Establishment Proposes: “Have the Government Give Every Adult a Basic Income”

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Headline News | 386 comments

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    With government intervention now becoming the only viable solution being touted for everything from individual health care and the economy to our personal safety and how we educate our children, it would only make sense that officials in Washington also figure out a way to use their power of confiscation and redistribution to equalize the income playing field.

    It’s no secret that 48 million Americans require nutritional assistance just to put food on the table, or that over 100 million of us are living in or at the very edge of poverty, or that nearly one in three of us is currently without any meaningful labor.

    This is a major problem, and if we stay on our current trajectory those numbers are going to continue to rise. The American people are broke, and so are the businesses that employ them, which means that we’ll continue to shed jobs, decrease wages and further impoverish an already dwindling middle class.

    Enter the idea of a Universal Basic Income, to be distributed by the Federal government on a monthly basis to every adult in America.

    You read that right.

    It’s a proposal being floated by members of the establishment media at The Atlantic, the New York Times, and Business Insider, and based on their research, would put a decisive end to poverty and income inequality in America.

    According to the “experts,” this is how it would work:

    A simple idea for eliminating poverty is garnering greater attention in recent weeks: automatically have the government give every adult a basic income.

    It’s exactly how it sounds. The government would mail every American over the age of 21 a check each month. That’s it. Everyone is free to do what they like with it.

    Giving each working-age American a basic income equal to the poverty line would cost $2.14 trillion. For some comparison, U.S. GDP was almost $16 trillion in 2012 and the defense budget was $700 billion.

    But a minimum income would also allow us to eliminate every government benefit as well. Get rid of SNAP, TANF, housing vouchers, the Earned Income tax credit and many others.

    The clear [benefit] is that no American would live below the poverty line. The U.S. has been waging the War on Poverty for a generation now and still nearly 50 million Americans are below the line. This would end that war with a decisive victory.

    First, the assumption being made here is that when you send every person in America a paycheck, they will then use that money to purchase food and the basic essentials they need for survival. They wouldn’t spend that money on new smart phones, or vacations, or home upgrades, or any of that stuff that drove our consumer-based society into a mountain of debt to begin with. Once the government starts doling out the checks, everyone is going to be responsible with their newly found wealth and use it on the things they really need.

    Second, injecting $2.1 trillion dollars of cash into the U.S. economy on a yearly basis is only going to be positive for the consumer, right? Are we to assume that when more money is chasing the same amount of goods that the price of those goods will remain the same? That there will be no direct inflationary impact as consumers race to spend their monthly stipend on goods they couldn’t have bought before? Prices are already rising at a rate of nearly 10% a year. What do you think will happen when two trillion new dollars are introduced into the economy on an annual basis?

    Third, and probably the most important aspect of all this is how, exactly, are we going to fund this?

    To spread the wealth around we have one of two choices.

    We can either increase taxes on working Americans to offset the payments going to those who make less than them, or we can borrow it from our creditors by raising our debt ceiling an additional $2.1 trillion on a yearly basis (on top of the existing increase requirements).

    Raising taxes isn’t going to work simply because those who generate an income in this country just had their financial futures destroyed by the Patient Affordable Care Act, which promises to triple their monthly mandated health payments. They’ve got nothin’ left after mortgage, car payment, food, utilities and forced health insurance at the barrel of a gun.

    Printing money, we suppose will work. For a short while, at least, until our foreign creditors realize there is absolutely no way our country can pay back the trillions of dollars we’re adding to our balance on a yearly basis.

    Thus, in the end, we either go broke through taxation, rendering all of us to living on the edge of poverty or below it, or, the Federal Reserve will be forced to make up the difference by printing trillions upon trillions of dollars that will have the effect of rising prices for goods that people will no longer be able to afford, like food, electricity, and other essentials.

    Both options lead to essentially the same result.

    Margaret Thatcher once warned that socialism only works until you run out of other peoples’ money

    We’re just about out.

    Take a guess what happens next.


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      1. Beats what they’re doing with it now, but of course the current spending would surely continue as well. I’ll spend mine on ammunition.

        • Might as well just all stand in a big ####### circle and everybody hand the person to their right a $100 bill. Where do think the government’s money comes from anyway.

          They just want to control the ‘redistribution’ so they can skim some more off the top.

          Watch “The Money Masters” if you don’t understand why they’re proposing this.

          • You know what this reminds me of? When you have these pallbearers that are carrying the corpse in the casket to the hole to be buried. The people that pay the taxes are the pallbearers. The corpse inside is the dying population of the American people. The casket is America getting ready to be buried under 6 feet of dirt. Everyone attending the funeral of America might as well jump into the hole also because that is where the country is heading, right to the bone yard.

            • I knew all that medical marijuana was
              going to fall into the wrong hands…..

              • I’ve got a few of my own ideas for how to fund cutting “WE The People” a check.

                1. Repatriate every single dollar and asset owned by every member of congress and the president, and have a bail-in. Put the scammed resources back where they came from.

                2. Stop paying for personal security for everyone on Capitol Hill, as well as all former presidents. Put THAT money back where it came from.

                3. Stop sending money to fund terrorists and, close all military bases and embassies in ALL unfriendly countries and bring THAT money back home, as well as the troops stationed there.

                4. Ban all covert black ops and return those billions to the budget.

                5. End the Federal Reserve and seize all cash tied up in derivatives and other bankster gambling schemes. Put THAT money back where it was stolen from.

                6. Bring our jobs back home, by heavily taxing big corporations for their off-shore holdings. Force them to shut down slave labor in other countries.

                7. REPEAL NAFTA and all other unprofitable trade “agreements” that don’t serve the interests of the American people.

                8. Set a maximum salary for all members of congress, no matter how long they serve and, ban lobbying on Capitol Hill.

                9. Make it a personally and corporately accountable felony to fleece the military for parts and supplies. No more $1000 toilet seats and $150 bolts and washers. Jail everyone involved in all scams, starting with all signatures on the R&D slips.

                10. Seize and repatriate every single dollar and asset of the entire banking cartel, and put that money back where it was stolen from—right after sending them all to prison.

                11. Wipe out all trade deficits and repatriate that money. Pass legislation that forbids “riders” in all bills. Each bill with have one clear issue and only one. No more “multi-purpose” legislation.

                12. Dismantle the CIA, NSA, DHS, FEMA, FBI, ATF, IRS and ICE. Restore the funding for all of those agencies and allow the states to deal with their criminal/border issues.

                13. All taxes will go directly to their respective states, to fund the local functions of the defunct agencies in #12.

                14. End the war on drugs and the war on guns. Repatriate all funding formerly spent on those “wars”, including removing and destroying the surveillance devices used in public places. ALL NSA databases to be destroyed, permanently. No exceptions. Nobody should have that much information. NOBODY.

                16. No More Drones. Severely restrict DARPA, HAARP and any other agencies to strictly humanitarian pursuits. No more weather control or advanced robotics. No more anti-personnel technologies.

                We would no longer have any public debt. We would have a whole lot fewer leeches sucking our wealth dry. We would be involved in fewer conflicts and we’d be able to start working and producing again.

                • I don’t think the country could afford to build all the extra prisons your proposals would require.

                  • survival skvez
                    you are so right but ROPE is cheap and can be used over and over,,,just hang the SOBS


                  • Rope is cheap. Who needs prisons?

                  • If we let out all of the pot smokers and driving while suspended people out first, we might have more room for some REAL criminals. If we paroled everyone who is in there for tax evasion and the other non-violent crimes, we’d free up the majority of the beds…we could reserve Guantanamo for the worst of the worst—like obummer, feinstein and pelosi, etc.

                  • So, Mac, if I decide to stay, am I going to have to choose a new screen name and email address? Or are you going to lift the moderation embargo/censorship?

                    • John, we have been forced to add the moderation to several accounts because the discussions taking place go way off the subject matter of the article.

                      I am specifically referring to comments related to jews/zionists and the tons of links and long re-pastes that come with them. They now seem to attempt to dominate the discussion on many threads, and are often extremely long and, in the view of the site moderators, are not conducive to productive dialogue.

                      I know this is going to upset some folks — I want to stress that you can feel free to make comments and argue a point or outline certain information, but the massively long posts are just too much.

                      This is not an effort to censor anything, but rather, to keep the flow of discussion on topic and easy to follow.

                • # 6 will not work. They can just move and change citizenship. If we would stop the mandates, enviromental impact fees, excessive business tax, end corporate welfare, apply comparable tariffs on other countries with simular products (this would increase inflation as products would cost more), they could compete with other countries. If you dont like the wage and benefit package the company would be offering, dont work there, someone else will be willing to. We are a right to work state where I live. The wages are low, so is unemployment,and we have very few Libs,and Free stuff zombies. People donate to the food bank in my area, including money and firewood. Most people up here know that when the corrupt gov gets involved, someone gets a big slice of the pie and the rest is inefficiently distributed. So we do it ourselves without them.

                  • It would be hard to get manufacturing back without the additional environmental pollution along with it. Let China breathe and drink it.

                  • Then we would impose stiff trade sanctions on them—refuse to let them sell to the U.S., buy or trade from the U.S. or move any business through this country in any manner. We would help them take their business elsewhere…and keep it all there, without making ONE SINGLE PENNY off of us.

                • sixpack,

                  Good post! Many excellent ideas!

                  I would add the NEA to the list of agencies to dismantle.

                  Regarding #5 (End the Federal Reserve), Ron Paul wrote an article about the ‘true goal’ of the Federal Reserve and QE.

                  The Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich

                  QE…”the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.”

                  “By manipulating the money supply and the interest rate, Federal Reserve polices create inflation and thereby erode the value of the currency. Since the Federal Reserve opened its doors one hundred years ago, the dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power —that’s right, today you need $23.70 to buy what one dollar bought in 1913!”

                  “The Fed’s polices have always benefited crony capitalists and big spending politicians at the expense of the average American.”

                  The Daily Crux

                  • [redacted] – the Editor

                  • peterson
                    why do you feel the need to stalk KY moms posts
                    you really need to get a life

                  • [redacted] – the Editor

                  • Sounds Like we Have a BULLY on the Playground (Peterson)- Y’all know the only way to stop a Bully hiding behind anonimity right??????

                  • Peterless

                    Do you EVER do anything besides stalk and criticize.
                    You should seriously considering INCREASING your meds.

                  • Another shocker…. I was listening to Conservative radio and I heard that we should be stocking up on food! Can you believe it! When did this all happen?

                    Via The Glenn Beck Show

                    Sign up for my blog @ I Was A Liberal Teacher Living Under A Rock
                    News Poachers Dot Net

                  • Peterless,

                    You just admitted it – you, a liberal teacher.
                    We can only assume you were fired – that would explain your nastiness toward all teachers.

                    Good luck with your new blog!

                  • KY Mom & Mac,

                    You’ve probably already viewed this article from Yahoo Canada, but just in case you haven’t, take a look.

                    The article discusses the preparations being made within the banking system for a possible default on U.S. Treasury bonds. JP Morgan alone has spent about $100 million dollars on research and planning in this matter.

                    No company spends that much money on something deemed unlikely or remote. They know the crap is VERY close to hitting the fan, and is inching closer each passing second. They know!

                    This article is smoking gun evidence to me that the next great financial collapse will, without a doubt, occur in our lifetimes.

                    Take a look and tell me what you think.


                  • Peterson,

                    Your stalking, criticism and anger toward me in your posts are obvious.

                    Leave me alone!

                  • We’ll at least Braveheart learned that Ron Paul said that things weren’t looking great for us Americans this morning.

                  • Kentucky Mom, your math is just a wee bit off. In the past hundred years the dollar has lost closer to .98 cents and it would now take 98 bucks to buy what 2 used to.

                • Hell I vote for it!!!!!

                  • SugarHoneyIcedTea, Peterson might be related to Eisen. I don’t care for his attacks on KY Mom either and he knows it.

                  • You been watching those Irish videos there Braveheart? Lot of good advice to be had there.

                • what about the EPA?

                  • You’re right, need to add that ridiculous agency to the list. Right next to the FDA, USDA and CDC.


                  (*crickets chirping*)

                • Sixpack;

                  What your proposing is right on the money. Problem is; with our gutless; spineless; convoluted so called; ” Leaders “; who exactly is going to enforce this? Every one of your ideas is spot on; and I thoroughly agree with. Again; do you see ANYONE leading the charge for this? Presidents have died in office for less. Lincoln; McKinley; and Kennedy come to mind. We ARE right where the Globalists want us as a society and nation. Dumbed down as hell; drugged up; and completely apathetic to do anything about it. What they have in store for ” We The People ” would make a Freddy Krueger puke. Seriously.

                • That would be great and easy if the 300+ million in usa would take action doing it fire about 3/4 of congress and politicians lol great ideas though.

                • Its easier than that. Tax the Federal Reserve, pay off the debt, hold a Constitutional Convention, reaffirm the original constitution, issue our own currency, bulldoze D.C., and completely start over again. You cut out a cancerous tumor, you don’t pick at it and hope it decides to go away.

                  • Reasonable idea, Morgan, except for the simple fact that a country with 300,000,000 people is simply too big to be effectively governed. We don’t need the top heavy federal system. Even most states are too large to be effective, but they are significantly better than the federal system.

                    Yes, start over again, on community levels.

                  • You do understand that the ‘Federal Reserve’ turns in it’s ENTIRE annual profit to the US Treasury every year? This includes the interest on all treasury bonds that the Fed holds.

                    If I remember right that was 80 billion last year.

                • Great list! Please add use oil, coal and nat. gas produced here. Allow new refineries and pipelines and get the gov the hell out of the way!

                • That was the most reasoned, well crafted response I have ever read on this website. Well done!

                • I see a couple items missing from your list.
                  1. Repeal the IRS, taking with it the unfair taxation, sweetheart tax exempions for wealthy elites and corporations, and theft at gunpoint of private citizens’ property under the guise of taxation enforcement. Replace this with a flat tax on all consumer items (not food) that are purchased by people and companies (Corporations) with the intent to use them directly. (No you don’t get to buy that 5 million dollar jet as a business expense unless that is what you sell.) The amount would be 15% on all items, 10% goes to your state, 5% goes to federal. Repeal the laws that establish a corporation as a person, so the talking heads can and will be accountable personally for the choices they make, (Enron ring a bell?)

