Executive Order: “Obama and His Fellow Communists Can Seize Any Resource, Property, or Person At Any Time For Any Reason”

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 166 comments

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      1. I’m your huckleberry.

        • “Under these provisions, the government believes that they can send you anywhere, to work on anything of their choosing.”

          I hope they fix the potholes. 🙂

          • In FEMA Camps the unprepared will work for the fascist Corporations, so they can be more competitive in the world markets. Yes slave lablor. So get your BOB “Im not going to any FEMA Camp bug out bag packed and ready to hit the trail if need to. The round up will be horiffic. Beans, Bullets and Bayonets. ~WWTI

            • Wudda, I bet ur eyes are brown, since u r so full of it.

              • Anonymous, WWTI tells it like it is. No point in trying to sugar coat such an event.

                WWTI, thanks for the mention of the BOB. Reminds me I need to sew a cover for it. My old internal frame pack (which is my BOB and always half packed) is red so it’s only good in the fall in the woods where it’ll match the leaves. Have to think how to do it with my cats; they are my first alert system.

            • sad to say but geurrilla warfare will be the only way to stop them, make more potholes for them to fall into!

          • Ever wonder why?

            Q: What’s the difference between a Communist and a Socialist?

            A: A Communist is a Socialist with a gun and in a hurry; while a Socialist is a Communist that knows what he or she is doing.
            Q: What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?

            A: Nothing, they are synonymous.
            Q: What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?

            A: There is only one difference, one is called Republican and the other Democrat.
            Q: When the hell are you morons in TV wonderland, wasting away on your couches, going to realize the Communist take over in your nation and put a stop to it?

            A: Never, because people that believe what they see on TV won’t realize what’s happening until that fleeting moment before their Communist captors put them in the mass grave.

            • Joe Republic, mass graves are a good thing; sheeple should always stick together: even in death.

            • Joe Republic, one of the best Q & A I’ve seen. Thank you.

            • Golf Clap! Good post! If I may repeat myself once more… Keep on voting and paying those taxes to the 2 sides of the same coin of socialism/communism/fascism.
              Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different result each time is bound to work out eventually, even if you don’t feel like you’re being represented, you are cause they say you are!
              So just stfu and move along, nothing to see here!
              Merica! Land of the fee, home to the tax/debt slave.

          • DK.

            Many years ago I made a statement that no matter what type of education you wanted, the government in the end will decide what your occupation will be.
            Imagine you want your child to be a doctor or engineer and he is delegated to ditch digging and pot hole filling.
            You only have to remember Mao, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot and what they did to people.
            we are no better off than when the Crusade’s roamed the Middle East or the Caliphate of today. Spanish Inquisistion. Religion or politics either way people die.

            • On Day One of a Cruz Administration, he will roll back ALL of Obola’s Executive Orders. Vote !!! 🙂

              • Ask Ted Cruz if he supports a windfall profits tax on the oil companies who price gouges us for the last decade? He is a phony too.

          • the bleeding heart took in a snake, gave him food shelter and comfort, one day the snake bit the bleeding heart and as he was dying asked the snake why, after all he did for him in his time of need, would he bite to kill him – the snake replied, you knew I was a snake when you took me in !

        • I can see lots of dead traitors and unfortunately, dead patriots too. It comes down to whether you want to live like a free man, or die like a coward. People can say what they want, but it matters.

          • AMEN to that…be a bootlicker or Stand on your feet.

          • Zero, AMEN to your comments. I’m the same way. No mofo will ever take me alive.

            • 3rd that braveheart, Obama will NEVER own my ass ever. I will try my hardest to talk to the very people that will try to detain us. I’m afraid if it comes down to it I hope these younger people see the light and the truth and will disobey any order given by someone like Obama during a collapse or a major emergency. That is slavery. People help the communities and each other during hard times, government leaders try to control its own people and its been that way from when we first showed up on this planet. We do not need to be ruled. We need to break anyone who ever tries to rule people.

              • Clinthospo, I’d like to think the young people could be ‘deprogrammed’ but I don’t hold my breath on anything. You have to be prepared for any and all scenarios.

          • It doesn’t mean you’re a hero or tough guy if you’re determined to avoid capture in such a scenario. The fate of “inmates” in such situations is well documented in Human history. You have everything to lose and NOTHING to gain by ‘cooperating’. Even a slight chance of survival beats certain death. The only reason anybody ever left the Nazi labor camps alive is that the camps were overrun by outside forces. The Germans were gassing prisoners right up till the moment they decided to flee themselves. How many died on the day before a camp was liberated?

            It would be almost impossible to keep from trying to get your child back from captors, but such an attempt would only insure complete annihhialiation of the family. Does anyone actually believe their child would be returned and the parents given a stern warning to cooperate with ‘the authorities’? The captors would be certain of their own fate after the children were returned.

          • I am happy to see the truthful “boot licker” term used more often now, it is the best description of these coward Zombies following these fascist genocidal monsters to the end.

        • Thousands of illegals have crossed our southern border already this year.

          2014 – Central American Media Promote Illegal Child Immigrant Tsunami, Give Tips
          “83% Over 14 Years Old, 80% Male”

          “Seventeen” appears to be the “most common GIVEN age” for illegal males. It must be common knowledge that those listed as age 17 or younger are treated as “children” and qualify for lots of FREE goodies. 🙂 

          Most are being “booked in” to U.S. facilities and then released into the U.S., NOT sent home.

