Executive Amnesty: Obama Ready to “Refocus Activities of 12,000 Immigration Agents” and ‘Shield 5 Million Immigrants’

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Headline News | 187 comments

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    President Obama is reportedly about a week away from using his “pen and phone” to sign more executive orders, this time to make good on his longstanding threat – or promise (as you might see it) – to provide amnesty for illegal aliens who’ve been living in the United States without documented status for years.

    “Before the end of the year, we’re going to take whatever lawful actions that I can take that I believe will improve the functioning of our immigration system,” Mr. Obama said during a news conference a day after last week’s midterm elections. “What I’m not going to do is just wait.”

    Lawful? It is difficult, off the bat, to see how a president could lawfully make such a consequential decision – and most especially one regarding non-citizens – outside of the Constitutional framework and specifically without action by, umm, the lawmakers in Congress.

    But that is well understood. Here is what Obama says he will do:

    Asserting his authority as president to enforce the nation’s laws with discretion, Mr. Obama intends to order changes that will significantly refocus the activities of the government’s 12,000 immigration agents. One key piece of the order, officials said, will allow many parents of children who are American citizens or legal residents to obtain legal work documents and no longer worry about being discovered, separated from their families and sent away.

    That part of Mr. Obama’s plan alone could affect as many as 3.3 million people who have been living in the United States illegally for at least five years, according to an analysis by the Migration Policy Institute, an immigration research organization in Washington. But the White House is also considering a stricter policy that would limit the benefits to people who have lived in the country for at least 10 years, or about 2.5 million people.


    Mr. Obama’s actions will also expand opportunities for immigrants who have high-tech skills, shift extra security resources to the nation’s southern border, revamp a controversial immigration enforcement program called Secure Communities, and provide clearer guidance to the agencies that enforce immigration laws about who should be a low priority for deportation, especially those with strong family ties and no serious criminal history.

    Breitbart carried a report on an immigration study that found undocumented immigrants already contributed to a large portion of Medicaid expansion – a whopping 42% during the period 2011-2013.

    People who weren’t even born in America are taking significant advantage of one of Obamacare’s single-most expensive benefits, the expansion of Medicaid, a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows. In fact, immigrants have accounted for 42 percent of the growth in Medicaid enrollment since Obamacare began being implemented in 2011, the report finds.

    “The high rate and significant growth in Medicaid associated with immigrants is mainly the result of a legal immigration system that admits large numbers of immigrants with relatively low-levels of education, many of whom end up poor and uninsured,” report co-author Steven Camarota of CIS says. “This fact, coupled with the extensive supports we provide to low-income residents unavoidably creates very significant costs for taxpayers.”

    The report, which Camarota authored with Karen Zeigler, finds that from 2011 to 2013 a whopping 42 percent of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion went to immigrants and their children rather than to native-born U.S. citizens and their families.

    Given this pending executive action, and the scope of Medicaid as a major component of Obamacare, this already staggering figure is set to increase to a bloated and burdensome figure for the taxpayers funding this healthcare “tax” (as the Supreme Court, who could also uphold the immigration decision, have determined mandatory Obamacare to be).

    Opposing members of Congress have discussed potential plans to block the president’s “executive amnesty” by cutting the purse strings and setting specific conditions that prevent funding under this executive order.

    However, Americans have already seen the chaos of tens of thousands flocking to the border from Central America under the supposed misunderstanding about the opportunities extended to would-be immigrants by Obama.

    How much more will happen now that he has once again moved to make law ‘with the stroke of his pen’?



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      1. BJ

        5 million my ass, that number is about as accurate as 5.8% unemployment.

        • hammerhead

          Aint that just a sweet thing to do ?
          Help all those needy people?
          And lets not forget the article did not mention social security , these invaders will all be eligable for that as well. BYE BYE ,to that already screwed up mess.

          I really dont see how this Executive Action can be anything but treason , its a willful disregard for rule of law , constitution and damn right devestating to the US economy .
          We will not survive two more years of this socialist asshat .

          • FreeSlave

            “I really dont see how this Executive Action can be anything but treason”

            Impeach and convict Obola! Congress, can you do it?

            • OutWest

              I can’t believe anyone would cheer this move.

              • The Old Coach

                He’s acting like the legends of Hitler in the bunker. If only we could be sure it would end the same way.

              • TheGuy

                You can’t believe anyone would cheer this move?

                Let’s see. These people never complain, are willing to take ultra low wage jobs, and are perfectly happy to exchange votes for dole with narry a look at any issues. At all. Period. Moreover, they could be downgraded to 10 families in a HUD house and think they were in heaven, so said bennies need not be significant.

                I can think of a lot of people that would cheer this move.

                • Nobama

                  Yep all 25 million of our undocumented dependents, and many more to come as the inrush of hopefuls escalates. Speak espanol?

                  What pisses me off the most is the fucking mexicans at the cashier stand every time I get groceries, with their EBT cards and speaking espanol to all their little shitstain anchorbaby kids not even trying to learn a word of English. I love telling them all to kiss my ass and see them look confused having not understood a word I said.

                  It’s only gonna get worse.

                  • Howard

                    Aiy Yi Yi Yi, I am the frito bandito…

                    I come to your country to get stuff free…..
                    I shop in your store with my EBT….

                    Aiy Yi Yi Yi, I am the frito bandito

                    I eat real good food while you eat $hit
                    And all of you gringos will pay for it….

                    Aiy yi yi yi……

                    • sixpack

                      +100 green thumbs, Howard.

              • Nobama

                Only good prez’s get shot, for not playing the elite game. We haven’t had any of those in quite awhile.

                • BJ

                  Which is kinda surprising. Think about the amount of people that are beyond mad, and how many of them are out of their mind mad. Yet no one ever kills these bastards? How has the Pelosi’s and Reid’s just to name two made it without being shot from a damb long way off??

                  • burdenofknowing

                    Just a thought. Who would take his place ? Joe Biden

              • sixpack

                I wish someone would just shoot this motherfucker and put HIM out of OUR misery. 🙂

              • Tucker

                This is the kind of comment that we do NOT need to see being posted on this, or any other website, Durango.

                Don’t be surprised if you get a visit from one of Obongo’s Secret Service or FBI goons.

