Everything You Need To Know: The Economic Collapse for Dummies *Micro Documentary*

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    This latest micro-documentary from Future Money Trends, narrated by founder and chief strategist Daniel Ameduri, highlights the inevitably of a collapse in the global financial and economic systems.

    Taking into consideration key data points like demographics, consumer consumption, unemployment trends, government debt, monetary policy, and widespread manipulation, a frightening end-game scenario begins to emerge.

    With rampant fraud throughout the financial system and price fixing of unprecedented proportions in global stocks, commodities, interest rates, business loans, mortgages and personal loans, it is only a matter of time – perhaps one to four years according to Ameduri – before all of the machinations engaged in by governments, central banks and their financial industry cohorts to stabilize the system does exactly the opposite. The panic of 1929 will be a walk in the park compared to the utter pandemonium we will witness as the entire way of life we have come to know over the last three decades crumbles before our eyes.

    As Zero Hedge notes, The Economic Collapse for Dummies is “everything you wanted to know about the inevitability of a major economic collapse but were afraid to ask.”

    [Watch the full video below]

    It is likely that the entire financial system will collapse in one to four years. It is likely that the deflationists theory is right and there will be a collapse… Those concerned about a currency crisis and hyperinflation will likely have their conviction shaken to the core in the very near future. 

    We do not believe we will slip into an out of control hyperinflationary scenario. Instead it will be a deflationary collapse followed by a currency crisis. However, this will be a worldwide currency crisis. You won’t be safe even if you’re heavily invested in  Euro or pacific currencies.

    Soon the stock market will collapse; the volume is anemic and the entire rally we have seen is nothing more than a Fed money printing rally… There is no driver for jobs and no driver for a continuous bull market…. The game is up. The 401(k) experiment that started in the 1980’s will fail as portfolios collapse and everyone holding their funds realizes that all the buyers of the last three decades are now sellers.

    …As selling pressure mounts, equities will crash. And when they do, so will gold and silver. The need for liquidity and the sale of stock will create a demand for dollars like the world has never seen…

    …Of course, what is to follow is a massive flood into hard assets as the central banks around the world print on a global level – or as economist Mike Krieger calls it, The Big Print.

    Between the fundamentals of the US economy being in shambles and the central banks printing, the perception and confidence on the US dollar will force a run on fiat currencies.

    Forget about one trillion dollar deficits. It will take that just to help cover the mandatory spending. We will soon see two to three trillion dollar deficits. And, as the national debt soars past twenty, twenty-five, thirty trillion dollars… this type of parabolic move will unleash the fiat currency crisis hyperinflationists have been warning us about.

    …Ultimately those investors who cashed out for the deflationary scenario will be holding worthless fiat currency.

    Watch for the signs, because they should be apparent soon. In fact, we are already seeing global economic growth and consumer spending hitting a standstill. Once investors around the world realize that the market rally of the last three years is nothing more than a fantasy based on lies and skewed statistics, the run to safety will begin. This will put extreme pressure on the global financial system as a whole, as trillions of dollars exit stocks and traditional investment vehicles for the perceived safety of U.S. dollars.

    But that perception of safety in US government based debt assets will be short lived. As we noted in Predictions of a Mad Tin Foiler, and as Future Money Trends outlines above, confidence in the US dollar will quickly be replaced with panic as the United States itself is unable to service its debt and meet the social obligations of an evermore dependent and dilapidated citizenry.

    Confidence will be lost.

    Then, all hell breaks loose and we enter what we can only described as the ‘Event Horizon,’ a scenario which is totally unpredictable as our existing paradigm of spending and consumption falls apart, being replaced with riots, violence, starvation and bloodshed and the likely deployment of the United States military as a state of emergency is declared in major metropolitan areas across the country.

    What happens next is anybody’s guess, but we can say with confidence that if you haven’t taken steps to prepare prior to the Event Horizon, it’ll be too late.


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      1. And there are suits being filed regarding the removal of physical gold from “secure accounts”. IOU’S in the place of. When this gold is called for, gold and silver wil have to be replaced by court order. True scarcity will emerge. I believe that will be enough to adjust silver to its rightful place.

        • I’ve been waiting patiently for physical silver to decouple from paper contracts.

          • My hope – and I hate to say it – is that we see another crash in PM’s before the decoupling… I’ll continue to dollar-cost-average, but a 20% or 30% drop before the decoupling would be great.

            I think Daniel is right on in the video above and if we do see Europe collapse all of the money is headed to the USD, in which case there is a high probability that we see 2008 all over again with a significant “correction” or “collapse” in stocks, commodities, gold, silver, etc…

            My view is that if this scenario does play out with Europe and we see that move here as depicted in the micro doc above, that it will be the beginning of the next phase of THE crisis. Timelines are tough here, but i want to be as ready as possible with hard assets (not just PM’s), because a global currency crisis will come soon after… and at that point….event horizon…

            • I agree on the Euro collapse and often compare it to the movie Titanic where when one end of the ship went down the other was thrust out of the water, but only temporarily.

              I believe, however, that with a big enough Comex scandle it could decouple before SHTF if enough people with contracts simple choose to take delivery. I did not dollar cost average. After looking at the technical analysis, I spent my entire pm allocation when it dropped below 16/oz. in Winter 2010. I have no more money to buy. Besides, if the dollar rallies, a reduction in the price of silver does not necessarily reduce its buying power.

            • P.S. I’m not as illiterate as I appear. I’m fighting with a fourteen month-old over the keyboard.

            • In a total world economic collapse, gold and silver will be worthless (refuse & a pain reminder of what is not being sold…Famine).

              Guns & Ammo, Water & Food, and a WORN OUT BIBLE will Save Us.

            • Don’t invest in Gold or Silver!

              It is will be as worthless as paper during the Economic Collapse of Babylon!

              Invest in what you survive everyday with. Food, Water, TP, Gas, EVERYTHING YOU BUY AT WAL-MART!

            • @ Iowa

              You also need the sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ.

            • You do note that silver is already down about 45% from its high of about $50. I guess $22.50 is feasible per ounce but not sure; I’m in the market for some gold as I have enough silver but want a few ounces of the “good stuff.”

            • I agree with Prepared Pastor and would add that if PM prices were to temporarily collapse during a dollar crisis, this does not mean that any physical PMs will be available at those much lower prices. The odds are good that most PM holders at that point would not be selling.

          • prepared pastor I kind of know what you mean but can you explain a bit more please. I have about 130oz of silver.

            • Here’s a hypothetical question for all you financial dudes out there. If someone had a few shares of stock that they were thinking about selling. Providing they didn’t “have” to sell, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to hold off selling until the EUR goes south and everyone flocks back to the dollar, making the dollar stronger….verses selling now?

              Wouldn’t they stand a better chance of making more money (to buy PM’s) if they hold out?

              Or do you all feel that by that time it will be way too late….just wondering!!!

            • I’m certainly no expert in PM, but noticed when looking at the charts that the lows for the past few years had been around when the new Silver Eagles were released so ONLY after getting all my other hard goods secured I put the rest of the money I had allocated to preparedness into them.

              As I understand it, silver prices are mostly set by Comex trading because of overwhelming volume. Let’s say it is January 1, 2010. You decide that you want to buy some silver. You decide to ‘go long’ 1 contract of June, 2010 silver at $20/ounce. This means that you agree to buy 5,000 ounces of silver (the amount per contract) in June, 2010 (although if you do not want to take delivery, you can sell the contract before June, 2010) .

              In order for you to make this agreement, someone else needs to ‘go short’ 1 contract of June, 2010 silver at $20/ounce, in which they agree to sell 5,000 ounces of silver at $20 in June. If they want, they can deliver the silver to the warehouse and get their $20/ounce, or they can buy a long position to offset their short position.

              The vast majority of futures contracts end up being settled in cash, where no silver changes hands. But, if you want the physical silver, you can get it — after all, that is the whole point of the futures market. When your contract is about to expire, here are the possible outcomes: You decide that you want the silver, and you want to keep it in the COMEX warehouse. You wait (called ‘standing for delivery’), and by the end of June, 2010 the short will have given the Clearing House a Notice of Intention to Deliver. The Clearing House will then send an Assignment Notification to the seller and to you, which lets you know who the seller is, and a list of the serial numbers of the bars you will receive. You will also receive an invoice. The short will deliver to a COMEX warehouse the 5,000 ounces of silver (or turn in a warehouse receipt, if they have one — it appears that they can buy them from bullion banks that have silver in the Registered category). You are then given the warehouse receipt (or your dealer can hold it for you), at which point you own the silver.
              You decide that you want to take delivery. The same as the above situation happens, except you then immediately request delivery and turn in your warehouse receipt. You get your silver.
              You decide that you do not want the silver, you want to take the profit or loss. In this case, you sell your contract at the current price (before the beginning of June, 2010 — or else you may have to take delivery). If the price is now $21, you make $5,000 profit; if it is $19, you have a $5,000 loss .
              You decide that you do not want the silver, but you want to keep a futures position. In this case, you roll over the contract, by selling your current contract and buying one for a future month.

