Establishment Collapsing: Trump Beating Grand Ol’ Party Of “Serial Child Molesters” and Has Beens

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 42 comments

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    Cartoon by Bruce Plante, Tusla World.

    The corruption is on every front. And it is pretty obvious that the two party system has thoroughly rotted through, and its decrepitude obvious to all the onlookers.

    There is a great deal of uproar about the collapse of the GOP – which has been thoroughly thwarted and upstaged by Donald Trump at every turn… but it should really come as no surprise.

    Everyone hears the warnings that the system is collapsing, but when it doesn’t happen right away, every goes back marching to the music.

    But the establishment party hacks – who have long forced sellout candidates pushing a draconian agenda to the captive people – could not fill their empty suit in 2016 with any of their 16 other party-loyal candidates. They were so desperate, they even considered rolling out two-time presidential loser Mitt Romney and Speaker Paul Ryan as last minute candidates.

    Even now, the party insiders are trying to reinvent the twist with a Ted Cruz/ Carly Fiorina “dream team” ticket that is sure to make anyone cringe, but the party hopes will keep it all in the family anyway:

    He doesn’t have the Republican nomination. He doesn’t even have the lead for the nomination. In fact, he has no clear path to the nomination. But it looks like Ted Cruz will have a running mate.

    Naming Carly Fiorina as his vice-presidential pick at this point provides Mr Cruz with several benefits… Mr Cruz has his back to the wall. He needs a win in Indiana, and he really needs a strong performance in California. Mrs Fiorina on the ticket could help – and at this point, anything that might work is worth a shot.

    The desperation is comical, especially as Fiorina has already been rejected by voters who were put off by her cold matron authoritarian traits, and since the race started with Ted Cruz positioning himself as the Tea Party “outsider” whom the party disliked.

    Now Cruz is their last standing man, and he is about to crash in a bicycle-plane built for two.

    Most spectacular.

    Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 2.36.56 PM
    Click to watch video

    Why? Because the corruption of the system has reached its limit.

    For years, the conspiracy theorists and quiet historians have been warning that the empire was reaching a point of no return.

    Nobody cared, not that they could have stopped the ride anyway (though perhaps they could jump off in time).

    And now it is too late.

    If the tyranny isn’t naked enough for you, just take a look at Dennis Hastert – once in the third most powerful office in the land as Speaker of the House.

    Now, he has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for crimes related to his sordid past as “a serial child molester,” as the presiding judge phrased it at his sentencing:

    Former US house speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison on Wednesday by a federal judge who called him a “serial child molester” after emotional testimony from a man who said Hastert abused him when he was 17.

    Hastert admitted for the first time on Wednesday that he had abused multiple teenagers when he was a high school wrestling coach.


    Hastert’s attorney asked for the 74-year-old to be spared jail time in light of Hastert’s age and poor health.

    Hastert, a Republican, served as US House speaker from 1999 to 2007, during which he was second in line for the presidency. He was first elected to Congress in 1986.

    Of course, he wasn’t even tried for his real crimes, but rather a lesser financial indiscretion that was provable linked to hushing up his victims.

    Obviously, plenty of people knew about the immoral and illegal proclivities for young boys held by the former speaker of the House.

    Plenty of people also knew about the biggest open secrets from inside the Bush and Clinton administrations – ranging from drug smuggling, secret arms trading, prostitution and the like to paramilitary and gang sponsorship and CIA assassinations of top leaders.

    Though no one has even been held accountable, they rank among the darkest scandals in the nation’s history.


    But it wasn’t until now that enough people were fed up with it.

    The future regret the country might have as “Trump’s next ex-wife,” is nothing compared to the battered and bruised relationship it has had under the last several decades of political alignment.

    Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich – part of the old-line establishment leadership that included Hastert – told the GOP to “get over it” and acknowledge that the party has been defeated.

    Pro-torture establishment senator Lindsay Graham lamented the death of his party’s grasp on power two months ago in a surprisingly riveting admission of defeat:

    The present party is over. Tag end of an era onto politics, along with the economy and the American Dream in general.

    But no person, and no establishment, is too big to fail.

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      1. When Trump becomes President, what are the Perverts going to do?
        Maybe they will have to get a real job.

        • I see Missourah is about to join the ranks of the Free States. Conceal Carry with out permission of the Overseers. AKA–Constitutional Carry. Trekker Out.

          • Show me!

          • Being in Calif I feel like I live in a communist country. I gotta get out of here. I’m a short 1 hr drive from AZ. Its Like night and day between these states.

        • The Dog-Faced Woman cannot help Cruz. Nothing can help Cruz.

          Over time, a man or woman reveals himself for what he is. Cruz has revealed himself to be a liar, thief (taking TRUMPS policy positions once he saw them resonate with the masses; a cheater on his wife and if he will cheat on his wife he will cheat on US; and a hypocrite.

          As a former Hoosier who suffered from “Hoosier Hysteria” for decades, I can promise you that Indiana does not have “basketball rings” and doesn’t play “rings”.