                  2. Revoke all laws in conflict with the Constitution – everything from the bs gun laws of D.C., NY and CA, to the plethora of executive orders enacted since 1870. If you don’t like the Constitution, then raze the people of the state you live in to secede from the U.S. and trun commie on your own.

                  3. To expound upon repealment of NAFTA – Cease all foreign aid programs, and forbid all other nations to buy U.S. land or mineral rights. If your company is not wholly run by U.S. citizens, you don’t own our country.

                  Ah, I could go on, but the corruption we all see is too much, too far gone to stop now. Let’s hope for the catalyst that cleanses the globalist dung beetles off the face of the earth so those remaining have a chance to make it right for a while…

                  • There’s no need, Lost, to do any of that. Just repeal the federal system whole!

                    It’s going to happen sooner or later.

                  • Very nice post, lost.

                • “sixpack” is missing a MAJOR point …

                  Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 …

                  because, under its domination … ALL of the money is borrowed from those corporate USURY operators (the FED: our corporate central banking cartel) … THUS the (compound) interest that CREATES the national debt which: therefore results in our massive (non-repayable) budget deficit.

                  Consider, these people are creating money out of nothing and RENTING it to the people, with massive interest (“usury”) attached. This directly creates debt-slavery, or as some call it, “the hidden tax” (which keeps people enslaved).

                  “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

                  ~ Sir Josiah Stamp – Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928) Reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

                  • OOPS, I missed #5, sorry.

                    I read that list twice and I still missed it, shame on me!

                  • Rob, thank you so much for elaborating on an important portion of my post. Everything you said is absolutely true. I agree whole-heartedly with you, but my fingers get so tired from plogging along on the keyboard.

                    Thanks for that.

                  • Rob, Sixpack. There has to be a better way to effect critical thought,invention, and production, besides the control by money. Unfortunately this was one of the reasons Kennedy was killed he was going to set up the United States note and do away with the Federal Reserve besides get us out of Vietnam. the Bankers wouldn’t have it. And we all know how that ended!
                    Great Posts by the way!!

                • Thank God somebody said it!! :o)

            • This is a wonderful Idea! Free lunch for everyone; yes! Would it be possible to get mine directly in AMMO? It would save me a lot of time and also when the idiots figue out that someone has to pay for this: 1. I can honestly say; I have no money. 2. When the riots start I’ll be fine.

              • One item; Why give people just enough to escape poverty? If this can work, why not give everyone enough to be rich? One way should work as well as another.

                • If you took every asset away from every person in the US and then divided them equally among all citizens, in 5 years the people who were rich 5 years ago would be rich again and the people who were poor 5 years ago would be poor again.

                  • I hear that all the time and it just isn’t true. Sure, the poor will stay poor but America has a terrible economic climate in order to produce wealth. You can forget getting wealthy by opening a factory here in America.

                  • @ DaisyK

                    What complete rubbish!

                    Worldwide about 40,000 people own almost everything while the remaining 7 billion have little-to-nothing.

                    The “private central banks” have, of course, taken pains for centuries to conceal their concentrated power with interlocking Boards and Directorates. but this reality is being penetrated. “Using a database which listed 37 million companies and investors worldwide, the researchers studied all 43,060 trans-national corporations (TNCs), including the share ownerships linking them…” to map their worldwide power.


                    These 40,000+ are not the “1%”; they are the 0.005% !!!

                    Moneychanger dynasties have been systematically looting the world for centuries, instigating and profiting from wars, assassinating people and leaders who got in their way, raping then annihilating nations.

                    To pretend that 7 billion people have nothing because they are mostly lazy is rubbish!

                    Instead consider this—The 40,000 have almost everything because they are evil sociopaths.

                  • Here’s a challenge to the thumb downers.

                    You opposed my post documenting that a very small percentage of the world own almost everything.

                    I described how they have looted and annihilated nations.

                    I described their behavior as evil and sociopathic.

                    OK, so you oppose what I said. Act like men then, stand up for your opinion and defend the banksters. Tell us how they are numerous, innocent, and really nice people.

                    Your turn, thumb downers, You have the floor. Offer evidence for your opinions, evidence that we can verify… or crawl back into your fetid holes.

                  • Daisy, that simply isn’t correct. Sure, there will be a few that will duplicate their previous success but generally people’s successes are more related to chance. There are many people who just got rich by being in the right place at the right time. For example, consider the current president of the USA.

              • Sure, why not???!!! Well, let’s see ….. we give a trillion dollars to the Gangster Banksters every year, we gave $350 billion to China last year and that is pretty much an annual transfer, then there is the $100 billion to Mexico last year, $50 billion in remittances by illegals to Latin America, $25 Billion to Canada, don’t forget the $250 billion that Illegals cost US every year …… then there is the $8.5 trillion unaccounted for by DOD…… GM, GE, Solondra ……

                Need I go on?

                Michael Snyder must be out there somewhere with a list of the 100 top taxpayers giveaways last year. I am sure it exceeds $2.4 trillion.

                If the American taxpayer is going to owe that money, we may as well owe it to ourselves. Just saying. Its the Free American Republic of O’Bummer. Just swallow the chip from Google so you can access the closet FREEMA ugly teller. 🙂

            • This has gone to far. A change must be made and made now:

              Only Two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives but both were acquitted at the trials held by the Senate:

              Andrew Johnson (D)

              His plans did not give protection to the former slaves, and he came into conflict with the Republican-dominated Congress, culminating in his impeachment by the House of Representatives. The first American president to be impeached, he was acquitted in the Senate by one vote.

              Bill Clinton (D).

              The House Judiciary Committee voted on Articles of Impeachment for President Clinton. The Senate acquitted him as well. he was impeached for perjury before a grand jury and obstruction of justice during a lawsuit against him, both related to a scandal involving a White House intern.

              Odd that both impeached Presidents were Democrats. Odder still is that what they were impeached for are arguably not even in the same category as far as what President Obama has done in the last 5 years.

              Charges could be filed under any of the following: Benghazi, NSA spying on foreign and domestic targets, Fast and Furious, Obama care, failure to shut down Guantanamo, failure to end the war in Afghanistan, failure to stop the illegal interrogations, using drones to invade and assassinate people with out a trial in other countries and the list goes on and on. In fact, what has he done bedside alienate us from every other country in the world? Has he actually lowered the un-employment rate? Has he fixed the economy? Other than being the Commander in Chief of the military forced who assassinated Ben Laden, what has he done?

              Do you see any heads of states going to the White House for State dinners such as all other Presidents have hosted. No, he has alienated the entire world. He must be removed from office by the Congress and Senate.


              • The senate are accomplices… we are fucked.

              • So… you REALLY think that Ben Laden gig was real? Wanta buy a bridge?

            • OK I’ll bite, WTF happens next? Cause if its gonna be “Katie bar the door”, count me in.

              • I think it is Katie bar the door time. This morning two three things came out. The unemployment numbers before the last election were cooked. 8.1 went to 7.8 the month before the election. Obama knew about the web site months ago. The banks in the U.S. spent millions of dollars when they thought there was going to be a U.S. default, planning essentially to finance the U.S. government.

                The government, on any level, has absolutely no credibility at this point. Nothing you hear or even see can be regarded as factual. No one can live in an environment like that.

                Take the stock market. Does anyone really believe that since the crash of 08 that the (Dow)stock market 5 short years later can be at an all time high of 16,000? 1,000 of those points in a 2 month period? 1/3 of the eligible work force is unemployed. Consumer confidence is at a all time low. This is reasonable?


                • @ BigB. Doesn’t the lies and deception of the government really grind your gears? When I hear this same propaganda filled liquid horse manure on the MSM it is like long fingernails on a chalkboard, I have to turn it off and say to myself, screw those liars.

                  • Be Informed,

                    I agree. I tire of the LIES and DECEPTION that the MSN continues to spread.

                    The only way things are going to CHANGE is when more people become informed and learn the TRUTH.

                    “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
                    -Thomas Jefferson

                    Take care!
                    KY Mom

                  • It’s not the lies and deception of the government that grinds my gears as much as the fact that they’re getting away with it because sheeple are mesmerized by their freebies.

                  • @BI, It does my friend, very much. I have to use a lot of Gold Bond to keep the chap at bay. I know how we got here, I know why we are here and I know that there is no way out of it without a total reset. I just hoped and wished that by the time I was turning 60 things would have gotten sorted out. Now it looks like I will have to spend the rest of my life sorting it out all over again. For my self and for future generations. All I wanted, all I ever worked so hard for up till now just for a chance to rest and enjoy my life. Now it is gone. How messed up is that?


          • Sounds a lot like Perpetual Motion.

          • Mr. Still (Money Masters creator) talked about this very thing being proposed in Sweden on his you tube channel last month. If a program like this is funded with interest bearing notes printed by the Fed, you’re right…more debt, more interest in the money changers’ pockets. But if we start to incorporate non-interest bearing US bank notes, this redistribution of wealth would simply be a vehicle for eliminating the scarcity of money that our debt-based monetary system is driving. Then all you’re left with is the debate about whether or not the money is better spent by allowing free citizens to make responsible decisions with the money they have access to (some wont) or to continue funding gov’t programs which often make it much easier for more people to do the wrong thing because they know Uncle Sam will take care of them. Basically, I think, as the Money Masters claims, that the problem is the monetary system. Without fixing that they’re all bad ideas…

            • The system was a free market system pre 1913 Fed. The main players had not come
              together to form a banking cartel and they were losing market share and they couldn’t control money supply or bank reserves. Before the Fed the banks were directly responsible for their solvency. Now that they have the ability to create money in unlimited supply and issue credit they can shift the blame and the tax payer now shoulders the burden for credit defaults world wide. This was by design to enslave the whole world.

              • Guess you have never heard of JP Morgan? The banker that had so much money that HE PERSONALLY BAILED OUT THE US Government.

                He was also the guy who bought Carnegie Steel for CASH! The richest, most valuable company on the planet at that time.

                But no, it was all about the little guy before 1913. You should really read about the horrors of the ‘gilded age’ before you think it was a great happy time….

        • Good luck buying ammo. If this were to happen you’re talking 20 dollar a gallon of gas and gold prices way over 5K. Sorry folks your not getting my money without killing me for it. Once this happens I’ll pay off everything I have and live in the hills.

        • Yeah, I’ve seen this story before. Right, it was,…let me think a little,..that’s it! This is exactly how the Soviet Union worked. All the powerful scumbags at the top controlled every last resource and made every decision. Everyone else, well, they were assigned to jobs and paid a monthly income virtually equal to everyone else. You had ditch diggers living in the same buildings as physicists and medical doctors. BRILLIANT PLAN! Worked out so well for the Soviets they abandoned it.

          Hello America,…anyone with half a brain still in there?

          • “Anyone who does’nt miss the Soviet Union have no heart, anyone who wants it back has no brain.” – Vladimir Putin

          • Joe
            I think there are a lot of people out there that would love to have that ditch diggers job today


        • Ok me and my significant other make between 70 and 80k. Would that mean the government is going to take half of what they don’t already get in illegal taxes and give to people. People that are too lazy, non driven, illiterate pieces of shit. Why would I wanna continue busting my ass at work only to see it not mean anything because free money is being spread around destroying my savings.

          • I fear that to restore America there will have to be some blood letting. We have reached a point where scum people rather be given everthing than to actually work.
            You cannot change a career moocher into a responsible and productive individule, without some severe forms of “rehab”. When it does hit the fan I hope that the new government ends all third world immigration, deports or executes any and all illegals in the USA. The border with Mexico will have to be land mined, and patrolled with preditor drones. Persons who have demonstrated multigenerational abuse of the welfare system ,and those who are career moochers will have to be culled. I am damn tired of seeing my labors stolen from me by the IRS to support worthless scum. And let us not forget CEO’s of drug, oil, banking and insurance companies……..
            congressional and senatorial scammers who helped them rape America.
            I wish that we Americans could resolve these problems within the voting booth, but I fear the liberal cancer has spread to far to be stopped so easily. Today hard work and honesty is shunned while laziness and criminality is applauded. May God palisy the brains who have brought America to her knees.

        • “I’ll spend mine on ammunition.”



          You actually think you can find any to spend it on?


          • Useful sites with many tips to save money. Most stores follow the sale cycles. To save more, combine a coupon with a sale.

            Understanding Sale Cycles
            November Sale items: Thanksgiving dinner and baking items (turkey, stuffing, broths, condensed soup, rolls, boxed potatoes, frozen pies, gravy, canned veggies, cool whip, chocolate chips, canned pumpkin, spices, flour, sugar, nuts).

            Use the sales cycle chart and save money when you shop.

            One Hundred Dollars a Month – Mavis’ Weekly Highlights
            Link for printable coupons

            Walmart website – printable coupons

            • No offense, KY Mom, but in my experience 98% of coupons are issued for junk products that are already grossly overpriced. My long-ago wife was a coupon addict. Unless I did the shopping, we had to live on junk food.

              BTW I have found it interesting that my local small-chain market just 11 miles away is actually cheaper on many items, especially fresh meat, milk and eggs, than the Walmart that is 20+ miles away. And I save on gas.

              • Old Coach,

                Unfortunately, many coupons are for processed food and junk products. But, there are coupons for useful items too. My mother has used coupons for many years – wisely. I watched and learned.

                I use coupons for things like shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, hand lotion, spices, coffee, candy, etc. I try to combine a coupon with a sale price.

                Internet coupons are available for many stores. For example, before my husband buys an auto supply/part, he checks online for a ‘coupon’ for the local auto parts store. Many times he finds a 10% off coupon.

                The cheapest place here to buy milk and eggs is a local gas station.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

          • Plenty out there, take a look.

        • @Prepared Pastor, That’s what I was thinking too, spend it on ammo. Wow would that piss off TPTB! LMAO!!