              There are exponentially more contracts for silver at any given time than actual silver held warehoused by Comex or held by sellers, yet Comex guarantees delivery on every contract. When more people demand physical delivery than Comex or sellers actually have, Comex will be in default and futures contract will crash while at the same time physical silver will skyrocket.

              That being said, wherever paper and physical silver prices are in the event of an economic collapse, they will go down temporarily as investors liquidate everything to cover margin calls, etc. It’s like selling all your furniture to make your mortgage payment. Next month you can’t make your mortgage so you get foreclosed anyway and since federally subsidized housing doesn’t include furniture and your credit is shot, you have to call Rent-to-Own and pay the higher price.

              Again. I’m no expert and am not giving investment advice and may be completely wrong, but silver for me is an alternative to cash, not grub, guns, and ground which I already own.

            • Tina: It depends upon the stocks as each stock has its own characteristics and valuation. You should be in MIC stocks. Armaments are on the uptick. Restocking will become an imperative too.

              Having said that, the markets as a whole are likely to fall in the near term prior to the election as the GB’s move US into a double dip to place their man in the White House. The double dip is likely to last until late spring or next summer.

              Look for policies to benefit business emerge after the election to stimulate business, employment, and then housing.

              In the near term, the lack of demand will have a negative impact upon earnings for most consumer companies. Economies and currencies are in transition, yes, but transition is transformation, not collapse and the astute investor will profit from change.

              Remember too, that FRN’s being “printed” are not reaching main street and in the main, are only replacing dollars that have been destroyed from “de-leveraging”. That de-leveraging will continue for a number of years yet until foreclosures are processed or abated by increased consumer demand.

              War between Iran and Israel is imminent this year. It cannot be avoided. Gold will spike. Sell your basis. Bury the remainder in the back yard.

              Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.


            • Iowa: Unless you have everything and I mean everything that you will need for many years to come, what are you proposing to use for trade/barter for the things that you run out of? No one can possible prepared for every single contingency. Unforesceen events always occur such as medical/dental emergencies and then what? Are you willing to trade some of your preps for these events? Unless you or someone in your group is a medical professional, at the very least you’ll be paying with food or water/water purification or ammunition for this and other vital services. Me, I rather part with a little gold or silver and continue eating and being able to defend myself. Preps should go in this order: Beans, Bullets, Bandaids, and Bullion; get one done and then work on the next. Gold and silver work both in the short term when everyone is scared and will turn to the “the new money” which was the old money. You’ll be able to get those things you never thought of but now realize that you desperatly need NOW. Eventually small markets will also pop up and local trade will begin again and a form of currency will begin again and your gold and silver will be useful there as well. You probably won’t need too much, just enough to get you by during those rough patches.

          • Hey man, find a gold & silver exchange near you. There you can but either & walk out with it!

        • The gold and silver CAN NOT be replaced. There’s 100 ounces of paper for every real one.

          Hopefully, when the People wake up and their 401K’s are toilet paper they will be ready to string up some banksters and government criminals.

          All we have to do to avoid catastrophe is to regain control over the money. Exchange existing FRNs with Lawful United States notes and surrender the banksters to their victims. The People of the world.

          Those holding FRN denominated papers will be wiped out anyway. It should be considered an expensive life lesson about trusting your money to thieves.

          • Yes. Thus the scarcity. Daily trades of silver are equal to the annual mining yield. Think about that… If you earn $50K per year, that is the equivalent of YOU swapping $50K worth of dollars every day. Do any of us take an annual yield risk every day? How would that work out for a family budget. I am no OWS operative, but I can see the available angst.

            • im not good with finaces or markets. im a expert on weapons and survival but not on stock markets and metals, i would love for someone to explain how gold or silver could be worth its price in you know what, i understand paper versus the real but sheepdog or anyone can you elaborate more about owning actual silver if its good or bad please. thank you. I own about 130 oz of silver and understand when europe euro goes down silver drops and when euro goes up silver goes up thats about it. any help would be great. thanks.

            • Well clint, owning PMs is a personal decision. Some say silver is merely an industrial metal. I believe differently. However, I don’t hold siver and hope it goes up in relation to fiat FRNs. I am hoping it is a store of wealth to preserve some buying power on the “other side”. I do believe land that you can sustain yourself on is the best investment. Lets just say I am hedging my bet with silver(I hope).Only you can decide.

          • All the more reason you need your PMs in hand. The paper markets have been manipulated for years. Comex just plainly leverages their PMs just like the rest of the crooks.I think that the way the contracts are written, if they can’t deliver your silver, they are permitted to settle the contracts in FRNs. JPM is in on it too. Hang the MFs.

        • Off topic but if what happened in California, (when police open fire on women and children with rubber bullets, and a k9.) doesn’t start a revolution then I don’t know what will. I always hear ” wait for them to make the first move”, tptb already have. The police in California just made the first move. We seem to just sit and take it.

        • “Or we will arrange storage for you”

      2. The Renew America site, author Sheri Zieve, has written that the “joker” which shot up the Batman movie, is a member of “Occupy Black Box” and that he he did it to protest the anti-OWS plot. Say’s that there is proof of this.

        • But who supplied that proof?

          Therein lies the problem. Trust no Mad stream media, or government agency like CIA, FBI, homeland security, …

          • Photoshopping; manufacturing evidence is soooo easy.

            • “Photoshopping; manufacturing evidence is soooo easy.”

              Yes, it is. But it is also soooo easily detected by those who know WTF they are doing with computers and the software that does this kind of work.

      3. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Learn how to live without money. They less you need, the less exposure you have. I just got back from spending the weekend at my place that provides its own heat, meat, power, and water. We do not live there yet because every day I get to work on improvements while it is still vacant is worth a week of work with it filled with people. Soon, very soon, we won’t be coming back to town.

        • dont forget some dvd’s and something to power it to enjoy some tv without power.

          • “dont forget some dvd’s and something to power it to enjoy some tv without power.”

            Now there’s an eye-roller. Consider keeping a supply of great books instead. TV and DVDs are crutches that exist in this paradigm. When the current paradigm dies, being tied to it will be as useful as swimming while being tied to a boat anchor.

      4. I need another year. I have only been prepping a year. I have a great start, but I could use a little more time. I expect less then that if that ass who is president gets.reelected.

        • IMHO, you’ll likely get three or four.

          Thing is, this isn’t going to hit all at once.

          I figure on my end, if it begins to chew in before I have purchased a home, I can hang out here for quite awhile. The industry I work in will stay afloat for quite awhile, and clients pay in advance for projects (each lasting from 4 months to a year-plus), so not too many worries there.

          If it slaps the fan hard, the job goes bye-bye, and the absentee landlord (currently living in another state) and/or his local agent gets pushy? I can simply move down the street into one of the many foreclosed homes within walking distance. It’s drop-simple to change the locks once there, reinforce the hell out of it, start modifying it for post-collapse living, and call it home. By that time? The banks will be close enough to dead that nobody is going to care, let alone stop by (as it is now, one of my neighbors have been living mortgage/rent-free for over 18 months now, and nobody has come by to complete the foreclosure on their place. Out here in the sticks, it really is that bad, financial-wise.)

          Meanwhile, it’ll be time to get hold of the neighbors and start making plans for mutual support and defense.

          • OQ, You might be right about the three to four years. I hope you’re right. But I’ve been noticing subtle things and I fear its gonna sneak up on us real quick.

            As for inflation vs. deflation, again subtle changes. A couple months ago I stocked up canned chicken as part of my preps. I keep a mental list of what I pay, so when I see things I stock up on, on sale I grab some. Chicken was on sale and it was about 10% less than what I paid last time so I grabbed 10 cans. When I got home and started to put them away (rotating stock of course), something didn’t seem right. The cans I bought previously were 12 oz. These were only 10 1/4. About 15% less. So the 10% savings was really a 5% increase.

            Thats just one example, almost everything you buy today is less in volume and more in price than it was a few months ago. Clue: anytime you see something in new packaging, check the amount; its probably been reduced.

            Like the beginning of the doc stated, when the SHTF its gonna make the crash of ’29 look like a tea social. One reason is, people were more self sufficient back then and there were less controls and regulations. Plus all the people on psych meds and the reliance on technology.

            Yeah, its going to be ugly and IMHO it’s going to hit us fast and hard when it hits the fan.

            • And one more thing, if you ain’t stocked up on grub, you better starting doing it quick. Watch and see what the drought does to food prices.

            • Yes arcohd, dh and I replenished some of what we’ve used in the last year(we don’t go to grocery-no need); canned chicken was $1 for 5 oz. at Krogers, but when we went to Aldi’s it was 12.5 oz. for $1.80..we bought the Aldi’s.