          Foreigners would be much more willing to enforce these executive orders.

          Hmmm…Job opportunities for these young men?

          Obama told us what he wanted to do. Remember this?
          In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

          Obama Civilian Security

          The Army is hiring for “Internment/Resettlement Specialists.”

          • They will be given good weaponry and authority, but this is our home and will always be so, just as they will always be scum illegal filth, just like the obozo.

          • Invaders, Kentucky, Invaders joining their armed cells. Thousands of tons of weapons, mass destruction and shoulder fired have crossed our southern border.

            Time to repel boarders.

            Deer rifles will do. And don’t forget the shotgun.

        • He’s no daisy.

        • I’m so drunk . . . that I have two guns, one for each of you.

        • Barry can give himself whatever authority he wants. The gubberment thugs who are actually carrying out the atrocities can tell themselves they are ‘just following orders’. That won’t carry much weight when thugs are captured. A role reversal will make for a long day. Ask the soldiers/cops in Ukraine. One minute you’re King Kong busting heads, and the next, a mob is stripping you of your gear. People whom you have just been beating on sometimes refuse to ‘use their words’ to settle the dispute.

      2. Come and take it assholes.

        I dare you.

        • I like Townsaver’s comment above, “I’m your huckleberry.”

        • Anon5,

          Thats right. Does ANYONE now WONDER why THEY have an AGENDA to take your GUNS???

          Resistance becomes very difficult if your oppressors are armed and you are not.

      3. Yes, Stalin actually emerged victorious from the ruins of WWII and united nations (UN) and national academy of sciences (NAS) into an Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths on 24 Oct 1945.


        As reported yesterday in comments on the end of WWII in Japan Times,


        In 1945, while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima, Kuroda correctly realized “the birth of the world may have been just like this.”

        In 1956, Kuroda predicted the natural nuclear reactor that was discovered in the Oklo uranium mine at Oklo in 1972.

        In 1960, Kuroda reported decay products from extinct Plutonium-244 in Earth’s atmosphere.

        In 1964, Marvin Rowe and Kuroda discovered decay products from extinct Plutonium-244 in the Pasamonte meteorite.

        In 1971, Mervet Boulos and Oliver Manuel discovered decay products of extinct Plutonium-244 and Iodine-129 still trapped in the Earth today.

        In the 1990s, Kuroda and Myers showed that:

        _ a.) Physical properties and levels of extinct radioactivity in refractory silicon carbide (SiC) grains of meteorites are like those of refractory fallout grains after a nuclear explosion, and

        _ b.) Decay products from Uranium-238 and Plutonium-244 in the Earth, Moon and meteorites indicate our chemical elements were made in a super-nova explosion five billion years (5 Ga) ago, at the birth of the solar system.

        For seventy years (1945-2015) truth about Earth’s heat source and the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms in the solar system have been hidden from the public.


      4. All you need is starvation. Then all will do the governments bidding. That is after Americans have killed 1/3 or 1/2 of themselves off. Then it is so much easier for the government to take control. Just some interesting things to consider.

        • This ^^^ is exactly correct. The vast majority of the population will eventually give in and put up with whatever’s asked of them just to avoid starvation. Give up guns? Check! Put up with new laws or taxes? Sure! Go to work/do tptb bidding? Any things better than starving, right?? (Sarc)

          Control the food, control the population. It’s been the UN mantra for decades as it is.

          • Marcus and Mike in VA, spot on. Every time we have placed sanctions against a nation rather it be Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Russia, and many more, the ruling elite are never harmed in those countries, but the common people suffer greatly and millions upon millions on innocent people including women and children have died from all things malnourished while the elite ruling class still live like Kings and Queens. No wonder the Bible calls us the hammer of the whole earth. Thanks, and see frail and skinny, but dying like real people. God Bless.

        • Since when did I ever get my food from the Government? When did you? Americans will ignore the government and feed ourselves.

          • The vast majority of Americans feed themselves via the supermarket. Control the supply of food and control the majority. As for people such as you and I, they keep trying to make it harder and harder to be even the least bit self sufficient. Laws against catching rainwater, registering livestock, tracking the sales of storable food, flooding the market with Gmo and non-heirloom seed, etc. if things go as I have planned and I remain entirely self sufficient post collapse, I’ll still have to deal with millions of desperate starving countrymen rather than engage tptb. Either way, it’s a winning strategy for them.

        • They have the plan in place, the people lose. Enjoy these last times America.

          Think people, if war breaks out in the homeland (domestic terrorists), .gov crashes the grid and comes back in a year. In a large city most of the people would be trapped, no gas, food and water would run out in 3-5 days. Few of us will be left. I retired from the local electric co, the grid is complex and very fragile, a handful of men can bring it down. No iphone or facebook and people will be jumping from tall buildings.

          I have a friend’s place to bug, but it would be unbelievably hard to survive there. Better than the city I guess. I would rather just keep on living this life, far easier and much more pleasant.

      5. I can see blood on the streets.
        Try it!!!!

        • It appears these Executive Orders within the last few years is gonna be our new Constitution of America, minus the Bill of Rights.

          To Obey, or not Obey?

          If the Government wants to run Rogue, then I will do the same. I will not comply and I’ll stay defiant against unlawful rules and regulations that they deem is lawful.

          “come and get me ‘ya big dummies……I’m over here!”

          • EOs are unconstitutional except for menial memos to the executive’s piss ants.