                Keep in mind: The only individual or group of individuals who can threaten the life of the POTUS and get a pass for doing so – are jews. Like this guy from Atlanta:


                Jewish newspaper owner suggests Israel consider ‘hit’ on Obama

                In op-ed, Atlanta Jewish Times owner Andrew Adler says US president’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ belief in use of diplomacy to halt Iranian nuclear program threatens Jewish state

                Yitzhak Benhorin

                Published: 01.21.12, 10:38 / Israel News

            • Winston Smith

              I was thinking the same thing. What he does is a dereliction of duty since he swore to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the country and should be impeachable. Whether or not Congress will have the balls to do so is an entirely different matter. Plus, with Obama out of the way, get ready for President Biden…

              • TheGuy

                Yeah well, why do you think every President always picks a total assclown as a VP?

                • sixpack

                  That’s like saying not to shoot an assailant, because he brought a co-conspirator…YOU SHOOT THEM BOTH IF YOU CAN.

            • Truth avenger

              @ FreeSlave, congress will continue to preform as scripted by Israhell and the Illuminati PTB. NO MOVE IS PLANNED OR MADE that hasn’t received the approval from ABOVE. If THEY wanted OBIMBO out, he would already be gone.

              This is an orchestrated GAME in which YOUR vote and desire are totally irrelevant to the ACTIONS of the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS. Y O U are irrelevant!!!

              • FreeSlave

                Truth Avenger: “@ FreeSlave, congress will continue to preform as scripted by Israhell and the Illuminati PTB.”

                … the, the, The, THE, THE NWO Jew Banksters!

                I should have known.

                Electronic communication trail between Elected Congressional Officials and the NWO Jew Banksters? Won’t the NSA, amongst other agencies, track and record these incriminating communications?

                Conspiracy Theorist: “You Idiot! Don’t you know that the NWO Jew Banksters control the NSA too!?!!”

                Joe Prepper: “Oh weally?”

              • The Old Coach

                Well, we had about 24 hours respite from this neo-Nazi propaganda blitz. I guess we should be thankful for small favors.

                • dave in Idaho

                  Old Coach…. it was good while it lasted.

                • badpuppydog

                  Old Crusty Coach…I can spank your butt good with the facts again ANYTIME you feel like you might be ready.

              • Anonymous

                Yep….George Carlin was Right all along !!! Never doubted him for a moment….but the DC ASSCLOWNS are proven him more correct by the day !!!

            • C Howard Fields

              Yes Impeach and convict Obola! Congress, can you do it? There is not enough brass in all of congress to make an attempt!
              We are in serious do do.

          • Man on the inside

            Put everyone who hires an illegal in jail…. then this crap will stop…..

            • dave in Idaho

              @ MOTI… that was R Reagan’s ammesty plan…except congress and the Bpatrol never authorized the rest of it.

            • skittle shittin unicorn

              Yes !!! and put the companies like wal mart target perdue chicken farms etc
              in jail too

              for the last 30 plus years all i have heard is we need more Mexicans BULL SHIT

              its past time these folks go home and take there filth and disease with them

          • Kulafarmer

            If that asshole does this and congress doesnt stop it and impeach his ass i am as good as disappeared, will never file one more piece of paper for anything

            • dave in Idaho

              Congress wont do shit just like with obamacare. They will posture/kabuki around, play lib/conservative, then it will be strung out as long as fast and furious.

              • lena

                2nd that.

                The election was supposed to put a stop to obama. when the people find that the gop is just as ready to make the country into a land of the elite ruling the masses as the democrats, there’s going to be a nationwide depression that sets in.

                officeholders have been hinting that its not the people’s country anymore, this just may make that hit home as reality.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Its not and more and more folks are waking up to that.

                • BJ

                  Let me say what I believe is coming. The old impeachment joke/distraction. Saddest thing is the amount of people in the public that swallow it up and fall for it.

                  Impeachment is the wrong way to go with the politicians we have today. Politicians we have today aren’t just doing a thing or two wrong. They are doing EVERYTHING wrong and violating all of the constitution. They are pillaging, murdering, stealing and committing treason on multiple levels. No impeachment is not the right direction, arresting, short trial and death are what is needed, and I am not just saying that or kidding around. AND YES IT IS POSSIBLE.

                  But since we know that this won’t happen because of the amount of eunuchs left in this country, impeachment is still wrong wrong wrong! It is a waste of time, waste of money and a distraction! Obama is baiting for impeeachment…..he wants it….why do you think that is?

                  Due to the unnatural and ridiculous ebb and flow or volley back and forth with the two headed political system we have, chances are good that the left head of the same snake will win back some seats in both houses next election and a big chance that the left head of then same snake will win the presidency again in 2016. You add an impeachment ot that and your only increasing those odds and bo will have an even bigger place in history.

                  IMPEACHMENt is a HUGE mistake and a waste of time.

                  Off with all their heads.

                  • dave in Idaho

                    Correct BJ.. Just showmanship for the camera whores. There is no way out without cw11.

                  • C Howard Fields

                    BJ you say Off with all their heads.
                    Please don’t be in such a hurry. After all, the ones who are not old enough to vote should have a chance to show their opinion. How a the more calm and less violent of us to show how it can be done.

                    The Pillory !! Every community needs to start showing the good example.

                    I’ll hold my breath waiting!

                    SeeYa CHF

                  • al

                    I think impeachment would add legitimacy to something that is illegitament and would cloud the actual issue and everything would have to be debated on case by case as opposed to its all friggen illegal and does not have any standing to start with . as all questions in a court room have said the people do not have any standing thus they do not have any standing to start with its friggen off the chain

                    • BJ


                      All it would add is a circus at our expense, a distraction and more history to bo’s presidency and more comical jokes to america period!

              • Walt Kowalski

                Just prior to this last election, I made the statement that even if the Republicans won big, it would not make a darn bit of difference.

                I continue to stand behind that statement.

                Anybody here think that the new Congress will prove me wrong?

            • Copperhead

              Kula: 5 million green thumbs. Folks this SHIT has to STOP. Congress will do nothing to stop this and they will not Impeach Him no way. Like I said earlier they’re all PUPPETS under the same MASTERS. We are truly FU~KED.

              NOMI/MOLON LABE!

              • European American

                When I see someone post “MOLON LABE!” I just laugh now a days. No disrespect for you personally, but the reality of your comment is, if this SHIT has to STOP, why don’t you get your Molon labe, and fill it with armor piercing ammo and go out, right now, and lead those, who you truly believe are FU-CKED, on a mission to save this once great republic and die now as a hero instead of as a slave? What’s your excuse…what are you waiting for, someone else to die leading the charge so you can go in and do mop-up?

                The reality is, you, and those who post these molon labe comments aren’t going to do jack shit. If you were, you would have done so, a long, long time ago. So don’t pretend to be something you are not. Take responsibility for who and what you are, NOW!

