crash.

        I don’t fear shit no more. Read so much and prepped too much. Don’t care about the Politicians or Wars or Superbugs. Nibiru can shine in the night sky and I would watch people go bug shit. Only an E.T. type invasion would get my interest cause EVERYBODY would have to sleep with one eye open then. Load up the 12 gage auto and keep watch.

        • Gotta love a auto shotgun. Sling you have evolved to the top. Not to be a jack ass but we all start with the fancy rifle then realize the auto shotgun rules. Ambush anti ambush you gotta love the auto shotgun. Unless you have to be quiet then a 22 pistol with duck tape and a plastic bottle . If legal in your area. Sling I hope to meet you some day. Before it’s over . We think alike.

          • Lone Wolverine

            Running 3.5 inch 00 buck 19 pellets. Tube holds 3 shells. One chambered. The gun is heavy and you better hold on to it.
            I have a 22 cal. air rifle. 1200 FPS and is very accurate and silent out to fifty yards. Use pointed pellets. With the scope I bet I can shoot your eye out.
            I do think many of us here will meet each other.

            Everybody talks about food and water. I prep in terms of how many firefights I will survive.

            In about 4 seconds my auto shotgun puts out, 76 – 30 cal. pellets. Better than a Machine gun. That’s Fire Power.

            • I put a Nordic components 12? Shot mag tube on my 26? Inch barrel . I don’t mind a long gun. We might meet sling . No one can say. I hope I have guys like you at my side.

            • Sling please don’t shoot my eye out .Untill you know me better .

            • Sling. I have a RWS. 350 .1200 fps. But it’s louder than a plastic bottle on a 22. But the ammo is much cheaper. Read that 22 cal pellets anchor game better than 177. But 177 is a lot cheaper. And does better in the high mountains. Need an article on best survival air gun .Meriweather Lewis had one. Also have a RWS. 6G. A recoiless 177 pistol that I think does 700 fps ? That’s my take everywhere bug out bag small game pellets forever even reusable pellets. I think Browning makes a 700 fps pistol Small light compact quiet light ammo. And if you are attacked a pellet in their neck should make them leave you alone.

              • For high end air rifles up to .50 cal look at Sam Yang air rifles. They can take big game at rifle distances. The smaller caliber Sam Yang rifles in .357/9mm or .44 cal. can give more shots on a full air charge

                In most states people who can’t buy firearms can still buy air rifles, and some of them can put serious food on your table.

                In .177 & .22 Gammo’s whisper line of air rifles are silenced, and the high end offers serious power. You could take small game like rabbit, squirrel etc, and the neighbors would be none the wiser unless they saw you. They are perfect for the gray man.

                If you want to set up a basement range, I prefer rubber garden mulch from Home Depot or Lowes, as a backstop. I have a metal .22 bullet trap, but the mulch made from used tires, stops pellets and bullets without shattering them and making lead dust. I put the old metal trap behind my bullseye point in case something ever gets through the box full of rubber mulch.

                On a side note I hear several military and private ranges now use rubber mulch in their backstops to minimize lead dust. I find it takes about 4 to 6 inches to stop .22 LR and about 6 to 8 to stop 9mm and it takes about 23 inches to stop a 308. Use twice what’s needed as a buffer.

                Fill a bucket with the mulch and use it as a safe stop for discharging a muzzle loader or as a dry fire safe target for dropping the hammer safely with striker fired handguns like Glocks that have a high incidence of negligent discharges when being disassembled for cleaning. With a safe bullet trap like a bucket full of mulch, a negligent discharge might arguably be recategorized as a test fire!

        • Humm an Et invasion and you wouldn’t be ready? SLACKER

      17. The pen is mightier then the sword .? Try fighting a guy with a sword with a pen and see what happens. Your dog food. So many lies. Sell your coat for a sword. Run around naked.If you have to. So many lies. Satans greatest weapon. Believe what you want. So many lies. It’s hard to keep faith. What should we do ? Let our children be butchered? So many lies. What would a just God want ? That’s the faith.