            He’s no daisy.

            f ’em

          • They can only do to us what we allow them to do. And unfortunately we have allowed them to re-define if not down right shred The Bill of Rights. And yes these EO’s are already regarded by most people as legitimate law. I tried reading this stupid thing and it about made my friggin head spin. The language in these things makes it to where anything can be defined as “legal” as if an executive order in itself is even legal. Like I said only if we let them…..which most of us will:(

            Btw, I noticed this section, and could not figure out if this is trying to justify the taking of private property and businesses. It says to “procure”, so that language is pretty loose, but it also directs you to section 301, etc. and those sections have something to do regarding loans. Any thoughts??

            Sec. 308. Government-Owned Equipment. The head of each agency engaged in procurement for the national defense is delegated the authority of the President under section 303(e) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2093(e), to:
            (a) procure and install additional equipment, facilities, processes, or improvements to plants, factories, and other industrial facilities owned by the Federal Government and to procure and install Government owned equipment in plants, factories, or other industrial facilities owned by private persons;
            (b) provide for the modification or expansion of privately owned facilities, including the modification or improvement of production processes, when taking actions under sections 301, 302, or 303 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2091, 2092, 2093; and

        • Hear ya Sgt. I will not comply. They are gonna think they have a pissed off tiger by the nuts. I’ve made peace with my maker. I love this country I WILL go down fighting.

        • Sarge, I know that’s coming, but I’m NOT looking forward to it.

      6. All one needs to read is “the Shemitah” and “The Harbingers” by Jonathan Cahn…or better yet hit youtube and watch a couple of video’s by the man and you will plainly see what is coming our way.

        • Here here! I agree totally. I’m not a religious person, but I do believe in God, and I am Christian. The harbinger chilled my bones. This planned parenthood garbage is just another nail in Americas coffin.

          • definitely check out The Shemitah and the Harbinger on YouTube

            it’s pretty damn hard to refute what Cahn has to say

            damn hard

      7. Take out one minion then you’ve saved 50 lives. Anyone armed and looks Chinese will be in peril. Russians and Canadians will be a little more difficult. Start talking hockey and then they’ll be easy to spot.

        • Ware strangers, especially younger men of any color.

        • Chinese? Careful, they may be from Fresno, Ace.

          (line from Captain America)

        • and for every one taken down, ten others will think twice the next door they go to kick in. And for every ten killed… One will start thinking maybe this isn’t a good idea at all.

          • USA is at that awkward stage. Too late to bring about change from within the system, but still a little too early to shoot the bastards on sight.

        • Hey, I like hockey. Don’t shoot me by mistake. Mention The Great White North, eh” to find any Canadians, and talk about Vodka to the Russians.

      8. Are we getting closer to two in the chest and one in the head scenario?

        • Nope, just need one silent accurate shot!

          I offer my services to the Patriot Movement, all I ask is for my ammo box gets re-filled every now and again.

        • Have we gotten anywhere further than internet saber rattling Yet?

          • Nope, well, in the theaters, yes!

      9. the 13th amendment to the Constitution prohibits involuntary servitude except as a punishment for a crime

        Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

        ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirteenth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution

        but the point is moot
        the government long ago discarded the Constitution

        “I don’t give a god damn, I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way. Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it’s just a god damn piece of paper!” George W. Bush

        there is some controversy as to whether Bush actually said this or not
        but he most certainly ruled like he believed it

        and God knows Obama has trashed the Constitution at every turn

      10. if this is going to happen then lets get it over with

        • Definately!

          Call the fat lady and tell here to start warming up!

        • You are right. Hurry up. I am tired of bleeding to death from a thousand cuts. This slow death is taking its toll.

        • Yea D Hodges wrote about most of this last year,,,
          Just more fear porn, him, AJ, SQ, all same thing

      11. On Drudge..

        ht tp://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/05/homan-square-chicago-thousands-detained

      12. On Drudge..

        ht tp://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/05/homan-square-chicago-thousands-detained

      13. israel can’t afford to lose amerika money and military hardware support just yet.

        they still have to take down iran, syria, egypt, lebanon, possibly saudi arabia, etc etc to build greater isreal.

        so i speculate that the nwo globalist bankers deliberate crash and reset in amerika wont happen for another 5 – 15 years.

        the crash in amerika wont be allowed to happen till israel can stand on it’s own as a world nuclear power.

        then israel will pit amerika against russia/china to bring all the big boys down and they israel can rise to global dominance.

        that’s the juden plan for global dominance.

        • I think Israel can already stand on its own

      14. I believe this was a cold war leftover started in the 1950s. If an asteroid hit and the entire world went doomsday or a nuclear attack you would see something like this.

        Getting the spoiled IPod youth to do real work, physical labor w/o compensation? You got to be kidding me. I haven’t seen a kid shovel snow probably since I was a kid 4 decades ago. They simply wouldn’t be worth the effort.

      15. Friends anyone can write article after article about what if this happens or that happens, what to look for and so on and so on. The truth is this: IT’S ABOUT TO GET VERY REAL AND I MEAN AS REAL AS IT GETS, SOON. Having said that prepare your heart, mind, and especially your SOUL! Are you prepared to die?

      16. Let me give you russians, chinese, latvian, jihadist and muslim filth a few pointers. If you come to Houston or Texas in general, and enter white areas, grab people’s kids from the schools, take them on School buses, take them to holding areas, camps and hand them over to chinese soldiers.

