Europe Faces Cultural Disaster As Refugees Pour In: “A Direct Threat to Our Civilization”

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 76 comments

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    The tide of refugees from Syria and elsewhere has already been disastrous for the people who lived there and now seek another home. But the disaster is just beginning for Western Civilization. Today, the major front is Europe. But it is happening in America, too, and someday it might be too late. A demographic shift is happening so sharply in the UK, France, Germany and other European nations that it could hardly be called anything but a takeover.

    The war hawks overplayed the ‘Muslim extremist’ card in the days after 9/11 when terrorism dominated every headline and nearly every political discussion. Hypocrisies devastated innocent lives, wasted money and ran America’s reputation and morale into the ground. But meanwhile, the cultural enemy was being brought home, through waves of immigration.

    Zero Hedge warns that Europe is “heading for disaster” with regard to the immigration tidal wave:

    Nigel Farage Warns Immigrant Flood “Threatens Our Civilization”

    “We are heading towards disaster” exclaims UKIP’s Nigel Farage in this brief clip. Having warned for months about both the consequences of actions and the EU’s disastrous policies, the flood of immigrants, Farage warns “we face a direct threat to our civilization if we allow large numbers of people from that war-torn region into Europe.” Simply put, he fears within EU policy “there is no way to filter out extremists in favor of people fleeing in genuine fear of their lives,” and suggest following the Australian policy.

    Though there is genuine sentiment for those displaced by a war torn region, the Western authorities have staged a clash with culture at the ideological and cultural level.

    There is absolutely no way to keep ISIS or other potentially violent extremists from the rest of the millions of ‘refugees’ leaving the region on legitimate pretexts. The problem threatens the populations of Europe in general, as its overall welcoming policies are tested by the limits of local sentiment in the face of an all out cultural take over.

    Critically, this means that the “War on Terrorism” is not just military, but an all out clash of civilizations, as many academics predicted. A cultural battle has been forced, by stirring up war in the middle east, and allowing extremists to flourish, while simultaneously bringing Islam to the West through mass migration of a sort not seen in a century.

    Council on Foreign Relations member Samuel P. Huntington stated in 1993:

    The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.

    The “direct threat” has been steadily growing for more than a decade, as Paris and London take on foreigners who refuse to assimilate, and whose commonly-held beliefs about civil law differ greatly.

    This formula is beyond disastrous, and essentially makes violence inevitable. The hypocrisy of foreign policy is hitting hard the fault lines of society, and socially engineering a divided continent that will very likely be mirrored in America if policies do not shift away from war and globalization.

    The crisis is truly epic when you realize that many authorities are deliberately trying to “undermine” European nations, and force them to “open up” and adopt more migration and become more subservient to EU rules and order.

    Peter Sutherland, head of the United Nation’s Global Forum on Migration and Development, chairman of Goldman Sachs International and Bilderberg attendee, called for just that. The BBC reported in 2012 on Sutherland’s bitter remarks for Europe.

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

    Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

    He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”.

    The deceptive and forceful positions that Sutherland holds in shaping global order are enough to make anyone rethink the narrative of what is going on here in the agenda.

    Conflict has been manufactured and injected into society.

    ‘It’s ‘chilling’ that Europeans can’t have an open debate about the issue because any criticism of Islam is branded Islamophobic’

    Even Art Garfunkel is sounding the warning about the demographic threat to Europe, which stands to come culturally unraveled, by stating some truths that are too politically incorrect to be spoken aloud in Europe. The 60s music icon was interview in the Daily Mail:

    Art Garfunkel… of the pop duo Simon & Garfunkel, has highlighted how an influx of Muslims from war-torn countries including Syria could change the nature of Europe for ever.

    ‘We are at a very interesting stage right now, where people are escaping from horrendous situations all over the world,’ the 73-year-old singer tells me.

    ‘There was a book I read recently, called Reflections Of The Revolution In Europe, where the author wants you to say: “Look at the shopkeepers, look at the dry cleaners, and it’s all turning Islamic.”

    ‘He is saying: “Look, I’m not going to make any judgments about this, but I want you Europeans to see that the changing face of Britain, of Germany and all over Europe is happening. It’s becoming much more Muslim. These are the facts.” ’


    Caldwell says it’s ‘chilling’ that Europeans can’t have an open debate about the issue because any criticism of Islam is branded Islamophobic. He predicts that Britain is most susceptible to violence and political extremism.

