Evidence Scrubbed, Accounts Suspended As Citizen Researchers Delve Into the Hell That is “Pizzagate”

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 60 comments

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    This article/video was originally published at SGTReport.com.

    Editor’s Comment: The evidence is now overwhelming – whatever the full truth of the matter, something is very, very suspicious about the “pizza code” that has been discovered in the leaked Podesta emails that many believe is connected to a ring of pedophilia activity. Independent researchers have been scouring the web for supporting information, and have pieced together a disturbing pile of circumstantial evidence connecting many of DC’s most powerful to lewd comments, references to illegal sex acts and child trafficking, dark art and more. It is very likely that this could go to the very top, where powerful people are protected by people with ranking positions inside the power structure.

    Perhaps that is why many channels and researchers are meeting censorship, threats and bans. Reddit’s thread on the topic, which was quickly becoming the definitive gathering place for the information, was shut down. Meanwhile, the entire The Daily Sheeple website was shutdown temporarily over a copyright claim about an image in “pizza gate” story (see video at bottom). Numerous YouTube accounts have been suspended or blocked as well. Read more: The Disturbing, Disgusting Pedophile Code Hidden in the John Podesta Emails

    Will the phony clamp down over “fake news” be used to completely cover-up the evidence of what appear to be very serious crimes?

    PizzaGate Is a Worldwide Citizen Investigation Now

    by SGT Report

    While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the global pedophile ring – it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed. Because #PizzaGate is a WORLDWIDE CITIZEN INVESTIGATION NOW. And the pedos are running scared.


    Charles Ortel: Pardons Won’t Save Clintons From Clinton Foundation Crimes?The De-

    The De-Occulting of John Podesta (by martyleeds33)

    Understanding #PizzaGate – Opening the Rabbit hole (by Stirling)


    PizzaGate Definitive Factcheck: Oh My God.

    Our Site Got SHUT DOWN for #Pizzagate Podesta Wikileaks Story

    This article/video was originally published at SGTReport.com.


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      1. It seems the real “deplorables” are a little spooked.

        • Pizzagate (and all it involves) is the justification Trump needs to flush all the rats out of power. I hope he has the courage and integrity to do the job that must now be done; and may good people surround and guide him!

          We must have no illusions that this will be easy – most of the ruling elite may be part of this Satanic pedophilia and child murdering. I fear what they could do to the country to divert attention, suppress the truth, and stay in power. These are dangerous times, especially before January 20 when we the people take back the White House from the Pedophile in Chief – “Bath House Barry” as he’s known in Chicago.

          • This could be why the election is being questioned,and likely we’ll “discover” many millions more “previously uncounted” ballots cast for Hillary…

          • We will have to see if Trump is the real deal or not. It looks like he’s bringing in some highly questionable “swamp” types.

            If he really intended to “drain the swamp”, why would he even talk to some slime from Goldman Sachs?

        • It is clear that the prerequisite to power- in whatever sector- is to commit black mailable taboo/criminality like pedophilia / satanic ritual. As the NWO becomes more cocky and smug, it drops its disguises and shows itself more and more openly. As the sheeple are indifferent, it will soon wipe them out as expendable, by the millions.

          • In Freemasonry it’s called the “revelation of the method”.

        • Arrest these Criminals.
          Anyone that preys upon children should be Incarcerated for LIFE +100 years.
          No chance of parole. Never let them out of prison alive.
          Put these criminals in Prison, in general population, and let nature take it’s course.

          FBI colludes, covers up, and funds Terrorist. Why?
          FBI director Comey allows Hillary to breach National Security. Why?
          FBI now allowing pedophile politician criminals to go unpunished.

          This situation DEMANDS IMMEDIATE Action.
          Aren’t there ANY honest Law Abiding FBI employees? No one?
          Where are you at?
          Why won’t you stop these criminals and protect the USA, National Security, and innocent children.

          Where is NYPD. Why haven’t they filed charges?

          • Incarcerate for life,+ 100 years? Do you know incarceration costs the taxpayers about $40k/yr? A single round of ammo costs about a quarter. Let’s spare the taxpayers any more indebtedness..

            • I’d even splurge and shoot ’em 3 or 4 times… nothing instant.

        • They DO SAY that “Power Corrupts” – – apparently it is true, and almost unbelievable. But we know better…

        • This is a very real story and will unfold gong forward ! Our government are some sick motherfuckers indeed and this will go to the top in DC.