        Canadian General quoted: We will take their wifes and daughters and give them to the chinese soldiers to do as they want as they please and that if the man of the house hold refuses to comply, it will be two shots to the head, your family taken and your goods taken as the spoils of war.

        Is that right Mr Canadian General. You must be talking about another country, maybe its another state, i dont think you were talking about Texas.

        When you have people like the above mentioned with this type of talk, running Jade Helm 15, etc and now we see the massive equipment, which i have seen rolling around Houston all the time, then if thats the plan of the cabal, then a BLOOD BATH WIIL FOLLOW.

        Then its take the kids, lure in the parents. I know the American white man and i can tell you that this would be the mistake that guarantee’s a violent response. Oh no, i am not the one that is saying these things, however i have been told by a few of them that if that mistake is made in my city the reponse will be very severe. Let me remind you russians, chinese, jihadist, since you are so tech savy these days and might be reading this post. Try any stunts in this city, you guys will be in alot of trouble. Good luck to you.



        • JADE HELM 15 shouldn’t even be exercised on public property in -said- States. They can play their wargames and training on designated military bases.
          The people in these States where Jade Helm 15 exercises are taking place ….. all they are doing is observing?
          It shouldn’t even be going on, the people should of protested and demanded that this wasn’t going to happen.

          Yet, the people allowed it, and their Governors said everything is going to be ok as if they are trustworthy individuals. If Jade Helm 15 is not a pre-invasion, then the people have opened the doors for the military to continue this kind of behavior on private property in the future…..way to go America! Once again, complain about something, then follow it up with doing nothing.

        • Take our kids? They better hide them good. Telling people to comply or they won’t get my kids back will turn patriotic Americans into the meanest fighters they’ve never seen.

          They don’t seem to understand that if you play dirty, the enemy has the ability to play even dirtier. The wives, sons and daughters of collaborators find themselves in some very nasty situations.

          • if somebody touches my wife and kids , my family will wipe their gene pool off the planet ..(no not just lil ol me, my entire family will come down on them even if im taken out)
            100 heads life and casualty insured
            and all of my blood line is insured by this intent , no matter how long it takes to track them all down we will not rest until the last of them becomes no threat , borders and continents wont matter

            If I got a call tomorrow that my nephew was taken or killed by anyone , the shit just got real for who fucked up and made that call

        • Lets take count……Actually Russia, Iran, Syria and China are fighting the NWO. What side are you on? Connect the dots. Most American are fed up with these phony wars. The US Military is not fighting for our Freedoms. Another big fat Lie!!

        • HCKS, I’m right there with you. Let those foreign scum come to the area where my BOL is located. My family, I, and the rest of the people who live there can guarantee that a majority of the foreigners won’t ever see their homes again.

      17. why don’t truckers organize and not drive for 2 or 3 days ? They would be in control of the entire country. I suppose they are just too independent minded to do it.

        • It’s been tried. Failed every time.

        • bills to pay, those 250,000$ trucks have to keep rolling to pay the note , they are trapped too

        • bills to pay, those 250,000$ trucks have to keep rolling to pay the note , they are trapped too

      18. The planting of the seeds is in full swing everywhere, “something wicked this way comes”?

        Will they continue a slow deliberate collapse into an Orwellian future or let it all explode very soon?

        • soapdish

          I think that is the question on everybody’s mind these days. And I’m right there with you “something wicked this way comes”. I know my good friend, who generally has always thought I was a little crazy, has just of late become very worried, it’s actually unnerving the amount of concern and the “feeling” he has developed. I know he’s gotten in a hurry and thinks it may well happen SOON. And I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. I have a few neighbors as well, that although never haven brought it up before are also beginning to have a lot of fear for the future.

      19. That would be a REPUBLICAN Congress that just reviewed and reauthorized this……take it up with your REPUBLICAN House member if you have any “issues” with this.

        • That would be 100% of DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS and 10% of Republicans. Sadly the 10% is the Republican “leadership”.

      20. Hcks- you got that right! I wouldn’t open that can of whupass unless you want total civil war.

        Take people’s kids and they will no believe the fury unleashed…

      21. I don’t know how close to martial law and collapse we may be.

        However, these type of executive orders have been issued since 1933 on a regular basis. They are refined from EOs that previous CEOs of corporate US have issued.

        Look up Nixon EOs or Clinton EOs or Reagan EOs on your favorite search engine and they will rhyme with Barack’s EOs.

        The US corporate state has been under a “state of emergency” since the 1930s and every president has renewed this. Why? It is a bankrupt shell corporation owned and run by the shareholders of the Federal Reserve.
        You and every so-called “citizen” are considered chattel of the corporate state and obligated to repay the debts it creates.

        Slavery comes in no particular color to the bankers of the world…

        • They are all commies as are many on this site.

          f ’em

      22. This is old news………

      23. Go ahead make my day. I’m locked and loaded If want my stuff you can have it, AFTER MY BARRELS ARE MELTED DOWN, I’M OUT OF AMMO AND DEAD AND KNOCKING ON THE PEARLY GATES.
        S.T.S.F.P N. Reb

      24. Prepper Tip

        anybody looking a 3 burner propane camp stove
        check out the MrHeater web site

        they have the Basecamp Deluxe for $92
        and the stripped down model for $40

        can’t beat those prices even on Amazon

        • Thanks for the heads up, was looking to get a new camp stove, think ill try one of these guys stoves

      25. I read Hodges every day, but…What I’ve been thinking since I read his article the other day is, aren’t these the same executive orders that have been issued every so often, taking over everything in an emergency, since the Eisenhower years? The old ones get renewed and hit the news from time to time, but is it really anything new?

