Evacuations Underway In California As Fire Rages Along The Highway

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 30 comments

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    Corona, California is experiencing burning hillsides near a freeway as the Canyon fire rages on. So far, the fire has forced people to quickly evacuate their homes.

    The fire has destroyed more than 1,700 acres of land near Chino Hills State Park, California, with emergency crews urging people to evacuate all homes and schools in the area. The canyon fire began close to Freeway 91 just after 1 pm on Monday and has now spread to over 2,000 acres, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

    The blaze, which is only 5 percent contained, according to the fire service’s latest updates, has necessitated the use of aircraft and more than 300 firefighters. Four schools have been closed due to the threat from the flames, with Corona City authorities urging people to leave their homes south of Green River Road to the Trudy Way area.

    An evacuation shelter has been opened at the Corona High School gymnasium.


    Safety precautions need to be at the forefront as the fire is now burning dangerously close to the 91E Freeway.


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      1. Genius

        I am a volunteer wildland firefighter and I am sure that a few of these fires are started by firefighters trying to drum up work. I have heard stories about things like this too. In fact 1 fire near me was under control by the local fire dept. then the BLM stepped in and took over and let it loose and it turned into a major huge fire that destroyed 70,000 acres and burned many homes down. Anyone responsible for starting large wildfires should be burned alive in my opinion!

        • Plan twice, prep once

          If I was an Islamic terrorist, the dry season in the west would be just too easy to pass up.

          The seeming percent of fires in the west is way up in recent years.

          Much of the tract housing built in the hills avoided meeting fire resistance building codes.

          I said the other day that when my house needed a roof, I bought the lifetime shingles that also have the highest fire rating. They are still asphalt shingles, but are supposed to have enough fire retardant to make them self extinguishing. The standard shingles burn like gasoline once they get started. These shingles cost a lot more, and it was tempting to go cheap, but the prepper in me won the argument.

          When the big storm blew through with 85 mph winds I was glad I made that choice. Many neighbors had significant roof damage, roads were closed for days, so you couldn’t get repairs, plus with the power and phone out, roofer compressors wouldn’t run and you couldn’t phone them to schedule repairs.

          • DeplorableBitterClinger

            Even a muslime can figure out how to start a fire.
            SOCAL this time of year and a flare gun is a
            muslime’s dream–just roast the infidels.

            With all the supposed technological advances mankind has made, we still haven’t learned to not live next to a tinderpile.

      2. Borodino

        Still only 5% contained at noon, Pacific time. Sending prayers for safety of all involved.

        • DeplorableBitterClinger

          2000 acres is not THAT big, but we worry about “environmental impact” even when our house is burning.

          • greg

            Love this one!

      3. NorseMan

        Great reason to read-check your bug out bag and include or update your bank/insurance/etc paperwork.

        The great conundrum lies in ‘what do you do with that 100 pounds of silver’ you stashed away? Or the 2 year supply of rice and beans? Or the 400 pounds of ammo?

        If your house goes up the dozers and firefighters will mess up any storage you have – possibly even underground storage too!

        I have been reducing my stash to about 30 days – enough to get through most emergencies, but replaceable in case of extreme natural disaster, fire, etc.

        • Genius

          All the more reason to use oversea containers. Never see one burned have you? Dozers make a firebreak not doze your whole property so underground is a good bet. Bank paperwork? Why would anyone have their wealth in a bank? Any halfway decent constructed underground stash would easily survive a dozer. 400 pounds of ammo lol? Try 1500 lbs. and ya its safe…. I have been in large wildfires and trust me, no one has ever lost anything in a container or underground storage. I don’t keep a lot of valuables in the cabin either…

          • Genius

            One big piece of advice for you all, CLEAR THE GROUND AROUND YOUR HOUSE OR STORAGE! Every cabin or structure I have ever seen burned did so because they NEVER cleared around it. If you want trees and shit next to your structures then kiss it goodbye in a fire. Have wood shake roof or other combustibles for roofing? Kiss it goodbye too. Have an old wood deck connected to your structure? Kiss it goodbye. Have fuel stored next to your house? Kiss it goodbye. Have wood piled next to your house? Kiss it goodbye. Embers will start a fire even if you have a clearing so BEWARE of that! My place survived a bad ass fire while everyone else burned to the ground and don’t try and blame the fire dept. for your loss, the responsibility is YOURS!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          this aint no shtf moment…..as long as you got insurance. PFFT!

          • Genius

            Problem is virtually no one will insure you unless you have a 100 ft. clearing around your structure. Besides you can’t insure things that you don’t want on the radar. Insurance money does little good when you spent 10 years building something, I’m getting too old to start all over from scratch.