          This is why Andrew Breitbart was murdered ! He had video of J Podesta and others in very high places as well as other evidence and it is still out there waiting for a new regime. Sick sons of bitches.

      2. The rich upper class mother fuckers have always been “ABOVE THE LAW”. Hopefully, this time they won’t be.

        May they burn in hell. Even though it would give me great satisfaction, I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

        These are the power hungry assholes that led this country down the road to ruin.

        May they truly get what they deserve & then some.

        • Sick of it all, welcome and I totally agree.

      3. I posted some info a few minutes ago, but it disappeared. Archived threads on 4chan have been deleted. Everyone needs to archive what they can.

        ht tps://twitter.com/search?q=%23PodestasPizza&src=typd

        ht tps://dcpizzagate.wordpress.com/

      4. be careful before you go down this rabbit hole,have done some serious reading about it and some of the facts that are proven in itself creepy enuff,like the pics hanging in these places.You go deeper could be a fake but if proven real and let out will seriously cause govt. tremors of huge proportions!

        I wonder if this is what the NYPD and fibs ect. have found and election handed to Trump to keep it out of public eye.

        I would also say world here Assange has not been heard from publicly on net in awhile,where the fuck is he?Held in some cell/swimming with the fish!

        This can be unraveled and proven to be true would have no moral issue killing all involved,keep your eye on it but with a eye for proof,you follow some links you really get a mind fuck but hell,has happened at highest levels in Britain/the catholic church ect. so while hope wrong see no reason could not happen here.

        This shit true you will be glad for prepping as shit will unravel quick!

        • Look at how quickly The Roman Catholic priests and such “hid” all of their wrong-doings – yet continue them to this day unfettered.

          People tend to forget such things very quickly, or they are ‘trained to forget’ what and when they are told.

          • It’s hard for the average American to remember stuff like this while watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or Dancing with the Stars, or a ball game,or updating their Facebook pages, or reading their “tweets” or listening to Lady GaGa with their iPods plugged into their otherwise empty heads…

      5. Seems like I read either here or on ZH (that through the stuff on the Weiner’s computer), if this got out, it goes so far up that it will take down the entire US government.

        Expect TPTB to stop at nothing to keep a lid on it. Including hits on prominent people, aka, accidents.

        • Ketchup,has already been going on,a reporter looking into human trafficking in Haiti killed last week,the DNC guy killed a month ago,the guy at the clinton foundation who at moment missing(hopefully with secure fibs who give a fuck),this shit you start looking into just goes deeper and deeper,we as a country,hell,a world need to keep on this.Bless the hackers/investigators who are looking into this and those who keep archiving info. before deleted,this is seriously fucked up stuff.

        • Why else do you think these jerks are starting to attack the so called fake news,
          The forums are far more effective than any social media, just look at our exchanges here,

          • Nail,have seen some stuff that on surface would be pretty innocuous,but,why a pizza guy in white house multiple times/why named by GQ a top DC person,and what is definitely true why the fucked up paintings/posters,statues at these businesses and homes?

            I would say any innocent and don’t realize the filth they are with would hit the media on all levels fighting.

            I believe there will be a thread pulled soon that will one way or another open this wide up,and/depending on how far it goes literally tear the fed apart to a large degree,which,if true,it should!

            • Demons seek to engage with humanity. Open an occult door and they will show up. Many doorways being opened and the invisible realm is being made visible. Demons manifest in different forms but they all are bloodthirsty. The paintings and art are inspired and charged by demons. This is all leading to the showdown spoken of in the book of the Revelation.

      6. Prep tip for those who plan to bug out.
        We always kept a ‘bag of bag’s somewhere handy.
        A military duffel bag filled with other quality bags.
        Soft backpacks, 1 or 2 nylon mesh bags and several canvas or nylon carry bags.
        In a rush, you may not know what to grab and go with.
        Having all your bags in one place gives you a head start.
        Got your bugout bag in place;
        now you can grab more things in a hurry without scrambling looking for that bag you saw somewhere.
        Yes, it’s small, but they add up, right, Sgt.? 🙂

      7. Hey!Hey!While I don’t always agree Sarge has for most part good info. and a particular phrase,”The smalls add up!”tis not one of them though!