        • Yes they are, but I believe some of the wording was changed, and some additions made. Maybe someone he can confirm this?

        • FDR did the same thing during WWII, only the CEOs he ‘drafted’ to run the factories were paid one dollar a year.

          • But they weren’t prohibited from holding stock in the companies to which they fed billions in military contracts.

            Case in point is William “Bunky” Knudsen, whose company General Motors was paid to manufacture tens of thousands of markedly inferior Allison aircraft engines instead of the superior British Merlin. Not to mention trucks, guns, and a zillion other items. Lotta good young pilots were killed by that Allison engine, without even seeing combat.

      26. Indeed they are but then apathy is what they really want. Then it’s too late when the real poo hits the fan

      27. Just spent an hour 15 watching the first debate. Many questions about Middle East/ISIS. Lindasay Graham is the only one who currently has any kind of security clearance. He kept emphasizing the danger from ISIS and if e don’t destroy them we will be at war in US and that Americans better prepare to be at ware in the homeland if they are not stopped. You could tell he wanted to say a LOT more, as he made vague references to Intel, etc. war is coming people, though I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

        • That’s the only thing Lindsay Graham can talk about without alienating the voters. He is pro-gun control, pro-amnesty, pro-deficit spending, pro-Obamacare, and pro-abortion. He has to talk about ISIS or he’ll lose in a heartbeat, which is going to happen anyway.

          Another blow-dried politician.

        • He’s scared of ISIS because if they catch him they’ll throw him off a seven story building too.

      28. We are really in the last days.. I was hoping that I would live to be 75, that I would have found love in my life, gotten married and had two kids. Oh now those days are over the American dream no longer exist. I only dreaming, and now it’s. 50 cal in my azz, and my body dumped into a mass grave. How I taught that my kids was going to get to bury my rinckled up old azz at the local cemetery off of Dairy Ashford and Eldridge. Now it’s looking like my bones will be at the bottom of a mass grave.. well guys it’s was free while it lasted, we had a good 40 yrs..what a massive cluster f…k of. a society in which are living in..i ask my self every day. When a government is coming to you kids schools to take you kids, and lure in parents to be detained and arrested..then children will be separated and women separated from the men and your family. Do what?..if anyone does not see that for what this is, they are literally buying their head in the sand..I cannot believe that this is America that I am standing in. I feel like a Jew in Natzi Germany during Hitler.. I feel like I am in the twilight zone..I cannot see us making it to a 2016 election. Totally impossible. Its now against the law to grow old and live free.



        I will be laying in a puddle of my blood dying and bleeding out.

        If I am captured, then i will
        See your all at the local mass grave.

        • You’re just a little ray of sunshine, today.

          We’ll all see the elections next year.

      29. “Globalist minion President”?….


        😀 = Y
        🙁 = N


        Would Donald Trump (should he win election) be a ” Globalist minion President?

        Please explain your positions…thank you!

        Live Free or Die…are we there yet?…are we there yet!?…

        • Donald Trump is a total narcissist as is Obama. We don’t need another mentally ill person running the country.

          Trump built his empire by being ruthless, lying when ever it suited him, and putting his interests first. I see no resemblance between Trump and Reagan that some have posed.

          • Sadly, I agree with that. I only hope he gets abducted by aliens so a legit candidate like Cruz can stand front and center for us.

            (Do NOT throw that lightweight Paul at me! I’ve seen all the craziness I can stand! Reminds me too much of the political conversations we had in college after six or eleven joints had circulated the room.)

            • The Old Coach… Ted Cruz, really, you are suffering dementia. Brainwashed America, divided and conquered like a cakewalk. I like this one, I like that one, pure insanity.

              • You Dems really, really, REALLY don’t want to face Cruz in the general, do you !

          • PTPO.

            Total Narcissist.

            We finally get a person who is kicking the shit out of the Republican Party and we bitch. What? You do not like my opinion. I suspect you are either a democrat or your candidate is having trouble. We elect bad presidents and Trump is no worse. At least he has a backbone.

            On the crazy side. I was going to vote for Hillary all the way. Bring it on for sure. Voting for Trump either will fix it or bring us to War. Like it is not headed our way anyhow. Another 50 weeks to decide.

            No Jade Helm movement in my area. Had to step out for awhile. Too much drama.

      30. ZZZZZZZZzzzzsssZZZ

        • Again, which vanilla do you want… Jeb or Hillary

          • No thanks, am on a diet,
            Besides if thats the choice it doesnt matter,
            Definitely would never willingly vote for hillary and only way i would vote for baby bush 3.0 is as the lesser of two evils!

            • Ive been voting for the lesser eevil for over 40 years. It hasn’t worked. Nope I vote for the greater evil from now on. Ill vote for Hillary im tried of waiting. that bitch should get it going.

              • That gave me a good chuckle, maybe you have a plan there Old Guy, might try that

            • I keep looking for that box labeled “None of the Above.”

