European Leaders Have Lost the Will to Defend Western Civilization

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    This article was originally published by Robert Bridge at Strategic Culture Foundation

    The Western world would have succumbed over 1,000 years ago had its leaders and citizens not made a brave stand in the face of foreign invasion. Today, no less dangerous invaders than those from the past have succeeded where their forebears could not, and without the force of arms.

    The history of Western civilization has been interspersed with episodes of military conflict on such a monumental scale that any defeat would have reversed the course of history forever.

    Consider the Battle of Tours. Beginning in 711 AD, a Muslim army under the Umayyad caliphate conquered a large swath of what is known today as Spain and Portugal, or the Iberian Peninsula. The tide began to recede only in 732 when the Germanic statesman and military leader, Charles Martel, with a force of some 20,000 men, emerged victorious against Muslim forces on a battlefield in southwestern France in what is known as the Battle of Tours.

    Military historian Victor Davis Hanson emphasized the importance of the conflict when he wrote that “most of the 18th and 19th century historians, like [Edward] Gibbon, saw (Tours), as a landmark battle that marked the high tide of the Muslim advance into Europe.”

    Martel’s victory represented the first chapter in a protracted effort – known as the Reconquista – a 780-year campaign on the part of the Christian kingdoms to uproot the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula. And it wasn’t until 1492, the year Columbus set sail to discover the New World, that the peninsula was fully controlled by Christian rulers.

    It makes for a compelling thought experiment to consider how a powerful historic figure, like Charles Martel, one of the founding figures of the European Middle Ages, would be received by today’s mainstream media, which has a acquired a very particular way of reporting on those modern European leaders – like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban – who are simply motivated by the desire to strengthen Europe’s borders from illegal aliens. For an answer, one need only consider the breathtakingly biased BBC interview where Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó was told that his government was guided by “xenophobia” in its decision to prevent illegal migrants from entering the country.

    Judging by its blood-stained history, however, Hungary has good reason for being concerned about foreign invasion. That’s because the threat of foreign invasion against the European continent did not end in 1492. In fact, overlapping the defeat of the Muslim invaders in Western Europe, a concomitant development was occurring in Eastern Europe with the rise of the Ottoman Empire, which defeated the Byzantine Empire in 1453.

    By 1541, the Ottoman Turks had conquered Hungary and at this time were on their way to creating one of the largest empires of all time. After declaring Hungary a vassal state, the Ottoman army marched up the Danube towards the famed ‘Gates of Vienna.’ It was here the Ottomans would meet their match, thanks to the timely intervention of King John Sobieski of Poland.

    Upon reaching Vienna on September 12, 1683, with the Ottoman army about to breach the city walls, Sobieski ordered his roughly 75,000 troops to charge at the very heart of the enemy force, which numbered some 350,000. Sobieski’s plan worked and he successfully routed the Ottomans, a momentous event that began the liberation of Eastern Europe from the Turkish yoke.

    To understand the significance of the victory, the Pope hailed Sobieski as the “Savior of Vienna and Western European civilization.”

    Once again, we must ask: how would the Western media today treat such a historic figure, who led Europe and Western civilization to ultimate triumph against a foreign invader? After all, Sobieski didn’t merely construct a barbed-wire fence against an invading horde as Hungary’s Orban did, and too much outcry and even retribution from his European peers. Sobieski went so far as to put an intruder to the sword.

    In a letter to his wife, Queen Marie-Louise, Sobieski described the sheer mayhem and bloodshed that accompanied the battle: “Our Lord and God, Blessed of all ages, has brought unheard victory and glory to our nation. All the guns, the whole camp, untold spoils have fallen into our hands…They left behind a mass of innocent Austrian people, particularly women; but they butchered as many as they could…”

    Now of course some will argue that we are talking about apples and oranges here. A marauding army simply cannot be compared to an influx of desperate migrants looking to better their lot in life. However, I would argue that the two groups, while employing radically different methods, nonetheless produce roughly the same results: both groups have a massive impact upon the native population in terms of problems with assimilation, as well as the expenses involved in playing ‘host’ to people from radically different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Most importantly, however, is that in both cases the native population suffers the risk of being completely displaced by the influx of foreigners, especially if the latter is more prolific when it comes to reproducing its numbers.