        • you could do it … my choice is debt/card …all transactions tracked… “good ones” are rewarded … discounts added back so to speak … bad one deducted… from next months statement… The problem will be Money Velocity… that will lead to inflation… then quickly to hyper inflation… sooner that the re-dick-u-lass system we have now… that too will lead to the same place … just a longer path… see its all over now … been over science 2008, financial failure is a mathematical certainty… just not sure of the time line. Prepare or die cold, hungry and in the dark…80 to 90% will have that fate…when the dollar,s value goes to zero.

        • The Government won’t ever give us any money, cause we’d buy guns and ammo, then kick their *&$$&##.. And they Know it. They prefer to keep us broke, poor and weak and unable to fight or resist their scams.

        • People don’t learn economics in school, precisely so they won’t be able to see through Keynesian schemes like this one:

          If everyone gets more, newly printed money, but production stays the same, then prices simply rise. The dollar becomes worth less. The government wins, because their loans, denominated in dollars, are now easier to pay back. Problem is, those who have saved money see their savings weakened, while the parasites are uplifted. And investors flee the country as the weak dollar means they get less back for their invested money.

          Only temporarily does consumption rise, before the prices increase across the board. That temporary lift in consumption, leading to new temporary job, boosts statistics and helps leftists win elections. That’s why they love pumping out newly printed money, borrowed money, or lower interest rates, about a year before an election. (Lower interest rates = people invest instead of saving their money. Some borrow money to invest or consume with. But it weakens the currency, as people take money out of American banks and put them in foreign banks with higher interest rates.)

      2. Courtesy of Paul Krugman. Hell why not enslave the masses even more than they already are.

        • 10 yrs ago i had a hf radio in my truck and i liked to listen to the foreign broadcasts well there was 1 from Belgium, and the lament was that students upon graduating high school the then went to the welfare office and went directly from school to welfare. my moms who is 92 now was 2 when her dad a sea captain on sail ship passed away at 42 leaving her mom with 4 children 1 2 4 5 yrs old in Phila
          never took a dime of gov money her family did help all 4 girls grew up were fed clothed schooled and both her mother had long lives they did go on ss but at least that was poorly done but there was a funding plan flawed but there. to pay everyone to do absolutely nothing will not only destroy the economy with inflation, and the fed devaluing the dollar it will take any incentive to do anything productive, how many millionaires came from nothing. although the gov constantly puts roadblocks to make failures rather than successes. SBA loan expansion would have been better than all the politically connected failed green jobs

      3. Great idea! Now all they need is people who will accept said dollars for labor or trade. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

        • shiftless, don’t laugh. A couple days ago I got a phone call from a longtime friend who owns an auto repair shop. He got a call from the Feds (a recording) saying that now he can accept EBT cards for his repair work.

          • Dont that prove the basic income is already here w/ ebt cards then?

            This is probably another form of another welfare pay out. They wont take anything away but give out more and give it a new name.

            Why the fuck am I even working now.

            • @Calgacus,

              Because you have character. Morals and standards.


          • PO’d Patriot

            The other day while my wife and I were in the grocery store some 300 pound beast was yelling from the self checkout how she could zero the balance on her EBT, both the food stamps and the cash. What the fuck, is this what your talking about? I thought EBT was food stamps.

            • Maddog, unsure of what you heard from the 300 pounder. Probably her lips got in the way and you heard morse code with a touch of ebonics. As far as EBT cards being for food only, I hear tell that you can use them for booze, smokes and whatever else you can get away with. Talking about groceries, the smell is now coming into my office. Thick pork chops coated with seasoned flour (frying), green beans cooking in a pot with a big knot of bacon grease, cooked down till there’s nary any liquid left, and a big bowl of mac&cheese. Gotsta go!

              • Yummy! 🙂

          • welfare is delivered by ebt and you could always spend that money to fix a car but there is a 2nd card snap but called different thing in different states that can only be legally used for food but did you hear about the foreig born muslin in NY bought a 2,5 million house but was also collecting food stamps and Medicaid 47k worth but they finally caught her but does any gov employee check anything

            • Heck no. They’d be fired if they did. All welfare agencies get funding based on how many “clients” they have.

      4. Good. I need Beer Money.

      5. In the old Soviet Union, just before it collapsed, their money became pretty worthless. The people there would joke, “we pretend to work and the government pretends to pay us”.

        • Maudy, it was the same in all of the socialist nations, even Cuba where my wife came from. Obullshit promised back in 2008 to “spread the wealth around”. That’s one of the few promises he has kept. After Bush Jr. gave Wall St. that bailout in Oct. 2008, Obullshit gave Wall St. ANOTHER F#$%IN BAILOUT the following summer. ACA has hidden taxes in it which I’m not signing up for anyway. This latest scheme will never fly. There’sot near as many people working full-time and paying taxes into the system now as there were in 2008. The budget for SNAP has already been cut 5% and there’s talk of more cuts later. The other programs will eventually experience a shortfall in revenue as well. I’ve always pictured MEGA-SHTF as everything stops working at the same time [EMP, CME, cyber attack]. When it happens, all bets are off. Way too many parasites feeding on the host. the host is a lot smaller than it was in 2008 and when the host finally dies, there won’t be another host to replace it. the parasites will then start feeding on each other. they’ll do themselves in. braveheart

          • Braveheart, what’s with those assholes at the Memphis City Council trying to change the names of the three Confederate parks. Forrest Park, Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park. It seems they want to totally destroy our history and heritage wherever or whatever it might be. North or South. Just like they have tried to destroy our Founding Fathers. Trekker Out.(Si vis pacem, para bellum) If you want pace, prepare for war!

            • Years ago, in Richmond Va., the commies wanted to put black heroes among the statues of the Confederate leaders. So they put a statue of tennis player Arthur Ashe. Go figure. Anything to denigrate western heritage.

            • MT, that’s already a done deal in my area, I’m sad to say. Our local commies at work. braveheart

        • There are a large number of Russian folk living in Delta Junction, Alaska. Don’t know anything about the work habits of the men, but the women have a wonderful reputation. An acquaintance of mine showed me some pictures that she took in the greenhouse of one of the women. In that cold land, she was able to produce much food. I suppose, in time, some of them take advantage of the system also.

      6. I can’t wait ’til this sucker crashes and burns. USSA…. USSA……

      7. This has got to be

        The DUMBEST idea ive ever heard!

        This has got to be satire, right? Somebody please tell me this is just a SNL type skit!

        • Kulafarmer.

          Nope! You heard it first at SHTF.

        • Kulafarmer, most likely the economy will die before the scheme can be implemented. even with FED printing presses still going, they can delay the inevitable for only so long. We can only WISH it was satire. they’ll never have the money for it. They’re starting to run out of money for the other ‘entitlement programs’ now as it is.

          • braveheart- how can they run out of money when they can print trillions with one stroke of a key board? In the new normal where the books are cooked and debt is just a number, there is no such thing as run out of money. Here is what I think some one should build a platform around.. Give all the social security money back to everyone that paid in, stop the program and quit taking taxes and medicaid/care out of peoples checks. This would give consumers and business a bit of a boost without it being permanent, the inflation would probably spike and then maybe recede.

            • Bravp Sierra. It takes two strokes.

        • Alas, it’s not.

          Dumb ideas from our comrade overlords. Cloward and Piven taken to the Obama and Jarrett (lack of) power.

        • Actually I believe something like it is up for a vote in Switzerland right now

          • Most find this plan extremely unsustainable.
            Printing fiat and handing out to the families of this nation without any effort on the part of the receiver??
            Ludicrous–however, it is already being done.
            Isn’t Federal Reserve doing this already?? Oh, yeah, but it isn’t being deposited into the family bank accounts, now is it??

        • @ Kulafarmer,

          I’m afraid you’re not having a nightmare. You are wide awake. I don’t even know if the Soviets went this far at the height of socialism and communism in the U.S.S.R.

        • Yes Kulafarmer this is satire. Any one who comes here to read these articles, should already realize this.I guess we are to busy working and paying taxes,to see it’s already started.

          • You didn’t click the links in the article? This isn’t the first time this has been brought up either. It was constantly being kicked around by the druggie-left in Boston when I were a 20-something. Some whacked-out dude named Marx proposed it, and the stoners and slackers ate it all up on toast.

        • Kula, this has been their dream for at least 45 years. They also want to restrict earned income so no one makes more than 10x whatever the stipend is.

          Where will it come from? IRAs, 401ks, investment real estate, all in the name of *fairness*. Pensions will be *evened out* and replaced with stipends. No one except cronies will be allowed to have more than some *deemed* minimum amount of accrued assets. All accomplished via punitive taxation accompanied with brutal inflation. Lenin’s formula for destroying the middle class.

          No money, no healthcare, no energy, nothing private. The government decides if you eat, heat, keep the lights on, see a doctor, get a medication or even have a job, which will be assigned. The pretend POTUS’ job is nearly done.

          Hype and Change.

          • You are a pretty smart person.

      8. Lets apply Darwins theory of the survival of the fittest..or in this case..the survival of those who will make an effort…by labor, by gardening or any combination of effort based initiatives. Family groups might rejoin for the effort. Those that won’t will expire and this time next year we won’t have to deal with the moocher class any more.

        • Sooner or later, this will be the only option.

      9. Unless they are given this on top of what they receive for social security, (which I doubt they will) this will further impoverish retirees.

      10. Control! Control! Control!

        Let’s see, $870 BN given to the banksters with nothing to show for in this mislead over-hyped economy, but then they want to give everyone a set amount that would equal jack squat.

        I’ll keep making what I make, till my job is out sourced to another country and with TPP in the works, that might be sooner than later. We have criminal rats in the WH and on Capitol Hill, somebody needs to call pest control pronto…..!

        B Aware, B awake, B Alive

      11. Welcome to Weimar America.

      12. I don’t mean to offend, but these guys are higher than bat pu§§¥!

        • Well, yes, they are, but they also have the keys to the Batmobile. Clear the streets !

      13. I’ve heard that when the “mark” is put in place, the governments of the world would put a certain amount of money in your account periodically, and that way the use of cash would be officially completely phased out.

        • Britain is taking a step toward that by phasing out checks.

      14. There is actually a strong following of thought along these lines. I was speaking with a not so intelligent lawn care specialist and we were discussing th current mess the country is in. He stated simply that he could not understand why the govt. couldn’t just hand money out to the public to increase our wealth. I didn’t have any comment. Some things are truly just wasted breath.

        • It is coming to the point of government taking all of our money and giving back what they feel we deserve.

          • We are already there.

        • Well they could take every dollar now spent yearly on foriegn nations welfare cash, phony wars that never end, and all those tens of trillions banksters in usa and europe banks bail outs and instead equally divide it into a check for every citizen as proposed and the yearly amount spent wont change one cent.

          Just that 27 trillion banks bail outs totals would have paid off every usa mortgage and car loan and the banks still would have gotten ever dime anyways. At least we’d also benifit that way.

          Never before did any ceos or sport stars get paid so many times the avg salary of middle class workers as today.

          I recall in detroit as a kid when Al Kaline was the TOP Paid detroit tigers baseball guy and his years salary was $75,000..What was a detroit auto worker paid then? I do not know but it was probobly around $5000 per year at least. Maybe even $10,000 per year.

          Todays ceos and sports heros get paid like 500+ times the amount a ford or gm factory worker earns per year.

          And with so Many CEO’s in so many wall street market stocks co’s it must not be too difficult to be a ceo at GE or GM etc…

          being paid a good wage for honest labor is good. But todays top 1% zillionaires get obscene pays.

          Somethings radically wrong in the world when a top small few have tens of billions and so many others earn $2 per day and starve almost around the world.

          And when you connect the dots and follow the $$$ trails almost every single filthy rich ceo or whatever does massive swindles or takes or pays out massive political bribes.

          Is Hillery giving a 15 minit speech at the CFR anual meeting really worth being paid $400,000 from Goldman sachs for her 15 minit speech?

          Or Bill klintons non stop speech tours that earn him an avg of %150,000 to $300,000 per one to two hour speechs?

          What the hell has he so important to say that hes paid that much?

          I say if the fed govnt wont halt EVERY Dime paid to other nations and illeagles and non stop phony wars, then we should get a check too. Anybody who thinks wars and other nations are more important than fellow citizens at Home in usa, has wrong priorities.

          Swiss folks will be soon voteing yes or no to pass out a check to every swiss citizen that is equal to $3000 us dollars per month. It was on RT tv a few weeks ago, they showed a dump truck back up in a town square area and dumped $400,000 in dollar euro coins in middle of street to advertize the plan.

          I rather see the absolute laziest black ghetto rat get a check compared to israel or pakistan and the other 150 nations america pays. At least that lazy ghetto rat is a fellow citizen and israelis or paks aint.

          Like I asked in last article I posted at…

          Can anybody tell me the full total Daily amount that a handfull of bankster swindlers at fed res et al, get paid in usury intrest for aprox 200 nations fed-state-city-county govnt’s in each of 200 nations, PLUS whatever it adds up to for EVERY persons loans intrest Worldwide, a Daily Grand Total just for combined total Intrest on all loans or moneys owed like fed govnt owes etc?

          Somebody give ONE good Honest reason Why should around a total of “300 Individuals” that belong to aprox 13 familys who control ALL that banking worldwide be allowed or able to get what Has to be several Trillion dollars Per DAY just for usury intrest from all world loans combined?

          They do not Earn that they scam swindle it period with help from crooked enabler polititions.

          Who Here would grive or cry if the tv news said an entire bankster bunch got robbed and killed last nite by unknown bandits?…Oh yeah and they been swindleing usa for 100 yrs now that way, and european nations for 350 yrs now!

          Thats NOT fair profits its Satanic Robbery swindle scams.

          • Troll

            • Redneck…the only troll here is you!

              • You being paid by Them Guys? He’s been here for ages, spouting anti-Semitism and socialist nonsense like this. Troll is too good a word.

                • Old Coach:

                  I know it never ran through your brain that JP just happens to be smarter than you.

                  • Pissed off Tranny. You are a troll

                  • Pissed off Tranny LOL Female Troll

                  • P.O.Granny-

                    Heads-up dear!