              • im voting my Dog in.. I know what kind of SHIT he’s capable of

      31. There some of you go again, gleeful when sharing bad or gloomy news. Some of you all are giddy about prospects of general hunger, disease, violence, and misery in the near future. You are not teaching or informing anyone, just showing a purposeless and stale and boring existence, repeating what everyone else has said. I agree, theses things are coming, and I’m prepping for it. But I will not only survive but thrive. And then there are the ones who think they are badasses, you won’t last as long as a June frost. I’m definitely not afraid of a fight but you won’t survive for long if your prep plan is to just shoot it out with any threat. As for the marauders, the “lone wolves”; you’ll get by a while but remember, predators are always wiped out. Get smart, stop saying and writing stupid stuff. Start associating and prepping with smart and like-minded people. You will dramatically increase your odds, and who knows, when the worst is behind us you can help make a better society. Survival ALWAYS goes to those who are organized and best prepared and can adapt to outlast the dangers. Don’t believe me?, study the history of man.

        • Survival goes to the most self reliant who have know how. And are fit mean and are willing to do whatever is necessary. All plans are subject to outside unforeseen influences. Its like when you go someplace in your car. You might plan to take a certain route and road work of a wreck might change that plan. Or any number of unforeseen events could happen. No plan is foolproof and no group is 100% trustworthy. Its going to boil down to a Root Hawg or die survival of the fittest. a sky rocket ride back to a stone age existence. no reset. no reversion to a 1800,s lifestyle. Mass die offs. primitive living . extreme conditions.

      32. On the subject of using the kids. Witch I think is more widespead then most would think, you just dont hear about it. Last year two schools twenty miles apart had a bomb threat (training Exercise) in my area, and found nothing. My question is if this was real #1 why shout down them two, meaning they must not of known where the threat was, why not all the other schools around also. #2 why did they only move the kids about 30yrds away from the school and not too the football field far away, we are talking a bomb(eye roll). #3 why were all the cops standing around laughing and carrying on like two year olds. I never do fb but went on to hear the out rage about the kids out in the cold with no coats for over an hour, notta, nothing just one complaining her daughter didnt get her Ritalin on time. I like to think I live in a conservative area and folks are in the know, I was wrong one other time thow, thats another story..

        • You said it was a training exercise. That should explain why they weren’t being serious.

          • No it was a bomb theat, Helicopters the hole smear is their reason it all went down. me saying Training exercise was Sarcasm on my part. I personly dont believe there was a real bomb threat. Making the people believe Militarizing the Police is needed for their Safety, you know.

      33. Mass starvation expected in Venezuela

        ht tp://ferfal.blogspot.com/2015/08/mass-starvation-expected-in-venezuela.html

        maybe Obama will nationalize things like Maduro did

        we see how that worked out

      34. I am trying to decide which is more sickening, the blatant and titanic lies told here or the fact that the sheeple believe them. No wonder the U.S. is going down the toilet.

        • Both are equally repulsive.

      35. Trump vs. Biden might liven up the campaign.

      36. I was going to read the article, but then realized dave hodges wrote it……no thanks. A bitter man who wants the worse to happen so that he can justify killing someone.

        • Why would Hodges be bitter? Didn’t he win in keeping his Arizona property?

        • You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

      37. tin foil hat time ???

        METEOR STRIKE: Widespread damage as ‘large asteroid hits Earth’

        ht tp://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/457957/Meteor-strike-Iran-Terhan-claims

      38. As I said weeks ago, if you only read ONE book this summer, read Cahn’s paperback, “The Shemitah”. Purely Biblically-based. God’s Judgment IS coming to America this September.

        As for the President’s many EO’s: I read them as written by a delusional egocrat intent on getting even higher from more and more power. They are all done to induce mass fear and hysteria– in print and in practice.

        But fear not! It is all a deceptive illusion because God’s Angels will shield the Faithful Remnant from the evildoers.

        Having said THOSE two things, I will close with a third: there will be NO more Presidential elections because false flags will usher in a Dictator under the guise of a “protector”.

        SO, Pray.


        Get right with God.

        Because in addition to false flags, what comes our way is an economic collapse, a Tsunami, the Pope ushering in the new world [dis]order, and more.

        But, if God is for us, WHO can be AGAINST us? When enough time passes, God the Father will do an undeniable and unmistakable Intervention World-Wide and everyone will be then given a choice: the way of GOD which will lead to Light, Love, Happiness,

        OR the way of Satan which will lead to death, destruction, and eternal tortures in the bowels of Hell.

        Choose wisely.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      39. Although Hodges is a little over the top for me–on a recent trip I saw an awful lot of movement of military assets from the Alpena, Mi air force “training facility” to the grayling, Mi “national guard training facility” and of the 11 airman moving the 7 semi loads of shit the lowest rank I saw was and e-7 up to 2 e-9’s. This was 1 day ago. Awful lot of enlisted rank to be driving semi’s–just saying–that’s what privates is for–not sure what the air force equivalent is–airman–maybe–my buddy just looked at me–non vet–and said damn–that’s a lot of equipment (we were at a gas station corner on 65 and 72–72 is a straight shot to grayling, MI. Couldn’t tell what the cargo was but all trucks were rented non military vehicles. Tried to get into a conversation with a couple of them–had my army vet hat on and they just blew me off. Interesting at least.

      40. How is this story of sec.502 mean the gov can seize your property what I understand it to mean is the gov can employ people of exceptional skill. How does this mean seize property. The without compensation part probably is not really in the language. Hodges put that in to make people scared. He is a fear monger. There is slavery but it’s paid for by the employer everyone knows $ is a leverage tool against the poor. Mike in va is right about using food against people for control purposes. All the bums getting food stamps are already gov shills. You won’t bite the hand that feeds you. Taking free shit from gov programs makes them your daddy. The 2 biggest problems in this country are the free shit army and consumer economy. Get rid of both them and shit will be as it should.