                You don’t like what I say? Go out THERE and do something about it.

                • BJ


                • FreeSlave

                  European American: “When I see someone post “MOLON LABE!” I just laugh now a days. …
                  The reality is, you, and those who post these molon labe comments aren’t going to do jack shit.”

                  You’re laughing at “Molon Labe!” Preppers?

                  Then I laugh at the NWO Jew Banksters!

                  So there! 😉

                  • skittle shittin unicorn

                    free slave
                    and since your so damn smart then why don’t you point out its actually

                    moaon aabe

                    this molan labe BS is just that BS made for the stupid perverts to think there getting away with some juvenile joke

                    naw you cant your too busy looking for boogey men to blame for your current state of affairs

                • Howard

                  The new motto should be MORE LUBE instead of MOLON LABE……

                • highspeedloafer

                  I know what you mean EA, I’ve been seeing this NOMI, CATI, and MOLON LABE so much on here it makes it all laughable. They have been and will continue to take it it shove it up our collective noses until we are brain dead and not one person on this board will do anything about it.
                  I used to have a buddy who ranted and raved about the government long before most on here even had a computer. One day I challenged his comments and he stopped speaking to me for over a year, but he never did any of the things he said he would do if they went one more inch. Now he is in a nursing home all crippled up and can’t even tie his own shoes. But I’ll bet he’s giving those nurses hell though.
                  I wish he’d have shot at least one of those many black helo’s out of the sky

                  • 3rdown110yds2go

                    I think everyone should go on Youtube and watch Joe Rogan’s video on ” Devolution Of Stupid People !!! ” Yep !!! I am so stupid I don’t even know how to paste it on here !!!

                    This country is full of Stupid People….They are everywhere….We are beyond Phucked !!! They will take us down 1 house at a time…..

                    I think there is something embedded into the keys on computer key boards that it soaked up through our fingers that make us Stupid !!! The more you type…..The More Stupid you get !!! See….after you have read my post…you can’t disagree !!!

                    EBAL NOLOM

                    When will the ” More Action…Less Talking Start ??? “

              • Kulafarmer

                Dont listen to bad advice,,,,
                You know when the time will be right,,,
                Anyone who says crap like EA is just pushing buttons to get a reaction,,,
                I have pretty much always marched to the beat of a different drummer and was always the kid they said “does not play well with others”
                watching and waiting, never be a slave!

            • FreeSlave

              “If that asshole does this and congress doesnt stop it and impeach his ass i am as good as disappeared, will never file one more piece of paper for anything

              I bet you will. If SHTF doesn’t happen first, you’ll file taxes in 2015.

              • Kulafarmer

                Good luck with that

                • FreeSlave

                  KulaFarmer: “If that asshole does this and congress doesnt stop it and impeach his ass i am as good as disappeared, will never file one more piece of paper for anything”

                  You will file at least one more government form. It could be something as simple as your state car registration for the state of Hawaii.

                  Do you wanna bet? 😉

                  • Kulafarmer

                    Geez your just tryin to bust my balls arent ya,
                    Ok OK
                    I will most likely file one more form or two, but Ill be damned if I am going to work my ass off to pay these dip shits one red cent,,,
                    its called working smart, and knowing how much it costs to do business, I gotta go buy some fertilizer to even this year out but damn this farming is tough, just cant seem to make any money these days,,,

                    • FreeSlave

                      Heh, heh.

                      My brother-in-law used to live in Maui. I go to Oahu at least once a year to stay with family.

                      I love da Islands, brah. But I hate da Dem govt. It’s totally Libbed out. The unions got control and it’s been in control by the Libs since the 1940’s or so.

                    • Kulafarmer

                      You know it,
                      Now we got a shiny new Dem gubner who is another gun grabbing prick, im fully anticipating having to load everything up and ship it to another locale that is not so libtardish, it sucks but some things you just shouldnt compromise on and living in the middle of the ocean on an island filled with gimmedats with their EBT cards isnt exactly comfy, at least not without some serious protection,,,

              • Iowa

                An IRS agent called me today and said I need to file for 2010-2013.



                • Kulafarmer

                  Right on Brother,,
                  Some of us are at the end of the rope with not a whole hell of a lot to lose.
                  MOST just dont get it.

                • European American

                  I totally agree with you, Iowa, but if by chance the IRS Hitmen have records you earned more than they allow, for not reporting, they’ll come knocking. If you don’t have any assets they can take, and you are expecting social security someday, they’ll take it out of that.

              • C Howard Fields

                FS you’ll file taxes in 2015
                And all of the dumb, dumber and dumberest,…….me also!

            • European American

              I guess you’re going to be going “Bye, bye”.

              Get used to it folks. He represents the “Collective” that voted him in. You may think the mulatto is everything bad, but he reflects that same mindless collective that really doesn’t care what you and I think. He’s actually doing everyone a favor though, showing each of us the best of ourselves and the worst. We’re all going to need to learn our lessons, in that regard, fairly quickly. The world we once knew is gone. Learn to adapt to various foreign languages and cultures because that’s always been what America, of the last 300 years, represents…unity and diversity.

              It’s just that many who post here don’t like that fact that the kind of “Freedom and Democracy” that the US government (a reflection of you and me) is spreading around the globe, is coming home to roost now, in your neighborhood.

              Lo creamos, tan acostúmbrese a ello.

              • lena

                He’s right.

                Go to any website that forecasts the immigration numbers and what the future usa will look like and the usa’s days are numbered for the usa as founded. those immigrants brought their socialist values and the us govt didnt make them give them up for the usa’s as founded.

                if you want to live in the usa as founded, you probably need to move to idaho, montana or the dakotas; most other places are going to be overrun in time to a more socialist and controlled system. the reagan era was the last gasp, no one knew it then; but the immigration numbers show its going to change and there isnt thing one that can be done about it.

                • European American

                  Lena, preppers need to adapt to the 21st century, and clearly, they haven’t. The world of “MOLON LABE!” is a romantic notion (fantasy from seeing too many hero movies on the tube, as their roots grew massively tangling into their couch springs), but let them yell from their keyboards, doesn’t hurt any one…I don’t think.