        • I am certain that everything will wait until you are good to go. ;-).

      5. Well if that is not the ” feel good ” article of the week I don’t know what is!!! Sheesh!!!

      6. You got to know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em

        • I hear Kenny in the background, laughing, saying “I told you so.” 😉

          • All aboarrrrrd HA HA HA!!!

      7. I don’t think I have enough peas and beans and jar lids to prepare for what I see coming. I think I better buy some more ammo too.

      8. Okay, I absolutely hate to betray my ignorance here….but in the end, if we’re looking at DEflation instead of hyperINflation….isn’t that the better scenario? I mean, neither is good, of course…but with hyperinflation, you can’t buy anything because it’s all so expensive…but with deflation, while the currency is devalued, consumers still have purchasing power, right? Please, no flames and no hate…I’m truly in a learning curve here as far as these economic scenarios go and I just want to learn from those who know more than myself!

        • Well….I’m a little confused myself. Wouldn’t it be better to hold your FRN’s until everything deinflates and then you would have more FRN’s to buy stuff? Of course, with the printing of more FRN’s the FRN’s you are holding will be worth less.

          Why are we buying hard assets now if we are really expecting a deinflation verses hypreinflation.

          I think I am in need of a lesson in economics.
          It is sad when I do not fully understand “Economics for DUMMIES”

          • Tina- What alot of people THINK will happen,can be described in one sentence.

            Deflation for what you want, and inflation for what you need.

            • The deflation to hyperinflation gyration could be abrupt. I have been searching for historical precedents whereby deflation suddenly exploded into hyperinflation. Maybe check into Eric Jantzen’s site at http://www.itulip.com (The former Ka-boom theory)

              It’s funny how this theoretical (or imminent, I don’t know.. I am wondering myself) change from deflation to hyperinflation reminds me of the glass bird with the liquid (don’t know which kind) that dips it’s beak into the pan of water for a few seconds, then suddenly pops it’s head back up and swings for a few minutes until the process repeats.

              Either way, get the things you need for daily living first before acquiring gold/silver. From what I have gathered, silver or gold will be a “place holder” for your money AFTER a new currency emerges AFTER the SHTF event has passed.

              During the turmoil, you may have to cough up a lot more of your silver or gold to pay for “little things” like food, water, and TP that could have been bought more cheaply now, and that goes for gold as well.

            • Here’s a (very) rough analogy.
              Deflation is when you’re unemployed and don’t have the money to buy what you need.
              Hyperinflation is when you have plenty of money but someone has raised all the prices so high you can’t afford anything.
              Of course they can happen at the same time to different people.

          • @Tina,,you do not need a lesson in economics because nothing is as it seems. With the manipulation of the stock market, Bernanke printing enough money to walk to the moon, the plunge protection team, Dept.of Labor flat out lying about unemployment figures; there is nothing to learn, except maybe this: If the economy is good, prices go up and packages get smaller, if the economy is bad, prices go up and packages get smaller. You are now in PhD territory.

            • Thanks Swift….so what you are saying is we are screwed either way….Got it!…Thanks…LOL

              Let’s just say that I have “ALL” the necessities taken care of. Food, Cash, PM’s & personal protection. I have a 401K that I have basically written off. I can not get to it, borrow from it nor do I contribute to it any longer. I must hold onto my job as long as I can and therefore the 401K is there for their taking I suppose.

              I always heard “it is good to have cash on hand during the transition” but I wondered if we are expecting deinflationary times wouldn’t it be best to take that cash and purchase more PM’s then?

        • yes someone who is educated on this I would like to hear this too, I dont understand that either. I know business would lose money by having to do that and pay workers possibly less or let some go but thats about it. anyone who truely knows this would love to hear about that.

          • That word “educated”.

            It depends, if an economist goes to the federal reserve lectures for continuing education, their view will be different then someone at the von mises institute 🙂

            Who knows the future” NO ONE!!!

        • deflation will be in things that are non-essentials

          the necessities of life…food, fuel, etc will not deflate like non-essentials will.

          so stock up now and hold a little cash for picking up some extra stuff when deflation hits, and then after it’s over, hopefully you have some silver coins to buy things with.

        • TurtleMama: Too much of either is not a good thing. But consumers only have purchasing power if they have money to spend.

          Inflation is too many dollars in the hands of consumers chasing too few goods. IE demand outstrips supply.

          However that demand encourages production of goods and services because their is a market for those goods and services; thus demand creates employment.

          Although there may be a technical definition of hyper-inflation, think of it as WAY too many dollars chasing too few goods. Acquisition then becomes a bidding process and goods go to those who have the most fiat.

          Think of deflation as too few dollars in the hands of consumers chasing too many goods. Without dollars to purchase what they want or need for lack of income, demand drops and producers have no incentive to create more of anything they normally sell; thus producers layoff workers and reduce inventory.

          Check Tobin and Baumel who are the fathers of modern Inventory Theory, to understand how inventories impact business cash flows, liquidity, and employment.

          Just saying. 🙂

          • By transferring fully 1/3 of American manufacturing offshore during the Bush Jr Administration, the Globalists gutted the American economy.

            Every job loss (60 million in all) had a compounding effect upon the American economy and consumer, destroying jobs, draining dollars from the economy, and impoverishing the middle class.

            Thus American demand was muted, the loss of jobs ensued, financial obligations of the American family and taxpayer could not be met, and mortgage defaults multiplied.

            These defaults snowballed as short term sub prime LIBOR rates exploded upon re-adjustment and tens of millions of homes were suddenly underwater.

            It was a perfect storm designed and implemented by the gangster banksters. It was not accidental. They know exactly what they are doing, and what they are doing to US.

            The rest is history. Engage these bastards or be enslaved by them.

            • durango kidd

              And the groundwork laid to pave the way for the great US Industrial Evisceration was both NAFTA and China Free Trade supported by both parties and pushed forward by Bill Clinton. Mr Clinton penned his signature on the China Free Trade Agreement two months before leaving office saving GW Bush the headache of trying to get it into law. In all probability a Republican could not have achieved it’s passage through House and Senate. The Democrats sighting their “friend of labor” status (unjustly deserved) get a pass for their by the media and in the hearts of many Americans including yourself. Blame Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, John Kerry along with the Republicans.

            • Durango Kidd

              Oh one more thing. If John Kerry would have won the 2004 election it’s quite obvious that he would not have reversed the trend of US manufacturing leaving because he voted for China Free Trade too.

              “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”….President Franklin Roosevelt.

              They’re all in khoots.

          • The USD having reserve currency status can in oversupply drive up the cost of energy. That drives up the price of everything.

            I believe the only way inflation is going hyper is if the USD looses it’s coveted reserve currency status position. Those dollars get dumped and goods made outside of the US get very expensive very quickly. Oil being global skyrockets in price. The false economy fueled by fiat currency in overabundance rapidly becomes real. That reality is ugly.

            • K2: The price of solar panels have dropped precipitously, maybe more than 60%, although some say more, depending upon when you measure the cost.

              Solar has also increased in efficiency by more than 50% with recent technology. It competes effectively with oil now at $100 per barrel.

              Ocean energy technology development has arrived; spawning (forgive the pun) a vast unending supply of cheap clean energy.

              Additionally liquid natural gas development will suppress oil prices in the near and mid term, giving these clean technologies a chance to compete while their relatively cheap infra structures are put into place.

              In five years energy will be cheap in the USA, the dollar will have dropped by 20% and the nation will be on the road to a great new prosperity …. if the creek don’t rise, Nibiru doesn’t pass by, and the New Madrid or San Andres doesn’t crack like a walnut.

              Just saying. 🙂

            • The Natural Gas and Bakken Oil will have a significant impact in US energy. However we have to stay together long enough.

          • deflation: everyone wants to hang onto what currency they have.

            inflation: every one wants to get more of the currency because prices are going up. The currency is still good.

            hyperinflation: everyone abandons the currency because it is worthless

          • Okay, that is making more sense, now! 🙂 Thank you for the concise explanation in “layman’s” terms. I know that things aren’t going well…I’m not THAT dumb, haha!…but it’s hard to understand the economic language of what is really happening. I think I understand WHY each scenario is bad, now. I appreciate the time everyone took to help explain it!

        • Deflation means “wheelbarrels full of cash to buy a loaf of bread time”.

          • For those with questions about inflation/deflation I suggest a few minutes using the computer in front of you.

            JustMe- you have it backwards. Felation is a general decrease in prices. Deflation is what happened to most everyones homes recently. They cost less. They lost value. This occurs because of either over production or loss of demand.

            Inflation is wheelbarrows of money for bread.

            But you all should not take my, or anyones elses word for it but use that wonderful computer you are in front of and find out for yourselves.

            • Wheelbarrows loaded with money to buy a loaf of bread is HYPER INFLATION. Think Germany WWII

              Inflation is breaking into your piggy bank or coin jar for a little extra money because that loaf of bread has increased in price by 10, 20, or 30%.