          I hope Indiana shows itself to be smarter than Utah, and Cruz. 🙂

          • Don’t worry yourself. We Hoosiers have our finger on the TRUMP lever already.

            • Indiana I have read they plan on rigging voting machines to give Cruz a victory. Just like they rigged the voting machines in Wisconsin. Be sure to take your iphone and take pictures of every machine that flips votes fromt Trump to Cruz. These evil people will not give up easily.

        • Here’s a better question for you. When Trump gets out of office, be that in Year 0 (loses) or Year 4 or Year 8… we are now a one party system? All Democrat?

          • TheGuy… Or impeached in Year 2.

          • Heh, oh really?
            Nah. What do you think the push for concealed carry is? Liberty? No, its politics, the opening shot for states rights.

            This fight isn’t over, not anywhere near. The right knows its lost control of the federal level–the left just played its cards better. So the only option is to form a bloc at the level of the states.

            This is how civil wars start.

        • When the critical mass of imported pedophiles has been reached then it will become like abortion, legal and that is what they want, they really don’t give a toss about the religion but the building up of their numbers!

          Now if they are busted it is jail time.

        • I could never understand why they had the Bush pedophiles and those associated with them, their drug running and war crimes never be exposed and have them tried for their horrible crimes against mankind. I think that most people are waking up and we are looking forward to many of these corrupt people going to prison. As Hastert showed sooner or later your crimes catch up with you.

      2. It doesn’t matter, the so-called “party” has self destructed 20yrs. ago! Anyone who still holds an association with either party is nothing but sheeple, peasants, or just plain STUPID! My country needs an enema to flush out it’s system. That enema is a revolt against the PTB! It’s our only relief to the current situation!

      3. Dennis Hastert was convicted of lying to the FBI over why he was withdrawing large sums of cash. What the idiot should have done was said “It’s my money, whatever I’m doing with it is my business”, and then shut up. They would have had no case.

        When confronted by Feds, the only thing you should say is “no comment”…..and maybe not even that.

        • When the FBI questions you, they know for fact what the answers should be. Any deviations add to the Obstruction of Justice counts. Anxiously awaiting Hillary’s turn for interviews with the FBI. I’m guessing there will be dozens of Obstruction of Justice counts cause she lies even more than Bill.

      4. Cruz is not even eligible, born a citizen of Canada.

        Canada did not allow duel citizenship until 1977.

        Cruz sealed all documentation regarding how he immigrated to the U.S.

        Why didn’t the GOP call him out on this?

        Corrupt but keep it in the ‘family’

      5. Hastert is just the tip of the iceberg for all of these crooks in D.C. going back decades. Poppy Bush was said to like young boys and his son W has been accused of being homosexual. I don’t doubt either accusation. Clinton the rapist has raped so many women that they are uncountable. This nation can’t get out of this rut. The sexual deviation is tame compared to the real crimes committed against this nation and the world. We thought we were free once, that idea sure collapsed fast.

        • I know they/we are talking about the GOP, but as for sexual deviants, what about Bath House Barry? It is well know among the Chicago Homosexual community that our President frequented Bath Houses quite often. Research it, you will see.

      6. I saw where Cruz has named the fascist bitch Carly Fiorina for his running mate. Man, talk about being desperate to stop Trump! On the other hand, I’m not surprised knowing the nature of the neocons. What will they try next?

        • Two things coming out of Figorina’s mouth early on, that caused me to not want to see the bitches face ever again, much less see her as a candidate was this.

          Just after 9/11, she was recorded as speaking out in the defense of muzzies and making anti American statements, for the sake of political correctness and the muzzie employees at her company.
          No American should ever, I mean ever, feel the need to coddle to muzzies.

          Then after she was in the running last year when Kim Davis was put in jail for following her Christian values and not signing off to queer marriage, Figorina got the question.

          “what do you think should happen to Kim Davis for exercising her religious rights”?

          Figorina said…”She should be thrown in jail, and kept there until she complies”.

          I knew right then that she was nothing but a fascist bitch on a power trip, that would have no problem stomping on the constitution to empower big gov.

          If she couldn’t help her “child”, actually stepdaughter, get off drugs and alcohol, (whom eventually died from it), how would she be able to help America?

          Not too good.

          The only reason she is back on TV with that smirky grin, is because cruzzer is out of options, and she was the only thing left at his disposal.

          And btw, did anyone ever get charged back in 2008, when under her command, HP products were being sold to Iran, even though there were gov sanctions against it?

          Why hell no, because secretly, she is in the pockets of the Illuminati, right along with cruzzer.

      7. Denny Hastert needs a Dirty Sanchez.

        Inmate volunteers wanted.