    The singer recently completed an epic walk around Europe, so feels he understands… ‘The amount of movement and change is extraordinary,’ says Art, who performs at the Albert Hall tonight. ‘Taking those long walks around Europe, I get down into it — I’m engaged.’

    Responding in part to attacks on cartoonists who’ve drawn Muhammad, Dutch politician Geert Wilders warned people in Garland, Texas – one of the states where so much immigration is going – “that high levels of Muslim immigration without assimilation to the Western world—Europe and the United States of America—are dangerous to the culture and values of the West.”

    “Take a walk down the street and see where this is going,” Wilders, referring to growing Muslim immigration into his country, previously said. “You no longer feel like you are living in your own country. There is a battle going on and we have to defend ourselves. Before you know it there will be more mosques than churches!”

    Immigrants from the Middle East are currently the fastest growing immigration demographic coming into the U.S., a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows.

    America in just three years imported more immigrants from the Middle East than from Mexico and Central America combined.

    Wow, it is really happening in America, right before our eyes.


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      1. The Europeans have been morons for centuries. First, they adopted socialism as a way of life. Second, after WW2 they decided to have their beloved European Union. Third, they adopted the euro currency and did away with their own national currencies. Fourth, they let political correctness get the best of them and let in all of these Muslims who have nothing but evil intentions toward them. They go the extra mile to accommodate the bastards and allow their own cultures to be destroyed. Fuck the European Union. They’re getting exactly what they deserve. Borders Language Culture as mike savage says.

        • the same thing is happening in america, its being invaded by forced immigration and those you vote for are doing it,

          • Well, the Rothschilds got what they wanted—global destabilization.

            What gets me, is just like the feral negros here, they (muslims) think they can take what they think they’re entitled to, by force. In this case, they believe they’re entitled to live in another country that clearly doesn’t want them or their religion there.

            Personally, I’d like to see the blacks and the muslims square off in a fight to the death for limited entitlements.

            Kill two birds with one stone. Popcorn anyone?

            • Christian Europeans & Americans freely chose false teachers who scratched their itching ears (2 Timothy 4:3). Those “Christians” freely chose materialism, usury, contraception, abortion, and private judgment. Now they are panicked that they have contracepted and aborted themselves into oblivion.

              Be not deceived, God is not mocked. [8] For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap. For he that soweth in his flesh, of the flesh also shall reap corruption. But he that soweth in the spirit, of the spirit shall reap life everlasting.
              Galatians 6:7-8

              • … and indebted themselves into oblivion.

            • You got that right! And I’ll take 2 popcorns please.

        • “The Europeans have been morons for centuries.”

          I agree with that but only for a different reason. The USSA brought this whole Muslim shitshow to another level by wanting to get rid of Assad. They took down Qaddafi and before that Saddam Hussein. You reap what you sow.

          Now the area is a chaotic warzone where people are trying to work and raise their families while having to deal with blown up buildings, ISIS, drones, airstrikes.

          Where Europe is to blame is that they were complicit with the USSA. They did their bidding and participated in Assad’s takedown. Now you have Syrians who are fed up and want no part of that life. So now they get to spread Islam in Europe.

          • This is all by design. The takeover of Western Civilization began over a century ago, and was made final with the end of WW2.

            The demographic shift was made policy in the 1960’s, via changed immigration rules, not just here, but Europe also.

            What you are witnessing is just one more part of the of the nwo policy of White Genocide. Soon, it will be in your neighborhood. White people had better face reality, or our people will be exterminated.

            • yep.

            • .

              I agree.

              Destruction did not end with WW2… it has insidiously continued for the past 70 years.

              Right after WW2, Truman issued an executive order to racially integrate the military… then came forced school integration under Eisenhower… then banning all state anti-miscegenation laws… then banning prayer [code for banning Christianity]… then changing immigration law from favoring Europeans to favoring Third Worlders… then legalizing abortion… then legalizing homosexuality.


        • The only reason Mike Savage says Borders, Language, Culture instead of Volk, Reich, and Fuehrer is because he is a fucking kike and is participating in the epic global jew takeover and destruction of everything european and christian.

      2. I don’t know what to say anymore folks but this country is going down hill faster than anything. Looks like it maybe time to start thinking about my bug-out location. I’ve been rechecking my supplies and have a lot of cash set aside. My land is paid for and I am currently renting a house. My family and I think its time to get back to the basics.