        • Actually, TM, neither scenario is particularly good. Remember that inflation and deflation are monetary terms that refer to the quantity of money available in the economy. They are related to the prices we see in the stores but not directly.

          With INflation, there is a LARGE over-supply of money in the economy. The extra money leads to bidding for less abundant goods and services, so prices rise because of the inflation and not because they are causing inflation.

          DEflation is the opposite, with a scarcity of money in the economy and falling prices that occur because people simply do not have the money to buy what is available at the current prices. If you are in a deflationary situation BUT you have money, then you are doing fine… for a while. At some point, though, the producers either stop producing or reduce production because it is not worth their time or effort to produce. This decreases the goods and services available, hopefully bringing the goods and services back into balance with the amount of money available to purchase them. If they do not come into balance, a very economically destructive whip-saw effect can occur that is pretty much the worst of both effects combined. If not corrected, and sooner rather than later, this can result in an economic death spiral from which no recovery is possible and the economic system then in place collapses and is destroyed. It will be replaced by a new system but that could take months, if not years, to occur and a lot of bad things will be happening until the new system is in place and functioning.

      9. The purpose of economic activity is the production of wealth and its distribution. We need to produce it before we can even address what system we use to distribute it.

        In the effort to produce wealth, we use previously created wealth as an input in anticipation that greater amounts of wealth will be produced than used up in the process. Essentially when we talk of this process in accounting terms we speak of revenues, costs, and net profit or net loss.

        When we have crop failures in agriculture we didn’t produce the wealth we anticipated. This means that farmers don’t have as much wealth to trade to others so there is a ripple effect in other sectors of the economy. Historically, there is about a 7 to 1 ratio of other industrial production to agriculture production so if there is a loss of agricultural production, there will be a 7 times effect on the rest of the economy. When wealth production declines, there is less to be distributed and many people experience a decline in their standard of living. This is why droughts or other agricultural failures produce bad economic times. The greater the drought, the greater the resulting economic devastation, and I point out that because droughts are cyclical, they generally don’t just appear one year and disappear the next; they stay for several years, feeding on themselves as soil moisture is not replaced, before the cycles finally reverses and move us back toward the next wet phase of the cycles.

        This looks to be developing similarly to the depression in the 1930′s which began in the failure of the monetary system and then intensified with drought driven agricultural failure.

        But this time, not only are we dealing with economic contraction produced by failure of our unstable, unsustainable, predatory, debt based monetary system, and by failure in agricultural production caused by drought, but we face continuing economic pressure from rising cost to acquire energy as the era of cheap energy has ended. The mining industry suffers from the low hanging fruit principle; we exploit the easiest to acquire resources first, leaving the more difficult and costly to acquire for later, and in the case of many of the energy resources, later is now. The net gain in mining energy resources diminishes with time as costs continue on a relentless advance, so there is less and less net energy left to fuel our economy. The industrial age is terminal.

        The convergence of these three forces, monetary collapse, agricultural failure, and rising cost for mined resources may well be so devastating that revolution results. Revolution comes from intolerable economic pain which causes us to question the system in place to distribute among us what wealth is produced, and the current system of distribution of wealth is simply a government, corporate controlled system of slavery (fascism) where the laws rig the economy against the majority for the benefit of the few who either control the government or are part of it themselves. All the government seems to think about now is how to acquire move of our diminishing wealth for themselves. And the corporations seem to have only an interest in tapping more government benefits for themselves and even more laws that protect their privileged positions.

        The revolution point is reached when the pain and suffering from the current predatory system exceeds the pain and suffering people think will come from revolution; this is when people initiate violence against government and those who support it. Circumstances seem to be accelerating us to this point.

        • that makes sense for the most part. good job

        • Thanks for the great explanation on how agriculture plays a role in the coming problems, and how drought effects do not go away with a few rains. Visited a site recently that showed a farmer already shredding his corn field, giving up on this year’s harvest. He was doing that to try to conserve what little moisture might be left in the soil, hopeing that if a rain comes before Sept. he could try winter wheat. Certainly a rain in the coming weeks would not save the already lost corn crop, but farmers are always trying to get some return on their investment, winter wheat will be his only hope for a nearby return (early summer next year).

          • on a side note, those farmers will be paid regardless, they have huge insurance policies for things like this

            • The insurance policies most BIG farmers have is the Commodity Market. They hedge as well as they can. Their hedging narrows their retained margin, but it gives pretty fair protection.

        • Sid…agreed. EROEI is the light in the tunnel and it ain’t the other side.

          • Yeah, I see the light at the end of the tunnel…and I hear this rumbling sound…

        • Natural gas both domestic and worldwide offers a lot of promise for energy. The problem is as the world demand increases due to development a continuing every growing supply can still be outpaced by demand.

          The catalyst for revolution is an empty stomach. As long as food is available and affordable (regardless if it’s expense increases) and circus continues the public of any nation just goes along with what is happening.

          • “Natural gas both domestic and worldwide offers a lot of promise for energy.”

            if only “they” could do it without ruining near by water sources.. i would rather have clean water than natural gas.

            • Right on, Josh! If I want “natural gas”, I will simply eat a big bowl of chili. Works every time. Clean water, however, is a lot more difficult to make.

        • “In the end, people will turn to communism, because the capitalists will leave them nowhere else to turn.”- Pope Pius II

          • That cannot be. Pope Pious ll reigned from 1458 until 1464. The terms communist and capitalist did not even exist.

            • My mistake, it was whoever was Pope around the early 1900’s. Tried to find the direct quote.

      10. Or to sum up this article in another way. We will have finally hit the proverbial “brick wall” at 200MPH.

      11. HELLO ALL please go to the website Lew Rockwell weekend edition for july 21/22 and read the article WHO REALLY RUNS THE WORLD…..

        this is a succinct report on what has been happening for 50 years…..I am 69…..read about this in the 50’s…it is becoming more clear everyday….stay safe

      12. What is left out of the scenario is the threat of war. It would not stop the economic crisis (in fact, it would probably worsen it)but it is highly likely that at least one of the groups will respond by going to war. I place our own government at the top of the list of being likely to respond in such a fashion.

      13. Everything you need is costing more, and everything you own is deprecating. Prep now, everything comes to an end!

      14. Every so called expert on the planet is hyping the on coming scenario..

        The problem is..no one..and I mean no one actually knows. only conjectures.what will play out for us.

        Hyper inflation.. deflation.. collapse.. partial collapse

        who the hell really knows?

        I’ll stick to the gut and on the street scenarios..and facts as well.
        Every week at least 350,000 working Americans lose their jobs ……. every GD week!
        That’s 1.4 MILLION Americans who just lost jobs in a month!

        Last month only 80,000 jobs were created..most of them temp or part time..
        How much longer can this continue ???

        We are in deep shit folks..

        I was at the local”supply” store after the Col.shootings on Saturday.

        There were average men and women buying serious 7.62 ammo cases and arms like I’ve never seen.
        When I was purchasing some new equipment..the required call to the feds was jammed..
        The salesman stated it was crazy how sales were that day..yesterday..and the phone lines to qualify purchases were inundated and backed up..

        This real time…people are locking and loading


        • Experts don’t even need to hype anything. The cold stark reality as you mentioned is “MATH”. And math is now saying this is unsustainable as we are seeing in Greece and spreading throughout Europe.

          God only knows what will happen. As this and other sites want individuals who visit is to understand what is happening and WHY? It also wants and encourages those to pray for the best and prepare for the worse.

          As you said no one really knows what will happen when the SHTF. I don’t think it will be pretty as we have seen happening in Greece and Spain. That will eventually spread around the world.

          The bigger question is why did the US government buy 400 million rounds of hollow point bullets? 😉

          • @Rodster,, they bought the ammo because they figured out mathematically, what it would take to put me in a FEMA Camp.

          • Yes…I miss the daily comments by MANOS. Reading what he posts puts everything into prospective and lets me know day by day what to expect. I do not think MANOS realizes how valuable his posts are to us here in the USA.

            I miss him.

            • Agreed, Tina. It was also a comfort to know that he and is family were OK. Not hearing from him is not a good sign.

          • Rodster

            why 400 million rounds?

            I’m sure we will all find out soon enough.

            sorry to say


        • Posse-I recently went to my place I get mre’s(they buy the parts, and put them together), they usually have hundreds “made” at a time, I grabed the last 4. (they cant make them quick enough)

          So I guess “average men and women” are socking the mre’s away also.

          In 15 years, I have NEVER seen those flying off the shelve3s like that there.

          • Before the SHTF, we will all get a good whiff of what is soon to come. This is why LOTS of people are buying guns, ammo, and MREs. It’s in the wind, folks, and there is no mistaking it for something other than what it is.