      8. Are their words in our vocabulary for this depraved vile shit? I really hope that everyone involved with this gets everything coming to them that’s legally available. Just how could someone do stuff like that to little kids? Just disgusting.

        • This is the festering, putrid, foul, evil swamp where the scum of the earth, the saran-worshiping globalists live, their world of utter depravity, cannibalism, pedophilia, and drugs. Their power literally comes from the devil and drinking the blood of innocents.

          This exposure will literally shake up the unspeakably corrupt shadow gvmnt of the world. Is it any wonder why they want to get rid of Trump and the rest of the deplorables to maintain their demonic power over humanity.

          The power elite pedophile ring in the US managed to cover up its heinous crimes in the Franklin scandal of Boys Town.

          The Franklin Coverup Scandal
          “Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians. Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary.”
          ht tp://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/Franklin/FranklinCoverup/franklin.htm

          The Franklin child abuse scandal – stunning cover-up of child prostitution ring for wealthy elitists and political leaders. A Conspiracy of Silence

          ht tp://altereddimensions.net/2016/the-franklin-child-abuse-scandal-potential-boys-town-pedophile-cover-up-child-prostitution-ring

          The Franklin Scandal In-Depth Article – By: Nick Bryant
          franklinscandal dot com

      9. I not worrying about or giving things that I cant do anything about Free Rent in my head. There is enough to do just minding my own business. I don’t have any illusions about Trumps vivtory. It will not prevent SHTF. It will not prevent Race War & ethnic cleansing. It will not stop the eart changes that are happening as a result of the ongoing end of an age magnetic pole shift. Concentrate on things to make life bearable should we suddenly find ourselves in a stone age existence.

      10. Ketchup those duffle bags don’t get enough praise IMO. They are the best cheap way to haul shit. Just one of them can hold a lot of gear. With the backpack straps to lug shit short distances they can’t be beat. Seen them used for $17 buy 4or 5 they fold small when empty and can be put in a large pack when you get where you are going you have a way to haul meat firewood water back to camp no big loss if they get ruined just get more. A 5 gal bucket fits in them nice. I’ve noticed if you put the light weight stuff on the bottom and the heavy items on top the load sits higher on your back making it more tolerable to lug. to me shtf is gonna suck anyway you slice it. We don’t know when or even if it will happen in our lifetime we just know we are going down that road. No sense in spending a fortune on a bag.

      11. The Islamic terrorist groups have child marriages and a lax attitude on pedophilia. The pedophilia ring would be right at home there.

        • I really don’t think that pizzagate has to do with terrorist groups but everything to do with the degenerates who claim to be the elites of our country. If this has any truth to it and can be proven — it will rock not only this country but the world.

        • I believe it is The Islamics who have imported this shit into America, in any and all ways possible (given they have the US Government to assist them in all possible ways).

          This most certainly DOES have the power to tear the government apart at every level, without any straining on our parts.

          2017 may prove to be the most interesting political year in America.

      12. Satan and his demons will soon be destroyed. These people are truly demons, I know no other words to describe this evil. They will receive their just due, it’s only a matter of time. Pray for the children.

      13. Say your prayers, take your vitamins, have your family ready to bug-out, load up, and be ready, it will be ugly and already it’s been deadly. And to/for those child abusers, assholes, up against a wall and see yah Muther Fuckers! BANG,BANG,BANG

      14. Ha!!!!! Wait I thought I was just crazy Mac??????? Thanks for posting this

        • Captain,you been working this a few sites,or,just another captain?

          • Same captain as always

            F yeah I’ve been commenting on several sites !!!!!

            B from CA told people not to click on the links I provided

            Hey B from Ca , waiting on that apology brother ….

      15. According to the Tall Mud (spelled with one ‘L’)

        “Sex with a child under three years of age is permissible.”

        This warped religion dates back to Babylonian perversion. They promote every form of degenerate behavior so that they can control by blackmail, and guilt tripping. That’s the secret to their power. That and the money strings.

        __ they have no compunction to murder so why should anyone else be restricted by some false idea of right and wrong. If a group of ethical persons decided to end this by any means necessary, who am I to judge.


        • BA,could you point to example in Talmud?Would really rather not dig if you have a decent example.

          • He DOESN’T have any examples. It’s the kind of shit muslims are always spouting in hopes they can generate jew hatred. If you need documentation of the acceptability of child molestation, I suspect you’d be best served studying the koran.