        • Best of luck. Hopefully can do the same in time.

        • TG.

          Best of Luck.

      3. It would not be wrong to wonder if we actually lost the War on Terror. A country that loses such a conflict is the one that gets swamped by the victors. And that is what we are seeing. Our armies are punks and losers who failed to win in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead, they stirred up a hornet’s nest, and then, like little f#ggots escaping a bar fight, they fled out the back door and left everyone else to deal with the brawl. That’s not unpatriotic; that is the facts. And so Europeans are now going to see their countries turned Islamic and have to adopt a totally alien culture if they want to live in peace.

        • Love this article posted on Zero Hedge:

          “Oliver Stone: Forget ISIS, America Is The Real Threat To The World….“American exceptionalism has to be driven out of our curriculums. We’re not under threat. We are the threat.”

          http : // www . zerohedge . com/news/2015-09-22/oliver-stone-forget-isis-america-real-threat-world

          • Bull hockey.

            We’re the only good guys in the world. Always have been. And soon, with God’s help, we will be again. What has been happening since 2008 has been pure communist undermining of our great nation (and yes, we ARE exceptional) and our nation’s great and noble values.

            You’re just another worthless leftist propagandist. You all feel emboldened and have come out of the woodwork where you have been cowering in fear and loathing of us red-blooded true Americans. You’re feeling your oats and think this wonderful freedom you have under Obama will never end. Got news for ya…the days are numbered.

        • Frank – the War On Terror was never about winning, it has been about how to extend the crisis and have it continue.

          The Middle East has always had problems, but US Foreign Policy has made those problems worse for those people.

          • Few, take out DC, NY, and the City of London. That would solve most of the world’s problems.

            • Brave, You just nailed it. To be honest with you, I care less about anyones spiritual beliefs, Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, Jews etc. since in any sects you’ll find good and evil. However this entire chaos and bloodshed is a well orchestrated plan by only the Zionists since Zionism is not a religion rather it is a satanic sect that only worships money and power. The mother of all evil as you have stated resides in 3 locations Via their financial centers and the so called central banks. Destroy the tribe and we’ll face a normalcy and relative harmony among mankind. It is good to be a HUMAN out of the cover of xyz religious and believe me there are many all over this planet.

              • Stolz, I’ve stayed away from ‘organized religion’ ever since I was a teenager. As far as religion goes, I don’t know what to believe anymore and I’m too busy with prepping to give it any thought. I do know I’m opposed to one-world socialist government and want to see the NWO fail. I’ll do whatever I can to help bring about that failure.

                • Then you need to consider the possibility that International Jewry is something other than a sainted victim group and more like a global debaucher, communist, and parasite.


      4. People already don’t trust each other. This flood of Islamists into Europe and the United States is the script from the NWO pushers being played out presently. Meanwhile the pedophile pope is here to push the NWO, the msm acting like God is in town. Pepe Francis is accused of sexually abusing two girls in Argentina. Didn’t the catholic church create the Islamic faith? People think Obullshitter is a muslim, not quite, he is a zionist. His mother was Jewish. Witness the seamless transition from Clinton to Bush to the evil quack holding down the fort now for the national security state that oppresses our population, per orders from the pope, the zionist controlled banks and the city of London. The evidence is there that our so called president whose past is unknown is a British agent.

        • aljamo….you have done your history homework and seeing awaken and knowledgeable folks like you is a blessing. It really is amazing to see the 4th celebration since the US of A still is a colony of the zionist controlled British Monarchy.

      5. Europe Faces Cultural Disaster As Refugees Pour In: “A Direct Threat to Our Civilization”

        Not just Europe, but for America as well.
        This mass immigration/refugee crisis is the start of WWIII.
        This influx is not only dangerous to Christians, but as well to the White Culture.

        In due time, this manufactured crisis will become genocidal.

        “Diversity On Steroids”

        Overloading each Nation with an abundance of immigrants, which does not have the funds nor resources to provide for them will self destruct under the shear volume.

        • It already is!!!!!!

        • The Cloward–Piven strategy taken worldwide.

      6. Going to get rude here, but Oliver Stone can go eff himself with a toilet bowl plunger.
        He’s one of the big cheerleaders for this shitstorm that’s hitting Europe-check his money trail- Penn is another knucklehead that didn’t fall too far from the socialist tree roots.
        Back when it was East and West Germany, the biggest problems the Germans had was with the “gastarbieter ” population of Turks and Greeks. Now? Whole other set of problems now.
        Eff them all, the long, the short and the tall.