                    Looks like the ‘kosher crowd’ is hankering for an all orifice gang-bang on you & “Them Guys”!

                    ..tell ’em you prefer ‘real gentile wood’…not kosher toothpicks!

                    FUCK OLD COACH & his varsity sidekicks!!

                    I have your back.

                • The only thing required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Don’t be afraid to call it like you see it redneck !

                • You know Old Coach…you are a sorry excuse for a human being! I’m not being paid by anyone, but I do believe that everyone has the right to express their opinion, whether you agree with it or not…dare I say it=IT’S CALLED “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”!
                  And Them Guys & POG are not trolls and maybe instead of sitting on your butt all day being jealous of other people who have far more knowledge than you’ll ever have, you might want to try doing some research and find out what the truth is!
                  Oh, I forgot…you’re not interested in the truth, you’re only interested in your pathetic version of the truth.

                  • Sorry “JP”..I could only give you one thumbs-up.

                • It’s funny, this time he actually started out with a valid point before falling off the cliff into the jew bashing tirade.

              • Troll

          • if they keep this up you will need a truck load of greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread even country’s who the state owns oil and gas and handing benefits out are running high inflation and running out of money.
            remember if they took every dollar people over 250k income
            makes it would only run the gov for a few weeks that’s how bad the debt is. remember the gov taxes but the fed devalues
            our dollar

      15. Maria Bartiromo is jumping ship. From CNBC to Fox.
        On Drudge.

        • Fox is digging in to go full court progressive stance. I don’t give a fuck, I WILL not vote at all if I don’t have a Tea or similar candidate to pull lever for. When we go down, it will be on a true liberal watch. Why go down with a false conservative and allow the fingers to point at conservatives in general? There is no point. Christie, Hillary, McCain, Warren, all the same. Asshats that represent more of the same. Bring in the illegals and pull our gun rights inch by inch. Bullshit. Enough is enough and I am done eating at this table. No more lesser of 2 evils shit. I’ll eat my sandwich in the corner and wait for the shit to go down. Then maybe we can get change back to traditional values.

      16. I want my,
        I want my,
        I want my free big Tv.

        (sorry Dire Straights)

        • “Money for nuthin and checks for free!”

          • “The clear [benefit] is that no American would live below the poverty line.”

            I guess they’re too stupid to realize that such a program would cause more inflation, thus raising the poverty line. Soon a computer wouldn’t be able to keep up with the inflation rate.

            • Gee, the current govt fixes that problem by lowering the poverty line.

      17. Just checked the debt clock, going up over $1 million a second $17,154,000,000. It’s going, going, gone! Sky’s the limit baby……

        B e Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • It is actually moving at 10 million per second. Watch closely. Uneffingbeleivable.

          • Scariest part—I think many people now equate this ever increasing number with economic growth. If the number isn’t racing ever upward, the economy must be slowing down. They now are conditioned to think that in order for the country to stay afloat, this number has to increase as it does. Trouble ahead fellas.

            • GTL, it’s going so fast, hurts ones eyes, not mention that people do not think this is a bad thing. When you have arss-clowns saying the deficit has never been lower. WTF, this isn’t even all the debt. There is no saving this country from destruction, but then that is what has been planned all along.

              Keep buying up the items that will mean most when this society finally succumbs to the fangs of TPTB. As of right now, I see no future for the youth of today?

              B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

              • Guy dies and goes to Heaven. There he sees a gigantic wall covered with clocks.
                “What’s this?” he says.
                “Oh, that’s the lie clocks. Everybody has one. The minute hand moves one minute for every lie you tell. There’s Jesus’ clock. It’s still at zero. And there’s Mother Teresa’s clock, it has only moved once.”
                Guy ponders for a few minutes, walking up and down the wall.
                Finally he asks, “Where’s Obama’s clock?”
                “Oh, it’s in St. Peter’s office. He’s using it for a ceiling fan.”

        • The printing presses have been working overtime…

          Treasury Issues $1 Trillion in New Debt in First 6 Weeks of FY14.

          “Between Oct. 1, 2013, (1st day of fiscal 2014) and Nov. 14,…according to the Daily Treasury Statement, the Treasury issued $1,014,215,000,000 in new bills, notes, bonds and other securities.”

          CNS News
          (also posted at Drudge Report)

          • KY Mom,

            At this rate, by this time next year, $1 Trillion dollars in 6 weeks will look like chump change as the economic depression deepens. Folks are having fits about a silly Obamacare website malfunctioning when they should be getting their affairs in order.

            It’s shocking to think that it took America 200 years to reach it’s first Trillion dollars of debt. If this isn’t a planned implosion, I don’t know what is.

            Thanks KY Mom. Great articles!

            • YH,

              I too believe the economic implosion is planned.
              Like a train heading over a cliff, they see the ravine below and yet are stepping on the gas pedal.

              Take care! Keep praying and prepping!

      18. Certainly would speed up a collapse. More importantly, since there would be no effort needed for money, people would become even more complacent than they are now. That means survivability in a collapse situation will be reduced greatly. In other words, not very many people will last past the first year of a grid down scenario.

        • Jacob, read “One Second After” by William Forstchen, an expert on EMP. In the last chapter, it was estimated that 1 year after the EMP event, only 30,000,000 people were left alive in the US, out of a total population of 310,000,000 and that was ONLY an estimate. If/when that scenario becomes real I fear the final number may be lower than 30,000,000.

          • I just put that book on hold at my library.

            • It is a great book, a true eye-opener for any that read it.
              However, the nuclear plant shut downs were never discussed–in an EMP situation??
              I wonder why??

              • Cause the book would have ended abruptly at Chapter Two.

            • I’m a prepper, a war vet and a Christian so I have no qualms posting here or there ’cause I know i’m already on somebody’s naughty list… be that as it may, i read One Second After a couple times. The first was to get the take an intelligent, informed, educated in the ways of nuclear emp effects would spin on it and the second time was to see if i had read it correctly… All i have to say is i agree that 30 million is a very conservative number of survivals after just one year. with only 3-5% of the us prepping somewhat and the idea that a lot of preppers have of surviving out in the woods… well, it just goes to show you that like the unemployment percent the government puts out, it all looks good on paper but it just won’t wash… I will say that following the second reading I went through my preps and did some serious reevaluation as well as did my level best to “harden” a few electronic devices but who knows. The fact of the matter is i don’t know if my bride of 43 years, our children and grandchildren will make it out the “other side,” but it is my prayer and firm belief that who so ever does come out the other side will have a perspective that grounded in Faith ’cause without the direct intervention and protection of our Triune God in your life going through this hell that’s unfolding just isn’t going to happen. Pray for discernment, prep like there is no tomorrow (because there isn’t) and protect that which you have been blessed with with all the skill at your command. dj

        • What do you think their agenda is with this idea? I think they want to lower earths population by a few billion.

      19. FINALLY. I can quit working and sit on my fat ass like the all the other Fat asses….wait , who’s going to make my dinner ?

      20. From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs … whatever.

        Or, from each according to his politics; to each according to his politics.

        From each according to his ability; to each according to his degree of immorality.

        From each according to his stupidity; to each according to his status within The Party.

        feel free to add to this list.

        • From those that work to those that don’t.

        • From each according to their vulnerability, to each according to their corruptibility.

          • This comment explains every commercial, ever.

            My default assumption when I see a commercial is ‘they’re lying’.

      21. O.K. This is what basically amounts to ‘common-core’ for income. Just like they did to grades and so-called learning’ in schools, they will do to the income system.

        Can’t achieve financial status? Fine. We’ll just level the playing the playing field by making everyone a pauper (except the very rich).

        Anyone who makes income above the government provided poverty level will be heavily and hastily taxed to death. This will prevent anyone from ‘rising up’ or achieving more than the others at the bottom. Everyone will be ‘equally poor’. How on Earth anyone could even consider this plausible is beyond explanation.

        They will be driving trucks through the streets shoveling out little biscuits called Soylent Green next…

        • I just ordered that movie–I never watched it or don’t remember it.
          Now, I can understand the term ‘soylent green’ better.
          Whoa! Yuck.

          • The book is better. This is always true, with the exception of books written after the movie has already been made…

      22. This is just stupid. Inflation will just raise the poverty bar.
        Then hyperinflation will wipe out the rest.

      23. I’ll use my free money to buy more silver, food and ammo.

        Prepping for the dollar collapse is expensive, may as well get stuff for free and help the collapse along…. some of my food has a limited shelf life.

        So, lets get on with it!!

        • Ben, uh, there’s no money to buy fuel for the helicopter.

        • If they gave that $350+Billion Per year combined totals spent for Illeagle aliens, in a check to everyone 21 yrs or older, it would equal probobly at least $1500 per year each. And it wont raise the current cash feds spend a dime. Plus if the freebees cash is cut off many illeagles will leave.

          I never understand why so many folks so complain of welfare or ebt card cash spent, yet none of those same folks ever mentions all the cash sent to other nations and spent for never ending phony wars.

          We are at war in aprox 6-7 nations right Now. In one form or another its War by soldiers or drones or cia etc.

          Whats That costing yearly? Two Trillion? close to that?

          Which of those nations has ever yet attacked usa? NONE!

          Who has benifited from every war since GW bush’s follys in iraq and afgan and todays hobammy continued more wars yet? I can think of just One single nation..Israel.

          Everybody else Pays or Dies so israel can benifit. Maybe israel should change their state slogan of “Thru Deception(lies) we shall cause Wars”….To something more like “We will not decieve wars to start unless we israel can fight our own wars”

          Out of 200 plus nations in world, I see and hear Just one single national leader chompin at bit and foaming like rabid sick dog for more War!…Thats netanyahoo in israel. hes on TV somehweres almost every Day crying for War! Nuke Iran! Kill MOre innocents! America MUST do More klling wars for israel!

          Why so?…If a National war Vote was taken I’d wager 90% of usa voters will vote NO! No more wars for whacko israeli blood thirsty warmongers.

          Anybody whos Okay with paying for such wars, yet bitches about EBT cards…You have mixed up priorities.

          Funny nobody heard of iran-iraq-afgan-or troubles in mid east till 1948 when Khazars stole palestine lands under false guises and swindles…Now america is hated by all.

          Somethings radically wrong with That picture.

          One would think that with 6-8 million Arabs and Most are Muslims in the usa today, that the 6.5 million jewish folks also in usa would re consider their NY honcho jewish leaders, along with their dual citizen jew polititions creating so much Hatred by all they are doing. Just what are the usa jews going to do if some day when least expected usa arabs begin to go wild and attack only jewish americans in retaliations for israeli jews antics etc…

          I sure would be concerned about that type scenario if I were jewish in usa today. Thats not a far fetched scenario after so many decades of constant building hatred in arab nations eh. While splc and adl are watching white guys that are fast wakeing up to jew scams in usa, what if arabs hits them from the Side or from behind?…After 4000 yrs of such scams and deceptions one would think that tribe has Learned by now eh…

          • The illegals are a very large part of the problem in the US along with our own trash. they all take, while we(taxpayer) give. For every hard working illegal there is a bunch that are on the gov tit or in the prison system. Millions.

          • Comments like this are causing this site to be considered to be catagorized as a hate site. There is a full moon out so expect the inmates to act up !

          • What exactly is a phony war?

            And all your little clever misspellings make you sound all the more idiotic.

          • No one ever heard of troubles in the mid-east until 1948? islam has been trouble since it was founded. The “shores of Tripoli” refers to muslim pirates. The islamic invasion was stopped at the gates of Vienna. India has a long history of issues with islam. The US or Israel has nothing to so with trouble in the mid-east. islam is the problem.

            • It’s probably more like nobody ever bothered to make it their business, to know what goes on in the middle east until 1948.

              • Ever hear about the Crusades?

                • Not much recently about the crusades. I passed world history in high school, in the 70’s. It’s not exactly current events, now is it?

                  TODAY, what’s supposedly going on in the middle east is eclipsed by miley cyrus and twerking.

          • Ignorant bigot.

          • MAC! Cleanup on aisle 2848888

          • Hate speech from a troll !

      24. McCarthy and Welch were right.

        • But while McArthy Named them BY name and tribe membership, Welch refused to ever do so, and I read that welches number one main Rule to obey for all bircher members was none was allowed to mention the forbidded “J” word, or welch will boot them out fast.

          If thats true? And I assume it is as I recall no such naming by welch ever, then hes not in same league as Mcarthy was in my book.

          Only mistake Mcarthy ever made was in how he so underestimated how Many there were in usa even in His day!

          Too bad our parents failed to Heed his many warnings and instead fell for MSM lies and propagandas defameing Mcarthy. If we only now today had 435 more like he was, america be fixed in 6 months flat.

          • I suspect Welch may not have wanted to take on an adversary that he couldn’t beat. Some times it’s better to let a sleeping dog sleep. Wait until you get a big enough stick to whoop it’s ass first.

            • Maudy—

              I used to subscribe to their mag, but cancelled the day they denied an advertisement(early, back in this century) from/for “The Resister”…a.k.a the Special Forces Underground (a now defunct publication of truth and a real military underground magazine, created/distributed by serious/honorable soldiers in and around Ft. Bragg).

              -Old school SF guys know the score!-

              I did such ‘cuz Welch’s civilian editors were mortified (and to this day), still quake in fear..of the Tribe’s retribution potential.

              -(see ad revenue $$$ for details)-


              Hopefully, at some point down the road (in the future), truth and honor will be resurrected, defended and adopted by the the majority, as it was in the days of the Founding Fathers.

              Sans that…

              …we’re FUCKED!

          • Oh yes, Joe Mcarthy. The father of the modern day witch hunt.

            And just what did he accomplish?

      25. So, in lieu of TANF, give every American a check? What do they think TANF is? I don’t see a difference in welfare and getting a check. Same thing to me.

        Worth ethic goes out the window. Why bother working when big brother takes care of you. Nothing is free, and you bet there will be strings attached.

        Give every American a check. Great way to enslave a nation.

        this is sickening to me…. at this point, why bother educating our children, why bother with doing anything, when the govt is going to pay you just to live?

