EXCLUSIVE: Innocent Man Swarmed by Cops, Dragged from Car, Beaten Over a Bent License Plate

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    In the land of the free, police will use any excuse, often ridiculous and asinine ones, to pull over citizens to conduct fishing expeditions for contraband or to outright extort them. We’ve seen countless people pulled over for air fresheners, window tint, license plate lights, and even for driving under the speed limit because safety was suspicious. The following case, however, is something we have never seen. A cop pulled over an innocent man because a corner of his still legible license plate was bent.

    The Free Thought Project interviewed the victim in this case and his story paints an infuriating picture of all that is wrong with policing in America. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, and who we will identify only as JB, was driving home from an oil change last May when his nightmare began.

    “I was driving home from getting an oil change on my car,” JB told TFTP. “It was a normal day.”

    But that Tuesday back in May of 2021 would stop being normal when a Miami-Dade police officer targeted JB for extortion in his undercover unit.

    “I hadn’t done anything wrong and all my papers and license were up to date so I stopped and waited for the officer to come to my door. I had my window down so in no way was I hiding anything or being suspicious.”

    As the officer approaches the door, he tells JB that his “license plate is messed up” and “is bent up.”

    “I said, ‘okay, let me put my phone on camera to document what’s happening,’ then he just opened my door from the inside, grabbed my hand, and put a cuff on it.”

    The entire time, JB is pleading with the officer, asking him why he is doing this and the officer didn’t answer.

    Instead, as JB explains, “he just started yanking me to pull me out of the car but I had my seat belt on so he couldn’t pull me out. He then launched himself on top of me inside my car and began to punch, choke, and just physically assault me. All I could do was scream for ‘help! help!’ as loud as I could but no one came and he choked me until I was nearly unconscious.”

    All of this can be seen on the video below which is the officer’s body camera footage.

    “When he realized that another police officer was on the way, he stopped, got out of my car, and still tried to pull me out. Somehow the seat belt came loose and I was dragged out of my car and put on the floor.” JB said.

    JB said they held him on the ground for several minutes, “trying to break my arm,” he explained. As they held him down they searched his car without consent. Nearly a dozen more cops arrived on the scene and stood around laughing as JB lay in agony on the ground — over a bent license plate.

    JB said he was injured during the interaction, which is why police couldn’t take him to jail. When they tried to book him, the jail rejected him over his injuries, so they brought him to the hospital.

    “I didn’t know what I was arrested for until about 5 hours later after they took me from the hospital to the jail and they gave me papers with my charges,” JB said.

    JB tells TFTP that he was charged with resisting arrest without violence, disorderly conduct, and 3 traffic violations. Several months later, all those charges were dropped.

    Now, JB says he can’t find an attorney in the city because they are afraid to challenge the police.

    “I’m traumatized by this situation and is difficult to find a lawyer to fight for my rights,” JB said.

    Full video posted below:


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      1. My sister was pulled over after leaving the car wash for a dirty license plate in Minneapolis long ago. It was clean, car wash, remember right? They found she hadn’t paid a parking ticket and was hauled off to jail, and they confiscated her car. I had to walk 20 blocks in below freezing weather with 2 huge 30 gallon bags of Christmas presents. Minnespolis cops haven’t changed.

      2. People get what they tolerate.

      3. Miami is a crazy place nowadays. I was there a few months ago for my job and it’s a lot different than 30 years ago when we were there for vacation. If you’re a non spanish speaking individual, some of those people treat you like you should be in jail. It’s funny cause I’m a truck driver and many drivers can’t speak a lick of english yet still get a cdl. Go figure. Crazy thing is I was in Denver just a couple weeks prior to being in Miami and it was totally different. Those folks treated me like family. Both of those cities have a large Hispanic population and couldn’t be more different. Of course the police are different too. I was literally at the area around the Colorado Rockies stadium on opening day, people were standing in the open smoking marijuana and there were cops not 20 ft away. Weeds legal there but you’re not supposed to be smoking in public like that and they do. Miami, they’ll beat your ass down for j walking.
        Stay quiet Be smart

        • Every TFTP exclusive asks us to choose between police state militancy and the no-go zone.

      4. It’s time for a Police Predator Registry.

        • That’s a step in the right direction.

          Put their mug on a poster with their address, phone number and assets listed. Put up a website where videos show gang member in action. Put the posters all over town, preferably in the poorest areas.

          That would be another step in the right direction. Until we get rid of qualified immunity, civil forfeiture, no-knock warrants, the drug war, ticket quotas propping up failed cities, states and the federals …… we will be stuck with these “government” sponsored crimes.

      5. The scuffle was redacted. All I heard was the whiny kid yelling. Was he being beat down? I can’t tell.

        From what I could see, it was just a bunch of roided up, skinhead, no neck, tatted, uniformed gang members getting their kicks harassing a “civilian”. This what happens when you turn no-knock raid soldiers into cops. Their training and experience interrogating and treatment of civilians in foreign lands translates into their behavior as cops.


        • Ya just someone crying wtf? That’s not proof of anything. Yup the po po are the biggest gang in the country and best armed too. Some good some bad. Luck of the draw I guess. Probably best to do what they say and sue them later. Some niqqers get big bucks doing that.

        • People can always flee to Central or South America and see how that works out for them.

          • anon …. you are rat shit on two sticks . how about you go to central america maggot

      6. Civilian interrogation, disarmament, and forcible relocations.

        I caught on to their special way of talking, in primary school.
        (5 min example from pop fiction.)

        I would respectfully encourage all likeminded people to study their movements, in the boring, bargain-bin war dvd’s and during holiday marathons on the histrionics channels.

      7. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but look at what is on the officer’s radio screen. That says a lot to me.

        • was not there…but. When leo (axe) for documentation you GIVE it up. If you believe there is a ‘problem’ after showing id you politely ask for FTO or Sargent on shift. If not KEEP your mouth shut and later go to the station and ask to file a complaint and ask for a copy that they have to issue. Then pursue buy other methods. Do NOT be “non-compliant”, your ass is gonna NOT win this one as they have you out numbered and out gunned.

      8. Woogie, they no doubt randomly ran your sister’s plate before they even pulled her over and already knew about the parking ticket. As for the article JB said he couldn’t find a lawyer because they are afraid of the police If that is true and I suspect it is it’s a testament to how useless lawyers have become. That the trial lawyers in Miami could sit idly by and allow themselves to be castrated by a bunch of cowardly warrior wannabes should be an embarrassment to the attorneys.

        • you must be a flea-mason to join some gangs . even the fight club called “attorney at law” .

      9. How petty the justice system is. These cops, governments, judges, globalists think they’re all tough,. When the going gets tough they all run and hide behind their money, status and desks. And go after petty criminals not the real bad crimes. No wonder society is a mess.

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