    There is yet another point to consider. As the Hungarian foreign minister emphasized in his interview, much of the migrants who entered Europe arrived by ‘invitation’ of sorts in that they knew the larger European countries, namely Germany, England and France, in tandem with non-profit organizations like George Soros’ Open Society, would provide them with a relatively respectable stipend once they breach the borders of some European country (it should be no surprise that Germany is viewed as the ‘Holy Land’ as far as these economic migrants are concerned). In a report detailing the outlays provided to migrants arriving in Germany, it was reported that “a single adult receives € 408/month on average for everything but rent and health insurance, which the state pays for.” Now if that doesn’t set the conditions for a full-blown exodus into Europe I really don’t know what will. And it has. To date, millions of undocumented migrants have spread out to the four corners of Europe, the consequences of which nobody can predict.

    One thing can be said with certainty, however. The great sacrifices of great European men, like John Sobieski and Charles Martel, seem to have been utterly wasted by modern leaders who simply do not have the best interest of their state, not to mention Western civilization, at heart. The site of German Chancellor Angela Merkel snatching the German flag from one of her colleagues during a political assembly, or French President Emmanuel Macron insisting that there is “no such thing as French culture” tells us everything we need to know about these so-called ‘leaders,’ who have betrayed the spirit of European fortitude that allowed Europe to survive and flourish in the first place. Europe should be thankful there are leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban or Sebastian Kurz, 31, the new Austrian chancellor who soared to victory by campaigning on stricter border controls in Europe.

    Why is common sense in such short supply these days in the Western world?

    It cannot be denied that much of Europe’s problems with the migration crisis are the result of it hitching its wagon to the falling star of US foreign policy. However, that does not serve as a reasonable argument for Europe to open its doors to a migrant invasion. If Europe, as well as some of the more notorious NGOs, really want to help migrants from the Middle East, they could start by demanding their governments stop supporting military operations abroad. This is exactly what our modern ‘social justice warriors’ should be demanding, yet they are absolutely silent on the war front. And if they insist on paying these war victims, who are certainly deserving of sympathy, then better to send the humanitarian assistance to those war-torn places instead of inviting hordes to European shores.

    As things stand, or fall, Europe’s ultimate survival will come down to brave and courageous men, the Martels and Sobieskis of our times, to thwart any new foreign invasions being delivered to Europe’s doorstep inside the Trojan Horse of ‘good intentions,’ which we all know where ultimately leads.

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      1. The few countries in the EU that are holding out against the migrant hordes are to be commended but it’s questionable how long they can hold out. All the rest of the EU are the biggest pussies I’ve ever seen anywhere. They are already toast and just don’t know it. Europe is all but finished.





          YUM YUM

          • Eisen, if you’re stupid enough and desperate enough to go after a commie go right ahead. No doubt you’ll catch something.

          • She will laugh while you die…




          • They give this same treatment to ‘outsiders’ wherever they have attained majority status — especially, north of the border.

            Also, all of the feared, social consequences, of accepting the migrant caravans into America, have happened already.

            Refusing the new ones, outrightly, is still not enough to accomplish a stable holding pattern, here, returning us to the normative, social contract of 65 years ago.

            They are being given fake refugee camps, not being refused, outrightly.

        • Either the author is unaware of, or afraid to speak of, The Kalergi Plan. The White people of Europa, and the U.S., are being actively replaced. The people in charge want White genocide. This is the end goal. And, White people are terrified to face it.

          • Diversity and Inclusion is what is killing us.

            • Raping and bastardizing the language is also killing us. Even this article has its share of it:

              “To date, millions of undocumented migrants have spread out to the four corners of Europe”

              Calling these ILLEGAL ALIENS “undocumented migrants” is no damned different than calling a meth dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist”.

              The problem isn’t their lack of “documentation”. The problem is they DON’T FUCKING BELONG THERE. Nobody in Europe wants them there, except POS Nazi collaborators like George Soros, and the so called European elite shouting “hail hydra” before they drop to their knees to kiss his wrinkly Bolshevik ass.

              • Spot on – especially regarding the INTENTIONAL misuse of language to further the CRIMINAL (((Agenda)))

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          “The few countries in the EU that are holding out against the migrant hordes are to be commended but it’s questionable how long they can hold out”

          those “few countries” are from what I can see all located in the former “Eastern Block”. Apparently having been under the Soviet thumb for about five decades, once independent, they’re acting that way. The former “West”, also under five decades of US ‘supervision” behave like a pavlovian dog accepting commands from the globalists.