        • Thanks CAT , Well said.

      7. Soon they will learn the value of a 2nd Amendment and loosing their firearms to leaders that brought this on their people.
        Learn the hard way!

      8. Exactly what happened to the first world bastion that used to occupy southern Africa. Out bred and then outvoted, the inevitable death spiral in progress….

      9. When I was younger I lived in Paramount CA. If INS had gone through my street there would have been maybe two families left. In those days illegals couldn’t get welfare, they worked, their kids went to school, and they went to church on Sundays.
        They spoke English when they felt like it. But back then they were a minority, they tried to assimilate and blend in. Today I’m very sure it is different. If you don’t get assimilation you have invasion. Invasion means war. Kill or deport the ones that do not assimilate.

      10. Fuck them all. The long the Short and the Tall.

        You can bet that the SOB in the White House is laughing his ass off. Nothing being done about our southern border and he will be flying the refugee’s into this country for another year at least.
        Now when the shit starts happening in YOUR neighborhood
        are you going to do something about it. The chances are that you will do nothing! Why? Because the Peckerhead that is your neighbor, is going to turn you in if he sees any guns being displayed by you. Or you may want to put up some sandbags for protection but of course that will make you the CRAZY and God Forbid if you have a CRAZY to stand up to these bastards. I doubt that this shit of illegal immigration and refugee’s is going to stop. So you better get used to the news media taking about the crime and the money problems to house and feed them, that is coming our way.

        All these agencies that bring them here to the country. They should house and pay for them all. The Pope, the Catholics the Lutherens the Methodist. All of them.

        As for the politicians who started it all. Not going to be pretty if it all goes south.

        • AND I read that welfare and food stamps could STOP next month, due to a govt shutdown! PERFECT TIMING, wouldn’t you say?

          • Well, if the checks and EBT stops coming-it’s a doable “crisis du jour”. The administrator of the EBT system is a non-governmental entity-J.P.Stanley-Morgan. They got fined a chunk of change for “nefarious ” activities-shortly thereafter-several States had “issues” with the EBT system and Wal Mart ate the cost-average of $300.00 per incident-and there was almost 10,000 such. So that should give you an idea who actually runs the “show”.

            I’m as ready, as fed up and steadily getting more pissed off with each passing month that our “Duly Selected” aren’t doing their jobs and locking up these fuckers in Congress, the White House.

            So, I don’t plan on aiming small and missing small when TSHTF-I figure to do some serious remodeling of the neighborhood.

        • And what exactly are you going to do ?

      11. Europe is crazy? Maybe, but not as crazy as the US, thanks to the Libs. Our current administration has now agreed to take 185K of these refugees over the next 2 years. Wasnt to long ago they were saying 10K. What do you want to bet it will be more that 185K and sooner.

        Obama will go down in history as an infiltrator.

        Kerry and Biden will go down in history as traitors.

        And the American Democrats put them all in power.

        • USMC1982

          I want to state that I understand that it is good to help others that are unfortunate in life.

          My problem with it all is that this President said he was going to fundamentally change this nation. And he is precisely doing that. I am furious what his administration has call the people of this nation and I am well aware of his affiliation with Islam.

          Now I ask you. Why does he allow the infiltration of our boarders and government introduction of those, who by their FAITH want to kill all those who don’t covert.

          Does he allow this for the benefit of future votes for his political party. To destroy the middle class of this Nation to form the bases for the enslavement by debt under Shria Law. His acknowledgement to side with Islam and his hatred for whites/infidels.

          I believe that those who welcome these people with open arms are either very stupid or very uninformed and for the very survival of this nation, MUST BE CORRECTED.

          • I agree with everything you are saying here and share your anger on what is happening to out country before out very eyes.

            I have had this guy pegged from the beginning and it is amazing to me that he is fooling so many.

            As far as his intentions, actions speak much louder than words don’t they.

            Why is he doing it? To create chaos – he is looking for the trigger of what will spin us into martial law. You can see it in everything he does.

          • “I want to state that I understand that it is good to help others that are unfortunate in life.”

            I hear this all the time. When I reply that ‘there are 6 billion people on this planet who are less fortunate than you are, how many of them are you willing to allow to come here?, not one person is willing to put a number out there. One million, one hundred million, one billion, how many7 They have no answer, to put a finite limit on it would mean they have a limit on their beliefs, God forbid they should have to consider the impact of their actions beforehand.