                  Obama, “the mulatto” as I prefer to call him (because I’m not a racist), cosmically came for a reason. Americans lost their way and he was the great beacon of light saying “don’t come this way” if you want to lose your “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, but alas, they did. They, the majority (a rigged ballot box is irrelevant at this late stage of the production, whose gonna do something about it? Kula?) chose HIM, their messiah, to rule over them, he was the one that fit the role perfectly. The reason the masses chose this pretender is because he’s a great actor and Americans live, and die, by theatrics…Since they are so bored with their dullness induced lives, THEY NEED DRAMA! They feed and assimilate drama on all fronts; junk food that causes those that imbibe it to hallucinate and “what a show that is when they are sick all the time”; texting makes them feel wanted, gives them that attention/approval, that they never got from their fucked-up parents. They grow obese to buffer themselves from all the things they don’t like. It’s a three ring circus in America filled with clowns and magicians and daredevils. It’s ALL DRAMA! A distraction from what is REAL. ANd reality is healthy for an unhealthy mind; the two don’t mix well.

                  Anyway, we are never going back to the “good old days” (were they really that good? I don’t thinks so…maybe for just a few moments in the ’50’s) so quite bitching and whining. There is nothing anyone here can do to make a difference on the grand scale other than forming an army bigger the the US army/police force and leading them to the DC. But is that going to happen? NO…NO…NO. Too many couch potatoes wanting someone ELSE to do it. Not willing to lead the charge. Lot’s of wanna be heros who talk big…”yeah baby, from my cold hands…” blah, blah, blah, ad nauseam.

                  It’s time to adapt one’s life-style to 3rd world living standards. If you can do that, you’ll have a better chance than most to make it to the other side.

                  Otherwise, you’ll simply become collateral damage when the street sweepers come out in force. OR, one will succumb when they pull the Internet plug and the coaxial cable plugged directly into the craniums of the masses will short circuit, paralyzing minds that are already on life-support.

                  • Smooth Criminal

                    @European American- I too am tired of hearing the continued calls of “Molon Labe” and making idle threats over the internet. However, being a condescending arrogant d-bag is just as equally annoying. Step off your soap box and quit lecturing everyone. I sometimes enjoy your post, but lately you come across as an extremely negative individual. Just because you have given up and are willing to live a 3rd world quality of life, does not mean others have or are willing to live that way.

                    • European American

                      I respect what you’re saying and will consider heeding your advice.

                      I don’t agree with your point about “giving up”, that’s personal for everyone, and sometimes my method of delivery is used as a metaphor, in the negative sense, to create action. If you knew me personally, you’d probably think I’m one of the more optimistic fellows around. But I will consider the negative in terms of delivery.

                      The thing about this site, and sites like this site, is/are they are far from the real world. Why anyone like myself or others would even spend time here is worthy of considering in the first place. To get “News”? For the comradery? For that “club house” feel? For the information? For checking the pulse of a fringe group? To get approval? Attention? Some for of pleasure? For a meaning of existence? Sometimes I come just to write down what’s in my head. Doesn’t have anything to do with this site, per se. Just a way of expressing thoughts that are activated by what is stirring up in my mind in this very unusual world that we all are apart of.

                      Tell me what you find you find “enjoying” about what I have to say and I’ll make a concerted effort to somehow tailor my (egotistical, I admit) thoughts in that direction, to uplift and inspire…truly.

                    • European American

                      PS In a way, I’m no different from anyone else who posts here. Even this site, with it’s veritable kaleidoscope of personalities, has it’s own collective, which we all participate in, when we post. If I’m coming down on someone…really though, that would be some concept, idea, mindset, that I would be looking at, not the individual, per se, then it’s simply something in my mind that I am exploring, in my life. The two dimensionality of interacting on a blog is disconcerting, strange in a way. It’s almost as odd as seeing people walking down the street absorbed in the smart phone as they miss a beautiful world going by.

                      I sense great change is in the air and as much as I loathe the mulatto in the WH, I’m actually happy he’s still in office. This country went Zombie along time before he came a long. His arrival is bringing a long needed shift but we probably won’t see the “happy” shift for some time.

                      Anyway, you’re post to me was probably an omen, a wake up call…time to take a long break from this site. I actually haven’t felt part of the collective here since things got crazy the last few weeks. Need some fresh air.

                      PSS SC, I gave you two thumbs up but for some reason it didn’t register.

                    • Kulafarmer

                      What would you expect from someone who calls themselves European anything? Land of the SOcialist and Fascist countries and the EU,,,
                      That pretty much sums it up,
                      BUT, EA is entitled to His/Her opinion, If we are so are they, its also our perogative to ignore said opinion…

                    • European American

                      I could understand your reasoning, Kula, makes sense to me, on one level. But what I find interesting is that when someone has nothing to grasp (in debating an issue), on blogs such as this, someone possibly like yourself in reference to my moniker, they tend to try and make a story up about the person that has nothing to do with reality. Case in point, your point.
                      Now, before I go any further with this post, I must confess, I believe in omens, and Smooth Criminal was kind enough to educate me, in a neighborly way, of my direction of late. It was just what the doctor ordered and it was a breath of fresh air to read his/her post directed at me. With that being said, I feel this remarkable liberation, being that he/she was right on, totally. And it gave me pause to reconsider my motives in posting here, and quite frankly, any other blog I might find myself in the presence of. So, it’s my intention to share rather than preach from the pulpit.

                      I don’t think your a bad person, Kula, I think maybe you, like so many other people are looking for answers. The Truth. I respect that. I think maybe your intention to try to label me as someone from a “socialist/fascist” country shows how little you might know of the world around you (or maybe yourself). First thing I would suggest is look up the term “European AMerican”. See what it says, THEN, you’ll understand what I’m about to tell you.

                      I’m a 13th generation American. William xxxxxxx (great grandfather many times over) came from Portsmouth England to Woburn, Mass in 1632 possibly in Winthrops fleet. That’s when my ancestors first settled in this land. I could go into all the genealogy of that since I’ve got a book on it, but that would probably bore anyone other than a relative of mine. However, I will say, Ebenezer xxxxxxx (another great grandfather not as many times over) was a brigadier general in the American Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Actually fought along side George Washington at Saratoga. Can’t say what kind of guy he was, but at least I can say his genes are in me, as well as Williams. Can’t be anymore American than that, can I? Then there was the Civil War, not the one of the 21st Century, but the one that took more American lives than all the other wars America fought in before and after. Had two notable officers on Both sides of that war. I’m not sharing this with you for any reason other than my bloodlines go further back the most present day AMericans. That is a fact. But big deal, so what. Does it even matter where anyone comes from anymore? America has changed and that’s because the newer generations, en mass, have presently lost their way. And they are the ones that will soon be taking over the reigns.