      26. So as I understand this proposal everyone in the USA would recieve about $1000.00 per month or about what folks get on SSDI or SS but without food stamps, energy or housing assitance. Unless that $1000.00 is added to the checks of those on the “dole” already. I could do it, but I doubt many others could afford even the basics if they had to get by on a thousand per month without assistance. We would see massive inflation on basic commodities because a lot of people are somewhat intelligent and buy things they need to survive and not the latest gadget.
        Welcome to Weimar the american version!

      27. What kind of drugs are these idiots on? Just how delusional can you get? We need people to wake the F* up. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…….oh crap! This ain’t a dream!

      28. This is communism. Our country has been taken over.

      29. Man finds a lamp on a beach and cleans it…out pops the obligatory Genie…You can have one wish it says…I wish I was rich the man says…every person in his family is immediately stricken dead leaving him the sole heir of everything…everything has a price.

        • He should have wished for his wife to get Double what he gets, then ask to be Beaten 1/2 to death!

        • How about 3 guys on deserted island. First guy wants to be in a bar with a beautiful blonde on each side,poof he’s gone. Second guy wants to be on a beach in Rio with beautiful women all around him,poof he’s gone. Third guy say’s I’m really lonely’ I wish those two guys were still here. POOF.

      30. About 1% to 15% of us would eventually build our pittance into various levels wealth, personal comfort and stability on the open/black market while everyone else sit back and freeload. Sound familiar? Circle of life in Soetoro-Obama’s Amerika Simba. Those of us who “over achieve” will no doubt need to be re-educated or decapitated at a neighborhood camp FEMA. Our achievements might emotionally distress the freeloaders.

      31. Just the same useless crap out of the NY Times. Oh and I’m just so happy the DOW hit 16,000 today. All is well !!!

      32. God, for the first time in my life, I’m totally speechless.

        “From each according to his ability, To each according to his needs” – Karl Marx

        Need I say more?

      33. the People’s Republic of Haven in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series ( a long running sci-fi series of books) had this exact idea, they called it the basic living stipend. It kept the masses quiet and destroyed the ability to produce anything,(why work when you get paid for sitting on your ass) It worked for a while but they had to turn conquestidor and invade their neighbors to sustain their government. Because eventually you run out of other people’s money to steal.
        If I recall correctly, the first book was written in the early 1990’s.
        Needless to say, Weber has a low opinion of socialism in all its forms. I remember reading these books when I was in college and was disturbed by how prophetic they seemed to be. Looking back, I’m even more disturbed by HOW prophetic they were.

        • Imho

          One of the best of all time…He’s still writing this same series. I figure two maybe three more books.

          His attention to detail is astonishing.

          You could walk away,after reading these, with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. That is not my opinion but someone I know who’s working on his Doctorate. He first started reading Weber, much like you I suppose, as a diversion from his studies and became a huge fan.

          Weber’s other series are also highly recommended, and not just for the entertainment value. The “Safehold” series is just as amazing.

          • Yea, the safehold series rocks. Like a Mighty Army is due out in feb. I have it on pre order.

      34. It would be far cheaper to terminate the gibbs me dat crowd, than to continue to support them. If you dont want to work ,have as many bastard ghetto welfare children as possible and smoke crack cocaine all day long fine. Just make sure that I am not going to be forced to support your worthless ass. Terminations of career welfare moochers and others who want a free ride would cost far less that to support them from cradle to the grave, and deleting those who have a gibbs me dat mentality from the gene pool would strengthen America.
        I would never begrudge helping the truly disabled, the elderly, the people down on their luck…but career welfare moochers and multigenerational systemic welfare abuse must be halted.

      35. This idea is as shortsighted as all the sheeple who believe in, and are waiting for the Government Corporate Big Brother to fix this economy. Get ready We The People our day is coming soon. Stock up on some good work gloves while prepping … going to be a lot of dirty manual labor ahead as we move back about 150 years.

      36. I wonder how long it would take for hyper-inflation to hit if this happened? We are above the poverty level so I wonder if we would get a check? I know if by some crazy chance we did mine would be spent 100 percent on preps. Mainly food, water, and ammo. I recently got a part time job so I could stock up a little faster.

      37. This is fantastic – it almost makes me feel like a banker.

        • You can’t be a banker unless you speak fluent Yiddish. Its the first verbal test given for all aplicants.

          • See more hate talk !

            • Full moon out expect it.

            • Justice:

              In an earlier subject on shtf barncat stated “sure, themguys, jews are known for their street crimes???”

              Well, for the readers of shtf here are some of the jews known for their mafia connections and their street crimes.

              Bugsy Siegel – Mafia
              David Berkowitz – Son of Sam serial killer
              Dutch Schultz – Mafia
              Hymie Weiss – Al Capones arch enemy
              Jack Ruby – Killed Oswald who supposedly killed Kennedy
              Ira Einhorn – The Unicorn killer
              Joel Rifkin – NY serial killer
              John Gotti, Jr. – Born of a jewish mother
              Lepke Buchalter – NY Gangster
              Meyer Lansky – Mob boss
              Mickey Cohen – LA underworld figure

              This is by no means a complete list. Google the subject and you will find that what we have taught was all “Irish” is, as usual, not the truth.

              Not hate speech, you trolls, just the truth.

              • Check your geneology, Granny. There’s probably that many just in the last two generations in yours.

              • Pissed off Tranny. Contributor of hate speech. Troll

              • Pissed off tranny. OMG ! What an ignant dumbass. ( ignorant) intentionally mispelled so your dumb neo nazi ass could read it. Wow you are a real piece of work. Have to agree with others here that you are spewing hate speech.

              • POG. Seems you are attacking Justice for disagreeing with your Anti-Semetic views. Making it personal decreases your credability. Personally I believe it maks you look like a troll.

              • Leave me out of your hate speech you neo nazi. I really don’t care if you are a bigot. Bigots like you got this site listed as a Hate site !

              • Please check your facts! Meyer Lansky was not, and could not be, a ‘Mafia’ boss. He couldn’t even be a ‘made guy’ because he was not of Italian descent. He was the ‘mob’s accountant’. That does not mean that he wasn’t one of the most effective members in the history of organized crime, he was by far. But he was not a made member of La Costra Nostra.

          • Hate speech

            • There’s a full moon out. Expect it !

              • …and the voting SAYS>>>>….’ding*****’ -(auditory sound)-!

                POG, owns y’alls assess!

                ..****’effin kosher dipshits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      38. “Apples for sale – only $10 each …”

      39. @ Kulafarmer. I just read that on the tsunami buoys being turned off. Real strange. They need those to warn people just how high the tsunami is going to be. Of coorse maybe this is the plan. I could tell and estimate from an earthquake how destructive the tsunami will be, but it would be an estimate. Just know this, if there is anything over 8.9 on the ocean floor it is likely there will be dynamic overshoot and a much bigger tsunami and more widespread. You see something in the mid 9 range say in the Aleutians and it is surf’s up in an awful way from the Pacific.

        I am so throughly fed up with these rotten and worthless governments hiding everything. It sure seems like end days and something horrible is coming. The government surely ain’t going to tell anyone anything, even after they have been wiped out the survivors won’t know from their governments. If the governments are doing this to hide something a big fat flaming F U to all of them for being true and blue bastards.

        • Be informed

          Please provide links and/or reference regarding the tsunami buoys….

          Not surprised one bit ..we’ll be the last to know always..

          We are all the proverbial mushrooms

          Always kept in the dark

          Always fed nothing but shit..


        • just caught the screenshot..appears to have been a technical error/correction as the site is now relatively normal..

          • @ possee. Kulafarmer linked this up last night on the Before Its News website about the tsunami buoys. I have become so suspecious of the government’s actions that I trust them not on practically anything. I hope that a “convenience” type of future error never happens because I would hate to have to GUESS the size of a massive tsunami based on the size of an earthquake or even an asteroid impact in the ocean somewhere coming into a highly populated area. What would really irritate me would if the seismographs all went down and all of us were clueless about the size of a quake like pre-internet days.

          • @ possee. Kulafarmer linked this up last night on the Before Its News website about the tsunami buoys. I have become so suspecious of the government’s actions that I trust them not on practically anything. I hope that a “convenience” type of future error never happens because I would hate to have to GUESS the size of a massive tsunami based on the size of an earthquake or even an asteroid impact in the ocean somewhere coming into a highly populated area. What would really irritate me would if the seismographs all went down and all of us were clueless about the size of a quake like pre-internet days.

        • Shure the Goverments are hiding the facts about the climate changes. The government knows that Man made Glowbull warming is a myth. The government knows we are undergoing a end of an age clatyclismic Pole Shift. Gosh I bet those folks in Illinoise Woud start believing something is up with the planet now that they have been personally visited by the aftermath. But what we have seen so far Is just a preview of what is to come. wait till the Cascadia & new Madrid happen. Wait till the Magnosphere weakens and 1000 MPH solar winds reach the earth. The Government elete think they can wait it out in relative comfort in their underground citys like the one at Mount Weather. And think about it what would be gained by letting the citizens know what is really happening? The would be chaos & lawlessness immediately. Nope the government will keep kicking the can of unsustainable debt down the road as long as possible. Yes indeed prepare for economic collapse also prepare for the pole shift & its after effects. If neither happens So what? I either one occurs and your not prepared It will be very bad for you & yours. My Grandmothers saying applies (He who will not when he may-When he will he shall have nay!

          • I havent prepped for the 1000mph winds.

            • well, if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t prepped for the sun blowing up.

          • Are you talking about the physical or magnetic poles?

        • Maybe comet Ison is more than meets the eye?

      40. If this idea grows legs then we’ll definitely be in “the last act”. I certainly won’t bother to call for an encore but will catch the lights on the way out. See ya when I see ya.

      41. We are becoming a fraud of a country wrapped in deceit and hidden behind lies .

        This is the end my friend , this is the end of everything , of our elaborate plans my friend.

        We are becoming just like a Stalinist dictatorship in the flavor of North Korea .

        We are told we are rich , the best of the world if we vote for a certain candidate who has already been decided the election winner a long time before the vote . We are manipulated into buying things we do not need , or forced to purchase things for the greater good because your leaders say so. we are being programmed into believing what they what us to believe by the mass media .
        Replacing God with the cult of personality .

        Welcome to the USSA Comrades

        Is this the future you want ?

        So what are you going to DO ABOUT IT?

        It is a lot closer now than you think , it is time to Finialize all your preparations now.
        Liberty has a price paid in blood sweat and tears . It is not easy to maintain it is hard .
        50 years ago a President Died for his beliefs in a great prosperous America for the people and by the people. Yes ask not what your country can do for you , but what you can do for your country .
        We do this not because it is easy but because it is hard.
        a torch has been passed to the new generation.

        That generation is us.

        Liberty dies hard In the end it is all up to us if we have the will to stand up and say no and back it with determination and defiance. Change will only happen if we are willing to risk the consequences of our actions. If not then we are closing the door and throwing away the key .

        This regime will fail with Thunder and Fury

        Once extinguished the Lamp of Liberty may never shine with the light of freedom again.





        Semper Fi 8541

        • I’m with you!

      42. The long sobs of the violins of autumn hurt my heart with a monotonous languor

        • So eloquent my good man,

          • I just farted real bad, company is at the front door, I will let the dog in the back door and blame it on him.

      43. Still here in WNC mountains…have given up on warning others, stupid sheeple.

        This article reminded me of one of Milton Friedman’s theories:

        Take all assets, liquefy into cash and evenly distribute among the masses and in 5 years you’ll be right back to having rich, poor, and every level in between.

        • While that is true, there is an important distinction to be made.

          The people who will be wealthy in 5 years time (give or take some time…) are the entrepreneurs. A very small portion of our existing ‘wealthy’ are actually entrepreneurs.

          The vast majority of the currently wealthy would be, and remain, destitute. They can pretend to run a major company but they sure as shit couldn’t build one.

          The ‘Google Boys’, Henry Ford, Warren Buffet (if he was a few years younger) would all be fine. Jaime Dimon and his ilk would be eating out of a dumpster for the rest of their lifes.

      44. I think its a great idea!
        Better than bailing out the big banks, who created this mess.
        If they did this with the first bail out years ago,our economy would be booming!
        Our economy would go from 0 to 100mph in weeks!

      45. There is another consequence not listed in this post: Many low incomer individuals, once they start receiving their “government salary”, will simply quit working.

        This could have severe negative consequences depending on the size of this work force exodus.

        • ..but it might open up some jobs for those of us who actually do want to work, so let ’em quit and go home. I’ll gladly take their job.

      46. The banks are concerned about the money velocity, which is at a very low level. The Central banks run the world monetary systems and economy. Without constant churn of fiat moneys, deflation sets in.

        The money printing by the CBs is not reaching the street and we are in a deflationary period in wages and spending.

        I suppose they think this will up the velocity since it will most likely all get spent into the system.

        We have a monetary system that benefits only those at the top through usury and ZIRP. It can only exist with constant growth to repay the usury debt. Every “dollar” in existence in this system was created as a loan with usury attached.

        The only solution to this problem is to END THE FED and give the monetary creation back to the Treasury who can create interest free real money and not be beholden to criminal Central banks. (this will never happen)

        The point is moot since the world economies are crashing from high priced hydrocarbons and will drag the banks down kicking and screaming along with everyone else.

        If you can’t grow your own food and heat with wood and passive solar you better get crackin…time is running out. The end of the Industrial Age is upon us.

        • JRS. There are no solutions at this point. Frankly this is the best they can do now that they have gone this far down the rabbit hole. If I took over for Ben Bernanke or I would increase the QE to the area of 1 trillion a month and if I was in charge of the treasury, I would start handing money out to the people. I loathe this, but at this point it is the only way to bring this disaster to a boiling point and re adjust. It is sad. It is not what should have been done but at this point the longer they do not do this, the more painful things will get. Raise QE to 1 trillion a month and start sending each person over 18, not 21, 18 still is the age of adult as far as I know, start sending them checks of about 2000 -3000 per month. It sickens me, but it must be done. It is the only “bullet” these people have left.