        • b from ca, wrong, wrong, wrong. Why spew such lies and hatred?

      16. The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet. Live Leaks .Blood libel. Look it up if you dare. And . Italians in uproar over child porn.

        • Lone wolverine:

          Thanks for “Italians in Uproar Over Child Porn”

          I just read the article.

          The executives of an Italian TV Station got fired by the owners of the TV Station (j*ws). Why? Because the executives showed snuff movies of kids ages two to five. The kids were raped then killed. The perpetrators were all J*ws. The U.S. j*w media won’t run the story.

          This explains why the big crack down on Alternative News. The J*ws want to suppress this story.

          Watch Dr. David Duke on YouTube. He has an older video about these guys. It’s under the title of “Organized Crime”. I’m not sure if that’s the exact title.

          Anyway the movies were selling for $20,000 per flick.

          Btw, those “Russian” and “Italian” gangsters are not Russian or Italian; they are J*ws. It was the Russian and Italian Police who broke the case.

          Bravo to the Cops and the brave Executives who got fired for airing the flicks. These things get buried and later denied. But people are so disgusted, they know they have no choice. They must stop these obscenities by airing them so no one doubts the reality of child ritual murder.

          The origin of the ADL Anti-Defamation League was the suppression of information exposing J*ws killing babies and children which has been happening for Centuries of not longer. Talking about it is called “Blood Libel”. These movies are proof positive that J*ws still are the perpetrators and the “conspiracy after the fact” guilty of cover-up.

          Damn. Do you guys get why Christ condemned them. Do you get why they hate Christ. What kind of depraved person allows this and protects the perps? J*ws.


      17. How can such deviate perversions be fun or enjoyable to normal human?

      18. No more will come of this than did of that “Franklin Cover-up” thing DeCamp wrote about in Nebraska a few decades back.

        Don’t waste your time putting any effort into high expectations about it.

      19. Anon,tore up the cathlic church a new asshole they deserved and more pretty well,still ongoing there.I lived in Boston when it hit the fan watched law and mccormick try their evil cover ups,didn’t work so well,the story got out and still is.Of course the cardinal law piece of shit awarded a vatican post and mccormick became cardinal of n.h. as award,both should be killed for their part in cover up.

        That said,you can fuck up the cathlic churchs powers worth going after all the scum,keep fighting/archiving and looking for truth.

        I hope world hero Assange is well but have a feeling we will never hear from him again.

        • Warchild:

          Some Catholics believe that the “Seat (is) Vacant”. In other words, the Pope is not really the leader of Catholism. Why? Because since 1958 the Church has been under the control of anti-Christ J*ws. Under this false leadership there has been exponential expansion of J*wish agendas, and revearsal of long held Catholic/Christian teachings. The Mass is now titled New World Order in Latin. Homosexual priests are common. Divorce ok. Even birth control ok. There is heretical subversion designed to destroy the foundation of Christianity, the Catholic Church. Be you Protestant or Catholic, both are Christ ians. Don’t be fooled by anti Christs. The Church is the People.

          About the Tal mud: there are many quotes regarding pedophilia. It is condoned. It is even suggested that performing anal (perverse connection) rather than vaginal (natural connection) is acceptable. It is spelled out. There is no symbolism. The Tal mud teaches that sex with a child is nothing. It is compared to sticking your finger in your eye. Perhaps that is why the illuminati always cover one eye. Rituals of child rape, even child murder, bind these people to cooperate or else. And people do. Whether out of fear for themselves or loved ones. People cow tow to the elite whether they want to or not.

          Realize that under the influence of peer pressure, people act against their own morals. If you put in a certain drug known to reduce inhibition and increase sexual intensity such as ecstasy, LSD, or who knows what combination, especially if delivered without the person’s knowledge, would cause an otherwise descent individual, to act in an aberrative manner. Which benefits the anterior motives of the “elite”. Putting known pedophiles in positions of power serves their hidden objective which is world domination, not sex. At their heart, sexual perversion is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. In Isrehell no marriage between those of the same sex is permitted. Yet, they champion this in Christian Countries. It is a weapon. Loss of ones moral center results in misery and the collapse of empire.

          They did it to the Roman Empire. They are trying to do it to the American/English/European Empire of Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Europe; all the Countries with white people are targets.