        • Thanks for the info there possee. Not to change the subject, but my friend gary called the other day and told me he went to the bank to buy pennies (looking for the old ones 1982 on down) and the gal gave him brand all brand new ones. he said to her no, no, i want some old ones. she told him that they didnt have any because the federal reserve wants the old pennies sent back and is replacing them with the new pennies.

          Things are getting towards the end when the fed is looking to get their hands on copper if you ask me. Just my perspective.

          • I sometimes go to realcent.com forum.(there are forums on gold/silver/copper/nickel)

            The word there(about 6 months ago) is that a person/private company has hired brinks to filter out the zinc from the copper, and keep the copper.

            Private company=the fed?
            person= that guy who got 1 million in nickes?

            No one knows.

            I enjoy roll hunting(I have found only one indean penny in the wild), I am going to be bummed out when just zinc remains.

          • @ Survivor

            Tell your friend Gary to forget the pennies, collect nickles if you want to proceed on PM’s that way. Also, why would the Fed recall pennies, last I heard they only print the notes

        • Everybody that has a gun needs at least 1000 rounds of Defense Ammo – NOT Target Ammo for each gun they have confidence in. Ammo will be good for our defense, and it will be worth more than “money” if the SHTF.

        • “Hyper inflation.. deflation.. collapse.. partial collapse… who the hell really knows?”

          Well, that’s just it, isn’t it? THAT bad times are coming is pretty obvious. There’s a lot of info out there that supports this and very little that supports everything being hunky dory. WHEN they will arrive is not. It’s a bit like watching a thunderstorm roll in from a long ways off. You don’t know when it will arrive but you DO know that it is coming and that it is gonna kick ass and take names when it arrives. Best to find some shelter BEFORE it gets to your location.

      15. I am going to post this again on this site, as I believe that this needs to get out ASAP. According to the “Renew America” web site, in an article written by Sher Zieve, the guy who shot up the Batman movie is/was a member of the “Block Bloc” leadership of the Occupy Wallstreet movment.
        Now the MSM has said that he had only a “Parking Ticket”, but there are photos of him getting arrested at at least one OWS protest. If this is correct, it was a Left wing terror attack.

        • Send the News tip to Drudge and The Blaze. 😉

        • yes sends this to drudge and the blaze and fox news, that is very improtant if thats true then we can nail the media and show the people really how stupid and I mean stupid they are trying to brainwash us. if we are wrong it just sticks with us trying to find the truth. good thinking!!! hope its true

        • I will post this again-

          I seem to remember alot of audit the fed signs in videos of ows, THAT IS NOT LEFT WING!!

          Our government IS left wing.

          ALL the candidates for president are left wing(except RP)

          Yes, romney is left wing, if you think he isnt, tell me HOW and what makes him a so called right wing conservative.

          Glenn beck is a shill for isreal, he ALWAYS says isreal BEFORE america.

          A pathetic american. F^ck the blaze!!!!!!!!

          • Tell me “kevin” which enemy of America do you blog from, as truely you are not a Patriot, I’m betting that it is an Arabic speaking one?

            Soros funds OWS. The UN arms treaty comes up next week, gee, see any chance that there might be something going on here? You have a real knack of turning the subject always against America and American values. Typical

            I hope that some day a Jew cuts you worthless throat and sends you to Allah and hell.

            • He’s the type of useful idiot the Soros types and TPTB get rid of first. He’s the modern day version of Germany’s Brown Shirts back in the 1920’s and 30’s. 😉

            • Soap…And just what do American values have to do with Israel?

            • Who tells you soros funds ows?

              the msm does.

              How is auditing the fed against “american values”????

              Me a muslim??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

              The american patriot I look up to the most IS JEWISH (erwin schiff, an anti-tax hero sitting in jail)

              Explain that you shil!!!!!!!!

              I really hope you do not reproduce, we have to many idiots in on this planet already.

              TELL ME how romney is a “right wing guy??????????

              YOU CANT!!!!!!!!

              You are a zealot who just attacks, and it clouds your mind. Your post proves that, and says nothing more!!!

              YOU are not an american(if you are you are a duel citizen)

          • There is the Kevin I remember.

            • I just hate americans who put another countries well being before americas.

              That is not hate or wrong page!!!!

          • @rodster- You are an idiot.

            @jrs- they even say we are a judea-christian nation.(notice judea first)


            Slavery was not christian, it was muslims and jews doing that.

            THYATS THE JUDEA PART they talk about.


            Shoot that one down

            YOU CANT!!!!!!!

            TRUTH IS A BITCH!!!

            • I have no problem with the Jewish people as a whole. Any American can donate their money to Israel if they wish. I have a problem when the Ashkenazi Zionists control our foreign policy with Israel through AIPAC, the JDL and dual citizen legislators.This is one of those “entangling alliances” that our forefathers warned us about.I personally do not wish my tax money to be sent there.My “American values” may differ from others.

            • JRS-You nailed it brother. I am just sick and tired of the brainwashed calling people anti-semite if they criticize isreal, its just a load of bull$hit.

              Its an oxy moron statement(anti-semite) coming from beck and other neocons who spend all day telling us to hate muslims.(since some muslims are semites)

              Oh, and I cant say a supposedly christian beck is a lap dog of isreal, its antisemitic????? WTF?

              Its just frustrating jrs.

          • Red thumbs dont explain to me why people think romney is a rightwinger.

            Perhaps NO ONE can explain that to me.

          • i used to listen to beck but once my eyes were opened i realized people like kevin are correct
            there is no right or left, no democrat or republican its all a game to keep people divided as the central banks consolidate thier power.
            wake up, people dont you realize that elections dont matter when its the money men behind the scenes that control every thing.
            everone should watch “freedom to facism” by aaron russo to start with and maybe you’ll start to realize how we’re being manipulated

            end the fed
            debt is slavery

          • Kevin,
            Have you ever listened to Glen Beck for any length of time? Did you see his series on the Founding Fathers?
            What’s wrong with befriending Israel? They have been our only real solid ally in the middle east for a long time.
            You are no dummy, but some of what you are saying sure is basackwards.

        • i believe this is disinformation at its finest. do a little research before posting this stuff. that is if you really have the need to dwell on this fed up situation. i am all for prepping and living a more self sufficient life style because of what the future will bring to all but finding comments like this one makes me want to stay clear of this site. time is limited here folks why is this story such a big deal? how will you act when there is no more food in the stores? at that point this story will be pretty low on the totem pole of f’ed up shit

      16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this guy, Daniel Ameduri, recently with the National INFLATION Association? Just sayin’. . . .

        • I knew his voice sounded familiar. After posting some good videos, NIA seems to have went out with a whimper.

          • @preprared pastor—

            Google “NIA pump and dump”…. They are freakin SHILLS. The vids were to suck people into believing the stock “tips” they would give… check it out. Peter Schiff exposed them also. They are SCUMBAGS.

      17. It could be that silver and gold will drop when the cash craps, but it won’t last. silver and gold are real money, have been for thousands of years and will be forever. Just how it is.

        • Sorry but I must disagree that silver and gold are “real money”.
          Silver and gold are both real shiney and have for the entire history of civilization been used as status symbols by the wealthy. Thus in the past when all wealth was aquired through food production and those kings/emperors/ect had controls over huge amounts of food they would accept your shiney metal for food when times were bad.
          However PM have no real value to human existance. You cannot eat them. They make poor weapons. You cannot builda home with them. So when the shtf they will revert to their actual value, they are pretty. Just ask yourself, when tshtf will you be willing to sell food/clothing/ammo/weapons for some of that worthless shiney metal? I might give you a single round of ammo for all of your PM but in all likelihood would simply laugh. When tshtf PM value will be based on the hope that things will recover soon.

          As always IMO.

          • Only if it take a while to recover. It is your way to transfer excess value and wealth into whatever come up when a true recovery starts.

          • You’re assuming a complete “road warrior” collapse. Now, I don’t know where you live, but where I’m at, I just can’t see things getting that bad. I agree that gold isn’t good for much, but silver has many uses, even in a survival situation.

            • Oh, and I won’t be needing any of your ammo, I have plenty.

            • haha I’m with ya Heretic

          • I’ve heard this argument for years, but while I can think of several occasions from Joseph’s seven-year famine in the Bible to economic collapses in Germany, the former Soviet Union, and Argentina where precious metals retained value. I have often challenged others to name just one time during known history when global values went to zero.

            That being said I consider precious metals the final layer of preparedness and thus not a substitute for guns, gold, and ground. It is a substitute for Federal Reserve Notes. If we have to walk to South America due to war or climate change, I’ll be carrying some for bribes if nothing else. It bought ferry passage after The Great San Francisco earthquake when paper dollars were not being accepted. It bought freedom from concentration camps in the 1930s. It may be the only alternative to your wife or daughter to buy off a fully-armed, well-fed peon of a local warlord.

            There will be losers and winners in the coming age. There will be people starving and a minority with surplus (if only through violence and corruption). Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.