      4. nlightened2

        The four seasons​ are a little different in California. They​ are called Flood, Shake, Drought and Burn. And sometimes those seasons will even overlap. 😉

      5. rellik

        When I was very young( 7 and 8) I used to spend significant parts of summer at my Uncle’s place in Corona and then Norco( right next door).
        They were almost old west out in the middle of nowhere towns,
        we kids rode horses to little mom and pop stores on the edge of town, to buy candy. Kind like the Rifleman TV show.
        They didn’t have wild fire problems, then.

        Now there is a sea of sub-division housing and you have wild fire problems. Houses used to be spaced out on acreage. Today they are 10 feet apart, built right up to the edge of the sage brush and native grasses. It is no wonder that they have fire problems.

        • Genius

          And many people are morons with fire, I know, I deal with those idiots.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Well at least with all the heat the asphalt going down on the road will be easier to work with (spread and grade). Hey, just sayin there’s always a rainbow if you know where to look.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Put together any of that lemon drop? Gettin’ ready to take some down to family in Tennesee this week. Me and the B-I-L gonna send some lead down range too.

            • Genius

              Not yet, just made some wheeesky that’s all I had time for. Soon as I am done workin’ I’ll head for the hills and make some sugar stuff to use. Lead chuckin’ oh ya! Gotta love that too 🙂

      6. Old Guy

        At present its extremely dry in my part of the Ozarks. There have been spotty thundershowers but very little significant general rain. If a fire got out it could spread very fast. Out fires are not life threatening. They just damage stuff. onr at this time of year would destroy the winter mast wildlife ddepend on. It would decimate pasture’s ruin fences and fire damage oak trees. I used electric fence and grazed the premeter of our places down to the almost bare ground. Its a fire lane now. If a wildfire comes thru we will backfire to make it bypass our places.

        • Genius

          Backfire is a good move but around here the fuckin’ BLM will throw you in prison for it…

      7. Traitor Hator

        This is why I think a bug out trailer is vital. Hotels if available will jack prices. A fully stocked bug out trailer to go camp out somewhere for the duration ?

      8. FTW

        Evacuations Underway In California As Fire Rages Along The Highway

        Here’s a idea … SHIT HAPPENS … PLUS … IT’S CA … WHO REALLY FK’N CARES?

      9. aljamo

        It does seem excessively hot for this time of year in many parts of the country. Green Bay way up there with temps matching Florida. Maine the same and many northeast areas into the 90’s. Where is our late September cooler front?

      10. PO'd Patriot

        Rudolf is bringing it, just look for the glowing nose.

      11. JayTee

        This is the 3rd major fire in the exact location in the last 15 years. I live in Sierra Del Oro. Starts right at the 91/Green River Road exit every time.

      12. Anonymous

        who is starting all those fires? Is that part of the sustainable development agenda 21 to get people out of the rural areas

        • Genius

          That is probably part of it.

      13. Kay123

        Fires when it is dry pretty normal. But like some of the others said, some of these are pretty suspicious. Tree removal definately, don’t ask for trouble. I thought CA. had a law about roofing materials…tile roofs only.
        Plus… there are those who want all white Constitutional supporting….conservatives with values…. gun supporting….non dependent people…gone forever. Fires are one way to purge the ‘undesirables’ without undue suspicion….while clearing the land for more communist takers.

        Sorry, this country has become so mean, evil, and backward that everything looks like the work of communists….because usually it is true.

      14. Anonymous

        This is just unbelievably horrible… but, honestly, it was all predicted by scientists years ago– I know, I did all the research and read numerous books… its all been predicted and now coming true.

        The West will become uninhabitable due to lack of water (snow will melt ahead of time on the mountains because of global warming–meaning no water during the summer months), and forest fires becoming more destructive and common.

        A few years ago, Russia was “on fire” for the entire summer! People were constantly fleeing! Russians didn’t believe in climate change until that occurred.. Now, they do.

        I remember visiting mom around 2010 and it was 100 degree weather IN THE SPRING TIME!!! FOR SEVERAL WEEKS!!! And she lives up north– THE NORTHEASTERN united states!!! and we had weather in the 100’s in OCTOBER!! At night!! And we lived in the northeastern US– THE NORTHEAST!!! This had NEVER OCCURRED BEFORE!!!! Mom was in her 90’s and she said she never experienced anything like it in her life before!!

        Then hurricane Katrina struck– the hotter the oceans, the more violent the storms/hurricanes– this is a scientific FACT.


      15. Anonymous

        The drier it is outside and the hotter it is outside, the easier it is for fires to start. If its raining, fires won’t start. If its dry wood, dry air, its easier to catch something on fire.

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