      41. I believe the EO sighted is incorrect. That would be 31603 and not 13603.

        It was signed back in March 2012, and the title to this article is correct. Anything, anytime, even during peace.

        And more.

        Sgt Wright

      42. Just hired a guy to install a hand pump on well at BOL. Will use next 2 months to stock up on food, ammo,tobacco and alcohol, as they will all be critical barter items. Don’t know when it will happen but Inwill keep prepping and not worry about it. Taking wife to Cabo San Lucas for 25th anniversary next week, gotta live with out fear man, although it would be ironic if it all kicked off that week. Prepping for years and caught 1200 miles from my stuff, but so what, everybody dies of something. Happy trails and keep prepping.

        • BBD, no disrespect but who will you barter with when 90% or more of the population is unprepared?? It will be kill or be killed…. If I were you I’d skip Mexico and start teaching the family how to shoot, when to shoot, how far to shoot, what to do when a semi auto jams, how to clean, load it ect……just sayin. And maybe you already have! I’d still skip Mexico or anything like that!

          • After 3 months there will be some type of barter or market setup amongst the survivors. If not, grab your gold and go to a poor country where you can live in a shack like everyone else.

          • Don’t have a semi auto that jams. The good ones, and these are they: 10-22, M1A and M1 Garand.

            Burn the rest.

            Semper Fi

          • Anon you have a point. I have quite a bit of Ammo for that eventuality. My three sons and I go to the range at least 2 times a week. As for my vacation I see it as probably the last time me and my wife will ever get a chance to do something like that. 25 years married is pretty special,I’m damn sure I will not be around for 50! My barter stuff is hopefully for after the FSA has perished.

      43. Come and get it you fucking traitors!

      44. Everything I have is yours Herr Obama.
        Come and get it.

      45. To bad this wasn’t a question ask of the dreamers in the presidential debates tonight.

      46. What they did was say we will take from you what you have and give it to whom they see fit regardless of how it affects you. When this happens it is unmistakably time to standup for freedom. If they try to set you up using your children as bait it is time to go Chuck Norris on them like in invasion USA take no prisoners. Me and my Wife are kinda like Mr. & Mrs. Smith if the SHTF they need to try their crap else where! Just a thought.

      47. “Executive Order(13603}: “Obama and His Fellow Communists Can Seize Any Resource, Property, or Person At Any Time For Any Reason”

        True. So there is no point in overdoing it by storing tons of food etc. If they want it they will take it. And they want it. What they really want is for you and me not to be able to take care of ourselves. When SHTF they want you to be helpless and dependent on them, if they decide to give you anything. And they will ‘give’ you something. You just have to go to one of their FEMA camps (Hillary’s fun camps) to get food and water and medical care. It’s that easy. There is one little caveat. You never return from the FEMA camp.

        • Be sure and take a pot with you, commie lovers.

          • I would call them fascists as the US is becoming a fascist totalitarian state. I guess for ill informed Americans it is easier to use words like ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ incorrectly as who wants to admit the US is a fascist country.

      48. When you demand the Sheriff’s office tell you where kid is, there’s a problem. I have not been charged with a crime and I have my wife in court testifying I’ve never hurt or the kids. Where’s my kid? Noone cares either.

        • Stand up for yourself, or accept defeat. Don’t ask us where your kid is, ASK THE JUDGE. He/she is probably waiting to see you show some sign of concern. I hope you don’t act like you sound. Take some charge for yourself and demand answers. Exercise your rights as a father…yes, you do have them, unless you fail to use them.

          You’re not the only male parent to go through the family kangaroo courts. Here’s a link to “Dads Against Discrimination.”


          Go there and get some support.

          • If I sound harsh, Iowa, it’s because I have been exactly where you are. Including being homeless.

            I had two choices: Whine and cry in my beer and let them get away with it, or FIGHT THE BASTARDS with everything I had.

            What are YOU going to do?

            What is your kid worth to you?

            Is he/she worth fighting for? Only you know the answers.

            You need to fuck them all and get back on your feet, no matter what it takes. They expect you to roll over and expose your belly in supplication, in the shadow of their legal might. NEVER SURRENDER. Get back in there and fight for your kid.

            …or just slither away and whine to yourself about how badly life has cheated you…

      49. You fought all the way Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb, You fought all the way Johnny Reb. They speak highly of your name. History will repeat itself

        • Johnny Horton?

      50. When they start taking peoples property the time to stand up has passed folks. I just don’t think people have the balls to fight back in the us baby’s scared won’t do anything. It’s now time to remove the tyrants from power by force if needed. No ones gonna do shit everyone is screaming trump the guy is rich and doesn’t give a shit about you or me we are fired according to trump.