          • “You cannot eat them.”

            SO? I can think of hundreds of things that cannot be eaten but that are still damned useful to have.

      18. Great read sunny! Thanks! You read things here and there, but this pretty much spelled it all out.

      19. I personally really and truly believe BEFORE an entire economic implosion there will be an event to stop it ir distract everyone from the economic debacle falling off the cliff. The one word that comes to mind is WAR. These “fearless leaders” understand what comes with a total economic smackdown, and the possibility that just maybe they could not control the aftermaths of the masses of people that just might not totally conform like they have for so long. The one way to alter the common person the quickest is to take away their money.

        As many times before a military confrontation is one way to bring enough of the population into line that the economy and money means much less. It is proven again and again if you want to unite the masses behind the leadership of a country, any country, you find or you make an enemy of the nation. These leaders would find it far easier controlling those masses if most individuals were behind them against a coomon foe. Much of Hitler’s control of the population was by totally focusing all Germany’s downfalls on the Jewish population, the Soviets and communism, and the nations that carved up Germany’s empire and land area after World War 1.

        Unlike an unexpected event like an EMP that fries that entire grid, the economic situation has long been in the making and well studied. These characters KNOW what is going to happen, and have plans on what to do before things totally get out of control enough that they cannot handle it. This is what people should be looking for right now is what are these “leaders” going to do BEFORE the economy goese bye-bye.

        Even a planned war is extremely dangerous because a false flagger can get out of control rapidly, and war has so many unexpected conseqences. Another absolutely frightening scenario to save the ecomonies is that those in true power decide to release an engineered pathogen to kill off most of the population. After mass population depletions there has been tremendous economical prosperity. Just look at how well people lived after the black death in Europe ended.

        There is a much broader level to this that just the economy collapsing. It is the drastic levels that will almost certainly be attempted to avoid it. My bet is WAR, as history once again repeats itself.

        • I agree informed.

          TPTB have all the money in the world right now, they WILL not give up that power up, they would rather see it go up into a fireball, then to lose that power.

          Human nature has put that behavior on display many times in the past.

          A psychopath is a psychopath, does not matter if its 500 ad, 1945 ad, 2012 ad, or 3515 ad.


          1 Glib and Superficial Charm-

          The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Psychopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.

          2 Grandiose Self-Worth-

          A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Psychopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.

          3 Need for Stimulation or Proneness to Boredom-

          An excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation; taking chances and doing things that are risky. Psychopaths often have a low self-discipline in carrying tasks through to completion because they get bored easily. They fail to work at the same job for any length of time, for example, or to finish tasks that they consider dull or routine.

          4 Pathological Lying-

          Can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.

          5 Conning and Manipulativeness-

          The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.

          6 Lack of Remorse or Guilt-

          A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, coldhearted, and unempathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.

          7 Shallow Affect-

          Emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.

          8 Callousness andLack of Empathy-

          A lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.

          9 Parasitic Lifestyle- An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.

          10 Poor Behavioral Controls-

          Expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.

          11 Promiscuous Sexual Behavior-

          A variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of several relationships at the same time; a history of attempts to sexually coerce others into sexual activity or taking great pride at discussing sexual exploits or conquests.

          12 Early Behavior Problems-

          A variety of behaviors prior to age 13, including lying, theft, cheating, vandalism, bullying, sexual activity, fire-setting, glue-sniffing, alcohol use, and running away from home.

          13 Lack of Realistic,Long-Term Goals-

          An inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals; a nomadic existence, aimless, lacking direction in life.

          14 Impulsivity-

          The occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated and lack reflection or planning; inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; a lack of deliberation without considering the consequences; foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.

          15 Irresponsibility-

          Repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.

          16 Failure to Accept Responsibility
          for Own Actions-

          A failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions reflected in low conscientiousness, an absence of dutifulness, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.

          17 Many Short-Term Marital Relationships-

          A lack of commitment to a long-term relationship reflected in inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable commitments in life, including marital.

          18 Juvenile Delinquency-

          Behavior problems between the ages of 13-18; mostly behaviors that are crimes or clearly involve aspects of antagonism, exploitation, aggression, manipulation, or a callous, ruthless tough-mindedness.

          19 Revocation of Condition Release-

          A revocation of probation or other conditional release due to technical violations, such as carelessness, low deliberation, or failing to appear.
          20 Criminal Versatility-

          A diversity of types of criminal offenses, regardless if the person has been arrested or convicted for them; taking great pride at getting away with crimes.

          Its funny, actully this is a “Test” for some one to find out if they are a psychpath(For each of the 20 characteristics, give a score of 0 if it does not apply, 1 if it applies partially and 2 if it is a perfect match.)

          On the bottom it had this-

          Hillary-_________________ 🙂

          • When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will be free…John Lennon (I think)

          • I’m not sure who that list better fits… Hollywood actors or politicians. lol

        • BI, I see war also, which is so sad to me. Tptb don’t have kids in the military, I’m sure. I just thank God I woke up 3 years ago and feel ready for almost anything. Lots of 5 count earthquakes, new Zealand is on fire…..but the overall count is still way down.

          I say if you can afford it, gold and silver will be a good investment. My philosophy is anything real or tangible is the way to go, especially food.

          • Yep, that romney fraud has 5 boys, he supports sending other peoples children to war, but its funny none of his kids will be going.

            Meet the new boss, same as the old!!(if all those voting fraud lawsuits(lawyers for RP) get thrown out.

            RP WILL be a nominee for the republican party, it all depends on busting the republican establishment on all that FRAUD!!!!

        • Be informed

          War is a high probability either as a diversion, mad grab for resource or accident as an outcome of economic kayos or any combination of them. To grab the public a false flag attack would have to be felt as a threat to individual Americans as opposed to a Gulf of Tonkin attack on our honor (how dare they mess with us, we will show them). The body politic is too busy with their own bills for any more foreign adventures. The motivator would have to hit home.

          The phrase, “The ends justifies the means” is the M.O. of these amoral SOBs. With zero morality do they occasionally fight among themselves? Obviously none can be trusted because trust is an outgrowth of morality which they are devoid of. I think of a meeting of the Mafia Commission as being similar.

          • K2: It won’t be necessary to have a false flag attack. Hostilities are real and unavoidable.

            • @durango,,,You are right about “hostilities are real and unavoidable”. But, while it may not be “necessary” for a false flag attack, remember who we are dealing with: never let a good crises go to waste.

          • Kevin2,

            It is spelled chaos not kayos.
            Just FYI.

          • We just had a false-flag attack, 7/20/2012, in a town called Aurora Colorado…

            • did you see the Utube video comparing retinas with the Gifford Az shooter? Same guy?

      20. Great post. Just 30 years ago total gov,business and personal debt was around 500 billion and people were bitching.Now it’s in the trillions and we’re still complaining.How much higher can it go? Who knows. The highest number they have is,I believe,a centillion. That’s a 1 with 303 zeros behind it.They will print.

        • The biggest bailout for the savings and loan fiasco was like 20 billion, it sounds like peanuts now doesnt it?

          • Yep… and so does the total bill of $160 billion. Of course, when money it thrown at a problem and the problem is not cured, it merely guarantees recurrence of the problem at a more expensive rate until the cause it found AND cured. The next one ought to be a real doozie!

        • They will have had to use up all the paper in thw world to print that much. I’d wager that whenever the catastrophy they create comes about, they will use it as an excuse to make people take the chip, and go totally cashless…

        • They should run out of ink before then or maybe all the trees will burn up with all the fires ” no paper”

      21. Breaking in the new Walther .380 (love at first pull BTW) ~ Traveled to the local big box Sporting Goods Store. Limited selection and quantity of said ammo needs. The conversation goes “Is this it?” “Yep”. ~ “Go figure”. “Nope, consider all the pointers~ election year, current Pres signing hand-over-fist EOs, UN treaty, etc, etc. you might want to buy what you can, when you can.” I say ‘Hum, you are most certainly correct, young man”. But, I live in Texas and we know how TXans feel about their gun-powder products and accessory tools that propel such products.
        So, may-haps I should look into on-line, quantity+ purchases of multi-grain encased stuff. What say you folks in the know? I have thus far enjoyed the ‘pay at the register with FFFs’ (fake,phony, frauds).
        p.s. Mac, as always thanks for holding the light.

        • Try Cheaper Than Dirt, they are in Fort Worth,Tx.


        • Check out my website: http://www.crossfireammunition.com
          You are smart, you can decide what makes sense to you.
          PS.. 380 is pretty good back-up gun, but for serious trouble, get something bigger.