            • How Many? not a single one. just because they are less fortunate that’s not a reason to let them immigrate here. Let them fix their own country rather than destroy ours. We already have enough people we don’t need any more.

          • It is know that most immigrants and all illegal aliens will vote democratic, Obama wants to change our country to a 1 party system. He manipulates, lies, exec actions are to that end. Look at what I found on newsmax:

            about Obama’s secretive deal with Biden:

        • The victors write the history. Obama will go down as a hero of islam. Demographics are destiny and whites have lost the race. Within twenty years we will be majority inbred fanatics. Just go look at the old Woodstock videos to see which side would lose.

          • Very true: I imagine in about five to ten years it will all come out, but it will be too late by then. The President will be on some online live broadcast as he enters the Grand Mecca Stadium to an audience of 100,000 devout Sunnis cheering and waving as he makes a big speech.

            “I, I have long wanted to speak to you directly. Thank you for such a warm and gracious welcome, Allah be blessed. We have so much to be proud of and so much to praise. Now, across the world, the Higher Caliphate Divinity Council just goes from strength to strength….”

      12. Here’s a question I haven’t seen on any comment board. Why do these so-called immigrants have be assimilated in western nations? Why not send them to their own kind such as Tunisia? Or Libya? Or Morocco? Maybe even Indonesia! Those cultures are more Islamic than the West. Ask THOSE nations to take all of them on. Ha! Ha! Like that’s going to happen.

        (I won’t ask about Russia taking any because they seem to have a clear understanding of the threat from Islamic immigrants.)

        • I saw an interview with Prince Faisel of Yemen or Qatar or somewhere in that region yesterday and he was asked that very question. His wishy-washy answer? Nope, they don’t want any refugees because their cultures are too different.

          Excuse me?

          Personally, I vote for Antarctica. That would cool their hot tempers.

        • Here are some things we have to look forward to after Muslims have been here for awhile and refuse to integrate:

          – The Ankle Police! All women and girls will be expected to wear those full length dress/cloak things and if it rides up to show your ankle when you’re out in the street and the ankle police spot you breaking the law, they will beat your legs and ankles with a club. Ugly tempered old women can also punish females for this.

          – Chop Chop Square. Every Friday at lunch time, people who committed small time offenses like theft will have a hand or two cut off. Worse offenses will get your head chopped off. This is like hangings used to be in the old west: people will gather to watch and be entertained while you and your family are humiliated.

          – Rape. Rape statistics will skyrocket because of Muslim men’s entitlement to sex. Did you know that every hair on a woman’s head is a Dagger Of Lust to a man’s heart? Ie. if a woman is raped, it’s her own fault. Rape rarely used to occur in Sweden but now with the influx of Muslims, these assaults have drastically increased. Maybe Swedish Blonde Daggers are more potent. So keep your hair and face covered, ladies.

          – You Shamed Me! So if you’re a Muslim and your Muslim colleague at work lusts after your daughter and succeeds in seducing (raping) her, then you can’t go for coffee with your friend until you’ve erased your family shame by strangling your innocent-of-any-crime daughter to death. The murder of course is swept under the rug and never reported to the authorities. Sharia Law. Gotta love it.

          – Women Can’t Drive. Anywhere. They need a male driver who might show up if he feels like it. And if he does show up, don’t expect him to be on time.

          – No Booze. You like to drink? Tough. No booze. Ever. Did you hear the one about the Muslim in Germany who recently wrote a letter demanding that Oktoberfest be cancelled because it offends the Islamic culture? That is gall.

          – Those weren’t your shoes were they? The men are so entitled they’ll take your footwear even if they don’t fit. If you’re charging your phone in your own charger, they’ll go “screw that”, take your phone out and put theirs in without asking you for the favor. They’re entitled that way. Their mamas didn’t raise them right.

          That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. The thought of this culture moving in and taking over scares me to death.

          PS: These anecdotes come via a close friend whose brother-in-law was a senior trade negotiator at an embassy in the middle east.

        • Why not send them to the other middle eastern gulf states: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc…That is where they should stay and go! Not let them assault every country in the West …primarily, they fled so they would not have to fight in the war, and they want the benefits that the Western countries will give them…Big mistake, they should be sent back and if they have to shoot them to control them, so be it! All countries have to protect their citizens, and those fleeing Syria are not the most desirable, they are muslims! They are raping and destroying Hungary and Germany, Denmark, etc…They have to protect themselves or they will be over run and then beheaded!