          • Kevin2, good points. But I really have to wonder how long those former warsaw pact nations can hold out with all of the political and economic pressure they’re facing. The former ‘West’ will do whatever the globalists in Brussels tell them, without question or reservation. I still think Europe is doomed.

            • The former Eastern Block isn’t as of yet completely corrupted but the tentacles of the globalists are like cancer; You beat it here it wants to re-appear there.

          • Ironically, the likes of Hungary will end up buddying u to Russia for protection.

        • Borders.
          ALL are being DESTROYED by your Politicians.
          Destruction is INTENTIONAL. Chaos by design.

          • And execute the scum letting them in. Only one good kind of communist

        • Eventually, they’ll be thrown off a roof and the women will be enslaved. So sad!

        • Euro males are gelded cowards in pink underwear. The women like darker skin invaders and “hook up” with them and enjoy the raping sessions (gang bangers), Sweden tops the rest of Europe for hook ups. What a S___hole of a continent incl the UK which is under sharia law now. Crime unabated and even the female royal family will soon be seen in Burkas or Hijabs. Satan rules the EU. Infidels (Euro idiots) will live in the streets while Muslims move in housing and push out the idiots who had zero interest in defending their country. They couldn’t even stop Hitler esp the stupid french, Dutch and British.

        • You fucking wanka, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

        • Common sense has become so rare that it can now considered a superpower.

      2. I look at it this way, The best and brightest of Europe’s gene-pool was destroyed in the Napoleonic and last 2 World wars. Keep in mind Russia west of the Urals is considered Europe, so I include them in my remark.

        • Rellik, Russia would have a better chance of survival by giving their muslims the boot. They’ve been having a lot of trouble with them since the USSR broke up. They might outlast the EU but not by very much.

          • Where’s Hitler when you need him? He would set this shit straight! Take out the real enemies.

            • Genius,you know the camps turned into museums,you do not think that museum was their final purpose do you.The folks know in their darkest hour all they have to do is pay the gas bill and suddenly they have “solutions” to the invasion.

              The folks in Europe,burned out after 2 world wars allowed themselves to be disarmed,while a huge mistake their are many ways to still defend themselves and country if they get working on it now,that said,as one poster mentioned,they may already be toast.

              • Warchild, it’s about time you came back. How’ve you been? And I’m the one who said Europe is all but finished. BTW, I used to be Braveheart but had to change my moniker. A bit of a story there.

                • Brave,a long story,helping out a family member(me mum) for a year,I will say though awhile back seems me comments were getting “moderated”.As me computer worked fine commenting on other sites(remember,I am a site slut!)said fuck this noise and just left for a long time.We will see what happens,get moderated,will leave again.

                  I also felt right before and when Eppe died a lot of the regulars were disappearing,one can only make jokes about Genuis’s paint thinner booze for so long!

                  • Warchild, good to see you again. Hope everything is ok with you and yours. Perhaps you were moderated for disparaging my hooch? LOL anyway I’m making wine now, damm fruit wine takes a long time. Maybe I should use distillers yeast?

            • Well the Germans will have it easy, just replumb the showers, relight those ovens….

              • Ya mein hier!

                • This invasion of third world sub humans must be halted, and those already in America and Europe must be removed.
                  Teutonic methods are most efficient!

        • rellik: so right, Euro folks today have IQ’s of 50 maybe? They can tie their shoes and use the loo. Smart ones came over here generations ago. Canadians are morons allowing invasion of Somali’s and other third world ilk to set up a caliphate. Muslims will cross their borders into US

      3. In 5.5 billion years it won’t matter anymore.

        • yes, but you would think the leadership of Europe would at least decide not to leave their grandchildren the crapstorm that is coming.

          hope those grandkids piss on their graves.

          • lena, if you think that Europe’s so called “elites” are in any danger at all, you’re not paying attention. Its just like the elites in this country: they are against us building a wall not because they don’t want protection but because they already have it! THEY and their loved ones and friends and cronies live snug and cozy behind walls and gates and 24/7 armed security. THEY are safe as milk. That’s why they don’t give a fuck about you and me; we ‘re just here to slog away, pay our taxes and if they want our opinion they wanna tell us what to think.