                      So, be my guest. Fabricate in your mind, what ever you want me to be. It’s okay. I don’t care. But I would suggest this. Talk is cheap, coming from any of us at this site. If you don’t like the way things are in this country, then get away from your computer screen, this make believe blog. Get up and walk outside. Go where you see trouble festering up by corrupt, unpatriotic Americans, and do something constructive about it. “Come and take them” means one is waiting for the trouble to come to them. Its a noble concept but used out of context by all most all who use it. If everyone is waiting in America, then they are all going to get picked off, one at time. If someone says “I’m not going to take anymore of this shit, I’m going to stop them in their tracts”, better believe, that the “taking it to them” action will be a force to be reckoned with. I might even muster up the courage to join them.

                      I don’t see most here having the balls to take to the offensive. Be one of the few that proves me wrong.

                    • Howard

                      The will soon be calling for MORE LUBE…..

                  • lastknifeinthestore

                    I’m in agreement with an earlier post that bloody hell war is coming to our land.It will be racial ultimately,a war of sniping and drive by shootings.Let it happen soon while the white race has the numbers to prevail.God bless America,especially the South.

                  • Howard

                    Pluppity pluppity plupp plupp plupp sputt sputt putt puut

                    • 3rdown110yds2go

                      @ Howard…

                      Well said…well put…Well spoken….Lately that is “Exactly” what I have been thinking !!! 🙂

                      Stock up on KY Jelly….I think we are going to need more than we realized…..Oh Yea ….itsa Comin !!!

                • BJ

                  Pat Buchanon started screaming about this years ago and wrote some good books with interesting numbers in them. But he was marginalized and labeled a crazy mean hearted racist……so most didn’t listen.

              • Kulafarmer

                Learn to adapt to various foreign languages and cultures because that’s always been what America, of the last 300 years, represents…unity and diversity.

                Fuck that crap


                • Night Breaker

                  Kula I second that ,
                  Didn’t spend 13 years in the military ( USMC) to speak someone else’s language in my own home town , I still believe there are enough of us left that can make a difference , one person and one neighborhood at a time .

                  Let’s just make the regime irrelevant do not comply , do all you can to be self sufficient , in time the regime will collapse under its own weight making itself irrevelent . Small pockets of liberty will still exist no matter what make it clear to those it would not be in their interests to meddle in these regions.
                  as long as I have a heart beat and can work I won’t live in third world conditions.

                  Time will tell , maybe we will all be suprised with the outcome .



                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • The Old Coach

                    Yah, even the “barbarians” who eventually overwhelmed Rome learned to speak Latin.

                    • Howard


                  • Kulafarmer

                    Right on,,
                    WHat happened to,
                    If you want to become an American citizen you learn to read and speak English, you take tests for it and go through a ceremony?
                    This is a slap in the face of the millions of folks who did the right thing and followed the rules, to allow anything else is just BS,
                    I am an American, I speak English, if you dont understand me TOUGH SHIT< if I dont understand you, I most likely DONT CARE!

                    • European American

                      Kulafarmer, the Old Coach, Night Breaker…

                      Ustedes son sólo tres idiotas estúpidos que hacen sólo lo que ellos quieren que usted haga viviendo en sus mundos de fantasía de molon labe. ¿entienda, mis amigos?

                      Lamentable, Smooth Criminal, ellos lo tenían viniéndoles. 😉

                    • Howard

                      Well uh, well duh, ippity ippity bedee bedee bedee, uh that’s all folks!

        • FreeSlave

          KY Mom,

          I need a prepping tip for what Obama’s about to do with illegal immigrants.

          A medical tip for us preppers, perhaps? You don’t suggest learning Spanish, do you?

          • Kulafarmer

            I have a tip,
            Buy more guns and ammo and actively seek out or start a militia!

            • OutWest

              A medical tip for us preppers?
              “Preparation H”
              He’s about to jam it up our ass.

              • maddog

                Are you kidding many of us ran out of Vaseline a long time ago. The POS commie dicktator in the oral office has never done anything that was good for America and wont start now. How the country is still breathing is beyond my comprehension. My wife often ask me when do I think a collapse will happen. All I can ever say to answer her is that I’m surprised every morning that the lights are still on and the civil war has not already started. It sure was one tough country our founders created and the fact its still standing is proof of that. Better stop now before I say something I may regret.

            • lena

              “Buy more guns and ammo”

              i did this last saturday.

              now, i did it because muslims are openely attacking people and police in the usa and canada now and i’m determined to be the beheader and not beheadee if that comes around to me; but it works for illegals who dont need to fear any us laws thanks to the us president.

              • maddog

                I think deballing them is best. Just think of how they’ll look standing there with the 72 virgins laughing at them.

              • Kulafarmer

                Thats good,
                Even better when a woman takes them out, the wont make it to wherever they are supposed to go.

        • Mr. Bill

          This can not be allowed to happen.

        • the renegade braveheart

          BJ, I’ve heard estimates ranging from 30,000,000 to 40,000,000 which I think is much more accurate. This stunt on top of Ferguson, MO about to blow up is all we need. Looks like party time is just around the corner. I hope not but it’s not looking promising at the moment.

          • Kulafarmer

            Ill bet the crap from Ferguson goes nation wide and the gang banger punks from every shit hole in every city will take advantage of it,
            Keep Bertha close bud

            • Night Breaker

              Kula ,
              DHS is actively preparing for that scenario may be this weekend , it makes sense not to break this while school is in session . What happens in Ferguson may not stay in Ferguson Kula you may be on to something you probably in one of the safest AO ‘s .
              BH make sure you have a bailout bag and a way out if things get sporty , you will know when that time is at hand . Looks like we are going to face a convergence of events .with little or no warning .
              Stay safe , be alert to your surroundings.

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Kulafarmer

                Just too much tension nation wide right now,,
                its NOT good.
                I am in a secure locale, we have to deal with some radical locals but they are few and far in between and nothing a semi auto shotgun filled with 00 buck or some of those crazy BB steel shot shells I loaded wont erase if they did happen to end up on my doorstep,
                I feel for the folks who live anywhere near the urban areas on the continent, and I mean I feel for the good folks no matter what their color or creed is as there are good and bad of all as well.
                But Ferguson is a powder keg, and these radical idiots like JJ and AS and their lap dogs the Panther pussies are just absolute garbage. Add to that all the do gooders who think that its ok for a dumb ass thug to beat the shit out of a cop, no respect, will get no respect, if they cant see what is going on they are just lost causes.

                • John W.

                  Get a copy of the movie Needfull Things. Obama is the old guy spreading hate and division.

              • BJ

                IMO, if ferguson does much of anything it won’t be big. But on the chance it spreads to the other monkeys natiowide, I think it will be small pockets and nothing major. JMHO, but I think Ferguson will fizzle much like Obola did.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Kulafarmer, bertha will be locked and loaded propped against my wall and the .380 on my bedside table.