        • .

          This is a planned invasion… not a refugee migration.

          This is the beginning of a war… and a fifth-column is
          now invading.


      13. Yeah, not thought about it before but there is almost zero integration. That’s because Britain has very little culture anyway though. What is the culture? Football, chips and most importantly… Getting ‘sloshed’.

        Christianity is less strong now, academia is a black hole that doesn’t produce culture, and our colonial and imperial past is uninspiring… Tea parties… Please!

        Against this backdrop, Muslims can’t integrate because there is nothing to integrate into.

        • JLW…my co-worker is from York UK…he’s got a lot of bad stories about how the Mooslim’s have taken over his area. I bet they’ll wish they had guns when the Mooslim’s show up with theirs .

        • Agree: apart from the almighty pound, there is little else left to hold people together. But that’s by design: most of the world does not want an Imperial Britain to rise up again and wage war on them. The best way to prevent that is to hollow out the culture and the people and then create effectively ‘concessions’ – like they had in Shanghai in the 1930s – and plop in people from everywhere else on the planet. The UK is done, put a fork in it.

      14. Muslims are not the only one who won’t assimilate. Jews won’t assimilate either. Never have and never will. If you don’t believe it ask one and he’ll tell you.

      15. The Muslims are intolerant which I agree with. See if they will tolerate queers no way. If you tolerate shit your approving of it plain and simple. Don’t believe me neglect your parental duties and you will be charged with abuse it’s the same thing. Neglect is abuse. Tolerance is approval. I think they should take some in why not after all not all Muslims are terrorists. Maybe a black flag in the whitehouse will take out the useless eaters and all the gays and all the other unacceptable scum. Our gov doesn’t seem to know how to do anything because they spend too much time trying not to offend people.

      16. The only way we can stop this invasion is stand up armed and say no we must stop them before they get off the transportation that bring them here. That is the only way IMHO!

      17. To paraphrase General Sherman…the only good radical Muslim is a dead one….who finds out that there was a translation problem in the Koran…he’s getting 72 Vermin !

      18. Sharia Law is not and can never be Common Law. Sharia Law is intolerant of the average person having innate rights.

      19. White Genocide has always been “their” primary objective.

      20. Nigel Farage is a sensible Englishman. The traitors to liberty who want to destroy America and establish world domination will fail. Just like Hitler, they are biting off more than they can chew.

        • had you listened to the comments I did today on one of the local talk show you would realize that no resistance at all will be offered when the neck notching starts. People are clueless and reason like children.

        • Farage is and has been ‘controlled opposition’ from the first moment that this nauseating, devious jackass appeared on the scene.

          Exhibit A: I’ve listened to speeches by Farage where he is bemoaning the rise of European Nationalism and European Nationalist Political Parties across Europe.

          Let me ask you a question, B from CA: If Farage is expressing angst over the long overdue rise of European Nationalism, then precisely how does Farage figure White Europeans are supposed to react to the jewish White Genocide agenda if not by organizing themselves into pro-European Nationalist political parties and seeking to gain the power within their own nation to STOP the genocide of their people and the destruction of their nations?

      21. That Putin is looking smarter every day. He is certainly taking care of his people. Obummer’s superiors must be very happy with what he has accomplished in the last 7 years. He has done a very good job for them, mind you he is surrounded by a lot of help to make sure that the job gets done. Unfortunately we are seeing the end of another once great nation. Pax Americana. May God Bless America!

        • .

          It would be nice if Putin were
          Christian Europe’s great white hope…
          but on Sept 23, Putin opened a huge
          new mosque in Moscow.


      22. Thanks for picking up on this topic Mr Salvo.

        Nigel Farage is at least attempting to stem this flood of mass immigration into Europe/Britain but he is ridiculed at every opportunity by the msm and politicians from all sides in an attempt to undermine his credibility.
        Many people in the UK are now, at long last beginning to realize that what Nigel Farage has been warning of is now a very real threat to their country and way of life.
        There is a small glimmer of hope on the horizon for the UK in the form of a IN/OUT European referendum to be held in 2017.
        Then maybe, just maybe the UK will be able to police their own borders once again.
        The people of the USA would do well to pay close attention to this dilemma unfolding all across Europe.
        TPTB have initiated their open boarders and freedom of movement of people policies so unfortunately you Americans are at some point in the near future going to be faced with the same scenes of chaos.
        Fortunately you people here at have the good sense to realize that TPTB don’t have your best interests at heart and have taken steps to be prepared.
        Very wise indeed.
        Remain steadfast Americans cousins.
        I wish you all here my best wishes.