      22. Deflation is what occurred in the great depression. Hyperinflation is what occurred in Weimar, Germany. Both had the same effect. People were left completely impoverished and destitute. Regardless of the event we ultimately experience, those who prepare, gathering whatever stores of value are important to you and your family is all that really matters. Food, water, sources of power, heat, etc. will truly be priceless. Barter items and PM’s have always had their place in time. Worrying about what we paid for silver or gold will be totally insignificant when the time comes to actually have to use them. Just have them when/if you ever need them AFTER you have secured everything else you can possibly think you will need for an extended period of time.

      23. More good news.

        CNN is reporting that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) office wrote a loophole into the House version of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK) exempting Congress members’ spouses and children from having to report stock market transactions over $1,000 in a timely manner.

        The Senate version of the bill requires these transactions be reported within 45 days by both its members and their families. But a memo from the Office of Government Ethics, which oversees all federal executive branch employees, used the House version, telling them spouses and children were not subject to the rule.

        • Crooked is as crooked does. It’ll never change. Our government is so bloated with immunity and arrogance most people don’t understand what most of the rulings mean once they’re published because of the twisted nature of the way they’re written, they don’t even understand what the rules and laws that come out of DC even mean. After all let’s not forget our politicians are the slickest and most devious trial and defense lawyers in the world!

          • @Lakeside,,,,”It’ll never change”. Oh yes it will Lakeside! Oh yes it will!

            • Swift, they are like roaches, kill one and 100 more take their place.

        • There is no end to the crimes of parasites and thier lackies. They are the snake that eats it’s tail.

      24. The Fed’s 100 year scam of fiat money needs to end. The best question ever asked of the Federal Reserve chairman was asked by Texas congressman Wright Patman, chairman of the House Banking Committee under Nixon. His question to the Fed Chairman Arthur Burns was,” Can you give me one reason why you should not be in the penitentiary?” I guess Texas produces a few good Congressmen.

        • Sam Clemens had it nailed over a century ago. He said that, “All politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison”. Those words were never more appropriate than they are today.

      25. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/the-largest-natural-disaster-in-u-s-history-the-endless-drought-of-2012-will-bake-america-well-into-august

        Obama sold off the strategic grain reserve to decrease the food costs in Jordan.

        Think twice before you vote for this guy who…

        Congress needs to pass a strategic hay and irrigation bill this year to avoid future issues.
        An old congressman who used to be a farmer tried to pass it and fucks like Nancy P. voted it down.

        Folks….it’s look after your own ass time.
        Socialism always ends up in millions of deaths…. This time….it will be by famine.

        • The chemtrails are decreasing the global evaporation rate. Hence, no rain. This will go on for a few years….major drought . Better be ready or go stand in a saw dust govt. bread line with the ghetto folks…who are not so nice.

          Just wait until the “hand out” generation discovers that there’s a coming food shortage.

          Note to preppers…better have a plan B for your stores…. the fed.s will come a knocking and get the sales customer lists of sites like beprepared.com and other companies.
          Move your stuff…enough to survive.

          The chemtrail metal dust is finer than smoke and will stay in the air for over a year. So we’ll have another year or two of droughts.

          Think chemtrails are not real? HAVE YOU NOTICED THE SKY IS NOT DEEP DEEP BLUE ANYMORE? Spare me the “tin foil hat” comments… I have three college degrees and read.

          Good luck preppers….watch for food riots in 2014 to 2020 followed by hyperinflation.

          • I only have one degree..and, yes I also read a lot about chemtrails.
            No spraying here for 3 months really has me worried.
            The one thing it does do is negate those idiot’s arguments that they are just regular contrails…oh, really?? No passenger or commercial flights in this area for 3 months after continuous 8 or 10 plane sprays 5 of 7 days per week??
            How strange, wouldn’t you think??

          • “Just wait until the “hand out” generation discovers that there’s a coming food shortage.”

            Maybe those grasping hands should be put to work while they await their freebies? I spent a couple of hours in my garden this morning and thoroughly enjoyed pulling a LARGE wheel barrow worth of weeds from it while listening to the radio. The corn, green beans, tomatoes, and potatoes are doing especially well. We desperately need to return to the days when the able bodied were told, “if you do not work, you do not eat”. That was their version of an incentive plan. The terminally lazy, of course, resented that… but tough s**t.

      26. I can tell you this week Hy-Vee had a sale for a dollar each of their Pasta box and also $1. for one name brand sauce. As well as Romane Noodle 6 for $1. I can tell you shelves where empty. I know it the weather and farm news that maybe making other people stock up but at least they are.

        If you have never heard of Hy-Vee it a Large company in Midwest. I’m sure they plan their sales month or two ahead of the sales. I do know the manger was not happy about my rain check.

        As for silver if you have one silver dime when the dollar money worthless you still have something. What it worth then who knows. Buy what you can but stock up first.

        • Yep–I also noticed the 12 pack of ramen noodles for 1.69 is not $2.00 in the last 2 months here.

          • that’s now $2.00, not not.

            • I hope bought them they been 4/$1 for months. Unless there on sale. A year ago a sale made them 13 cents each but that not what happen now.

      27. I didn’t have the time to read all the comments right now – so please forgive me if this is redundant.

        I’m a pretty smart cookie, and I can’t wrap my head around what this means I should do. I’m mom to three smallish kids, stay home, and I’m prepping as fast as I can. So what do I do in the light of this information? Buy gold? Sell gold? Silver? Hoard cash in a jar in my yard? Forget any currency and invest in my garden?

        I’d love some PRACTICAL advice.

        • Orginize your preps in tiers. It would proably be best to focus on long staorage food, self defense, then if you have the cash, get your PMs. If you can garden, too, all the better.

        • I think silver is going to drop but gold has a higher demand. if you can get silver do so just a bit dont go crazy on it, it would be better to have supplies than take a chance to get rich or maybe not if silver goes up, so save your money and get supplies that you need in harder and hard times. we all dont really know what will happen to the medals. it could drop to 3 bucks. who knows

        • I always have kept self defense first, even if you just get a 22lr or 12ga you always need something, collapse or not. Water filtration and purification would be next, long term food stores, medical supplies ect…

        • Lindsey… organize your preps this way: water and a way to purify water first. Then food, protection, med supplies, seeds, fuel, heat & light, tools, and silver. And don’t forget the TP! While you probably cannot do all of this to the extent that you may need, do some of each as you can. Shop the sales and use coupons to maximize your purchasing power.

          A garden is an excellent food source. Garden fresh foods ALWAYS taste better and are better for you than any processed foods. Eat as much fresh food as you can get but also can and dry a good amount for winter as well.

          Get some “heritage seeds”. These will produce plants that have viable seeds. This will make your garden self-sustaining for years to come. Hybrid seeds can make some nice plants but the seeds from those plants are very often sterile and will not sprout. The only advantage of hybrid seeds is that they may be more insect resistant and they are cheap, so you can buy more of them with the same amount of money. If they are all you can afford, then go with them for the time being. It is important to have a good supply of seeds kept in a tightly capped container that is air-tight. Store in a cool dark place, such as a basement closet or a root cellar.

          A small greenhouse is also a great investment. There are lots of plans for these on the Internet and they do not have to cost a fortune
          to build if you are handy with tools. A southern or western exposure next to your house is usually a good spot. Get a few of those black plastic drums, fill them with water, and use them to absorb day-time heat and keep the greenhouse warmer at night.

          If water is scarce in your area, you may be able to capture rain water off your roof. Even a few barrels placed under your downspouts can collect quite a bit. Run it through a purifier before drinking, though, in case it has picked up contaminants. You can usually use it as-is for washing, cleaning, and toilet flushing.

          Keep reading the prepping web sites on the Internet. Lots of great info there. Good luck with your preps.

      28. I saw the video. It was good in some ways. I don’t buy the idea that the credit is created but interest isn’t so it can’t be paid back. Interest is always paid out of future income. Also, taxes aren’t being lowered. They’re being raised. High income people are being taxed more so they have less money to spend. That slows down the economy. I didn’t know that the baby boomers have cut their spending drastically. That’s a significant fact I didn’t know about.

      29. There are so many factors coming together. But, it’s still hard to predict when SHTF will occur.

        I’d wager the day the lock down the web, and all you get is propaganda-spam, it’s over…

      30. I for one did not have the capital to invest in gold, silver or food and defense equipment. So I choose the food and defense route. You still have to have someone to buy your PM and with what more fiat money. What you have to eat and keep you and yours safe is what I see that will see you through. But if you can do both, go for it, just don’t cut your food short or your guns and ammo for the PM’s. They hate preper’s because we can take care of ourseleves no need for them to take care of us, makes them look like the total idiots that they are. I say we show them how the cow eat the cabbage and a fat dog does fart. Let them eat sh-t and die.
        Live Free Stand Tall and Be Proud of who you are!

        • “You still have to have someone to buy your PM and with what more fiat money”.

          No, paper money will not be buying any PMs after the S has HTF… unless we need TP or something to help get a fire going. PMs will be useful once a local barter economy starts functioning again but that could take several months to start. It will happen, though. When it does, THEN PMs will be useful as a medium of exchange and all manner of locally made things will be bought and sold. While the S is HTF, the only precious metals will be brass and lead.