          • Inflation is not the solution. The corrective action must be radical deflation. Recognize that the trillions in bad loans and other such schemes, (Treasuries included) are worthless. All this debt acts like money, as long as fools believe it is. Devaluing that junk debt to zero will contract the money supply radically, destroy all of these crooked banks and hedge funds, and let us get back to building an economy based on reality. Either do it now, or it’ll be done to us later.

        • Are you saying we are heading back to the Stone Age?

          I hope deflation does happen and in a hurry. That will get home prices back to reality. That will lower tax collections so that Govt budgets are so ever tighter. That will make a $10 an hour wage more reasonable.

          But this wont go to the Stone Age. It will get fixed by the Beast.

          Billions will perish though. Thus you are right, in that get ready and do so fastly. The year 2014 is going to be very rocky until the meltdown finally occurs….

        • JRS:

          Thanks for your truthful post.

        • Its too late to end the fed, that should have been done a long time ago, Now don’t get me wrong it may stop the bleeding , but that wont help the fact that the body is already dead.

          they are in way deeper then we are lead to believe

          • legend has it that the last time a person tried to end the fed was around Nov 22 1963. Not sure how the legend ended?

        • 1) The Fed turns over it ENTIRE annual profit to the US Treasury. That includes the interest on the T-Bills that the Fed holds on it’s balance sheet as the basis for our money supply. Therefore the Fed operates under a 100% corporate tax rate (ie taxes only levied against profits). This is the very definition of ‘confiscatory’ taxes.
          2) Therefore, our money creation is in fact ‘interest free’ or more accurately produces a NEGATIVE interest rate.
          3) Last year (if I remember right) the Fed turned over 80 Billion in profits to the US Treasury. Annual figures are available online.
          4) ZIRP is a problem. The banks borrow money from the Fed for 0% interest (actually negative when inflation is factored in) and then use that for investing diverts capital from productive investment to the Wall St. Casino.

          I believe that the real, fundamental, problem is the ‘financialization’ of our economy. Wall St. which used to be the ‘hand-maiden of creative destruction’ (ie provide the capital for new ventures) is now way too invested gambling on current ventures. Given the current tax structure it is too easy to suck the profits out of a company (it’s lifeblood) for personal gain instead of continually reinvesting the profits.

      47. It is good to see in the comments that people are learning about our money system…and the Federal Reserve…and what inflation is…etc…for many, like myself, who had not a clue about all of this until I started reading the articles via the internet of very knowledgeable people. I have mentioned this before, but once again, here is a very eye-opening article written by Dr. Steven Yates in Dec. of 2005…when the national debt had climbed to 8 trillion..(now 17 trillion).. titled, “Our Money System”.. It discusses the federal reserve, what fractional reserve banking is, etc. Of interest, afer WWII, Mayer Amschel BAUER, changed his name to Rothschild…got into banking, had 5 sons he placed in strategic positions over 5 central banks..and the game was on! International banking..and the House of Rothschild helped the Rockefella’s etc, get started. Mayer, according to this article is refuted to have said:”I care not who governs a nation, just give me control of the money…(may not have it exact, but the article does)…now I understand this…money buys the people who run the government. His wife is reputed to have said: “If my sons do not want war, there will be no war…” (because the banksters finance the wars)..what is ironic is that what is being called a “dollar” is not what is really a is a federal reserve “note”, or a “bill of credit”… the magicians have people believing that this “piece of paper” is a dollar.. The Spanish Pieces of Eight, which was a coin consisting of 371.25 grains of silver, was eventually used for international trade, and called a dollar. (the weight varied, but when America used it as our legal dollar, the founding fathers went out into the market, collected many dollars, and decided that the best weight to coin the dollar in was 371.25 grains of silver.) Have you ever heard of the saying. “2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar?” This is where it came from: 2 bits of a spanish piece of eight was one-fourth of a dollar or piece of eight , 4 bits, half a dollar…6 bits..3/4 of a dollar…8 bits = a dollar. The way to destroy a country is to destroy its “currency”…There is a book that was written after the collapse of Germany, the Weimar republic around 1923, titled: “When money dies”…Their german mark hyperinflated away to nothing…because they printed too much of it. There is a good definition of what a currency should be…I cannot recall all of it, but it should be durable (fire may melt silver or gold, but you still have it…paper burns away..), not real available so it is valued, (can print or make digital “deposits” of “dollars” pretty easy…gold and silver, you cannot), is valued by the people, is divisable…(so can be divided into smaller amounts to facilitate trade or commerce amongst people…) and be a STORE OF VALUE…retains its value…which the federal reserve note has not…what a “dollar” or FRN would buy 10 years ago, 20,30…or just a few years ago, it takes more today to buy the same thing, so it has not held its original value. I am not an expert on this subject…just learning…As Dr. Edwin Vieira has said, the american people are so uneducated about the currency that they are using…By the way, one of his books is titled: “Pieces of Eight”… So, please read Dr. Yates’ article, and then read another one he wrote, that links to Doug Casey, mentioned in a recent post at shtf… titled: Sociopathocracy..

        • its more like 211 trillion

          Look up Oli Fisher

      48. I know my comments are always off topic, but oh well..
        has anyone noticed the “debates/talks” that are going on with the federal reserve? Bonds are staying steady, stocks are ok.-for now.
        its odd that, once again, there is talk about military action on Iran. good timing. economic collapse, and war to fix it.

        I think that right before the stock market crashes, “iran will have a nuke pointed at Israel.” smoke and mirrors.

      49. You have to wonder if TPTB are trying to panic treasury bond holders and dollar holders. No informed investor would hold either one.

        • The only thing I’m investing in, is whatever I can eat, drink, hold in my hand—or stash under my bed, etc…

      50. Wasn’t this proposed in some country in Europe?

        In any case this is truly in “bizarro land” to even contemplate…

        (looks left looks right then slowly over shoulder)

      51. this might be funny if it wasn’t so damn infuriating

        Report: $8.5 trillion unaccounted for by Pentagon; $5.8 billion of supplies lost…

        and to think
        people go ballistic when someone on food stamps
        uses them to buy a pack of smokes

        ha ha ha
        TOO funny
        we ain’t the sharpest tools in the shed

        • Seems to me this lends just a wee bit of credibility to the reports of all the exotic weaponry they’re supposed to have… ummmm

          • Nope, just piss poor accounting. We have accepted that the pentagon is ‘un-auditable’ for far too long. Given the number of req chits that I signed over the years it boggles my mind that they can’t account for where the money went…..

      52. LOL! There are a great number of people in our country who would not work if handed such a paycheck. Many of them are at the poverty level right now with a full time job. Give them a check, and instead of doubling their income, they will simply quit their job and go fishing. There are a great many others who are making just enough to pay taxes, and still end up not much higher than the poverty level. Guess what many of these folks will do when they figure out they’re busting their bums to make marginally more than those sitting on their bums. Some will simply quit and find a way to make do. Some will quit and find extra income under the table (i.e. no income taxes paid). So, where will all this wonderful money come from once this plan destroys yet another large segment of the productive populace? These utopian-type idiots never stop to consider human nature in their grand schemes.

        • Critical You exactly correct. Myself I fall into the category of poverty level and working. Im self employed I at one time made really good profits. Now I barely show a profit. If I made $5 per hour I would earn more. Now Im 63 and after Jan 2014 Im going to try & start drawing a Govt check from the Social Security Ponzi scheme. I don’t qualify for food stamps & welfare because I have plenty of assets. So after this year Im quitting producing. Im selling all of my cattle. Ill quit bailing hay and have already sold the equiptment. Ill just keep the milk goats ,chickens & garden and only produce for our own use. Wife works at a job that she loves part time $7.50 per hour no benefits. However you can bet she will quit if the government paid her 10 G.s per year! Many barely scraping by self employed producers are already asking themselves Why Produce? Why Produce when the Parasites live better than I do?

          • Old Guy, the parasites had better enjoy their ‘freebies’ while they can. When the house of cards finally falls, all bets are off. there’s not near as many producers now as there were 5 years ago. The size of the host has been shrinking while the number of parasites coming to the feeding trough have grown and are still growing. all of the foreigners that come here get straight on to the programs with no questions asked. When the host finally dies, there won’t be another host the parasites can go to, so the parasites’ days will be numbered, a very small number. braveheart

            • The parasites must be terminated, with predjudice to save the producers.

            • Brave-

              Truer words such as yours..have rarely been written!

              AWESOME, sir!

        • If the government ever decides to send everyone a check, do any of us here think there will not be a “hook” to it.

          Please check out the history of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Your destination will not be sitting on your arse watching teevee, drawing that thar check, for very long. Our government will have no use for useless eaters, no more than the bolsheviks did and you will shortly find that your real destination will be 6 foot under pushing up daisies.

          • Thumbs up, you are right on! But, most likely they will send you off to the Gulags before they assign you to pushing up daisies!

          • The eaters are useful as voters. Until they’re not.

          • I like gardening, but I prefer to do it above ground…

        • 1) People who are going to be productive will always be productive. We can’t help ourselves. There is always something to learn or something todo…
          2) They’re talking about poverty level wages. I can’t imagine that that would be ‘comfortable’, only getting by (at best).
          3) If I didn’t ‘have to work for a living’ I bet that I could find an endless supply of worthwhile projects to accomplish. I could spend time solving problems that need to be solved but no one will pay (directly) to solve.

          As an example:
          1) I’m a college student (computer engineering).
          2) I work one job part time. Keeps the lights on, pays for insurance, and provides interesting problems to solve. Started working for this company 10 years ago when it was a startup.
          3) I work a second part time job at another company. This one is another startup that’s in it’s very early stages. As such, I do not draw a salary (ie I work ‘for free’). If it wasn’t for the income from the first job, I couldn’t work the second job……

          What could be created if all the people like me could work on their passion instead of slogging through some soul sucking job just to keep the lights on?

      53. These “establishment” media types not only are out of their Communist minds, but they now have openly proclaimed themselves to be active, aggressive agents for Obama’s agenda to render the American populace penniless, unarmed, and wholly unable to stop a complete takeover and subsequent enslavement of the country.

        This will not end in a neat and tidy manner.


        Its nice to think.

      55. It’s called Communism and begs the question:

        Why should I educate myself or even attempt to elevate my status in life? I’ll just remain a bottom-feeder forever.

        It doesn’t work, it will never work.

      56. Could work but it’s like pulling a brick from your foundation to build the next floor of a building.

      57. Time for the South to secede.

        • Maybe it’s time to kick the district of criminals out of the union. Why leave a party, when you can kick out the uninvited guests instead?

        • civil war 2 – where the ‘South’ is ejected from the Union by force….

          It would save us a lot of Federal subsidies to poorly performing states…..

      58. I told you all it would come to this. And it will happen. Let us not forget the hyperinflation that will follow suit. Expect the stock market to go much higher. There will be no tapering.

      59. When the moochers outnumber the producers….it’s over. End game.

        • Regretfully that day has come and gone !

          • We have moochers in the White House. The blind leading the blind !

      60. This would be far better than what we have now.People here are jumping to conclusions without any thoughts.The key here is “basic”.Lets say if we did a $900 a month social net for all adult citizens,that would cost approx. 2.2 trillion a year with a current revenue of 3 trillion dollars.We then could end all the other wasteful,inefficient social spending and also if we stopped these endless wars and stopped spending more than the next 20 countries combined in military spending,we would be far better off.$10,000 a year per citizen would not make people lazy as they would still need at least a part time job to supplement the basic income.Also when people pay their own bills even if the money comes from the goverment it is far better than the government footing the bill because people with limited incomes will ask how much things cost such as healthcare and education and that is what leads to competition and falling prices.People here who say there would be inflation are just taking wild guesses.This would not effect inflation,in fact it would reverse inflation, especially in areas where the government foots the bill.The absolutely critical thing for this to work is it has to be basic.Just enough to survive and unconditional.And yes some people may be lazy and only live off the 10,000 a year but most will want more from life.

        • How bout a different proposal. The gov gives nobody anything without working for it; and if you cannot pay them $1000 a year minimum; They put a 25C bullet in the back of your head. My way there would be no poor people in a year and then they could stop.

          • Paranoid Id love to help, excellent idea!

          • Paranoid I like this idea of yours……if there are 50,000,000 career welfare moochers getting $4000 a month in EBT, TANF, SNAP, AFDC, Section 8 Housing, SSI, Earned income credit,(for producing bastard ghetto children and not working..termination of those would save $4000 x 50,000,000 = $20000000000 a month!

          • Holy shit, I thought the idea of ‘debtors prison’ was harsh. You want a $20/week tax to not be wacked? Shall we call this the body tax? Can’t pay and you don’t have the right to inhabit a physical body? How many IRS swat teams will it take to enforce this tax?

        • You’ve jumped to a lot of conclusions there.

          “…when people pay their own bills…”, with the money the gov’t just handed them?

          There are millions out there getting $1000 a month right now, and being butt lazy for it.

          EBT and TANF used to be basic, too, you got a big block of USDA cheese and some flour, beans, and such. Now it’s hundreds of dollars a month and includes cash, cellphones, rent, medical care, prescription drugs, the list goes on.

          Those who will want more from life than what $10,000 a year brings them will just demand $24,000 a year.

        • I find it extremely hard to believe that von Hayek actually wrote that.

        • So was Thomas Paine.

      61. If you want to free yourself you must understand jurisdiction, get rid of the fraudulent social security number, which is not a contract and
        is completely voluntary.

        The Three United States

        “Citizenship for Dummies”

        Two Political Jurisdictions: “National” government v. “Federal/General” government”

      62. Off topic but this is for OffTheGrid. His/her post about people waking up.
        Has anyone noticed stamps? They all say freedom forever or usa forever, but they all
        have forever crossed out. I think I noticed a few years ago
        but it just hit me a few months ago. Go look at ur stamps or online
        or something. Little stuff overlooked!

        • Anonymous…you’re absolutely correct about the stamps-just looked at them!

          • I guess they really didn’t mean “forever” when they made forever stamps…go figure.

        • I looked at my stamps, and the forever isn’t crossed off. The image on the label around the roll does have forever crossed off. The images online came from the Post Office. Current stamps with values have the value crossed out in online images from the Post Office. That’s like crossing off the value on a sample so it can’t be used. Or sprinting “Specimen” across an image of paper money.