          After reducing our manhood, the next step, in my opinion, will come an invasion from India and China (mostly China). There are not enough whites to survive if the Chinese take over. The Chinese still have Communist oppression. They are vicious to their own and Asians look down on Caucasians. Not good if you are wanting to preserve your ethnic traditions and white culture.

          I heard a black guy on J*w media say that there is no white culture. This is dangerous. It is a lie. Every race and Nationality has a culture. The J*w media’s black useful idiot actually said that there are no races. There are flowers. Among flowers there are distinct differences which can be identified. A rose and a lily are both flowers, but the differences are real. An African and an Eskimo are both men, they are both human, but the differences are real. Only J*ws can practice racial isolationism. Only J*ws must marry other J*ws. But Europeans must not be racist. Europeans must give up their unique identity by marrying other races because other races don’t exist. Alright. That makes sense if you stand on your head and spin around three times.


      20. Where else did we just go through scrubbing of computers, lost or destroyed documents, lies and corruption. Oh that’s right — it was with clinton’s email scandal and cover-up. Does it sound like some of these same people might be involved with “pizzagate” ??

      21. How stupid is this story.


        • ••• stupid is not how I would define a story about child exploitation and murder…

          Not long ago, the democrats insulted the intelligence of Trump Republicans.

          I’ve had many IQ tests. You might be surprised. It turns out I’m not that dumb after all.


      22. Recall that Hillary said she was a Wicca witch when ahe and Billy moved into the White House the first time. Its from her own mouth wake up to smell the Satan worship

      23. I have to give three thumbs up to “The Daily Sheeple”, and three thumbs up is really amazing since I only have two! Really they have done some great reporting recently and this story exemplifies it.

        Also on “The Daily Sheeple” is this lesser noticed story.
        It details how police interrogators can take simple statements from people and draw interesting conclusions about guilt, intent and method. People while making statements to police fall victim to using speech that absolutely incriminates them. Police can identify speech patterns people use that are as good as a confession. Watch the full video in this story, it’s long, but entirely worthwhile.

        It should rattle your cage that police have experts that can tear you a new one and you’ll never see it coming. These techniques are great when they catch criminals, but in a SHTF situation, picture these tactics being used against you as you seek to hide family and survival supplies from a society gone insane. Alternatively, these techniques can be used improperly to railroad innocent people the state is intent on destroying.

        The message of this story, never ever, ever, ever, speak to police or make a statement without a well paid lawyer. Watch the video.

      24. Step out of the car please. I have to search your vehicle. These rats time is coming . And I don’t give a shit about there families. Hit them at home.Anyone that enforces an unconstitutional law is a traitor . And traitors get exicuted. They are enforcing the laws made by the domestic enemy. We all can see that. Paybacks a bitch. And their supporters get double.

      25. To surrender in this war will put you in the hands of the Jews. Ask Jesus about that?

      26. Nothing defangs a legitimate scandalous or criminal conspiracy better than slapping the clichéd and overused “-gate” on the end of it. Yawn.

      27. Dear God please use your faithful servants on earth to bring down, destroy, reveal and annihilate these vile & wicked partakers of sin against prescious/defenseless children. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior! Cause us to rebel against these wicked ones! We could take them out in one night with God’s help. I pray for people to rise up against all these perverse child killers! Amen

      28. Hmmmm…. there definitely is something weird about this Pizzagate.

        Jeff Epstein (pedophile), Bill Clinton (rapist), Anthony Weiner (pedophile, exhibitionist), Podesta (er rat face).

        Something weird about all of them. There is definitely some evidence here of a ring of sort.

        • Something weird for sure. People that do these things are SEXUAL DEVIATES. I bet plenty of them are VOEYERS too.

      29. Notice the symbolism at St Peter’s at the Vatican, which from an aerial view is a giant pizza divided into eight slices with a huge sexual obelisk sticking out of the middle of it. The walls around the “pizza” make it look recessed, so it is a symbolic female you-know-what.

        Pizza sauce is red like blood, and red is one of the colors of the whore church of Revelation 17 that shed the blood of the martyrs of Jesus Christ.

        All roads lead to Rome, and they are evil. And we know about the pedophilia of the priests.

        In the Old Testament it was the priests who officiated at the sacrifices; perhaps the modern-day Roman Catholic priests and cardinals and you-know-who are doing the same thing, because the elites have their “people” doing their dirty work (and they do love blood).

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