Even IF You Are Fully Vaccinated For COVID-19, You Still Have Comply With The Edicts

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    The “experts” are saying that even after you are fully vaccinated (got two shots of the Big Pharma COVID-19 vaccine) you have to still follow the same tyrannical edicts that everyone else does. Getting injected doesn’t mean you can go back to normal.

    At this point, most people have hopefully figured out there is no “going back to normal.”  After all, you can still get and transmit the virus even if you’re fully vaccinated, so you are supposed to remain terrified and afraid of being a human.  But the control freaks say you’ll have “fewer symptoms” if you get the vaccine. It’s hard to believe that getting two Big Pharma jabs is worth it to some people.

    Vaccine Trial Participants Warn: Side Effects After Second Shot Are “Intense”

    The ruling class with the help of the mainstream media simply want to be able to change humans’ behavior on a whim, and so far, up to this point anyway, they’ve been overtly successful:

    The key to being able to ultimately change our behavior is protecting a large percentage of the population through vaccination, said Stephanie Silvera, a professor of public health at Montclair State University.Widespread vaccination will reduce the number of people who become infected and not permit the virus to reproduce and continue to spread, she said.

    Although vaccines usually prevent transmission, that was not confirmed in the clinical trials of the vaccines, said Silvera.

    “Viruses need hosts to continue to reproduce,” she said. “If we reduce the number of possible hosts through vaccination, we can then prevent the transmission and resume activities that were put in place to counter the spread of this virus.” –NJ.com

    In fact, submitting to the commands of the ruling class won’t actually net you any more freedom. Shocking, right?

    Nalin Johri, the acting program director of the Seton Hall Master of Healthcare Administration Program, said you should still follow CDC guidelines and at a minimum wear a mask, socially distance and keep washing your hands even after having two doses. The problem, Johri said, is that while the vaccine provides protection against severe illness, it does not provide 100 percent protection, but more importantly, even if you are vaccinated you may still be able to spread the virus to unvaccinated people.

    These people act the unvaccinated care. If they lived their lives in a panicked state of mainstream media-induced fear, they’d have already gotten the shots like the other cattle. This is one of the biggest vaccine pushed in human history, and it’s global.  Wake up.  It’s easy to see this isn’t being done for your own good or the good of others.


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      1. Yeah,I’m gonna go right away and get a toxic DNA altering concoction for a promise of “fewer symptoms” for a “virus” that has never been isolated/proven to exist! WTF!?! As you have mentioned,this is about control of the slaves.This covid b.s. has to be the biggest fucking con job ever!! It’s truly surprising any of us are still around since this virus has ravaged and killed EVERYONE!!! When I go to grocery stores,I have to climb over the piles of dead bodies because as anyone knows by now,the covid casualties are EVERYWHERE!!! At the terrifying rate that this killer virus is mutating/multiplying very soon everyone on Earth will be GONE!!!! If only there was some type of protection or well timed “vaccine” that could help us all in our time of need!? That would be so very convenient and such a blessing for all of us!?!??

      2. Using the logic of these medical tyrants, I suppose we should not ever go outside or do anything at all to reduce our “risk”.I think most grown ass people know life is about risk.Most of us (hopefully) would rather live our lives than be put in a bubble by these tyrants.For any sheep afraid of their own shadows,here is a quote: “Life itself is a disease with a very poor prognosis,it lingers on for years and invariably ends in death” Carl Jung

      3. Speaking of the infamous virus, I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks as the sound of those ambulance sirens transporting all the covid casualties at all hours has been unbearable???

      4. Supposedly,we are/have been experiencing a raging pandemic with absolutely no end in sight and yet during all this time I have been feeling healthier and stronger than I have ever felt – go figure?

      5. All people need to think about to know something is very wrong here is what you said about this being one of the biggest vaccine pushes in history.That is something that has always raised huge alarm bells for me. Why are they relentlessly pushing this supposed “vaccine” for a “virus” that 99.9℅ of people get over.It makes no sense.There has to be an ulterior motive here.The same with the non existent “pandemic”. If there really was a pandemic,they wouldn’t need to remind us all day and night long because we would see bodies and evidence of a medical emergency everywhere.The reason they crank up the constant fear propaganda is because there is NO illness killing millions of people so they have to constantly remind us of something each us can see with our own eyes is NOT actually happening. The only pandemic I see is an epidemic of sheep avoiding others,wearing submission masks and being afraid of a totally normal human bodily function as a cough. When looking at the fear/actions of so many sheep,it becomes apparent that whether or not they have achieved herd immunity,they have definitely achieved herd stupidity!!!!

      6. The Governor in the state I live in 3 days ago said masks are no longer required. I hardly ever ever wore a face diaper. They said because hospitalizations were at an all time low since the “””VIRUS””” began last year. Yeah if someone is stupid enough to have an unknown substance injected into their body they are stupid enough to believe they’ll have privileges to GO BACK TO NORMAL whatever that means. They get the cutesy little vaccine card to flash around. YEAH BABY WHAT A FASHION STATEMENT what the fools don’t understand is that the vax card is their death certificate that they just signed. Today I went to the store and talked to the cashier, she said I can’t wait to get my vaccine because I’ll be able to visit my elderly parents then. These poor sheeple just don’t get it. And I just don’t have the desire anymore to argue with anyone. Like the old James Bond movie “LIVE AND LET DIE”

        • @Jack Wagon,you are so right.The programming of the sheep has been so intense that I don’t even try to wake them up anymore.Just take care of yourself.If others wanna take an untested “vaccine”- that’s on them.

      7. Don’t know if this is true,but, I’ve heard rumors that the “covid cases” are dropping and the msm is grasping at straws trying to keep the fear mongering going. I just hope they’ll be careful because I’ve also heard the covid can live indefinitely on straws ?

      8. I won’t be getting the kill shot myself,but, I was wondering if any sheep who already got the first dose would actually be stupid enough to return for a second dose after seeing what’s happened to so many people??

      9. I don’t comply with edicts, and I don’t take vaccines.

        I’m kinda’ “freeborn American” that way. 😉

      10. “Fewer symptoms”? I thought they said there are only two as it is- fever and loss of taste. Maybe the other was loss of cognitive thinking.

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