      18. B from ca, sorry but yesterday a good friend lost his job at a very large company,
        Excellent worker,got good pay and benefits and was downsized to save money.He said they hired three guys to replace him for less money,he was there for more than twenty years. This
        Is continuing to happen all over the US.My family farms among some other things and
        Is helping employ several people who otherwise would have no job.
        I care about people in my country and believe that a majority of them are about to be replaced
        In this way by non citizens. My rant was for the govt shills who are on this site of which there are many. I do believe you are right that people are going to have to find a way to employ themselves
        Even those attending college………

        • Anon,let us start by bartering/trading goods/services now,keep the beast from getting monies and introduces us to what may be the future,in many ways just a better system.This along with cash(good right now) is a economy I see right now growing daily,which I believe is great.

          • I heard a quote once that asked, “What was the only thing worse then America being mad at you? America ignoring you.” The basic principal was that the economic impact on third world nations made it more damaging to the overall wealth of people if the country just ignored a country, rather than was angry with it. Interesting quote, I tend to view the solution to our nice little problem in a similar way.

      19. As for bicycles, here in PR many ride older Schwinn type standard bikes with some kind of small motor built into it. They’ll do about 25+ mph and here, for some reason, they’re not required to have any special license or plates, as long as the original foot pedals are still in place.
        Could be just a small lawnmower engine…I’ve never seen one up close. But they’re a great way to get around for some people.
        And a great way to take your life in your hands with the drivers we have here.
        Way too many big hills to make it practical for our own use, but for those in the flat, level areas they’re fine.

      20. Go on google and type in.

        Motorize your bicycle. You will see kits you can buy.

      21. Buy a Moped.

      22. A moped sounds like a good investment . Get small . Aim small.

      23. It seems military guys like rifles. M4s . But I’d rather have a shotgun. Maybe I’m wrong. But under stress a auto shotgun seems to be more forgiving .Im to sick or disabled to aim good .And you have to shoot them on the run. If your an expert marksman a rifle . If not an auto shotgun?

        • I’ve always said that if I won the lottery and had a huge double door gun safe that could hold a hundred guns, filled with a variety of the best, I’d still reach for my Browning gold semi auto 12 gauge, if I heard a noise in the house.

          It came set up for bird hunting, but I picked up a second 20 inch barrel for it! With iron sights. Added a rifled turkey choke, an extended magazine, so it holds six plus one in the chamber, and a 150 lumin light is built into the end of the extended mag tube. That last part is a custom one of a kind assembly.

          When I shoot rifled slugs with it, I can hold a six inch group at 100 yards. That rifled turkey choke really tuned up the group.

          I found 12 pellet 00 buck, that means I can send the equivalent of 84 .32 cal rounds down range in seconds with frightening accuracy.

          People at the range that have seen it in action usually just say, “Holy shit!”.

      24. Listen to Billy Joel’s song .. Good night Saigon . We will all go down together.

      25. We heard the hum of the motors we counted the rotors and waited for them to arrive . And we will all go down together .

      26. I recall reading about September being the month of the crash. Didn’t work out and now this article. No one will call the bottom and if Snyder was right other than once he would be wealthy beyond belief.

      27. The damn survival food is running out. The baltic index is dry. It not looking. Like my scientist friend told me, let the commenters keep bashing you., He was told that form his inside source that the 7.00 hr comments from the fusin centers wont be getting to go into DUMBS, THAT THEY PLAN OF LEAVING THEM TO FEND FOR THEMSLEVES.

        So i am literally laughing my ass off at the agency ass clown trolls on here.

        Yea, my survial food just came in after weeks. Accrding to my supplier that i order from, the resources have already ran the hell out and i just got mine in today. One of my none prepper friends from accross my office just looked at me and told me that its nice to know, because he is coming to me when the shtf commenses. Told him to get his own so that i dont have to double tap “00” his ass, if he ever sends people to my place.



      28. Yeah hcksy, too bad you can’t order mental health in a can, you’d be all set.

      29. We have a little more time to spare. Time is up on September 23, 2015. RIGHT?!

      30. BX,

        Damn, your right! We’re dead already! Must have been that Shemitah thing or maybe Niburu was early? Are you reading this hcksy? It means you won’t have to pay for that last shipment of canned food, BONUS!

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