            Europe’s elites are also snug and safe and cozy. You think any of the important folks/VIPs/special types/chosen ones in the EU are in ANY danger of being hacked to death by some knife wielding muzzie asshole shouting allah ho akbar? Of course not! THEY get to have men with guns guarding them day and night, keeping them safe. Because THEY are so fucking “important” and “special”. The people they lord it over, not so much. C’mon, what’s one taxpayer more or less?

            “It’s a big club — and YOU AIN’T IN IT!” George Carlin

      4. European leadership reflects the mindset and will of the European people.

        A few will fight to stand up for western culture, but most will fight against those standing up for it.

        The sun sets in the west, and as it does it is setting on western culture. It was good in its time, but its time is coming to an end now.

      5. Actually Hungary is having a migrant problem, too.

        See Red Ice Radio interview of Hungarians. Interestingly two women from England showed up to support the Hungarian street demonstrations, whose children were murdered by a migrant.
        When these mothers publicly talk about the dangers migrants are to Anglo-Saxon England, they are given no sympathy, just denounced as racist.


      6. All the stories have been told
        Of kings and days of old,
        But there’s no England now.
        All the wars that were won and lost
        Somehow don’t seem to matter very much anymore.
        All the lies we were told,
        All the lies of the people running round,
        They’re castles have burned.
        Now I see change,
        But inside we’re the same as we ever were.

        Living on a thin line…….

      7. Leaders and citizens the world over. What show do you think we are watching. Countless fiascos in washington. Out of control leftist swamp media. Leftists rioting in the streets unchallenged by police, while conservatives get arrested when defending themselves. QUILTBAG everything. We have freaking demon trannies reading to toddlers at the public library, and few care. We can’t point to other countries with a straight face.

        • And that isn’t even mentioning our invasion. We have no idea how many come through our borders. We know they stop many, but we know many times that get through. We are still flying on middle eastern “refugees”, but still no Christians. You know. The real refugees that are being slaughtered.

      8. the “european leaders” were elected democratically or are in democratic political systems.

        If so, it is not the leaders, but the people who have become pagans.

        • you are actually right.

          it’s all those people, in Europe and the usa that do not want to offend anyone and be all inclusive that cannot grasp that when a people have a history of harming others they’re not going to stop; but leadership has to be responsible to keep their citizens safe and bringing in muslims is not the way to do that.

        • Really? You think they don’t cheat to “win” their elections, like the antifa coddling dirtbags we have here?

        • Pagans?

          ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!! ……..

      9. No. Wrong. Article not accurate.
        Europen leaders have not “lost will”. It is INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of nations. Immigrants are a tool of chaos.
        These leaders understand to some extent demographics.
        Europeans are not breeding. Americans are not breeding. But America is being immigrated and your vote watered down by peoplke that do NOT have American values. Piss on that Mexican flag rag they keep flying everywhere over Texas.
        These Political leaders are doing as they are told “from above”.
        CFR-TriLateral commision-Bankers, etc. The beast system Masters use immigrants as a tool and means of chaos, divisiveness, and cheap labor.

        Terrorism-Chaos-Unrest-Rapes-Murders are all results of letting these savages into your nation.

        TRUMP Lied. The Invaders are coming across the border NOW.

        • Anon: Euro folks are apathetic, stupid and lazy bums, nihilistic losers.

          • Nihilism (/ ˈ n aɪ (h) ɪ l ɪ z əm, ˈ n iː-/; from Latin nihil, meaning ‘nothing’) is the philosophical viewpoint that suggests the denial or lack of belief towards the reputedly meaningful aspects of life.

            Thought I was educated? Guess not. had to look it up. I was out vacabularied. Women usually are smarter anyway.

            Americans are worse than Europeans. Like 5 year old children that believe in Santa and Tooth Fairy.

            Media is one big lie.
            ALL politicians are liars.

      10. Angry Foreigner
        (an emigree Serbian in Sweden speaks from a rightwing perspective about Sweden’s Islamic invasion and other things)

        There is also a Black Pigeon Speaks video on YT that mentions among other things members of Germany’s elite military unit who are fed up with their national leadership forming “death squads” to deal with traitors who assist the invasion.

        Finally, for those who may not know, neither all Middle Easterners nor all Arabs are Muslim. Some are Christian. Syria was Christian before Islam conquered it in the 7th Century. Ditto Coptic Christian Egypt, whose minority suffers grievously from being in an Islamic nation.

        • The “Angry Foreigner” is a good resource of whats really happening in Sweden.
          Wonder how long before he is shut down?