      8. Have you seen the video on U-tube? Re: Child rape and child marriage in Yeman won’t stop. Apparently this is legal. They marry off little girls. The old man is supposed to wait until the child is one year passed puberty before violating her. But these animalistic perverted beasts don’t wait. This is coming to America. The incidence of rape will skyrocket. We are not talking about a few billionaires or politicians. We’re talking about the entire population, with a few exceptions, are child rapists. Any American involved in bringing these men to America deserve the death penalty. That’s right NSA. Hang them. Shoot them. Kill the traitors who bring known child rapists to America. Who needs the FBI if they are not going to stop this they are traitors who should be hung. I hate child rapists. Hang them. Bury them dead or alive. No charges brought against those who kill child rapists. If our gov. won’t protect the innocents. Fuck Em. They are shit. Fuck them to hell.

        • Right there with ya bro , well said .
          There is no place for these pervs and it certainly cannot be tolerated .
          Here in MI they want to push sharia in our courts to cover for this shit . I have zero tolerance for pervs .

          • Hammerhead, spot on. Let them push that sharia shit all they want. Doesn’t mean any of us will follow it.

        • Let’s start by cleaning up our own backyards of all American born and raised child molesters first. It is a silent epidemic in this country. Think about how little time these people get in jail when they are tried and convicted.

          • RJ
            Only a small percentage of child molesters are convicted, let alone go to prison. Even so, it is hard to find a place to live where there isn’t at least one on the registered offenders list that lives relatively close.

            • Rebecca you are absolutely right. It just bothers me that people will focus on the elites or those from other countries as being the issue with rape when we have plenty of Americans committing rape right here in this country every single minute of the day.

              Yet you don’t see these same people being up in arms about it. They seem more upset about a muslim raping a child than an American citizen.

              Not all muslims are child rapists and not all rapists are muslim.

              If people want to protect children they will start within their own family circle first as most child molesters are a family member or family friend.

            • 20 acres and a tractor ..cure

      9. We are sick and tired of Karl Rove, McCain, Romney, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, the Bushes, and all the other RINO’s and the powerful who think they know better than the common people. I hope the Republican party crashes and burns. The Democrat party too for that matter. Maybe something wonderful will rise up from the ashes. It’s time for us to take back our country. We have a voice. Let’s use it!

        • Karen, same here. I liked that picture at the top of the article. Now if Trump had added the Democrat jackass to the elephant that would have been a REAL winner.

        • Don’t forget that Old Senile Penile John McCain. We have 2 parties all right, the War Party with the Neocons and Conservatives, and the Liberal Commies, like Obama, which who likes War, Genocide and Murder just as much.

          Genocide is soooo Godly. Because he’s a Jealous God. The BuyBull told me so.


      10. All this bad news makes me feel like a ball lost in the tall grass. “Over here. Over here.”

        No, wait…that was when I was 4 and got lost in the movie crowd after “Davy Crockett”.

        More like a piece of chewing gum destined to be scraped off the bottom of some black spit-shined statist boot.

      11. Not all psychopaths are child rapists, but all child rapists are psychopaths.

      12. This is enough to make the one celled ombia cry.

      13. By convicting Hastert on a federal charge instead of child molestation, they are protecting him from state prison, he’ll be cushy in federal prison. 15 months is nothing, he will get out early and not be on registered service offender lists. Totally bogus.

        • The statute of limitations ran out on the child molestation crimes long ago. They could only nail him on the more recent money transfers. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s the law.

        • I agree. Where is god in all this? Think about how many people get away with things like this and never pay the price for it. Yet the victims always pay dearly. Another reason I have stopped believing in the christian version of god – or any major religion.

          I just don’t buy the whole free will line. Especially when these same people say that god blessed america with vast riches, wealth, and the lifestyle we enjoy today.

          In this world justice is the exception rather than the rule. Though that is the opposite of what is portrayed on TV, isn’t it?

          It seems as if the justice system is more interested in protecting the guilty, rather than protecting the innocent. Think judges setting bail for a sex offender or murderer, etc. Not to mention the number of people in jail convicted falsely.

      14. Trump won’t win and the Clinton bitch will and that was decided before a single vote was cast.

        Thank you to the 49% of voters who voted trump for taking part in our democracy, you lost but agreeded to be bound by the results (that we fixed) and even if we didn’t fix it he will need to permission of Congress to wipe his arse and they my freinds all work for interntional bankers, move along now.

      15. Trump won’t become president…if he gets the nomination, he will ‘taken out’ by the corrupt and evil globalist funded and supported Clinton regime. All hope is lost. The titanic has (8) compartments open to the sea. The unsinkable goliath is slipping into the abyss.!!!

        • Agree that Trump won’t be president. He will purposely say or do something so outrageous that even his supporters will be saying wtf. The fix is in for Hillary and even if Trump were the real deal, the backers of Hillary won’t let that happen. They are untouchable until Christ comes back.

      16. Graham, imho, is a sociopath. He wants war against countries we never attacked us.

      17. Graham says he is not happy about where the county is today?!? He is part of the freaking problem! He is one of many neo-con, warmongering psychos that helped run our debt up to unpayable levels, just like the Dems. There is no difference between the two.

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