European Commission Unwittingly Echoes ‘1984’ Slogan In Controversial Tweet

by | May 20, 2019 | Headline News | 14 comments

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

The EU Commission is taking some heat on Twitter after its account tweeted a message that some blasted for perhaps unwittingly echoing “Orwellian” themes from George Orwell’s seminal novel 1984.

Urging Europeans to get out and vote during the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, which begin in a week, the Commission’s tweet read: “The EU is peace. The EU is freedom. The EU is solidarity. The EU is diversity. The EU is human rights. The EU is opportunities. Vote.”

Some observers noted that the “creepy” tweet and the slogan it bore resembled the three slogans of ‘the party’ of Big Brother in 1984: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.” The fact that all of the European Commission’s 28 members aren’t elected might have strengthened the association for some, especially since the tweet didn’t include ‘democracy’ among its ‘virtues’.

Others pointed out that the tweet’s author may not have noticed the connotations of the tweet.

The Commission is responsible for proposing legislation, implementing policy, enforcing compliance with treaties, and representing the union in trade talks. It has more power than any other European body, and it’s totally unelected, with members sworn to protect the interests of Europe as a whole, not their home countries.

If populist parties in the UK, France and Italy make sizable gains in the upcoming vote, they could challenge the globalist’s hold on the European Parliament.


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    1. Him

      It wasn’t coincidence. 1984 is here. Resist. Rise up. Defeat them.

      • Reality Bites

        You, and most others, are simple Proles. You will not rise up, you will not fight back. You cannot rise up and you cannot fight back.

    2. Montana Guy

      My first question for chest-thumping ‘patriots’ is, ‘Are your children home-schooled or government-schooled?’

      • Stuart

        Christian Schooled in the classical “Trivium” – Rhetoric, Logic & Grammar. They always dominate the public schools as far as scholastic competitions. (activities involving a ball… not so much) My oldest, a Valedictorian, went on to complete her Master’s Degree on 100% scholarship. My youngest is attending the U.S. Air Force Academy. Yes, they know how to think for themselves.
        Invest in your children. Keep them away from the government. They are the only hope we have.

        • cranerigger

          Well done Stuart. You provide an example to all of us.

        • Honeypot

          Well done, Stuart.
          Couldn’t agree more.

          Children are the future. It’s more than just a cliche. It’s the truth.



      • Him

        I don’t hide in Montana. I live within arms reach of the commies. Chicago. Thump on that.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Me too about 70 to 80 South and west. The big town of Marseilles.

        • Montana Guy

          Him, why can’t you answer the question? Do I have to ask a homeschooler to explain it to you?

      • odd ball

        ‘Are your children home-schooled or government thought-controlled?’

    3. Wojo

      No worries… just added 14 more hi-cap mags to the bunker. All is well!

      • Sgt. Dale

        Good Job I’ve been adding to my collection of mags for my 450 Bushmanster. 30 rd. AR mag only hold 10 rounds. So if the demorats get there way I still only have 10 round mags. Just won 3 more from G.B. Hang in there and keep adding.

    4. Rock Roller

      Whats scary is that most people are so dumbed down, catch phrases and slogans actually seem to work programming them. After all, in the end, Winston loved Big Brother.

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