      11. “European Leaders Have Lost the Will to Defend Western Civilization.” Nope not at all. Here’s a dose of truth for everyone. WE the people of the USA and other countries are lazy dumbasses and LET people who are crooked, and out for only themselves into leadership positions and now most men in these countries are too beta male pussified individuals to do something about it. That’s the truth, if we were as our forefathers we would have handled all this bullshit years ago and kept the USA a REPUBLIC and those other countries would have done what they needed to do also. But here we are bitching on a stupid idiot box, trying to vote our way out of it, and nothing changes. There’s a quote that spells it out how to fix this shit hole were in and falling deeper into. “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” Think about it…

      12. How do you rise up against a fully-owned corporate MSM that refuses to call illegals anything but migrants, or caravan(s) what they are: an invasion? How do the American People get our “free press” back when it refuses to know anything other than whatever immigration flavor of the week it is — “migrants, refugees, DACA dreamers, the George Soros funded unescorted boat people and caravan(s), asylum seekers, migrants” etc?

        Hear about California threatening to nuke any American that doesn’t turn in their “assault style, semi-automatic, rifles?”

        Folks, don’t be a bunch of dumb-a** Jews thinking that the Nazis are going to lighten up. Crystal Night is upon us. What are you going to do?

      13. “He already sees the present-day European states as will-less tools in his fist, whether indirectly through a so-called Western democracy, or in the form of direct domination by Jewish Bolshevism. But it is not only the Old World that he holds thus enmeshed, the same fate menaces the New. It is Jews who govern the stock exchange forces of the American Union. Every year makes them more and more the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions; only a single great man, Ford, to their fury, still maintains full independence. With astute shrewdness they knead public opinion and make it into an instrument for their own future. Already the greatest heads of Jewery see the approaching fulfillment of their testamentary prophecy about the great devouring of nations. Within this great herd of denationalized colonial territories, a single independent state might still wreck the whole work at the eleventh hour. For a Bolshevistic world can exist only if it embraces everything. If only a single state is preserved in its national strength and greatness, the world empire of Jewish satrapies, like every tyranny in this world, must succumb to the force of the national idea. Now the Jew knows only to well that in his thousand years of adaptation he may have been able to undermine European peoples and train them to be raceless bastards, but that he would scarely be in a position to subject an Asiatic national state like Japan to this fate. Today he may mimic the German and the Englishman, the American and Frenchman, but he lacks the bridges to the yellow Asiatic. And so he strives to break the Japanese national state with the strength of similar existing formations, in order to rid himself of the dangerous adversary before the last state power is transformed in his hand into a despotism over defenseless beings.”


        • Get Hitlers dna and clone him so I can vote for him…

        • Adolf Hitler was the second coming of God with us.

          No other man has been lied about as has this man.

          I believe he was idolized by the German people as somewhere between a God and a man, which is by definition what Jesus Christ represents.

          Thus, Hitler was the Second Coming of Christ/God on earth.

          US Naval Commander George Lincoln Rockwell said: “I am to Hitler what Paul was to Jesus”.


        • Hi. Naming myself, here.

          Foreigners can invest in Oriental industries, from no-name s-holes to first rate superpowers.

          So, globalists have pivoted to the East, in expectations of the fall of the West.

          There have been financial bridges to the yellow Asiatic, at least, since the first Silk Road.

      14. What traits does the Octopus and the European Union have in common? Both lack any spine. Both have too many arms in too many places. The Octopus has suckers on its arms;the European Union sucks also!

      15. Diversity has destroyed every advanced civilization. Hungary has enough fight in the dog, but not enough dog in the fight. Russia has both and can survive. With secession or balkanization red portions of the former US can survive. The rest are toast.

      16. I am afraid, with the political cesspool in the United States and the West, the debasement of good money around the world, especially in the West, and the point made in this article, we are looking at the decline and fall of Western Civilization.If there is any catalyst promoting this I believe it is the loss of good money throughout the western world and the horrendous amount of debt that can’t be re payed. I look to the re-Christianizing Russia to perhaps pick up the pieces as early Christianity did with the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.

      17. SO bring back US forces to reconstitute for 10 years and then; we can Liberate Europe “Again” and rebuild all our military bases. Banks will love it!!!

      18. Wikipedia entry for “Idiot”

        I think that globalization has been a done deal, for some generations, now.