        • My apologies Mr Slavo.

      23. The reason us white folks are finished is this culture of people not wanting children. As long as this continues whites are finished. I got three white children so I’m doing my part. The way to keep whites on top is to stay the majority not become the minority. Whites have the most advanced societies on the planet because they are superior to all other races. It’s fact folks. Blacks behave like children it’s easy to see they have not evolved. Have you ever interacted with blacks if you have you know what I mean about the child like demeanor they have. It is this behavior that causes them to run from the police and just get in trouble in general. Some even embrace this thuggish behavior as black culture. here we are with cultures together that are vastly different so in order for the melting pot crap to work the masses have to be dumbed down and it seems to be working like a charm. White women going with blacks creating mongrel children that are not pure. young white males behaving as blacks listening to black noise.

      24. It is far past the time that these refugees/victims stand up to tyranny in their homelands, and realize that their brand of government/religion is the reason for their suffering.

        We in the west should not put our people in further peril, allowing the enemy in, using our limited resources, and putting our way of life at risk, because Islam is in fact the problem. Politically correct BS needs to end.

      25. Afraid political correctness has already cost us this country. Just in my county in Tennessee we’ve had a recent uproar because Islam was being taught in depth in a 7th grade History class and Christianity barely mentioned. Turns out, on the standardized tests given each year, there were a lot of questions on Islam and little or none on Christianity, so the teacher was teaching to the test. When the students had to write “there is no God but Allah”, all hell broke loose, though.

      26. It’s dawning on people that Islam is the Beast of Daniel and Revelation, led by the false prophet.

        So how do you deal with the most insidious evil movement mankind will ever encounter. Europe giving into it will not end well.

        The school board in Jersey city, which sits in the shadow of the World Trade Center had near riots in their last meeting by Islamic immigrants demanding school be closed for Muslim holidays!

        Once someone has accepted the beast and the false prophet, there literally is no going back. You carry that spiritual mark unto judgement.

        Can a Christian even minister to these people?

        Everything they do publicly, privately, governmentally is all about Jihad. Some will exploit violence and terror while others speak of peace, while others use their wealth, while others exploit their poverty. Everything is a weapon to them, we know this because we see them strap bombs to their children, or draw their children into the politics with a stupid clock. They will rape your daughters, and murder your sons. For every violent jihadist, there are fifty peaceful ones living next to you, smiling at you while they tithe at their mosque and finance the violence. It is all part of their Jihad.

        Muslims worldwide work with one mind, and leave destruction and ruin in their wake.

        If you do one thing you must educate your children to flee from the Beast. Don’t get sucked in, and don’t be used by the politically correct progressives, because they answer to the same power as the Beast.

      27. Remember all you people with that holier than thou ideas that guns are uncivilized. Well the bad people are coming and they are armed and they will rape your wife and children the guns dont sound so bad now do they? I have had guns in my home for seventy five years and none have ever jumped off my rack and killed anyone. I have some guns for sale cheap cleaned with gun oil made from pork. Have your women wear bacon necklaces. and pig leather underwear.

      28. Feed them pork every chance you get, a friend did that, muslim ate it said it tastes good,then was told what he ate. He was very upset thought he would go straight to hell. Ladies eat pork and advertise it bet they could go to hell for sex with a bacon woman…….

        • ha haaah…
          Well done and thank you A.
          Take NO prisoners!

      29. .

        Christian Europe is under attack.

        Gog/magog war may already be underway…
        and it is directed at Europe.

        The crisis has divided Europeans and the
        EU could become unstable.

        It is not a coincidence that third world
        hordes are invading Europe while Russia
        [and maybe China] are moving into Syria.

        There is an article in the Army Times
        that said Germany may be using old US
        military barracks to house the horde
        [among them ISIS ??] and US military
        is worried because those barracks are
        located near current US bases.


      30. so what is the plan folks ? to make your country even crappier than the one they are trying to flee from ? seen any problems with middle east refugees in liberia or somalia on RT ? lol
        lets move them all way up north and tell them welfare is better in canada after giving them some bus fare )

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