      31. My gut tells me that there is going to be a huge cluster F–K coming that is going to bring the whole world in to a major war. If you are not ready you will not make to the other side, it’s going to bad real bad for a lot of people when it happens. Look for the events or false flags to go down in the next 3 to 4 mos all over the globe, it’s coming.

      32. For sure. Get you shortwave radios in order.

      33. Sorry, but this scares the crap out of me. Not as much for me as the country my kids will be inheriting. Hopefully the reset will be swift along with the recovery, but I fear that is wishful thinking.

      34. I agree with the thought that some things will be deflationary, while others are inflationary. Take for example your home, even in Texas a lot of people are under water because their values have dropped. What happens to real estate values (residential and commercial) if rates go up?

        This is in contrast to food. Take beef as an easy example. The national herd numbers are at or near all time lows due to droughts and people being forced to sell out. Cattle prices will whiplash upwards and so will the price at the retailer.

        With a wicked mix of inflation and deflation, only thing you can do is by what you can when you can and try to keep things in balance. Easier said than done, but you gotta live today and plan for tomorrow.

        • Was talking to a Texas rancher over beers the other night and he expects $5/lb ground beef by Fall.

      35. That video said nothing of value. Absolutely useless.

      36. Besides buying food, you may want to consider going ahead and planting fruit and nut orchards. It generally takes 3 to 4 years to get any kind of crop of a tree. It would be a great investment. If you wait till the food crisis to hit to plant them, then it will be to late. You may want to consider planting regular sized fruit trees instead of dwarfs since they dwarfs do not live as long or disease resistant. Also, i would buy canning supplies and other food storage equiptment. Buying heirloom seeds now would also be a good investment. Medical supplies will also be a good thing to purchase. Another thought, instead of candles, try those solar lights you put by your sidewalk. They work great and they will not burn your house down and will last much longer than a candle. I would definately have enough supplies in my house that I could stay inside for over a month or longer except to deposit waste if need be. After a month, a large percentage of people will be dead or dying. Also, there will be a large percentage of people with the menatality of ” I have a gun so I will just take your stuff” roaming around. I guess in buying all of my preps I forgot to buy a firearm. OOPS we preppers will be easy targets since we will be unarmed and have no desire of protecting our stuff. So the longer you can stay hidden the better.
        There is still so much to prepare for and so little time to do it. The list of things one should buy or aquire are endless and depends on your circumstance. Prepare well my friends, prepare well.

        • yes, I bought 5 more solar lights..$2 each.
          They will let you see how to get around.
          Headlamps, candles, lanterns are nice too; but for night, these night lights are awesome and safe for all.

        • Hope you are “tongue in cheek” when you say you have no gun, and would not resist someone with a gun who wanted to take your stuff. People roving the neighborhoods looking to rob others can not be ignored. You must resist the darkness in this natural world and in the spiritual world as well.

        • “OOPS we preppers will be easy targets since we will be unarmed and have no desire of protecting our stuff.”

          What? I must be doing the prepping thing all wrong, then. Should I be selling the Mossy and the AK? How about my .45 auto or my .357 mag? The small game getter .22 rifle? Not giving up my .41, though… no way, no how.

      37. If I were in charge of things, and I am sure that those in charge are aware that our system is falling apart and there is no real fixing it, I would, during the collapse go to war. It would have to be a cause millions of us would not be able to say no to. It would have to be a cause that we could rally behind, cause the whole nation to steel itself… Think about it, how better to keep us in one piece that to give every American the same goal. During this time I could carry out political agenda as I saw fit. I could thumb my nose at creditors, I could institute all sorts of homeland policy that defends the homeland… Things that wouldnt have even been remotely possible before the war. And after the war the country will be given a clean slate and if things were done correctly I would be a hero.
        I just find it hard to believe that those in charge while knowing this collapse is coming would let an opportunity go to waste.
        Not saying this is what would happen, but thats what I would do. How better to maintain peace in the homeland. Take a huge chunk of the young and send them off to a war while their wives and mothers produce war materials getting paid with whatever currency I wanted, gladly doing without for the effort.
        Sounds alot like WW2 doesnt it? Control through cause.

        • That is exactly what one person predicts..that the war will be caused for totally expunging all debt worldwide.

        • When did “the homeland” become a replacement for “our country”? After 9/11? This just gives me the creeps. Sounds so much like “the motherland”.

          • @JRS…..

            The parallels between the USA now and Germany in the 1930’s are just spooky.

        • “If I were in charge of things, and I am sure that those in charge are aware that our system is falling apart and there is no real fixing it, I would, during the collapse go to war”.

          No, John, YOU would not be doing that because you are not a psychopath. Our fearful leaders might very well try that, though.

          Wouldn’t it be great if a leader tried to lead his people to war and they all refused to follow? Those who have never been in combat have NO IDEA what it is like. If they did, they would not even consider doing that unless it was a matter of national survival brought on by a powerful external aggressor nation.

          Solving our national problems is very likely still possible but only if our so-called leaders will get off their over-fed backsides, roll up their sleeves, and actually do the job for which we are paying them. Yes, I know that the odds are WAY against this happening but it is possible.

          My main fear is that they will waste every moment of valuable time fiddle-farting around and then run out of time to fix things. They seem adept at this, probably due to all the practice they’ve had at it. 🙁

      38. Awesome !!! tee hee … got enough ammo ???

      39. Had a great weekend. Put new brakes on the BOV, picked up another 100 rounds of ammo, rearranged and organized my two prep storage areas, ordered another 6 fans of tvp, picked up a used dehydrator free, even did a little land nav while fishing with my new BOB tackle. Thought I was looking pretty good and then watched the video. Hmmm think I will go home tonight and do some more…that was motivating as hell.

      40. Here’s my problem with the video… if you will notice, this is the same voice that did another, very high quality and professional video about two years ago, of a possible financial collapse scenario (One of those “Monday the stock market opened lower…” things). In the earlier video he (they) basically predicted the opposite, that is, the dollar becoming worthless early on (note this video predicts that early on, dollars will soar in value).

        My point?

        Even this guy has offered opposite (sort-of) scenarios.

        My course of action. I purchased as much WalMart supplies and store them as I can and keep my “extra cash” in silver. Because frankly, no one knows.

      41. Ok, that is stupid. When children leave their parents’ houses, of course the parents pay less. That is because the child picks up the tab.

        The rest of the video seems sound to me. (Although I lost interest and started browsing facebook after they forgot that when children move out of the nest, the total spending of the (now separated) family actually increases)

      42. Lots of smart folks making comments on this one. Didn’t see anybody looking beyond the “Natural.” It’s easy to get caught up in bad stuff happening, but…we can’t forget, None Of This Is Eternal!
        While we are prepping for these kinds of troubles we’re reading about, we need to hear the wake up call.
        Have we “prepped” for the eternal?

      43. “Have we “prepped” for the eternal?”

        One would certainly hope so. Faith is a great and powerful thing to have in our lives. There are many examples in history of people surviving terrible conditions because they had faith that they would. Faith does not mean that we sit around and wait for someone else to save us. It means that we can draw on that last bit of strength that is within us when all others without faith are giving up. This can make all the difference at critical times.

      44. The game is rigged. Ok. I get it. I guess we should all just stop following the issues, and responding to them in a timely manner, and throw our hands up in the air in desperation, and do NOTHING. Right? I mean, because WHAT CAN WE REALLY DO? That, my friends, is DEFEATISM.

        Harry Reid may have pulled a supreme Mitt Romney FLIP FLOP on us all, Weds., but, there IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO!

        CONTACT Sen. Harry Reid on H.R. 459′s Passage (327-98) – TODAY!

        I did! Here is the text of my message (you may copy/paste in an email to H. Reid):

        “I was just informed, that the House voted, 327-98, on H.R. 459, & AUDIT THE ‘FED’ passed! I was also just informed, that ‘Sen. HARRY REID is refusing to put Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate.’ And, to ‘Please contact his office today and tell him to support AUDIT THE ‘FED’ and allow for a Senate vote!’

        327-98, Senator, is a CLEAR MAJORITY. THE PEOPLE have spoken. Question: Do you represent THE PEOPLE? I noticed, that in 1995, you spoke openly FOR an AUDIT OF THE ‘FED’ – of course, the need for such an audit has not changed since then – why has your stance (on this issue) changed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn1u3yDjhN4

        (Feel free to Copy and Paste the message above, if you wish)

        Related News:

        Audit the Fed Passes the House! 327(Y)-98(N)

        Harry Reid vows Federal Transparency Act will never be voted on in the Senate 7/25/12

        Harry Reid’s ULTIMATE FLIP-FLOP Passionate Speech Pleading for an Audit of The Federal Reserve 1/23/1995

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