          • “printing”

        • Not mine.. But mine are bought in one of the last semi-free states…sometimes called New America.

      63. Proceed with caution, this site is censoring people

        • JB…other than Barry’s trolls being here?

        • This site NEVER censors anyone, not even trolls.

          • Hi Braveheart:

            I have tried 3 times to post a reply to barncat’s post about 3 subjects back which stated “More brainless anti-semitism–sure themguys,jews are known for their street crimes????”

            My post contained names of mafia, mob, and serial killers that were jews…..nothing more. And it has been taken down 3 times. (Twice today).

            Our posts can comment on Pelosi, Moosechelle, “0”, frankenstein, etc. but not on the jews involved in crime?

            I have e-mailed Mac asking why my post was taken down and am waiting for his reply. It was in moderation and then has disappeared. Once, maybe, three times. I don’t think so.

            • Maybe a glitch in his system. My post were unding up WAAAAY down from where it was supposed to be and I use a email address.

              • thats Ending, not unding. Now POG thinks I have a dirty mind.

            • P o granny I just saw the post about the Jew mobsters I don’t think it was taken down

              • But it should have been.

            • Probably because your Anti Semetic views are begining to draw unwanted attention from the Justice Department. Remember this is suppossed to be a site about prepping.

              • The site was reported to the Southern Poverty Law Center because of Anti Semetic Hate speech. that you and others spew.It’s a prep site not a hate site.

                • Opsick-

                  F*&k you…you pitifully perniciously endowed kosher closet-queer!

                  ..betcha a case of good GERMAN BEER that the ADL and the SPLC, are the first two entries on your Rolodex!

                  Am I right????????

         chance, were you present at the kosher-orgy where “MORRIS(Siegelman)DEES”..head-honcho at the SPLC, raped his own prepubescent daughter?

                  Naturally, his gentile wife wasn’t very impressed by such modern, 20th-21st century (judeo)morality…now was she?

                  Divorces necessitate, business in the gutter sometimes and thus, court records tend to be…inconvenient and slightly embarrassing, to the wicked amongst the types you champion here, as well as to the detriment of those who know…THE TRUTH!

        ’re out of your league, hymie!
                  Take your bagels/lox & sneaky lies and hit the road!

                  …don’t let the door, hit you in the ASS, either!

                  BYE-BYE butt-stuffer!!!!!!!!!

            • Troll hate language ! About time this crap was removed so the rest of us could read about prepping. Not neo Nazi BS.

              • Sorry OPsick!

                You’re the that pitched a bitch!

                ..if you can’t run w/ the truth..

                ..keep your lame-ass on the porch, homo!!!!!!

                • Opps…

                  should’ve read “the one that”…………..

            • I have seen numerous of your brainless anti-semitic rants.

              I do not believe that your posts are being censored.

              While you are clearly, dangerously, misinformed you have a right to say you piece. Or to quote Evelyn Hall:

              “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

        • JB no thumbs up and no thumbs down, but just how exactly would you know this to be true? I do know of one thing that Mac may and should censor, if for nothing else, the protection of the commenter. And that would be when some one through idle talk or not thinking would make a statement threatening the POTUS. Trekker Out!

      64. The Gov doesn’t produce any money..

        they aint giving us anything we didn’t already make for our self, that they stole from us

        • That depends on what state you live in… Some states are net tax suppliers and some states are net tax consumers…..

          Just in case you are curious, it turns out that us godless, commie heathens on the coasts are the ones who provide the net Federal taxes…..

      65. It may be in your best interest to cease usage of this site immediately. You are all now being monitored. Tread lightly, be careful what you say, you may not enjoy the consequences. You have been warned.

        • To old to run, to stupid to lie, to stubborn to quit. Molon Labe.

          • I always say ‘too fat to run, too stupid to quit…..’

        • Wow…someone must be onto the truth on this site with all these threats popping up!

        • Tread lightly free men speak their minds, even if others do not agree with their opinions and beliefs.
          This PC garbage has to stop, no one should remain silent because their thoughts my offend someone else. Any one offended may also speak thier mind as well. The right to freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights guarenteed by the Constution. If you dont like what others are saying then you are free to post your thoughts as well as they are. The world is not some infantile place where everyone must be just so careful not to offend others, I might disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death for you to have you say.

          • “This PC garbage has to stop, no one should remain silent because their thoughts may offend someone else. Any one offended may also speak their mind as well. The right to freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights guaranteed by the Constitution. If you dont like what others are saying then you are free to post your thoughts as well as they are. The world is not some infantile place where everyone must be just so careful not to offend others, I might disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death for you to have you say.”

            Slick One…truer words have never been spoken!

          • Have to concur and do often say the same…some people say things I don’t agree with but ifone can be silenced then all can be silenced…only one type of speech should be silenced…that which would silence the freedom of speech…

      66. Who is John Galt?

        • I am, and so are a lot of others here.

        • A fictional character.

      67. not to very long ago they gave all food stamp receipients a increase. Did this increase allow the folks to buy more foo?. No it didn’t. It allowed food prices to rise or the content size of the product to be reduced. This proposal would be the same result only on a much larger scale. Everything would cost much more. Until the problem of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is addressed things will continue to decline. Of course all sales tax revenue would increase.

        • Same thing with student loans, more money available to borrow, more increases in tuition!

          • All most college graduates get from their schooling is a almost worthless diploma that is common as tree leaves and a unpaid student loan. There simply aremore graduates than there are jobs.

            • An individual’s success in college largely depends on their willingness to do the work (ideally). I strongly dislike the attitude of treating students as ‘customers’, and really like the idea of college (and high school) as an academic version of boot camp. Do the work or GTFO.

              There are three (legitimate) paths to success:
              1) Develop a skilled trade (plumber, electrician, machinery repair, etc)
              2) Get a degree in a (in demand field) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
              3) Get a degree in the Liberal Arts and learn to apply it. This is the hardest path, but potentially the most rewarding. Before you slag me, remember that all of the founding fathers had what would be considered a ‘liberal arts’ degree/

          • The tuition increases tracked the decreasing public support for state colleges…. The cost burden was simply shifted.

      68. A collapse can be many different things. In Mexico and Russia, when their currency policy became unsustainable, they merely took a couple of zeros off the back of the paper money. It wiped out whatever middle class there was. The poor became horribly destitute. The Mexicans fled their country by the millions. At our expense. Zimbabwe is a joke. Most business is done in other countries currency or it isn’t done at all. This is one scenario for us. I suspect that it will be much worse than that for us. We have a more screwed up demographic situation than the previously mentioned countries.

        • If you have your cash in coins, you probably won’t have to worry about devaluation. Governments devalue the paper money, but don’t bother with the coinage, because they assume most people have very little and the cost of new coins would be prohibitive.

          I keep cash in change. If I ever need paper, I can always take the change to the bank and put it in the machine for free.

          Just think, if the government devalues the paper money by 100 times, you are suddenly 100 times richer by having coins instead of paper.

          • rolls and rolls and rolls of nickels…..the metal will be worth more than face value unless we get devaluation.

            • Copper pennies are already worth twice face value.

      69. And exactly what would be the difference between old Communist Russia and free America? Oh yea, free…got it.

      70. an awesome idea, tired of working minimum wage jobs and seeing welfare people load up their shopping carts. working people should get just as much as they do guaranteed, then from working we can get extra stuff.


      72. Coming to America soon, or is ir already here? Listen to this song while your blood boils.

        This may be the number 1 song in England , but it’s an absolute fact of what’s going on here, in the United States Of America . This has to stop!!!! Everyone in America should see this one. TOP Song in England –we’d better wake up! Coming to a country near you! SOON! Wake up America , this is coming HERE!
        Actually it’s here already. The No. 1 song from the UK . Bet Parliament loves this!!!

        Do you know that all of those Muslims and Indians that own/run the Service Stations and Hotels/Motels? They pay no Federal Income Taxes and after five years they sell the business to a friend who just moved to the US and They pay no Taxes


        • @CowDoc ~ Oh man, that was Brilliant!!! Has Lomorron (sp)who posts on this site, he is from England, has he seen this yet? Do you mind, I am going to use this link in other areas. I also think one of the Brits on here referred to London as Londonistan. They are really infiltrating Europe and taking away their culture.
          Like fleas.

      73. How would it work? Article said take away all other form of welfare & just give this out. Single mom with 6 kids I saw on internet getting $833 per month? Even if she is great with money that would hardly cover her rent in a lot of places. Couldn’t live on just that little. Before you jump all over me as a welfare lover I have never been on welfare a day in my life even when I was making less than I would have been on welfare. My husband & I did take some help for schooling when we went broke farming in the late 80’s & interest went to 20% Within 2 years of completing courses we had paid it back in increased taxes & never slacked off on taxes until we retired as our income went up each year. I do believe that people on welfare should be taking courses on the best use of money & on cooking nutritious inexpensive meals. If you are generational welfare most haven’t a clue in these areas. I know as I’ve worked with a lot of their children.

      74. “Giving each working-age American a basic income equal to the poverty line would cost $2.14 trillion. For some comparison,”………… “the defense budget was $700 billion.”

        You know what I’m thinking right? With that kind of money, we could pool our resources and buy 5 or 6 Carrier Battle Groups!

        • What kind of window dressings go with “battleship gray”?

      75. re money velocity.

        I think everyone sensible is learning to “bypass” money whether they be formally prepping or not.

        I’m seeing both here and in the location I left more of a reversion to the traditional ways for the working classes to get through tough times.

        Kid on the block has a birthday? In years gone by an expensive caterer, entertainer & baker were hired. (I used to pay mortgage doing the entertainment and I wasn’t cheap lol!)

        Now? A neighbour bakes a cake, someone else lends their gazebo, that old boy from 3 doors down shows the kids some party tricks and Gran pulls out that pin the tail on the donkey game from the attic. later the mother of the child returns the favour by doing a few gardening jobs for the old boy, babysitting for the baker and so on.

        Every street seems to have rediscovered it’s plumber, it’s mechanic and it’s nurse. The great thing about this unofficial bartering system is that neighborhoods become coherent once more, and not a penny of tax goes to the gubberment on the services and products traded.

        The sad thing is that this temporary “fix” is only transient as the masses refuse to switch off the darn TV and plan ahead, even into next week. Thus these new tender communities won’t survive what’s ahead, as panic will ensue and preppers will be “selfish” for not sharing etc.


        With the recently deployed Detection Pods at several airports I wondered why they are deployed at the exits to the airports and not at the entrances. A visit to the manufacturers website indicates, ” The identity of the user is guaranteed via fingerprint, iris or facial recognition scans before they are allowed to complete their passage from non-secure to secure areas”. From a non-secure to a secure area according to TSA use is now from the airport to the street and requires biometric evaluation and permission in order to proceed. The lockdown is almost complete with controls on entry and egress that employ automatic lock in for any myriad of programmable reasons.
        It is important to realize the use of modern technology left unchecked in the development of this latest “Gulag” presents an opportunity for present tyrants and rogue militaries to use methods and technological wonders never before unleashed upon or witnessed by mankind. Einstein died with regret saying that he should have been a watchmaker, if only he had known. We seemed to have dismissed his last lesson and thus have inherited not only the Fukushima sizzle but a high tech Orwellian boot. And if you don’t like the name of that tune, DARPA has a 47th chromosome for you. Technology advances are dangerously relentless and we must be aware of their weapons as they become operational.

        • Yet they still pour across the Mexican border?

          It’s about control NOT national security.

      77. I think this is not a bad idea.
        If we ditched the bogus debt based money system, and balanced it with exports and production, this could be a powerful tool for raising the standard of living and eliminating poverty. Allow me to elaborate.

        You can attach strings to the money. Use it as leverage to get people to stop being stupid. Smoke? No cheque. Refuse to contribute to society? No cheque.

        Literally cut people off to get them in line.

        • So,you would condition the theft?Fine,obese,no check/extreme sports/no check,anti fed government/no check,where does that insanity end and who then is in charge of the theft and distribution?!

      78. Sorry guys, but this is how the system in Australia works. Unemployed people ans sole parents with children under eight get cash in their bank accounts. There are no food stamps. The bigger the family, the more cash.
        The cash often gets spent on drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and the children miss out time and again, so it hasn’t stopped poverty. Even with good budgeting it would be hard for say a single unemployed person to get by, but at least they have time, which is more than I have, working to support ten other families plus my own.

        One thing we don’t see here is people begging though. Like most Australians, I know that people have been given money so if they have none left, I don’t feel compelled to give them more. I already gave through my taxes.

        I have always thought food stamps were a better idea

      79. Rather than ‘giving’ people govt handouts, THE BEST thing they could do is STOP TAKING ALL OF OUR MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE, and stop regulating us to death with penalties from every corner of the country.

        We don’t NEED no stinking handouts…we need the govt to get THEIR HAND OUT of our pockets.

        • Six pack,agree completely!

      80. This can easily be done by confiscating American’s Retirement Funds ( $ 17 Trillion )last count ! For those that have been saving , say good-by to your 401k’s , IRA’s , etc !

        • Why you should be “divested”!

      81. Now what would obviously be a better idea, is give certain banks some, lets say, 85 billion dollars every month in exchange for certain, less than valuable assets at mark to fantasy value. We then let “trickle down” economics work it’s magic, and voila!

        Everybody rich in Capitalist America!

      82. Ummmm, yeah, there is this thing called inflation. If they did that they would be directly be puuting a large ammount of M2 money supply directly into the REAL economy, it would heat up in a matter of weeks or months and prices would rise accordingly, it would only work for a little while IF they did one of 2 things. 1.) they could keep increasing the check amounts to stay ahead of rising prices from the velocity of all the new cash sloshing around, or 2.) they could try and put on price control(which has never worked by the way). Either way its a TERRIBLE idea. Clearly this comes from people that don’t understand basic laws of supply and demand. Either way this shakes out we would head to hyperinflation much faster, which at this point, I would welcome. Lets just get it over with.