        Leaders, on either respective side of the Atlantic, are playing the middleman with IMF subsidies — expecting the citizenry to be non-participators in the global forum.

        Reckless decision making becomes sensible, when the national sovereignty has been bought and paid-for.

        Both parties are just presenting the same, globalist policies, but with a slightly different flavor.

        Aside from trivial nuances, you can see the same laws being passed in other countries, too — typically, during the same time period.

        You could spend all day, every day, at this, but common sense tells you that will be in the written “minutes” of some globalist forum.

      19. There is a certain ethnic group at the heart of this problem. They have taken over and turned our elite against us. Our leaders are drunk for power and should not be forgotten when the day of the rope comes, but unless we do something about (((you know who))), this problem will not go away.

      20. The “leadership” in western Europe didn’t lose their desire to protect the West, they never had any desire for that. Their desire is to make us all one big happy mixed race swamp. Globalists and Western communists have very similar goals. Chinese communists have no such goal. They are not going to mix with anyone. If you ain’t Han Chinese, you ain’t shit. China does not permit immigration of non Han Chinese. Period. It’s a weird combination of communism and ultra-nationalism in China.

      21. There is no love lost for our British forefathers. They tried to
        conquer the weak nations. The “Royalty” married their cousins
        making them weaker, mentally. Everything is for show and pomp
        and circumstance…. and a bluff with a sissy hammer.

        Africa was 30% white farmers before the “purge of whites” began 40
        years ago. The whites were mostly the reason for jobs, while the
        majority of blacks bred themselves into poverty and starvation.
        But… try to tell blacks that SKIN COLOR is NOT WHAT MAKES ONE HEALTHY,
        WEALTHY AND WISE. It is how you use your brain…. that makes you rich.

        Sex and breeding won’t do anything for you unless you teach them to work.

        And that, my friends, brings us full circle.
        You are either “taking” the orders …or you are “giving” the orders.
        Everybody works togeher….pulls their own weight …..earns their own
        way, provides for their own family…. that is a democracy.

        We had that back in the early 1950’s….sometimes.

        There was no welfare, very few fatherless babies, even fewer divorces.
        morals were better, music made sense, almost everyone knew how to play
        a musical instrument, (or had friends who did,) and jammed on weekends.
        Music was fading as tv became thee evening entertainment.
        Ahhh ….I digress, sorry….

        Very different than socialism, communism, monarchy, kings…dictators, etc..

      22. It is NOW incumbent upon the populace to REPLACE those “leaders” – who are better described as TRAITORS – by hook or by crook.

      23. ZOG USSA ‘Wars For ISISrael’ is IN FACT a covert WAR On Europe: Ethnic cleaning out of the MIddle East – for GREATER ISISrael – and INTO Europe for the ZOG USSA WAR ON Whitey.

        Deracinated bolshevik ZOG USSA is the ultimate ENEMY Of Europe – AND Western Civilisation

      24. Hi all
        You are talking about the battle of Poitier, in west of France (Tours is in the north west of France). There had been a great battle in Toulouse, Eudes d’aquitaine beat the muslim in 721. Some consider this victory more important than the battle of poitier.
        Charles Martel was Franc and is celebrated in france as the savior of the country.

      25. The European citizenry had been beaten up so badly by two wars that the fight has been taken out of them. It’s now a cultural change. They prefer the soft easy road hence their affinity for massive social programs at the expense of ultra high taxes.

      26. Consider how well uncontrolled immigration work for the native Americans. the Wachichus neveer stopped coming and never assimulated. They formed their own communities with no go zones. They had their own customs and spoke their own language. Where are the native Americans today They once owned all of the land and now have postage stamp areas to live in Learn from this and take warning they are coming in limitless numbers and will destroy you for ever

      27. Strong bear, the indians are still there, here…hundreds of thousands moved
        off of the reservations to live better, for jobs, for love, for the things the US
        offered them. I know many of Chief Black Hawks, Sitting Bull, and some
        Tonka Indians, whose decendants moved because the drug culture was
        dragging the culture down. They wanted more than reservation poverty, and
        they also wanted all those shiny new toys having a job could buy.
        The reservations were good for those who preferred to sit around a camp fire
        smoking….. but they got sucked into wanting all the shiny new stuff of the 19th
        and 20th Century (along with all of us pilgrims)
        But it has been a pretty good ride…..hasn’t it?

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