        • FuckingPissed

          Bloody hell war is coming to our soil. Get ready to kill, because if you cannot, you and your family will die.

          • BJ

            I started sharing my thoughts out loud on this about 4 years ago, adn was shot down adn still am today when I bring it up, but not as bad as I was 4 years ago. I have had this thing in my gutt and heart that says we are going to be attacked on this land of ours and for some reason I have always thought (since feeling/thought began 4 years ago)that it would be russia. I won’t say that I know for sure that russia will attack, but I am 100% confident that we will be attacked from another country with boots on the ground here in america.

            • Howard

              Ah Shaddup again already……

        • cooncrap

          Why doesn’t he stick his pen in his eye and phone up his ass!

          • Eagle 71

            Wishful thinking. Oboofoo would enjoy it too much, especially the latter action.

            • OutWest

              Nothing so dangerous as an
              outgoing lame fuck president.

              • OutWest

                What do you think, Wrong?
                Hope the black plague in
                office hasn’t ruined your
                positive attitude like it
                has mine.
                On top of it all, had to
                put down my puppy dog
                yesterday, my wife lost
                her insurance and I’m out
                of propane with no funds.
                AAHHHH, FUCK!!!!!
                Now, where did I hide that

        • Smokey

          It will be over 30 million once they start coming out of the woodwork.

          Tell the White House and Congress TODAY, that the people DO NOT agree with this concept.

          Once it happens, it’s done and can’t be undone. Got to stop them NOW.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Acid/eisenturd, you make the KKK look like Boy Scouts. You are really one sick mofo.

      2. BJ

        5 million my ass, that number is about as accurate as 5.8% unemployment.

      3. BJ

        Oops, sorry. Posting from phone doesn’t work quite as good as laptop. Being hooked up to lots of wires and on treadmill in hospital dont help either.

      4. Townsaver

        They are already here. What difference does it make?

        The .gov just wants to get them all ID’ed so they can be tracked, taxed, and registered to vote, reinforcing the FSA.

        You are already paying for them right now. Might as well get them documented so we can extract something from them, just like we extract something from you.

        You can not stop this madness. Just accept it as one more step towards the cliff. Most here want to see this thing blow up. It will blow up. And soon.

        • dave in Idaho

          A Townsaver… Taxed??? No thats what will be increased on you to pay for the new EBT participants.

          • Townsaver

            I am ALREADY paying for them, right now. They ALREADY have EBT cards. You don’t need to be a citizen for that.

            And yes, they will be taxed. Even if they work under the table, there are sales taxes, fees, etc etc.

            I don’t condone illegal immigration at all, but these people are already here. They will always be here. Some of them even think this is their land.

            In Nevada, we gave them Driver Licenses. Those that went and applied had a 80% failure rate on the written test, IN THIER OWN LANGUAGE!

            But, we charged them fees. And they had to have proof of insurance, at least while they applied for the license.

            • Smokey

              Well, I guess the DMV fees and 30 days of insurance premiums make up for all the money they cost, right?

              They will never pay enough taxes to equal the amount of services they require.

              Never, ever, ever. Not this generation or the next.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Townsaver, the only tax the illegals pay is a sales tax when they buy something. They are tax-exempt unless and/or until they become US citizens. They’re not obligated to pay FICA, SS, etc.

              • Townsaver

                @ Smokey & BH

                I agree they will never pay enough for what they receive. But isn’t something better than nothing? Yes they broke the law, but they are already here. Many have been here for decades. Republicans didn’t do shit about it when they had office in the past, nor will they now.

                And 1/2 of ALL LEGAL AMERICANS pay 0% income tax. That is a known fact. But I don’t hear people crying about that.

                Again I am no advocate for illegals. Ship them back, or shoot them at the border. But the fact is, that will not, and has not ever happened. Even the ones we do deport come right back.

                Might as well get them ID’ed so they can be extorted just like you and me, in any way, shape or form. Something is better than nothing. I am not making excuses, there are better ways, but the revolving door between .gov and corps will never allow it.

                Write your senator. He will send back a fancy letter with generic language. Elected officials do not care about anything other than being re-elected. Both parties.

                • BJ

                  “isn’t something better than nothing”

                  And there you have the Overton Window….don’t fall for that shit!

                  • Townsaver

                    Explain for us simple folk BJ.

                    There is a shift on this very website. A shift towards discussion. Debate with me, sir.

                    • BJ

                      It’s when the bar is moved so far to one side or the other, that people will gladly accpet a reduction in how far the bar has been moved. But that bar is still wrongfully too far…..yet it is accepted…..Make sense?

        • Mr. Bill

          Have you ever thought about what would happen AFTER amnesty? I mean, you can’t arrest an illegal and they get a free ride. What happens when they are no longer an illegal? No more free underwear, they have to file and or pay income tax, etc., serve time in jail, etc.

      5. AC

        The funniest thing you could do, is to find out who is employing a number of illegals in your area – then put them in touch with some of the left-leaning labor labor groups . . . so they can sue their employer for underpaying them (plus punitive damages and legal costs).

        If there is no cost savings, the employers will not hire them. If there are no jobs, they’ll stop coming.

        • hammerhead

          JOBS ?
          Do ya think they are gonna work?
          Hell no , they are to become the new underclass living free off the people.
          Obama just kicked evryone else to the curb. These fine new American citizens will permantly afixed to the Democrat socialist party and will be told to support/vote accordingly.

          These people have absolutely no regard for our culture or history , they dont care about the Bill of Right either , how long will it take for five million socialists to vote in gun control if Obama asks them to?
          And you can damn well bet that after 2016 Obama will put on his community organiser shoes and hit the road promoteing his brand of socialism to all these people he granted amnesty.

          This is gonna get ugly…..

          • hammerhead

            And on that thought , remember that a coup or uprising is usually only 2% of a population.
            How many support this amnesty?
            What would happen if all these fine folks decided we needed a new constitution ?
            Do ya think Obama or such person or group would help push such a thing? Damn right they will.
            This has bigger implications than just amnesty.

          • European American

            “This is gonna get ugly…..”

            I remember using those same exact words when I saw who was running in ’08, and that was 6 years ago.

            Don’t hold your breath.

            • John W.

              Boner and the Turtle have already rolled over. The long slide to Third World status picks up speed.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Hammerhead, spot on. They’re just here for the money, the “benefits” that aren’t available in their home countries.