        • Whatsa matter, fraid trump’s gonna build a wall and deport all you invaders, third worlders and scum. Specially those south of the border.

          f ’em

      51. Nothing new. remember on the show Lonesome dove. the army was gonna take dish,s horse and Woodrow beat up the scout? The army would take whatever the thought they needed and pay with script. Im many of the old westerns it showed lawmen resquestioning private property. During Katrina The police took over a Wall Mart. We are just in the beginning stages of a 3600 year cycle. Its a shifting of the Magnetic Poles. The proof is instead of a few feet per year the North pole lately has been moving by miles per year. Yet many here are complacient sheeple. They don’t believe that the low areas will soon permantely flood. They don’t think its likely that the new Madrid & Cascadia & san andres earthquakes will happen anytime soon. Get to high solid ground away from the fault lines. Prepare for a stone age existence. When it goes down it very will will not rebound during the lifetime of anyone alive today. Many here believe in a invisible guy in the sky that isn’t logical and can defy Physics. and dismiss the daily clatyclisms that are proof of the end of an age pole shift. You carry on about the NWO. The NWO has been already implemented ever since Roosevelt formed the League of Nations. Whe have been under one world government Since the UN was formed. The Us military had done the UN,s bidding ever since WWII. our young folks are nothing more than cannon fodder for the UN NWO. You carry on about the lack of the government to adhere to the Counstition. The government began usurping the counstition at the beginning. the whisky rebellion was the first. and it has simply progressed ever since. Vote? Yes indeed keep on voting for the lesser evil. Keep doing the same failed thing and some how expect a different result?

        • Old Guy, tweren’t roosevelt even though he was a commie just like wilson who was the culprit and also a commie like lincoln and horace greeley.

        • Hey, PO’d …that’s an excellent link. Their setup is similar to my chicken scalding setup, but I use bridge decking and concrete blocks.

          We haven’t tried canning outside, but they have some good tips to regulate the heat.

      52. Congress voted for the NDAA. In the House, 190 REPUBLICANS and 93 DEMOCRATS voted yes. In the Senate, 44 REPUBLICANS and 48 DEMOCRATS voted yes. Seems to me the “Communists” are the Republicans who made sure it passed.

        • Sharon, I don’t see people who affiliate themselves with Titles. I see traitors to a country called America, and they should be dealt with accordingly.

        • sharonsj, they are both commies as is the POS in the kenyan house.

      53. They can snatch us off the street without warning? It would take at least 4 sturdy lads just to pick me up. And because of affirmative action, the snatch crew couldn’t have 4 sturdy lads. 1 would be a women. 1 would have to be a cross dressing sissy. 1 little Asian guy. And maybe one real man. But he’d be the driver anyway.

        • If the snatch crew had one woman, wouldn’t they have 2 snatches on the snatch crew?

          • Not if that ‘woman’ was caitlyn jenner.





        The agency ass clowns will continue to attack us all they want. Here is the New allnewspipeline.com article and video. ONE SEVERE BITCH SLAP INTO THE FACE OF THE IDIOTS COMING ON HERE talking crap.

        Listen to this. PREP, PREP, PREP, PREP, PREP, PREP AGAIN.


        Mac, please post and article on this. We need to have a big survival discussion to get discussions on this particular topic. Nibiru then unleashes its fury on the environment.



        Looking out for the interes of my SHTF-EFFERS.

      55. Now we know what Usasecurityguard posted at the time after
        T comment. Its now obvious that we have something BIG coming and it’s about to show its ugly head. Get ready do for all out calapse and the EMP event..they have been trying to prevent a run on the grocery stores. Rat bastards getting ready to evacuate town.



        Calapse, don’t you love it.

        • Big has already come. It’s called communism Amerikan style.

          f ’em

      56. In fairness to our allmighty president and overlord, dont kid yourselves.

        If the us govt really wanted to put you away and erase any evidence you exist; they could do it and have been able to do it for decades. maybe obama made it legal now, but anyone has been able to be steamrolled for a long time into the pavement.

        only difference today is will it happen to you if you dont go along with the grand plan of DC to turn the usa into the land of royals and noble with everyone else as subjects or serfs.

      57. Lena,can only be done selectively before folks start hitting back and doing it first.As for the govt. taking folks stuff,it’s called taxes and folks pretty damn sick of that,when it comes to goods in our homes/cars ect.,well,they can try and many times will succeed but will be carrying away their own dead in the process.

      58. We are all slaves who have had pounded into our heads since birth that we are “Free”. We “Live in the Land of the Free”. They “Hate us for our Freedom”. “We’re fighting for Freedom”. Yea. Bull feces. Slavery never ended it just changed its form and method of enforcement. The police are the “Crackers” who enforce the Masters will. What are we “Free” to do here in America? It is all an illusion.

        Taxes. Tax those slaves at 75% of their income. 30% federal with-holding, state tax, gasoline tax, tax on tires, tax on beer, property tax, etc, the list is endless. The United States holds 1/4 of all the prisoners in the entire world. Here in the “Land of the FREE”. The only thing we slaves are free to do is choose our own occupation. Smoke a joint while standing by a group of illegal Mexicans and see who gets arrested. Here in the “Land of the Free” we have 1/4 of the World’s prison population. Freedom is an illusion…..like voting….the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against such a large population in the history of the earth. Our Masters put who they want into office…..your votes don’t matter, like White lives.

        good reduction in the slave population is a’coming. There are simply too many slaves as computers and machines are doing and will increase their production of the work that the slaves used to do. WWI thined the Slave population by over 54 million people. WWII saw over 60 million useless slaves dissapear. It is time for another good “thinning” and that is what all this is leading up to; starvation, disease and war.

      59. “Obama and His Fellow Communists Thinks he Can Seize Any Resource, Property, or Person At Any Time For Any Reason”

        Sorry Ovomit not with 200 million guns you cant.

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