      83. “They wouldn’t spend that money on new smart phones, or vacations, or home upgrades, or any of that stuff that drove our consumer-based society into a mountain of debt to begin with”.

        I am not aware that spending money created this mess. I think it was credit, which I think is not exactly the same as spending money. If I am splitting hairs, please explained.

        The up side of this mess, for me, is now I am debt free and have no choice but to curb wasteful spending.

        Free at last……………….

      84. When I first heard about this in Switzerland I thought it sounded fucking crazy.

        I’ve had time to think about it and I honestly think this is a good idea now.

        Contrary to what I first thought, people will still get jobs and do work. Difference is they won’t have to worry about being on the street if they lose their job.

        Instead that welfare mom who never worked because she couldn’t get a job that paid beyond her welfare can now take chances and improve the life of her family. The dad who cannot be around because of welfare laws can now be home.

        This would help my business. And since I would be getting this as well it would relieve some of my stress.

        I could go on and on but the main thing is I don’t think people would just stop working, the economy would improve overnight. Not so sure about inflation so I won’t make a judgement on that. If you do work which I think most will you will have a better life with less stress, and spend more time with your family.

        With so much of our lives being automated and less reliance on human labor this makes sense.

        And for the record we already give tons of monopoly money to banks. Stop giving it to them and give it to consumers. Banks will end up with it anyways and even more.

      85. With as much trouble the fed reserve is in and this current gov . They won’t be giving out anything of worth , yes that includes our fiat currency , the real debt is over 211 trillion not 16 like they would like you to believe
        Our money will soon be worth less than toilet paper , and we have our government and the fed reserve to thank for this
        All these other distractions are to keep our eyes off this ball
        Many countries are already in the process of stepping away from the US dollar
        When it crashes , it will be hell right here
        Massive hyper inflation to the point where items could triple or more in cost overnight
        To the point where corporations , businesses and people will have nothing
        You won’t even be able to afford to feed your family
        Utilities will shut down and your car will be a worthless hunk of steel
        I’d be amazed if we make it another 5 years until this all crashes down
        Everything they are doing and reporting is all smoke and mirrors to keep your eye off the ball
        Why do you think they are breaking so many laws , rules , and constitutional freedoms , it’s because there will be no legal blow back , look at the shit they have been pulling that if done just ten years ago they would have been strung up impeached for or hung , there’s no point , and they know it .. It’s cooked

        • VRF:

          One thing about your posts you haven’t spent any of your time kidding yourself about the dire situation America is in.

          No smart remarks from you. Just truth and a good education. Thanks to you for that.

          • Thanks for the accolades POG, Im not immune to becoming passionate and spewing at times, I think we all reach a “fuck it” moment some point thru this crap.

            But there is a lot of financial issues that are going on that many don’t see or cant grasp, hell some of it I still cant get my mind wrapped around, it a circus of clowns at the helm and I do believe they know its going to crash, they are trying their damdest to ride it out for all its worth and for as long as its worth.
            its why we see so many bowing out, leaving the country..stacking and packing etc..and a big driving force on the disarming the populace , they know when it hits the ground to no denying it, the wheels will come of and full on chaos will be the order of the day, they are scared as hell that their number will get punched in it all when it crashes, and they very well may be.

            People, its way worse then you can imagine, chances are everything you are doing wont even cut 10% of what you will need when it goes.

            sorry but , that’s the reality, a lot of suffering and hell is coming our way, and its coming for those in leadership and power too.. they know it

      86. Id have to refuse it just like I refuse the Kenyan care…and all the other programs they say I can get…now maybe if they had a system like Alaska has with their oil royalties… where the fed gov would cut a check to each legitimate resident of the country based on the revenues they make off public lands/leases and any such related things then MAYBE that’ed be a good idea…otherwise its all a joke and a sicko one at that!

      87. This idea is beyond cluelessly insane. Read “The Law” by 19th century legal philosopher Frederic Bastiat. We have three choices:

        The few plunder the many.

        Everyone plunders everyone.

        Nobody plunders anyone.

      88. What part of TAXATION IS THEFT don’t you understand?

        I got one… how about cutting off all entitlements and giveaways, end taxation, and people would have to get off their asses and get a job in order to fill their fat faces.

        • …and the elderly and disabled? Oh yeah, we don’t need them anymore, right? Just wait until grandma quits breathing and splash some lighter fluid on her where she lays?

          And everybody worries so much about jew haters…

        • To quote someone (sorry, I don’t remember the source):

          “Taxes are the price I pay for civilization’

          Do I agree with everything ‘my taxes’ are spent on? No, but our kids are educated, the roads are paved, my lights work, the cops come when I call, etc.

          • nosuchuser, you mean your kids are indoctrinated to be slaves, right? Look up ‘common core’ and see if you can still say your kids are educated with a straight face.

            The roads are paved? The infrastructure sucks here. They keep taking money collected for paving over potholes and build bike trails with it.

            The cops come when you call them? You must live in a very small town. Around here, when seconds count, the cops are minutes away—not to mention the fact that they often shoot the wrong people when they DO show up…

      89. I just noticed something about the rubber check above, the only letters that you can tell are letters are B and O. Even BO knows he stinks as if that is his signature shows all too well. BO enjoys writing and bouncing checks, that is what the government is all about now.

      90. A folk in 1963 tried to end the Federal Reserve. Not sure what happened?

        But it is weird that silver left the coins thereafter….

      91. from over on Avian Flu Talk

        on the use of dated tetracycline/doxycycline

        “Apparently this stems from a case way back in 1963 where expired tetracycline supposedly caused kidney damage, but that’s since been challenged. Whether it did or not, the formulation was changed a long time ago to prevent it breaking down into toxic compounds after it expired.
        I found this on a survival forum,

        ” Dealing With The ‘Tetracycline Becomes Toxic’ Myth

        There has long been a belief that the antibiotic tetracycline becomes toxic once it has past it’s expiration date.
        In Medscape Today’s article, Do Medications Really Expire?, they discusses the original case, “A contested example of a rare exception [of expired drugs possibly becoming toxic] is a case of renal tubular damage purportedly caused by expired tetracycline (reported by G. W. Frimpter and colleagues in JAMA, 1963;184:111). This outcome (disputed by other scientists) was supposedly caused by a chemical transformation of the active ingredient.”
        The case was thoroughly evaluated in the 1978 article, Tetracycline in a Renal Insufficiency: Resolution of a Therapeutic Dilemma, it states, “”Old” and degraded tetracyclines have previously been demonstrated to have direct toxic effects on the renal proximal tubule, but because of changes in manufacturing techniques this is no longer a real problem.” It also states, “It has often been stated that the tetracyclines should be avoided in patients with severe renal disease, but, as we shall see, doxycycline represents an important exception to the rule”.
        In Cohen’s article on the Shelf Life Extension Program, Many Medicines Are Potent Years Past Expiration Dates, it goes on to state, “Only one report known to the medical community linked an old drug to human toxicity. A 1963 Journal of the American Medical Association article said degraded tetracycline caused kidney damage. Even this study, though, has been challenged by other scientists. Mr. Flaherty says the Shelf Life program encountered no toxicity with tetracycline”.
        Medical evidence supports that tetracycline, past it’s expiration date–especially in the form of doxycycline–is as safe as any other expired antibiotic.”

      92. This is so sad. Most Americans will go for this plan. They will be happy about it. It is so frustrating to see my country in this situation. The liberal powers own the press, education system, and the judicial system. They have so dumbed down most of the population.
        People will think this is great. I am getting a check for nothing. They will vote for all the politicians who will continue to give them money. Never realizing that they are destroying there own freedom. Never realizing that the money will come from there fellow Americans who work for it. I am just so sick of this. The takers may as well just come steal it from me. What is the difference. I am sorry to see how stupid they are.
        In the end it will now matter one way or the other though. Our fate has already been decided. The people who make the decisions will never do what needs to be done. If they did away with Medicaid, social security, and all welfare. If they closed all departments of government except for the military. If they went to a plain flat tax. If they did away with the federal reserve. Then the system could be fixed. Even that will not work because of the takers though. No politician will have the balls to do it. If they did then they would never get reelected. There would be riots in the cities. It would still bring the system down. There would be civil war I think.
        So here I set frustrated. Knowing the system will crash. Knowing that most have not prepaired. Knowing at this point nothing can be done to fix it. Why oh why can more people not see this. They are there own worst enemy. I so wish people would have the attitude of my grandparents. The attitude that made this country great. The attitude of depending on yourself and the labor of your hands. The appreciation of the freedom to succeed or fail that this country once gave. I so long for the old days.

      93. Guess if this came true they would have to start minting trillion dollar coins. To bad we’d need them to buy something from a vending machine.

      94. Distribute unused state land and get the people to do their own subsistence farming. They can also build homes for free (mud bricks or stone or wood). What’s

        money? Money desn’t exist. Nor does socialism under these considerations. This dole thing only leads to a culture of dependency, if the nation belongs to everyone, they everyone owns that unused state land. Write this into law and stop

        It’s no secret that 48 million Americans require nutritional assistance just to put food on the table, or that over 100 million of us are living in or at the very edge of poverty, or that nearly one in three of us is currently without any meaningful labor.

      95. It’s no secret that 48 million Americans require nutritional assistance just to put food on the table, or that over 100 million of us are living in or at the very edge of poverty, or that nearly one in three of us is currently without any meaningful labor.

        Distribute unused state land and get the people to do their own subsistence farming. They can also build homes for free (mud bricks or stone or wood). What’s

        money? Money doesn’t exist. Nor does socialism under these considerations. This dole thing only leads to a culture of dependency, if the nation belongs to everyone, then everyone owns that unused state land. Politicians should write this into law and stop or GTFO and you 99% run as political seat candidates instead to implement the above.

      96. The last thing they will ever do is give the tax paying slaves any money, that’s not part of the master plan I promise you!!! They will have to continue to raise your taxes for more bail out’s and bigger goverment. That’s why the game is almost to come to and end. Inflation will be the hidden tax that will cause the demise of the world wide collapse of the monetary system.

      97. People don’t learn economics in school, precisely so they won’t be able to see through Keynesian schemes like this one:

        If everyone gets more, newly printed money, but production stays the same, then prices simply rise. The dollar becomes worth less. The government wins, because their loans, denominated in dollars, are now easier to pay back. Problem is, those who have saved money see their savings weakened, while the parasites are uplifted. And investors flee the country as the weak dollar means they get less back for their invested money.

        Only temporarily does consumption rise, before the prices increase across the board. That temporary lift in consumption, leading to new temporary job, boosts statistics and helps leftists win elections. That’s why they love pumping out newly printed money, borrowed money, or lower interest rates, about a year before an election. (Lower interest rates = people invest instead of saving their money. Some borrow money to invest or consume with. But it weakens the currency, as people take money out of American banks and put them in foreign banks with higher interest rates.)

      98. The only way this could possibly work would be if personal income tax were repealed, and corporations supported the government in its entirety. The wealth redistribution would be from the corporation, not the person.

        The rich could keep every cent they made, including their dole check. And if you spend your dole check unwisely, and that’s all you had, that would be your own responsibility.

        Like that’s going to happen.

        On the other hand, for $10,000 a month in inflation adjusted dollars for life, I’ll shut up…

      99. This game is about wealth transfer for the establishment. If they do decide to give a paycheck monthly to every person,that money is created by the Federal Reserve through more debt (treasury bill auctions) Someone has to shoulder the burden. This is just another way for them to increase the velocity of money.

        Walter Wriston chairman of the Citicorp bank in 1982 stated: “ If we had a truth in Government act comparable to the truth in advertising law every note issued by the treasury would be obliged to include a sentence stating this note will be redeemed with the proceeds from identical note which will be sold to the public when this one comes due.”

        When this activity is carried out in the United States as it is weekly it is described as a treasury bill auction but when basically the same process is conducted abroad in a foreign language our news media usually speak of a country’s rolling over its debt. The perception remains that some form of disaster is inevitable. The truth is the disaster is not inevitable. In the banker’s playbook this is just called the perpetual debt play. Who shoulders the burden for this perpetual ludicrous and absurd ever increasing debt…… the slaves through every tax devised by the criminal government!

        Inflation is the biggest hidden tax that is the result of the Federal Reserve’s debt-based monetary system. Who benefits??? Those who have engineered this wealth transfer, the BANKING CARTEL!!!

      100. government is going to pull a Cyprus on us!

      101. The problem is:


        Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

        Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

        Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      102. The problem is:


        Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

        Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

        Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      103. Why stop at a free “basic” income? Wouldn’t it better to give a trillion dollar coin to each adult in the U.S.? Then we’d all be rich, right? And no one would ever have to work again, either. Since everyone would be rich.

      104. Read lots of interesting things. The only thing to say about me is I in my childhood on April 3 1974 stared at an f3 tornado less than 500 yards from me while my uncle drove a car. He floored it we were out of there.

      105. Hey Mac!
        Thanks for spreading the word on BIG for America, even if you’re not a BIG fan, as I understand from your article. Couple of big mistakes in your thinking. First, there is no problem affording this, as the articles you quote seem to make clear. The problem is how to implement BIG to make it work. In the USA, this will require abolishing the existing corrupt tax code and replacing it with a single-bracket tax system in which every citizen pays exactly the same tax-rate on their income alone (no reporting to the govt how you spend your money, since no deductions are possible). So here’s a novel idea for you: the government must treat everyone the same! You pay the same flat-tax rate as everyone else, and you get the same Basic Income as everyone else.

        Also, you’re wrong to worry about runaway inflation, if the U.S. Treasury takes back from the private banking consortium (called the Federal Reserve) its Constitutional perogative of issuing all new money. The BIG is not just a plan to print money. It must be paid for by a fair taxation system, in which the level of the flat-tax rate is set by the Treasury to cover the BIG and other essential government expenses. What changes is the wrong-headed mindset our government has had since the New Deal: that the government should become an employer in order to promote ful-employment. But jobs are a market-function, and once all ciizens have the economic security of BIG, we can dismantle all of the government make-work bureaucracies.

        Anyway, its a long story, but I’ve tried to summarize a few things at the end of a video I made to promote BIG:

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