            • Concerned

              And, you rant yet do nothing and most rant and all pay! I agree euthanasia EA,
              as we lose our freedoms and country, we rant!! If not now, when?

              • Concerned

                agree with European American…. spellchecker

      6. ponomo

        deport the Kenyan Prez after his prison sentences.

        • OutWest

          Where the hell is the KKK when you really need ’em.

          • cooncrap

            I was thinking maybe snipers along the southern border!

      7. swinging richard

        Aren’t our leaders supposed to represent the will of the people?

        • Howard

          The government will tell you what your will is and you will keep quiet because they know better than you what your will should be, so there….

      8. Izzy

        As long as your going to let all these criminals [ crossing the US border without your PAPERS ] have a free reign to break whatever law they see fit then he should let all the law breakers out of jail too.
        At least we know there history. If he does this without bring the law down on these people then I ask-WHO IS GOING TO OBEY ANY LAW SINCE THE PRESIDENT DOESN’T??? Or should we do as he does which is make our own law and make it so by taking a pen and sign a piece of toilet paper.
        THEN FLUSH IT…

      9. Hammerun

        Dont fret, we’re about to be “O-Grubered” yet once again!

      10. European American

        You sure know how to pick the perfect articles to post/write, i.e. to rile up the natives here, Mac. Now if they would only take action based on their verbal threats we might actually have some martyrs right here at SHTFPlan community, FINALLY willing to lead the charge!

        As for me, I’ll learn to adapt during the interim.

        • Copperhead

          EA: Went to you web site and looked at your pictures. I see you don’t look that old behind the ears (but 2010) got have a BMW bike, Land Rover, and flying a WHITE FLAG over your solar Air Stream in the desert somewhere. So I see you don’t walk the walk. Look dude I respect your freedom to express your views of things the way you see them, I’ve dodged my share of rounds and when you hear the pop and feel the wind they generate on your cheek then you been there. Dude you are either an AMERICAN or EUROPEAN no hyphenated people around here. Oh by the way you have two good looking dogs.

          NOMI/MOLON LABE!! (You are REMF)

          • European American

            I must admit, he sound of a bullet going over one’s head is surreal, to say the least.

            “Bharlee”, the 165 pound Pyrenees, departed last thanksgiving.

            As I said, it wasn’t you in particular, it’s just that if we wait until “Molon Labe”, then it’s too late to save the Republic, that was my point, and complacency (maybe not in your case) has become a way of life in America.

          • Concerned

            WTF!!! I am a European – American! Not African -American, nor Hispanic etc…
            yeah,a part of immigrant America that came here and worked and fuck the liberals that made it in USA to force European Americans/white and some others to work/slave for those who will not work!!

            • Concerned

              We lose our freedoms and now our country and we are complacent….
              I agree “Molia Lane” and NOMI is talk!! Resist!!

      11. eppe

        World Economic Summit
        During a World Economic Summit, Barack Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderón, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are ceremonially riding in Japan’s newest bullet train.
        As you might know all of these political leaders have big egos and this is what ensued.
        Barack Obama says “This is a fine bottle of wine Nicolas”
        Upon hearing this President Nicolas Sarkozy throws out a case of France’s finest wine and says “In France fine wine is bountiful and plenty!”
        Not to be outdone by Vladimir Putin who then throws out two cases of Russia’s finest Vodka “In Russia premier vodka spirits flow like the Volga River”
        President Obama not wanting to seem weak, thinks for a moment, looks at Mexican president Felipe Calderón, and throws him out the window.

      12. Pissed Off Granny


        Harry Reid supports Elizabeth Warren to head senate dems. And she leans left further than Harry? She will need a crutch to hold her upright.

        • Howard

          She beeum first injun woman to runum senate… Me smokum piece pipe too much……

      13. Stolz Vorfahren

        Obama can and will pass any and all laws he is being told to pass. Congress will do a final approval mixed with some dancing around. And the Senate…ohh my Dear God it is now all Conservative majority so they’ll look after all of us and work for the good of the country…will also pass it.

        This has nothing to do to with the so called illegals..Actually I prefer to deal with their non criminal version more than the some of my fellow Americans since …They were forced to leave their own native land to survive because of our fucking multi national corporations have destroyed theirs and allocated the wealth to their 1%er puppets. Just like in our own home.

        The most important issue is while we are committing war crimes in Ukraine and Syria and in every damned country on this planet majority of the Americans are either trying to survive by working 80 hrs / week and the rest are just too fascinated with a new picture of Kardashian’s A$$ on the Zionist owned media.

        The problem is much deeper and it is INTERNAL.

        • Howard

          Yes it sounds as if your problem is internal to the recesses of your bellowing ass…..

          • Stolz Vorfahren

            Howard: Who are you? Barn Cat….Grafique….Or that Stern creature? Welcome back anyway .. Now read the posts but STFU unless you say something meaningful.

            • Howard

              No, I won’t STFU and I don’t care what you think about it.

              You are a loon and everyone on here knows it…

          • FreeSlave

            Howard, that was funny! Sorry Stolz, but I’m so glad that I wasn’t drinking something when I read Howard’s response. Oh man, my stomach is getting a workout.

        • Concerned

          We can choose to be a parasite or fight for freedom? Wrong! These folks choose to be
          a parasite and WE choose to be complacent/enslaved!!! It is an INJUSTICE to slave for
          non – workers!!

      14. rede2lead

        Where did the red/green thumb thing go?
        I used to love coming here and watching people go down in flames when they were called out for being ignorant…
        Is this similar to the “every person gets a trophy for participation” kind of thing or is it an anti-bully move?
        I disagree with both.

        Obama is a crook and anyone who doesn’t see that is an accomplice to his treasonous policies of arming our enemies and allowing illegals to cross our borders.

        • kfilly


          Spammers/trolls were red thumbing all of the comments so that everything was hidden due to low rating. Stupid, ignorant, and apathetic Amerikans are going to let freedom get eliminated from the face of the planet. I plan on dying free.

          • Howard

            Go ahead and die, we won’t charge you for it, it’s free….

      15. sixpack

        Here’s a short video that tells us all why the elites, even the low-end elites, aren’t worried about causing “The end of the world”.

        Luxury missile silo condos promise more than mere survival in apocalypse


        • Stolz Vorfahren

          I don’t care about low or high end elite. I am hoarding on concrete for future use. It works good to block exit on silos.

        • The Old Coach

          You forgot the /sarc off HTML tag.

