Europe Fears ‘The Big One’ After 140 Earthquakes Strike The French Alps In 40 Days

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 18 comments

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    In recent weeks, the locals living in the Maurienne part of Savoie in the French Alps have been getting used to being shaken awake at night. The region has been rocked by 140 earthquakes in a mere 40 days sparking fears that Europe may soon experience “the big one.”

    Sismalp, a French earthquake organization, has registered 140 minor tremors in the area in the last month or so. And with the strongest tremor being recorded 3.8 on the Richter scale, many are panicked that Europe’s “big one” could occur soon. While none of the earthquakes have been strong enough to cause any structural damage, they are starting to worry locals. Residents have been briefed about how to act in the case of a powerful tremor.

    Martine, a resident of the village of Montgellafray, told a local radio station: “The noise is like a storm coming from far away. Everything shakes. I said ‘that’s it, all the tiles are going to break’. The last earthquake was really frightening. Since the end of August, it has never stopped. Every two days there is one and they are getting more common.”

    Other village residents say many are asking questions about the earthquake swarm and the potential large-scale quake in the near future. “Everyone is asking questions. Everyone in the village is talking about it,” Yves, a fellow resident said.

    But those living in the region have not had their fears alleviated. Seismologists say they are unable to explain the increase in the number of quakes in the region but have placed five new sensors in the valley to “monitor and better understand the phenomenon”.  Back in 2014 after a series of earthquakes along the French Riviera, a seismologist specializing in the swarms told The Local that south-east France would be hit with a huge quake at some point. The seismologist reportedly said: “We don’t know when a big one will come, but it will and there will be fatalities.”

    The past month was wrought with earthquakes swarms, not just in France, but around the globe. California was hit by a swam of 28 earthquakes in the space of 24 hours while  which resulted in the report of over 90 deaths.


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      1. Just the earth with growing pains. I more worried about the New Madrid area.


        • Hey Sarge,

          Do they build houses to minimize earthquake
          damage in the New Madrid area?
          They always boast about how cheap housing is
          in the mid-west. I have at least #300 of
          hurricane clips and thousands of pounds of
          Earthquake related tie downs in my
          houses and shop.
          Drives up costs dramatically.

          • R
            They only start building them in some of the major cities along the Fault line. I have my BOL #2 about 150 miles west of the fault line and have felt a couple of the little EQ’s.

            Braveheart would be the one to ask seeing that he lives Memphis.


            • The Europeans better be more worried about the millions of islamic savages that are there and the millions more that are coming.

        • Wow. Interesting turn of events. That said, the alps were once below the ocean. Anything is possible.

          Btw I saw the You Tube video of the helicopter shooting into the crowd in Las Vegas. It should be easy to trace whose chopper it was through radar reports and conversations with the tower there at McCarren (?) Airport in Vegas.

          Anyone else view that video ??? 🙁

          • If you look further through the videos someone shows the copter strobe patterns and the positioning.
            each copter has it’s pattern of flashes.
            the lower “muzzle flashes” are strobes.

            • Not buying that. I know muzzle flashes when I see them and they are distinctly different from the strobe light flashes which are REGULARLY INTERMITTENT.

              GMAFB !!! 🙂

      2. Duhhh…. CERN particle excellerator? What do you expect when you create antimatter? Daisies

        • Good link. I didn’t think of that. 🙂

      3. Sounds like birth pangs. Since it’s in France it’s more like rape pangs.

      4. Well guess I’ll eat some more of these pretzels and have another beer.

      5. I hate falling in with the ‘big one is coming’ crowd; however, we on this planet – the whole planet, that is – are experiencing what seemingly appears to be a pretty drastic uptick in geo-techtonic activity. Most everywhere. Then too it could just be PO’d P’s physical reaction to the pretzels and beer. I don’t know. God help us all when I finally perfect my ‘special’ chili.

      6. Quakes are probably caused by the French foundations of dirigisme socialism are crumbling.

      7. Had a 8 point plus today in Peru.

        Perhaps on the verge.

      8. God controls the earth. Maybe He is telling folk to get outta there!

      9. I don’t recall ever having this many earthquake issues world wide. I could research it I guess. I wish BeInformed were around to discuss this with.

        I have had some great times and made a few good friends on here. I miss Eppe.

        Volcano’s have also increased there activity I think. It is biblical and like birth pains.
        Hope you all are great and have a great day!

      10. The large hadron supercollider is in the middle of the quakes.
        New Madrid and many US quakes are artificial and induced with electron beams sent and received by dopplers and other electronic radar systems. Expect more and more.
        Oct 30 there were 2 earthquakes 80Km north of Oroville, Ca. These EQ’s were induced by a beam from Silver Star BC. Those EQ’s were on a fault that leads directly to Oroville dam. If the dam breaks it will kill millions. It will also expose the gold motherlode underneath it.
        Oroville region has had approx. 900 EQ’s in 70yrs. 10% have been in the last year. Do the math.

      11. Oh well. It happens.

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