      16. dave in Idaho

        Holder’s replacement, A black racist named Lynch, (no kidding) is getting a thumbs up from our Republican senate. Orrin “worthless ass kissing traitor” Hatch said she will be a good person for the job as AG.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          I hope you are not surprised about Orrin’s support. Hell, I get labeled as Anti Semite , Nazi, and everything else when I posted the following:

          Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber stated:
          The Stupidity of the Americans Passed Obamacare.

          I just changed it to:

          Jew Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: The Stupidity of the Goyim Passed Obamacare

          • The Old Coach

            Sooo, why did you change the wording? Give me one rational explanation, other than that your are a racist.

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              OC…if standing against satanic minds behind every satanic plan is racism then you can call me as such.

            • badpuppydog

              Old Crusty Coach just doesn’t give up does he?

        • BJ

          Yup, there is no difference between the two sides. And plenty of idiots to keep voting the same people or the same KIND of people every time they go to the fraudulent ballot booth.

      17. Jim in Va.

        Hell, why stop with illegals from the south. Lets bring em all in from Africa,Europe and Asia too. We’ll feed and support all of them cuz we have the means and the money…..NOT!

      18. CynicalMe

        The really big problem with this whole thing is that if Obama issues this Executive Order authorizing this – even the next president couldn’t undo it – there will be no way to undo what this moron has done.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          The fact is even if he doesn’t do it the next pres. will do it regardless of the party.

      19. Barn Cat

        It’s going to be a LOT more than 5 million. Try 30 million.

      20. cooncrap

        So many target so little ammo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Nobama

          Buy more ammo.

          • Howard

            Buy more BUTT LUBE… Remember the battle cry is not Molon Labe now but MORE LUBE!!!

      21. cooncrap

        Make that targets!

      22. TheGuy

        Yeah… that turned out to be a longer clip than I intended. Sigh.

        Was just going for the “English mother effer do you speak it” part. Got all the rest right along with it. Unintended.

      23. tishie

        I’m about to be ill. How did we get here……how do we get out of here……when do we get back to the original promise???? Oh wait, I took a breath. EXCUSSEee MEeee.

      24. Macro

        To whoever hijacked the “thumbs up-down” system – – – –
        THANK YOU!!!

        • Macro

          (don’t you wish you could “thumb-down” that comment?)

          • the renegade braveheart

            You thanked the trolls for trying to sabotage our site? No surprise, sounds like you’re one of them.

            • Macro

              It ain’t YOUR site, boy. It’s a commercial site for the owner’s profit.
              How stupid can you get?

              • Howard

                Pipe down there mister before we have the moderator remove your posts. You sound like Gruber, goober…..

            • BJ

              It wasn’t a troll or trolls. It was one person, that succeeded in making not one but several points. And I have seen more accolades and thanks and names return since that system left than I have heard people bitch about it being gone.

              Go back and read Iopenedyoureyes post, that person did it. And I for one am most thankful they did. It wasn’t spam injection or any other kind of hack job….it was just one person and they weren’t trying to harm the site, they were trying, and quite successfully I might add, to prove a point about that system with it’s “hidden due to low comment rating” and bring some things to light.

          • badpuppydog

            Macro..your welcome.

      25. Kulafarmer

        Heres a good one i just read in the book im reading,
        Holding Their Own, The Ascent

        The time has come for all young men To bow their heads and say amen.
        The time has come to take a stand;
        To voice beliefs across the land.
        The time has come to raise up arms;
        To make aware and set off alarms.
        The time has come to make repairs;
        To fix what’s wrong when no one dares.
        The time has come to set things straight;
        To change our ways ‘fore it’s too late.
        The time has come to hold our ground;
        To circumvent without a sound.
        The time is now.

        DALH November, 2012

        • the renegade braveheart

          Kulafarmer, that ‘s one of the most moving poems I’ve ever read and it’s most appropriate for what we’re facing.

          • Macro

            Never a “thumbs-down-button” when you need one.

            • Howard

              Go away butt tumor, the rest of us liked it…

        • Night Breaker

          Kula ,
          Joe nobody is one good dude , I actually. Know him , he’s 100% pure patriot and I can say proudly he has walked the walk , the holding their own series is a very good read some of the tactics are drawing from real life events.

          Check out his non fiction books also good information distiller down to a understandable level and educating on a solid foundation.

          Semper Fi 8541

      26. The Old Coach

        Only slightly off topic – didja see the report that the Border Patrol officers have had hundreds of M4 rifles taken away from them, allegedly for “replacement of firing pin”. “Has to be done by a professional armorer” they are told. Making it necessary for the officers to share the few remaining rifles, like the old “hot bunk” system. Man coming off duty hands his rifle to the man coming on.

        The M4, due to it’s (IMHO lousy) basic design, has to be field stripped regularly to clean the fouling out of the bolt. The firing pin is, (or should be), removed, cleaned, and replaced by the individual soldier. It’s a drop-in part.

        This sure looks like another of the thousand cuts by which the Halfrican Dictator’s posse is destroying the nation.

        • BJ

          Yeah we seen it, KY mom posted about it and the link. I think she did two days back, but not sure which article it was on.

      27. citizen

        Damn, and I thought I had enough ammo too.

      28. Sen. Burticus

        I was looking for “executive order” in the constitution, but couldn’t find it. But, I did see something about a requirement for the president to be a natural born citizen (i.e., not from Mombasa, Kenya).

        Don’t worry, the elephant sock puppets will continue their open borders/non-enforcement/amnesty policy anyway, same as they were complicit in the appointment of the Kenyan Usurper.

        • Howard

          Butticus is a good name for a senator… I like that ring of that….

      29. Strategic Collapse

        Boehner will give Obama all the money he needs to do amnesty with the up coming lame duck legislation.

        You will be sold out before the first new senator is even sworn in.

        Lameduck sessions is where all the real nasty stuff is done…

        December 2008 – Bank bailouts and unlimited derivatives…

        December 2010 – Tax cut deal that insured survival of Obamacare and the re-election of Obama in 2012.

        That Obama advisor was right… Americans are stupid and the other advisor was as well… Americans are also chickenshit.

      30. Mr.West

        Just as Americans made their voices heard at the voting booth, its now time for a full simple statement. If Obama grants Amnesty, I will not purchase anything other than staple products. I will likewise not pay any other taxes.

      31. wasntme

        I wasn’t aware that we were documenting when exactly people illegally crossed the border. How do they know how long someone has been in the country? Are they going to ask them? Not that illegal aliens would lie now would they.

      32. Old Poor Richard

        Anybody who supports the existence of Obamacare and Medicaid have no right to complain. I don’t want my neighbor enjoying free health care at my expense whether they were born in the same hospital as me, or born half way around the world from me.

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